Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMowbray Family Cemetery
LocationNorth of Elkton, from Harrisonburg go east on Route 33 to Elkton. In Elkton go left (north) on Route 340 (East Side Hwy). Turn right onto Route 607 (Red Brush Road) and go 1.1 mile to Moubray Lane, which is a gravel lane, and turn right. Pass the house and trailer on right and cemetery is straight ahead.
NotesIn January 2003, cemetery survey and following notes from Neil W. Mowbray, 16580 E. Spring Ave., Elkton, VA 22827, telephone 540-298-9968. There may be a row of burials in the very back of the cemetery right against the back fence, but no markers appear here. No living member of the family whom I have asked knows for sure if any burials are located in this section, but there is enough room for a row of graves. Fieldstones marking graves were moved to make mowing cemetery easier. Present owner (Jan. 2003) is Nina Alger Williams Rogers.
Survey Date and RecorderJan 2003
Neil W. Mowbray

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
MooberryJames "Waller"About 1817About 1902No marker; s/James Mooberry (Mowbray) of Madison & Orange Co., VA; went by Waller; father/Sebastian Moobray, Annie Mowbray Morris & Rebecca Mowbray Lay (Leigh). Waller probably buried under trees in far lower left-hand corner in row behind Eppa Morris' tombstone, same row as Sebastian, Jacob & Lillie, etc.
MooberrySarah Frances Monger28 Apr 18331 Dec 1917No marker; 2nd w/Waller; death certificate show buried in Mowbray Cemetery 3 Dec 1917; probably buried under trees in far lower left-hand corner of cemetery, in same row as Sebastian, Jacob & Lillie.
001MorrisWilliam F. (Floyd)11 Dec 19238 Dec 1974Pvt U.S. Armys/Doss Morris; grandson/William Plunkett & Annie Mowbray Morris
001Alger, Sr.John W.5 Jul 190715 Nov 1974husband/Myrtle Mowbray the d/Segourney Mowbray Alger
001WilliamsVirgil M.15 Jun 189430 Apr 1980s/Emanuel & Fannie Williams; husband/Sallie Mowbray Williams
001WilliamsSallie F.25 Dec 189019 Oct 1970d/Sebastian & Josephine Moobray; w/Virgil M. Williams
001WilliamsCinderblock marks grave; s/Wilbert Williams & grandson of Virgil Williams & Sallie Mowbray Williams
001WilliamsDaniel A.7 Jun 188123 Mar 1956s/Emanuel & Fannie Williams; husband/Laura R. Morris Williams
001WilliamsLaura R.1 May 18826 Jun 1951w/Daniel A. Williams; d/Eppa Morris & Rhoda Morris; sister/Josephine (Josie) Morris Moobray
001WilliamsSusan N.9 Aug 190919 Apr 1995d/Daniel & Laura Williams
002MowbrayAshbyabt 1907abt 1908grave not marked; infant firstborn son/Jacob & Lillie Mowbray; buried under the huge oak tree in the middle lower left of the cemetery.
002MowbrayThurman2 Jul 192715 Jul 1927grave not marked; infant s/Jacob & Lillie Mowbray; buried beside Ashby under the hugh oak tree in the middle lower left of the cemetery.
002Lay (Leigh)James (Jim)1 Mar 185821 Mar 1932grave not marked; husband/Rebecca Mowbray (Mooberry) Lay; s/Thomas Lay & Martha A. Riddle
002Lay (Leigh)Rebecca Mowbray (Mooberry)Feb 18664 Dec 1949grave not marked; d/James Waller Mowbray & Sarah Frances Monger Mowbray; w/James Lay
002WilliamsRussell01 Jun 191530 Oct 1999Tombstone present; s/Virge Williams & Sallie Mowbray Williams; born & died dates from obituary
002WilliamsHazel H.21 Oct 1923Still living; tombstone present; w/Russell Williams
002WilliamsChristopher D.17 Jun 19628 Sep 1972s/Samuel Roach & Fonda H. Roach Williams; he's actually a Roach-tombstone has Williams
002RoachSamuel E.27 Oct 193827 Jun 1971h/Fonda Williams & son-in-law of Hazel & Russell Williams
003UnknownGrave is plainly visible but no marker
003WilliamsJames Oscar23 Jun 18792 Jan 1946s/Emanuel & Fannie Williams; husband/Annie E. Williams; brother/Lillie Williams Mowbray
003WilliamsAnnie E.4 Feb 188429 Apr 1951w/James Oscar Williams; d/John W. Morris & Columbia E. Baughter
003WilliamsAdam Abraham29 Nov 191814 Apr 1976Tec 5 U.S. Army WWIIs/James Oscar & Annie Williams; 1st husband/Nina Alger Williams
003WilliamsNina A.23 July 1929Still living in Jan 2003; d/William Alger & Segourney Mowbray Alger; current owner of the cemetery in 2003
003RogersWayne E.2 Mar 192028 Oct 20022nd husband of Nina Alger Williams
003MowbrayBernice Winfie14 Jan 192828 Mar 1931Grave not marked; child/Bernard & Lizzie Mowbray
003MoubrayInfantGrave not marked; oldest infant daughter of Willard & Edith Moubray; died shortly after birth
004MorrisEppa G.19 Nov 1901Died 19 Nov 1901 in his 58th yearBorn about 1848; father/Josephine Morris Moobray; s/Harrison Morris & Catherine Morris
004MorrisRhodaThere is room on either side of Eppa G. Morris for a grave & his wife Rhoda is probably buried beside him. Rhoda is d/Jefferson Morris & Luraney Shifflett & born about 1847 in Greene County.
004PriceJames Newton21 Jun 191514 Feb 1918s/N. T. & M. A. Price; Darling we miss thees/Newton Tilton & Martha Lay Price; mother Martha was d/Rebecca Mowbray Lay & James Lay (Leigh)
004PricePaul Wilson16 Oct 19129 Nov 1919s/N. T. & M. A. Price; Gone but not forgotten
004UnknownA gap in the 4th row occurs here with no markers but enough room for several graves, just to the right of Paul Wilson Price's grave; we're not sure who, if anyone is buried in this gap.
004WilliamsFannie23 Jan 18646 Mar 1926w/E. M. Williamsw/Emanuel Millard Williams; d/John Conley & Frances Morris Conley
004WilliamsEmanuel M.10 Jun 185723 Jun 1931Grave not marked; s/Lindsey Williams & Diannah Shifflett Williams; husband/Fannie Conley Williams
004MorrisTim P.(Abt 1893)1937Grave not marked; Death certificate shows died 1937 s/John N. Morris & Nang (Fernangus Morris) Morris; h/Carrie Lay (Leigh) d/James Lay (Leigh) & Rebecca Mowbray (Mooberry) Lay (Leigh)
004MorrisAnnie E.Feb 186818 Jun 1949d/James Waller Mowbray & Sarah Monger Mowbray; 2nd w/William Plunkett Morris; sister/Sebastian Moobray & Rebecca Mowbray Lay.
004HerringAndrew J.18791955husband/Viola___? who is buried in Standardsville, VA; not related to the Mowbrays but a family acquaintance who lived just down the hill from the cemetery.
005MowbrayLunaGrave not marked; d/Sebastian & Josephine Mowbray; We know these 3 girls are buried near the lower back left-hand corner but don't know exact location or order of each individual grave.
005MowbrayFrancesGrave not marked; d/Sebastian & Josephine Mowbray; We know these 3 girls are buried near the lower back left-hand corner but don't know exact location or order of each individual grave.
005MowbrayEmmaGrave not marked; d/Sebastian & Josephine Mowbray; We know these 3 girls are buried near the lower back left-hand corner but don't know exact location or order of each individual grave.
005MowbrayEthel Odessie8 Dec 191727 Apr 1933Grave not marked but its outline can be seen; d/Franklin (Frank) Mowbray & Abbie Morris Mowbray; she is buried just to the left of her father.
005MowbrayFranklin (Frank) Sebastian22 Feb 188829 Oct 1918Grave not marked but its outline can be seen; s/Sebastian & Josie Moobray; Frank is buried directly to the left of Josephine, his mother.
005MoobrayJosephineAbout 186728 Apr 1928Aged 64 yearsBorn 1867; d/Eppa & Rhoda Morris; w/Sebastian Moobray
005MoobrayS. B. (Sebastian Boss)13 Dec 18648 May 1929Aged 64 yearss/James Waller Mooberry & Sarah Monger Mooberry
005MooberyHarry Leonard8 May 19134 May 1935Small homemade cement marker; s/Jacob & Lillie Mowbray; husband/Lorina Frances Mowbray
005MowbrayJacob Gaspar13 Nov 18869 Dec 1947s/Sebastian & Josephine Mowbray; husband/Lillie Frances William Mowbray
005MowbrayLillie Frances11 Jun 18896 Jan 1970d/Emanuel Williams & Fannie Conley Williams; w/Jacob Mowbray; her name & dates appear on Jacob's tombstone but the stone is set directly in front of Jacob's grave; Lillie is buried just to the right of Jacob.
005AlgerWilliam H.19061996husband/Segourney Mowbray Alger; s/John Alger & Josephine Meadows Alger
005AlgerSegourney G.18931968d/Sebastian & Josephine Mowbray; w/William Alger
005WilliamsTammy19681968Infant daughter/Forrest Williams; granddaughter/Wilbert Williams; great-granddaughter/Virge & Sallie Mowbray Williams