Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

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Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
WardCecil Lee5 Apr 19051 Nov 1967 Linville Cemetery
WardHarry Elmer21 Sep 190630 Jan 1999 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
WardSegurna Elizabeth Anthony3 Jul 190525 Aug 1963 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
WardElwood Franklin2 Sep 194227 Jan 1943 Mill Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
WardLawson A.21 Mar 189131 May 1976 Singers Glen Cemetery
WardCurtis Lincoln12 Feb 19377 Feb 1970 Singers Glen Cemetery
WardClaude S.11 Dec 193816 Apr 1939 Singers Glen Cemetery
WardWm. Sey18571933 Singers Glen Cemetery
WardMargaret L.6 Jan 185917 Jan 1916 Singers Glen Cemetery
WardNannie L.4 Dec 18889 Oct 1969 Singers Glen Cemetery
WardIrene M.30 Apr 19164 Dec 1984 Singers Glen Cemetery
WardWillie Lite26 Apr 186629 Aug 1867 St. Michael's Reformed Church Cemetery
WardIda L.29 Jan 1898 Woodbine Cemetery
WardJ. E.12 May 1864 Woodbine Cemetery
WardBridget20 Oct 1873 Woodbine Cemetery
WardWm. McK., Rev.30 Jun 181430 Jun 1861 Woodbine Cemetery
WardEllis C.12 Jul 1863 Woodbine Cemetery
WardJohn E.12 May 1864 Woodbine Cemetery
WardEmma1 Dec 1930 Woodbine Cemetery
WardWillie H.16 May 1905 Woodbine Cemetery
WardFrances24 Nov 181931 Mar 1888 Woodbine Cemetery
WardAnna L.19081988 Woodbine Cemetery
WardHarold B.19051982 Woodbine Cemetery
WardDoris R.9 Dec 1924 Woodbine Cemetery
WardGanet T.28 May 192315 Aug 1988 Woodbine Cemetery
WardAdella W.19021978 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
WardParren S.19031983 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
WardMarie M.19041999 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
WardClona A.17 Sep 189724 Jul 1972 Oak Lawn Cemetery
WardNellie C.7 Nov 188011 Sep 1907 Oak Lawn Cemetery
WardJoseph H.18 Jul 18742 Nov 1922 Oak Lawn Cemetery
WardCharles W.15 Jul 190018 Jun 1974 Oak Lawn Cemetery
WardRuth Miller19251987 Oak Lawn Cemetery
Ward, Jr.Charles W.19211994 Oak Lawn Cemetery
WardWilliam A.16 Aug 191918 Dec 1990 Oak Lawn Cemetery
WardMargaret H.9 Apr 18724 Mar 1949 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
WardGriffin S.24 May 18363 Mar 1877 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
WardLucy A.20 Aug 184014 Oct 1905 Mt. Crawford Cemetery
WardRuth S.19021981 Mt. Paran Baptist Church Cemetery (*)