Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryNorthern Methodist Cemetery
LocationMt. Crawford, Rockingham County, Virginia. From downtown Harrisonburg, take Route 11 south to Mt. Crawford. In town turn right onto Route 867 (Old Bridgewater Road), go 1/10th mile & cemetery is on left side of road.
NotesCemetery recorded from front (street side) to back & left to right. In the southwest corner there are illegible broken stones. In 1934 John W. Wayland noted "A 'Northern' Methodist church used to stand here, but was removed years ago." In 1937 the WPA noted "One of the first grave yards located in this section. No special history only the resting place of some of the first settlers in this part of Virginia." In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted "Many stones broken & down and probably as many or more unmarked then those with markers." In 2002 we found cemetery well maintained & a lot of stones were repaired.
Survey Date and Recorder27 Aug 2002
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001MillerRuth19 Nov 18005 Mar 1861
002FiferElizabeth12 Nov 178624 Dec 1861Aged 75y 1m 11d
002FadleyNancy Ann26 Jun 1875Aged 71yrsw/David; on stone with David
002FadleyDavid6 Jun 1864Aged 69 yrs; Erected by W. M. Fadley
002MoyersPhilipOct 1890Aged 65 yrs; Erected by W. A. Moyers
002MoyersPhebe J.Apr 1877Aged 45yw/Philip; on stone with Philip
003ChapmanAlgurn C.25 Jun 18449 Dec 1863
003ChapmanDaniel F.26 Apr 184615 Mar 1863
003ChapmanDeborah180711 Mar 1883
003ChapmanThomas19 Jan 180920 Jun 1888Aged 76y 5m 1d; Our Father
004SkeltonSilas G.24 Jul 186128 Mar 1862Twin Babies of A. M. & W. E.
004SkeltonGeorge C.24 Jul 186121 Apr 1862Twin Babies of A. M. & W. E.On stone with Silas G.
005MayEliza Ann14 Jun 1874Aged 21y 3m 7d; d/A. W. & H. J.
005MayWilliam H.8 May 1871Aged 16y 6m 29d; s/A. W. & H. J.
005FoleyJohn24 Aug 1860Aged 3y 5m 11d
005FoleyJacob W.13 Sep 1860Aged 5y 5m 29d
005PiferCatharine28 Jul 17989 Dec 1858w/Adam; Aged 60y 4m 12d
005DeitrickElizabeth3 Mar 181825 May 1852Consort of Jacob H.
005SkeltonElenorah9 Jan 1863Aged 8y 3d; d/W. E. & A. M.Age illegible; J.W. Wayland showed age as 3y 9d
005SkeltonMary A.22 Feb 183228 Jun 1852Aged 20y 4m 6d; w/G. W.
005Pifer, Sr.Adam29 Jun 179212 Jan 1877Aged 84y 6m 13d
005FiferBenjamin22 Jul 179910 May 1866Aged 66y 9m 18d
006DeanFranklin Fuller16 Jun 18586 Sep 1859s/C. & Sarah
006LagoAndrew23 Dec 17886 Jun 1868Aged 81y 6m 23d
006LagoMary31 Jan 178931 Jan 1853w/Andrew
006SheetsIsabella Frances18 Jul 1855Aged 31y 1m 17d; w/Felix T.; d/P. A. Clarke
006ClarkeIsabella15 Mar 179311 Feb 1852w/Pleasant A.; Born at Greencastle, Pa., died at Mt. Crawford, Va.; Erected to the memory of Father & MotherOn stone with Pleasant A.
006ClarkePleasant A.2 Oct 179124 Mar 1877Born in Goochland Co., Va., died at Mt. Crawford, Va.; A descendant of Joseph Clarke, an early English colonist who settled at Williamsburg, Va. & removed to Charles City Co., Va. 1742
007MayEliza Ann3 Feb 181521 Mar 1870Aged 55y 1m 18d; w/Daniel
007MayDaniel1 Oct 1865Aged 59y 9m 23d
007MayMargret Allis19 Mar 1857Aged 3m 14d; d/Danel & Eliza A.
007BeardMartha Ann16 Feb 1858Aged 16y 10m 3d; w/William F. Beard; d/Daniel & Eliza A. May
007MayWilliam15 Dec 1854Aged 22y 1d
007MayAmanda C.22 Apr 1854Aged 1y 7m 19d
007CuppElvira D.27 Jul 18164 Jan 1849w/J. J.
007CuppWilliam A.16 Jul 184012 Aug 1844ch/J. J. Cupp
007CuppPleasant A.21 Aug 18461 Jun 1847ch/J. J. Cupp
007ClarkeElizabeth P.23 Feb 182817 Nov 1849w/Erasmus D.
007UnknownFieldstone-possibly two babies
007ArmentroutAmanda25 Mar 1850In her 27th year; w/J. C.
007ArmentroutJoseph William10 Oct 1846Aged 5 days; s/J. C. & Amanda
007ArmentroutIrene Adelia13 Oct 1846In her 24th month of her life; d/J. C. & Amanda
007ArmentroutJohn Henry30 Mar 1848Aged 7 mos; s/J. C. & Amanda
007LongSarah23 Dec 1845Aged 10y 2m; d/Isaac & Elizabeth
007HernsbergerMary Elizabeth20 Jun 184215 Dec 1845Aged 3y 5m 25d; d/George W. & Elizabeth
007UnknownFieldstone-no markings
007RankinKitty3 May 179023 Nov 1847Consort of James S.
007RankinJames S.4 May 17942 Aug 1849Consort of Kitty
007LindseyElizabeth10 Aug 176010 Sep 1844Aged 84y 2m
008DeitrickJacob H.20 Nov 18438 Dec 1847s/Jacob H. & Eliz.
008SmileyJames H.8 Jan 184416 Jan 1844s/G. W. & B. A. Smiley
008HelmsMargaret6 Oct 181012 Mar 1835?A MotherStone broken at death date
008FisherWm.5 Aug 177230 Jan 1840
008FisherMary A.27 Jun 1874Aged 82y 7m 6d; w/Wm. FisherNo visible marker-recorded by John W. Wayland in 1934
008StevensJohnSep 1831Aged about 85 yrs
008StevensSarah A.15 Mar 1826Aged 12 days; d/Edward & ElizabethNo visible marker-recorded by John W. Wayland in 1934
009SkeltonSilas21 Jul 1865Aged 62y 10m 20dJ. Robert Swank noted: s/Moses & Margaret Skelton b. 1 Sep 1802 d. 31 Dec 1865 per Mrs. Ruth Harrington
009SkeltonMagadlene17 Feb 1876Aged 74y 5m 17d
009BruffyAlexander5 Aug 1829Aged 11y 5m 13d
009RitenourHenry W.9 Sep 1836Aged 30y 10m 13d
009BruffyAnn5 Jul 1844Aged 49 yrs