Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryByerly Family Cemetery
LocationPleasant Valley, Rockingham County, Virginia This old cemetery is located on Pleasant Valley Road (Route 679 /704). It is in a field on the Koontz Farm property near a silo across the road from the main house. January 2002 the road is being straightened and the cemetery will be on the right side of the road traveling East.
NotesIn 1975, Alan R. Shirkey found the cemetery in poor condition and it required a lot of digging and probing to get information. In January 2002 there were only 5 headstones visible and some footstones.
Survey Date and Recorder18 Jan 2002
Bob and Lois Emswiler

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
RauhofElla M.20 Apr 1895Aged 28y 5m 6d; w/J. P. Rauhof
ByerlyMargaret A.15 Oct 18247 Dec 1892Aged 68y 1m 22d
ByerlyJacob4 Aug 181612 Feb 1892Aged 75y 6m 8d
FisherJohn B.2 Aug 1870Aged 54y 3m 14d
EarlyKate1 Sep 183125 Jan 1905Aged 73y 4m 24d; w/Abram Early, formerly w/of John B. Fisher
ByerlyPeter D.27 Feb 1905Aged 53y 8m 18d
MoyersSusan29 Jul 183820 Jul 1901Aged 63y ?m 9d
MoyersJoseph B.3 Jan 183027 Aug 1889Aged 59y 7m 24d
SherkeyFrances19 Mar 1854Aged 83y 5m 22d
FisherAddie26 Apr 1862Aged 3y 9m 22d; s/J. B. & C. A.
ByerlyJoseph22 Apr 179930 Nov 1850Aged 51y 7m 8d
ByerlyNellie3 Aug 1862Aged 1y 9m 11d; d/P & L E Byerly
ByerlySarah4 Oct 180525 Aug 1876Aged 70y 10m 21; w/Joseph Byerly
ByerlySarah22 Feb 183522 Nov 1838In Memory of; d/Joseph & Sarah Byerly
BoltonJoseph Mc.4 Dec 1836Aged 11m 28d; s/John & S. Bolton
MyersLydia26 May 18019 May 1874Aged 72y 11m 13d
MyersJohn T.20 Dec 179513 Jun 1871Aged 75y 5m 23d; born in Leesburg, Va., died in Mt. Crawford
MillerChristina18 Mar 1876w/Daniel Miller also wife of Ben Moyers; d/Joseph Byerly; 63y 2m 9d
MoyersJacob23 Dec 183928 Nov 1864Aged 24y 11m 22d
UnknownGrave appears to be here
ByerlyCatharine27 Aug 1776Died the 36th year of her age; In memory of
ByerlyJoseph20 Apr 176617Dec 1837Aged 60y 7m 12d; In memory of
UnknownGrave appears to be here
UnknownGrave appears to be here
UnknownGrave appears to be here
ByerlyLydia20 Nov 18245 Aug 1830In memory of; d/Joseph & Sarah Byerly
ByerlyDewit Newton16 Jan 185428 Oct 1868Aged 14y 9m 13d; s/J. & M. A. Byerly
ByerlySarah Elizabeth8 Oct 184327 Jan 1849Aged 5y 3m 19d; In memory of; d/Jacob & Margaret Ann Byerly
ByerlySarah7 Jun 178124 Nov 1848In memory ofDates recorded by John W. Wayland in 1931.
ByerlyDavid29 Mar 1768Died 45th yr of his age
UnknownGrave appears to be here
HinegardnerHenry18 Oct 18052 Jun 1867Aged 61y 7m 15d
HinegardnerNancy17 Apr 1875Aged 66y 11m 17d; w/Henry
HinegardnerJoseph13 Jun 1852Aged 2y 6m 17d; s/Henry & Nancy
HinegardnerDaniel11 Oct 1849Aged 6y 9m 21d; s/Henry & Nancy
ShaverJohnathan B.12 Feb 1867Aged 56y 1m 20d
ShaverCatharine9 Aug 1861Aged 15y 9m 26d; d/Johnathan & Nancy B. Shaver
HinegardnerMary30 Sep 1849Aged 13y 7m 9d; d/Henry & Nancy
UnknownGrave appears to be here
UnknownGrave appears to be here
ByerlyAnna9 Aug 18278 Jan 1836d/Joseph & SarahNo visible marker - recorded by DAR in 1960s
ByerlyJoseph M.1852Aged 1 mo; s/J. & S. ByerlyNo visible marker - recorded by DAR in 1960s
SherkeyIsaac C.19 Apr 186118 Apr 1863s/G. & M. SherkeyNo visible marker - recorded by DAR in 1960s