Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryAntioch United Church of Christ Cemetery
LocationGreenmount area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Court Square in Harrisonburg take Route 42 north and go 1.3 miles, then turn left onto Route 763 (Mt. Clinton Pike). Go 1.1 miles and turn right onto Route 910 (Ft. Lynne Road). Go 2.3 miles and church/cemetery on the left side of road.
NotesIn 1967 J. Robert Swank noted "There are many unknown & unmarked graves. Antioch Christian Church was organized in 1832 by Rev. I. N. Walter. The present building was erected in 1880 with later improvements." In 2002 found tops of stones & footstones on ground.
Survey Date and RecorderJul 2002
Martha Lee

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
FunkLouisa Burkholder23 Aug 1864Information from Solomon Funk's diary per J. Robert Swank-1967; 1st wife of Ben Funk & d/Jacob & Lydia Burkholder; Ben Funk's 2nd wife Mary Cowger 20 Apr 1844-23 May 1909 & buried in Singers Glen Cemetery
001HintonRobert A21 Jun 186018 Aug 1921s/Silas & Sarah
001HintonMary E.18 Jul 185816 Oct 1939w/Robertd/Wm. P. & Kate Byrd
001ByrdWm. P.6 Jun 18172 Aug 1887age 70y 1m 26ds/Abraham & Rebecca M.
001ByrdCatherine C.3 Dec 182712 Apr 1905d/Joseph & Sophia Burkholder, w/Wm. P. Byrd
001ByrdSophia R.18 Mar 18657 Dec 1936d/William P. & Catherine C.
001ByrdMargaret R.27 Dec 186216 Apr 1953d/William P. & Catherine C.
002UnknownNew stone-no name
002UnknownNew stone-no name
002AndesRoy H., Lieut.18 Oct 191624 Feb 1943killed in Service at Vermilion Bay, La.
002AndesAlfred W., Rev.18801936s/Jacob A. & Barbara
002AndesMinnie B.18881979w/Rev. Alfred W.d/W. E. & Margaret Bowman
002AndesJacob A.14 Nov 184715 Dec 1915age 68y 1m 1ds/Eli & Sarah
002AndesBarbara A.17 May 185528 Oct 1946w/Jacob A.d/Jacob & Hannah Wenger
003ArmentroutAnza N.19 Jun 189715 Jul 1898age 1y 26d; C. C. & S. M.
003BurkholderAndalisia22 Jun 1841age 11y 3m 11d, d/A. & E.
003BurkholderMartin26 Feb 1869age 90y 10m 25d
003BurkholderElizabeth H.1 Sep 1858age 81y, w/MartinIllegible death date-recorded by Swank in 1967; Stone broken; nee Kratzer
003GreeneEarl O.18811957s/Zachariah W. & Jennie
003GreeneElla K.18831963d/James W. & Mary Beth Kenney
003GradyJohn W.25 Dec 18929 Sep 1940
004UnknownFieldstone-no markings
004UnknownFieldstone-no markings
005UnknownFieldstone-may be grave
005UnknownFieldstone-may be grave
005UnknownFieldstone-may be grave
005KellerSamanthea Margaret30 Jul 1848age 2y 8m 17d, d/D. & S. J.
005DeanNorman S.26 Sep 1930
005DeanPeter A.8 Aug 18985 Dec 1976
005DeanMadeline M.9 Mar 190018 Nov 1992
005DeanShirley M.10 Apr 192511 Sep 1940
005ArgenbrightPaul M.27 Sep 1903age 33y 5m 29d
005WamplerBerta F.18761973
005WamplerWilliam C.12 Mar 187114 Jun 1949s/Samuel H. & Mary
005WamplerIda E.18741932w/Wm. C.d/John G. & Anna P. Miller
005MillerJohn G.18 Feb 1904age 54y 6m 11ds/Michael M. & Elizabeth
005MillerPriscilla A.30 Aug 1910age 56y 8m, w/J. G.d/Abraham & Eliz. Geil
005WhitmoreWilliam J.15 Aug 1920age 3 das, s/C. S. & E. C.
005NisewanderJacob F.18691937s/Abraham & Catherine
005NisewanderMinnie B.18821957w/Jacob F.d/Hamilton & Johanna Miller
006LineweaverIsaac Luther14 Nov 187417 Nov 1900aged 26y 3d, s/J. F. & J. E.
006LineweaverJeremiah F.24 Dec 184817 Aug 1922fathers/Daniel & Esther Beard Lineweaver
006LineweaverJosie E.22 Dec 184625 Sep 1929w/Jeremiah F, motherd/David & Frances Beery Ralston
007BurkholderRobert Henderson29 Nov 184329 Dec 1843s/S. K. & R. S.Broken stone-on ground
007BurkholderWilliam Waller26 Jan 18402 Nov 1840s/S. K. & R. S.Illegible broken stone on ground-recorded by Swank in 1967
007ShaverGeorge30 Jul 1866age 83y 6m 13d
007ShaverHannah3 Mar 1873age 84y 7m 7d
007ZirkleB. Frank20 Sep 184414 Jul 1931
007ZirkleFannie J.1 Feb 184415 May 1920aged 76y 3m 14d, w/B. Frankd/David & Fannie Beery Rolston
007NieswanderHarold A.10 Nov 193015 Apr 1971
007NieswanderMonte Ann3 Sep 19289 Feb 1986
007NieswanderDonald C.3 Sep 194931 Jan 2000U. S. Army VietnamKyger funeral home marker; Military marker
007NieswanderGeorgia Lee14 Feb 1923
007NieswanderWillard Moody23 May 190013 May 1971
007NieswanderElsie Maude2 Oct 190225 Jan 1968Lindsey funeral home marker
007NieswanderNelson Lynwood9 Jul 192512 Aug 1925
007NieswanderErnest Wilson27 Mar 192418 May 1924
007NiswanderEffie Lee23 Jun 190722 Jun 1942age 35y 11m 29d
007KanneyJames W.16 Mar 18572 Jan 1943
007KanneyMary S.25 Oct 186330 Jun 1912w/James W.
007KenneyHoward A.21 Mar 189816 Aug 1900age 1y 4m 25d, s/James W. & Mary S.
007KenneyInfants/James W. & Mary S.
007KenneyInfant13 Jul 1888aged 1y 1m 14dIllegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967; s/James W. & M. S.
007NiswanderCatherine8 Jun 183115 Jan 1903aged 71y 7m 7d, w/Abraham
007BowmanJohn B.19 Jun 1893age 43y 7m 29ds/Samuel & Evaline
007BowmanM. Virginia19 Oct 18546 Aug 1920aged 65y 9m 18d, w/John B.d/Samuel & Emily Long Bowman
008ShaverSarah E.11 Apr 182930 May 1867age 32y 1m 19d
008TalerRebecca1 Feb 1852age 34 yrsIllegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
008RolstonLydia M.1 Feb 18435 Apr 1872d/Daniel & Fannie Beery Rolston, age 29y 2m 4dIllegible broken stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
008RolstonM. H., Lieut.20 Oct 18393 May 186323y 6m ?d, killed at Chancellorsville Va. C.S.A.Stone broken-on ground, s/Daniel & Fannie Beery Rolston;
008RolstonInfant15 Nov 1857s/John H. & Hettie E. Swank RolstonIllegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
008RolstonJames W.9 Oct 183721 Feb 1852age 14y 4m 12ds/David & Frances
008RolstonBelle21 Feb 1851age 6 mos, d/David & Frances
008RolstonDavid10 Mar 18043 Apr 1877age 75y 25ds/David & Sarah Henton Rolston
008RalstonFrancis12 Dec 180420 Aug 188984y 8m 8dd/Abram & Barbara Good Beery, w/David
008RolstonSamuel H.2 Feb 182927 Oct 1901age 72y 8m 25ds/David & Frances, blind, musician & piano tuner
008ShowalterLaura F.13 Dec 1868age 1m 15d, d/A. J. & A.Stone broken & leaning on backside of Samuel H. Rolston's headstone
008RolstonHester E.21 May 183420 Mar 1887aged 52y 9m 29d, w/J. H. Rolston d/Joseph & Eliz. Landes Swank
008RolstonJohn H., Capt.18 Mar 183228 Sep 1911age 79y 6m 10dWounded at Battle of Appomattox Va., left on field as dead and arrived home as family was about to leave for church for his funeral. s/David & Frances
008RolstonMary E.10 Oct 18446 Nov 1917age 73y 21d, w/Capt. John H.nee Messick
008RolstonAmanda M.26 Sep 1896age 8m 11dIllegible name rest is correct., d/B. Frank & Mary J.
008TateCarl M.26 Sep 19161 Mar 1918s/W. M. & E. M.
008TateLuna C.8 Feb 189113 Dec 1918age 27y 10m 5d, d/J. W. & Sarah A.
008TateJohn W.8 Dec 18582 Nov 1915s/J. W. & Sarah A.s/J. W. & Sarah A.
008TateSarah A.14 Jan 186715 Apr 1950w/John W.
008TateEdward C.10 Mar 188830 Jul 1966
008TateWilliam N.23 May 189415 Feb 1979
008TateMary Essie28 Jan 18981 Jun 1984
008TateEwell W.6 Feb 191920 Oct 1990McMullens funeral home marker
008HentonThomas H.14 May 185830 Jan 1891age 32y 8m 16d, my husband
008HentonSilas30 Apr 181511 Mar 1888age 72y 10m 11d
008HentonSallie6 Oct 18237 Sep 1896w/Silas, d/Harvey Andes
009KingreeSarah1 Jan 180716 May 1891aged 84y 4m 16d, our mother
009ShaverGeorge W.5 Sep 183220 Dec 1906father
009ShaverElizabeth J.11 Aug 183222 May 1920w/George W., motherd/Elizabeth J. Burkholder
009ShaverNewton J.21 Mar 186216 Mar 1904
009ShaverF. Burk8 Jul 1888age 22 yrs
009ShaverCharlie Burk23 & 24 Mar 1863Infant sons, In remembrance of the children of G. W. & E. J. ShaverOn stone with F. Burk Shaver
009ShaverJeff. Davis23 & 24 Mar 1863Infant sons, In remembrance of the children of G. W. & E. J. ShaverOn stone with F. Burk Shaver; at base of stone below the infant sons data appears J.W. & G. E. Miller
009UnknownFootstone-illegible initials; between C.B.S./J.D.S. footstone & M.P.S. footstone
009ShaverM. Pauline11 Feb 1887age 15 yrsOn stone with F. Burk Shaver
009BowersLuella E.4 Dec 1857age 4m 27d, d/Isaac & Anneliza C.Illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
009BurkholderFlavius J.19 Jan 1847In the 8th year of his life
009BeareRoy Eugene22 Jul 1906age 11m 18d, s/Jacob & Lillie
009ShackelfordLula Mabelle9 Aug 1906age 24y 26d, d/Wm. & Mary
009MurraySarah W.24 Dec 1891age 55y 2m 26d
009ClineThos. J.24 Dec 1891age 62y 9m 17d, Dedicated to our parents
009ClineFrancis C.30 Dec 1891age 59y 11m 15dw/Thomas J.
009BowmanSamuel3 Jul 1897age 86y 8m 28d
009BowmanEvaline18 Nov 1889age 77y, w/Samuel
010KingreeRuben19 Mar 1857age 60y 5m 9d
010PayneCharles A.6 Jul 188027 Feb 1881s/J. A. & R. A.Broken stone
010MessickAnnie MaryNov 1844age 32y, w/H. Jewett
010MillerRebecca L.11 Mar 1841age 30 yrs
010MillerF. G. (Elder)11 Mar 1844age 34 yrs
010UnknownStone flat on ground-no visible markings
010UnknownStone flat on ground-no visible markings
011UnknownIllegible adult marker
011LineweaverInfantour little babe- J. F. & J. E. Lineweaver
012UnknownWooden markers-no legible markings
012UnknownWooden markers-no legible markings
012UnknownWooden markers-no legible markings
012BowmanSusan Jane12 Jun 1845age 5y 2m 21d, d/Samuel & EvaIllegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967.
012BowmanJonnie B.25 Mar 188828 Mar 1888s/J. B. & Jennie
012BowmanWilliam Edward17 Sep 187311 Oct 1873s/J. B. & J. M.
012BurkholderErasmus M.5 Feb 1844age 10m 10d, s/Jesse & CatherinePartially below ground-recorded by Swank in 1967
012BurkholderInfant Son20 Feb 1848age 18 das, s/Jesse & Catherine
012NeffAmanda W.22 Sep 1871age 36y 9m 20d, d/Jesse & Catherine BurkholderFootstone has initials A.W.N.
012BurkholderJesse8 Jan 181127 May 1898Fathers/Martin & Eliz. Kratzer Burkholder
012BurkholderCatharine25 Dec 18093 Feb 1907Motherw/Jesse, d/George Shaver
012BurkholderMary C.29 Jul 184118 Jan 1918d/Jesse & Catharine