Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryGospel Hill Mennonite Church Cemetery
LocationHopkins Gap, Rockingham County, Virginia. From downtown Harrisonburg take Route 42 North 1.3 miles and turn left on Route 763 (Mt. Clinton Pike, name changes to Singers Glen Road). Go 5.7 miles and turn left following Route 763 signs (Whitmer Shop Road name changes to Hopkins Gap Road). Go 3.2 miles up the mountain and down. Church and cemetery are on the left side of the road.
NotesSection 1 - older section is to the left (South) of church. Section 2 - is in the southwest corner of the older section. Section 3 - is the newer section to the right (north) of the church. From the road, rows are front to back and left to right.
Survey Date and Recorder2 Nov 2001
Bob & Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

Surnames are sorted by section / plot / row / grave - only sections and rows are shown

SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
01001ReedyAnna9/18/1886no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01002FinkTwin Girls of Groverno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01002ReedyJoseph11/15/1865no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01002ReedyMrs. Barbara18841960no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01002ReedyJoseph F.4 Nov 190916 Oct 1910
01002ReedyHilda E.25 Nov 19166 Nov 1917
01003KislingBarbara Ann28 Jan 19626 Oct 1963daughter
01003RileyAnnie18682 Feb 1940funeral home marker shows name as Anna
01003MorrisWilliamLindsey funeral home marker only
01003PayneCharles W.9 Mar 192615 Nov 1940
01003LamCleveland9 Dec 1947Lindsey funeral home marker only
01003ShoemakerEdith27 Jun 1942Lindsey funeral home marker & stone
01003FinkJane27 Jun 1942Lindsey funeral home marker & stone
01003UnknownLindsey funeral home marker only-no data
01003ReedyMary5 Jun 1890Lindsey funeral home marker only
01003LamAnna ShankLindsey funeral home marker only
01003PayneCharles J.Lindsey funeral home marker only
01003CrawfordEllen18661919headstone broken-dates from Swank 1967 record
01004FinkMartha19191981McMullen funeral home marker only
01004RitchieMabel V.1 Jul 190526 Oct 1977
01004ShifflettMyrtle M.10 Dec 1920
01004ShifflettNorman C.3 Mar 191914 Mar 1994married 27 Jul 1940; PFC US Army WWIImilitary marker only
01004ShifflettJames R.19161993Johnson funeral home marker only
01004Shifflett, Jr.James R.3 Sep 194410 Oct 1964
01004ShifflettPauline F.19091991sister
01004ShifflettFloyd E.19131996McMullen funeral home marker only
01004ShifflettLena K.19071990mother
01004ShifflettJohn A.18 Oct 187822 Feb 1958
01004ShifflettMollie C.6 Oct 188415 Mar 1971
01004RoadcapMatildaLindsey funeral home marker only
01004CrawfordJ. Garfield3 Mar 188522 Dec 1958
01004ShifflettHattie J.14 Oct 194210 Nov 1943
01004CrawfordHattie D.6 May 189820 Jul 1937
01004LamJacksonLindsey funeral home marker only
01004ShoemakerBenjaminno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01004LamEdward W.188212 Mar 1945
01004Unknownillegible broken stone
01004LamWilliamno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01004FridleyGeorge H.parents of John, Casper & others; no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01004FridleyCarolinew/George; Caroline was a good fiddler; no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01004FridleyCasperno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967; Fridley Spring near top of North Mountain west of Singers Glen is named for the family who lived near foot of west side of mountain; the mountain path was also called Fridley Path.
01005CrawfordJosephstone not legible; recorded by Swank in 1967
01005CrawfordWard Matthew J.2 Mar 193224 Nov 1935aged 3y; 8m 22d; s/J. O. & M. M.
01005RigglemanElizabethno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01005SprinkleF. Pierce18521918
01005RileyJohn W.18611934no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01006PayneDavid Lee "Jake"11 Mar 1954married 6 Jan 1997
01006PayneSharon Yvonne10 Jul 1955
01006PayneJulia A. Mizell-Payne24 May 1968
01006PayneMyrtle M.18 Nov 1938
01006PayneRicky Allen10 Oct 195828 Jul 1969
01006PayneStella V.23 Aug 190719 Apr 1966motherw/Clarence; nee Morris
01006PayneClarence W.25 Apr 19057 Jun 1968father
01006ShoemakerRaleigh1 Jul 19078 Jan 1974no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01006MorrisInfant Daughter6 Aug 1935d/J. H. & Hazel
01006MorrisJohn W.20 Mar 188022 Jan 1930
01006MorrisMary E.4 Jun 188824 Sept 1926
01007RayBaby of Clintonno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01007KirkpatrickMary C.26 Dec 18707 Mar 1961w/Luther A.
01007KirkpatrickLuther A.16 Feb 186116 Feb 1940
01007LamLaura V.21 Nov 188929 Jan 1940mother
01007LovettE. Arlene Lam18 Sep 19137 Aug 1973
01007RayClint BabyLindsey funeral home marker only
01007RayClinton BabyLindsey funeral home marker only
01008HottingerShirley R.8 Mar 193628 Jul 1966
01008RayAlma B.13 Jun 1915
01008RayC. Clinton1 Dec 191712 Nov 1982
01008ShoemakerTimothyno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01008McDormanElizabethLindsey funeral home marker only
01008McDormanBabyLindsey funeral home marker only
01008RileyJohn W.18611924Lindsey funeral home marker only
01008SowersAlmaLindsey funeral home marker only
01008SowersJohnLindsey funeral home marker only
01008SowersSuzanano visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01008RoadcapJohnLindsey funeral home marker only
01008RoadcapMargaretLindsey funeral home marker only
01008ShifflettHiram B.18401921Lindsey funeral home marker only
01009LamJohn Preston18951964no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01009LamMichael L.8 Oct 1942Lindsey funeral home marker only
01009LamLydia C.14 Oct 1943Lindsey funeral home marker only
01009MorrisInfant23 Dec 1942s/Shirley J and Ethel M.
01009RayVirgie H.4 Jul 19105 Mar 1938w/Herman
01009ConleyNettie S.19 Feb 188715 Jun 1955mother
01009ConleyJohn Martin24 Apr 187631 Mar 1944father
01009ConleyMildredno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01009RoadcapIola13 May 189423 Nov 1914w/O. E.
01009KirkpatrickC. Hubert25 Jan 189217 Aug 1935
01009KirkpatrickThomas2 Apr 190316 Jul 1914s/L. A. and M. C.; aged 11y 3m 14d
01009KirkpatrickJohn W.12 Jan 191212 Feb 1912s/Herbert and Evieillegible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967
01010SmithDennis E.24 Jun 196029 Jul 1960Lindsey funeral home marker only
01010SmithRandy D.4 Dec 1957Lindsey funeral home marker only
01010MorrisLois Jean30 Aug 194813 Jan 1949
01010LamEdwardLindsey funeral home marker only
01010RayBabie of VirgieLindsey funeral home marker only
01010RayBabie of VirgieLindsey funeral home marker only
01010RayBabie of VirgieLindsey funeral home marker only
01010RayBabie of Virgieno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
01010ConleyKenneth M.1 Oct 192814 Feb 1932
01010CraigJesse L.6 May 187227 Jan 19572/m Mary (Kittiek) Bowman Donovan
01010CraigNancy B.5 Nov 187113 Nov 1920
01010LamSusanLindsey funeral home marker only
01010KirkpatrickClifford E.19211968McMullen funeral home marker only
01010KirkpatrickBaby of ClintonLindsey funeral home marker only
01010KirkpatrickMarshallLindsey funeral home marker only
01010KirkpatrickClinton C.17 Aug 189429 Jul 1945father
01010KirkpatrickRessie L.31 Jan 189710 Jun 1951motherw/C. C.
01011ConleySandra J.26 hours; d/Leroy and Shirley Conley
01011Lam, Sr.James Wilson21 Nov 194225 Aug 1996PFC US Marie Corpsmilitary marker only
01011LamJustin A.13 Dec 19946 Jan 1995s/James Lam
01011LamB. Curry11 Aug 188030 Sep 1969father
01011LamJames A.30 May 191918 May 1999
01011LamMamie E.28 May 19167 Jun 1983
01011BeachCharles L.19321987Grandle funeral home marker only
01011KirkpatrickHerman Kemper23 Jun 191729 Nov 1971
02001CrawfordDavid D.29 Dec 192318 Jan 1995PFC US Army WWII Purple Heart
02001ReedyJames A.23 Mar 194331 May 1986
02002CrawfordThomas E.30 May 191310 Aug 1936
02002CrawfordM. Alice30 Aug 188113 Dec 1965w/Joseph B.
02002CrawfordJoseph B.16 Jan 187619 Sep 1927
02002CrawfordS. B.16 Jan 187619 Nov 1925father; aged 49y 10m 3d
02002ReedyWillard S.6 Oct 191616 Jul 1991
02002ReedyLottie L.22 May 19199 Jan 1974
02002FlemingMinnie Crawford10 Mar 1955aged 62y 8m 13dno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
03001CaldwellLory Earl24 Oct 191021 Nov 1973
03001CaldwellPaul Lee28 Apr 194120 Sep 1996husband - father
03001DoveSue B.29 Jun 194328 Aug 1998our children: Marsha, Nicholas
03001DoveGail E.16 Jun 193611 Nov 1996
03001ReedyC. E. "Jack"10 Apr 19229 Oct 1969
03001ReedyThomas C.18971950Lindsey funeral home marker only
03001ReedyBilly18 Dec 192226 Jul 1952
03001FinkGrover19 Mar 189921 Oct 1986father
03001FinkTilda Ann5 May 190916 Feb 1976mother
03001ReedyWilliam Richard19221952no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
03001ShoemakerWilliamLindsey funeral home marker only
03001HendricksNora Grace18 Oct 191913 Sep 1985mother
03001MorrisJohn M.19201992
03001MorrisJoseph B.18851959
03001CarrPhillip I.20 Apr 189212 Jul 1962father
03001CarrGoldie M.16 May 19006 Jul 1977motherw/P. I.
03001NortonGeorgia Carr27 Nov 19211 Feb 1998
03002ConleyLynn C.2 Nov 195510 Nov 1955no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
03002ConleyRoy G.20 Mar 191526 Dec 1996
03002ConleyA. Lucille18 Aug 1926
03002ShoemakerHomer2 Jan 191711 Mar 1999brother
03002RayMary A.6 Jan 1920sisters
03002ShoemakerMinnie M.19 Dec 192130 Apr 1995sisters
03002KeelerIda Mae27 Oct 1944mother
03002ShoemakerEva Mae24 Feb 196721 Mar 1989daughter
03002KeelerStanley L.17 Dec 1953
03002ConleyEthel V.12 Jan 1918mother
03002ConleyGloria M.16 Sep 1957
03002ConleySteven Matthew1 Aug 19559 May 1996
03002ConleyThomas Ashby19341972
03002ConleyCharlie W.19001961
03002ConleyVernie B.19021995
03003MorrisRicky Allen12 Feb 195512 Feb 1955
03003KirkpatrickStanley B.10 Mar 195931 Aug 1964
03003KirkpatrickGloria G.28 Jan 19338 Jul 1998mother
03003KirkpatrickGina G.1 Jun 196612 Jul 1969daughter
03003KirkpatrickWalter Blair27 Sep 19328 May 1972
03003ConleyCarol Anne19511997McMullen funeral home marker only
03003CrawfordMaynard S.23 Apr 192124 Feb 1991father
03003CrawfordPhyllis W.16 Jun 19436 Jan 1962daughter
03003CrawfordJ. Oscar31 Aug 18891 Sep 1972father
03003CrawfordMillie R.2 Sep 190025 Feb 1971mother
03004ConleyJack L.23 May 1927
03004ConleyGoldie E.28 Apr 1928
03004ConleyDonald Lee19 Nov 194623 Jun 1985
03004ConleyAllie C.20 Jan 1946
03005ConleyDavid Bryan28 Nov 189722 Jun 1972father; aged 74y 6m 24d
03005ConleyJulia Edith29 Jan 189915 Jun 1968mother; 69y 4m 16d
03005StrawdermanElmer L.27 Oct 1926father
03005StrawdermanMary H.23 Jun 1923mother
03005StrawdermanFarron Elmer23 Jun 196030 Oct 1988son
03005ConleyRalph Eugene19262001McMullen funeral home marker only
03005ConleyHinton C.15 May 192019 May 1994married 23 Aug 1946
03005ConleyDorothy C.31 May 1930
03005ShifflettTonya Lane16 Jul 1984beloved daughter of Johnny & Judy
03005BareMargie B.13 Jun 1918
03005BareRoy W.13 Oct 191017 May 1995
03005BarePreston Lynwood25 Feb 194116 Dec 1977
03005BareErwin W.19442001Grandle funeral home marker only
03006DoveCleve25 Dec 188630 Aug 1970father
03006DoveVirginia C.28 Sep 189110 Aug 1971mother
03007MorrisSammy J.25 Jun 19505 Jun 1974
03007StricklerPaige Allison26 Feb 19932 Mar 1993d/S. C. & Angie
03007MorrisVie Lam19021984McMullen funeral home marker only
03008EdingtonJames S.19171999McMullen funeral home marker only
03008RoadcapElverton4 Aug 19259 Jan 1988COX US Navy WWIIMilitary marker only
03008SieverShirley Ruth19392001Grandle funeral home marker only
03008BattenArvittis A.11 Aug 195714 Oct 1977
03008MorrisGilbert M.20 Jun 191027 Mar 1987father; married 19 Apr 1933
03008MorrisLula D.31 Aug 1917mother; Parents of: John S Morris, Rennetta Boyd, Margarett Shoemaker, Shirley Sievers, Fern Crawford, Emory Morris, Spencer Morris, Arbutus Mongold, Foster: Jerry Williams
03008BoydReinetta M.19 Nov 1934mom; married 8 Dec 1951
03008BoydJames A.28 May 193110 Sep 1990dad; CPL US Army Koreamilitary marker has name James Albert Boyd
03008CrawfordJason Lee30 Jan 193510 Apr 1997
03009RayRachel C.3 Mar 19038 Apr 1994
03009RayHanson Martin8 Apr 192119 Dec 1985
03009ReedyRoy Lee4 Jun 19354 Jan 1993
03010RayCharles C.2 Aug 18898 Feb 1977
03010RayBeulah M.1 Sep 190422 May 1974
03011CrawfordRuby C.1 Jul 1930
03011CrawfordRobert M.18 Jul 1927
03011CrawfordSherrie Deneen19 Dec 19691 Nov 1988
03011ConleyDaniel Webster19121991
03011MorrisOneda Grace29 Aug 19221 Mar 1991
03011MorrisErnest G.16 Feb 192330 Nov 1996US Army WWIImilitary marker has name Ernest Gratten Morris
03011Morris, Jr.Ernest Gratten6 Sep 195518 Oct 1997married 29 Mar 1975
03011MorrisPatricia Lee9 Sep 1958
03012PropstBeulah A. Crawford22 Mar 192118 Oct 1997
03012CrawfordJune Arvetta4 Jun 1929
03012MorrisChristine Marie6 May 193514 Jul 1968
03012MorrisJames H.13 Aug 191319 Oct 1978PVT US Army WWII
03012MorrisHazel I.15 Apr 191621 Aug 2001
03012CrawfordRussell C.23 Aug 191824 May 1984father; married 14 Jul 1937
03012CrawfordDella C.29 Jan 191931 Mar 1987mother; our sons: Sherman Conley, Robert Crawford, Ronald Crawford, Kenneth Crawford. Our daughters: Doris Price, Carolyn Bodkin, Mary Ann Rucker, Betty Lou Reedy, Sandra Crawford
03012CrawfordRonald L.5 Mar 1949married 12 Feb 1977
03012CrawfordShirley H.28 Sep 1946children: Crystal Bell, Cortney Alene, Chadwic Lee, Candy Sue
03012LamEthel Virginia18 May 192019 Jul 1989
03012LamVirgie Mary6 Aug 19097 Apr 1990mother of Bassil Lam, Betty L. Crawford, John W. Mason
03012LamDaniel Lee16 May 1914husband of Joanna Lam
03012DoveBarney19371996Kyger-Trobaugh funeral home marker only