Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryBrush Brethren Church Cemetery
LocationSingers Glen, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg Court Square, take Route 42 north. Go 5.6 miles and turn left onto Route 721 (Green Hill Road). Go 3.1 miles and Route 721 intersects with Route 752 (Mt. Zion Road). Take Route 752 and go 5/10ths mile to cemetery on left side of road; between Frog Hollow Road and Joe's Creek Road.
NotesCemetery not well maintained. Notes in the Remarks column were provided by J. Robert Swank. In 1967 Mr. Swank also noted "There are many more unmarked graves than those with markers. From the book "Life of Elder John Kline" by Benjamin Fulk we learn from Elder Kline's diary: Sunday May 28, 1843. Today we held our first meeting in our new house. It has been decided to name it the Brush Meeting House. Frame building constructed by Christian Wine, John Wine and others including David Hollar. Samuel Wine, a German Baptist, raised a family in the Brush Section - had sons John, Christian, Samuel, George and Michael. The first four were preachers in the Brethren Church and Michael was a deacon. Others mentioned were the Joseph Mitchell family, Anthony Showalter family - father of John A. and grandfather of Anthony J. of music fame."
Survey Date and RecorderOct 2002
Shelvie Carr

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
KirkpatrickSusan Catherine5 Jul 18506 Apr 18751/w Ben F. Kirkpatrick; d/John D. & Margaret Beery Swank
SwankCatherine1820__ Jan 18942/w Daniel Swank; nee Diehl
Eversoleburied 8 Jun 1847; s/Christian; age 69 yrs
BowersSamuelAge 20
MoyersJacobs/Henry & Susan Senger Moyers
SagerMissAged about 16 yrs buried here-advised by a relative Mrs. Hooper-noted by Mr. Swank
001HollandJonas29 Apr 1893Aged 71y 1m 13d
001HollandVirginia A.9 Jun 1896Aged 71y 3m 15dw/Jonas; nee Jones
001ShoemakerRettie E.__ Dec 1858__ Apr 1860d/Jacob A. & Mariah J. Miller ShoemakerHeadstone propped against tree in 2002
001MoyersFannied/Cyrus & Lydia HooverNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967; 1m/Wm. Moyers 2m/Henry Vanpelt father of Phoebe Vanpelt
003DillardJesse S.10 Aug 188510 Aug 18856 Dillards all on same stone
003DillardJames V.21 Nov 184610 Jun 18946 Dillards all on same stone
003DillardLucinda M.19 May 184618 Aug 18856 Dillards all on same stone; w/James
003DillardMinnie E.5 Mar 187710 Nov 1877ch/James & Lucinda6 Dillards all on same stone
003DillardAnnie E.15 Mar 188015 Mar 1880ch/James & Lucinda6 Dillards all on same stone
003DillardLucinda V.20 Sep 188220 Sep 1882ch/James & Lucinda6 Dillards all on same stone
003CusterJohn Calvin7 Feb 185710 Jan 1886s/Conrad & Nancy
004ReedyEliza C.1 Mar 185927 Jul 1882
005ReedySarah J.16 Mar 18245 Dec 1901
005O'RoarkMary C.4 Aug 1893d/Jesse & Elizabeth
005JacobsMalinda2 Jul 180017 Mar 1886
005O'RoarkeJesse7 Nov 1888Aged 84y 1m 20dNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
005O'RoarkeElizabeth17 Oct 1880Aged 58y 7m 11d; w/Jessed/Thomas Jacobs
005LongKate M.2 Nov 1868Aged 22y 4m 3dStone leaning against tree; from Lizzie Funk Memories buried here 24 Nov 1868
006VanceBessie9 Jan 1887Aged 7y 1m 29d; ch/J. S. & E. C.5 Vances all on same stone
006VanceGertie8 Nov 1881Aged 2m 14d; ch/J. S. & E. C.5 Vances all on same stone
006VanceElizabeth1 Dec 1881Aged 60y 28d; ch/J. S. & E. C.5 Vances all on same stone
006VanceEvie C.15 Aug 1898Aged 46y 5m 27d5 Vances all on same stone; w/John S.; d/Joel & Sarah Knouss Senger
006VanceJohn S.22 Feb 18445 Vances all on same stone; John was buried in Cedar Run per House of Senger Volume II
007ThomasMary F.30 Aug 187113 Mar 1890
007ThomasJoel1 Feb 185815 Mar 1883Stone on ground in 2002; s/Joseph & Hannah
007ThomasHannah B.27 Nov 184221 Apr 1892w/Joseph; nee Sanger
007ThomasJoseph27 Jul 182516 Dec 1900s/Henry & Catherine Bible Thomas
007ThomasPeter9 Jun 187418 May 1900
007ThomasCatherine7 Mar 186030 Nov 1900
007RoudabushJacob11 Nov 181921 Aug 1886
007RoudabushMalinda28 Oct 181922 Feb 1873w/Jacob; d/Henry Andes
007WamplerElizabeth25 Nov 18294 Feb 1867Our Sister
008ThomasSarah13 Oct 186126 Jan 1936d/Joseph & Hannah
008ThomasHannah15 Nov 186725 Oct 1942d/Joseph & Hannah
008ThomasHattie R.8 Oct 188320 Mar 1956d/Joseph & Hannah (last grave in cemetery)
008KirkpatrickThomas11 Sep 181312 Aug 1882
008KirkpatrickMary13 Sep 182327 Apr 1858Stone leaning against tree; w/Thomas; d/John Moore; Parents of Luther Kirkpatrick
009HillMary A.24 Dec 188916 Nov 1896ch/John M. & Mary E.
009HillAmanda E.19 Mar 189219 Mar 1892No visible marker- recorded by Swank in 1967; ch/John M. & Mary E.