Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryTimberville Cemetery
LocationTimberville, Rockingham County, Virginia. From downtown Harrisonburg go 16.7 miles taking Route 42 North, through Broadway to Timberville. Turn right onto Church street. Go 1/10 mile to cemetery which is located behind the Timberville Church of the Brethren on the left side of the road.
NotesCemetery is well maintained. Rows are recorded starting behind the church to the back (south to north) and from the left to the right (west to east). In 1967 J. Robert Swank wrote "There is evidence of many other unmarked graves."
Survey Date and RecorderNov 2002
Martha Lee

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001Hoover, Jr.Ralph Miller "Billy"19241975
001HooverRalph Miller18971956
001HooverHelen Hopkins18971947
001HooverWilliam Luther1923infant
001HooverFerne Rebecca19051974
001HausenfluckHarold L.2 Aug 189220 May 1961
001HausenfluckNannie V.25 Dec 18908 Feb 1966w/H. L.
001BrannerRussell B.19 May 189923 Jun 1971
001BrannerHelen V.28 Oct 190619 Jan 1991
001HolsingerCarrie L.10 Oct 191324 May 1977
001BakerDebra Emily17 Aug 195317 Aug 1953
001GordonGorman G.18961970
001GordonBob Dallas19551985in Miami Florida
001GordonIva Cooper18981988
001GordonCooper B.19231986Papeete, Tahiti
001NashBeverly Wilkins8 Sep 190525 Apr 1998Grandle Funeral Home Marker
001NashFrances Bowers
001BowersBerlin B., Dr.22 Dec 18861 Oct 1967
001BowersOttie E.19 May 188928 Jan 1968
001LindamoodCharles D.18 May 19199 Nov 1996
001LindamoodBertha V.25 Jul 19216 Feb 1962w/C. D.
001LindamoodMary Belle5 Feb 18867 Apr 1965
001SagerGeorge W.18771957
001GarberJ. Arthur8 Feb 19142 Mar 1987father
001GarberMary E.25 Dec 191628 Oct 1976mother
001GarberHerbert D.10 Jan 188716 Jun 1972
001GarberHarry J.18891967
001GarberFannie T.18921958
001GarberJacob A.18521940father
001GarberMary F.18561940motherw/J. A.
001GarberArthur N.31 Nov 188318 Aug 1903
001GarberBertie E.16 Sep 188316 Jun 1967
001MillerJacob B.18551938father
001MillerLydia M.19581939motherwJ. B.
001HaunJoseph H.16 Sep 195825 Nov 1897
001HaunKate Haun Reamer2 Aug 186515 Sep 1950w/Joseph H.
001HarveyJoseph4 Jun 18948 Dec 1972
001SimmersErvin L.15 Apr 189624 Aug 1974
001SimmersAnnie G.7 Sep 190317 May 1997
001VetterLuther S.24 Jul 189522 Jan 1981father
001VetterAnnie E.30 Jul 189829 Sep 1970mother
001SimmersWilliam Emory4 Oct 186928 Mar 1947father
001SimmersSarah Elizabeth2 Nov 18725 Nov 1948motherw/W. E.
001ColemanR. D. Willie1 Sep 190325 Aug 1988
001ColemanMargaruite R.25 May 191226 Mar 1992
001RitchieWilliam F.18771951father
001RitchieGertie E.18851944w/W. F.
001RitchieMary C.18681895d/T. & A.
001StarkDelpha Pearl8 Jul 18871y 1m 25d, d/David & Aliceillegible date & age-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001StarkByrtie Rebecca10 Mar 18952y 4m 10d, d/David & Alice
001StarkCarrie E.6 Mar 191010y 1m 20d, d/David & Alice
001StarkCora A.25 Mar 186418 Feb 1932motherw/Daniel
001StarkDaniel27 Oct 185319 Mar 1933father
001StarkRobert18 Jun 182417 Sep 1898
001StarkHelena18 Sep 18272 Aug 190678y 10m 14d
001RifeTHomas G.25 Jun 1903about 36 yrs
001OrebaughJohn H.18511928
001OrebaughMary E. Bowman18491936w/John H.
001AshbyCharles T.18751950
001AshbyHannah M.18901974w/C. T.
001HolsingerMae R.19131970
001StewartMinnie Edith4 Mar 188716 Jul 1894d/J. B. & Va. C.illegible date-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001StewartFrank Wilbert24 Oct 188313 Nov 1886s/Jonathan B. & Va. visible stone base only-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001StewartJohn B.19 May 185719 Sep 191558y 4m
001StewartVirginia C. Beckman3 Jul 186427 Feb 192055y 7m 24dw/J. B.
001CoffmanSaylor J.1 Oct 19077 Apr 1908s/John J. & Mary E.
001CoffmanJohn Joseph18571930
001CoffmanMary Elizabeth18561939wJ. J.
001CoffmanThelma Louise28 Jul 1911
001CoffmanMarguerite V.22 Sep 19159 Apr 2000
001WhetzelMarie C.5 Dec 1919
001CoffmanGranville C.18851925
001CoffmanIda R.18891983
001CoffmanGranville D.10 Jun 19178 Nov 1917
001MoffettDaisey M.27 Feb 18839 Apr 1883d/C. I. ? (T.) & J. A. Moffett
001ArmentroutEmma S.18681942w/E. L.
001ArmentroutEmmett L.18761949
001KnuppBarbara10 Feb 184210 Jun 1922
001KnuppC. M.18781952
001KnuppMabel19011964illegible dates-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002CoffmanMiller K.7 Aug 19127 Sep 1997
002CoffmanMarie M.15 Mar 191421 Feb 1991
002Charles, Jr.Ralph W.1947
002CharlesSharon G.1958
002Charles, Sr.Ralph W.20 Jun 191727 Apr 1989
002CharlesDoris A.8 Aug 1923
002ArmentroutEdward Ernest21 Dec 187921 Nov 1961
002ArmentroutWillie Flook26 Aug 18857 Jan 1969
002BrunkConnie FayNov 19601960infantGrandle Funeral Home Marker
002HarrellThomas Carroll29 Jul 1941
002HarrellValerie Barba10 Sep 1940
002HarrellCharles Barba25 Jul 197220 Feb 1993U. S. Marine Corps
002CullersLory Ernest13 Apr 190421 Oct 1965
002CullersElsie Mae30 Dec 190822 Jul 1982w/L. E.
002BowersGeorge Andrew22 Aug 188719 Apr 1953
002BowersKathryn Custer1 Nov 18903 Aug 1984wG. A.
002FitzwaterAndrew David14 Dec 191914 May 1986
002FitzwaterRuth Finks24 Nov 1921
002FitzwaterRosa B.3 Sep 189617 Jul 1971
002FitzwaterAsa Ellis20 Mar 189530 Jan 1948
002FitzwaterBeverly V.6 Apr 193510 Aug 1977
002NeffPauline R. Knupp31 Jul 190422 Jan 1998
002KnuppCornelius H.29 Mar 18826 Dec 1953
002KnuppRessie F.26 Sep 188115 May 1951w/C. H.
002KnuppOrville Lee2 Jul 192122 Jan 1945PFC Co. F. 184th Inf. 7th Div No. 33212044, killed in WWII in Philippines
002HooverCharles E.6 Jun 189514 Aug 1919Vet.
002HooverErnest M.29 Aug 188610 Jul 1921
002HooverJohn H.4 Dec 186316 Mar 1944
002HooverAnnie R.8 May 186413 Apr 1962w/J. H.
002HooverLester D.19 Nov 189228 Dec 1963
002HooverEthel V.15 May 189028 May 1972w/L. D.
002HooverStanley F.20 Feb 189122 Jun 1971
002HooverRaymond I.5 Sep 19025 Apr 1987
002HooverGladys I.16 Mar 190610 May 1985
002HooverLawrence H.27 Mar 190610 Dec 1992
002HooverOla M.27 Feb 190722 Jun 1997
002HooverRuby Brill19002000Lindsey funeral home marker
002HooverSaylor C.19011944
002CristJohn W.8 Feb 18394 Aug 1903
002CristSarah C.24 Feb 184223 Feb 1911w/J. W.
002CristBenjamin F.18681941
002CristKittie N.18771952w/B. F.
002BrannerMary Elizabeth25 Sep 186620 Mar 1955motherw/C. H.
002BrannerCasper Henry5 Apr 187430 Jan 1938father
002WineCarl D.31 Aug 189827 Jun 1981
002WineBertha L.18 Feb 19048 Oct 1975
002RitchieLester M.27 May 190713 Mar 1972
002RitchieMary E. Branner29 Mar 19116 Jul 1984
002CristInfant7 Apr 1901s/Joseph F. & Lizzie M.stone cracked-can't read last number of date-rest is correct-recorded by Swank in 1960s
002CristEdna F.19131960
002CristB. Florence18811964w/I. C.
002CristIsaac C.18781927
002CristMary C.10 Dec 186713 Mar 1941
002CristJacob4 Jan 183726 Oct 191376y 9m 22d
002CristRebecca15 Apr 184012 Aug 189252y 3m 22d ?w/Jacob
002HooverSamuel17841854Remains moved here from Hoover Family Cemetery.
002HooverAnna17831868Remains moved here from Hoover Family Cemetery.
002HooverJohn17801830Remains moved here from Hoover Family Cemetery.
002HooverLydia H. Glick18191842Remains moved here from Hoover Family Cemetery.
002HooverJohn18211836Remains moved here from Hoover Family Cemetery.
002HooverEmmanual16 Dec 1898aged 71y 8m 12d, father
002HooverAnna4 Dec 1896aged 67y 4m 18dw/Emmanuel
002HooverIsaac M. Franklin8 Nov 1862aged 5y 10m 23d, s/E. M. & Anna
002HooverInfant7 Mar 1860d/ E. M. & A.
002DriverInfant16 Feb 1886s/Cornelius & Rebeccaillegible date-recorded by Swank in 1960s
002HooverRuth E.30 Jun 1901aged 1y 5m 2dd/W. C. & Maggie J.
002HooverWilliam C.18701924
002HooverMaggie J.18721947w/W. C.
002ClineJohn M.23 Nov 18724 Jan 191239y 1m 11d
002NairBerlin Russell1 May 189318 May 1958
002NairMinnie I.11 Jun 18866 Aug 1948w/B. R.
002ClineEmma Rebecca7 Oct 1884aged 20d, d/Jacob & Eliz. M.illegible date-recorded by Swank in 1960s
002ClineElizabeth M.12 May 184722 Feb 193082y 9m 10dw/Jacob
002ClineJacob21 Jun 183829 Dec 190365 y 6m 8d
002OrebaughRandolph F.19051908s/S. R. & Pearl F.b. 3 Mar 1905, d. 10 Dec 1908-according to Swank in 1960's
002OrebaughInfant19181918stillborn c/P. F. & S. R.stillborn 6 Sep 1918-according to Swank in 1960's
002OrebaughSamuel R.18801921
002OrebaughPearl F.18811974
002HolingerCathern O.24 Sep 1914
002HolingerPerry B.5 Nov 190521 Jan 1984
002OrebaughJoseph W.14 Nov 184813 Mar 1898
002OrebaughSarah15 Sep 185326 Sep 1916
002OrebaughWilliam H.15 Nov 1885aged 10y 2d, s/Joseph W. & Sarah
002OrebaughIra C.10 Jan 187817 May 1912son
002LindamoodJohn W.18651945father
002LindamoodCharles19041906s/J. W. & K.
002LindamoodAllen18941906s/J. W. & K
002LindamoodKatie H.18691912motherw/J. W.
003ShifflettSamuel J.19 Aug 19356 Sep 2000dad
003ShifflettMichael Lee25 Feb 195824 Sep 1977
003CristCarroll Junior12 Sep 192128 Oct 1976Pvt. U. S. Army WWII
003Armentrout, Jr.Elwood Ernest18 Jan 192123 Jul 1984
003SimmersHarold W.24 Sep 19206 Aug 1972
003SimmersVelma N.6 Apr 1925
003HaltermanWade W.19191975
003HaltermanLena S.19231998
003Trumbo, Jr.George W.11 Nov 19324 Apr 1964
003TrumboWilma C. Shipp1 Jul 193621 Mar 1981auntie
003TrumboJohn JonesJan 17 188016 Jul 1960
003TrumboSadie B. Pope13 Aug 188813 May 1972married 1917
003StultzRobert T.19091958Robert's middle name is Taft-according to Swank in 1960's
003StultzEvelyn V.19101975
003ParrishEarl Stevens18971975Sgt. U. S. Army
003ParrishRuth Hubbell4 Aug 189827 Apr 1979born in Kent Co. Michigan
003HiteBenjamin Wilkinson22 Jan 18878 Feb 1966
003GarberWillie Garber5 May 189522 Jun 1982
003GarberJacob Aaron25 Jan 18792 Dec 1953
003GarberLucy Hite1 Feb 188410 Aug 1972
003MayEarl H.12 Sep 19161 Feb 1995Sgt. U. S. army WWII
003MayMildred H. (Bee)19 Aug 1918
003HolsingerVernon C.16 Feb 188815 Apr 1966
003HolsingerLawrence M.10 Sep 19166 Jun 1944PFC 33536-82 Div Air Borne- Killed in Normandy France
003HolsingerAnnie L.7 Jan 188811 Feb 1962w/Vernon C.
003HooverMary J.24 Jan 1927
003HooverBenjamin E.20 Sep 19263 Dec 1997
003WamplerDaniel Saylor18631916
003WamplerAnna Rebecca18701932w/D. S.
003MyersMary Elizabeth11 Dec 186424 May !923
003TurnerJohn A.19001949
003TurnerMary W.18981959w/J. A.
003WamplerFrederick Truman19091978
003JordanEarl R.18941972
003JordanDaisy B.19001924w/E. R.
003JordanAshby Lee18641924
003JordanBertie M.10 Oct 188225 Dec 1920d/Joseph & Amanda
003JordanMargaret Frances1 Oct 19046 yrs, d/O. H. & J. B.
003JordanOsborne H.2 Jul 186625 Sep 1921
003JordanJennie B.8 May 186722 Oct 1940w/O. H.
003DriverEld. John F.5 Dec 18442 Aug 1925
003DriverSarah Catherine23 Jul 184810 Oct 1916w/Elder J. F.
003DriverMary Elizabeth25 Feb 18745 Jun 1946
003KlineErnest S.12 Mar 188819 Aug 1948
003KlineMyrtie D.1 Sep 18911 Feb 1945w/E. S.
003WineFlora Catherine14 Jul 190230 May 1969
003WineStewart Davis25 Oct 18719 Jun 1905
003WineIda Catherine13 Oct 18719 May 1933w/S. D.
003DriverDavid J.24 Oct 18432 Aug 190763y 9m 8d
003DriverElizabeth J.15 Oct 18459 Sep 192579y 10m 24dw/D. J.
003DriverVirginia S.20 Oct 18721 Oct 1921
003DriverLewis M.2 Mar 188020 Apr 1930
003DriverElizabeth C.24 Aug 188123 Sep 1942w/L. M.
003DriverDavid Jordan2 Aug 191719 Jul 1989U. S. Army WWII
003DriverInfant8 Apr 19168 Apr 1916stillborn c/L. M. & L. C.
003DriverInfant29 Oct 190629 Oct 1906stillborn c/L. M. & L. C.
003DriverWalter Early20 Mar 187715 Nov 1901s/David J. & E. J.
003HooverElizabeth15 Feb 18231 Sep 188764y 6m 16d
003EarlyJonas15 Dec 181818 Oct 190586y 10m 3d, father
003EarlyLeah13 May 182126 Apr 188967y 11m 13dw/Jonas
003EarlyMary25 Jan 186518y 3m 1dd/Jonas & Leah
003GarberJonas Allen26 Oct 18708 Sep 188615y 10m 12d, s/Jacob B. & Rebecca
003GarberIra C.18 Sep 187413 Sep 188611y 11m 25d, s/Jacob B. & Rebecca
003GarberGeorge D.12 Jan 18763 Oct 188610y 8m 21d, s/Jacob B. & Rebecca
003GarberJames Otis18 Dec 190212 Mar 1969s/Samuel Carson Garber
003GarberEsther Gillham30 Mar 19049 Jun 1994d/Wallace & Anna Laura Gillham
003GarberSamuel C.11 Jun 18723 Dec 190432y 5m 22d, s/Jacob B. & Rebecca
003GarberJacob B.18451912father
003GarberRebecca18521920motherw/Jacob B.
003HelbertEffie Garber18851940
003EarlySusan V.18571946
003DriverEdgar Blaine4 Oct 188329 Jun 1956
003WhiteH. Eudora19 Apr 18708 Aug 1939 65y 8m 2d, sister
003ZirkleSamantha A.8 Mar 18575 Aug 1922w/Silone Zirkle
003WhiteGilbert L.22 Mar 185024 Nov 1918brother
003AnthonyElla C.8 Sep 185230 Jan 190754y 4m 22dd/John A. & Lydia White
003WhiteLydia9 Jan 18304 Sep 190777y 7m 25dw/J. A.
003WhiteJohn Andrew28 Dec 182727 Nov 188153y 10m 29d
003CooperWilliam S.18371884
003CooperJosephine Kratzer18461937w/W. S.
003GarberLizzie M.3 Feb 186527 Jul 190035y 5m 24d
003GarberWilliam H.2 Aug 186421 Jun 1946
003GarberLura E.18941919b. 14 Jun 1894 & d. 21 Jan 1919-according to Swank in 1060's
003GarberLester M.18941981
003GarberErva B.18961968
003GarberWanda B.26 Jan 19259 Jan 1929d/L. M. & E. E.
003GarberLowell Malcolm23 Apr 193629 Apr 1936s/A. C. & W. P.
003GarberAustin C.29 Jul 188630 Aug 1972
003GarberWillie P.10 Oct 191027 May 1998
003GarberJacob27 Apr 184124 Apr 190563y 11m 27d, our father
003GarberIda E.24 Aug 185610 Sep 190953y 17d, our motherw/Jacob, nee Reamer
003GarberKatie L.21 May 189026 Jul 1901d/J. & I. E.illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
003GarberGeorge W.31 Aug 187716 Dec 189922y 3m 15d
004JohnsonW. Paul7 Sep 1927
004JohnsonLillian V.30 Jan 1923
004ShifflettRaymond M.7 Oct 19169 Jan 1993our daughters - Barbara S. Rasnake & Linda S. Vaughan
004ShifflettEllen L.30 May 192419 Sep 1997w/Raymond M.
004BrannerMervin W.19 Apr 19145 Sep 1989
004BrannerDorothy K.5 Sep 1917
004WeatherholtzLewis E.11 Sep 191328 Jun 1969
004WeatherholtzReta M.10 Jul 191323 Apr 1967
004HaymesJoseph Stanley29 Oct 192613 Jun 1974
004SpitzerAllen Joseph11 Jul 192226 Mar 1995Pvt U. S. Army WWII
004SpitzerVirginia G.24 Aug 1920
004HughesJoan Ella24 Aug 19346 Jan 1998Grandle Funeral Home Marker
004HughesJohn R.19111957father
004HughesCourtney S.19121973mother
004HarrisonDaniel W.3 Sep 189222 Oct 1954father
004HarrisonVergie J.23 May 189425 Oct 1968w/D. W.
004HooverThomas L.18831968
004HooverLula K.18951979
004ShackelfordBonita Gay17 Jan 194829 Aug 1953d/S. Herbert & Madge Hoover
004AvalloneKatherine Lohr25 May 191219 Jul 1996
004LohrOscar Landon28 Feb 191620 Jan 1972Maryland PHM2 U. S. Navy WWII
004LohrJulia A.4 Jul 188329 Jun 1955motherw/O. L.
004LohrOscar L.29 Aug 188228 Oct 1946father
004BowmanHelen M.9 Jun 188611 Jan 1911w/F. M.
004BowmanFloyd M.9 Jul 188614 Feb 1927
004BowmanAnnie E.15 Dec 188425 Jan 1978
004BowmanPasco Middleton1 Jan 191119 Apr 1933
004BowmanJohn E.18 Nov 194415 Dec 1999
004BowmanJames C.14 Sep 1922
004BowmanElizabeth M.1 Feb 1927
004WineInfant Son16 Oct 1932
004WineMarion D.29 Sep 19261 Jul 1977PFC U. S. Army WWII
004Wine, Sr.Guy C.23 Sep 189723 Sep 1977
004WineMatilda R.4 Jul 189719 Dec 1982
004KeisterOama Wine22 Aug 189420 Nov 1979
004WineInfant6 Feb 18966 Feb 1896stillborn d/C. N. & M. C.
004WineCharles Newton20 May 186428 May 1906s/Daniel & Elizabeth Good
004WineMattie C.6 Feb 18732 Apr 1953w/C. N., d/John W. & Catherine Myers Driver
004DriverInfant Son23 Aug 1919s/F. H. & S. I.
004BlanknerEarle Mathew19021991
004BlanknerPauline Driver1911
004DriverJuanita B.19041998w/C. H.
004DriverCarroll H.19051962
004DriverFrank H.18811951
004DriverSarah L.18781946w/F. H.
004Driver, Jr.Frank H.4 Jan 191820 Mar 1945Cpl WWII, died a Japanese Prisoner,buried in U. S. Cemetery in Manila
004DriverRebecca M.13 Jan 185520 Dec 1924w/Cornelius
004DriverCornelius9 Feb 18508 Mar 1925
004DriverCatherine17 Apr 1890aged 61y 2m 1dw/John W., nee Myers
004DriverJohn W.26 Dec 1893aged 67y 4m 4d, our father
004ClineDavid27 Aug 18041 Apr 187672y 7m 14d
004KlineSusan9 Aug 18089 Jan 188172y 5mw/David
004KlineWilliam David10 Feb 1890aged 10m 24d, s/D. & Maryillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
004SmuckerRoy S.18981905c/C. J. & S. V., sons
004SmuckerInfant1900C. J. & S. V., sons
004SmuckerCharles J.18671939father
004SmuckerSallie V.18681943motherw/C. J.
004SmuckerElsie K.3 Nov 189213 Jan 1958
004ZiglerMargaret S.9 Apr 18996 Dec 1973
004ZiglerHoward S.21 Jan 18983 Sep 1991
004HelmickClyde N.28 May 189722 Jan 1958Pvt 18c. 155 Depot Brig. WWI W. VA.
004TurnerDavid R.23 Mar 1907no visible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
004TurnerLelia E.5 Jul 1908no visible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, w/D. R.
004GoodEdith H.3 Apr 1934
004GoodRichard K.4 Oct 1927
004GoodThelma G.16 Dec 19302 May 1955d/R. K. & T. G.
004GoodSharon K.6 Mar 1951infant d/R. K. & T. G.
004YatesInfant Son25 Apr 188625 Apr 1886stillborn c/T. E. & S. C.
004PaxsonRobert A.10 Dec 191015 Oct 1980
004PaxsonMargaret Cline15 Jun 19164 Nov 1992
004PaxsonJames L.10 Dec 195116 Dec 1976our beloved son. Plaque-Boys Scouts of America, Eagle Scout NESA
004ClineEvva W.26 Sep 191712 Jun 1982
004ClineJ. Rudolph27 Jan 19129 Jul 1970
004ClineEffie V .18841952motherw/R. F.
004ClineRufus F.18821932father
004ClineJohn R.1912infant son/R. F. & E. V.
004CristGeorge H.18711947
004CristMartha A.18651944w/G. H.
004CristSarah A.25 Jul 189214 Jun 1963w/L. D.
004CristLee D.4 Mar 190226 Jun 1977
004CristMarvin L.3 Sep 18972 Mar 1970
004CristG. Saylor9 May 190425 Sep 1936
004CristInfant24 Apr 190024 Apr 1900s/George H. & Martha A.
005LindamoodJohn F.26 Mar 19601 Feb 1982
005LindamoodFrank J.25 Jan 1941
005LindamoodJanice M.26 Jun 1938
005PaulinLewis William2 Jun 19203 May 2002Tec 5 U. S. Army WWII, married 14 Sep 1946
005PaulinMarie Harrison26 Dec 19168 Apr 1995w/Lewis William
005HolsingerJesse J.3 Aug 191228 Oct 1981
005HolsingerElsie H.16 Aug 19096 Aug 1993
005ArehartEdward L.18 Feb 1934married 21 Nov 1956
005ArehartVada M.2 Nov 1930w/Edward L.
005ClaytorCharles R.24 Jun 19303 Dec 1994married 5 Jun 1954
005ClaytorAnna W.23 Jun 1934w/Charles R.
005HarrisonEmmett A.7 Oct 191527 Aug 1958
005FahrneyGlenden R.18961955
005FahrneyMabel M.19001972w/G. R.
005SilgarDonald D.19131992U. S. Army WWII
005SilgarFlorence H.1918
005GarberBoyd J.23 Mar 189725 Feb 1973
005GarberAda G.6 Feb 18989 Apr 1966w/B. J.
005FoltzLawrence H.7 Aug 190214 Oct 1968
005FoltzHilda M.22 Apr 189812 Jan 1995
005CampbellDonnie Lee18 Jan 194912 Jun1962son
005CampbellMartha Foltz23 Feb192324 Jan 1949mother
005KelleyGary O'Brien26 Aug 194720 Dec 1947s/O'Brien & Charlotte
005StrawdermanGarland T.20 Nov 19329 Feb 1968
005BullLeannah5 May 183510 Aug 190974y 3m 5d, mother
005BullHarry E.30 Sep 18909 Aug 1926s/George F. & Sallie C.
005BullGeorge F.18591936father
005BullSallie C.18681961motherw/G. F.
005MacyEbenezer G.1876
005MacyOllie C.18771936
005FryeEttie R.26 Apr 189114 Jan 1970
005BrownHarman M.8 Nov 1912
005BrownWilda Garber26 Dec 19122 Aug 1968
005SchnoorTheodore18971977MM1 U. S. Navy WWI
005BrownMichael Garber20 Dec 19545 Sep 1989
005MitchellOrville B.24 Apr 190113 Apr 1942
005MitchellKay C.25 Dec 189427 Feb 1988
005MitchellGenevieve C.18 Mar 186531 Jan 1943
005MitchellAshby Davis28 Feb 186213 Oct 190644y 7m 15d, father & husband
005ArehartPhillip J.18541923
005ArehartAlice185718972w.P. J.
005ArehartVirginia S.185519231w/P. J.
005CristEmma K.23 Jun 187017 Jun 1904w/Samuel A., d/David & Eliza Reamer
005CristInfant1920c/S. A. & C. E.illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
005CristSamuel A.23 Sep 188029 Jun 1962
005CristCarrie B.7 Nov 189527 Jul 1989
005LangleyJoseph C.19092000
005LangleyBernice G.19141970
005ArmentroutJerry26 Jan 190921 Jul 1992father
005ArmentroutEvelyn E.27 Jun 191029 Jan 1993mother
005ArmentroutInfant15 Aug 1834s/G. W. & E. V.
005NeffRebecca L.18811959
005NeffErasmus R.8 Jun 183922 Jul 192182y 1m 14d, Rossers Brig. Co. B. 7th Va. Cavl., C.S.A.
005NeffMary Frances24 Jan 184528 May 190156y 4m 4dw/E. R., d/Adam & Sarah Lichleter
005ThompsonSarah31 Jul 1838aged 30y 4m 29dw/William G.
005ZiglerElizabethd/Daniel & H. R.Illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
005ZiglerDavid1 Mar 182031 Jan 189271y 11m, our brother, our uncle
005ZiglerDaniel26 Jul 18338 Jul 191783y 11m 12d, father
005ZiglerHannah Rebeccca17 Dec 18367 Mar 189861y 2m 20d, motherw/Daniel
005ZiglerD. Frank18691920
005ZiglerEffie G.18771964
005ZiglerM. Otto19071990
005ZiglerJohn A.18661923
005ZiglerLidam18751947w/J. A.
005WillInfant13 Jan 188213 Jan 1882stillborn s/William A. & Catherine
005CharltonMary E.25 Apr 1933aged 60y
005DriverRebecca F.2 Mar 186018 Jul 1948
005DriverInfant Son18 Sep 188218 Sep 1882stillborn s/Jsoeph F. & Alice C.
005DriverAlice C.18581935w/Joseph F.
005DriverJoseph F.18531937
005FrankNancy J.31 Mar 1889aged 49y 11m 12dw/W. H.
005FrankInfant Son1 Jan 18821 Jan 1882stillborn s/W. H. & N. J.
005FlemmingsInfant8 Jul 18868 Jul 1886illegible dates-recorded by Swank in 1960s
005HiggsRalph E.190010 Aug 1904s/Isaac & Clara M.illegible parents-recorded by Swank in 1960's
005FrankCharles H.16 Mar 1889aged 20y 11m 12d, s/William H. & Nancy J.
005FrankAmanda5 Aug 1892aged 47y 6m 28dw/W. H.
005FrankWilliam H.18411925
005FrankBarbara18481925w/Wm. H.
005GarberWeldon C.12 Jan 192412 Jul 1988
005GarberChristine S.15 Oct 1934
005TurnerDavid R.23 Mar 19071 Apr 1997
005TurnerLelia E.5 Jul 190829 Jul 1984
005PropstWilliam E.6 May 188112 May 1962
005PropstSarah M.9 Dec 18707 Jan 1953motherw/W. E.
005PopeGeorge S.18391929father
005PopeSusan Elizabeth18411917motherw/G. S.
005PopeParrah V.30 Jun 1894aged ?m 11d, s/W. F. & M. M.illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
005PopeWilliam Frank2 Apr 186122 Apr 189534y 2od
005PopeMary M.14 Jul 186518 Jun 1911w/W. F., our mother, 45y 11m 4d
006WineDennis R.4 Sep 191724 Sep 1997married 26 May 1974
006WineElla G.7 May 1917w/Dennis R.
006KnuppMary McCoy19412002Grandle funeral home marker
006CoffmanPaul A.16 Nov 1913
006CoffmanLena Abbott15 Jun 1910
006ClineMary B.19201997
006TusingLawrence24 Sep 2002no visible marker-from Grandle Funeral Home records
006TusingMary R.13 Feb 19215 Jan 1970
006OrebaughCharles E.18901956
006OrebaughLula S.18901976w/C. E.
006DriverRichard E.19371989
006DriverFumiko T.19261993
006NairPaul R.13 Dec 190030 Jun 1955
006NairElizabeth F.12 Sep 190816 Sep 2002w/P. R.
006VetterJoseph M.18711948father
006VetterSallie E.18741953motherw/J. M.
006OrebaughInfant Daughter16 Jan 194816 Jan 1948d/T. R. & H. N.
006OrebuaghTheodore R.20 dec 190623 Jul 1989
006CashOtho30 Mar 190126 Apr 1965
006BordenFern E.3 Nov 18971 Oct 1920motherw/H. T. Borden
006FloryJoseph F.24 Sep 186826 Aug 1930
006FloryMaggie N.28 May 186825 Mar 1951w/J. F.
006FloryGalen D.19 Apr 189513 Apr 1983
006FloryEva T.2 Sep 18972 Mar 1993
006AbbottRichard H. (Dick)28 Nov 1933
006AbbottOliver M.30 Nov 187822 Jun 1961
006AbbottJohn Preston10 Aug 187719 Nov 1967
006AbbottOlive H.11 Jul 187817 Oct 1956
006AbbottEdith H.19 Feb 191122 Feb 1946
006AbbottHoward W.7 Jan 190811 Mar 1938
006AbbottInfant11 Oct 190611 Oct 1906stillborn d/J. P. & O. H.illegible date & parents-recorded by Swank in 1960's
006ZirkleW. Harvey2 Aug 18464 Apr 191871y 8m 2d
006ZirkleLaura A.18 Nov 184721 Aug 190658y 9m 3dw/W. H.
006ZirkleC. Ernest18711958h/Mollie C.
006ZirkleMollie C.18681937w/C. E.
006VaughanW. A., M.D.16 Mar 18601 Mar 1933father
006VaughanLula West7 Sep 18675 Feb 1960w/Dr. W. A.
006VaughanRobert H.12 Jan 189613 Mar 1952PFC Co. D. 116 Inf. WWI P.H.
006VaughanRalph L.20 Sep 19014 Mar 1956
006VaughanFrances25 Jun 19089 Aug 1908d/Dr. W. A. & L. W.illegible date-recorded by Swank in 1960's
006VaughanInfant Son5 Jun 1924s/Haller W. & Edna L.
006VaughanNicholas Miller29 Oct 1956Infant s/Helen M. & Hunter L.
006BeardHouston18 Mar 1895aged 5m 2d, s/John E. & Sallie K.Illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
006LighliterSarah20 Apr 181031 Oct 186656y 6m 11d, our motherw/Adam
006LighliterAdam26 Jan 180529 Sep 188883y 8m 3d, our father
006VaughanRebecca J.4 Jul 183731 Oct 189861y 3m 27d, our dear motherw/Uriel
006VaughanUriel28 Mar 182811 Apr 188860y 13d, our dear father
006ThompsonWilliam C.5 Mar 179919 Oct 188586y 7m 14d, our uncle
006MyersBenjamin10 Feb 1840aged 37y 9m 25d
006MyersMary13 Jul 1832aged 25y 8m 3dw/Benjamin, d/John & Catherine Hoover
006MyersSarah12 Jan 1845aged 14y 28d
006MyersElder Samuel H.25 Feb 183225 Oct 189765y 8m
006MyersCatherine29 Apr 18326 Jun 1900
006MyersJohn Henry28 Sep 1863aged 2y 7m 7dillegible given name-recorded by Swank in 1960s
006MyersSamuel G.5 Nov 1884aged 3y 2m 17d, s/B. F. A. & Bettie
006MyersInfant9 Apr 18929 Apr 1892s/B. F. & Bettie
006MyersBettie Garber7 Mar 185713 Sep 1896our motherw/ B. F. A.
006WheelerClaude D.18841941
006WheelerFlorence R.19011970w/C. D.
006RinkerCalvin H.18581918
006RinkerAnnie R.18631918w/C. H.
006CoffmanTracy B.18881916w/H. C.
006FlemmingAnna Catherine21 Apr 185616 Apr 188528y 11m 26dbroken stone
006ForehandHugh M.19301983Pvt U. S. Marine Corps Korea
006BeamJacob1 Aug 181924 Apr 188868y 8m 23d, our father
006BeamElizabeth26 Feb 18134 Jan 189480y 10m, our mother, w/Jacobillegible death date-recorded by Swank in 1960s
006TrumboJoseph T.14 Jan 187415 Nov 1925
006TrumboAndrew J.26 Mar 18359 Mar 1928
006TrumboMary Susan31 May 185028 Oct 1927w/A. J.
006TrumboGeorge W.18 Jan 18909 Apr 1960
006McKelveyJoseph A.7 May 18576 Jul 193275y 1m 29d
006McKelveyNancy M4 Jul 184825 Oct 1898w/J. A., d/Thomas & Mildred Bear
006HolsingerJohn W.18651930s/A. H. & J. H.
006HolsingerMary F.5 Feb 1898aged 31y 16dw/J. W., d/Thomas J. & Martha Shomo
007NesselrodtRaymond L.25 Jan 191520 Sep 1999
007BowmanJacob Neese29 Aug 1939
007BowmanPauline Coffman19 Dec 193817 Nov 1995
007CalhounEverett W.2 Feb 1922wed 11 Jun 1947
007CalhounEthel V.22 May 1926w/Everett W.
007HarrellWilliam C.19131991
007HarrellRuth "Toni"1919
007HarrellRonald Carr29 Oct 194230 Nov 1995U. S. Air Force Vietnam
007WimerRay D.31 Jul 1931
007WimerArlene F.10 Jul 19362 Feb 2002Grandle Funeral Home Marker
007MatheneyShirley J.19 Jun 1940
007MatheneyHomer E.4 Apr 19352 Aug 1995
007BowmanJohn Charles25 Jul 192916 Oct 1995our children-Rachel Anna, Ellen Theresa, Henri Carol, Stephanie Jo.
007BowmanMary Lindner25 May 193324 Dec 1993w/John Charles
007YankeyGranville David27 May 193618 Jan 1995our sons-Michael D. & Rodney W., married 27 May 1956
007YankeyLoretta Garber8 Jun 1937w/Granville David
007Bowman, IIPasco Middleton20 Dec 1933
007BowmanRuth Elaine15 Sep 193721 Jul 2002
007ConnellDoris Rainey12 May 19288 Dec 2000
007KesiterHarry A.7 Jul 192118 Sep 1997Tec 5 U. s. Army WWII, married 30 Oct 1942
007KeisterL. Catherine23 Dec 1926w/Harry A.
007KellerPaul Marcelles16 Jul 1924married 12 Sep 1944
007KellerSheldon Vetter19 Aug 192414 Jul 1999w/Paul Marcelles
008TaylorHenry Laessle "Les"19 Nov 1919married 17 Nov 1946
008TaylorLois Mae Good1 May 192329 Dec 1998w/Henry Laessle "Les"
008MathiasRobert Allen27 Sep 192112 Aug 1992U.S. Marine Corps WWII, married 30 Nov 1945, our children Robert Jr. & Janet & Nancy
008MathiasHelen P.30 Nov 1924w/Robert Allen
008SimmersHarold J.4 Jul 1941
008SimmersEunice Y.31 Mar 1943
008SimmersHoward J.1921
008SimmersRuth K.1918
008WiltMichael David9 Jun 197111 Jun 1971s/Gary & Vicki
008WiltVicki Lynn29 Sep 195517 Feb 1983
008FinkBoyd L.26 Jun 191626 Mar 1983
008FinkShirley B.22 Jun 192512 Mar 1996
008FahrneyGeorgie A.5 Feb 1936
008FahrneyWeldon R.27 Nov 19282 Aug 1982Sgt. U. S. Army Korea
008FahrneyRickey Ray4 Apr 195924 Jan 1964
008FahrneyDeloris Harpold9 Oct 193414 Feb 1962
008TusingCharles W.3 Jan 1906
008TusingMary M.29 Aug 191229 Oct 1961
008WiltCharles F.4 Nov 189213 Oct 1969
008WiltMary V.11 Jan 18956 Nov 1973
008KippsClara G.18881982w/C. E.
008KippsCharles E.18791948
008Hornick, Jr.Dempsey6 Jun 192527 Mar 1995Cpl U. S. Army WWII, married 2 May 1954
008HornickBettie M.31 Jan 1937w/Dempsey
008BowmanBruce L.6 Jan 194122 Dec 1979
008MunnsBessie B. Bowman19311987
008BowmanDoris Lucrecia10 Jul 192217 Aug 1983
008BowmanMinnie M.1912
008BowmanHallar M.18991968
008BowmanRachael A.18991956w/H. M.
008BowmanRichard R.6 Aug 19344 Feb 1942s/H. M. & R. A.
008GrimJohn William1 Dec 186519 Mar 1931
008GrimElizabeth U.3 Feb 186828 Dec 1939w/J. W.
008UlreyStephen A.22 Jul 18426 May 1927
008UlreyRachael Anna2 Sep 18487 Mar 1935w/S. A.
008PopeFannie E.2 May 189911 Sep 1922d/J. F. & C. E. Pope
008PopeJohn F.18691947father
008PopeCaroline E.18701937w/J. F.
008WamplerEmma L.10 Jun 18793 Apr 1918aged 38y 9m 23dw/Solomon
008CoffmanJoseph O.25 Feb 188128 Nov 1946
008CoffmanPearl A.4 Dec 188121 Dec 1960Motherw/J. O.
008PapsRosa20 Sep 192427 Sep 2000
008DeanJoseph W.15 Jun 19136 Aug 1986
008DeanMildred F.5 Dec 19169 Dec 1994
008SpitzerHenry E.18541925
008ZiglerPhilip13 Aug 1841aged 19y 5m 1d
008ZiglerGeorge18 Oct 1819aged 5y 8m 18d
008ZiglerJohn28 Jun 1843aged 1y 7m 28d
008ZiglerJoseph1 Feb 1840aged 5y 8m 26d
008ZiglerRebecca20 Dec 1839aged 11m 5d
008ZiglerJohn26 Aug 1835
008ZiglerDaniel27 May 1846aged 3y 8m 18d
008ZiglerElizabeth17 May 1856aged 12y 6m 24d
008ToppinRachael17 May 1856aged 14y 3m 16d
008StearnWilliamillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s
008CoffmanNancy2 Jun 18264 Jun 1832d/Andrew & Pollyillegible death date-recorded by Swank in 1960s
008BoonEleanor3 Apr 1813aged 2y 3m 10d
008Unknownunmarked stone
008BeamVirginia1 May 184619 Apr 1848age 1y 11m 18d, d/Jacob & Elizabeth
008Unknownstone with no names moved from the old cemetery
008Unknownstone with no names moved from the old cemetery
008Unknownstone with no names moved from the old cemetery
008Unknownstone with no names moved from the old cemetery
008Unknownstone with no names moved from the old cemetery
008Unknownstone with no names moved from the old cemetery
008Unknownstone with no names moved from the old cemetery
008Unknownstone with no names moved from the old cemetery
008Unknownstone with no names moved from the old cemetery
008Unknownstone with no names moved from the old cemetery
008WillLewis16 Apr 1895aged 78y
008WillSarah A.26 Nov 1894aged 74yw/Lewis
008LokeyRosa Belle18821885
008CoffmanBertha L.30 Oct 188012 Dec 1967w/Dr. L. Coffman
008LokeyAbraham J.18541941
008LokeyLillie A.18591943
008LokeyRalph R.18991957
008WillGeorge W.15 Jun 1895aged 39y 8m 5d
008OrebaughMarcus C.13 Jan 19158 Feb 1985
008MessickRhoda C.1 Mar 1894aged 1y
008RyanAnnie Elizabeth23 Jan 18791 Jul 1905w/Homer, d/David & Keziah Messick
008MessickKeziah1 Feb 185614 Oct 1930w/Rev. David
008MessickDavid, Rev.4 Jan 185711 Aug 1941
008MessickSallie K.2 Feb 18609 Feb 1944
008LokeyHarvey E.4 Oct 19149 Oct 1914s/J. L. & K. A.
008SpitzerCarl Edward30 May 191630 May 1916s/B. O. & L. B.
008DoveShelby Jeaninfant d/Baylor & Bernice Dove
008DoveJoyce Delaneinfant d/Baylor & Bernice Dove
008DoveJohn W.30 Dec 187117 Aug 1900
009GoodWilliam David "Bill"15 Jan 1928married 14 Nov 1953
009GoodNorma Lou Harlow20 Feb 193318 Dec 1999w/William David "Bill"
009Vaughan, IINicolas M.9 Oct 19577 Aug 1979
009VaughanHunter L.23 Sep 192721 Nov 1976
009VaughanHaller West21 Feb 189214 Dec 1966Va. Pvt 9 BN 153 Depot Brig. WWI, married 18 Sep 1920
009VaughanEdna Lineweaver25 Oct 190011 Mar 1972w/Haller West
009CampbellJohn Edward13 Nov 19182 Feb 1966Tec 5 U. S. Army WWII, married 20 Dec 1952
009CampbellJoan F.16 Oct 1930w/John Edward
009OrebaughRobert R.19061965
009OrebaughGoldie V.19221996w/R. R.
009Jones, Jr.Charles J.15 Feb 19592 Apr 1965
009StrawdermanTheodore B.16 Dec 19038 May1963
009StrawdermanPammie V.23 Jan 190111 Feb 1993
009CousinRandy Dee14 Apr 196529 May 1965
009CristJoseph29 Jul 18476 Nov 1913
009CristElizabeth25 Oct 184817 Nov 1929
009CristCharles E.18731954
009CristKatie R.18731947w/C. E.
009AlexanderJohn M.18801949
009AlexanderMinnie I.18841956w/J. M.
009HardesterEthel Alexander23 Jul 19112 Feb 1987
009MayM. Elizabeth18871980
009CogswellEdward A.28 May 19042 Sep 1988
009CogswellThelma A.12 Feb 19087 Jan 2001
009UhlerCharlotte Kline19101988
009KlineVisa E.18861921
009KlineEffie E.18891971
009CristFrank M.22 Sep 18821 Aug 1973
009CristMinnie E.25 Nov 188627 Apr 1914
009BrightJohn W.18631939
009BrightMartha R.18731952w/J. W.
009MillerHope F.22 Oct 190417 Dec 1985
009MillerE. E., Rev.9 Nov 189328 Apr 1987
009MillerGladys L.11 Jun190224 May 19371w/Rev. E. E.,mother of Cameron & Lowelld/J. W. & M. R. Bright
009TurnerWilliam H.5 Feb 189629 Mar 1962Va. Cpl Co. M 326 Inf. WWI
009TurnerLillie V.5 Jun 190124 Sep 1961w/W. H.
009BaughAda E.18751957
009BaughWilliam F.19 Sep 18777 Nov 1927
009BaughMary E.4 Aug 185017 Jun 1935w/J. H.
009BaughJacob H.2 Mar 18531 Aug 1935
009BaughWilliam S.18 Mar 185610 Jun 1926
009BaughEldora F.19 Apr 187026 Apr 1936w/W. S.
009BaughNancy C.28 Jul 184521 Dec 192681y 4m 23d
009BaughAnna D.2 Oct 18401 Jul 1899
009BaughAnna C.9 Mar 1894aged 80y 10m 29d, our mother
009FetzerGeorge H.4 Oct 180921 Oct 1883
009FetzerEliza P.22 Mar 183029 Jul 1899w/George H.
009Unknownsmall unmarked stone
009Unknownsmall unmarked stone
009BennettInfant8 May 1896sonillegible stone-Recorded by Swank in 1960s
009BennettOwen F.8 Nov 1891aged 5y 4m 18d, s/Norman C. & E. Lulaillegible stone-Recorded by Swank in 1960s
009BennettInfant13 Mar 1893d/Norman C. & E. Lulaillegible stone-Recorded by Swank in 1960s
009BennettInfant8 Jan 1891s/Norman C. & E. Lulaillegible stone-Recorded by Swank in 1960s
009BennettSallieand children
009ComerInfant Son29 Jan 19084m 4d, s/Ida
009F.E. R. F.stone with initials only
009Unknownstone with no inscription
009Unknownstone with no inscription
009Unknownstone with no inscription
009Unknownstone with no inscription
009WilliamsCharlie5 Mar 1887aged 1y 22d, s/Douglas & Lizzie
009CristLenard F.19041973
009FahrneyWilliam T.19 Mar 18739 Oct 1933
009FahrneyRebecca E.13 Oct 187625 Jan 1948w/W. T.
009FahrneyClara Tracey29 Mar 1896aged 4m 14d, d/W. T. & R. E.illegible date-recorded by Swank in 1960s
009KnuppGeorge William30 Nov 187126 Dec 1948
009KnuppBertie H.4 Jul 18796 Jan 1926motherw/G. W.
009OrebaughElizabeth A.13 Jun 190511 Oct 1967
009OrebaughNoah B.29 Dec 189828 Jun 1968
009OrebaughAnna Catherine19011970
009OrebaughReuben H.18591932
009OrebaughEmma C.18611928w/R. H.
009FahrneyTracey16 Dec 183129 Oct 190472y 10m 13dw/Peter
009FahrneyPeter9 Dec 18261 Feb 190225y 1m 22d
010FultzJimmy Lynn19622002Grandle Funeral Home Marker
010BrannerCharles E.9 Feb 192716 Jun 1997Cpl U. S. Army Korea
010BrannerViola S.30 Jun 1929
010ShowmanJeffrey Scott19 Feb 196826 Feb 1996Cpl. U. S. Marine Corps
010CampbellEvelyn R.28 Jan 1928
010DartFredrick Lewis31 Jul 19444 Apr 1999U. S. Army
010DartDennis Robert22 Jul 194925 Apr 1993Pvt U. S. Army Vietnam
010OrebaughM. Mack13 Sep 1947
010OrebaughReuben E.9 Apr 191817 Apr 1993
010OrebaughRuth S.Feb 1923
011ThomasJohn T. "Pap Paw"26 Dec 1932
011ThomasBeulah M. "Nanny"24 Dec 193225 Oct 2000
011HuffmanKelly L.26 Sep 191418 Dec 1999
011HuffmanPearl V.3 Sep 191615 Aug 1995
011McLaughinRoxie Lea10 Nov 190919 Nov 1987
011WimerRoy E.11 Mar 19221 May 1986U. S. Army WWII
011WimerE. Lorraine19 Oct 1928
011WimerArlie P.19 Mar 18986 Jun 1977
011WimerIda M.8 Jan 190011 May 1971
011HenkelJohn T.16 Dec 192925 Apr 1991U. S. Army Korea
011HenkelGeraldine W.12 Jul 193122 Feb 1994
011DennisLouis W.3 Nov 190729 May 1971
011DennisRowena L.16 May 19199 Mar 1997
011GoodShawn Mason24 Sep 19633 Oct 1963
011TrussellJohn R.15 Jul 189319 Nov 1918Vet
011TrussellThomas William15 Jun 18503 Jan 1932father
011TrussellVirensia Amelia19 Aug 185410 Jul 1926motherw/T. W.
011BrannerPhilip T.11 May 188618 May 1938
011BrannerBertha V.27 Dec 189824 Feb 1988w/P. T.
011TrussellEmma Elizabeth20 Aug 18839 Feb 1967
011SmithLula T.1 Sep 188930 Jun 1975
011WoodsonAlma W.30 May 191326 Feb 1997
011WoodsonRonald A.1 Oct 193811 Dec 1993
011WoodsonCharles B.1 Sep 191016 Nov 1986
011HolsingerSusie M.18861963
011HolsingerWilliam F.18861938
011HolsingerGeneva F.19261928
011KnuppRoy A.27 Oct 189925 Mar 1918
011KnuppMartha J.31 Jan 187718 Mar 1938
011KnuppBenjamin N.19 Jul 18755 Apr 1933
011Smith-KnuppJoseph L.15 Feb 191820 Jul 1996
011Smith-KnuppMarguerite K.20 Jan 1917
011AlexanderEliza N.16 Apr 187813 Oct 191836y 5m 27d
011AlexanderKingsley J.19061979
011AlexanderHilda R.19101961
011ShifflettShirley Marie15 Jul 193513 Apr 1989
011AlexanderCecil S.8 Mar 18948 Oct 1918
011AlexanderMildred Nina14 Dec 191626 Dec 1916
011AlexanderSarah E.15 Oct 185621 Oct 191862y 6dw/Jefferson
011AlexanderJefferson10 Mar 185424 Nov 191157y 6m 14d
011McInterffCatherine22 May 181814 Feb 1896illegible name-dates correct as recorded by Swank in 1960s
011McInterffWilliam14 Dec 18209 Jul 1892
011FahrneyPeter S.18541941
011FahrneyVirginia C.18561903
011FahrneyWelty B.18781946
011FahrneyBertie E.18791973w/W. B.
011FahrneyCharles E.18511917
011FahrneyMary F.18521925w/C. E.
011LantzRuby E. Keister9 Nov 193318 Mar 1986
011ZiglerEdward Dwight2 Nov 195730 Dec 1990Grandle Funeral Home Marker
011ZiglerRobin Dean16 Oct 195130 Nov 1968
011FinneganRichard24 Mar 1900aged 74y, born in County Meath, Ireland
011MayMilton4 Dec 185027 Jan 189847y 1m 23d
011CristWillard C.25 Feb 18815 Oct 1966father
011CristIda F.8 Aug 188331 Dec 1956motherw/W. C.
011KnuppFranklin B.18 Apr 185813 Dec 1933
011KnuppHester Jane Messick11 Apr 18592 Oct 1926w/F. B.
011OrebaughAda F.11 Mar 18918 Feb 1971sister
011OrebaughAnna L. Driggers3 May 18936 Oct 1969sister
011MeadowsJohn F.19061965
011MeadowsRosalind C.19131997
011CristErnest V.18861954
011CristMarguerite T.18911983w/E. V.
011CristRichard T.9 Jan 191521 Feb 1920s/Ernest V. & Marguerite
012StricklerCarson P.3 May 190425 Jul 1994
012StricklerBeulah N.4 Oct 1903
012CristRowland W.29 Apr 1915
012CristGladys B.11 Sep 1921
013LantzEarnel Woodrow13 Sep 191718 Oct 1993
013LantzAvis Halterman26 May 1927
013WiltLester L.19141979
013WiltLeta M.1922
013WiltCharles M. "Sammy"12 Feb 1926married 12 Jul 1947
013WiltE. Patricia "Pat"20 Apr 1928w/Charles M. "Sammy"
013RoadcapChester A. "Ted"29 Aug 1916married 14 Sep 1946
013RoadcapCatherine F.13 Jun 1930w/Chester A. "Ted"
013WiltDavid G.23 Jan 1933married 26 Jun 1965
013WiltWilma V.18 Jul 1933w/David G.
013TaylorWilliam James5 Oct 19533 Dec 1977Our love is yours forever son Chad, sisters Dianna, Donna Debbie, Mom & Dad
013ShowalterJohn W. R.5 Sep 186618 Mar 1933
013ShowalterCharles L.5 Oct 19046 May 1923
013OrebaughLynden B.13 Dec 190618 Apr 1971
013OrebaughHelen G.25 May 190612 Aug 1968
013Litten, Jr.Raye Zirkle30 Apr 1918
013LittenCecelia Alexander22 Jul 191827 Apr 1992
013LantzBliss V.14 May 190312 Oct 1989
013LantzLoy E.13 Jan 191029 Oct 1971
013RinkerLawrence E.10 Dec 190821 Oct 1983father
013RinkerZono G.11 Aug 1917mother
013RinkerJames W.19 Nov 18824 Mar 1956
013RinkerAnnie E.10 Apr 188323 Mar 1928w/J. W.
013StoverHarry6 Apr 191813 Apr 1918s/H. T. & B. G.
013StoverHenry6 Apr 19187 Apr 1918s/H. T. & B. G.
013StoverHarry T.18901928
013StoverGeneva S.18901993
013StoverRebecca Gershon "Shonnie"23 Jan 192018 Feb 2002Lindsey Funeral Home Marker
013ClickRudolph A.14 Nov 190326 Apr 1975
013ClickAnna Hollar6 Aug 190822 Feb 2000Lindsey Funeral Home Marker
013HollarHerman L.16 Sep 190331 Oct 1982
013HollarEunice17 Jun 19207 Feb 1987
013HollarDavid M.18841959
013HollarElizabeth A.18851963w/D. M.
013HollarInfant1915c/D. M. & E. A.
013HollarInfant Son5 Mar 1913s/D. M. & L. A.
013WamplerLilly Pearl5 Mar 1897d/J. F. & Susan M.illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s
013BurkettErnest Paul23 Mar 1915
013BurkettMarie Wine2 Nov 191823 Apr 1985
013TusingZada E.2 Feb 190519 May 1988
013TusingHerbert H.23 Sep 189928 Apr 1977
013BeemInfant2 Sep 1895stillborn d/J. W. & Savilla
013BeemWilliam25 May 1902aged 73yillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s
013BeemMary J.189112 Nov 1898aged 69y 10m 16d, w/Williamillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s
013KeisterCarl S.7 Jul 19155 Oct 1994married 2 Oct 1935
013KesiterFlorine L.21 Aug 191717 May 2001w/Carl S.
013KeisterCharles S.4 Aug 189120 Feb 1980
013KeisterEffie E.16 Nov 189513 Nov 1963w/Charles S.
013FrenchRay W.19141976
013FrenchAnna C.19181981
013FrenchClyde D.24 Jun 187715 Aug 1947
013FrenchLulu M.8 Feb 188028 Nov 1968w/C. D.
013MinnickAlburton18 Jun 1892aged 10y 9m 18dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s
013MinnickMary Stark18491924mother
013CristElizabeth F.18661953w/Michael
013CristJonathan14 Mar 182320 Feb 1898father
013CristSallie22 Mar 182818 Jan 1916motherw/Jonathan
013CristTesia R.12 Dec 188418 Oct 1918
013CristLawrence17 May 190716 Jan 1914s/Willard & Ida F.
013CristJohn H.24 Jun 18275 Sep 190578y 2m 11d
013CristIsabella16 Apr 184113 Apr 193391y 11m 27dw/J. H.
013CristCajus25 Apr 1903aged 45y 3ds/Jonathan & Sarah
013CristMary S.29 Feb 1896aged 38y 5m 4d, w/Cajusillegible date & age buried in ground-recorded by Swank in 1960s
013CristInfant23 Jan 189223 Jan 1892s/C. & M. S.
013CristInfant22 Mar 188922 Mar 1889s/C. & M. S.illegible stone except year-recorded by Swank in 1960s
013CristElla Rebecca28 May 1888aged 8y 5m 19d, d/Henry & Isabella
013CristSamuel L.24 Aug 187419 Oct 190430y 1m 20d?, s/Henry & Isabella
013CristHenry26 Jan 18452 Feb 191570y 7d
013CristNannie C.19021957no visible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s
013CristCaroline M.18891961no visible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s
014PenceDorsey Gean19 Jan 192612 Oct 1988PFC U. S. Army WWII, dad, married 3 Feb 1949
014PenceDelphia Weaver28 Jun 192410 Jul 1995momw/Dorsey Gean
014PenceLawrence R.19222000Grandle Funeral Home Marker
014MilliserRoy Edwin10 Jun 190911 Aug 1978
014MilliserLillian Massey4 Aug 1919
014HooverHarold Custer12 Feb 192717 Mar 1978Sgt U. S. Army WWII
014HooverAnnie G.24 Jun 1932
014BowlesMilburne T.23 Apr 193110 Mar 1980U. S. Air Force Korea
014WelchMadeline M.14 Jul 191411 Jun 1991
014WelchWilliam T.24 Nov 18756 Dec 1945
014WelchSusie E.14 Feb 18738 Sep 1956w/W. T.
014WelchAnna Lou2 Jan 190924 Jun 1937
014WelchRichard A.19051987
014WelchFannie Mae19081982
014Welch-BillerR. Shawn Welch1 Feb 1970
014Welch-BillerHilda L. Welch17 Sep 1933
014Welch-BillerBeverly Biller11 Apr 1933
014Wine, Jr.Guy C.21 Nov 192025 Jan 2000SI U. S. Navy WWII, married 22 Dec 1938
014WineVirginia E.18 May 1921w/Guy C. Wine, Jr.
014WineDurwood N.12 Jan 194624 Jan 1946c/Guy & Virginia Wine, brother
014WineRuby A.8 Jan 194112 Jul 1941c/Guy & Virginia Wine, sister
014BowersRobert S.26 Mar 18788 Aug 1960husband
014BowersEmily F.26 Jul 188830 Jan 1954w/R. S.
014MoffettSamuel J.7 Feb 185430 Apr 1934father
014MoffettHarriett H.12 Mar 18549 Jul 1944motherw/S. J.
014HelbertAngelo C.22 Feb 185420 Mar 1920
014HelbertSarah Stark14 Jun 185828 Sep 1929w/A. C.
014HelbertRobert E.11 Mar 188013 May 1944
014HelbertEffie L.18 Jun 188224 May 1966
014HelbertAltie I.14 Jul 189413 Jul 1966
014KellerFloydinfant s/E. L. & L. M.
014KellerSamuelinfant s/E. L. & L. M.
014Keller, Sr.Elbert L.6 Aug 189426 Sep 1951Wagoner 318 inf. 80th Div. WWI
014KellerLillie M.10 May 18997 May 1973
014HolsingerElmer C.21 Jan 189218 Feb 1930
014HinegardnerHarold10 Jul 191418 Jul 1992
014HinegardnerVada11 Nov 191425 Dec 1997
014ClickMary E.2 Oct 187722 Nov 189821y 1m 20d, d/Lewis N. & Susan C.
014PickeringRoby E.188819__
014PickeringLenna F.18921933w/R. E.
014SandyHoward B.1 Feb 18748 Sep 1936
014NeffEdgar L.29 Apr 188611 Mar 1949
014MasonJames M.18941964
014MasonEmma L.18971988
014TurnerPhyllis J.15 Aug 193823 Jul 1977
014NeffClarence W.10 Jan 1909
014NeffHollis V.7 Aug 1912
014DonovanInfant25 May 1901s/Benjamin H. & Georgia
014PealeMary E.17 May 188913 Aug 1936
014PettitHenry T.18431930erected by Charles E. Pettit
014PettitSusan S.18411914w/H. T.
014PettitThomas Martin16 Jul 187611 Sep 1896s/H. T. & S. S.
014HawkinsRichard J.9 Sep 1888aged 31y 10m 2d
014StricklerBenjamin H.18541949
014StricklerPhilip27 Oct 18252 Sep 190781y 10m 3d?
014StricklerMary Ann18 Nov 1888aged 56y 8m 3dw/Philip
014StricklerJoseph E.20 Dec 18661 Dec 1953father
014StricklerFannie E.20 Mar 186721 Jul 1945w/J. E.
014StricklerRonald L.19351937s/E. W. & Z. K.
014StricklerJoseph E.19251945s/E. W. & Z. K.
014StricklerAlvin R.29 Mar 19331 Jun 1952s/E. W. & Zella
014StricklerEdgar W.25 Nov 189820 Apr 1976
014StricklerZella K.26 Apr 190730 Dec 1987
014MyersJacob Peter23 Feb 188723 Mar 1956
014MyersMartha V.29 Mar 18964 Mar 1973
014MacetaEdith B. Garber17 Apr 189216 Sep 1980
014GarberRoy Philip27 Nov 1896s/Joseph M. & Frances
014GarberNancy J.12 May 186013 Feb 1929w/Joseph M.
014GarberJoseph M.30 Jan 186127 Oct 1922
015BillerMilford G.19 Mar 1916
015BillerBerneice K.21 Jan 191718 Mar 2001
015SpitzerWarren C.3 Apr 192430 Jan 1994Sgt. U. S. Army WWII
015CrosbieDavid James28 Nov 1931
015CrosbieLois Chambers16 Mar 1934
015IkenberryHoward H.15 Dec 19013 Aug 1986
015IkenberryRhea F.17 Feb 19076 Feb 1999
016MacMillanElva Townsend8 Sep 190917 Apr 1998
016TownsendShay Kyle9 Feb 19887 Dec 1993
016GarberWaldemar "Bill"16 Oct 1922
016GarberEleanor L.3 Jan 1923
016KnuppLelia "Polly"21 Aug 189521 Nov 1987mother
016KnuppGeorge L.19271995Grandle Funeral Home Marker
016KnuppGeorge "Kent"1 Feb 19561 Aug 1982
016FitzwaterDeanna Lynn1 Aug 19502 Aug 1950
016FrereBertha A.30 Jan 189417 Jun 1987w/F. E.
016FrereFrank E.25 Feb 187727 Sep 1940
016FitzwaterRhonda Faye1 Jun 19462 Jun 1946
016GwynnEdgar P.18901964
016GwynnLillie M.18961997w/Edgar
016BeamJohn W.25 Oct 187527 Mar 1951
016BeamSamuel Y.18701944
016BeamMartha A.18721936w/S. Y.
016GarberWilliam D.18511924
016GarberMattie G.18601944
016GarberOttie W.18781888
016LloydNannie B.27 Nov 18709 Jul 1930w/William E.
016LloydWilliam E.12 Oct 187712 Nov 1962
016LloydGorman E.9 May 189821 Feb 1980
016MooreEvan B.18881956
016MooreNellie I.18901970w/E. B.
016LokeyCharles E.18881958
016LokeyLelia S.18861960w/C. E.
016ParkerMildred C.25 Aug 1911
016MaupinLillie C.21 May 1908
016SmithWalter Lee25 Jul 19147 Sep 1980Pvt U. S. Army WWII
016SmithMinnie F., Mrs.19191958cemetery marker with no name listed-taken from Grandle funeral home records
016SandyAnnie B.25 Sep 187529 Nov 1945
016CoakleyW. J.186419__
016CoakleyLillie B.18671932w/W. J.
016SandyMariam Frances12 Sep 18417 Jul 191472y 9m 25d
016SandyJohn H.9 Sep 184125 Jul 191371y 10m 16d
016CarnesAnnie E.21 Aug 1896aged 29y 11m 20d, w/Sam'l B. Carnes
016CarnesBertie S.18721957w/Samuel B. Carnes
016CarnesSamuel B.18591936
016CarnesMinnie May1 Sep 1896aged 3m, twin d/S. B. & B. S.illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s
016CarnesAnnie Ray3 Sep 1896aged 3m 16d, twin d/S. B. & B. S.illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s
016CarnesJohn William17 Sep 1896aged 10y 1d, s/S. B. & B. S.illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s
016SeeMarietta18681949w/J. W.
016SeeJames W.18691947
016NeffOrville B.1 Jul 191113 Nov 1990U. S. Army WWII
016NeffEsther E.22 Jun 1910
016NeffGarett S. "Bud"11 Oct 191728 May 1986S. Sgt U. S. Army WWII
016NeffSheldon18 Oct 192326 Jul 1988
016OrebaughHazel Neff16 Jan 191417 Sep 1991
016EatonCora A.18831961w/H. M.
016EatonHarley M.18831929
016SeeOliver J.29 Oct 185125 Jun 1935
016SeeVirginia H.27 Jul 185512 May 1941
016SeeMargaret1 Oct 182721 Nov 191588y 1m 20d, w/Nimrod
016SeeNimrod18 Jun 18248 Feb 189469y 7m 20d
016MoffettSallie H.3 Feb 1889aged 6y 9m 13d, d/W. J. & J. E.
016MoffettWilliam J.11 Aug 18476 Mar 1923
016MoffettJanie E.11 Mar 18588 Dec 1936w/W. J.
016CoffeltRussell C.31 Jul 189023 Nov 1977
016CoffeltRachel C.28 Nov 18982 Feb 1970
016CoffeltWilliam H.18541937
016CoffeltFannie A.18541934w/W. H.
016SpitzerSamuel G.10 Dec 18819 Mar 1936
016SpitzerMollie R.23 May 188317 Apr 1960w/S. G.
016SpitzerRalph W.15 Aug 19065 Mar 1975
016WillI. Frank11 Feb 187018 Dec 1967
016WillCarrie B.19 Dec 18761 Mar 1970
016PopeEdward C.18 Apr 18901 Dec 1964Va. Pvt U. S. Army WWI
016PopeHazel I.28 Aug 191330 Jan 1963w/E. C.
016PopeThelma R.1931infant d/E. C. & H. I.
016PopeInfant Son1934s/E. C. & H. I.
017FrontzCharles L.28 Oct 19215 Jan 1990Capt. U. S. Army WWII, Korea
017OrebaughElizabeth Garber8 Aug 1917
017GordonNelson K.9 Aug 192925 Jan 2001
017GordonMarvin E.31 Jan 190225 Jan 1999
017GordonPauline L.3 Sep 190615 Dec 2001
017Koch, Jr.Homer W.19211992Grandle Funeral Home Marker
017MorrisonMillard V.15 May 1922
017MorrisonMonna E.20 Sep 1923
017MasonWalter J.22 Jan 1919
017MasonSusie K.4 Oct 1919
017MillerWade B.25 Jun 189724 Feb 1947h/Ruth S.
017MillerRuth S.1 Sep 19015 Jan 1969w/W. B.
017BennettLaura E.13 Mar 188918 Jul 1947mother
017LuckSteven Edward8 May 195029 Apr 1974s/W. S. & Frances H. Luck
017LuckJames David5 Jul 195630 Jan 1959s/W. S. & Frances H. Luck
017LuckWinifred S.13 Jan 191622 Nov 1966
017HelbertFrank S.15 Jul 188621 Sep 1938
017HelbertHelen V.16 Jan 189419 Oct 1979w/F. S.
017ZirkleGuy W.26 Dec 19087 Sep 1982
017ZirkleLoraine W.28 Apr 191022 Oct 1983
017ZirkleLinnie M.22 Aug 187221 Jan 1951motherw/B. F.
017ZirkleBenjamin F.13 Sep 18684 Dec 1946father
017TusingStephen M.2 Aug 186628 Mar 1939
017TusingSallie I.5 Dec188027 Apr 1972w/S. M.
017FadleyMary Bright18981982mother
017GreenEdna B.1 Nov 190414 May 1975mother
017StroopHelen Virginia8 Dec 19144 Oct 1915age 9m 1d, d/Crissman & Kennie
017StroopWendle Wilson23 Jan 192026 Jan 1920
017StroopCrissman Paul18801965no visible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s
017StroopCrissman P., visible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s
017GoodKenneth S.1910infant s/Michael S. & Mary E.
017GoodHarry Vernon15 Dec 18944 Dec 1969
017GoodWilliam B.25 Dec 185116 May 1922
017GoodMelvina V.17 May 185010 Apr 1939w/W. B.
017KnuppEffie E.27 May 188412 May 1908w/B. F., d/W. B. & Melvina Good
017HaltermanInfant Daughter1907d/M. & L. M.
017HaltermanJ. Carson19151940s/M. & L. M.
017HaltermanMilton P.18841975father
017HaltermanLizzie M.18801956mother
017NeffDavid E.12 Jul 18784 Jun 1953
017NeffFannie O.13 Mar 18852 Sep 1965w/D. E.
017NeffMary R.14 Nov 185314 May 1941motherw/Simon
017NeffSimon28 Oct 185427 Oct 1930father
017HooverSpencer Lee2 Jun 18862 Feb 1947
017HooverNoah29 Dec 184926 Oct 193282y 9m 27d
017HooverLaura Ann17 Nov 185114 Feb 191260y 2m 27dw/Noah
017WilkinsSarah C.7 Sep 183228 Aug 190976y 11m 21d, motherw/Emanuel
017WilkinsEmanuel23 Jan 18207 Jun 190686y 4m 14d, father
017WilkinsNora L.18711938w/Kirby F.
017WilkinsKirby F.18711904
017MartinMary B.30 May 1893inmate of Old Folks Homeillegible name-recorded by Swank in 1960s
017ShankMichael11 Apr 1894aged 86y, our brother, inmate of Old Folks Home
017PlaugherMalinda18161894inmate of Old Folks Home
017Unknownmarker with no inscription
017Unknownmarker with no inscription
017Unknownmarker with no inscription
017Unknownmarker with no inscription
017GollidayPhoebe12 Feb 1898aged 86yinmate of Old Folks Home
017Unknownmarker with no inscription
017HowardEmanuel4 Mar 1899aged 83y, our brotherinmate of Old Folks Home
017Unknownmarker with no inscription
017RoadcapMary A20 May 1899aged 84yinmate of Old Folks Home
017Unknownmarker with no inscription
017Unknownmarker with no inscription
017Unknownmarker with no inscription
017MinnickSaline1902aged 68yinmate of Old Folks Home
017JonesSusan13 Apr 182925 Sep 1902w/Thomas, 73y 5m 12dinmate of Old Folks Home
017GilmoreNancy18221903inmate of Old Folks Home
017CromerAunt Kate29 Dec 18184 May 190384y 4m 6dinmate of Old Folks Home
017Unknownmarker with no inscription
018RobinsonLouis C.3 Aug 191515 Feb 1993married 17 Jul 1937
018RobinsonAnita W.5 Mar 1918w/Louis C.
018GarberMarcus F.25 Jan 19093 Jul 1991
018GarberRuth R.25 Sep 191322 Aug 1982
018OrebaughLarry S.12 Jun 1934
018OrebaughEva H.20 Sep 19404 Sep 1996
018OrebaughLala Brown6 Feb 1912mom
018OrebaughRobert Allen24 Dec 193419 Jan 1998U. S. Navy Korea
018LindamoodMarshall Boyd13 Jan 191012 Sep 1996
018LindamoodGeorgia Spitzer1 Jun 191716 Jun 1993
018GreenGeralyn May16 Jul 19448 Dec 1985
018GarberH. Randolph19101998
018GarberLennis M.1915
019WinfreyKatherine Layne28 Jun 197123 Dec 1989
019RatliffGlenn Moomau30 Mar 192529 Dec 1997Cpl U. S. Army WWII
019RatliffFay Whetzel12 Jun 1929
019PalmerEthel W.11 Sep 189417 Apr 1990mother
019GreenAlan F.26 Jan 191425 Aug 2000U. S. Army WWII
019GreenEthelda P.7 Jan 1920
019MayLee31 May 187418 Jan 1942father
019MayIda F.27 Jan 187816 Mar 1962mother
019TusingPaul E.14 Jan 190024 Dec 1984
019TusingRuth E.13 Oct 190719 Jan 1987
019PettitCharles E.18 Nov 18888 Sep 1963
019PettitTheidore H.19 Sep 187818 Nov 1952
019SchnoorRuth M.18991967
019ThomasAdam M.16 Apr 188125 Aug 1945father
019ThomasEliza F.15 Mar 188510 Dec 1962motherw/A. M.
019WhiteMinnie S.30 Apr 18842 Dec 1974motherw/S. A.
019WhiteSamuel A.25 Dec 187420 Jan 1945father
019ShoemakerJesse18 Nov 184417 Jan 191368y 1m 29d
019ShoemakerMartha20 Sep 184827 Aug 192678y 11m 24dw/Jesse
019MitchellJ. Wesley2 Dec 18822 Nov 1925
019SheetzNina R.23 Jul 190013 Oct 1976sister
019ReidMary E.1 Mar 18952 Oct 1984mother
019ShowalterBaylor William3 Jun 189210 Feb 1965father
019ShowalterSidney Sherwood16 Dec 192113 Apr 1930son
019ShowalterInfant Daughter18 Sep 191818 Sep 1918d/Baylor William
019ShowalterInfant Son1 Nov 19171 Nov 1917s/Baylor William
019FitzwaterLena5 Aug 191121 Nov 1918d/C. E. & Mary E.
019FitzwaterPerry15 Aug 19169 Nov 1918s/C. E. & Mary E.
019FitzwaterWilliam7 Jan 190828 Oct 1918s/C. E. & Mary E.
019FitzwaterCharles E.16 Mar 188422 Jan 1964
019FitzwaterMary E.16 Apr 188421 Sep 1948w/C. E.
019FitzwaterSarah A.2 Jun 183918 May 191272y 11m 16dw/Jacob
019WelchJacob M.24 Mar 190131 Jan 1977
019MasonJonathan B.5 Jul 18498 Jul 191364y 3d, father
019MasonSarah C.15 Jan 185118 Apr 1926 75y 3m 3d, motherw/Jonathan B., nee Ritchie
019MasonHenry H.8 Jun 187121 Nov 191140y 5m 13d
019MasonCharles W.18801943
019MasonElizabeth18631942w/C. W.
019MasonJ. Frank18731961
019MasonLillian V.18751967w/J. Frank
019RhodesLuther H.21 Sep 186725 Jul 1948
019RhodesGeorge W.10 Jul 186924 Nov 1912
019RhodesJohn Marshall23 Mar 184315 Jul 191572y 3m 22d, father
019RhodesNannie Sandy1 Jan 18576 Jun 195295y 5m 5dw/J. M.
019FunkhouserGeorge Lester7 May 18871 Dec 1939husband
019FunkhouserBertie Ann12 Apr 188425 Jan 1962w/G. L.
019SimpsonMollie A.11 Jun 187130 May 1951motherw/H. W.
019SimpsonHoward W.2 Nov 186613 Sep 1911father
019SimpsonGarland D.20 Aug 19008 Apr 1910s/H. W. & M. A.
019WaltonSarah E.18 Aug 1903aged 69y, w/Andrew
019Unknownmarker with no inscription
019CalhounCatherine6 Mar 1905aged 82yinmate of Old Folks Home
019Unknownmarker with no inscription
019DamAgnes Walton6 Oct 18182 Jan 190687y 2m 24dinmate of Old Folks Home
019PlumDavy9 Feb 1907aged 83yillegible name-recorded by Swank in 1960s, inmate of Old Folks Home
019Unknownmarker with no inscription
019Unknownmarker with no inscription
019PlaugherGeorge18331908inmate of Old Folks Home
019Unknownmarker with no inscription
019HooverNannie7 May 18448 Feb 191571y 2m 23dinmate of Old Folks Home
019HooverMaggiestone buried except for first name, inmate of Old Folks Home
019Unknownmarker with no inscription
019Unknownno visible marker-listed as unnamed marker by Swank in 1960s
019HooverSarah11 Jun 183917Nov 191779yinmate of Old Folks Home
019UnknownNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960's
020NeiceJohn G.29 Jan 192913 Jan 1986
020HaltermanElwood F.13 Nov 191419 Dec 1988U. S. Army WWII
020HaltermanS. Frances18 Mar 19253 Aug 1998
020SummersWillard Garrison4 Feb 191522 Mar 1969
020HinesMarshall L.19241955
020MillerLena F. Hines20 Mar 192818 Dec 1964mother
020HagerLita L.19271996
020DerrerErnest E.19251991Grandle Funeral Home Marker
020CorbinEdgar C.12 Sep 18926 Feb 1960
020CorbinOllie J.27 Apr 189612 Sep 1963w/E. C.
020FitzwaterJacob18671956no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
020FitzwaterBelzora V. V.7 Mar 18678 Mar 1923w/John W.
020FitzwaterJohn W.24 Feb 186028 Mar 1925
020JohnsonArnold E.6 Oct 1926s/L. F. & Sallie
020HolsingerNora L.15 Sep 187819 Oct 1945
020HolsingerElmer V.22 Dec 189123 Dec 1954
020HolsingerHarvey J.29 Jan 19116 Nov 1925s/Lewis J. & Cora
020HolsingerClara V.18 Oct 1909aged 1m 23d, d/L. J. & Cora
020HolsingerLewis J.18681929
020HolsingerCora A.18711958w/L. J.
020RifeEmma E.19 Feb 184513 Dec 1905mother
020RifeMinnie C.22 Mar 187017 Aug 1932
020RifeWilliam L.4 Sep 186719 Apr 1957
020CristSally E.18841966Rhodes Funeral Home Marker
020RhodesWilliam A.15 Sep 188130 Sep 1958
020RhodesAnnie E.5 Jan 189017 May 1955motherw/W. A.
020RhodesJohn Paul3 Mar 191125 Feb 1913s/W. A. & A. E.
020RunionArthur S.26 Dec 18812 Feb 1960
020RunionSusanna E.20 Jan 189129 May 1978w/A. S.
020TurnerPeggy Ann31 Mar 1941infant d/Joe & Hilda
020HofemanInfant15 Mar 1937s/W. R. & V. M.
020Unknownmarker with no inscription, inmate of Old Folks Home
020Unknownmarker with no inscription, inmate of Old Folks Home
020Unknownmarker with no inscription, inmate of Old Folks Home
020Unknownmarker with no inscription, inmate of Old Folks Home
020Unknownmarker with no inscription, inmate of Old Folks Home
020Unknownmarker with no inscription, inmate of Old Folks Home