Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryDean Family Cemetery
LocationSwift Run Gap, Elkton Area, Rockingham County, Virginia. After leaving Park Entrance at Swift Run, travel 2.4 miles north on the Skyline Drive, then turn left into Dean Mountain Cemetery. A paved parking lot is on the right after making the left turn. This would be at Milepost 63.2 as noted in Shenandoah National Park interpretive guide.
NotesCemetery is well maintained. In the 1960s the D.A.R. recorded this cemetery and at that time, made a notation that there were "many fieldstone markers." There is a stainless steel flagpole which was placed in the cemetery in 2002.
Survey Date and RecorderNovember 2002
Wilsene Scott

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001DeanLester D.31 Aug 1919
001DeanWanda Jean15 Dec 1951
001DeanClyde Owen20 Nov 1947
001DeanMarian C.27 July 192210 Apr 2002
001DeanLoretta8 Oct 193712 Aug 1996Faded Ryan Funeral Home marker, Quinque, VA
001DeanWillard E.15 Mar 1929
001DeanAnna Lam4 Sep 1930
001DeanTeresa L.29 Sep 1958
002DeanArthur Richard6 Mar 191323 Jan 1991Turner-Robertshaw Funeral Home marker
002DeaneGeorge Edward23 May 18868 Jan 1956
002DeanReuben B.3 Mar 188418 Nov 1967Husband of Fannie Lue Dean; Our children-Nicholas O., Elsie M., Bertha M., Russell B., Robert E., Daisy L., Lester D., Edward R., Aubrey B., Norman O.Middle name is Brown
002DeanNicholas Lester22 Jul 189429 Aug 1974Youngest child of Nicholas Edward & Ann Eliza Dean
002SosnowskiMatthew W.19181984
002SosnowskiLena M.1926nee Dean
002KirkLeroy E.1943s/Lena E. Sosnowski
002KirkShirley I.1950w/Leroy E.
002KirkMichelle M.1970d/Leroy E. & Michelle M. Kirk
002DeanSamuel Jasper17 Feb 189624 Jun 1972Virginia Pvt. Co.D, 6th Infantry, WW I
002DeanMattie Lee22 Dec 190714 Oct 2001
002UnknownFieldstone, also fieldstone as foot marker
002Breeden, Sr.Harry C.5 Aug 18896 Sep 1980
002BreedenEthel T.21 Feb 189723 Aug 1992w/Harry C.
002BreedenTownsend Paul11 May 196422 Nov 2000Married 24 July 1999
002BreedenAnne Marie21 June 1965
002DeanJames "Jimmy"May 1862
002Gardner, Jr.Gary Wayne16 Sep 1972 Infant son of Gary & Anna Lee Gardner
003DeanLucinda M.E.15 Aug 180914 Dec 1891This stone is broken into three parts w/base still in ground. Almost unreadable.
004DeanSheridan Fred22 May 18935 Jun 1975
004DeanEdgar W.11 Oct 191323 Feb 1996
004DeanMargaret A. "Margie"24 Mar 1923
004DeanBessie O.18 Mar 191619 Sep 1974Mother
004DeanOliver J.26 Mar 19097 Jun 1971Father
004DeanE. Lee25 May 189228 Jan 1960Aged 67 yrs., Brothers/Solomon A. & Elizabeth Breeden Dean
004DeanSolomon A.18 Mar 18699 Mar 1950Aged 81 yrs; Father
004DeanEliza Annie18711945w/Solomon A.
004DeanLillie Mae11 Mar 190227 Mar 1902d/Solomon A. & Eliza Dean
004DeanAda Violet8 Jun 19052 Jul 1905d/Solomon A. & Eliza Dean
004UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
005EppardSusannah F.20 Oct 187827 Jun 1927w/Marian K. Eppard
005DeanSolomon3 Nov 183821 Jan 1909
005DeanEmily B.8 Nov 184026 Aug 1900w/Solomon
005DeanHenry S.26 Sep 18713 Oct 1898
005DeanJoseph E.2 Mar 188125 Oct 1882Birth date could be 27 Mar 1881. In 2002 is unreadable.Birth date could be 27 Mar 1881 - Illegible in 2002
005DeanJames15 Jan 179722 May 1862
005DeanSarah4 Aug 180313 Feb 1877w/James, nee Monger
005PorterCurtis Helmer25 Mar 195118 Apr 19991st greatgrandson of Nicholas Edward & Ann Eliza Dean
006DeanJacob R.19 Sep 19044 Feb 1975Father
006DeanLena C.23 Mar 191125 Sep 1978Motherw/Jacob R.
006StonebergerCharles Edward19 Feb 1937
006StonebergerShirley Ann14 Jul 193615 Nov 1997wed 9 Mar 1957
006MeadowsElijah S.19 Feb 185029 Aug 1922
006MeadowsLydia12 Mar 18607 Oct 1934w/Elijah S.
006UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
006UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
007UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
007UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
007UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
007UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
007UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
007UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
007DeanAnnie F. Meadows5 July 18768 Apr 1916
007DeanGertie R.27 Aug 190027 Nov 1914w/Leggett Dean
007DeanFadley4 Aug 18999 Sep 1899
007DeanGeorge R.22 Mar 190925 Sep 1931s/G.R.& A.F.Dean
007UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
007DeanR. Stanton4 Oct 190411 May 1925Given name is Raymond
008MeadowsAddie V.18 Jan 189527 Nov 1896child of E. S. & L. Meadows
008MeadowsEmily E.22 Aug 188324 Mar 1885child of E. S. & L. Meadows
008MeadowsDavid S.11 Mar 187824 Mar 1878child of E. S. & L. Meadows
008UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
008UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
008UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
008UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
009UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
009UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
009DeanJohn Richard16 Aug 18894 Oct 1907Son of Nicholas Edward Dean
009UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
009DeanNicholas E.16 Feb 186328 Jan 1895
009DeanAnnie E.20 Aug 186328 Dec 1952w/Nicholas
009UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
009UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
009UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
009UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
009DeanDavid C.4 Mar 187224 May 1899
010DeanHenry Thomas18 Jul 190824 Aug 1977
010BreedenEliza E.27 Apr 187014 May 1945
010UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
010SmithMelvina Dean18511942Age 91Lavender metal marker propped against a fieldstone
010DeanW. F.20 Jan 18284 May 1907
010DeanA.M. ? 1896? 1978Handcarved flat stone imbedded in ground - under lilac bush.
010DeanFannie1 Feb 183315 Apr 1896w/Wm. F.
010UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
010UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
010DeanChancel N.6 May 192022 Nov 1922
010DeanLonnie N.25 Jan 192814 Nov 1933
010DeanHazel M.15 Jun 19306 Jul 1937
010DeanElijah Dyche9 Feb 189716 Nov 1959Father
010DeanDaisy Lee16 Dec 190028 Nov 1966Mother
010DeanRobert George15 Apr 193227 Jun 1999
011UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
011UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
011UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
011UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
011MeadowsWalter Y.13 Sep 188616 Oct 1922
011BaileyNancy Annd/Mr. & Mrs. L. L. Bailey, Jr.
011CollierRichard James29 Mar 19281 Feb 1999Married 1 Oct 1950
011CollierZelda Dean23 Feb 19227 Apr 1997
012DeanWalter A.10 Feb 188720 Jun 1898s/W. F. & Sarah J. Dean
012DeanDewey Nelson4 Mar 190030 Nov 1972Father
012DeanEthel H.20 Apr 189723 Oct 1918Mother
012DeanSarah J.18601942
012UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
012UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
013DeanThomas L.20 Feb 185422 Jun 1942
013DeanHoward G.22 Jul 190220 May 1919s/W. F. & S. J.
014DeanElmer C.8 Sep 193425 May 1937Son
014DeanDorsey Z.21 Oct 188312 Jul 1958Father
014DeanDelilah Maude3 Jun 190321 Jan 1965Mother
014DeanSheila Kay16 Dec 1968Stillborn d/S. L. & Geraldine E. Dean
015DeanWarren A.10 Feb 18876 Nov 1964
015DeanVirginia B.14 Jul 189210 Nov 1989
015DeanJosaphineSep 18851952
015LambJulia Dean4 Jan 189817 Jan 1966
015UnknownUnmarked rough fieldstone
015BreedenAsburyNo dates on headstone
015BreedenMatilda9 Dec 186227 Nov 1954
015DeanWilliam Frank18621936Father
016DeanCarl S.15 Jan 190822 Feb 1992
016DeanElizabeth R.18 Apr 190719 Dec 2002
016DeanKearney W.11 Feb 192315 Nov 1971Pfc Co A, 803 TD Bn, WW II
016DeanDennis R.14 May 192411 Mar 1965
016DeanBarbara E.26 Feb 197126 Feb 1971d/D. M. & C. J.Dean
017UnknownClintonHere lies Clinton, Son of Claud of the Devil but he was of the Lord
017DeanGlenvil G.10 Sep 191820 Jul 1990
017DeanAmanda Renae7 Oct 19877 Oct 1987Funeral home metal marker (JCBrill)
018DeanCharles E.6 Jun 19358 Oct 1997
018FlavellRobert Allen29 Mar 19431 Feb 2000USAF 1961-1981
018FlavellJanice Ann27 Jan 194228 Jun 1996A2C USAF 1962-1965
018DeanHolsie W.25 Mar 191927 May 2003
018DeanSumiyo K. "Sue"11 Aug 19284 Sep 1996
018DeanHenry R.13 Feb 1929
018DeanFloyd G.1 May 19254 Mar 1983USMC WWII
018GoodGeneva8 Apr 19324 May 1987No dates on headstone
018GoodRobert L.13 Jan 1928
018MericaJohnnie S.8 Aug 192223 Dec 1990Pfc US Army
018MericaVida M.16 Sep 192624 Dec 1997
018DeanHollie T.17 Jul 192323 Jan 1974Father; Virginia TSgt USMC WWII
018DeanEunice J.21 Jan 193023 Jun 1995Mother; w/Hollie T.
019DeanSamuel C.5 Jul 189110 Oct 1966Father
019DeanJulia A.20 Dec 189114 Feb 1961
019DeanLennie Stephen4 Aug 192314 Apr 1989Tec5, US Army
019DeanEarl Everette2 Jul 191324 Jan 1994
019DeanJerry Lee30 Apr 192821 Mar 19961928 on military marker - 1929 on funeral home markerBorn 1928 on military marker; born 1929 on funeral home marker
019ShifflettLucy Mae1 Feb 1957
019DeanGeneral Roller12 Oct 191224 Oct 1982s/James T. & Edna J. Dean
019DeanOra G.4 Nov 19283 Aug 1995
019DeanRobert A.19 Mar 1926Married 6 Jul 1944