Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMagill-McGill-Gibbons Plantation Cemetery
LocationBridgewater area, Rockingham County, Virginia. In 1967 located on the Stoutamyer sisters home south of Bridgewater on Route 42.
NotesNo attempt was made to find this cemetery in 2003. On August 3, 1957, Dr. John W. Wayland noted: A house now stands on the spot where this graveyard was located. In 1967 J. Robert Swank notes: There was a burial plot on the hill south east of the house said to be for slaves of the Gibbons and/or McGill families. It is also said there were Revolutionary soldiers buried on the hill beyond the house. In Dr. John W. Wayland’s Journal #12, page 134, dated April 7, 1929, he wrote: Near the old Allemong (Cline, Gibbons, Magill) house, on a hill is a cedar tree. There said Mr. (Samuel H. W.) Byrd, used to be a number of graves. One was of --- Herring, father of Philander Herring. The said --- Herring was a soldier of the Revolution. This information Mr. Byrd had, he said, was from Capt. Philander Herring. In another journal Dr. Wayland wrote on August 3, 1957; I knew about the Magill graveyard - was there years ago and found broken tombstones gathered around a cedar tree. A house now stands on the spot. Dr. Wayland’s book 'History of Harrisonburg' page 152, mentions S. B. Gibbons, Col. 10th. Reg. Va. Infantry killed at McDowell, born 25 May 1833 killed 8 May 1862 -- burial place not mentioned. Mr. Byerly in 1937, working for the WPA, wrote the following: The Magills were very early settlers in Virginia, and lived here prior to 1800. The Magills are buried in the family lot, but only a couple of broken stone markers, piled under an old cedar tree in an open field, remain. Robert Magill is said to have dropped dead in Bridgewater, Virginia, on February 22nd, but the year is obliterated on marker. Stone reads, Sacred to the memory of Robert Magill, born 11 Jan 1772, and died Feb. 22nd year obliterated. There are several other graves but no markers.
Survey Date and Recorder1. 1967 2. 1929, 1932, 1957 3. 1937
1. J. Robert Swank 2. John W. Wayland 3. WPA

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
MagillRobert11 Jan 177222 Feb ?Recorded by Wayland in 1932 & WPA in 1937
MagillMary30 Aug 177415 Jan 1833Recorded by Wayland in 1932 & WPA in 1937
M. ?Jas.28 Oct 1817Recorded by Wayland in 1932
HerringOn 7 Apr 1929, Samuel H. W. Byrd told John W. Wayland, that Capt. Philander Herring of Bridgewater, Va., told him that his father, a soldier of the Revolution, was buried here.
GibbonsS. B.25 May 18338 May 1862Buried here??? In book "History of Harrisonburg" page 152 by Dr. Wayland, he mentions S. B. Gibbons, Col. 10th Reg. Va. Infantry killed at McDowell, burial place not mentioned.