Rockingham County Tombstones by Cemetery

Surname List

- White -

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

SurnameGiven NameBornDiedCemetery
WhiteFred G.24 Sep 1913 Fellowship United Methodist Church Cemetery
WhiteEllamae L.12 Jun 191316 Jun 1982 Fellowship United Methodist Church Cemetery
WhiteSylvester W.13 Mar 191129 Aug 1972 Linville Cemetery
WhiteJohnnie N.23 May 1936 Singers Glen Cemetery
WhiteVelda L.28 Jan 1941 Singers Glen Cemetery
WhiteBrock T.16 May 187030 Jan 1939 Lacey Spring Cemetery
WhiteLillian H.9 Aug 186827 Nov 1936 Lacey Spring Cemetery
WhiteFrancis Rinker9 Oct 190229 Aug 1910 Lacey Spring Cemetery
WhiteElizabeth5 Apr 190117 Feb 1952 Lacey Spring Cemetery
WhiteRuth Totsie27 Dec 188017 Jul 1955 Lacey Spring Cemetery
WhiteCharles J.25 Jul 18723 Feb 1930 Lacey Spring Cemetery
WhiteChas. T.2 Mar 183629 Dec 1901 Lacey Spring Cemetery
WhiteJosie L.11 Aug 183912 Jun 1910 Lacey Spring Cemetery
WhiteCambysis C.10 Nov 1907 Lacey Spring Cemetery
WhiteMargaret10 Mar 1895 Lacey Spring Cemetery
WhiteJennie E. Lacey Spring Cemetery
WhiteAnna R.25 Jan 182416 Jun 1893 Lacey Spring Cemetery
WhiteSteven R.18 May 194727 Jan 1985 Zion Mennonite Church Cemetery
WhiteVerdie C.20 Mar 188529 Jul 1976 Keezletown Cemetery
WhiteMary E.25 Jun 185729 Mar 1937 Keezletown Cemetery
WhiteAlbertus M.17 Apr 185621 Mar 1935 Keezletown Cemetery
WhiteAmos W.31 Aug 18876 Dec 1932 Keezletown Cemetery
WhiteH. Eudora19 Apr 18708 Aug 1939 Timberville Cemetery
WhiteGilbert L.22 Mar 185024 Nov 1918 Timberville Cemetery
WhiteLydia9 Jan 18304 Sep 1907 Timberville Cemetery
WhiteJohn Andrew28 Dec 182727 Nov 1881 Timberville Cemetery
WhiteMinnie S.30 Apr 18842 Dec 1974 Timberville Cemetery
WhiteSamuel A.25 Dec 187420 Jan 1945 Timberville Cemetery
WhiteHilton Woodbine Cemetery
WhiteJewett L. Woodbine Cemetery
WhiteAnnie Woodbine Cemetery
WhiteEthel Billhimer5 Jan 191020 Feb 1967 Woodbine Cemetery
WhiteElla Blakemore9 May 188111 Aug 1958 Woodbine Cemetery
WhiteEdward Jones29 Aug 186914 Sep 1949 Woodbine Cemetery
WhiteMalcolm Garold10 Mar 19057 Apr 1988 Woodbine Cemetery
WhiteMurl H.14 Nov 189324 May 1968 Woodbine Cemetery
WhiteHubert H.15 May 187127 Aug 1949 Woodbine Cemetery
WhiteFrances D.14 Aug 191812 Mar 2001 Woodbine Cemetery
WhiteEstelle F.6 Jan 191229 Dec 1970 Woodbine Cemetery
White, Jr.Alfred H.21 Nov 19101 Jul 1983 Woodbine Cemetery
WhiteFrances Rachel Parker3 Dec 190726 Jul 1996 Woodbine Cemetery
WhiteJoseph Charles16 Feb 19073 Nov 1968 Woodbine Cemetery
WhiteElizabeth18331921 Greenwood Cemetery
WhiteGeorge W.18301894 Greenwood Cemetery
WhiteCarolyn E.8 Oct 19478 Apr 1985 Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery
WhiteAnnie E.30 Nov 19043 May 1976 Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery
WhiteP. Leonard2 Sep 190225 May 1976 Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery
WhiteMarjorie P.19172000 Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery
WhiteRalph L.19101999 Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery
WhiteWilliam C.7 Dec 194415 Jun 1996 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
WhiteJanie M.23 Dec 1946 Mt. Olivet Cemetery
WhiteGertrude L.16 Jan 188118 Nov 1924 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
WhiteBenjamin F.30 Jan 18667 Dec 1868 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
WhiteMary E.26 Jan 185916 Jul 1865 Linville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
WhiteMartha E.18991990 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
WhiteJohn Lloyd18901962 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
WhiteJean D.19211998 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
WhiteShirley L.1916 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
WhiteBetty L.1929 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
WhiteMax A.1924 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
WhiteOscar William18 Aug 191424 Aug 2001 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
WhiteCatherine N.26 Nov 1923 East Lawn Memorial Gardens
WhiteHerman19131972 Perry Moyers Memorial Cemetery
WhiteMartha30 Aug 188713 Feb 1985 Perry Moyers Memorial Cemetery
WhiteJames18871962 Perry Moyers Memorial Cemetery
WhiteHerbert19071968 Perry Moyers Memorial Cemetery
WhiteDewey6 Aug 192413 Sep 1986 Perry Moyers Memorial Cemetery
WhiteMildred M.18671929 Newtown Cemetery (*)
WhiteOllie Lewis16 Mar 18883 Feb 1912 Newtown Cemetery (*)
WhiteVirginia G.25 Nov 18365 Apr 1917 Brock Cemetery Lacey Spring
WhiteJosie M.10 May 186625 Mar 1903 Brock Cemetery Lacey Spring
WhiteJames H.15 Feb 1898 Brock Cemetery Lacey Spring
WhiteJames T.22 Jun 18839 Sep 1883 Brock Cemetery Lacey Spring