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Donate Today!

Rocktown History keeps and tells the stories the Harrisonburg-Rockingham community to inspire and connect you and your neighbors through shared history. Exhibitions, lectures, field trips, publications, and genealogy library resources create connections to the past.

As a member of the community, you have a place in its story. Your gift today will . . .

Help Connect Community
History Matters. Studying history and filling out family trees:
•    gives meaning to the world we live in together.
•    encourages critical thinking and builds civic engagement.
•    creates a stronger sense of self.
•    develops a sense of place.
History matters as you seek to understand your place in your community.

Donate to Accessible Programs
Rocktown History is a community resource. Priorities include:
•    new and innovative access.
•    digital programming to reach broader audiences.
•    free library admission.
•    digitizing records.
•    outreach beyond the gallery and library walls.
Your gift today will enable more community members to engage in the discovery of their own history.

Give to Great Research
There is power in the collections. The Rocktown History artifacts and archives:
•    can spark curiosity or debate.
•    can convey various viewpoints that encourage understanding and compassion.
•    can reveal stories.
Research uncovers those stories and illuminates the lives that touched those items. We value the education and experience of researchers who contribute to meaningful interpretation.
You can encourage students, educators, and young professionals who aspire to contribute to the knowledge of our history.

Support Resource Preservation
How we understand our past is limited by what has survived.
Thousands of objects, books, photographs, and data records tell the story of the community’s growth and development.
•    Woodworking tools bring to life the effort needed to build and sustain a settlement home.
•    A shoemaker’s business ledger reveals life in a local community.
•    A family history book shares the story of loss during the Spanish Flu epidemic.
Your donation will support saving and sharing tangible and intangible links to the past.

Make a Difference
Large gifts have great impact, but small gifts help, too. Historically speaking, about 65% of Rocktown History’s donors give less than $50 per year. Every gift is appreciated as a contribution to the mission.
If you can give a little (or a lot), funds will provide:
•    Stipends for research and internships
•    Resources to develop and present new digital interpretation
•    Partnerships with local community groups for wider and deeper interpretation
•    Support to preserve and protect the collections of tangible community memories

What can you give to champion your history today? Please donate now. 

The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society (doing business as Rocktown History) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation under tax identification number 54-1017712. All donations are deductible to the extent allowed by law.