Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryHensley Community Cemetery
LocationElkton area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 33 East to the town of Elkton. In Elkton take Route 340 north (to the left). Then turn right onto Spotswood Trail. Go 5/10 mile and turn left onto Newtown Road (Route 759) You will see the Elk Run Cemetery on your left. Drive 2.1 miles and continue on Thoroughfare Road (Road 625). Go 2 miles and you will intersect with Mt. Pleasant Road (Route 623). Don't turn here but continue on Thoroughfare Road another 2.3 miles. Hensley United Methodist Church will be on the right side of road. Turn in on the right side facing the church and follow the road going up the hill a short distance. You will see the cemetery on your left.
NotesCemetery is well maintained. Rows are recorded from the row closest to the church (east to west) and facing headstones, they are recorded from right to left (north to south).
Survey Date and Recorder01 Feb 2003
Barbara & Graham Hensley

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
BreedenWilliamNo visible marker-no dates-recorded by DAR in 1960s
BreedenSoloma Catherine12 Aug 196572 yrsNo visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
BreedenVernon LeeJun 1958No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
DuffEdna16 Sep 1884Mar 1885No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
001BreedenSamuel J.25 Feb 186912 Jun 1944
001LamDawn Marie1965
001LamDanny Ray19642000s/Leon & Juanita Shifflett Lam
002BreedenHomer Ree4 Apr 191719 Jan 2002Funeral home marker only
002BreedenEwell30 Apr 18951 Mar 1931
002BreedenNettie1 Nov 188820 Nov 1965
002BreedenInfant Sons/Ewell & NettieNo dates
002BreedenBeatriced/Ewell & NettieNo dates
002BreedenHouck L.7 Mar 189820 Apr 1928
002BreedenMinnie C.3 Mar 190222 Jan 1960
002BreedenRandolph Z.9 Oct 191920 Mar 1975PFC US ArmyMilitary marker only
002BreedenLeon Loyd29 Jul 192412 Oct 1978
003DeanArdistia D.5 Jun 188415 Jul 1955Motherw/Emmett A.
003DeanEmmett A.3 May 18897 Jul 1948Father
003UnknownSmall tombstone-no markings-probably child - recorded in 2002
003UnknownSmall tombstone-no markings-probably child - recorded in 2002
003UnknownSmall tombstone-no markings-probably child - recorded in 2002
003UnknownSmall tombstone-no markings-probably child - recorded in 2002
003UnknownSmall tombstone-no markings-probably child - recorded in 2002
003BreedenMirty M. & Baby10 Feb 18971 Sep 1912Aged 15y 6m 2d; Wife & Baby/Kell F.
003BreedenAmanda C.8 Jun 185516 Aug 1938Mother
003BreedenWesley W.11 Dec 183424 Jul 1913
003MoubrayOliver C.22 Dec 193623 Jul 1999Wed 27 May 1999s/Virgil & Virginia
003MoubrayBarbara E.30 Oct 1939w/Oliver C.
003EppardRupert C.8 Nov 188620 Mar 1917Aged 30y 4m 20d
003EppardLiggett H.5 Jan 189911 Nov 1920s/J. A. & L. M.
003EppardLeray H.12 Feb 192114 Apr 1921s/L. H. & V. R.
003EppardVirena V.4 Aug 192015 Jun 1921d/J. A. & L. M.
003HensleyIona M.20 Mar 191910 Jul 1921d/W. D. & V. V. Hensley
003EppardMead C.31 Mar 19244 Apr 1924s/A. J. & L. M.
003EppardDelma M.27 Jan 192914 Feb 1929Aged 18 days; d/E. D. & E. C.
003EppardElsie C.29 Sep 1912
003EppardEdward D.18 Feb 190812 Jan 1965
004UnknownFieldstone-no markings
004UnknownFieldstone-no markings
004EppardAnnie P.8 May 188518 Jan 1886d/D. W. & A. A.
004EppardAmanda A.28 Jun 185118 Jan 1923w/D. W.
004EppardDaniel W.5 Sep 18468 Dec 1912Aged 66y 3m 3d
004BreedenElizabeth M.20 Oct 18352 May 1885
004BreedenIsephena R.2 Jun 185512 May 1897Daughter
004BreedenJas. M.20 Sep 187628 Sep 1876
004BreedenElmer20 Apr 188916 May 1889
004BreedenEthie L.20 Apr 188923 May 1890
004EppardFloyd F.s/H. F. & S. A.Illegible marker-no dates-recorded by DAR in 1960s
004EppardJesse A.28 Jan 191815 Jul 1919Aged 1y 5m 18d; s/Alfred & Lula
004BreedenPhillis Ann7 Jun 193929 Apr 1944d/O. G. & E. A.
004EppardLula A.25 Aug 18862 Aug 1962
004EppardAlfred F.12 Jan 18821 Aug 1971
004EppardJudy A.23 Apr 195421 May 1970Daughter
004EppardMerle A.2 Jul 1931Motherw/Divis C.
004EppardDivis C.4 Feb 192725 Jun 1996Father
004EppardMalcolm E.6 Oct 19238 Dec 1945
004EppardJoseph B.9 Sep 190030 Dec 1946
004DeanRosetta B.18 Sep 190524 Jul 2000
004DeanThomas C.7 Oct 190517 Jan 1995Funeral home marker shows name as Thomas Central Dean
005DeanArminta V.17 Jul 18598 May 1937Mother
005DeanEmmanuel W.3 Oct 185610 Dec 1939Father
005SmithDelilah V.Jun 186819 Jan 1947Aged 79 yrs
005EppardDelila15 Mar 18101890Mother; His Wifew/Daniel
005EppardDaniel28 Nov 180330 Jul 1878Father
005WyantMary V.23 Feb 184410 May 1874Aged 30yh 2m 17d; w/R. H.
005WyantJno. D. H.17 Aug 186425 Dec 1906Aged 42y 4m 8d
006RiddleElizabeth Ann188612 Apr 1947
006BreedenDeanie C.3 Aug 191524 Nov 1992Motherw/Sebert J.
006BreedenSebert J.26 Aug 190618 Jun 1991Father; S2 US Navy WWIIMilitary marker shows name as Sebert Jesse Breeden
006BreedenNora P.6 Aug 188230 Apr 1977Grandmother
006BreedenSegerna E.22 Feb 186128 Sep 1898
006BreedenDaniel M.9 May 185830 Mar 1920
006UnknownFieldstone-no markings
006UnknownFieldstone-no markings
006EppardUrbon D.20 Oct 187618 Jan 1892Aged 15 yrs; s/J. D. & C. F.Stone broken in 2 pieces
006UnknownFieldstone-no markings
006UnknownFieldstone-no markings
006HensleyRebecca A.18781962w/Stephen L.; Mother
006HensleyStephen L.18771929s/S. H. & H. H.; Father
006HensleyRichard H.19131965s/Stephen & Rebecca
006EppardRodger C.1 Jun 19591 Jun 1959
007HohlbeinEdwin Earl12 May 193112 Oct 1970Maryland SA US NavyMilitary marker only
007BreedenDarrell9 Feb 194127 Oct 1944s/Sebert & Deanie
007HensleyAndrew P.18721928
007HensleyElizabeth C.22 Jan 18667 Feb 1917Our Motherw/David F.
007HensleyDavid F.17 Aug 186711 Oct 1910Our Father
007MorrisLurany A.2 Feb 186930 Jun 1891
007MarshallSarah E.25 Oct 186615 Apr 1889
007MarshallAnn E.24 Jun 184010 Apr 1883Aged 42y 9m 16d
007UnknownFieldstone-no markings
007UnknownFieldstone-no markings
007BreedenJames Nicholas25 Sep 18768 Feb 1878Stone broken-illegible-record by DAR in 1960s
007UnknownFieldstone-no markings
007UnknownFieldstone-no markings
007ShiplettBizzeal P.12 Dec 184815 Mar 1913
007EppardMary Frances25 Sep 19377 Dec 1937
007EppardArbutus A.13 Sep 19154 Jun 1955Mother
007EppardCarson F.29 Aug 191316 Jun 1966Father
007ShifflettHilda E.8 May 193611 Jun 1990
007ShifflettThomas L.21 Sep 193222 Feb 1972
008UnknownFieldstone-no markings
008HensleyMatthew H. W.22 Mar 185516 Mar 1888
008EppardInfant SonInfant s/Bobby & LindaNo dates
008EppardNorwood R.6 Jun 1920
008EppardOtis R.26 Dec 191424 Jan 1970
009DeanJesse W.15 Oct 191224 Mar 1917Aged 4y 5m 9d
009DeanAlice V.25 Mar 191825 Mar 1920
009HensleyShirley E.21 Jan 192315 Sep 1923
009HensleyHarriet27 Apr 184816 Jun 1931Aged 83y 1m 19d
009HensleyStephen, Rev.23 Jan 184219 Dec 1915Aged 73y 10m 26d
009HensleyLucinda18 Nov 181519 May 1897Aged 82y 6m 1d; w/Wm.
009HensleyWilliam24 Sep 181427 Jan 1898Aged 83y 4m 3d
009HensleyEliza A.7 Apr 182716 Jun 1887Aged 60y 2m 9d
009HensleyElizabeth178530 Sep 1864Aged 79 yrs
009HensleyJames1780Aug 1864Aged 84 yrs
009UnknownField stone-unmarked - recorded in 2002
009UnknownField stone-unmarked - recorded in 2002
009UnknownField stone-unmarked - recorded in 2002
009UnknownField stone-unmarked - recorded in 2002
009UnknownField stone-unmarked - recorded in 2002
009UnknownField stone-unmarked - recorded in 2002
009UnknownField stone-unmarked - recorded in 2002
009BreedenAlvie L.10 Mar 1923
009BreedenZelda M.10 Jul 1926
009BreedenChirman M.24 Mar 193711 Jul 1938
009BreedenRee Otto22 Mar 188823 Mar 1967
009BreedenMary Ella17 Oct 189425 Aug 1968
009SnowChristine E.19401941
009SnowRuby E.23 Mar 1912
009SnowJack A.4 Jul 190920 Mar 1992
010LamAmy M.18911947
010HensleyLouisa J.21 May 182529 Apr 1897
010HensleyRobert B.5 Mar 182226 Dec 1898
010HensleyAda J.20 Jun 186612 May 1888
010UnknownFieldstone-no markings
010UnknownFieldstone-no markings
010UnknownFieldstone-no markings
010UnknownFieldstone-no markings
010UnknownFieldstone-no markings
010HensleySalena26 Jul 188110 Sep 1881d/Edward & Rebecca
010HensleyNelly17 Apr 188120 Oct 1884d/Edward & Rebecca
010HensleyAsbury30 Oct 18716 Jul 1878s/Adam & Columbia A.
010HensleyPhilp N.18 Mar 187022 Nov 1870Aged 8m 4d; s/Adam &Columbia A.
010HensleyLucinda A.18 Nov 186819 Nov 1869d/Adam & Columbia A.
010UnknownFieldstone-no markings
010UnknownFieldstone-no markings
010UnknownFieldstone-no markings
010UnknownFieldstone-no markings
010DeanFannie M.7 Feb 18953 Mar 1970
010DeanAustin B.1 Dec 189121 May 1939
010DeanNora Lee23 Jul 19192 Jul 1932
010DeanInfant Son7 Mar 193212 Mar 1932s/Austin & Fannie
010DeanInfant Son8 Feb 193612 Feb 1936s/Austin & Fannie
011BreedenGilbert Ira30 May 188317 Feb 1885Illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
011B.L.B.Fieldstone-initials only
011UnknownFieldstone-no markings
011MeadowsWilliam23 Dec 1877
011UnknownFieldstone-no markings
011UnknownFieldstone-no markings
011UnknownFieldstone-no markings
011ShifletteMalinda J.15 May 1876Age 24y 11m 17d; w/Bizzeal
011MeadowsWilliam182523 Dec 1877
011BreedenLucena23 Mar 181612 Oct 1888Age 72y 6m 19d
011BreedenNicholas29 Sep 181317 Oct 1897Age 84y 18d
011LamMaggie L.7 Feb 191027 Oct 1999
011LamClarence F.6 Apr 189427 Mar 1932
011BreedenGussie Lee5 Jan 189023 Nov 1965Motherw/Dock
011BreedenDock23 May 189318 May 1968Father
012UnknownFieldstone-no markings
012UnknownFieldstone-no markings
012UnknownFieldstone-no markings
012UnknownFieldstone-no markings
012MeadowsWm. Harrison10 Apr 186620 Nov 1890
012BreedenLydia1 Oct 188615 Jul 1962Mother
012BreedenElbert W.10 Feb 18854 Jul 1946
012BreedenDelsie L.31 Jul 190921 Dec 1975
012BreedenNellie M.1 Mar 191316 Jun 1984
012RushNaomi Jean19 Oct 19335 Jul 1999Mother
013HensleyVirginia A.29 Apr 185126 Nov 1922w/T. N.
013HensleyThomas N.16 May 185314 Apr 1932Father
013HensleyWilbert R.26 Sep 187723 Sep 1900
013HensleyMary F.12 Jul 187324 Nov 1894d/Rev. S. & H.Fieldstone-no markings
013HensleyLucinda Feely5 May 18725 Jan 1923w/G. W.
013HallVirgie Ann11 Apr 18984 Jan 1968
013SalzwedelRay Max19 Feb 19204 Jan 1968
014DeanNaomi R.13 Dec 192719 Apr 1928d/Edgar & Ella
014HensleySarah E. Lam16 Jun 18659 Mar 1941Mother
014LamWm. H.1 Jan 18604 Dec 1896Age 36y 11m 2d
014LamNellie B.14 May 191314 Jun 1914
014LamVernie O.16 Jan 190826 Mar 1994PVT US Army WWII
014LamVida M.7 May 190227 Aug 1984
014MeadowsLeonard W.21 Apr 186211 Nov 1955
014MeadowsEtta V.27 Jan 186912 Jan 1943His Wifew/Leonard W.
014MeadowsLora V.18 Sep 19078 Jun 1973Sister
014MeadowsSerena Ann17 Mar 189311 May 1925
014DeanValda23 Oct 193023 Oct 1930Infant d/Jasper & Lee
014LamDavid Lee26 Feb 195321 Mar 1971Son
014LamPaul Wayne3 May 195120 Apr 1975Father
014LamJames22 Feb 193113 Jan 1988
014LamChristina3 Aug 1932
015BreedenMelvin Monroe3 Feb 19158 Jun 1990Daddy
015BreedenJames Monroe10 May 18909 May 1920Age 29 yrs
015DeanMamie A.1 Mar 190524 Jan 1962Motherw/J. Lloyd
015DeanJ. Lloyd17 Apr 190314 Nov 1977Father
015PaceGeorge E.18761942
015LamOla H.9 Jul 1924
015LamRalph M.22 Jun 192127 Nov 1973Fieldstone-no markings
016MeadowsVictoria D.9 Apr 186728 Oct 1947Aged 80 yrs; w/A. J.
016MeadowsAndrew J.5 Feb 186525 Jan 1900Age 34y 11m 20d
016MeadowsGracie F.7 Apr 190013 Oct 1909Age 9y 6m 6d; d/Andrew J. & Victoria
016MeadowsBerthia A.14 Jul 18942 Nov 1909Aged 14y 7m 18d; d/Andrew J. & Victoria
016MeadowsOrlando Banfort9 Apr 19159 Nov 1915s/J. W. & L. E.
016DeanEdna J.3 Feb 18874 Apr 1967
016DeanJames T.1 May 18806 Nov 1960Father
016DeanMary Lee3 Sep 192213 Sep 1922Daughter
016DeanFred A.Oct 1931Nov 1931
016DeanDoris J.24 Jan 19362 Jun 1937
016Shifflett, Jr.L. R.19271940
016ShifflettLeona Dean1 Feb 1911
016BreedenEdith M.30 Aug 1935
016BreedenJessie Leroy4 Jul 193011 Dec 1954
016LamBessie F.19 May 188724 May 1974Motherw/Harvey L.
016LamHarvey L.10 Aug 188622 Aug 1971Father
016LamKyle W.27 Nov 191925 Dec 1964VA PVT 9202 Tech SVC Unit WWII
017MeadowsMarvin R.16 May 191714 Jun 1923
017MeadowsAlvie C.6 Sep 191925 Nov 1922ch/Fred & AddieFootstone with intials ACM only-Record by DAR in 1960s
017MeadowsBurnice M.3 Aug 192122 Nov 1922ch/Fred & Addie
017MeadowsVelvia M.23 Jul 191410 Aug 1916ch/Fred & AddieFootstone with intials VMM only-Record by DAR in 1960s
017DeanMary Y.22 Jan 191025 Nov 1999wWalter D.
017DeanWalter D.27 Jun 190712 Feb 1983
017BreedenDiane S.13 Feb 195719 Jun 1995Mother
017BreedenVerdie C.26 Apr 19114 Jun 1982Motherw/Jessie C.
017BreedenJesse C.6 Jan 19084 Aug 1958Father
017LamJarrod E.19691969Brill funeral home marker only
017ShifflettBrittany A.19881998Brill funeral home marker only
017ShifflettNichole Jade19971997Kyger-Troubaugh funeral home marker
017DeanEdwinnea M.19481948Daughterd/Randolph & Agnes; DAR showed b & d 3 Sep 1948 marker shows year only
017DeanAgnes M.19181960Motherw/Randolph N.
017DeanRandolph N.19241979Father
018BreedenArminta B.25 Nov 186922 Jul 1917w/Henry H.
018BreedenHenry H. F.25 Nov 187315 Feb 1933Father
018BreedenEllen S.1 Mar 187920 Apr 1971Mother
018BreedenHettie V.16 Feb 191512 Aug 1972Age 57y 6m
018BreedenWilson H.17 Feb 191516 May 1953Age 38y 3m
018FranksParthenie (Polly) Dean12 Jul 19208 Feb 1993
018SnowMae N.18971987
018SnowJames M.18991956
018UnknownFuneral home marker-data missing
018BreedenCalvin Ray16 Jan 194628 Aug 1971