Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeterySt. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery
LocationEast of Timberville, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Court Square in Harrisonburg, take Route 11 north (No. Valley Pike) 14.6 miles and turn left (west) onto Route 793 (Concord Church Road). Go 2.2 miles to Route 799 (Hupp Road) and turn left, then go 2/10ths mile. Church & cemetery on left side of road.
NotesWell maintained. In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted "There are many unmarked graves." Rows recorded from back to front and from left to right facing stones.
Survey Date and Recorder16 Aug 2002
Martha Lee

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001ShraderDaniel Lee9 Nov 19812 Oct 2000
001WhitmirePaula M.1 Nov 192625 Feb 1995
002HolsingerWilliam D.11 Aug 194010 Feb 2002US Army, Father
002HolsingerJanet22 Feb 194328 Oct 2001Mother
003MoomawVirginia J.19332002Grandle funeral home marker only
003FahrneyOmer F.17 Apr 192528 Apr 1984Sgt US Army WWII
003FahrneyJune M.29 Jun 1926
004DouglasGeorge W.24 Mar 1916
004DouglasMaizie L.1 Sep 1924
004PhillipsChristine L.7 Dec 1947Daughter
004PhillipsMadaline M.19 Oct 191822 Oct 1994Mother
004MinnickPasco A.4 Jun 192927 Apr 1993PFC US ArmyMilitary marker only
004MinnickLandon D.14 Jul 193530 Aug 1997US Marine CorpsMilitary marker only
004DennisRichard H.16 Dec 193219 Jun 1999Sgt. US Army Korea; Married 6 Apr 1958
004DennisShirley E.28 Jan 1938w/Richard H.
004WolfeFrederick T.20 Jul 192328 Apr 1989BM2 US Navy WWII
004WolfeVivian L.1917
004HolsingerStephen Allen20 May 196210 Jan 1977
005HowellInfant Girl1956No visible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
005ColvinJames F.24 Oct 187727 Sep 1953Father
005ColvinRebecca A.22 Nov 187728 Sep 1969Mother
005ColvinRosa Lee18 Jun 19016 Jul 1977
005ColvinRobert W.21 Apr 190925 May 1973
005LantzHerman E.8 Feb 191821 Dec 1997Grandle funeral home marker
005LantzJerry Thomas9 Jan 1949Age 1 day; Our Son
005LoudyHoward Clayton19 Sep 19317 Sep 1994Pvt US ArmyDellinger funeral home marker
005LoudyBetty Elizabeth13 Mar 1929
005Golladay, Sr.William P.13 Jan 19215 Jul 1990Cpl US Marine Corps WWII
005HolsingerHarold F.9 Jan 19098 Jul 1998
006PendletonElizabeth7 Apr 1907Age about 84 yrs
006HolsingerStella C.4 Oct 190426 Jul 1906d/J. C. & L. E.
006TaylorMichael M.2 Feb 184728 Jul 1915
006TaylorAnnabelle21 Aug 188319 Jul 1980Mother
006KnuppJulius H.5 Sep 186310 Apr 1919Age 55y 7m 5d
006MinnickWillie D.19131951Bowman Monument Works-Lacey Springs
006MinnickDora N.17 May 187917 Nov 1947
006MinnickInfant Daughter1906d/O. A. & Dorah N.
006MinnickAnna M.10 Jan 190212 Nov 1902d/O. A. & Dorah N.
006MinnickViola1 Nov 19049 Nov 1904d/O. A. & Dorah N.
006MinnickInfant Son19071907s/O. A. & Dorah N.
006MinnickMargie V.29 Nov 191310 May 1915d/O. A. & Dorah N.
006GolladayRebecca A.15 Apr 189222 Dec 1960w/Thomas; Indsey funeral home marker
006GolladayThomas V.9 Jul 18897 Jul 1969Lindsey funeral home marker
006ElasewitchMarie1990Lindsey funeral home marker shows born 1912
007HolsingerAnna20 Jun 19264 Jan 1903w/John, 76y 6m 14d
007MinnickWilliam L.11 Dec 18855 Nov 1965
007MinnickElsie Mills1 Jun 188722 Dec 1956
007MinnickLawrence T.27 Jan 19155 Feb 1997
007EganAnna Rebecca3 Feb 188022 Feb 1958
007MinnickLelia Frances7 Oct 1907Age 11 days, d/S. F. & Mary E.Date Broken off-recorded by Swank in 1967
007KnuppCharles M.27 Oct 187026 Oct 1897Age 26y 11m 29d
007KnuppAnnie Laura8 Aug 18709 Sep 1899Age 29y 1m 1d
007MinnickSamuel16 Jan 183817 May 1904My Husband, Our Parents
007MinnickCatharine29 Jul 18375 Apr 1912Our Parentsw/Samuel
007GallidayEmma M.1908d/Russell F. & AlburtusIllegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
007GallidayFranklins/Russell F. & AlburtusIllegible stone-not recorded by Swank in 1967; recorded in 2002; on same stone with Emma M. Galliday
007GallidayRussell F.18761948
007GallidayAlburtus V.18831939w/Russell F.
007BurkettLuther F.30 Sep 18984 Oct 1898Budded on earth to bloom in heaven
007MinnickAllan Walton8 Mar 1930Infant s/Otis F. & Frances
007CusterJoyce Ann24 Nov 19496 Aug 1962d/Ivan & Betty Custer
008MillsJohn Daniel5 Aug 184323 Feb 1912Age 68y 6m 18d, Our Father
008MillsLydia Catharine12 May 185221 Jan 1897Age 44y 8m 9d, Our Motherw/John D.
008MillsGeorgie E.18741945
008MillsOtis W.18821956
008MillsAlice L.18851966
008LohrMichel H.15 Dec 18545 May 1929Father
008LohrAda25 May 18594 May 1941Mother
008GislerTreva R.10 Jul 19005 Jun 1931w/George M., Mother
008GislerInfantch/Geo. M & T. R.No dates-stone was broken & reset
008LohrMerble L.2 Mar 189828 Nov 1898Aged 8m 26d; s/M. H. & A. L.
008LohrInfant Daughter13 Sep 190813 Sep 1908d/M. H. & A. L.
008HolsingerInfant Son22 Mar 1897Age 11 days; c/M. J. & Josephine
008HolsingerMichael J.18 Nov 186613 Nov 1916Father
008HolsingerJosephine22 Sep 187117 Mar 1930Motherw/Michael J.
008StearnFlorence H.18931965no visible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
008MinnickInfant Daughter15 Oct 190615 Oct 1906d/J. F. & M. E.
008UnknownFieldstone-no markings
008HolsingerPolly7 Aug 1911Age 77 yrs
008HolsingerMichael W.6 Feb 18674 Apr 1934Father
008HolsingerVirginia F.12 May 186531 Aug 1934His Wife; Motherw/Michael W.
008HolsingerLaura A.15 Aug 188925 Sep 1980Daughter
008Minnick, IIIJoseph F.29 Nov 1932
008MinnickAnne Everly14 Oct 1934
009UnknownStone with no writing-recorded 2002
009UnknownStone with no writing-recorded 2002
009HolsingerDavid11 Mar 1910Age 58 yrs
009HolsingerVirginia F.13 Oct 185425 Jan 1898Aged 43y 3m 13d; w/David
009HolsingerElla C.6 Jun 1880Age 5m 27d; d/D. & V. F.Partially illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
009MoyersMahala9 Sep 182927 Mar 1896Age 66y 6m 18d, W/Jesse
009HolsingerSidney E.22 Apr 1896Age 7y 2m 7d, s/John E. & Caroline V.
009HolsingerJohn Franklin18 Jan 18571 Oct 1906Age 49y 8m 13d
009HolsingerCaroline V.16 Jun 18504 Jun 1916w/John F., age 65y 11m 18d
009HolsingerMinnie M.1 Jun 18843 Jan 1924d/J. F. & C. V., 39y 4m 27d
009HolsingerJoseph C.19 Aug 187827 Mar 1934Age 55y 7m 8d
009LittenChristina V.14 Oct 1900Age 13y 10m 20d, d/D. F. & Annie C.
009LittonWilliam D.Mar 1912Mar 1976Dad
009LittenAppears to be burial here in 2002
009LittenAppears to be burial here in 2002
009LittenFitzhugh Lee25 Nov 188615 Jul 1918Age 31y 7m 21d
009MinnickElmer Lewis31 Dec 189223 Mar 1956
009MinnickJ. Franklin20 Aug 190015 May 1955Has 2 stones
009MinnickFern Driver3 Jun 190520 Feb 1996
010McDanielRobertNo dates-stone broken and reset
010MinnickWelfort Lloyd6 Sep 1886Age 11m 22d, ch/Charles A. & Lydia A.
010MinnickEdgar Larence9 Aug 1884Age 2m 10d, ch/Charles A. & Lydia A.
010MinnickC. A.27 Jan 186121 Feb 1921
010MinnickL. A.2 Aug 18621 Feb 1930w/Charles A.
010MinnickGeorge M.10 Apr 189225 Jun 1965Cpl US Army WWI Va.Military marker only
010MinnickMary C.22 Oct 190023 Aug 1980
010HolsingerNoah B.18611950
010HolsingerL. Cassie18611896w/Noah
010HolsingerClella S.19 Jan 189819 Jan 1898s/Noah B. & Lydia C.
010HolsingerVincen23 Feb 189423 Feb 1894s/Noah B. & Lydia C.
010BushongCharles E.11 Mar 1896Age 2y 1m 9d, s/Jacob J. & Mary E.Illegible age-recorded by Swank in 1967
010FryBertie H.30 Jun 1897Age 10y 2m 24d, d/Davis & FannieIllegible age-recorded by Swank in 1967
010FryJ. Davis18601929
010FryE. Fannie18531921w/John
010EsqueEva M.7 Nov 189817 Apr 1989
010MinnickDavid21 Jul 182630 Aug 1898Age 72y 1m 9d
010MinnickMargaret22 Feb 18248 Jan 1904Aged 79y 10m 16d; w/David
010MinnickVirginia C.30 Mar 1855Age 61y 4m 4d
010MinnickJoseph F.20 Sep 18592 Mar 1936Father
010MinnickMary E.16 Aug 186421 Dec 1944Motherw/Joseph F.
010MillerEunice Rebecca16 Oct 19032 Apr 1977Our Mother
011MillsSam'l W.25 Nov 18189 Apr 1892Age 73y 4m 14d, Our Father
011MillsMary Ann30 Nov 181318 Mar 1899Age 85y 3m 18d, Our Mother
011HuppBettie E.1 Sep 18505 Nov 1926w/Joseph
011BullWilliam C.27 Aug 182821 Jun 1915Age 86y 9m 24d
011BullHannah13 May 1894Age 62y 5d, w/Wm. C.
011KnuppVaughan H.18971897
011KnuppBrown S.18941895
011KnuppNoah H.2 Apr 185414 Feb 1921Father
011KnuppEmma F.25 Apr 185810 May 1936Motherw/Noah
011KnuppLena F.Age 29 yrsDellinger funeral home marker only
011MillsWilson D.19241984
011MillsJewel M.1938
011KnuppElon A.Age 52 yrsDellinger Funeral home marker only
011Knupp, Jr.Robert G.26 Jun 192014 Oct 1944Pvt 116 Inf. 29 Div. WWII Va.Military marker only
011KnuppRonald G.1944s/R. G. & R. L.
011BurkettPearl L.27 Jun 19104 May 1913
011BurkettSamuel M.18561941
011BurkettMary R.18761950w/Samuel
012HolsingerAmanda F.25 Mar 18738 Sep 1904Aged 31y 5m 13d; w/Oscar L.
012KnuppCharles B.2 Apr 185620 Mar 1935Father
012KnuppMary M.11 Feb 186128 Sep 1903Mother, His Wifew/Charles B.
012MartzJohn M.1848
012MartzJosephine18501913His Wifew/John M.
012MartzMartha E.18851913
012MartzCarrie E.27 May 18849 Jun 1918
012MartzLaura Alice6 Jul 186917 Dec 1949d/John M. & Josephine
012MillsMartha C.Age about 80 yrs; Mother; Waiting in heavenNo dates
012MillsWilliam D.18701944
012MillsAda O.18801927
012K.L. F.Footstone with initials only
012KnoppLaura T.18591929w/Frank Knopp
012MoyersSamuel H.18591931
012MoyersMargaret E.18541931
012MoyersJohn A.18871964
013KnuppGay Reamer16 May 192822 Jul 1952
013KnuppRobert G.9 Mar 189425 Aug 1985
013KnuppSallie B.16 Jul 18951 Mar 1986