Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryBethlehem United Church of Christ Cemetery
LocationTenth Legion, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Court Square in Harrisonburg, take Route 11 north (No. Valley Pike) & go 12.2 miles. Cemetery is on left side of road. Bethlehem stone building (old church?) 1/10th further north on same side of road.
NotesCemetery rows recorded from front to back & left to right. Notes in "Remarks" column were provided by J. Robert Swank. In 1967 Mr. Swank made on mention of additional burials but it appears they might be more graves here.
Survey Date and Recorder17 Aug 2002
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001WoodyHenry G.15 Oct 191929 Nov 1983TEC4 US Army WWII; FatherMilitary marker shows Henry Gilbert Woody
001WoodyRhoda D.24 Nov 1918Mother
001DriverHunter E.19 Mar 189330 May 1954Father
001DriverRebecca C.5 Aug 189530 Dec 1969Motherw/H. E.
001DriverMarvin Hunter22 Mar 192220 Nov 1981TEC4 US Army WWII
001DriverMarjorie Buhl26 Jun 192224 Oct 2001
001DriverJudy Davis23 Feb 194328 Jan 1950d/M. H. & M. L.
001DriverGerald Lee27 May 1947Infant s/M. H. & M. L.
002ClutteurJoseph E.18851963
002ClutteurJohn N.25 Apr 18883 Jan 1954Pvt Development BN WWI Va.
002Clutteur, Sr.Charles W.6 Jan 188214 Mar 1964
002ClutteurSamuel M.18801944
002SpitzerReuben S.23 Jun 1898Aged 2y 18d; s/Thomas & Rebecca
002SpitzerThomas J.18561933
002SpitzerRebecca C.18671948His Wifew/Thomas J.
003StoneElsie Martz11 Nov 188614 Apr 1962
003HolsingerReba12 May 189916 Mar 1915d/W. B. & E. V.Nee Singer
003HolsingerDavid C.24 Sep 183925 Mar 1916Recorded by Swank in 1967; 2002 stone face down on ground
003HolsingerMary E.10 Jun 184710 Dec 1925w/David; Recorded by Swank in 1967; 2002 stone face down on ground
003HolsingerSidney A.28 Jun 1892Aged 20y 11m 29d; s/David C. & Mary E.
003MartzLaura A.14 Dec 1892Aged 31y 3m 17d; w/John S.Stone hard to read-could be died 1892 or 1897
003HolsingerJacob C.21 Sep 187526 Mar 1948Husband
003HolsingerEmma M.10 May 187713 Nov 1954Wifew/Jacob C.
004LaytonElizabeth M.18511930
004LaytonGeorgie E.18781941
004MillerRussell R.18771943Jehovah Witness
004HuppMary F.18551945Jehovah Witness
005ConquistAlbert E.18811957Lindsey & Sons funeral home marker only
005ConquistMyrtle, Mrs.18881963No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
005MartzDavid R.9 Jan 185022 Nov 1941s/Noah
005MartzSarah N. C.12 Feb 18543 Mar 1930Age 76y 21d; w/D. R. & d/Jackson
005MartzWalter J.4 Nov 1892s/D. R. & S. N. C.
005MartzBertie C.5 Feb 1890d/D. R. & S. N. C.
005MartzWalter Jackson4 Nov 189225 Apr 1960PFC Btry A 12th Field Arty WWI Va.
005LongErasmus17 May 18391 Jun 1900Aged 61y 15d
005LongSarah C.13 Sep 184818 May 1928Death is a crown of lifew/Erasmus
005LongInfantJun 1880Infant of E. & S. C.
005LongHomer O.18721943
005PhillipsRaymond E.26 Oct 191810 Jun 1921s/Otis E. & Nina
006HollarCharles W.12 Feb 194027 Jul 1961
006LantzInfant BoyDec 1960No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
006LantzBilly David19371989Grandle funeral home only
006LincolnSamuel W.18641938
006LincolnElla L.18741944w/Samuel
006LincolnJulian E.19121958
006LincolnWilda M.19111975
007DoveGary Lee "Honky"20 Feb 19543 Jan 1993