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CemeteryHarve Fulk Family Cemetery
LocationFulks Run area, Rockingham County, Virginia. About 4 miles west from Fulks Run Grocery on Route 259 is the new Riverside United Methodist Church on the right. Near there, on the left, across the river, is a square dark and light brown house built by David Crider, where his son Jakie Crider now lives. Facing the house, on the left behind it in the field is an old cemetery.
NotesIn 1999 Patricia Turner Ritchie wrote the following: "The old cemetery has no fence, no tombstones, only river rocks. There are 9 graves in a row visible, all marked with river rocks, no carving on any. I have never been able to find out whose graves these might be. However, the land was owned by Charles Fulk and his wife Sarah Custer Fulk. They lived in an old log house directly in front of the cemetery. She died in 1869, and he died in the 1880's. Lettie M. Albrite, a neighbor, said that this was known as the 'Harve Faulk Cemetery' and that he is buried there. However, there is a stone for Harvey and his wife Amanda Faulk in the Sam Miller Cemetery. Harvey Faulk was the son of Charles and Sarah Custer Fulk." In 1967 J. Robert Swank wrote: "There is said to be a burial plot northwest of the David Crider place. No confirmation was found."
Survey Date and Recorder1999
Patricia Turner Ritchie

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