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Rocktown reflects the beginning.
Before Harrisonburg and Rockingham were named,

there was the Valley where a community informally known as Rocktown grew.

A foundation of limestone enriched the soil and freely flowing water sustained its bounty. The smooth valley floor served as a Native American pathway. Abundant natural resources attracted settlers, and generations built what we have today, often from the very stone that lay under their feet or broke their plow.

Stone homes, churches and schools, railroad beds, and scenic overlooks remind us of the men and women whose grit and vision laid the foundation of the place we call home.

Transforming rock from obstacle to resource has reflected and shaped the human cultures of this valley.

Our new name, Rocktown History, honors that history.

Through this exciting and important change, Rocktown History: 

Connects our constituencies.

Harrisonburg and Rockingham are two distinct entities that have emerged from a common source. By reaching deep into our past, we emphasize the whole community and continue to tell its evolving story.

Represents the many different ways we serve.

Rocktown History is not just a museum, but also a library, bookstore, and welcome center. In addition, Rocktown History reaches beyond the walls to partner in the community, publish local history, and provide K-12 student activities, pop-up museums, and more.

Remains relevant.

For over 120 years, the Historical Society, under a variety of names, has been the foundation of local history education and preservation. The fresh and simple name of Rocktown History puts the focus on our mission and revitalizes the organization for future generations.

Broadens our audience and membership.

Our new name will help build a broader and deeper base of support to sustain and grow our mission. It will help us develop richer relationships within the community and to expand local history interpretation. 


We are growing, innovating, and reaching out to serve all of Harrisonburg and Rockingham.

The Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society looks knowledgeably backward and confidently forward doing business as Rocktown History.

Our communities find inspiration and connection in the rich histories of Harrisonburg and Rockingham.
We keep and tell the stories of the area and its people and their influences on our lives and shared future.
We fulfill our mission by preserving, sharing, innovating, and partnering.