Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryLacey Spring Cemetery
LocationLacey Spring, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Court Square in Harrisonburg, take Route 11 north. Go 8.9 miles and turn left onto Route 806 (Lacey Spring Road). Go 4/10th mile & cemetery is on the right side of road.
NotesCemetery rows recorded from right to left (east to west) and headstones from left to right (south to north). In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted "There are many unmarked graves." Notes in "Remarks" column were recorded by J. Robert Swank.
Survey Date and RecorderJun 2002
Martha Lee

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

Surnames are sorted by section / plot / row / grave - only sections and rows are shown

SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001ZirkOtis H.19 Nov 190813 Jan 1983
001CooperElan Diehl5 May 192616 May 1994
001StultzRussell Lee18921983SGT US Army WWIMilitary marker only
001ArmentroutGrace Cole11 Apr 190428 Sep 1994
001ArmentroutClint A.4 Apr 190417 Jan 1983
001ReidGrover H.17 Mar 192326 Aug 1945TEC4 307 Field Arty BN WWII Va.
001SummersAlfred F.28 Sep 192027 Oct 1996PFC US Army WWII
001SummersJanet B.26 Apr 1924
001KeeneHerbert F.6 Sep 188515 Nov 1972
001KeeneLaura A.26 Feb 18961 Mar 2002
001CarrierE. Norris20 Sep 190123 Sep 1994
001CarrierAnnie J.15 Aug 19068 Dec 1988
001BakerMaxwell D.19141974
001BakerIda M.19152001
001BakerNettie Dale16 Jan 19465 Nov 1965d/M. D. & Ida M.
001CampbellMark T.18 Jan 189914 Apr 1979
001CampbellBessie B.21 May 190023 Nov 1995
001LammaLional J.19051991
001LammaSadie F.19052002
001ColeJohnathan Scott11 Sep 199518 Sep 1995s/Richard S. & Helen
002ZirkWilliam A.18821952
002ZirkSarah A.18911952w/W. A.
002PayneAudra Cherie2 Jul 19694 Jul 1969Our sister
002BazzleThomas A.26 Jun 19034 May 1945
002BazzleChristine A.21 Dec 190320 Jun 1997
002ChapmanErvin L.28 Mar 189616 Jul 19731st SGT US Army WWIdied 19 Jul 1973 per military marker
002ChapmanLouise S.7 Oct 190025 Mar 1995
002LaymanDavid E.18681937Father
002LaymanDore E.18681940w/D. E.
002DonovanBertie A.18781931Motherw/J. B.
002DonovanJohn B.18701949Father
002DonovanClarence S.19001973
002DonovanM. Ruth1906
002StultzCharles M.25 Oct 186025 Oct 1929
002StultzMary V.13 Sep 186321 Sep 1956w/C. M.
002StultzLouis E.24 Feb 188813 Jan 1982
002StultzTracey9 Sep 188619 Aug 1986
002MartzMargaret M.9 Nov 19101 Aug 1974Daughter
002MartzVirginia Lee30 Oct 191626 Jan 1925d/H. H. & L. M.
002MartzHiram H.6 Dec 187010 Jan 1955Father
002MartzLena M.5 Feb 188228 Feb 1963Motherw/ H. H.
002ArmentroutMayme E.23 Jul 19016 Jun 1981
002ArmentroutBurke H.18731927
002ArmentroutCora C.18761940w/Burke
002DewberryHalsie L.25 Nov 189813 May 1983
002ReidDaniel B.18721943
002ReidFlora Rhodes18811971w/D. B.
002SepuevedaIna Reid19081935
002KennedyElsie A. Murry18941949
002KennedyRobert Lot18951973
002KennedyAmanda Simmers18981973
002KennedyMelvin P.27 Dec 193327 Dec 1989Married 17 Sep 1960; Dad
002KennedyGladys L.26 Jul 1938Momw/Melvin P.
002JewellQuienTce R.19321992Theis Funeral Chapel marker only
002DrummondEdith I.26 Aug 191821 Sep 1988
002DrummondRaymond E.25 Mar 19096 Dec 1970
002DrummondJunita Irene22 Jun 195628 Dec 1956d/R. E. & E. I. Drummond
002BennettDora E.10 Feb 189124 Mar 1948
002CarrierRobert4 Mar 18625 Oct 1946
002CarrierAlice15 Dec 187527 Aug 1952w/Robert
002CarrierRobert M.6 Apr 191424 Sep 1959TEC4 514 Eng Depot Co WWII BSM Va.Military marker only
002CarrierPaul B.23 Oct 190911 Dec 2000
002CarrierFrances V.2 Feb 191327 Jun 2001
002Carrier, Jr.Paul Britton19 Mar 193226 Aug 1952Son; He died for his country; US Marines Emblem; 1285652
002ArmentroutLayton O.27 Feb 191129 Feb 1980
002DavisWilmer Pierce12 Feb 194216 Apr 1986CWO US Army Pilot Vietnam 1st Cav Div
002WhislerVirginia L.6 Oct 192431 Aug 1994Mother
002BakerNettie Viola13 Jan 189518 Aug 1956Mother
002ThompsonWalter Leotis18971995PVT US Army WWIMilitary marker shows b. 24 Feb 1897 & d. 10 Oct 1995
002ThompsonIca A.19011999w/W. L.
002ThompsonHelen R.19291963d/W. L. & I. A.
002Harvey, Jr.Allen S.19 Aug 192528 Jun 1992
002HarveyLois T.22 Dec 1926
002BrockWilliam A.19001986
002BrockArline K.18941965
002ThompsonElwood W.23 Feb 191127 Oct 1994
002ThompsonAlice C.15 Jul 191326 Mar 1974
002ColeRalph O.31 Aug 190121 Feb 1987
002ColeNova H.27 Oct 190124 Feb 1996
002ColeDonald S.10 Aug 192615 Apr 1988Married 6 Nov 1948
002ColeT. Joyce8 Aug 19289 Jan 1993w/Donald S.
003ThompsonCarl Leroy19 Dec 19067 Jul 1982Father
003ThompsonMary Helen13 May 1914Mother
003ThompsonMildred Elizabeth29 Jun 19391 Aug 1963Daughter
003ThompsonInfant DaughterFeb 1944
003StearnEdward C.28 Aug 18908 Nov 1935Father
003StearnMary B.28 Sep 18891980Motherw/E. C.; Lindsey funeral home marker shows 1888-1980
003StearnEthel I.1 Jul 191928 Nov 1931Daughterd/E. C. & M. B.
003ShankoMark John1 Mar 18978 Mar 1977
003ShankoAnnie Cole7 Dec 189624 Jun 1990
003ZirkEugene M.19 Jul 194010 Mar 1942
003ZirkBerlin M.25 Mar 191124 Nov 1968
003CombsJacob F.18861918
003CombsBessie M.18881974w/J. F.
003LuttrellC. E.18671938
003LuttrellM. E.187919__No visible marker-recoded by Swank in 1967
003LongEmily J.3 Mar 19271 Oct 1927d/T. B. & E. V.
003LongTogo Gladys19461946Funeral home marker only
003LongTheodore B.26 Jul 189627Jun 1951
003LongElma V.12 Nov 190026 May 1982W/T. B.
003LongTheodore B.20 Jul 192212 Sep 1973
003WhissenJennings E.12 Aug 19026 Mar 1977
003WhissenMyrtle L.12 Aug 190419 Jan 1988
003LawsonCharles E.26 Sep 186823 Sep 1951Father
003LawsonAlice M.30 Apr 187012 Apr 1944Motherw/C. E.
003WilkinsEdgar P.7 Jul 190815 Sep 1988
003WilkinsRessie M.4 May 190824 Jan 1978
003WilkinsViolet M.24 Aug 1929
003CostelloHubert G.15 Aug 19015 Dec 1977
004LaymanJohn P.18741942
004LaymanWillie F.18651951
004LaymanInez A.19011942
004RalstonOgaretta G.18991949
004RalstonW. W.18971951
004ThompsonJoseph William5 Jun 18737 Jul 1960Father
004ThompsonRebecca Arabelle4 Jan 187016 Mar 1938Motherw/J. Wm.
004ThompsonJohn Morgan4 Mar 189927 Mar 1971Son
004ChapmanLuther E.11 Feb 186718 May 1934Father
004ChapmanVirginia D.2 Apr 186624 Nov 1938Motherw/L. E.
004ChapmanS. Edmonia29 Dec 189830 Jun 1988
004McWilliamsRuth J.2 Nov 19249 Feb 1928
004McWilliamsGeorge P.21 Jul 189414 Sep 1964PVT US Army WWI Va.
004McWilliamsLucille E.26 Apr 18981989w/Geo. P.; Lindsey funeral home marker shows Lucille Emma
004ColeJacob J.12 Jan 186925 Nov 1936Father
004ColeVandola V.10 Mar 186826 Nov 1926Motherw/Jacob J.
004BurnsAlexander31 Mar 189617 Nov 1961
004BurnsNina Cole7 Sep 19068 May 2001
004BrownRuth Cole31 Aug 190115 Dec 1974
004BazzleJohn Wm.2 Aug 18729 Jun 1952
004BazzleEffie Iola18 Nov 18812 Sep 1941w/J. W.
004BazzleFloyd D.8 Feb 19017 Aug 1922
004ArmentroutA. B.14 Dec 183617 May 1915
004ArmentroutLouise6 Mar 184014 Dec 1925Wifew/A. B.
004ArmentroutAlice A.18781938
004KnootzReuben Franklin22 Jan 184117 Oct 1907
004KoontzAnn Richard20 Mar 18437 Nov 1914w/R. F.
004SweckerMary Koontz19 Apr 18861 Jan 1933
004LongJ. William15 Feb 185020 Mar 1937
004LongAda C.23 Feb 18504 May 1917His wifew/J. Wm.
004LongRobert A.26 Sep 187525 Jun1958
004CombsJames W.14 Mar 188028 Oct 1937Father
004CombsMaude M.5 Oct 18802 Jul 1961Motherw/James W.
004CombsJohn W.13 Dec 190723 Feb 1951PFC 1489 SVC Comd Unit WWII, Maryland
004LyttonRoberta Clarine14 May 19109 May 1982Mother
004LongCharles E.18651947
004LongRebecca J.18661966w/C. E.
004KoontzWilliam F.15 Mar 188730 Mar 1967
004KoontzBessie Long28 Oct 188322 Aug 1945w/Wm. F.
004ArmentroutDwight S.11 Jul 18997 Oct 1983
004ArmentroutRuthene W.23 Aug 191314 Dec 1985
004ArmentroutVirginia F.7 Jun 186212 Jun 1943
004KeiferLewis W.16 Dec 18935 May 1946
004KeiferHelen Y.16 Apr 190025 Mar 1989w/L. W.
004HullJames Alfred29 Mar 192019 May 1963PVT III Sig Rad Intel Co WWII Va.
004BrockD. Arch18761946
004BrockV. Florence18791955w/ D. A.
004BazzleJoseph W.22 Dec 188531 Oct 1952Father
004BazzleAnnie M.24 Sep 18896 Feb 1950Motherw/J. W.
004BazzleWalter Lee8 Jun 191425 Mar 1976
004ShaverDonald Elwood6 Nov 19456 Feb 1953
004ShaverRay J.28 Jul 1917Married 20 Jul 1940
004ShaverCarrie Lee3 May 19188 May 1993w/Ray J.
004ChapmanClaude G.22 Dec 189028 Nov 1969
004ChapmanVirgie M.2 Jan 189228 Jan 1972
004ChapmanClaude Z.18 Jan 192020 Jan 1981
004RitchieMichael T.12 May 196516 May 1983
004RitchieBrian Carter28 Aug 196812 Jan 1995
004Ritchie, Jr.Trenton C.23 Mar 1962
004Ritchie, Sr.Trenton C.12 Feb 194223 Aug 2001SP5 US Army
004RitchieSherry D.12 Apr 1944
005BlackwellErnest H.7 May 19109 Aug 1978
005BlackwellMildred S.27 Nov 19185 Apr 1993
005StrawdermanE. Auborn4 Apr 190419 Apr 1984
005StrawdermanCatherine F.31 Jan 190728 Apr 1960W/E. A.
005StrawdermanPaul Henry19081956
005StrawdermanMary Ethel1910w/P. H.
005StrawdermanJohn W.5 Aug 187612 Jun 1945
005StrawdermanGertrude19 May 188218 Mar 1960Motherw/J. W.
005Strawderman, Sr.Alfred L.13 Mar 190623 Oct 1987
005StrawdermanFrances L.11 Sep 191024 Jan 1999
005DavisRobert Lee15 Dec 190528 May 1971Better known as Country Bill
005StearnWilliam T.19091963
005StearnDorothy D.1910Appears to be grave here
005EstepHubert L.18951982
005EstepElton S.19001977
005KoontzReuben24 Mar 181222 Feb 1842Illegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
005KoontzPeter P.27 Jun 1861Aged 58y 3m 26d, my husband, our father
005KoontzElizabeth A.2 Sep 1904Aged 87y 7m 1d, our motherw/P. P.
005KoontzDiana C.27 Mar 183828 Sep 1840Illegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
005LincolnA. G.25 Apr 184026 Aug 1878Father
005LincolnMary K.25 Nov 184510 Nov 1906w/A. G.
005LincolnE. Gertrude17 May 187224 Jul 1914
005YanceyRobert Leonard25 Nov 190128 Jan 1966
005YanceyMarie Zirk19 Jun 191228 Jan 1980
005YanceyRobert J. "Bobby"14 May 193313 Apr 1938s/R. Leonard & Marie Z. Yancey
005YanceyMichelle Ree4 Oct 19714 Oct 1971
005RockefellerNellie Koontz11 Aug 19204 Jul 1997
005DoaneMaxine Koontz15 Apr 190810 Mar 1979
005BowmanCarrie B.14 Oct 189724 Mar 1995
005BowmanNancy C. BowmanNo visible stone-recorded by Rhonda Huttle from Lacey Springs Cemetery records in 2002
005BowmanM. Katharine14 Sep 189922 Feb 1983
005SimmersEulalia H.12 Jan 189325 May 1971
005SimmersSamuel B.31 Jul 189318 Mar 1957
005Olschofka ErlenErnest4 Nov 189713 May 1966Born in Germany
005Olschofka ErlenKatherine18 Jul 190019 Mar 1972Born in Germany
005HigginsErnest William19011977PFC US Army WWIMilitary marker only
006SimmersCharles L.9 Jan 187215 Apr 1927
006SimmersWm. Henry17 Apr 18678 Feb 1948
006SimmersMary M.18801939
006StearnJames M.18751963
006StearnMartha E.18781958
006HooverWinnie16 Apr 189619 Dec 1942
006StearnSamuel D.19131972
006LincolnJetson J.27 Apr 186316 Jul 19182 sons Dr. A. Lucius L. of Lawrenceville (NJ) School & Dr. Jennings L. of Mantclair NJ--per John W. Wayland in 1937
006LincolnSallie S.20 May 18668 Apr 1937d. 8 Apr 1937 in NJ & buried 11 Apr 1937, d/Col Emanuel Sipe of Linville, w/J. J. L.--per John W. Wayland in 1937
006LincolnAbraham Lucius17 Sep 18879 Dec 1966
006LincolnPauline Farr21 Mar 1901His wife
006FadeleyNora Lincoln18691950
006LincolnHerod F.26 Nov 186129 Jan 1863s/Jacob & Caroline T.
006LincolnJacob3 Apr 182121 Feb 1880Father
006LincolnCaroline T. Homan19 Jul 18282 May 1917Mother, His wifew/Jacob
006LincolnBenjamin F.12 Nov 181310 Sep 1961Aged 59y 9m 28d
006LincolnAbraham19 Dec 18225 May 1905
006LincolnMary E. Hughes26 Jun 183625 Dec 1902His wifew/Abraham
006LincolnDiana M.26 Oct 18583 May 1862d/Abram & Mary E.
006LincolnDavid28 Jun 178126 Apr 1849Eldest son of Capt. Jacob Lincoln-per John W. Wayland in 1937
006LincolnCatharine6 Feb 178415 May 1873Aged 89y 4m 9d; Consort of Davidnee Bright-per John W. Wayland in 1937
006KoontzDale18601897His wife
006KoontzA. W.18531929
006KoontzLucy B.18641951His wife
006YanceyRobert Layton8 May 187330 Jan 1943
006YanceyMamie Jennings3 Nov 18737 Jul 1959His wifew/R. L.
006YanceyWilliam T. Jennings27 Mar 18977 Apr 1916s/R. L. & M. J. Yancey
006YanceyMattie M.2 Sep 190323 Nov 1983
006KoontzClyde W.10 Nov 188226 Jun 1950
006KoontzElton J.12 Oct 18794 Apr 1935
006KoontzW. Clifton10 Nov 18828 Nov 1964
006KoontzKatherine M.24 Jul 188727 Jan 1977w/W. C.
006CleggGeorge W., Rev.18641928FatherU. B. Minister
006CleggEstella M.18761957Mother, His wifew/ Rev. Geo. W.
006BowmanSamuel R.2 Apr 186722 Nov 1936
006BowmanHannah R.25 Sep 186622 Mar 1961
006BowmanHenry B.14 Apr 189425 Mar 1960
006BowmanNancy Catron19 Apr 19002 Mar 1995
006FlookSamuel J.26 Apr 189225 Dec 1977
006FlookStella Pearl8 Mar 18942 Dec 1987
006MastersGene12 Jan 1919
006MastersEdith F.2 Sep 19199 Oct 1984
006FlookDavid Oscar1 Jun 187329 Nov 1938Husband
006FlookAddie A.21 Jul 186924 Feb 1960Wifew/D. O.
006ArmentroutRobert L.18721955
006ArmentroutMinnie E.18791954w/R. L.
006ArmentroutLida V.19 Jan 190723 Aug 1997
006LincolnJohn Edward, Dr.18561931
006LincolnAlice Cline18591932His wifew/Dr. John E.
006LincolnRobert E.3 Oct 189429 Oct 1963Pvt Chemical Warfare SVC WWI New York
006TaylorJno. W., Prof.28 Oct 183522 Nov 1922His life as a teacher was devoted to preparing young men & young women for the higher walks in life.
006TaylorVirginia C.2 Aug 18506 Mar 1923His wifew/J. W.; d/Jacob N. Lincoln-per John W. Wayland in 1937
006HiggsJoseph O.18 Dec 186025 Jul 1962
006HiggsA. Virginia7 Sep 186711 Jul 1948
006ErlanErnest O.18971966No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
006ErlanKatherineNo visible stone-recorded by Rhonda Huttle from Lacey Springs Cemetery records in 2002
007BreedenGertrude D.30 Nov 190014 Aug 1935Mother
007LaymanFanny Summers9 Oct 187020 Jun 1946
007ShifflettRoberta Layman15 May 19101 Apr 1932
007Taylor, Sr.Robert E.10 Aug 193620 Mar 1992
007WhiteBrock T.16 May 187030 Jan 1939Father
007WhiteLillian H.9 Aug 186827 Nov 1936Motherw/Brock T.
007WhiteFrancis Rinker9 Oct 190229 Aug 1910s/Brock T. & Lillian
007WhiteElizabeth5 Apr 190117 Feb 1952
007ZiglerInfant Son2 Jun 189930 Jul 1899s/James N. & Jennie H.
007SprinkleHarvey S.24 Aug 19003 Mar 1902s/T. H. & Henrietta
007ZiglerIna Lee30 Jun 190013 Jul 1902d/James N. & Jennie H.
007ZiglerJames N.23 May 187421 Jul 1964
007ZiglerVirginia M.20 Jun 18721 Nov 1911
007SprinkelInfant25 May 190515 Jun 1905d/T. H. & Henrietta
007SprinkleInfant30 Aug 19085 Sep 1908s/T. H. & H. C.
007HumbertJoseph1904s/J. L. & F. M.
007HumbertRalph1909s/J. L. & F. M.
007SnyderFrances H.12 Apr 190518 Aug 1995
007HumbertWillard H.19011986s/J. L. & F. M.
007RhodesJoseph P.17 Aug 18997 Jun 1956
007RhodesHoward W.8 Feb 190612 Aug 1953
007RhodesHenry F.14 Sep 190323 Jan 1979
007WillisThomas Alfred15 Jun 18702 Nov 1918
007WillisRebecca Virginia9 Mar 18749 Nov 1958w/T. A.
007WillisMargaret Madeline26 Aug 19001 Jun 1956d/T. A. & R. V.
007AllebaughThomas Scott10 Sep 196231 Jul 1981
007ColemanDaniel3 Jun 19743 Jun 1974Beloved Baby
007CampbellRobert M.26 Apr 1930
007CampbellDorothy N.12 Dec 19279 Jul 1986
007HuddleDavid S.19 Dec 191922 Jun 1989
007HuddleGeraldine C.29 Jul 1920
008SprinkleCatharine V.18 Oct 1903Aged 49y 7m 6d
008SummersJoseph K.20 Mar 185023 Jun 1918
008SummersMargaret V.26 Apr 18518 May 1921His wifew/J. K.
008SummersGeorge Arthur16 Mar 187612 Jan 1903s/J. K. & M. V.Illegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
008SummersMary C.12 Aug 188020 Oct 1905Aged 25y 1m 8d; d/J. K. & M. V.
008SummersSimon Peter4 Sep 188428 Feb 1920s/J. K. & M. V.
008TaylorDwight L.1914
008TaylorKathryn F.19161959w/D. L.
008TaylorJean M.1938Twin daughters/D. L. & K. F.
008TaylorJoan M.1938Twin daughters/D. L. & K. F.
008TaylorRobert10 Mar 189917 Aug 1902s/Mr. & Mrs. John
008WhiteRuth Totsie27 Dec 188017 Jul 1955
008ZiglerI. N.18741964No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
008ZiglerMalinda22 Mar 184323 Apr 1933Mother
008SprinkleHampton26 Aug 189630 Dec 1918Aged 22y 4m 4d
008SprinkleT. Harvey29 Mar 18734 Mar 1937Father
008SprinkleHenrietta G.4 Sep 187014 Feb 1943Motherw/T. H.
008HumbertReuben H.18251863Father
008HumbertRebecca J.18321849Motherw/R. H.
008HumbertAnna R.19071919d/J. L. & F. M.
008HumbertJoseph L.18621943Father
008HumbertFannie M.18761948Motherw/J. L.
008LongacreC. J., Major15 Mar 183725 Feb 1917
008LongacreMatilda F.1 May 183926 Apr 1919His wifew/ Maj. C. J.
008RhodesFranklin P.22 May 185020 Apr 1923
008RhodesWalter O.18741932
008RhodesAnnie F.18801964w/W. O.
008WillisThomas N.12 Feb 18375 Jan 1919Father
008WillisMargaret Elizabeth29 Jul 18506 Mar 1917Motherw/T. N.
008WillisOtto W.25 Dec 187316 Oct 1933
008LongH. Arbelia15 Nov 1928Aged 69yrs
008LongS. G.25 Jun 1928Aged 73 yrs
008AllebaughSamuel R.2 Oct 18643 Aug 1937
008AllebaughIrene V.15 Jun 187017 Apr 1942w/Samuel R.
008AllebaughCharles (Jim)12 Jul 190517 Jul 1996
008AllebaughMadeline Null22 Oct 19062 Dec 1973
008KoontzJoyce J.20 Jun 192921 Jun 1929
008KoontzEarl L.22 Jul 190313 Aug 1995
008KoontzIrene B.10 Oct 19031Jun 1965
008SummersEarl E.18931951
008SummersRebecca S.191119__w/E. E.
008SmithRoy W.19071960s/Wm. & Lucy A.
008SmithWilliam M.18851966Father
008SmithLucy A.18841974Motherw/Wm. M.
008HuddleDavid Ray21 Jan 18945 Sep 1946Father
008GarrisonLouella Huddle10 Jan 189311 Oct 1983Mother
008Huddle, Sr.Orville C.5 Jun 192118 Apr 2001TSGT US Army Air Forces WWIIMilitary marker only
008Huddle, Jr.Orville Cole15 Mar 194323 Oct 1990ICFN US NavyMilitary marker only
008HuddleAbraham1880Aged 93 yrs
008HuddleChristena7 Sep 1881Aged 95 yrs
008SternLemuel28 Apr 183414 Jan 1925Father
008SternRebecca14 Oct 184122 May 1922Motherw/Lennuel
008MartzWalter K.2 Mar 188318 Dec 1951
008MartzEtta S.15 Mar 188215 Mar 1955w/Walter K.
009NagleFrank Douglas28 Jun 1892Aged 1m 29d; s/Frank & Bettie
009NagleInfant28 May 190612 Jul 1906Aged 1m 14d; s/Frank M. & Sallie E.Stone off base and on ground
009KennedyRobert J.7 Dec 192315 Dec 1923s/Robert L. & Elsie
009KennedyLawrence F.24 Dec 192717 Jan 1928s/Robert L. & Elsie
009LincolnWilliam W.18841949
009ReidMary Rebecca12 Oct 190612 Oct 1906Infant d/D. B. & Flora N.
009ReidWm. Lee28 Feb 191120 Feb 1913s/D. B. & Flora N.
009EarmanJ. Newman18541903
009EarmanFannie May White18631934w/J. N.
009SellersWilliam Ruben18731937
009SellersGeorgia Lurnnea18771967
009DoddEvelyn W.19081999
009WhiteCharles J.25 Jul 18723 Feb 1930
009LongLeonard L.7 Jun 190024 Oct 1900Aged 4m 17d; s/Robert & Emma
009LongEmory19171966MarylandMilitary marker only; 1/2 marker in dirt, Illegible below Maryland
009LongWelton P.19011950
009CriderReuben Jackson22 May 1891Age 26d; s/William & Sarah
009CriderGeorge Edward15 Sep 1892No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
009SangerAlice C.28 Feb 1893Aged 39y 7m 19d; w/John F.
009SechristVirginiaNo dates
009SechristCliftonNo dates
009SechristMaryNo dates
009BondrankoAlexander7 Feb 191610 May 1984US Navy WWIIMilitary marker only
009ThompsonFrank O.5 Jul 190131 Jan 1998
009ThompsonMary E.7 Nov 190913 Nov 1995
010SimmersNoah11 Feb 184517 Dec 1892Aged 48y 10m 6d; Father
010SimmersMargaret C.17 Nov 184718 Dec 1892Aged 45y 1m; Motherw/Noah
010MurryFrank N.5 Dec 18702 Nov 1946
010MurrySallie G.3 Nov 186911 May 1916Aged 46y 6m 8dw/F. N.
010MurryLucy19031963No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
010LincolnH. Preston18551924s/Jacob N. Lincoln-per John W. Wayland in 1937
010LincolnPreston (Infant)1886inf.s/H. P. & H.
010LincolnEunice A.18951980
010RankinNini Lincoln18831925d/H. Preston & Pheta Grandle Lincoln, name Nini Sibyl Taylor Lincoln, w/Edwin Augustine Rankin of Jersey City NJ-per John W. Wayland in 1937
010ReidDaniel B.10 Mar 181827 Dec 1894
010ReidRebecca K.16 May 18394 Nov 1905
010ReidRobert Lee15 Aug 186713 Sep 1936
010WhiteChas. T.2 Mar 183629 Dec 1901
010WhiteJosie L.11 Aug 183912 Jun 1910w/C. T.
010HarrisonMannie Lee21 Sep 18742 May 1905w/H. H.
010MartzElizabethSep 181021 Feb 1877Aged 67y 5m
010HideckerJohn C.14 Mar 184410 Mar 1885Aged 40y 11mStone broken & on ground
010HideckerEmma C.4 Feb 1895Aged 51y 5m, w/John C.
010ClemDora A.19 Jun 18827 Mar 1907d/J. C. & E. C. Hidecker
010CriderJohn3 Feb 1886Aged 3m 24dStone patched can't read age per Swank in 1967
010CriderRebecca Jane20 Aug 1874Aged 62y 2mIllegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
010CriderWilliam M.6 Sep 184512 Jul 1911Father
010CriderSarah C.22 Sep 185010 Sep 1909Motherw/W. M.
010ConradJacob W.26 Mar 187027 Oct 19392nd wife-Jennie Long Donovan buried Singers Glen
010ConradFrancis L.2 Jun 18765 Jun 19081w/J. W.
010SimmersCora L.29 Oct 187418 Sep 1930Erected by J. F. Ritchie
010WoodGabriel1870On same stone with Mary J. Glass
010GlassMary J.18331906On same stone with Gabriel Wood
010RifeSarah20 Aug 1883Aged 32y 2m 22dStone is broken but readable
010UnknownField stone-no writing recorded in 2002
010RobinsonWip191019901st LT. US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Wip Robinson, III b. 7 Feb 1910 d. 7 Jul 1990
010RobinsonJane W.19111964w/Wip
010McCoyVene W.18891969
010EarleFlorence W.18801968
010ThompsonRovena V.14 Feb 1937Grandmother
010DoveLoretta A.10 Nov 1975Granddaughter
010CampbellNancy Jane19501951No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
010MullenHannah12 Jan 18082 May 1883Illegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, w/Isaac M.
010ShultzCatherine E.2 Feb 183725 Dec 1889Illegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
010ShultzWilliam20 Oct 183411 Sep 1904Aged 69y 10m 26d
010FlickDavid N.2 Dec 186425 Nov 1931
010FlickLaura A.18 Nov 18689 Jan 1933w/D. N.
011LaymanS. Lester188919__Father
011LaymanZelma L.18901931Motherw/S. L.
011MartzSallie Blair9 Sep 186915 Nov 1937d/Michael Jackson & Katharine Harrison Martz
011MartzGeo. Michael8 Apr 190722 Jun 1907s/Hiram H. & Lena M.
011MartzLucie Lee10 Sep 187226 Jun 1938d/Michael Jackson & Katharine Harrison Martz
011MartzHannah Mathews6 Feb 187631 Jul 1943d/Michael Jackson & Katharine Harrison Martz
011RhinehartIsaac27 Jan 190431 Dec 1906s/T. A. & A. J.
011RhinehartLeona15 Dec 19022 Jan 1907d/T. A. & A. J.
011WhissenAbraham18791956illegible dates-recorded by Swank in 1967
011WhissenCora L.18751962w. Abraham
011WhissenT. Douglas11 Oct 190015 Jun 1971
011KingZella R. W.19052000Lindsey funeral home marker
011WhisenInfant Daughter3 Dec 1878d/E. & Virginia
011UnknownBase for marker only-recorded in 2002
011CarrierWilliam H.26 Sep 184510 Mar 1849Aged 3y 5m 12dStone is cracked and hard to read in 2002
011CarrierBettie16 May 183826 Jan 1897
011WhissenMary Frances1940
011WhissenRobert S.1937
011HinkleRonald D. (Ronnie)14 Jul 195823 Feb 1986
011PhillipsHelen G.13 Feb 195716 Sep 1994
011PhillipsHugh D.19761998Lindsey funeral home marker
011LifeEllen E.19 Jan 184320 Aug 1892Illegible dates-recorded by Swank in 1967
011LifeVirginia14 Dec 185113 Mar 1924Marker getting hard to read in 2002
012LaymanCornelius Richard4 Feb 186022 Jan 1925
012LaymanFannie E. C.17 Oct 186726 May 1927His wifew/C. R.
012LaymanCatherine May27 Dec 192327 Dec 1923d/S. L. & Z. L.
012LaymanPauline E.23 Jul 1897Aged 9m 10d; c/C. R. & F. E.
012LaymanCuba M.14 Jul 1892Aged 2m 9d; c/C. R. & F. E.
012LaymanJemima4 Apr 1901Aged 66y 1m 6d, w/Joseph
012BushongKellie A.6 Jan 18627 Mar 1942
012SummersByron C.7 Dec 188518 May 1919s/E. J. & Mary E.
012SummersErasmus J.7 Jan 186029 Jan 1941
012SummersMary E.20 Sep 185821 Feb 1910w/E. J.
012MartzJulius J.16 Aug 184919 Dec 1892Aged 43y 4m 3d; Our dear brother
012MartzHenrietta Virginia10 Mar 185330 Mar 1932
012MartzHomer S.11 Dec 187831 Mar 1903s/J. J. & H. V. Martz
012MartzEstella D.5 Aug 18779 Aug 1921
012MartzAddie E. S.20 Oct 18322 Jun 1909d/Hiram & Hannah Martz
012MartzMargaret Shaw17 Feb 18795 Feb 1909d/M. J. & Kate B.
012MartzMichael Jackson30 May 184325 Aug 1922Father
012MartzKatharine Harrison5 Jan 184021 Sep 1918Mother; His wifew/M. J.
012MartzMaude Templeton7 Jun 188117 Feb 1934d/Michael Jackson & Katharine Harrison Martz
012RosenbergerAbraham S.13 Feb 182423 Nov 1893
012RosenbergerFrancis C.10 Oct 183416 Aug 1916w/A. S.
012ZirkleNelia A. Rosenberger20 Jan 18628 Dec 1915w/A. C.
012RosenbergerHattie17 Feb 18749 Feb 1946
012PickeringJacob W.25 Jan 186018 Dec 1932Father
012PickeringColumbia C.1 May 186015 Feb 1898Motherw/J. W.
012PickeringElla F.16 Jun 18943 Jul 1987
012BeamAbraham11 Nov 1887Aged 64y 10m 19d
012BeamCatherine A.1 Feb 1917Aged 91y 3m 4dw/Abraham
012BaxterJacobApr 1867Aged about 88 yrs
012BaxterCatharine1 Jun 1860Aged 79y 5m 1d
012MIllerHannah Baxter19 Feb 1882Aged 72y 10m 15d
012BaxterAndrew4 Nov 182725 Dec 1838
012SimmersAbram C.21 Nov 1878Aged 63 yrs
012SimmersDianna25 Oct 181928 Jan 1902w/Abraham
012SimmersAmanda C.3 Apr 18438 Feb 1889d/A. C. & Diannah Simmers
012WhissenEdward R.18571945
012WhissenMargaret V.18411900w/E. S.
012CarrierJesse28 Aug 181528 Jun 1874Aged 58y 10m
012CarrierLeannah Burkholder16 Oct 182122 Jul 1897Aged 75y 9m 6d; Our mother; w/Jesse
012WhissenAbraham R.17 Aug 19163 Feb 1983
012WhissenThelma S.28 Jan 19207 Oct 1993
012WhissenClaude A.19051985
012WhissenRuth Stidley19111982
012DepoyOliver D.1 May 19084 Oct 1979
012DepoyFrances T.23 Oct 19076 Sep 1984
012HaynesRobert L.2 Sep 191027 Nov 1976US Coast Guard WWII
012HaynesNancy M.15 Dec 19181 Dec 1994
012CampbellHubert L.10 Oct 192028 Apr 1992US Army WWII
012CampbellLillie E.8 Apr 191712 Dec 1985
012LifeAbrahamIllegible dates
012LifeLeannah16 Jul 182023 Mar 1890w/Abraham
012DolanWm. L.20 Mar 1894Recorded in 2002 by Martha Lee
013KoontzAnita West3 Jan 189116 Jul 1970
013KoontzAnna Laura22 Oct 188120 Nov 1969
013KoontzCharlie M.11 Mar 187714 Feb 1903
013KoontzRay8 Oct 1889Aged 1m 21d, s/Philip P. & Carrie H.
013DepoyDavid Whetsel20 May 19061 May 1907s/J. H. & L. J.
013ReidDavid Daniel13 May 189716 Jun 1950
013ReidInfant Daughter1890d/J. H. & M. E.
013ReidJames H.18651935
013ReidMary E.18681947w/James H.
013PickeringInfant13 Jul 189013 Jul 1890s/B. A. & D. A.
013PickeringTurner A.7 May 188827 Feb 1894s/J. W. & C. C.
013PickeringElton E.10 Mar 18873 Aug 1887s/J. W. & C. C.
013SellersWilliam R.Aged 6y 9m 10dNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
013Fasanko, Jr.John M.19211923
013DeversSarah F.18441912
013BaugherInfant Daughter7 Apr 1901d/J. L. & R. F.
013SmithOtis O.18 Feb 1889Aged 7y 2m 23d, s/C. R. & M. A.
013SmithCharles R.14 Oct 18589 Jun 1924
013SmithAlice M.8 Aug 186121 Feb 1923w/C. R.
013StearnInfant Son20 Feb 186124 Feb 1861s/J. W. & Josie E.
013StearnSusan P.1 Apr 186017 Dec 1861d/J. W. & Josie E.
013StearnInfant1 Oct 1888s/C. A. & B. S.
013FadeleyGeorge N.s/G. B. & Charlotte
013StearnStuart S.7 Aug 18788 Feb. 1950
013HowardMichael28 Mar 1892Aged 75y 3d
013HowardMary29 Aug 1918Aged 85y 4m 14d; w/Michael
013HowardJohn28 Dec 1898Aged 81y 3m 13d
013HowardLena19 Jan 1896Aged 76y 10m 2d, w/John
013HowardEmma L.20 Mar 186514 Jun 1943
013HowardWilliam12 Nov 185121 Mar 1917
013HowardAdam A.22 Sep 184830 Apr 1937Erected by J. O. Stover
013HovchenWilliam17 May 18615 Sep 1916
014KoontzPhillip P.3 May 18489 Dec 1908
014KoontzCaroline H.14 Dec 184919 Apr 1920His wifew/P. P.
014KoontzEffie I.28 Oct 187426 Feb 1953
014KoontzLelia M.24 Jun 188415 Nov 1959
014HuddleDavid11 Apr 18234 Jan 1899Aged 75y 8m 23d
014HuddleMary C.6 Mar 18257 Jun 1905
014HuddleRebecca May5 Feb 1884Aged 1y 6m 9d , d/A. B. & A. V., born at Lacey Springs
014TaylorW. M.4 Dec 184220 Oct 1910Aged 67y 10m 16d
014TaylorMargaret C.21 Dec 184613 Nov 1907Aged 60y 10m 22d, w/W. M.
014DepoyDavid H.15 Nov 18449 Jan 1913
014DepoyElizabeth12 Oct 184913 Aug 1885
014DepoyJohn H.19 Apr 18725 Apr 1920
014DepoyLydia Jane24 Jan 187928 Feb 1967
014DepoyLillian Frances28 Dec 19124 Feb 1929d/J. H. & Lydia J.
014PickeringAbraham11 Feb 183820 Mar 1931
014PickeringLydia6 May 183210 Dec 1908w/Abraham
014PickeringMartha E.23 Dec 186515 Mar 1884Aged 18y 2m 22d, d/Abraham & Lydia
014PickeringMary6 Aug 18756 Jun 1956
014PickeringLydia A.20 Jun 187313 Dec 1960
014JenkinsEleanor Elizabeth30 Jun 191613 Apr 1967
014MorrisAlma Francis12 Mar 190513 Jul 1905d/F. & Virgil
014HagaJohn11 Apr 1874Aged 82 yrs
014HagaAnnie5 Nov 1881Aged 75 yrsw/John
014CootesAlice A.Nov 1861Nov 1886Aged 25 yrs, w/E. A. Cootes
014BaugherPerry H.10 Jul 182926 Jan 1882Father
014BaugherMary23 Nov 183418 Mar 1899Motherw/P. H.
014StearnSallie F.19 Aug 18666 Apr 1897Aged 30y 7m 17d, w/J. Wm
014WhissenAbraham R.12 Jan 182015 Jun 1881Aged 62y 5m 4d, Father
014WhissenEliza J.12 Apr 182215 Jun 1897Aged 75y 2m 3d, Motherw/A. R.
014BazzleMary Alice4 May 190330 Jun 1903Parents of Infant illegible in 2002
014StearnJohn W.3 Aug 183613 Apr 1928
014StearnJosephine E.9 Jan 18421 May 1908His wifew/J. W.
014StearnBishop W.12 Feb 187218 Jun 1933
014StearnIrah L.19 Jul 189415 Apr 1998
014HowardNathaniel30 Sep 18236 Nov 1883Aged 60y 1m 6d
014HowardLydia25 Aug 1887Aged 76y 6m 25d
014HowardElizabeth4 Jun 1889Aged 79y 10m 25d
014HowardEdith15 Jan 181910 Apr 1892
014HowardAnn3 Oct 1896Aged 82y 9m 10d
014HowardMargaret10 Jun 1907Aged 84y 8m 25d
014BowmanSamuel16 May 182511 Jul 1858
014BowmanAlscinda B.25 Jan 182326 Nov 1887His wifew/Samuel
014BowmanBruce21 Jun 185115 Feb 1927s/S. & A. B.
015TusingTheodore L.19051991
015TusingRhea F. Summers19171950
015AllebaughEugene Woodhull19311932s/S. M. & F. K.
015LongVirginia F.24 Jan 1862Aged 4y 11m 26d, d/Abram C. & MelvinaMarker is leaning on A. C. Long in Row 16
015RhinehartJohn Long5 Jan 187812 Jan 1878s/T. W. & M. J.Marker broken at base & on ground
015LongJohn Lilburn2 Dec 185223 Mar 1916
015LongIra Sellers8 Apr 187824 Nov 1952s/J. L.
015TaylorDorothy V.29 May 19194 Jun 1955
015RhinehartPaul E.16 Apr 1873Top of stone missing
015RhinehartVessie L.15 Feb 18836 Mar 1950Wifew/P. E.
015RhinehartWilliam T. "Tip"5 Jan 19197 Nov 1998Marker on top of Vessie L. Rhinehart's grave site
015GravesHester Belle19242001Lindsey funeral home marker only
015ZedakerLena Belle19 Oct 190019 Dec 1962
015FogleJacob E.18421885
015FogleVirginia M.18511935w/J. E.
015ChapmanJames W.18591940Father
015ChapmanHanna A.18601931Motherw/J. W.
015ChapmanEmma M.18841935Daughterd/J. W. & H. A.
015ChapmanMargaret A.15 May 18355 Feb 1904Aged 68y 8m 19d
015ChapmanMartha E.22 Sep 1900Aged 56y 10m 19d, My mother
015ChapmanArminda H.15 Apr 184626 Dec 1865Aged 19y 8m 11d
015ChapmanElizabeth J.30 Sep 18294 Jan 1860Aged 30y 3m 4d
015ChapmanElizabeth25 Dec 180813 May 1882Aged 73y 4m 18d, w/John
015ChapmanJohn14 Oct 180322 Feb 1869Aged 65y 3m 8d
016SummersJohn W.3 Oct 184518 May 1889Father
016SummersCaroline V.22 Oct 185324 Feb 1921Mother, His wifew/J. W.
016SummersDavid D.24 Oct 188119 Sep 1931
016SummersSattie E.24 Mar 18805 Apr 1966w/D. D.
016WhiteCambysis C.10 Nov 1907Aged 77y 8m 13d
016WhiteMargaret10 Mar 1895Aged 56y 2m 4d, W/C. C.
016WhiteJennie E.No visible stone-recorded by Rhonda Huttle from Lacey Springs Cemetery records in 2002
016AndesPhoebe8 Mar 1896Aged 55y 15d
016AllebaughSaml. R.7 Apr 182830 Mar 1906s/Michl. & Hannah
016AllebaughElizabeth Andes31 Jan 183210 Jan 1898w/S. R.
016AllebaughSallie E.17 Sep 187411 Sep 1927
016AllebaughCharles H.26 Mar 186211 Jan 1933
016BowmanSamuel O.1 Oct 185824 Jul 1910
016BowmanMartha Allebaugh18571929His wifew/S. O.
016LongJacob19 Mar 1887Aged 84 yrs
016LongChristiana2 Jun 1889Aged 83y 8m 13d
016LongA. C.3 Jan 1891Aged 59y 9m 15d
016LongMelvina5 Jul 1901Aged 69y 3m 16d, w/A. C.
016TaylorDavid A.14 May 187913 Apr 1938
016TaylorMarnie M.16 Nov 1881w/D. A.; appears to be grave here
016RhinehartLuke E.22 Feb 1906Aged 30y 5m 22d1st husband of Claudia Fadeley, 2nd husband of Claudia was Samuel Sutton
016RhinehartTiffin W.12 Jan 185118 Dec 1899Papa
016RhinehartMary J.21 Jan 18552 Jan 1901Mamaw/T. W.
016HiggsMargaret C.1 Aug 1896Aged 66y 6m 2d, MotherPartially illegible date-recorded by Swank in 1967
016Graves, Sr.Asa Wesley, Dr.18781940
016GravesEthel Woody18841927w/Dr. A. W.
016GravesInfant Daughter19111911c/A. W. & E. W.
016GravesAsa Wesley V., Dr.19131996
016GravesIda Daughtrey1916
016O'RoarkRebecca4 Jan 1870Age about 68 yrs
016O'RoarkRachel Ann25 May 182924 Oct 1905Aged 76y 4m 29d
016ChapmanMary Emma20 Sep 1868Aged 3y 3m 29d, d/J. M. & L.
016ChapmanJames Morgan7 Dec 183214 Sep 1910Aged 77y 9m 7d
016ChapmanLiddie Ann10 Apr 183828 Aug 1916Aged 78y 3m 18dw/J. M.
016ChapmanJohn W.19 Jan 186118 Apr 1920
016ChapmanMary C.31 Jan 18644 Aug 1937w/J. W., nee Bowman
016HarrisonW. M.3 Oct 187922 Aug 1932
016HarrisonHattie P. Vest8 Oct 188830 Apr 1924His wifew/W. M.
016HarrisonReuben N.19 Jun 18832 Jan 1933
017SummersCharles W.8 Oct 18673 Dec 1948
017SummersOllie E.16 Jul 187721 Feb 1969
017ChapmanJames Bryan18 Jun 19009 Aug 1900s/Isaac & Mary E.
017ChapmanWard Graves14 Jul 191324 Jan 1988
017ChapmanEsther Kathryn27 Oct 191124 Mar 2001
017HighSattie May10 Mar 189024 Jun 1895d/R. N. & Bettie
017StearnJames M.17 Feb 189925 May 1978
017StearnClaire L.14 Nov 19005 Sep 1969
017StearnJames Ervin26 Sep 192425 May 1941
017StearnRichard Lee13 Sep 192723 Jan 1994
017HensleyAlice Kathryn "Kat"24 Feb 192615 Jan 2000
017BazzleMary Catherine5 Dec 18534 Oct 1920
017MooreThomas A.18 Sep 18673 Sep 1924
017MooreElizabeth H.4 Dec 186712 Apr 1927His wifew/T. A.
018SummersMichael16 Mar 183922 Jan 1913
018SummersSallie C. "Haga"24 Nov 184425 Jan 1916
018SummersAnnie E.17 Jan 18747 Mar 1892
018SummersMary C. "Mamie"27 Aug 187027 Jun 1950
018SummersLillie Alice16 Jul 187711 Mar 1971
018HagaAnna L.17 Sep 18616 Apr 1890Aged 28y 6m 19d, w/B. R.
018HagaRobert C.16 Jun 1890Aged 3m 7d, s/B. R. & A. L.
018ChapmanMary E.18681932Mother, His wifew/Isaiah
018ChapmanMay Elizabeth19 Feb 18888 Jun 1983Aunt May a very special lady.
018HighBettie E.13 Feb 185420 Oct 1928w/Ruben N.
018WestMinnie E.18681900
018StearnSamuel D.1 Jan 186520 Apr 1936Father
018StearnFannie A.7 Sep 186727 Mar 1937Motherw/S. D.
018StearnHenry L.17 Feb 188925 Apr 1909Aged 20y 2m 8d
018StearnDaniel D.No visible stone-recorded by Rhonda Huttle from Lacey Springs Cemetery records
018LincolnErnest Erdine18771939
018LincolnKathleen Zirkle18891988
019BlountMinnie18871965No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
019UnknownAppears to be grave here
019StrawdermanDorothy L.6 Aug 191511 Feb 1916d/John & Gertie, Our baby
019GrandleCharles E.18671957
019GrandleAnnie Belle18851954w/C. E.
019ShowalterHenrietta Virginia11 Mar 1897c/David & Maggie
019SmithInfant1936d/H. R. & F. C.
019ThompsonHoward D.18 Sep 19066 Feb 1908s/C. H. & Bertie E.
019ThompsonMary R.7 Aug 19122 May 1914d.C. H. & Bertie E.Illegible dates-recorded by Swank in 1967
019ThompsonCharlie H.28 Sep 187619 Feb 1934Husband
019ThompsonBertie E.28 Feb 187828 Apr 1956Wifew/Charlie H.
019ShowalterR. Marion28 Mar 188331 Dec 1959
019ShowalterMaude H.5 Oct 18917 Aug 1976w/R. M.
019ShowalterClarence N.27 Sep 191811 Nov 1973
019ShowalterGladys V.29 Apr 191326 Mar 1985
019ShowalterHarry Lee27 Jan 194213 Feb 2001
019HarrisonThomas M.19 Jan 189921 Dec 1985
019HarrisonFrances M.21 Nov 189815 Jan 1974His wife
020SummersAbraham4 Jul 1867Aged 65y 1m 27d
020SummersElizabeth26 Dec 1895Aged 88y 1m 27d; w/Abraham
020SummersBushrod R.14 Jan 185228 Mar 1916Aged 64y 2m 14d
020GrandleAlice Josephine Cave18601936d/Wm. C. & Adaline Cave Grandle
020CaveElizabeth Ann20 May 18338 Feb 1906Aged 72y 8m 13d
020GrandleW. C.3 Mar 181727 Nov 1905
020GrandleAdaline Margarette5 Mar 18269 Oct 1895Aged 69y 7m 1d, w/Wm. C.nee Cave
020WhiteAnna R.25 Jan 182416 Jun 1893w/Wm. C.
020SmithSamuel Edward18691894
020FitzsimmonsIdabelle Smith18741945
020FitzsimmonsFrankNo visible stone-recorded by Rhonda Huttle from Lacey Springs Cemetery records in 2002-buried 15 Aug 1945. Submitted by Diana Fitzsimons: Frank Fitzsimons is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery in Linville next to his first wife, Mary Elsie Summers, and he didn't die until Thanksgiving day in 1957. This Lacey Springs record has probably been added because he was married to Idabelle Smith Fitzsimons when she died, but he buried her in Lacey Springs next to her first husband, Samuel Edward Smith. Frank went on and married a third time, too, but when he died, they buried him next to his beloved first wife and some of their children in Pine Grove. He died on November 28, 1957. The name is often misspelled as "Fitzsimmons", but it is, in fact, "Fitzsimons."
020LaymanMahulda8 Apr 1898Aged 70y 29d
020ThompsonJohn R.1 Dec 184518 Nov 1910
020ThompsonLydia C.2 Aug 1913Aged 66y 1m 26d, w/John R.
020DoveDakota L.5 Feb 19877 Jul 1991Son
020ShifflettVictor L.18 Mar 19677 Jul 1991Father
020GravesOwen Daughtery11 Apr 19423 Aug 2001Doctor
020GravesBarbara Runion2 Jun 1942
020BuhlCharles E.27 May 188228 Feb 1919Aged 36y 9m 1d
020BuhlGeorgeno visible stone-recorded by Rhonda Huttle from Lacey Springs Cemetery records in 2002
020BuhlBerthano visible stone-recorded by Rhonda Huttle from Lacey Springs Cemetery records in 2002
020YanceyWm. Layton25 May 18923 Jun 1970
020YanceyPearl Hilton12 Oct 189314 Sep 1946