Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryBrenneman Mennonite Church Cemetery
LocationEdom, Rockingham County, Virginia. From downtown Harrisonburg, take Route 42 north 4.7 miles and turn left onto Route 778 (Brenneman Church Road). Go 1.0 miles and cemetery is on the right side of road.
NotesIn 2002 Martha Lee found several broken stones in the first couple of rows and stones buried in bushes. Some stones were face down and to heavy to lift and read but I believe were recorded by Mr. Swank. There is an open area between rows 4 and 5 with no markers. In 1967 J. Robert Swank wrote "Brenneman Mennonite Cemetery is the site of the old Brenneman Church. It was used as a place of worship and also a school as there were no public schools." Mr. Swank goes on: From the Brenneman Family History (page 30 # 96) we find, "The Brenneman Church was built on the Peter Brenneman farm one mile north of Greenmount in 1826 by the Funks, Shanks, Swanks and Brennemans of the vicinity of Linville, Singers Glen, Greenmount and the Brush." Mr. Swank notes "Deed Book 24 Page 338 - Oct 1852. Peter Brenneman to Joseph Wenger & (?) Burkholder trustees of Mennonite Society, two parcels of land on road to Geo. Shavers Mill; one for meeting house now built, one for burying ground."
Survey Date and RecorderOct 2002
Martha Lee

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
BeardJamesno visible marker-known to be buried in unmarked graves per Swank's records of 1967
FulkCharles Homer16 Sep 18803 Jun 1893no visible marker-known to be buried in unmarked graves per Swank's records of 1967, children Abram & Susan
FulkMary Catherine26 May 18915 Jun 1893no visible marker-known to be buried in unmarked graves per Swank's records of 1967, children Abram & Susan
ShankElizabeth3 Jan 1836no visible marker-the Heatwole History book shows her buried here but she is recorded as buried in the Lindale Mennionte Church Cemetery, aged 46y 4m, w/Henry Shank, nee Heatwole
001AckerLucy Ann16 Aug 180717 Nov 188881y 3m 1d, consort/Peternee Barnes
001Acker, Jr.Peter13 Oct 180813 Nov 1873Aged 65y 1ms/Peter & Mary Driver Acker
001OckerPeter23 Sep 175330 Mar 1832
001AckerAnna Marie3 Dec 1764Nov 1849illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s, d/Lewis & Barbara Driver Acker
002AnthonySophia M.14 Sep 182629 Sep 1890illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s, 1st wife of James Beard then 2nd marriage to John A. Anthony per Swank, nee Moyers
002BeardAmanda J.17 Mar 18465 Mar 1894illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s
002BeardRuth E.22 Aug 18528 Mar 1894illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s
002BeardMary E.20 Jul 18509 Dec 1926
002DillardSylvester W.18791941
003BeardMyron & Nannie20 Jan 1904no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s as a child's stone
004MitchellCatherine31 Oct 183329 May 1897w/E. S.d/Jacob Nave
004MitchellE. S.12 Oct 18285 Sep 1907s/Jacob & Catherine
005WoodBertie May4 Feb 187722 Sep 1906aged 28y 8m 17d, w/Wade H.d/Geo. & Mary S. Etting, 1w/Wade H.
005WoodGeorgia M.25 Aug 190627 Jul 1907c/W. H. & B. C. Winecord Wood
006WoodJoseph N.30 Oct 185025 Sep 1918s/W. A. & Melvina
006WoodFannie J.17 Jul 185031 Oct 1916w/Joseph N.
006WebbEdna Rebecca14 Feb 190623 Apr 1906c/Thomas C. & Annie Webbno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
006WebbThelma V.23 Mar 190727 Jun 1909c/Thomas C. & Annie Webbfootstone with initials only visible marker - rest recorded by Swank in 1960s
006WebbWorthy K.4 Oct 191127 Sep 1913c/Thomas C. & Annie Webbfootstone with initials only visible marker - rest recorded by Swank in 1960s
007RhodesAllie S.7 Jan 1890aged 20y 6m 13dc/Anthony & Hannah
007RhodesInfant18 Oct 189321 Oct 1893s/S. J. & Kate
007RhodesHannah H.26 Jan 182819 Sep 1892aged 64y 7m 23dd/John Beery, w/Anthony
007RhodesAnthony7 May 1902aged 74y 2m 7d
007RhodesVernie May25 Nov 189419 Mar 1898age 3y 3m 23d, c/S. J. & Kate
007RhodesLena28 Dec 189818 Feb 1899c/S. J. & Kate
007RhodesSamuel J.15 May 186014 Dec 1909s/Anthony & Hannah
007RhodesKate L.2 Feb 186816 Mar 1923w/S. J.d/Christian & Rebecca Niswander
007FulkSusan C.19 Jan 185630 Apr 1917aged 61y 3m 11d, w/Abram F.d/Peter & Mary Brenneman
007FulkAbraham F.16 Feb 185427 Sep 1899aged 45y 7m 11ds/Josiah & Betty
008BeeryHenry19 Feb 18062 Aug 1887s/John & Barbara Kagey Beery
008BeeryLydia30 Jul 1890aged 79y 4m 9d, w/Henrynee Grove
008GeilCatharine26 Aug 1907aged 74y 5m 17d, w/Rev Johnd/Henry & Lydia Beery
008GeilJohn, Rev.28 Jul 1900s/John & Mary Driver Geilborn 27 Feb 1830 according to Swank in 1960s
008MessickGeil Richard10 Jun 19165 Mar 1917c/K. L. & Isadora
008MessickEdna Irene3 Jun 19147 Jun 1914c/K. L. & Isadora
008MessickCharlotte Bell2 Oct 19092 Oct 1909c/K. L. & Isadora
008MessickEmma Lee8 Aug 190820 Jul 1909age 11m 12d, c/K. L. & Isadora
008FulkHardy C.30 Jan 1890aged 3y 1m 15ds/A. F. & S. C.
008RinkerAnna3 Apr 182024 Mar 1890aged 69y 11m 21d, w/Jonathan
008RinkerJonathan3 May 18199 Apr 1902aged 82y 11m 6d
009GeilJohn H.28 May 1917aged 64y 4m 15ds/John & Catherine Beery, born 13 Jan 1853 according to Swank in 1960s
009GeilAnnie E.19 Dec 1900aged 43y 8m, w/John H.nee Fulk
009GeilJames D.1 Sep 1896aged 12y 6m 23d, c/J. H. & Annie E.
009Geilinfant sonage 1/2 hour, s/J. H. & Anna E. Geil
009GeilMartha S.21 Jul 1889aged 10m 21d, c/J. H. & Annie E.
009GeilEmma Virginia9 Jan 188226 Feb 1883c/J. H. & Annie E.
009GeilCharles W.9 Nov 1881aged 1y 1m 14d, c/J. H. & Annie E.
009GeilJoseph Edward10 Oct 1881aged 3y 7m 18d, c/J. H. & Annie E.
009GeilSophia C.29 Aug 1880aged 3y 7m 23d, C/J. H. & Annie E.
010MartzFlorence10 Sep 188321 Jun 1890d/Jacob & Lydiaillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s
010MartzLydia A.10 Jul 186021 Dec 1889age 29y 5m 11d, w/Jacob
010MastersGeorge W.30 Sep 181719 Nov 1881age 64y 1m 19d