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The Red Flannel Rag: Memories of an Appalachian Childhood


by Peggy Ann Shifflett, 2004. Many works on Appalachia are analytical, told by observers. This work is so vividly personal that the reader is allowed to become part of the mountain community with Shifflett and her family and friends.

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by Peggy Ann Shifflett, 2004.

The first thing the reader will notice is that there is much of Peggy Ann Shifflett in this intimate look at life in Hopkins Gap, Virginia. She opens up her soul in this book, telling about the fascinating lives of her family and neighbors as they eke out a hard living in Appalachia. Shifflett’s experiences were not always pleasant, yet she tells her story with great humor and compassion. The characters are real people, and Shifflett does an amazing job of keeping them real. Everyone who reads this comes to know the Hopkins Gap folk as if they are part of the family.

Paperback, 336 pages, with photographs.

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