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CemeteryShaver Family Cemetery 1
LocationCrider, Rockingham County, Virginia. Take Route 259 west, through Fulks Run, and turn left onto Route 820 (Crab Run Road). Continue on and take a left onto Route 826 (Criders Road). Cemetery is about two miles from Criders on south side of Route 865.
NotesCemetery plowed over. J. Robert Swank noted "4 to 6 graves. In 1996 Patricia Turner Ritchie wrote: The Shave Family Cemetery, which was once located on Route 865 (Germany River Road) at Criders, was plowed over some years ago. Bruce Dove of Criders, found two tombstone, both hand-carved flat stones with a simple triangle at the top and vertical lines down the sides to resemble a house. One is for Paulser Shaver, the first Shaver in the Brocks Gap area.
Survey Date and Recorder1. 1996 2. 1967
1. Patricia T. Ritchie 2. J. Robert Swank

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
ShaverPolser (Paulser)9 May 175222 Sep 1831Birth date could be 9 May 1756; Bruce Dove found hand carved flat stone 26 Nov 1996
HevnerMaryMay 179511 Apr 1831d/Paulser Shaver who married Daniel Hevner; Bruce Dove found hand carved flat stone 26 Nov 1996
ShaverPolser, Mrs.No marker-recorded by J. Robert Swank in 1967