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A History of Rockingham County, Virginia


Joh W. Wayland, 1912. The first serious printed history of Rockingham County, Virginia.

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From the Introduction by author John W. Wayland:

“In this volume we present to the public the results of the first serious attempt ever made to write and publish a comprehensive illustrated history of Rockingham County, Virginia. That the task herein essayed has not been undertaken before is remarkable, in view of the broad scope and inviting character of the field; for the sons of Rockingham, both at home and abroad, have been making history for many generations. . . .

. . . It has been the author’s purpose in this history (1) to give due recognition to all the important phases of Rockingham life, interests, and enterprises; (2) to emphasize those particular interests and activities that have given the county its distinctive character and influence; (3) to find an preserve some treasures lost, or nearly lost, in the lapse of time and the obscuring din of busy days.”

Part I presents a chronological look at Rockingham’s history starting with geography and geology, then moving from first settlers (1727-1738) to the publication’s present day in 1912. The chapters in Part II cover topics ranging from towns and villages to writers and printers to health resorts, hunting, and natural curiosities.

Hardcover, 471 pages including phographs, charts, maps, appendices, and index. Reprinted by C. J. Carrier Company, 1996.

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