Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMassanutten Cross Keys Cemetery
LocationCross Keys, Rockingham County, Virginia. From the corner of Main Street (Route 11) south and Port Republic Road (Route 659), travel east 5.7 miles on Port Republic Road. Turn right onto Route 276 (Cross Keys Road), then go 7/10ths mile & turn left onto Route 679 (Battlefield Road). Cemetery is on the left.
NotesWell maintained. Recorded rows starting at the gate (front to back) and headstones from left to right. There appears to be unmarked burials here. In November 1944, John W. Wayland recorded some of the oldest headstones and provided notes located in the "Remarks" column. Mr. Wayland refers to this cemetery as the Cross Keys Presbyterian Church Cemetery and site of an early church. One of the early Episcopal chapels was here or near here.
Survey Date and Recorder11 Aug 2002
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
MeyerhoefferKitsuson28 Jun 18769 Jan 1886Aged 9y 6m 11d; d/J. W. & L. C.No visible marker-recorded by the DAR in 1960s
YostCarl R.18881923No visible marker-recorded by the DAR in 1960s (possibly in cedar bush-2002)
YostPeter W.18531938No visible marker-recorded by the DAR in 1960s (possibly in cedar bush-2002)
001FreasHiram P.27 Jul 18343 Oct 1900
001FreasSusan J.24 Dec 185014 Apr 1930His Wifew/Hiram P.
001GreyEliza LandisAug 1902Age 84 yrs; Mother
001SmithCora Bell24 Oct 187516 Oct 1938
001KiblingerCatherine6 Dec 17667 Feb 1822
001BeeryFrances12 May 1850Aged 38y 6m 27d; Consort of Jos. Beery
001BeeryFranklin20 Apr 1817Aged 1y 5m 27d
001BeeryAbraham26 May 1799
001BeeryJoseph19 May 18091 Jul 1874Aged 65y 1m 11d
001KiblingerCatharine Carpenter6 Dec 17667 Feb 1822w/John
001KiblingerJohn176318042 stones; old stone reads died Oct. 1804 in the 41st year of his age
001KiblingerJulianna17 Aug 18151832d/Jacob & Elizabeth2 stones; old stone reads died in the 17th year of her age
001KiblingerJane5 Jun 18291833d/Jacob & Elizabeth2 stones; old stone reads died in the 4th year of her age
001KiblingerJacob179118502 stones
001KiblingerElizabeth Nicholas18 May 179126 May 1845w/Jacob
001HaughJohn29 Aug 179710 Dec 1879
001HaughMary21 Dec 18007 Dec 1885w/John
001WeaverJames K.5 Aug 183920 Nov 1845s/C. S. & M. J.
001BaugherAlice C.23 Apr 185224 Apr 1918Aged 66y 1d; w/G. H. Baugher; Mother
002SmithElsie G.11 Aug 189814 Apr 1963w/Leon W.
002SmithLeon W.10 Sep 189816 Jun 1976
002MurrayPearl V.9 Mar 190327 Jun 1985Mother
002KemperSusan M.22 Nov 18306 Mar 1872w/Edward S.
002LinkMary L. M.18 Apr 1847Aged 1y 2m 18d
002LinkMary Ann14 Feb 1846Aged 27y 6m 16d; Consort of David Link
002PenceJohn23 Feb 17919 Dec 1822
002KemperRodham25 Aug 17969 May 1845
002KemperAnn26 Feb 179210 Dec 1871
002KemperMartha Ann23 Dec 1857Aged 4m 9d; Infant d/E. S. & S. M.
002PenceLucy Jane3 Apr 182115 Aug 1860d/J. & A.
002KemperWilliam M.24 Dec 18329 Sep 1862Co. B 10 Va. Inf. CSA
002KemperMargaret E.21 Dec 182421 Jul 1879Aged 54y 7m
002KemperAubrey Craig20 Jan 186830 May 1884s/E. S. & S. M.
002KemperWillie M.1 Feb 1889Aged 27y 6m; s/W. M. & M. B.
002KemperMargaret B.23 May 183612 Sep 1907Mother
002JohnsonFrances A. Kemper23 Nov 185823 Jul 1932w/I. V. Johnson
002BontzWilliam F.28 Mar 186123 Feb 1925
002BontzAlice A. Null20 Aug 186928 Feb 1946His Wifew/William F.
002BontzAlbert H.18661945
003BeeryMary17 Jul 1884Aged 50y 5m 22d; w/Solomon
003UnknownIllegible markers/possibly footstones-recorded in 2002
003UnknownIllegible markers/possibly footstones-recorded in 2002
003UnknownIllegible markers/possibly footstones-recorded in 2002
003StephensJohn W.18 Dec 189529 Jun 1896Aged 6m 18d; s/J. W. & Addie
003KemperWilliam Whitfield23 Jul 186325 Feb 1865Infant s/E. S. & S. M.
004TaylorWilliam23 Jul 1848Aged 78 yrs; of Taylor Spring, last one of large family of brothers & sisters; He died as he had lived, the noblest work of God.Taylor Springs is now Massanutta Springs-noted by John W. Wayland
004HaughElizabeth Rena10 Jun 198810 Jun 1988
004HaughAmber Nichole10 Jun 198813 Sep 1998
004HaughJohn R.5 Nov 1934
004HaughCarolyn Knott25 Mar 1939
004HaughDavid O.1 Apr 196631 Mar 1986s/John R. & Carolyn K.
004HaughJohn C.28 Mar 190210 Jun 1980
004HaughBeatrice D.22 Feb 190716 Apr 1996
004HaughJ. Samuel27 Jul 18594 Nov 1926
004HaughClara V.17 Aug 186922 Nov 1934
004MillerLena Haugh19 Nov 190916 Oct 1972Haugh Sisters
004HaughMary H.10 Aug 18956 Sep 1985Haugh Sisters
005MeyerhoefferBoyd E.23 May 1950
005MeyerhoefferRollin David17 Jan 1965
005MeyerhoefferM. Filler9 May 191719 Jun 1996
005MeyerhoefferLucy V.30 Dec 189417 Nov 1972
005MeyerhoefferDarlene M.24 Aug 19577 Dec 1989
005MeyerhoefferJesse W.18 Aug 188916 Oct 1955
005HickleHenry H.18421931
005KeezelGeorge1 Dec 1862Aged about 67 yearsJohn W. Wayland note - Father of Hon. Geo. B. Keezell, born 1854.
005HickleHarriet P.25 Jan 1856Aged 51y 2m 17d
005KeezelAmanda M. F.23 Jun 1890Aged 75y 2m 3d; w/GeorgeJohn W. Wayland note - Amanda Fitzallen Peale
005PealeCatherine11 Mar 1866Aged 89y 6m 22d; w/Bernard
005PealeEvelina B.7 Jul 1890Aged 73y 2m 3d
005PealeBernard11 Dec 1818Aged 56y 8m 25d
005PealeEleonor C.6 Jan 1839In the 37th year of her age; Consort of Jonathan
005PealeBernard H.7 Feb 184716 Oct 1849Aged 2y 8m 9d
005PealeJas. Laird20 Jan 184822 Sep 1851s/J. & M. M.
005PealeChas. Wilburn29 Nov 185322 Jun 1854s/J. & M. M.
005PealeMargaret9 Mar 181930 Jan 1891w/Jonathan
005PealeJonathan9 Jan 179726 Jun 1874John W. Wayland note - Builder of the Peale House at Peale's Cross Roads, 1844 or 1845.
005PealeW. N.5 Apr 186016 Feb 1894
005PealeJohn Bushnell22 Nov 185815 Dec 1934John W. Wayland note - Son of Jonathan Peale.
005PealeFlorence Read31 Oct 186022 Nov 1948w/John Bushnell Peale
005RogersEva T.21 Feb 1891Mother
005RogersFloyd20 Mar 18868 Jan 1944Father
005RogersThelma V.28 Dec 191712 Feb 1941
005RogersAnnie B.12 Aug 185728 Nov 1926Mother
005SimmersDonald R.26 Jan 19378 Jul 1939s/W. J. & W. A.
005SimmersCharles W.28 Feb 194229 Jun 1974Son & Brother
005SimmersWarner J.27 Sep 191123 Sep 1984
005SimmersWinnie G.16 Feb 1915
006FillerInfant Daughter6 Jun 1930d/R. E. & L. M.
006FillerInfant Son2 Apr 1932s/R. E. & L. M.
006FillerLula M.8 Jun 189428 Aug 1970
006FillerRobert E.8 Oct 189328 Oct 1984
006FillerGeorge D.23 Nov 19249 Jan 1999PFC US Army WWII
006FillerHelen L.2 Sep 1946
006PealeSallie J.19 Dec 1877w/A. Newman Peale
006PealeCaroline M.Feb 1886In her 77th year
006HomanNellie V., Mrs.25 Jun 1888Aged 26y 9m; d/Robert A. & Virginia Thurmond
006UnknownIllegible slate stone-recorded in 2002
006BuzzardMary Ruth8 Jul 192728 Jun 1948
007SaufleyPerry M.20 Jul 189017 Feb 1910
007SaufleyJohn Milton11 Feb 18985 Mar 1898Infant s/C. F. & D. E.
007SaufleyCharles F.16 Aug 18704 Jan 1949Father
007SaufleyDaisie E.16 Mar 18763 Nov 1962Mother
007SaufleyJane E.26 Oct 19117 May 2001
007HallRyland J.13 Sep 188221 Jan 1953
007HallFlorida S.4 Jun 18994 Dec 1995
007Unknown1841Fieldstone with date only-recorded in 2002
007UnknownFieldstone/no markings-recorded in 2002
007UnknownFieldstone/no markings-recorded in 2002
007UnknownFieldstone/no markings-recorded in 2002
007PirkeyRachel2 Nov 181424 Aug 1834Consort of Jacob
008FillerRuth L.11 Nov 189814 Jun 1986
008FillerWilliam H.25 Jul 189215 Apr 1961
008FillerJohn R.27 Feb 18579 Dec 1909
008FillerFlorence V.25 Oct 186724 Jun 1918His Wifew/John R.
008FultonA. Sigourney14 Aug 185130 Nov 1883w/John G.; d/Rev. Saml. Filler
008RolerElizabeth C.17 Aug 184531 Dec 1877w/John H.; d/Rev. Saml. Filler
008SlusserMary Elizabeth6 Aug 18384 Jan 1897Aged 59y 6m 28d; w/Wm. S.
008SlusserMattie A. R.23 Mar 187427 Jan 1887d/W. S. & M. E.
008SlusserWm. Stewart1 May 183629 Mar 1898Aged 61y 10m 28d
008WilsonS. Fannie V.6 Apr 186222 Apr 1940Aged 78y 16d; w/Wm. S.
008WilsonWm. S.23 Dec 185620 Apr 1892Aged 34y 3m 28d
008WilsonSue M.12 Feb 1882Aged 22y 11m 26d; d/Robt. & Elizabeth J.
008WilsonElizabeth J.1 Sep 182323 Aug 1887w/Robt. K.
008WilsonRobt.2 Nov 1898Aged 69y 7d
008ArmentroutHenry3 Aug 18323 Apr 1833
008UnknownFieldstone/no markings-recorded in 2002
008UnknownFieldstone/no markings-recorded in 2002
009SaufleyWm. Frank17 Jan 1897Aged 1y 5m 15d; s/Jno. &E. G.
009SaufleyInfant Son27 Sep 1882s/J. M. & Elizabeth
009SaufleyElizabeth C.8 Oct 186016 Oct 1913Aged 53y 8d; w/J. M.; Our Mother
009SaufleyJohn M.15 Dec 18448 Feb 1896Aged 51y 1m 23d; My dear husband; Our Father
009SaufleySallie J.28 Nov 184810 Oct 1877Aged 28y 11m 18d; w/J. M.
009FillerRebecca14 Oct 18258 Feb 1900Aged 74y 3m 24d; w/Rev. Saml.
009FillerSamuel, Rev.7 Dec 1861Aged 49y 11m 29d; And for the last 18 years a minister of the Gospel of the Evangelic Lutheran Church
009FillerMartha A. R.8 Mar 1861Aged 10m 2d; Infant d/Rev. S. & R.
009WilliamsMartha A.26 Sep 1855Aged 16y 1d
009WilliamsSarah C.20 Jun 1847Aged 27y 9m 20d; Consort of James C.
009HookeRobert, Capt.10 Oct 17769 Oct 185258 Va. Militia War of 1812
009HookeElizabeth2 Jun 179210 Jun 1863Aged 71y 7d; Consort of Robert Hooke
009HookeJohn2 Jul 1854Aged 24y 2m 9d
009MeyerhoefferCharles McC.s/J. & M. C.Illegible marker-bottom of stone buried below ground in 2002
009LairdJames C.1 Nov 178126 Jul 1851Aged 69y 8m 25d
009LairdSarah, Mrs.13 Mar 178330 Nov 1849Aged 66y 8m 17d
009MeyerhoefferWm. M.26 Jul 1908Aged 76y 7d; Father
009KyleL. A. C.13 Jul 1815Aged 21y 5m 2d; Consort of JamesPartially illegible-recorded by DAR in 1960s
009HulveyMyrtle M.18 Oct 19038 Apr 1982
009HulveyRay H.9 Sep 189931 Oct 1960
010HookeJames W.5 Feb 185315 Feb 1912
010HookeMargaret F.27 Dec 185828 Nov 1912
010YoungElizabeth Kephart Dunn2 Sep 1877Age 75 yrs
010UnknownIllegible marker-recorded in 2002
010HookeSarah Ann25 May 1842Aged 1y 2m; d/Wm. & Mariah
010Hooke, Jr.Robert7 Jan 184013 Sep 1861He was a member of Capt. Kemper's Company 6th Va. Calvary
010HookeRebecca M.8 Jan 18496 Dec 1854
010HookeCharles Mc.6 Mar 185720 Oct 1861
010HookeEmma M.27 Feb 185516 Oct 1861
010HookeW. W.5 Feb 181823 Mar 1904
010HookeMaria J.12 Jun 181820 Apr 1897
010BegoonAnnie R.18651936Mother
010BegoonCharles J.18641936Father
010ArmentroutIrene F.20 Jun 187829 Apr 1946
010MeyerhoefferIda I.13 Mar 18671 Jun 1954
010ArmentroutArthur W.18 Jul 188323 Feb 1960
010PirkeyAmber M.29 Aug 18872 Apr 1971
010PirkeyTracey H.20 Oct 188423 Apr 1942
010FoltzJo Ann11 Apr 194221 Jul 1950d/Vincent & Virginia
011MeyerhoefferRachael C.18611946
011MeyerhoefferLewis B.18561944
011MeyerhoefferRalph F.19001935
011MeyerhoefferJoseph Edward20 Nov 188422 Dec 1925
011MeyerhoefferIsabella F.25 Apr 18546 Nov 1925
011MeyerhoefferMichael J.21 Oct 185419 Jul 1909
011MeyerhoefferLula11 Nov 187929 Sep 1884Aged 4y 10m 18d; d/M. J. & I. B.
011AlstotFrancis V.27 Oct 185323 Mar 1854
011AlstotInfant Son14 Jan 184514 Jan 1845s/E. T. & Lucy J.
011MeyerhoefferPeter P.16 Feb 1832Age 6y 10m 11d
011MeyerhoefferMichael, Rev.28 Oct 179418 Apr 1833Minister of the Lutheran Church 18 years
011MeyerhoefferLucy19 Jun 17971 Sep 1885Aged 88y 2m 12d; w/Rev. Michael
011MeyerhoefferCharles A.7 May 1865Aged 1y 16d; Infant s/L. F. & A.
011MeyerhoefferLewis F.6 Oct 18174 Mar 1874Aged 56y 4m 29d
011MeyerhoefferAnn5 Mar 1899Aged 77y 5m 8d; w/L. F.; Our Mother
011MeyerhoefferRobert M.21 Sep 1896Aged 42y 6m 16d
011MeyerhoefferAnnie M.18 Mar 1897Aged 8m 26d; d/R. M. & E. S.
011MeyerhoefferElizabeth S.12 Mar 18615 Mar 1905w/Robert M.
011BegoonJames A.4 May 1891Aged 47y 2m 24d
011BegoonElizabeth M.30 Jun 184314 Sep 1914
011LillyNancy10 Dec 1837In the 37th year of her age
011DowdallJane M., Little17 Oct 1845Aged 4y 4y 6d
012PirkeyGeorge21 May 182126 Mar 1878Aged 56y 10m 5d
012MeyerhoefferBarbara A.1 Aug 18229 Mar 1882
012MeyerhoefferJames A.22 May 188220 Mar 1884Aged 1y 9m 28d; s/Jas. & Mary J.
012MeyerhoefferLillian V.11 Dec 18712 Nov 1875Aged 3y 10m 20d; d/J. W. & M. J.
012BegoonLulie Bell8 Oct 187323 Dec 1878Aged 5y 2m 15d; d/George & Sarah A.
012BegoonLula A.7 Dec 188728 Dec 1889Aged 2y 21d; d/C. J. & Annie
012BegoonRosie E.13 Feb 188924 Jul 1889Aged 5m 11d; d/C. J. & Annie
012BegoonSarah A.13 Nov 1891Aged 50y 3m 28d; w/George
012BegoonGeorge C.20 May 1895Aged 58y 11m 21d
012BegoonMittie V.11 Sep 1899Aged 30y 8m 4d; d/Geo. C. & Sarah A.
012MeyerhoefferMaggie M.18441885His Wifew/John H.
012MeyerhoefferJohn H.18491930Father
012MeyerhoefferWilbur T.10 Jul 18773 May 1960
012BegoonMaude D.18761957Mother
012BegoonJames T.18701941Father
012KyleJeremiah2 Aug 1869Aged 70 yrs
012Kyle, Sr.David175725 Oct 1844In the 87th year of his age; Native of Ireland
012KyleElizabeth24 Sep 1846Aged 77 yrs; Consort of David Kyle, Sr.
012DowdallElizabeth Mary2 Nov 1841Aged 2y 5m 13d; d/Caroline & P. B.
012DowdallDavid K.23 Jul 1838Aged 9m 6d; s/P. B. & CarolineIllegible marker-recorded by the DAR in 1960s
012MillerMargaret Ann Henry27 May 180529 Apr 1833Consort of James
012KyleHarvey27 May 18085 Sep 1883
012MillerElizabeth E. Kyle9 Jan 183212 Apr 1905John W. Wayland note - lived in Bridgewater
012MillerG. Moffett18 Jan 18322 May 1907John W. Wayland note - Elizabeth Kyle's husband -2nd husband, I think.
012EilerJulia A.26 Apr 18733 Oct 1943
012EilerHoward R.6 Jan 186617 Jun 1941
012YoungDoris Eiler27 Sep 19106 Nov 1992
012AtkinsPauline T.1 Mar 191318 Oct 1987Mother
012AtkinsWillie R.4 Sep 190624 Oct 1972Father
013HustonAchibald W.8 Jan 179629 Oct 1844Aged 48y 9m 21d
013EilerHarriet E.14 Oct 187815 Apr 1963
013EilerCharlotte A. "Lottie"6 Jan 186826 Sep 1963
013PollockAlexander Campbell30 Aug 18322 Jan 1835Aged 2y 4m 3d
013PollockWm. W.24 Feb 18053 Mar 1845Aged 40y 9d
013PollockMary Margaret23 Aug 183317 Aug 1853Aged 19y 11m 21d; d/William W. & Jane
013YanceySarah Annw/Dr. Thomas YanceyPartially in ground-cannot read
014EilerJames R.21 Mar 182913 Jan 1909Aged 79y 9m 22d
014EilerAmanda C.20 Apr 18388 Aug 1923Aged 85y 3m 18d; His Wifew/James R.
014EilerGrattan H.11 Nov 1865Aged 1y 9m 1d; s/J. R. & A. C.
014EilerCynthia H.23 Oct 1864Aged 3y 20d; d/J. R. & A. C.
014EilerWilliam10 Apr 1882Aged 78y 9m 1d
014EilerCynthia A.30 Jan 1857Aged 56y 9m 4d; w/Wm.
014HustonMary Ann2 Aug 1845Aged 83 yrs
014HillMary J.7 Jan 18043 May 1862w/John N.
014IngramMaryDied in the 63rd year of her ageNo dates
014DavissonAnanias2 Feb 178021 Oct 1857Note recorded by John W. Wayland: Early printer in Harrisonburg. Published the Kentucky Harmony, famous song book. See G. P. Jackson's "White Spirituals in the Southern Uplands." Lived later at Grottoes.
014DavissonAnn15 Oct 1872Aged 75 yrs; Relict of Ananias
014D.A.Small marker with initials A. D. only-recorded in 2002
014RogersLucy Hooke18511939
014MeyerhoefferMartha Jane11 Dec 1890Aged 45y 11m 22d; w/M. J. Meyerhoeffer, Sr.; d/W. W. & M. S. Hooke
014HookeInfant Son6 Sep 1890s/J. C. & E. V.
014HookeEmma V.6 Aug 1893Aged 40y 4m 2d; w/J. C.
014MeyerhoefferKittie S.5 Aug 185725 Oct 1890Aged 33y 2m 20d; d/M. J. & B. A.
014MeyerhoefferM. J.27 Dec 182227 Mar 1901
014MeyerhoefferJennie L.18 Feb 185225 Feb 1922Aged 70y 7d; d/M. J. & B. A.
014KyleErasmus Harvey22 Aug 1829Aged 9y 20d; s/James & JaneMarker flat on ground
014KyleVirginia Elizabeth28 Aug 1829Aged 1y 8m 26d; d/James & Jane
015HustonNathan5 May 179823 Feb 1871
015BaileyIvy Iola5 Jan 18761 Dec 1901Aged 25y 10m 25d; w/Albert N. B.
015VanLearTraverse B.24 Oct 18706 Aug 1940
015VanLearDaisie L.18 Mar 187627 Dec 1900Aged 23y 9m 14d; w/Traverse B.
015VanLearInfant Sons/Traverse & DaisieNo dates
015VanLearMittie J.28 Jun 188424 Mar 1886Aged 1y 8m 26d; d/Charles T. & Emma J.
015VanLearHardin A.29 Aug 18463 Feb 1874
015VanLearElizabeth E.22 Jun 18075 Jan 1886w/Wm.
015VanLearWilliam11 Apr 18003 May 1871
015VanLearWm. B.30 Sep 183719 Mar 1860Aged 22y 5m 19d
015VanLearEdward F.6 Feb 18418 Jul 1862Aged 21y 5m 2d
015VanLearLucy J.21 Mar 188030 Jun 1880Aged 3m 9d; Infant d/Charles A. & Lucy M.
015VanLearJohn E.1 Oct 185610 Jan 1881Aged 24y 3m 9d
015VanLearLucy M.5 Mar 1905Aged 69y 4m 17d; w/C. A.
015VanLearChas. A. G.18 Oct 1893Aged 60y 5m 2dC.S.A.
015HookeLena May22 Jul 187911 Feb 1900d/J. C. & E. V.
015RiddleLewis G.10 Jul 186612 Jun 1899Aged 32y 11m 2d
015RiddleLucy V.26 Apr 186028 Oct 1913Aged 53y 6m 2d
015RiddleCharles Ellis16 Jul 1896Aged 4m 26d; s/L. G. & L. V.
015RiddleKeither L.15 Jul 1894s/L. G. & L. V.
015RiddleMary Ethel18 Jan 19095 May 1953
015RiddleMary Katherine18 Jul 187430 Jan 1928
015RiddleJames Benjamin22 Nov 186726 Nov 1947Father
015RiddleCharles H.20 Jul 191129 Jan 1965Va. PFC Co. G 135 Infantry WWII - PHIn 1960s DAR shows name as Charles Harshberger, s/J. B. & Mary Katherine Riddle
015RiddleHarden B.22 Oct 19139 Oct 1975
015ReubushHardin A. A.18 Apr 188615 Nov 1944
016HoweSamuel E.24 Aug 18606 Nov 1862Infant s/Rev. J. W. & J. M.
016EversSamuel, Rev.13 Jun 183029 Jan 1861Aged 30y 5m 6d
016Evers, Sr.John10 Dec 17979 Dec 1862Aged 64y 11m 29d
016EversCatharine9 Jun 179919 Oct 1865Aged 66y 4m 10d; w/John Evers, Sr.
016VanLearEva G.24 Mar 190320 Sep 1904d/C. T. & E. S. J.
016VanLearCharles T.2 Sep 18616 Apr 1932
016VanLearEmma S. J.30 Apr 186514 Feb 1940
016HarrisonCatharine12 Nov 1875Aged 64 yrs; w/Reuben N.
016HarrisonReuben N.18 Jul 181217 Jul 1885Our Father
016WaltersLloyd W.4 Jan 189612 Jan 1899s/E. G. & C. K.
016CongerIda May3 Feb 187610 Feb 1878Aged 2y 7d; d/C. C. & S. A.
016CongerVictor H.17 Aug 1898Aged 17 yrs; s/C. C. & S. A.
016CongerWalton J.31 Dec 19203 Mar 1921s/Carl & June
016HallSevilla12 Oct 182030 Dec 1902
016CongerCharles C.24 Jul 18436 Sep 1924
016CongerSarah A.1 Nov 184315 Jan 1926His Wifew/Charles C.
016CongerGrace S.4 Dec 187914 Jan 1944
016MeyerhoefferMartin M., Little1 Nov 1893Aged 8y 8m 26d; s/J. W. & E. C.
016MeyerhoefferAuther N.18 Oct 18747 Feb 1885Aged 10y 3m 19d; s/J. W. & L. C.
016MeyerhoefferFlorida E.6 Jan 1893Aged 9y 8m 27d; d/J. W. & E. C.
016MeyerhoefferLolo J.20 Jan 1893Aged 5y 6m 26d; s/J. W. & E. D.
016MeyerhoefferElizabeth C.18491933
016MeyerhoefferJohn W.18471931
017KeezelHelen G.1918
017KeezelJohn C.19131989PVT US Army WWIIMilitary marker reads John Calvin Keezel; b. 12 Oct 1913 d. 11 May 1989
017KeezelFrancis N.19151993
017NicholasSarah Frances18401926
017KeezelMary E.20 May 1897Aged 61y 5m 20d; nee Nicholas; w/Calvin
017KeezelCalvin M.27 Aug 1867Aged 42y 17d
017NicholasGeorge W.3 Apr 18019 Sep 1870Aged 69y 5m 6d
017NicholasSarah12 Apr 1873Aged 60y 5m 26d; Relict of George Nicholas, Dec'd
017NicholasGeo. Rush2 Mar 185424 Jul 1899
017CongerJean Stratton21 Oct 19255 Nov 1991
017CongerClaude W.19 Oct 191330 Apr 1963
017CongerJune C.28 Jun 188929 Jan 1969Mother
017CongerCarl18 Dec 188512 Oct 1957Father
017CongerClement E.18721932M.D.
017CongerHallie Ramsay31 Jan 18748 Feb 1977
017CongerHallie R.19071907
017CongerCharline Corrine10 Sep 19171 Oct 1933d/Charles & Margaret
017CongerMargaret S.30 Dec 1884No death date
017CongerCharlie C.11 Nov 187728 Jan 1936
017MillerMargie A.18901935
017MillerMinnie S. B.18651947
017MillerGloss A.18621939
017MillerN. Arlelia19021977
017HudlowLydia23 Oct 181811 Apr 1889Aged 70y 5m 21d
017HudlowAbraham S.6 Apr 185722 Jun 1893Aged 36y 2m 16d
017HudlowLizzie M.17 Aug 1903Aged 41y 1m 25d
017HudlowLouisa A.18 Nov 184229 Oct 1919
017HudlowJohn Andrew15 Nov 184630 Aug 1926
017HulveyAnnie Sites1 Apr 187019 Jul 1940
017HulveyHomer N.29 Aug 187829 Dec 1960
017ReubushMae M.1 May 190714 Aug 1977
017ReubushHarry W.11 Nov 190014 Feb 1998
017ReubushAdeline Cantley17 Jul 189715 May 1974
017ReubushRobert F.5 Dec 189530 Sep 1987
017ReubushVada Henkel6 Nov 189411 Jun 1985
017ReubushCharles B.26 Jul 189127 Mar 1984
018SuterSadie27 Sep 188025 Aug 1906w/B. F.
018RinkerJosephine2 Feb 18376 Apr 1906Aged 69y 2m 4d; w/Erasmus F.
018EilerLucy V.18 Jun 18443 Feb 1920His Wifew/Albert P.
018EilerAlbert P.29 Jul 184331 Mar 1925
018EilerDavid18 Apr 180520 May 1877
018EilerHarriet13 Jul 180722 Jan 1888His Wifew/David
018WebbWarfield27 Mar 186120 Oct 1863
018WebbFleta H.7 Feb 18632 Oct 1874
018WebbCornelia J.1 Jan 183531 Dec 1891
018WebbJ. B., Dr.23 Nov 18277 Mar 1912
018McCoyMamie V.19 Oct 190614 Apr 1979Mother-Grandmother
019AndersonRobert C.21 Jul 18173 Oct 1906
019WatkinsS. W., Rev.14 Apr 181912 Jul 1889Erected by the Massanutten Church-their pastor for 17 years
020BowmanHarry W.5 Oct 18717 Feb 1940
020BowmanMary E.18771926Stone broken-recorded by the DAR in 1960s
020MeyerhoefferTexie Scott22 Sep 18748 Nov 1911
020ScottJas. T.24 Sep 182415 Apr 1895Aged 70y 7m 21d
020ScottThornton E.12 Nov 1895Aged 2y 9m 7d; s/J. T. & N. F.
020ScottEdger R.12 Mar 1896Aged 1y 3m 4d; s/J. T. & N. F.
020ScottEmma V.8 Jan 1900Aged 2y 5m 2d; d/J. T. & N. F.
020ScottJames T.18711928
020ScottNettie F.18731932
020HulveyCharles F.7 Dec 18722 Apr 1947
020HulveyFannie L.20 Oct 187427 Aug 1920His Wifew/Charles F.
020SmithMable Hulvey4 Mar 19024 Apr 1952Mother
020SmithHiram L.22 Apr 190628 Sep 1962
020BegoonWilliam R.12 May 186030 May 1921
020BegoonMargaret C.7 Oct 185714 Jan 1928w/William R.
020HaughTrostle Sheldon11 May 1912
020HaughWilliam J.25 Oct 186128 Apr 1950
020HaughBelle Saufley17 Apr 187430 May 1961
020SaufleyJosepha Ann Null11 Sep 185014 Jun 1911w/N. B.
020SaufleyNewton B.6 Sep 18475 Aug 1923
020PenceGeorge22 Aug 183429 Sep 1905Aged 71y 1m 7d
020PenceFrances J.22 Jun 18346 Mar 1904Aged 69y 8m 14d; w/George
020MeyerhoefferA. Jackson28 Aug 186520 Jan 1947
020MeyerhoefferAda F.8 Sep 18685 Jul 1929w/A. J.
020MeyerhoefferLurty J. M.19 Aug 189919 Nov 1901s/A. J. & A. F.
020BakerAda Glass1 Nov 191012 Sep 1999
020BrowningJeanette Pearl18811967
020TrobaughAlice W.24 Sep 1883
020TrobaughOrville A.14 Mar 18778 Oct 1943
020Trobaugh, Jr.Orville A.28 May 191923 Jan 1939
020YostBertha J.18931964In 1960s DAR showed b. 7 Dec 1893 & d. 15 Feb 1964 & name Bertha Jane
020YostLauretta M.18861963In 1960s DAR showed b. 2 Feb 1886 & d. 29 Sep 1963
020EilerHarriet E.14 Oct 187815 Apr 1963Aged 83 yrs
020YostJennie S.18551944Aged 89 yrs
020ManaryHelen F.21 May 188718 Oct 1977
020CookLucile Reubush13 Nov 1920
020CookVerline R.29 Aug 1911
021BowmanLucy Atkins3 May 189616 Aug 1879w/Harry W.
021NieswanderRena H. Atkins19 Sep 190210 Jan 1972
021AtkinsMary C.20 Dec 186721 Dec 1944Mother
021AtkinsWilliam E. W.18 Sep 186718 Jan 1943
021AtkinsOral B.29 Jul 189418 Oct 1918Died for his country WWI
021AtkinsCula Ray1 May 189123 Jun 1909d/W. E. W. & M. C.
021AtkinsFranklin Warfield22 Jan 189015 Dec 1895s/W. E. W. & M. C.
021BaskinIda F.1 Jul 187519 Nov 1900d/R. H. & M. J.
021BaskinMaria J.4 Apr 183625 Aug 1914Mother
021KageySarah Alice22 Aug 186915 Jun 1896Aged 26y 9m 23d; d/Jacob P. & Frances C.
021KageyFrances C.5 Apr 18366 Jun 1912w/J. P.
021KageyJacob P.26 Apr 183610 Apr 1913
021SipeRobert E.10 Jun 187418 Apr 1953
021SipeCarrie B.11 Jun 187413 Dec 1946His Wifew/Robert E.
021MeyerhoefferJames W.14 Oct 18464 Jun 1922
021MeyerhoefferMary J.14 Nov 184924 Feb 1921His Wifew/James W.
021McCoyEllis V.2 Apr 1921Aged 11y 6m 14d; s/J. S. & M. A.
021McCoyCharles C.8 Apr 1901Aged 4m 16d; s/J. S. & M. A.
021McCoyMargaret A.18671927w/J. S.
021McCoyJacob S.2 May 187413 Apr 1961
021MillerElnora J.16 Apr 189716 Feb 1983Mother
021MillerGeorge T.22 Apr 189126 Dec 1949Father
021MillerJoanna6 Jul 186119 Jul 1921w/H. M.
021MillerHamilton27 Sep 18528 Dec 1931
021MillerElenora18 Oct 18505 Mar 1922
021LiptrapSusan Jane18761970
021LambertJoy Renee25 May 196218 Jan 1965d/Blondy & Jean
021LambertD. Jean22 May 19247 Jun 1979
021O'ConnellCarol Cook12 Dec 1951
021O'ConnellVincent Duane13 Mar 194027 Jun 1996SP5 US Army Korea Vietnam
022KellerAlice Atkins22 Mar 19004 Nov 1944s/G. E.
022AtkinsJ. T.18441918Father
022AtkinsClement C.17 Nov 190311 Feb 1904ch/C. C. & Carrie B.; Son
022AtkinsRuth N.6 Sep 190216 Sep 1902ch/C. C. & Carrie B.; Daughter
022TylerMary Elizabeth23 Feb 182819 Mar 1886Aged 58y 26d; w/Charles H.
022TylerCharles H.20 Apr 182617 Mar 1882Aged 55y 10m 27d
022EarmanWilma G.25 Jun 191924 Jun 1921d/P. W. & V. E.
022EarmanVesta G.11 Jun 18971 Feb 1954Mother
022EarmanPerry W.25 Dec 189814 Dec 1976
022HinkleMargaret J.7 Aug 187211 May 1938
022HinkleElmer E.17 Oct 187327 Aug 1949
022HinkelCecil E.26 Oct 191320 May 1983Maj. US Marine Corps WWII
022HinkelMartha C.12 Nov 1914
022KonzmanMargarette E.26 Jul 19214 Jan 2002
022KonzmanWallace11 May 192111 Mar 1973
022HiteRuth B.17 Mar 191712 Jun 1999
022HiteH. Hunter23 Jul 19141 Apr 1988SSgt US Army WWIIMilitary marker reads Harry Hunter HIte
022HiteInfant Son26 Jul 1953s/H. H. & Ruth
022HookeHelen Lucas17 Mar 1917w/Ellwood
022HookeEllwood G.21 May 191923 Oct 1992WT3 US Navy WWII; Married 12 Oct 1940Military marker reads Ellwood Gary Hooke
022MooreBessie H.6 Jul 19056 Jul 1990
022MooreClaude T.6 Dec 190223 Aug 1966
022CarpenterEthel M.24 Apr 1927
022CarpenterCalvin A.26 Apr 192722 Apr 1967
023EarmanIvan Welford2 Nov 192015 Jun 1921s/Albert & Frances
023VanLearWilliam R.20 Dec 185823 Jun 1939
023VanLearEmma Lauck11 Jun 1925His Wifew/Wm. R.
023TylerJohnson W.6 Feb 185924 Mar 1901
023CampbellJanie Heinline28 Feb 188931 Dec 1971w/H. L.
023CampbellHarrison L.1 Feb 18848 Apr 1986