Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryBlose Family Cemetery
LocationVerbena, near Elkton, Rockingham County, Virginia. About one mile due east of the tiny village of Verbena, along Naked Creek, at the junction of Road 609 (Naked Creek Road) and 603 (Blose Road), located on the farm of Reece Dean (dec'd March 2002). From the lane up to the house, the cemetery is beyond the spring fed pond on the left in a clump of cedar trees.
NotesCemetery is overgrown with brush & briers. In 1936 the WPA recorded their findings & noted "This cemetery area is approximately 50 feet square. Found over a dozen uninscribed fieldstone marked graves, 3 that were likely children as they were short in length. At some time in the past, the inscribed stones have been gathered together and laid, inscription side down, one on another, & surrounded by loose fieldstones." In 1988 Richard Bloss recorded this cemetery and he noted; "Cemetery almost completely ruined by cattle. What stones there were had been collected into a small pile in the center of some cedar trees."
Survey Date and Recorder1988
Richard Bloss

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
BurnerChristian5 Mar 180916 May 1889
BurnerCassinda29 Oct 181020 Mar 1867w/Christian
BurnerMary C.28 Dec 1864Aged 19y 6m 18dd/Christian & Cassinda Burner
BurnerSally G.10 Jun 181819 May 1874w/Christian
BloseJacob25 Mar 179123 Feb 1870
BloseElizabeth12 Mar 179116 Apr 1862
CoverstoneJacob12 Mar 180221 Aug 1847
BloseGeorg Conrad17281774In 2002 Richard Bloss believes this person buried here; George Conrad Blows original land grantee
BloseMary1787w/Georg ConradIn 2002 Richard Bloss believes this person buried here
BlossJohn Adam1823In 2002 Richard Bloss believes this person buried here; he inherited the farm from Georg Conrad Blose
BlossMary Hannah Shaffer (Shaver)w/John AdamIn 2002 Richard Bloss believes this person buried here