Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryZirkle-Driver Family Cemetery
LocationTenth Legion, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Court Square in Harrisonburg, take Route 11 north (No. Valley Pike) & go 14.8 miles. Cemetery is on left side of road in field. Can drive up fence line to cemetery.
NotesIn 2002 cemetery well maintained. In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted "There are indications of twenty to thirty unmarked graves. Enclosed by iron fence."
Survey Date and Recorder18 Aug 2002
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001HowertenCharles Ray17 Apr 192529 Jan 1932s/Joseph E. & Alice Z.
001HowertonRobert Lee "Bob"6 Jul 193816 Oct 1997
001HowertonDebra Keister "Debi"27 Apr 1953
001ZirkleDoris L.9 Jun 192722 Oct 1927d/L. R. & L. B.No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
001StultzMargaret R. Zirkle29 Mar 18935 Jan 1933Age 39y 9m 7d; w/L. E.
002ZirkleLewis Edmond23 Mar 19124 Dec 1987s/Allen Reuben & Anna Zora Zirkle
002ZirkleAllen Ruben4 Aug 188228 Jul 1964
002ZirkleAnna Z.10 Aug 18813 Aug 1924w/A. R.
002ZirkleEdward A.7 Sep 191714 Jan 1950sA. R. & A. Z.
002ZirkleAlden R.23 Oct 190828 Oct 1974
003B.B.Marker with initials only-recorded 2002
003B.B.11 A_p 1831A G 75y 1m 25? dMarker-somewhat illegible-recorded 2002
003H.M.11 Dec 1881?Aged 67y 10dNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967; Duane Borden recorded as "Hand Incised Fieldstone; M. H. Age 887-0-10; Dd. 6-4-1831"
003BruckhartBarbara9 Apr 1831Aged 75y 9m 22d
003BruckhartDavid25 May 1832Aged 76y 11m 25d
004UnknownFieldstone-no visible markings-recorded 2002
004AllenRachel Ellen30 Mar 185820 Oct 1911Aged 53y 6m 20d
004WaddyEdward N.13 Jul 187823 Jan 1925Spanish War Veteran
004KackleyKathryn Z. Waddy18871979
005ZirkleLewis M.2 May 1885Aged 4y 4m 13d; s/Reuben M. & Virginia F.Monument by H. A. Rife
005MyersMary V.27 Dec 188423 Dec 1918Mother; w/R. C.
005ZirkleReuben M.8 Oct 18526 Oct 1939Aged 86y 11m 28d; Father; s/Lewis & Lydia
005ZirkleVirginia Allen10 May 18563 Jan 1941Aged 84y 7m 24d; Mother; d/Isiah & Jane Allenw/R. M.
005ZirkleEmma Gertrude28 Sep 18796 Apr 1964d/Reuben & Virginia Allen Zirkle
006DriverRebecca9 Nov 1884Aged 51y 1m 19d; Our Mother; w/John J.nee Kline
006DriverJohn J.12 Nov 18312 Jun 1878Aged 46y 6m 20d
006DriverElizabeth Delphia20 Mar 1883Aged 18y 8m 19d; Our Sister
006ZirkleEmily J.5 Apr 1862Aged 7y 5m 2d; d/L. & L.Partially illegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
006ZirkleCasper D.1 Apr 1862Aged 2y 1m; s/L. & L.Partially illegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
006YatesLydia A.30 Jul 1897Aged 51y 11m 16d; w/S. J.; d/Lewis & Lydia Zirkle
006ZirkleElizabeth N.21 Dec 184714 Feb 1919d/Lewis & Lydia
007DriverJacob13 Feb 1844Aged 54y 1m 12dMoument by A. Funk
007DriverCatharine7 Oct 179014 Oct 1878Aged 88y 7d; Our Mother; w/JacobMoument by A. Funk
007DriverDaniel14 Jul 1845Aged 21y 1m 22dMoument by A. Funk
007CarrJoseph14 Jun 183227 Nov 1834Aged 2y 5m 18d; s/Samuel & Sarah
007ZirkleCaroline24 Nov 1868Aged 24y 6m 1d; d/L. & L.Name only legible-stone broken-recorded by Swank in 1967
007ZirkleLydia5 Sep 1856Aged 41y 3m 11d
007ZirkleLewis9 Jan 181425 Aug 1899Aged 85y 7m 16d; Our Father; At rest from my laborsDuane Borden in 1980s noted: Lewis married 15 May 1843 to Lydia Spitzer by Rev. Ambrose Henkel in Rockingham Co., VA
007ZirkleLydia4 Sep 18265 Mar 1899Aged 72y 6m 1d; w/Lewis
007ZirkleMargaret M.24 Jan 186522 Apr 1923Sister