Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeterySt. Michael's Reformed Church Cemetery
LocationSouth of Bridgewater, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg take Route 42 South for approximately 8 miles and turn left onto Route 699 (Centerville Road). Go 1.3 miles on Route 699 and turn left onto St. Michael's Lane. Go 2/10ths mile & church/cemetery on left side of road.
NotesWell maintained. Cornerstone on church reads 'St. M. C. 1876'. In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted "there are indications of many unmarked graves." Rows are recorded from gate (front) to back & facing stone inscriptions, from left to right (south to north).
Survey Date and Recorder20 Aug 2002
Martha Lee

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001SimmonsRaymond A.2 Nov 190416 Jan 1973
001SimmonsHazel T.26 Feb 191122 Apr 1998
001BrownJohn H.18511893
001BrownVirginia F.18521935
001WeastGussie B.4 Feb 18809 Dec 1958
001SimmonsHorace G.18721953
001SimmonsLydia A.18801966w/Horace G.
001MichaelHenry C.18631934
001MichaelLillie B.18751960w/Henry C.
001MichaelMargaret E.19 Aug 19022 Oct 1970
001BruceCarrol Kersh5 Sep 195311 Dec 1991Loving mother of Allison & Anne
001KershCharles L.2 Jun 1927
001KershFaye C.25 Oct 1930
001AlexanderIrene M.16 Apr 188529 Apr 1954sister
001AlexanderL. Margaret18681948sister
001AlexanderM. Frances31 Oct 18669 Oct 1938sister
001AlexanderAda A.5 Jan 18745 Jul 1935
001RhodesMary Arey27 May 18992 Jul 1987
001AreyCora V.21 May 187522 Feb 1946w/A. Henry
001AreyA. Harry20 Aug 18746 May 1935
001AreyHiram Cecil18 Apr 190730 Apr 2000Tec 5 U. S. Army WWII
001AreyBertie B.21 Sep 187425 Oct 1947w/George W.
001AreyGeorge W.10 Jan 187326 Dec 1960
001AreyL. Harold16 Feb 193230 Dec 1933
001AreyCharles G.20 Sep 189926 Jun 1979
001AreyLuella M.27 Dec 190528 Oct 1996
001ArmstrongWarwick H.21 Jun 190817 Feb 1990
001ArmstrongRuby Arey25 Jun 19078 May 1998
002AreyLuther Edward2 Jan 189429 Dec 1965
002AreyMariam Ella3 May 190012 Oct 1995w/Luther Edward
002HuffmanInfant Unnamed21 Feb 1897Infant sons/D. L. & S. H.
002HuffmanMarvin22 Feb 189910 Aug 1901Infant sons/D. L. & S. H.
002HuffmanMarshall W.11 Jul 190121 Dec 1917Son
002HuffmanSigourney24 Sep 187418 Aug 1903Motherw/D. L.
002HuffmanDouglas L.15 Apr 186623 Nov 1954Father
002WiseLucy A.21 Mar 1898Aged 48y 7m 7d; w/Daniel H.
002WiseDaniel H.7 Jan 1897Aged 47y 9m 6d
002AlexanderJohn Henry26 Mar 18409 Jan 1915
002AlexanderElizabeth Craun1 Jan 18435 Jul 1922
002AlexanderRebertha V.10 Nov 1887Aged 11y 9m 26d, s/J. H. & S. E.Illegible age-recorded by Swank in 1967
002AlexanderFranklin R.20 Jun 1890Aged 8y 1m 7d; s/J. H. & S. E.
002AreyBlanch H.11 Aug 189627 Aug 1983w/Rev. Clarence M.
002AreyClarence M., Rev.15 Feb 189716 Jun 1933Husband
002AreyCarlyle H.28 Sep 192313 May 1933Son
002HenkelBenjamin, Rev.Buried about 1794 under the chancel of the old church
002AreyJohn W.11 Feb 184521 Mar 1904Our Father
002AreyLougretia C.22 Sep 18442 Nov 1895Our Motherw/John W.
002DennisonWilliam H.25 Feb 184312 Mar 1929Father
002DennisonMargaret V.18 Apr 186022 Mar 1937Motherw/Wm. H.
003WiseJohn H.28 Mar 189716 Nov 1961
003Wise, Jr.Hiram J.10 Jan 190511 Aug 1973
003Wise, Jr.Samuel Griffin11 May 192821 Jan 1997A great man
003WiseBessie W.8 Jan 187126 Jun 1913
003WiseHiram J.31 Aug 186629 Mar 1953
003WiseS. Griffin30 Jan 18961 Mar 1967
003AreyHarvey McW.18581934
003AreyMary Jane18551927
003LandesWilliam F.18551915
003LandesMargaret A.18571938His Wifew/William F.
004ShullSamuel B.9 Dec 186928 Jan 1947
004ShullSarah E.3 Jan 187217 Dec 1943w/Samuel B.
004BellHoward Newton27 Apr 188224 Jun 1921Aged 39y 1m 27d; s/Samuel & Mary
004BellMary FrancesNo dates
004BellSamuelNo dates
004HuffmanMarion L.28 Nov 19135 Mar 1914s/W. B. & N. B.
004LandesRoy L.14 Feb 1906Aged 8y 2m 21d, s/M. H. & N. C.
004LandesMary Jane18 Aug 1906Aged 1y 9m 17d; d/M. H. & N. C.
004MisnerMary J.31 Mar 1855Aged 22 yrs; w/Robert F.Hard to read-recorded by Swank in 1967
004LandesGeorge F.17 Apr 1904Aged 3 das; s/J. W. & M. F.
004LandesJ. Weldon26 Oct 188210 Jan 1905Aged 21y 2m 14d; s/W. F. & M. A.
004HuffmanMargaret Ann23 Nov 18439 May 1927Aged 83y 5m 16d; w/Daniel H.; Mother
004HuffmanDaniel H.24 Nov 183016 Jul 1907Aged 76y 7m 22d; Father
004HuffmanQuinton H.19 Mar 1894Aged 21y 2m 7d; s/D. H. & M. A.
005LaymonBernard M.19071963
005LaymonRuby H.19081994w/Bernard M.
005PleckerMartha J.3 Oct 184717 Dec 1913Aged 66y 2m 14d; Motherw/John H.
005PleckerJohn S.14 May 184820 Oct 1912Aged 64y 5m 6d; Father
005PleckerBertha V., Little7 Feb 1903Aged 19y 5m 12d; d/J. S. & M. J.
005RuckmanAlfred C.24 Dec 1894Aged 5m 14d; s/T. E. & C. B.
005RuckmanThomas E.18661935
005RuckmanCora B.18721947w/Thomas E.
005HuffmanBrown M.22 Mar 184922 Nov 1915
005HuffmanMary M.4 Mar 185010 Apr 1906His Wifew/Brown M.
005HuffmanHattie E.25 Nov 188414 Apr 1887Their Daughterd/B. M. & M. M.
005MisnerVerner T.3 Apr 1899Aged 3y 2m 12d; s/J. W. & O. V.
005MisnerInfant Son13 Sep 1894s/J. W. & O. V.
005MillerGussie M.11 Jan 1894d/B. C. & E. B.Partially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
005ReevesGeorge Russell30 Apr 1899Aged 1y 3m 17d; s/W. M. & Maud
005CraunAnnie V., Little27 Jan 1895Aged 7m 17d; d/P. J. & M. K. Craun
005ReevesClaude Cecil1 Aug 1899Aged 7m 28d; S/W. M. & Maud
005ReevesWilliam M.10 Aug 1905Aged 37y 8m 28d
005ReevesC. Maude13 Apr 187021 Jan 1952Aged 81y 9m 8dw/Wm. M.
006WiseTracy McClune15 May 18817 Jan 1967
006WiseMada Hawkins26 Dec 188825 Apr 1974
006WiseNewton B.20 Feb 18538 Apr 1931Father
006WiseNettie V.21 Nov 185616 Feb 1945Mother
006HuffmanGordie B.8 Jan 188426 Oct 1958
006HuffmanStella A.24 Aug 18896 Jun 1988
006PleckerJohn E.19 Dec 185226 Oct 1936Faithful unto death
006PleckerLucy A.6 Feb 18665 Jun 1894
006PleckerMaria10 Mar 18326 Nov 1907w/Levi; Our Mother
006PleckerLevi2 Dec 182115 Jul 1887Aged 65y 7m 3d
006HuffmanMarion Craun28 Jun 1913Aged 2m 22d; s/C. C. & L. B.
006Harmon, Jr.Douglas T.17 Apr 193918 Apr 1939Our Son
006HuffmanBenjamin17 Feb 180317 May 1887
006HuffmanRebecca24 Jun 1896age 86y 6m 26d, w/Benj.
006MyersPolley V.30 Sep 180517 May 1876Aged 70y 7m 17d; w/Jacob
006KershGeorge P.30 Aug 1893Aged 69y 6m 13d
006KershMargaret J.15 Oct 1909Aged 80y 7m 19d, w/George P.
006KershMaggie Rebecca11 Apr 1894Aged 18y 4m 21d; d/G. P. & M. J.
006KershInfant4 Aug 1892d/W. C. & L. C.Partially illegible-record by Swank in 1967
006KershVernie Ruth25 Jan 1896Aged 3m 20d; d/W. C. & L. C.
006KershW. Claude13 Apr 18705 Jul 1942Father
006KershL. Kate13 Jun 186511 Feb 1934Mother; His Wifew/W. Claude
006KershHildred C. or G.12 Nov 191823 Aug 1925d/E. A. & M. M.; A little time on earth she spent, till God for her his angel sent
006KershEdgar A.18971961married 25 Oct 1917
006KershMargaret M.18981986w/Edgar A.
006KershE. Orlin, Lt.7 Nov 192013 May 1945killed in action on OkinawaMason Symbol on stone
007WineGarland W.28 Apr 192110 Jan 1974Father
007WineFrances W.13 Feb 191617 Feb 2002Mother
007LinnUpton F.1 Jul 187816 Dec 1952Father
007LinnDessie C.23 Dec 188222 Jan 1958Motherw/Upton F.
007WiseMattie F.26 Aug 188720 Feb 1978
007WiseRoscoe L.5 Aug 188620 Jul 1915
007WheelerRoscoe N.17 Sep 18857 Dec 1967
007WiseSarah J.23 Aug 186028 Apr 1951w/John W.
007WiseJohn W.1 Sep 1910Aged 62y 9m
007WiseInfant Son1888s/J. W. & S. J.s/J. W. & S. J.
007WiseInfant Daughter1888d/J. W. & S.J.s/J. W. & S. J.; on same stone as Infant Son
007PenceMary Lisabeth15 Mar 184128 Feb 1883Aged 41y 11m 13d; w/Emanuel
007LandesS. Alice9 Mar 185713 Sep 1878Aged 21y 7m 6d; w/W. F. Landes
007LandesG. W. A.24 Sep 1878Aged 13 das 013d; s/S. A. & W. F.Partially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
007LandesPinkie11 Aug 188711 Dec 1888d/W. F. & M. A., 1y 4m
007LandesLeslie, Little17 Feb 1896Aged 4 das; s/W. F. & M. A.Partially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
007PleckerD. A.18221895Aged 73 yrs; Uncle; Erected by Mrs. W. F. Meyerhoefffer
007VarnerDavid N.4 Aug 185622 Aug 1878Aged 22y 18d
007WarnerAnn E. W.22 Sep 1863Aged 30y 9m 9d
007WiseAlice J.1 Mar 186914 Aug 1869Aged 5m 13d
007WiseNettie V.23 May 187617 Jul 1876Aged 1m 24d
007WiseSarah E.10 Apr 187320 Sep 1883Aged 10y 5m 10d
007WiseJohn S.2 Apr 18724 Feb 1888
007WiseMarvin L.3 Oct 1902Aged 5m 26d; s/A. B. & C. L.Illegible age-recorded by Swank in 1967.
008DennisonCarroll Ellsworth1 Jul 192215 Oct 1990
008DennisonHensel Givens11 Jun 18923 Oct 1983Wed 21 Dec 1916
008DennisonNellie Shull13 Nov 188820 Feb 1986w/Hensel Givens
008WiseGeorge N.18511928Father
008WiseRebecca J.18521931Motherw/Geo. N.
008KeytonLydia B.24 Jan 186111 Jun 1895w/W. J.
008KeytonWilliam J.7 Nov 186315 Jul 1955
008StoutamyerFannie J.18531937w/Frank H.
008StoutamyerFrank H.18481894
008CraunLucinda4 Mar 1894Aged 70y 11m 9d, w/Danielnee Wise
008CraunDaniel10 Jan 18187 May 1879Aged 61y 3m 27d; Father; A member of the German Reformed Churchs/Frederick & Sarah Fleshman Craun; Monument by J. C. Miller
008WiseWilliam28 Dec 18081 Mar 1881Father
008WiseDelilah29 Oct 181324 Mar 1905Mother
008WiseMartha E.22 Mar 185528 Feb 1878Aged 22y 11m 6d
008CraunFrederick B.7 Nov 1852Aged 2y 9m 27d; s/D. & L.
008PleckerJacob30 Jun 1855Aged 72y 3m 7d
008PleckerElizabeth9 Sep 179027 Jan 1867Aged 76y 4m 18d; w/Jacob
008PleckerJosiah9 Jun 1862Aged 27y 5d; A member of Co. F 52 Va. Infantry, killed in the Battle of Port Republic; s/S. & E. Plecker
008PleckerDaniel F.22 Jan 1863Aged 9y 11m 21d; s/S. & E. Plecker
008PleckerSamuel21 Feb 181212 Oct 1883Aged 71y 7m 21d
008PleckerElisabeth11 Sep 181428 Dec 1888Aged 74y 3m 17d
008PleckerLiza Ann20 Dec 184126 Oct 1903w/Levi H.
008PleckerMary Anna11 May 18959 Apr 1979
008CroushornAnn Eliza10 Dec 183928 Sep 1904Aged 64y 9m 18d; Mother; w/John
008MillerBenjamin Carl18681942
008MillerEmma Belle Kersh18661941w/Benj. Carl
008WiseEmanuel31 Aug 181216 Mar 189380y 6m 16d
008WiseSusanna J.29 Sep 181122 Apr 1887Aged 76y 6m 23d; w/Emanuel
008RollerBirdie12 Sep 187030 Apr 1916Motherw/Elmer J.
008WiseSallie F.2 Jan 18465 Oct 1903w/Samuel H.
008WiseSamuel H.27 Mar 1892Aged 55 yrs
008KennedyJ. M.14 May 18381 Mar 1907
008KennedyE. Carrie16 Sep 183915 Apr 1892w/J. M.
008KennedyInfant Daughter1869d/J. M. & E. C.
008AlexanderInfnat13 Nov 1904d/D. C. & S. R.
008AlexanderDavid C.6 Dec 18716 Mar 1930
008AlexanderSarah H.7 Apr 187711 Mar 1969
008HuffmanLelia B.18851945Mother
008HuffmanClinton C.18791966Father
008HuffmanRichard M.19201949Sons/C. C. & L. B.
009CraunA. H., Lt.6 May 1864Aged 23y 3m 18d; Co. F 52 Reg. VA. Vol.; s/D. & L.Killed in the Battle of the Wilderness
009WiseAdam3 Mar 1852Aged 64y 2m 9d
009WiseElizabeth12 Feb 1878In the 84th year of her age; w/Adam Sr.
009WisePeter3 Jul 181812 Feb 1872Aged 53y 7m 9d
009WiseJames F.13 Nov 1864Aged 21y 6m 25d, s/Peter & E. A., died and buried at Ft. Delaware, a prisoner of War
009WiseElizabeth A.6 Mar 18218 Mar 1867Aged 46y 2d; w/Peter
009AreyAnnie Blanche27 Jun 1880Aged 1y 8m 23d, d/C. P. & M. E.
009WiseWm. Harvey29 Apr 184118 Feb 1872
009WiseMary E.19 May 184424 Dec 1931w/Wm. Harvey
009HuffmanHiram25 Oct 184317 Mar 1902
009HuffmanMargaret Lago20 Mar 184612 Nov 1923
009HulveyVirginia, Mrs.1962No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
009AlexanderJohn Brown30 Aug 190014 Feb 1984
009AlexanderKathryn Racer4 Jun 190426 Apr 1981
009AlexanderMervin R.20 Oct 193330 Mar 1934s/J. B. & K. R.
009AlexanderHugh L.14 Jun 18983 Apr 1969
009AlexanderThelma Dorothy23 Jun 19179 May 1986
009DixonMartha D.4 Jun 1891Aged 60y 11m 12d; Mother
009FryWm. Harvey5 Mar 183013 May 1862Mortally wounded in the Battle of McDowell May 8, 1862
009HuffmanRufus M.19051948
009HuffmanVirginia P.19111968
009HuffmanE. Leslie19061987
009HuffmanV. Lucille1919
010ShullGeorge Warren25 Apr 189116 Dec 1992
010ShullJulian Carl23 May 189615 May 1985
010ShullDaniel Preston26 Feb 185816 Jan 1928
010ShullSarah Virginia Evers Kersh20 Aug 18629 Feb 1949w/Danl. P.
010ShullWilliam J.18621920
010ShullAda L.18661936His Wife
010ShullJames Henry10 Jul 184628 Oct 1930
010ShullJohn25 Aug 1900Aged 80 yrs
010ShullCatharine2 Dec 182729 May 1892Aged 64y 5m 27d; w/John
010WiseHensel25 Feb 186216 Jul 1892
010WiseCatharine J.17 Sep 183212 Mar 1899Aged 66y 5m 25d; Our Motherw/Samuel
010WiseSamuel31 May 183010 Jan 1877Aged 46y 7m 9d, Our Father
010WhisnerLouisiana5 Jun 184418 Feb 1872w/Rev. P. H.
010WiseAbraham H.7 Jan 1860Aged 3m 6d; s/S. & C. Wise
010WiseAdam16 Apr 185237y 11m 2d
010WiseSamuel A.14 Feb 18469 Apr 186519y 1m 26d
010AreyWilliam S.22 Sep 186428y 10m 20d
010AreyGeorge24 Feb 186661y 4m 29d
010AreyMary A.3 Mar 1873Aged 55y 11m 21d; w/George
010WhitmoreMary25 Mar 180327 Feb 1861Aged 58y, 11m, 2d; w/Jacob
010WhitmoreJacob C.10 Feb 18045 Jun 1862Aged 58y 3m 25d
010EversInfant Daughter1892d/M. & Lizzie
010EversSarah E.25 Feb 185714 Jun 1863Aged 6y 3m 19d, d/John & Lydia Evers
010EversIna V.12 Sep 1904Aged 1y 2m 12d; d/J. E. & M. A. G. Evers
010AreyWarren W.22 Feb 190119 May 1977
010AreyEmma Craun16 Sep 190223 Jun 1977
011LandesDavid22 Aug 180927 Nov 1865
011LandesWilliam21 Mar 181713 Dec 1878Aged 61y 8m 23d
011LandesSarah E.8 Mar 182812 Feb 1898Aged 69y 4m 4d; w/Wm.
011AreyClara M.27 Jun 1860Aged 14 das; d/W. S. & E. A.
012LandesJames Harvey18481922
012LandesFannie Grandle18561923
012LandesBertha Blanch7 Apr 188316 Nov 1885d/J. H. & Fannie C.
012WiseJohn D.28 Nov 181115 Nov 1889Aged 77y 11m 17d
012WiseSally27 Mar 181628 Feb 1878Aged 61y 11m 1d; w/John D.
012LandesInfant Son11 Feb 189511 Feb 1895s/L. J. & M. F.
012LandesRay R.2 Mar 190728 Jul 1907s/L. J. & M. F.
012ShullerSarah Frances2 May 183318 Jun 1833d/Jonathan & S. Cath.Partially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
012LandesSarah C.12 Apr 1859Aged 6m 12d; d/Wm. & S. E.Illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
012LandesHetty J.8 May 1859Aged 2y 5m 21d, d/Wm. & S. E.Illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
012LandesRebecca J.3 Aug 1865Aged 11y 7m 8d; d/W. & S.Illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
013HunterWarren S.10 May 188212 Oct 1884s/D. S. & S. A.
013LongBenjamin F.C. S. A. Chew's Batty. Va. ArtlyNo dates
013WiseLuther Lee6 Oct 188815Sep 1901Aged 12y 11m 9d; s/C. N. & Rebecca J.
013BeallSarah M.24 Apr 184122 Nov 1874Aged 33y 6m 28d
013WhitmoreSophie E.6 Apr 185726 Jun 1874Aged 17y 2m 20d
013WhitmoreCharles H.10 Sep 185116 Jul 1871Aged 19y 10m 6d
013WhitmoreAnderson J., Rev.20 Jun 184616 Jan 1883Aged 36y 6m 26d
013ThumaMagdaline20 Sep 178215 Mar 1865Aged 82y 5m 25d
013UnknownDedicated to those unknown persons interred in the unmarked area surrounding this marker which is the original part of St. Michael's Cemetery dating from 1764. Erected May 1989Memorial Stone
013LandesEasther27 Jan 1862Aged 77y 3m 3d
014CraunMargaret L.23 Dec 182126 Jan 1849nee Kersh, 1w/John Craun
014KershJacob L.3 Jun 179320 Jan 1837
014KershSusanna6 Oct 1796w/Jacob L.Death date below ground
014SmithAmanda K.3 Dec 182627 Apr 1869Aged 42y 4m 24d; w/John, d/Jacob & Susan Kersh
014KershAdam W.16 Nov 182822 Mar 1905Aged 76y 4m 6d
014FryeJulia A.3 Apr 18423 Jun 1866Aged 24y 2m; Consort of JesseIllegible dates-recorded by Swank in 1967.
014AreyBernard H.13 May 190319 Nov 1980
014AreyLola C.8 Sep 189711 Dec 1975
015WhitmoreSamuel14 Mar 18188 Feb 1887Partially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
015WhitmoreSophia28 Dec 1820Aged 48y 11m 6d; Consort of SamuelPartially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
015WhitmoreHomer K.17 Jun 186017 Jan 1861Illegible markers-recorded by Swank in 1967
015WhitmoreInfant Sons/S. & S.Illegible markers-recorded by Swank in 1967
015WhitmoreMinor28 Mar 186524 May 1865Illegible markers-recorded by Swank in 1967
015WhitmoreHoward C.22 Jan 186320 May 1865Illegible markers-recorded by Swank in 1967
015HawkinsJoseph1 Sep 182911 Oct 1877
015HawkinsEliza27 Apr 18261 Jan 1892
015WiseVerdie Ruth27 Jan 18913 Oct 1891Aged 8m 6d; d/E. L. & Hattie
015WiseLevi30 Sep 181511 Oct 1885Aged 70y 11d
015WiseMary C.31 Jul 1897Aged 72y 7m 10d, w/Levi
015WiseInfant Son25 Feb 1897s/E. L. & J. V.
015WiseHattie E.9 Sep 1893Aged 27y 4m 5d; w/Edward L.1w/Edward L.
015WiseCarl H.28 Mar 18843 Sep 1914s/E. L. & Hattie
015WiseHarry W.15 Aug 18876 Feb 1919Died in France; Belonged to Co. G 318th Inft.; He left his home in perfect health. He looked so young & brave. We little thought how soon he'd be laid in a soldier's grave.WWI
015WisePhoeby A.26 Jul 186319 Jul 19362w/Edward L.
015WiseEdward L.5 Sep 185616 Mar 1939
015WiseMariahJun 1823In the 11th year of her age; d/D. & A.Partially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
015WiseDavidNov 1856In the 69th year of his age
015WiseAbigail3 Apr 1836Aged 49y 11m 18d, w/David
015WiseJames W.14 Feb 1865Aged 18y 4m 28d, s/T. J. & Mary C.
016TaylorWillie Warren20 Apr 1890Aged 2y 10m 15d, d/O. S. & Allie
016WardWillie Lite26 Apr 186629 Aug 1867
016OrebaughMartin31 Jul 179610 May 1867Aged 70y 9m 9d
016OrebaughSusanah17 Jun 1866Aged 66y 7m 27d, w/Martin
016ShipletMary N.14 Aug 181921 Apr 1891Aged 71y 8m 7dw/Wm. L.
016ShipletWilliam L.30 Aug 181224 Jul 1885Aged 72y 10m 24d
016SnowMartha J.1 Sep 18386 Sep 1918Mother
016ByrdInfant Daughter1859d/Joseph & Sarah J.
016LiteJohn9 Apr 17715 Jun 1849Aged 78y 1m 27dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967.
016LiteJane1 Oct 178223 Feb 1856Aged 73y 4m 23d
016RogersPeter M.17 Apr 185825 Mar 1939Father
016RogersIda A.21 Apr 18622 Feb 1937Mother
017DavisEdward D.10 Sep 185821 Mar 1942
017DavisMaria Virginia10 May 186015 Dec 1950
017RuckmanCharles Theo.19051956W. L. Rosenberger funeral home marker.
017SheetsJohn Omas11 Feb 189823 Jan 1968
017SheetsNettie Ruckman15 Aug 189512 Mar 1973
017ShullClarence C.13 Oct 189317 Sep 1962
017ShullRosa M.27 Jan 18991 May 1983w/Clarence C.
017MichaelFloyd S.24 Oct 19005 Jan 1963Erected by Brothers & Sisters
017LawrenceJohn Harvey1917
017LawrenceEula Basham1918
017HuffmanRussell E.17 Dec 191211 Feb 1990
017HuffmanLucy L.21 Feb 1916
017WillJohn H.12 Jun 190630 Apr 1986
017WillOlive Marie17 May 19069 Dec 1979
017DiehlRaymond C.20 Oct 1930Wed 19 May 1951
017DiehlLorraine D.29 Mar 1932w/Raymond C.
017SimmersCharles J.13 Nov 1925Married 14 Jun 1947
017SimmersMable C.31 Oct 192710 May 2002McMullen funeral home marker
017DavisHenry Milton11 Aug 191828 Jun 1972
017DavisGuinevere A.24 Nov 1923
017AreyRalph E.22 Aug 19098 Jul 1971
017AreyNaomi S.6 Jun 191118 Oct 1977
017AreyRoland Z.4 Jul 192113 Nov 2001
017AreyNora H.9 Feb 192012 Mar 1985nee Hosaflook
017SmithElmer21 Jun 192025 Oct 1981Folklorist-Teacher
017SmithEvelyn Rudhart22 Aug 191822 Nov 1992
017FreemanAlbert C., Rev.1909
017FreemanRuth Mildred19112001