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CemeteryDever Family Cemetery 1
LocationSpring Creek area, Rockingham County, Virginia. Was located on the Clarence Craun Place on Route 613 south of Spring Creek, Virginia. Formerly Herbert Patterson place.
NotesNo attempt was made to find this cemetery in 2003. In 1967 J. Robert Swank wrote, "Mr. Craun advised there were no markers remaining of the old burial place. Names of those buried not known. Some may have been removed to Mossy Creek. Mr. Showalter, in his Atlas of Rockingham County, refers to the old cemetery as being one-half mile south of Spring Creek, south of the house on the hill, near the sight of the old mud school house. He mentions they were Patterson relations. A check of early land records shows the Dever family in this section as early as 1756. Some names on deeds were: William Dever and wife Elizabeth Ervin; Margaret, James, Nancy, Peggy, Polly, John, St. Clair, Hugh, Frances C., Luke. Other names - Robert and Mary Henderson, Nancy Cutter, Peggy Bower, (Bowyer), Isaac and Elizabeth Burner, Samuel and Margaret Bowman, Allen C. Bryan, Augustus Rice, Mary P. Ervin - sister of Frances Dever, William and Mary P. Byrd."
Survey Date and Recorder1967
J. Robert Swank

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