Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryPleasant Grove EUB Church Cemetery
LocationSouth of Mt. Crawford, Rockingham County, Virginia. From downtown Harrisonburg, take Route 11 south for approximate11 miles. Cemetery and church are on the right at the intersection of Route 11 and Route 690 (Summit Church Road).
NotesThe church is now called Pleasant Grove Victory Chapel. It was previously the Pleasant Grove United Brethren Church. In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted "There are many unmarked & unnamed graves. On the farm of Peter Whitesel in 1824 a log church was erected, the first for the United Brethren in Virginia. This was replaced by a frame building in 1874 which was replaced by the present church building in 1893 at a cost of $1,000.00." Recorded cemetery starting with first row by Route 11 (east) to back (west) and headstones from left (south) to right (north).
Survey Date and Recorder07 Aug 2002
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001BurkeMary Jane9 Mar 18505 Oct 1851d/Adam F. & Columbia
001BurkeNancyMar 177726 Mar 1850Aged 69 yrs; consort of William
001NicholWilliam Henry30 Oct 184928 Aug 1862Aged 12y 9m 28d
001NicholSusan Luvinna24 Oct 184110 Sep 1862w/Wm. H.
001NicholWorthy22 May 1881Aged 1y 2m 10d; Son; ch/J. J. & M. A.
001NicholAda V.19 Jul 1888Aged 3 days; Daughter; ch/J. J. & M. A.
001NicholErvin M.25 Jul 1890Aged 2m 21d; Son; ch/J. J. & M. A.
001NicholClara A.29 Mar 1893Aged 7y 9m; Daughter; ch/J. J. & M. A.
001MooreJane17 May 182922 Mar 1852Aged 22y 10m 5d; w/Hamlet
001MooreHamlet27 Jun 18296 Feb 1903Aged 73y 7m 9d
001MooreJulia Ann19 Jan 18283 Feb 1904Aged 76y 14d; w/Hamlet
001CutshallJulia A.15 Apr 1911Aged 78y 8m 5d; w/Jacob
001FunkhouserSusan A.1 Jan 1898Aged 65y 4m 21d
001RamsburgPhillip Melancthun9 Jun 185117 Jul 1852s/Adam & Elizabeth
001RamsburgSusan Rebecca8 Jan 18505 Mar 1850d/Adam & Elizabeth
002MarshallMary S.w/W. A. Marshall, dec'd; Our Mother
002CorbinDavid H.26 Feb 186226 Aug 1864ch/J. S. & E. S.
002CorbinJoseph H.23 Jan 186418 Oct 1864ch/J. S. & E. S.
002CorbinInfant Son1873ch/J. S. & E. S.
002CorbinLucy A. V.10 Jul 187620 Feb 1877ch/J. S. & E. S.
002CorbinElizabeth S.15 Nov 183829 Nov 1880Motherw/John S.
002CorbinJohn S.13 Apr 18332 Jan 1895Father
002RhubushOliver13 Sep 187720 Sep 1877ch/Geo. H. & Sarah L.
002RhubushMinor E.12 Sep 187523 Jul 1876ch/Geo. H. & Sarah L.
002CutshallMary Luesia30 Aug 1864Aged 1y 3m 23d
002FunkhouserSarah29 Mar 1868Aged 71y 10m 14d; w/A. Funkhouser
002FunkhouserA.9 Oct 1863Aged 74y 1m 24d
002LutzAbram Harris18 Apr 185127 Dec 1854Aged 3y 8m 9d; s/G. W. & Christine
003NicholAlbert Franklin24 May 184416 Dec 1910
003NicholMary Jane1 Jan 18619 Aug 1909His Wifew/A. F.
003SlusserJ. S.11 Sep 18378 Aug 1915
003SlusserNancy A.22 Jun 184627 Apr 1909w/J. S.
003NicholJohn M. D.29 Nov 1889Aged 76y 5m 14d
003NicholNancy9 Sep 18141 Dec 1894Aged 80 yrs; w/Jno. M. D.
003NicholR. T.11 Feb 185230 Mar 1934
003NicholE. B.15 Mar 184820 Feb 1935
003FunkhouserGeo. F.18 Jul 1878Aged 59y 9m 17d
003LutzSarah M.Aged 70y 7m 29d; w/SamuelNo dates
003LutzSamuel6 May 182524 Aug 1862Consort of Sarah M.
003LutzMary C.20 Sep 185017 Aug 1863d/S. & S. M.
003LutzGeorge Jacob23 Feb 185417 Feb 1855s/Samuel & S. M.
004CalhounRobertie May6 Sep 1885Aged 63y 3m 17d; ch/J. W. & M. J.
004CalhounFloyd Franklin15 Mar 1891Aged 10m 8d; ch/J. W. & M. J.
004CalhounJames W.28 Dec 185429 Apr 1922
004CalhounMartha J.10 Jul 18535 Dec 1902His Wifew/James W.
004VanceInfant Son3 Aug 1882Still born; s/W. C. & L. M.
004VanceOllie S. F.13 Mar 189220 Oct 1905d/W. C. & L. M.
004FoleyJohn Miners/J. S. & Susan
004FoleyInfant Son23 May 1882Aged 3 days; s/J. S. & Susan
004WhitesellMargaret J.1847w/Samuel W.
004WhitesellSamuel W.18451910
004WhitesellInfant9 Sep 1880Still born ch/S. W. & M. J.Illegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
004UnknownFieldstone - no markings
004WhitesellElizabeth B.8 Mar 18138 Feb 1887
004WhitesellJacob23 Sep 1881Aged 82yrs
004WhitesellPolly S.15 Jan 180527 Dec 1872Aged 67y 11m 12d; Consort of Jacob
005Unknown1862Erected in The Memory of; by S. B. Gibbons Camp C.V.; Erected 19 Aug 1922; Designed & made by Loewner's Hburg Va.Two C.S.A. Soldiers
005WhitsellJohn14 Aug 1867Aged 76y 7m 1d
005UnknownFieldstone - no markings
005WhitsellElizabeth25 Dec 179527 Sep 1886Aged 90y 9m 2d; w/Jno.
005UnknownFieldstone - no markings
006LeeSamuel12 Jul 182417 Jul 1854
006WhitesellSamuel30 Dec 182514 Oct 1895
006WhitesellElisabeth20 Jan 18213 Feb 1899Aged 78 yrs; w/Samuel
006WhitesellGeorge R.1 Aug 185415 Jul 1866
006WhitesellJohn G.17 Mar 18512 Jul 1853
006WhitesellJohnIllegible marker-can only read name
007UnknownIllegible wooden marker
007SimmersMarshall D.12 Jul 191822 Dec 1918
007UnknownBroken marker-stone base only
007HuffmanSusan Ann20 Jun 182126 Nov 1849w/George
007HuffmanElizabeth M.6 Jun 18498 Dec 1849Aged 6m 2d; d/G. & S. A.Broken stone-leaning on backside of Susan Ann Huffman marker
008CorbinVirginia C.10 Nov 185226 Dec 1888w/J. H.
008CalhounMary M.24 Apr 185629 Jun 1929Motherw/John W.
008CalhounJohn W.29 Mar 18581 Oct 1903Father
008CalhounShannie E.9 Sep 18828 Dec 1909Sister
008BellHerman L.4 Dec 18742 Jun 1932
008BellBessie May16 Jul 19265 Oct 1926
008BellJessie Fay16 Jul 192627 Sep 1926
008BellTheodore R.7 Dec 191427 Jul 1918
008BellVernie L.24 Jul 189111 Aug 1926
008BellJames Hubert30 Jun 19212 Feb 1924s/L. M. & Sadie
008BellSadie M.1 Jan 189417 Aug 1979w/L. M.
008BellLewis M.15 Jun 188521 Oct 1965
008BellMinnie D.29 Aug 18888 Nov 1917w/L. M.Minnie has two markers
008SheetsIsaac S.10 Jun 18666 Nov 1904
008WillcoxFannie Sheets5 Jul 186917 Jul 1966
008WhitesellFrances E.26 Nov 183313 Jul 1905Aged 71y 7m 17d
008WhitesellJas. D.17 Dec 18296 Feb 1901Aged 71y 1m 19d
008HuffmanJohn13 Oct 1863Aged 72y 8m 22d
008HuffmanSusanna21 Jun 179112 Dec 1868Aged 77y 5m 21d
008SwopeJohn1 Mar 1856In his 80th year
009CalhounWilliam Edward12 Aug 18616 Feb 1925
009CalhounAnnie T. L.18 Sep 18678 Apr 1909Aged 41y 6m 21dw/W. E.
009CalhounEdith E.11 May 189315 May 1894Aged 1y 4d; d/W. E. & A. L.Edith has two markers
009CalhounFrances D.7 Jul 190618 Jul 1907
009BellFannie M.20 Oct 18453 Apr 1926Aged 80y 5m 14d
009FadleyHarvey K.1908
009EdwardsRobert M.3 Jun 185327 Apr 1912
009FoleyRinker M.19 Jan 190710 Nov 1969
009FoleyHarden T.18711941
009FoleyLillie C.18741923w/H. T.
009FoleyRoxie I.19051906Infant
009ShowalterNimrod15 Mar 1876Aged 68y 2m 5d
010MillerInfant Daughter8 Oct 1959d/Austin & Doris
010MillerAustin E.16 Sep 19259 Nov 1991US Navy WWIIMilitary marker only; Henry funeral home marker
010SlusserJohn W.26 Feb 187010 Jul 1951
010SlusserIda V.11 Oct 187316 Dec 1957w/John W.
010SlusserFranklin H.7 Nov 19194 Dec 1986
010SlusserBoyd Mitchell20 Apr 19079 Jun 1993
010PrintzWilliam A.28 Aug 189627 Mar 1963Husband
010PrintzVirginia J.29 Mar 189712 Feb 1974Wifew/W. A.
010RohrCecil P.6 Nov 190014 Nov 1979
010RohrDessie M.20 Mar 18909 Jun 1977
010EddinsJohn C.30 Sep 18515 Nov 1926Father
010EddinsNancy E.6 Mar 185427 Sep 1933Motherw/John C.
010TeterVictor R.2 Jan 18901 Nov 1964
010TeterLaura Jane9 Jun 189424 Apr 1926w/Victor R.
010FoleyJohn S.19 Mar 18489 Apr 1924
010FoleySusannah25 Jan 18535 Nov 1927w/John S.
011HopkinsFrederick G.23 Apr 1935
011HopkinsCarlton E.19031969
011HopkinsRae R.19071991
011CorbinJohn L.18731944
011CorbinNellie V.18871961Motherw/John L.
011SlusserInfant Daughterd/W. A. & M. E.No dates
011SlusserDoris F.28 Apr 193622 Jul 1938d/W. A. & M. E.
011SlusserWade A.18961995
011SlusserMary E.18991980
011MorrisEllis Price11 Jun 189715 Jun 1946Maryland PFC 11 REGT USMC WWI
011VanceJames C.17 Aug 19215 Aug 1981Husband
011VanceMary Alice2 Oct 192519 Jul 1975Wifew/James C.
011CobbVivian M.29 Mar 190325 Jun 1966
011CobbNina M.28 Dec 1914
011BrownJames A.18791958Funeral home marker only
011FoleyNellie V.14 Sep 188829 May 1976
011FoleyCharles W.28 Mar 187715 Jan 1929
011FoleyAileen W.25 May 192425 Jan 1981
012BrownGeorge W.16 Jun 19075 Sep 1960Father; Va. F1 USNR WWIIMilitary marker shows George Wesley Brown
012BrownDaisy S.7 May 1911Motherw/Geo. W.
012EdwardsJulius V.19071990
012EdwardsLucille C.19171985
012SimmonsRobert F.19021963
012SimmonsSally S.19061990w/Robert F.
012ShifflettCharles E.26 Feb 1939PVT 9 M.G. BN 3 DIV Va.
012VanceLee O.19 Feb 18963 Jun 1975Father
012VanceLaura F.29 Jun 18927 Apr 1926Motherw/Lee A.
012VanceWilliam C.18601946Father
012VanceElizabeth M.18621939Motherw/Wm. C.
012HuffmanGeorge W.17 Jan 185811 Apr 1936
012HuffmanRebecca M.13 Feb 185825 Sep 1925His Wifew/Geo. W.
012ReubushGeorge6 Aug 185024 Feb 1920
012ReubushIsabell29 Jun 18544 Mar 1929His Wifew/George
013CalhounTessie M.8 Jan 189620 Nov 1964
013CalhounArmer D.21 Dec 187818 Apr 1951
013BellCharles Arthur14 Mar 18807 Mar 1958
013BellBeulah Lee8 May 188624 Mar 1974w/C. A.
013BellPaul M.16 Jul 190717 Aug 1970
013MoyersJohn A.18661940
013MoyersFannie E.18751961
013MoyersWade F.13 Dec 19181 Aug 1965Va. PFC Co. L 85 Inf. 10 Inf. Div. WWII; BSM - PH
013MoyersTommy Lee6 Sep 19447 Jan 1997
013EdwardsO. Glenn22 Jan 191728 Nov 1947
013EdwardsOliver Brown3 Oct 188028 Jun 1934Father
013EdwardsAlice V.12 Jul 188028 Aug 1969Motherw/O. B.
013EdwardsW. S.19 Nov 188113 Dec 1960
013EdwardsZada Maud12 Jun 188529 Oct 1947w/W. S.
013WeaverChildren of30 Jun 193330 Jun 1933ch/E. M. & R. E.
013WeaverEmory M.8 Nov 190823 Jun 1992Wed 21 Jun 1930
013WeaverRuth E.28 Sep 19105 Sep 1998
013WeaverBenjamin E.30 Jan 187226 Nov 1942Father
013WeaverNettie J.23 Jan 188219 Oct 1948Motherw/B. E.
013WeaverRaymond H., SGT17 Nov 191829 Nov 1942
014HopkinsKenneth C.27 Dec 1926
014HopkinsLorraine Bell29 Feb 1928
014FigginsChristopher Lee9 Jan 198423 Jun 1997Pence 8th Grade Class of 1998; Friend & ClassmateChristopher has two markers
014ShifflettOtis W.19071938
014ShifflettBurton B.18831952
014ShifflettHattie V.18801953
014ShifflettMary V.19101991
014SimmersGeorge W.4 Oct 184927 Oct 1934
014SimmersMary J.18 Jan 18548 Dec 1936w/G. W.
014CalhounAda B.2 Oct 18743 Jun 1965
014SimmersC. Glyndon "Saylor"1 Aug 19155 Jul 1994
014SimmersSaylor E.12 Jul 188914 Oct 1948
014SimmersBlanch A.5 Jan 188910 Nov 1944w/S. E.
014SimmersFenton B., Corp.18 May 19231 Apr 1946Son
014WhitmerDonald F.31 Apr 19233 May 1923s/Chas. S. & Pauline W.
014WhitmerChas. M.19 Sep 193511 Dec 1936s/Chas. & Pauline W.
014WhitmoreCharles S.23 Mar 18959 Dec 1968Father; Children-Donald F., Eleanora L., Howard D., Charles M.
014WhitmoreW. Pauline26 Mar 190113 Sep 1973Mother
014ShafferJohn H.14 Feb 18509 Mar 1922Father
014ShafferLaura V.12 Aug 185429 Jan 1946His Wifew/John H.
015Van Pelt, Jr.Boyd Ashby1 Nov 19221 Nov 1998US Army WWII
015Van PeltEileen Bowers25 Jul 1923
015ShumakeElmer Wilson4 Nov 19112 Oct 1958TEC5 Co G 1322 SVC Comd Unit WWII Va.Military Marker only
015ShumakeJanie Brown7 Feb 191523 Feb 1986
015BrownLee R.15 NOv 18821 Feb 1953Father
015BrownLena Walters22 Mar 188420 Aug 1964Motherw/Lee R.
015SouthardOliver C.6 Jun 188026 Dec 1920
015SouthardMary Anna24 May 18812 Sep 1984
015HitchockCharles A.21 Feb 18818 Mar 1960
015CoffmanJames R.14 Jun 18547 Feb 1937
015CoffmanBarbara E.7 Mar 18608 Apr 1946w/James R.
015WatkinsCharles A.18661942
015WatkinsNettie V.18681937w/Chas. A.
015WatkinsMoladah N.18981986