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CemeteryBible Cemetery
LocationFulks Run area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Fulks Run Grocery, go west on Hwy 259 for 1 mile. Turn left at Valleyland store onto Route 818 (Little Dry River Road). Go a few miles and turn left onto Route 631 (Dull Hunt Road). About 1 mile you will reach Kathleen & Tom Ritchie's home. You have to drive through several gates of their farm to reach the cemetery which is at the edge of the woods next to the farm pond.
NotesThere are no graves recorded in this cemetery. The following notes were furnished by Patricia Turner Ritchie. "Tom Ritchie's brother, Charles Ritchie of Rt. 2 Broadway, pointed out the cemetery to us about 1996. No carved stones. There were 9 depressions and rock markers, but there could have been others. Once Charles' father, Algernon 'Gem' Ritchie, was nearby and heard a sound like crying coming from the graveyard. When he investigated, Susie Bible was in the cemetery crying. Some of her people are buried there." (Pat Ritchie note: Susie Bible was an old lady who walked the roads with a pack on her back. Little children found her scary. My grandmother Ruth Turner & my aunt Lettie Albrite remember seeing her when they were children. Sometimes the children would play "Susie Bible" by carrying a sack on their backs. I have not found who Susie's parents were but I do have a picture of her from Nora Trumbo Heatwole's collection. There is a ridge nearby which Gem & his children used to call the "Susie Tea Ridge." Kathleen thinks it was named for Susie Bible but is not sure. Donald Ritchie, Charles & Tom's nephew, has a log home past Kathleen's house which is on the "Bible place." Bible Run flows out of this hollow. Adam & Fannie Fawley Shickle used to live on the Bible place. He told Kathleen that he lived good up there. He didn't have any problems until the hunting laws & seasons were put into effect. He said that the hunting laws weren't God's laws, and he continued to hunt since he wasn't breaking God's law.)
Survey Date and Recorder1999
Patricia Turner Ritchie

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