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CemeteryMartin Koontz Cemetery
LocationEast of Lacey Spring, Rockingham County, Virginia. This cemetery is to the north of a dirt lane at the end of Route 806 (Martz Road) and the junction of Route 620 (Indian Trail Road).
NotesNo attempt was made in to find this cemetery in 2003. The following was taken from Mary Marie Koontz Arrington's book 'Mountain Valley People' published in 1982: This land was originally the Martin Koontz homestead. He was living here in 1792. He is listed in Capt. Josiah Harrisonís Company - Number 8, which was the eastern portion of Plains District. His will indicates he did not have children. The 1792 Tithables list only himself (one tithable and 4 horses). This land is now owned by E. D. Wilkins. This was apparently a fairly large cemetery and originally had tombstones with inscriptions. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in the area since Martin died about 1805. It may be that some of the other older Koontzes were buried here with Martin and his wife as well as other persons in the area. Otis Cubbage, who is 89 years old, recalls there were marble stones at Martinís and his wifeís graves with their names. Mabel Sites Davis Carrier recalls that when she was a child, she took water to her father working in the fields, and she set the water in the shade of the tombstone to keep it cool. A search has been made for these stones. They have evidently been stolen since the ground indicates it has not been plowed and there are not sufficient leaves, etc., to cover them.
Survey Date and Recorder1982
Mary Marie Koontz Arrington

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