Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryBank Mennonite Church Cemetery
LocationDry River area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From the Courthouse, Harrisonburg, Virginia, travel Route 33 west. Go 4.5 miles and turn left onto Route 734 (Bank Church Road). Go 1.2 mile and Route 734 turns right. Go 1/10 mile and Route 734 turns left. Continue on Route 734 for 1.4 mile. Church/cemetery are on the left side of road at junction of Rt. 734 and Rt. 752 (Rushville Road).
NotesRow 1 is by the cemetery gate (south side of cemetery). Rows are recorded from south to north. Facing the headstones they are recorded from left to right (east to west). In 1967 J. Robert Swank note "Cemetery well kept - many unnamed graves." Notes in the "Remarks" column were provided by J. Robert Swank and by the church cemetery records.
Survey Date and Recorder1. 1967 2. 30 Mar 2003
1. J. Robert Swank 2. Heatwole & Ranck

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

Surnames are sorted by section / plot / row / grave - only sections and rows are shown

SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
BerryAlexanderNo visible marker-recorded/add on by Swank in 1967; Parents of David Berry buried at Singers Glen
BerrySusanNo visible marker-recorded/add on by Swank in 1967; Parents of David Berry buried at Singers Glen
CoakleyAustinNo visible marker-in 1967 Swank noted "Said to be buried here with no marker."
CoakleyLucy Pendleton Gainesw/Austin CoakleyNo visible marker-in 1967 Swank noted "Said to be buried here with no marker."
CoakleyJamess/Austin & Lucy Pendleton Gaines CoakleyNo visible marker-in 1967 Swank noted "Said to be buried here with no marker."
CoakleyJohn C.s/DanielNo visible marker-in 1967 Swank noted "Said to be buried here with no marker."
CoakleyJoseph Benjamins/Austin & Lucy Pendleton Gaines CoakleyNo visible marker-in 1967 Swank noted "Said to be buried here with no marker."
CoakleyJoseph Williams/Joseph BenjaminNo visible marker-in 1967 Swank noted "Said to be buried here with no marker."
HeatwoleDavid5 Jun 1867Aged 69y 8m 10dNo visible marker-recorded/add on by Swank in 1967; s/David & Magdalene Neland Heatwole
HuppAbraham, Capt.1864No visible marker-recorded/add on by Swank in 1967; Confederate Soldier
RhodesInfantNo visible marker-in 1967 Swank note "Said to be buried here with no marker."
WhitmoreFrances12 Jan 1878No visible marker-taken from Church records; w/David G.
Negroes3 or more slaves of Daniel CoakleyNo visible marker-supposed to be buried here per Swank in 1967
Negroes2 or more slaves of Austin CoakleyNo visible marker-supposed to be buried here per Swank in 1967
001KniceleyAlvirdia3 Nov 188029 Oct 1896ch/D. K. & Martha J.
001KniceleyMary Ann5 May 187117 Oct 1893d/Martha & David
001KniceleyDavid K.11 Nov 1891Aged 49y 2m 14ds/Ebinezer & Mary Ann
001KniceleyMartha J.18 Nov 1916Aged 70y 1m 9d; w/D. K.nee Coakley
001CoakleyDaniel19 Dec 1892Aged 76y 8m 12ds/Fielding
001CoakleyAnn S.4 Feb 1885Aged 64y 11m 23d; w/D. C.
001M.M. M.Small stone with initials only
001VanpeltJulia C.Jan 1884Aged 56y; Our Motherw/Henry
001VanpeltIda C.29 Jul 1897Aged 25y 8m; d/Henry & Julia
001GilmerLydia Ann16 Jun 18832 Jan 1883d/A. D. S. & Isabel
001RitchieA. C.15 May 182930 Sep 1885Aged 56y 4m 15d
001ShoemakerWesley M.16 Feb 18399 Oct 1891Aged 52y 7m 23d; Our Fatherh/Margaret Miller; s/Charles Shoemaker; Co H 10th Va. Vol. Inf.
001ShoemakerGilbert L.5 Mar 18694 Nov 1870
001HeatwolePeter O.12 Jul 182727 Nov 1881Aged 54y 4m 15ds/Gabriel & Margaret Swank Heatwole; Married 6 June 1849
001HeatwoleElizabeth13 Feb 183011 Apr 1896Aged 66y 1m 29d; w/P. O.nee Rhodes; Memorial by Hess and Weaver
001VanpeltHenry13 Sep 1904Aged 76y 10m 5d; Our Fatherh/Julia C.
001GilmoreDavid R.5 Dec 1853Aged 35y 26dMemorial stone by A. Funk
001R.A.Small stone with initials only
001F.J. J.Small stone with initials only
002RhodesBertie P.24 Jan 1886Age 6 das; Our darling baby daughter; d/A. N. & R. E.
002SimmersInfant20 Feb 1905Aged 3d; s/J. N. & A. B.s/John N. & Annie B. Andes Simmers
002SimmersAbraham G.18431926Father
002SimmersMargaret C.18481930Mother; His Wifew/A. G.; d/Henry & Elizabeth Heatwole Rhodes
002SimmersElizabeth R.25 Jun 18707 Aug 1885d/A. G. & M. C.d/Abraham & Margaret Rhodes Simmers; Stone broken-leaning on backside of Abraham Simmers' stone
002HeatwoleRobert Elmer3 Mar 1893Aged 17y 3m 17d; s/D. S. & F. R.s/David S. & Frances R. Cline Heatwole
002GreinerClara Belle26 Jan 1897Aged 17y 1m 5d; d/D. S. & F. R. Heatwolew/L. L. Greiner
002HeatwoleDavid S.16 Feb 1903Aged 65y 8m 15ds/Samuel (Shem) and Elizabeth Shank Heatwole; Married 5 Dec 1849
002HeatwoleFrances R.14 Jul 1906Aged 56y 7m 8d; w/D. S.nee Cline
002HeatwoleHenrietta27 Aug 182911 Nov 1888Aged 59y 2m 14dw/Henry S.; nee Miller
002HeatwoleHenry S.6 Feb 182818 Nov 1907Aged 79y 9m 12ds/Samuel & Elizabeth A. Heatwole
002HeatwoleElizabeth S.14 Feb 18546 Mar 1920Aged 66y 2m 22d; d/H. S. & Henrietta
002HeatwoleDaniel R.11 Dec 187429 Mar 1887Aged 12y 5m 18d; s/G. D. & Lydia
002NicewanderBarbara3 Sep 1891Aged 56y 13d; w/A. B.
002HeatwoleNancy5 Aug 1853Aged 30y 7m 6d; Consort of John G.
002SwartzSusanna28 Feb 1897Aged 71y 4m 13d; Our Mother
002GoodReuben J.Aged 3y 1m 13d; s/D. & M.s/Daniel J. and Maria Heatwole Good
002GoodJohn E.Aged 2y 2m 20d; s/D. & M.s/Daniel J. and Maria Heatwole Good
002RhodesPhilip A.3 Jan 1862Aged 5y 11m 20d; s/H. W. & E.
002HeatwoleSamuel1 Dec 1857Aged 3y 1m 1d; s/Peter & Elizabeths/Peter O. and Elizabeth Rhodes Heatwole
002HeatwoleInfant Son9 Jan 1881Aged 2d; s/S. H. & R. L.s/Simeon H. & Rebecca L. Showalter Heatwole
002HeatwoleRoda F.18 Feb 1870Aged 4y 7m 11d; d/G. D. & L.d/Rev. Gabriel David & Lydia Frank Heatwole
002HeatwoleJacob28 Apr 186320 Aug 1864s/Gabriel D. & Lydias/Rev. Gabriel David & Lydia Frank Heatwole
002HeatwoleDavid23 Sep 186019 Aug 1862Aged 1y 2d; s/Gabriel D. & Lydias/Rev. Gabriel David & Lydia Frank Heatwole
003RhodesFredrick S.12 Sep 1893Aged 60y 4m 16d
003RhodesCatherine G.30 Aug 1897Aged 60y 8m 8d; w/F. A.
003WhitmerArthur Roller7 Dec 187423 Sep 1896Aged 21y 9m 23d; s/D. H. & J.
003WhitmerSusan J.1 Jan 185018 Jul 1905Motherw/David R.; nee Heatwole
003WhitmerDavid H.22 Jan 18489 Sep 1911Father
003JonesInfant5 May 188915 May 1889d/F. P. & A. M.
003HeatwoleGeorge W.24 Sep 1902Aged 37y 6m 13ds/Gabriel S. & Ella Swartz Heatwole; married 18 Oct 1887
003HeatwoleElizabeth C.25 Jan 1939Aged 68y 10m 3dw/G. W.; d/John W. & Nancy M. Heatwole Ford
003SwartzSallie J.15 Dec 1889Aged 2y 7m 14d; d/J. S. & A. M.
003SwartzFannie R.14 Nov 1878Aged 1y 11m 8d; d/J. S. & A. M.
003HeatwoleEdgar L.24 Jun 18936 May 1949
003HeatwoleEdna V.9 Sep 189716 Dec 1967w/E. L.
003K.P.Small stone with initals only
003HeatwoleRebecca Luella22 Apr 185826 Jul 1892w/Simeon H.nee Showalter; Married 29 Nov 1876
003UnknownSmall stone with initals only
003RitchieElizabeth10 Oct 1888Aged 60y 5m 17d; Our Motherw/Isaac
003ShowalterInfant10 Mar 1852Still Born; s/A. M. & C.
003ShowalterInfant Twins22 Aug 185422 Aug 1854Twins of Adam & CatherineMother nee Catherine Long
003ShowalterSolomon C.26 Jun 1859Aged 1y 7m 23d; s/Adam & CatherineMother nee Catherine Long
003ShowalterElizabeth J.1 Nov 1860Aged 12 das; d/A. & C.Mother nee Catherine Long
003ShowalterCatherine25 Sep 182515 Aug 1868w/Adam2w/Adam; nee Long
003ShowalterAdam27 Apr 18146 Nov 1891s/Joseph and Sophia Saufley Showalter
003BrightElizabeth H.29 Apr 179828 Feb 1867w/A. G.w/A. G.
003FrankJoseph F.25 Jun 183526 Feb 1862Aged 27y 1d
003FrankJoseph3 Nov 178820 Jul 1862Aged 73y 8m 17d
003FrankSusanah6 Mar 177731 Mar 1864Aged 87y 25d
003FrankDavid19 Jul 1871Aged 32y 3m; FatherMarried 31 July 1861; occupation-Shoemaker
003FrankAnna18 Mar 1926Aged 84y 7m 2d; Motherw/David; d/Henry and Elizabeth Heatwole Rhodes
003RhodesHenry W.12 May 1872Aged 52y 4m 22dMarried 22 Nov 1840
003RhodesElizabeth4 Feb 1894Aged 71y 10m 18d; w/H. W.d/Gabriel & Mary S. Heatwole
003FrankReuben D.6 Sep 1873Aged 2y 3m 14d; s/David & AnnaMother nee Anna Rhodes
003SimmersFannie Alice13 Jul 187820 May 1880
003FrankJacob J.30 Jun 184215 Nov 1880
003FrankSallie25 Oct 18398 Oct 1923His Wifew/Jacob J.
004CoffmanFrances30 Nov 1912Aged 87y 7m 3d; Our Mother; w/Samuelnee Weaver
004CoffmanSamuel26 Aug 1894Aged 72y 2m 24d; Our Father
004MillerElizabeth S.5 Apr 185529 Sep 1924Aged 69y 5m 24d; Motherw/John M.; d/Hugh A. & Nancy Heatwole Brunk
004MillerJohn M.8 Aug 185323 Feb 1911Aged 57y 6m 15d; Fathers/John Sr. & Hannah Garber Miller; married 16 Dec 1877; born Moores Store VA
004BrunkBeulah25 Jun 189018 Aug 1890Aged 1m 23d; d/J. H. & V. F.d/Rev. J. H. & Viola Frank Brunk
004BrunkInfant15 Mar 1900Aged 10 das; d/J. H. & V. J. H. & Viola Frank Brunk
004LillyDavid M.8 Feb 185023 Mar 1935Husband
004LillyFannie24 Mar 18517 Jul 1909w/D. M.
004LilleyPattie15 May 189015 May 1890s/C. C. & Virginia S.s/C. C. & Virginia S.
004LilleyErnest T.24 Jan 18884 Jul 1888s/C. C. & Virginia S.
004LilleyEliza Regina7 Sep 18402 Nov 1891Aged 51y 1m 25d; d/Wm. & HarrietMemorial stone by Jordan
004LillyHarriet3 Apr 18197 Aug 1894Aged 75y 4m 7d; w/William
004DentonNannie E.16 May 184424 Nov 1907Motherw/Wm. P.
004DentonWilliam P.4 Sep 1844FatherNo death date
004DentonWilliam L.20 Feb 188715 Jun 1887
004RulemanLucy D. F.15 Aug 186918 Jan 1883d/Jacob & Mary F.
004RulemanMary F.23 Feb 1906Aged 74y 2m 3d; w/Jacob
004RulemanJacob28 May 181029 Nov 1882
004HeatwoleNoah29 Nov 1852Aged 22y 7m 5dMemorial stone by J. Funk
004HeatwoleNancy14 Jan 1854Aged 52y 10m 3d; Consort of John S.d/Jacob & Mary Showalter Swank; Memorial stone by A. Funk
004HeatwoleJohn S.30 Apr 180630 Oct 1857Aged 51y 6ms/David & Magdalena Neland Heatwole; married 8 Aug 1927; memorial stone by A. Funk
004FishbackNancy21 Nov 185828 Jan 1860Aged 1y 2mPartial illegible sunken stone-recorded by Swain in 1967; d/Albert C. & Sarah Heatwole Fishback
004HeatwoleHarriet E.5 May 1860Aged 5y 7m; d/J. S. & M. F.Partial illegible sunken stone- recorded by Swank in 1967
004BrunkJohn A.5 Dec 1862Aged 2y 3m 18d; s/H. & S.Partial illegible sunken stone- recorded by Swank in 1967
004HeatwoleMary C.10 Jun 185821 Jan 1863s/J. S. & M. F.
004FishbackPerry F.26 Juy 186917 Jan 1870Aged 5m 22dIllegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967; s/Albert C. & Sarah Heatwole Fishback
004HeatwoleElizabeth19 Feb 1879Aged 75y 8m 27d
004HeatwoleHettie J.22 Jun 1863Aged 4y 8m 29d; d/H. & H.
004HeatwoleInfant Twin DaughtersFeb 1863Feb 1863d/H. & M.
004WeaverElizabeth10 Aug 1867Aged 16y 1m 7dIllegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967; d/John & Magdalene
004UnknownFatherSmall stone no other markings
004WeaverJohn25 Jul 18188 Apr 1877Aged 58y 8m 13ds/Samuel; occupation-wagon maker
004WeaverMagdalena22 Jun 1880Aged 54y 7m 10d; w/Johnw/Rev. John; d/Samuel (Shem) & "Eliz. Shank Heatwole
004HeatwoleOliver D.11 Sep 18762 Aug 1878s/Martin & Sarah Weaver Heatwole; drowned in North River
004ShankReuben D.29 Mar 18825 Apr 1882Aged 7 Das; s/Charles G. & FannieMemorial stone by Rinker & Beam
004WeaverInfant10 Dec 1882Aged 7 das; s/S. & S. J.
004ShankJoseph18 Dec 1887Aged 17 das; s/C. G. & Fannie
004ShankInfant1 Feb 1888Aged 28 das; s/C. G. & Fannie
004WeaverSolomon12 Mar 184911 Jul 1889Aged 40y 3m 29ds/John; 1st h/Susan Sandy
004WeaverFlarea A.29 Nov 1896Aged 12y 6m 25d; d/Solomon & SusanMother nee Susan Sandy
004ShankInfant Son20 Jun 1889Aged 1 day; s/C. G. & Fannie
004ShankInfant Son15 Feb 1890Aged 1 day; s/C. G. & Fannie
004KeisterSallie A.25 Aug 1871Aged 30y 11m 13d; w/A. J.
005RulemanAnderson J.18 Sep 1896Aged 36y 1m 2d
005HeatwoleCatharine28 Oct 1911Aged 72y 10m 2d; w/S. S.nee Gaines
005HeatwoleShem S.29 Apr 1884Aged 54y 1m 23ds/Samuel & Elizabeth Shank Heatwole; Married 27 Apr 1854; occupation-farmer, carpenter
005LillyWilliam11 Feb 180011 Aug 1884Memorial stone by J. Wine-Bridgewater
005LillyAbraham Lewis28 Oct 1852Aged 10m 4d; s/William & Harriet
005ByerlyHarriet E.21 May 1855Aged 3y 7m 5d
005ByerlyJohn A.27 Jan 185411 Sep 1880Aged 20y 8m 16d
005LilleySavilla H.9 Apr 186015 Aug 1861d/Wm. & H.
005LilleyJacob24 Mar 184230 Jan 1861s/Wm. & Harriet
005MasonElisabeth Ann4 Mar 18255 Jun 1876w/John Y.Stone broken off of base
005HeatwoleEdward L.7 Jul 1879Aged 1m 7d; s/S. S. & C.Mother nee Catherine Gaines
005HeatwoleJames Wm.12 Aug 1873Aged 3y 2m 6ds/Shem & Catherine Gaines Heatwole
005HeatwoleJacob A.31 May 1869Aged 5m 11d; s/J. S. & R.Mother nee Rebecca Frank
005HeatwoleMargaret9 Dec 1864Aged 2y 20d; d/J. S. & RebeccaPartially illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967; Mother nee Rebecca Frank
005HeatwoleTimothy6 Feb 1863Aged 4y 9m 3d; s/John S. & R.Partially illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967; Mother nee Rebecca Frank
005HeatwoleJacob S.7 Mar 1870Aged 45y 3m 4d; Fathers/Gabriel & Margaret Swank Heatwole; married 16 March 1848
005ShankRebecca3 Apr 1903Aged 79y 11m 9d; Mother; w/Jacob Shanknee Frank
006RumseyJohn R.18541922Aged 68 yrs
006RumseyDora F.23 May 1908Aged 33y 7m 5d; w/J. R.2w/John R; nee Hoover
006RumseySarah F.29 Nov 1898Aged 48y 10m 7d; w/J. R.1w/John R.; nee Byerly
006ByerlyBenj. S.10 Apr 1904Aged 77y 6m 18d
006ByerlySarah A.6 Oct 1911Aged 83y 7m 9d; w/B. S.
006ByerlyDavid Henry22 Dec 186125 Jul 1930Erected by the J. R. Byerly Family
006HeatwoleJacob11 May 190911 May 1909ch/J. T. & S. C.s/John & Sallie Coffman Heatwole
006HeatwoleNellie26 Jan 1898ch/J. T. & S. C.d/John & Sallie Coffman Heatwole
006HeatwoleDavid15 Apr 1897Aged 2 moss/John & Sallie Coffman Heatwole
006ShowalterS. Catherine4 Apr 187412 Feb 1947Illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967; d/J. B. & M. A. Driver Showalter
006ShowalterJ. B.8 May 1905Aged 60y 9m 22ds/Christian
006ShowalterMary A.21 Jul 1890Aged 46y 10m 11d; w/J. B.nee Driver
006ShowalterInfant20 Oct 1876Still Born; ch/J. B. & M. A.Illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967; ch/J. B. & Mary Driver Showalter
006BrunkHugh A.2 Oct 18323 Aug 1905Aged 72y 10m 1dMarried 11 May 1854; occupation: carpenter, farmer, undertaker
006BrunkNancy23 Sep 18377 Apr 1891Aged 53y 6m 14dw/Hugh; d/Gabriel & Margaret Swank Heatwole
006BrunkAbraham J.10 Nov 186817 Oct 1897Aged 23y 11m 7ds/Hugh & Nancy Heatwole Brunk
006BrunkMargaret A.15 Apr 185729 Sep 1869Aged 12y 5m 14dd/Hugh & Nancy Heatwole Brunk
006DeadrickInfant Sons/R. L. & A. D.
006RhodesMary13 Mar 18326 Jan 1885Aged 52y 9m 23d; w/Henry A.Memorial stone by J. W. Miller
006RhodesHenry A.18 Nov 182812 Dec 1908Aged 80y 24d
006RhodesMagdalene22 Jul 1884Aged 64y 6m 2d; Mother; w/Frederick A.d/Gabriel & Margaret Swank Heatwole
006RhodesFrederick A.12 Feb 1900Aged 80y 11m 20d; Fathers/Anthony & Eliz.Showalter Rhodes; married 12 Nov 1840; occupation: farmer
006RhodesIsa Dora26 Mar 1936Aged 63y 19d; d/Henry A. & Mary
006RhodesNoah4 Jun 1852Aged 1y 3m 1d; s/D. & M.s/David & Magdaline
006RhodesInfant3 Mar 1851Aged 1 day; ch/D. & M.Illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967ch/David & Magdaline
006RhodesSamuel28 May 1858Aged 22y 9dMemorial stone by A. Funk
006RhodesDavid6 Oct 1859Aged 49y 3m 6dMemorial stone by A. Funk
006RhodesMagdalene2 Dec 181012 Mar 1898Aged 87y 3m 10d; w/David; Our Mother
006RhodesDora Magdalene21 Feb 1872Aged 7m 20d; d/Jos. W. & M. J.
006HeatwoleMary Verdie25 Jul 18731881Illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967; d/F. & R. M.
006HeatwoleCalvin S.3 Mar 1881Aged 8m 20d; s/E. & S. S.Illegible age-below ground-recorded by Swank in 1967; s/Emanuel & Sarah Fishback Heatwole
006H.M.Illegible small stone with initials only-recorded by Swank in 1967
006RhodesJoseph Aldine17 Nov 1871Aged 4y 9m; s/H. A. & M. A.
006RhodesAnthony6 Feb 179518 Mar 1863Partial illegible broken stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
006RhodesElizabeth20 Apr 18002 Apr 1883Aged 82y 11m 12d; w/Anthonyd/Joseph & Annie Rhodes Showalter
006MiersJoseph E.5 Aug 1863Aged 1y 11m 25d; s/J. R. & S. J.
006MiersJohn W.21 Nov 1863Aged 6y 3m 3d; s/J. R. & S. J.
006MiersInfant Twins12 Jul 187112 Jul 1871ch/J. R. & S. J.
006MiersElizabeth C.22 Jul 1871Aged 2y 4m 8dd/J. R. & S. J.
006OwenVictoria Octovia19 Oct 186121 Nov 1871d/W. C. & M. L.
006MinnickLizzie C.9 Feb 18526 Mar 1905Married 22 Feb 1872; w/J. W.; d/Rev. Samuel & Frances Coffman
006MinnickJ. W.30 Mar 18394 Aug 1917
006MinnickC. L. Biedler6 Nov 18793 Nov 1906s/J. W. & L. C.
006MinnickLillie F.6 Jan 187321 May 1919d/J. W. & L. C.
006DeputyR. G.4 May 188655th year; Our Father
006DeputySarah12 Mar 183617 May 1869w/R. G.
007PropstOlen Loy25 Jan 19021 May 1959
007PropstAnnie Mary18 Mar 18933 Jan 1978
007PropstFrances Mae16 Nov 192918 Dec 1929Infant d/Olen Loy & Annie Propst
007HeatwoleMary A.183219203w/David G.; d/Isaac & Hannah Miller McMullen
007ShankJohn W.18541920s/Michael; occupation: farmer
007ShankHannah F.18561939w/J. W.; d/David G. & Mary Ann McMullen Heatwole
007ShankIrvin C.15 Jun 1896Aged 14y 7m 8d; s/J. W. & H.s/John W. & Hannah Heatole Shank; killed when tree fell on him
007WheelbargerIvan C.26 Feb 1898Aged 5 das; s/J. H. & F. S.s/Joseph H. & Fannie S. FIshback Wheelbarger
007FishbackGabriel T.25 Sep 182515 Sep 1892Aged 66y 11m 20d
007FishbackA. C.2 Apr 1892Aged 62y 8m 13ds/Benjamin & Sarah Jane Rice Fishback; occupation: blacksmith, farmer
007FishbackSarah11 Feb 1898Aged 62y 7m 29d; Mother; w/A. C.d/John S. & Nancy Heatwole
007FishbackOctovia Ann28 Oct 1898Aged 15y 3m 27d; d/A. C. & Sarahd/Albert C. & Sarah Heatwole Fishback
007WhitmerHinton4 Feb 188711 Mar 1887Aged 11m 7d; s/Wm. C. & S. J.
007WhitmerNancy Frances28 Nov 185227 Oct 1866Aged 16y 10m 29dd/David G. & Frances Heatwole Whitmer
007WhitmerDavid G.13 Dec 1860Aged 30y 5m 12dh/Frances Heatwole
007WhitmerDavid7 Oct 1858Aged 3y 8m 22ds/David G. & Frances
007R.M.Small stone with initials only
007WhitmerSarah Elizabeth10 Oct 185825 Feb 1874d/David G. & Frances Heatwole Whitmer
007RhodesMary J.29 Apr 18458 Apr 1878w/Jos. W.
007RhodesCivilla S.15 Apr 1881Aged 23y 6m 11d; w/Joseph W.
007SwartzSarah E.19 Aug 1899Aged 51y 7m; w/J. W.
007SwartzMartin3 Jan 188026 Jun 1880
007SwartzJacob W.12 Feb 187414 Oct 1878
007MyersBeatrice Frances9 Apr 190213 Sep 1902d/B. Frank & Mollie
007MyersJohn R.18 Nov 1863Aged 4y 5m 8d; s/W. & F.
007ShowalterHenry S.4 Jan 180423 Jun 1874Aged 70y 5m 19d
007ShowalterBarbara30 Jan 18067 Jan 1895w/Henry S.
007MyersWilliam Henry14 Mar 1881Aged 18y 7m 5dIllegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
007MyersWilliam J.28 Mar 183629 Dec 1915Aged 79y 9m 1d; Father
007MyersFrances15 Mar 183918 Jun 1924Aged 85y 3m 3d; Motherw/Wm. J.; nee Rhodes
007MinnickMary Myrta26 Apr 1901Aged 25y 27d; d/Sylvester & Mary C.
007MinnickSmith21 Jul 1889Aged 15y 5m 24d; s/Sylvester & Mary C.
007SwartzJacob William25 Jun 185122 Aug 1879My HusbandMy Husband
007SwartzIda L.23 Aug 1877Aged 2m 23d; d/J. W. & Sallie
007KniceleyJohn B.27 Jul 188210 Jul 1884s/D. K. & M. J.
007KniceleyEzekielJul 1868Jul 1868ch/D. K. & M. J.
008EarlyJacob2 Sep 1903Aged 77y 5m 8d; Our Father
008EarlySusan E.19 Nov 1913Aged 79y 1m 23d; Our Motherw/Jacob
008EarlyFannie E.18561933d/Jacob & Susan E.
008EarlyJoseph W.18631938h/Miss Huffman; s/Jacob & Susan
008EarlyLilly E.18771955
008KnicelyJoseph L.18821962s/Lewis D. & Mary Coakley Knicely
008KnicelyBertha V.18851969w/Joseph L.; nee Shank
008KniceleyInfant Daughter26 Feb 1905Aged 10 das; d/J. L. & B. V.d/Joseph & Bertha Shank Knicely
008HeatwoleNora E.18 Nov 188430 Nov 1892d/Pre. E. & S. C.d/Rev. Emanuel & Sarah
008KellerMattie S.12 May 1889Aged 8m 10d
008KellerMartin L.18581889
008KellerSallie M.18591931His Wifew/Martin L.; nee Swisher
008SwitzerDaniel S.20 Jan 18227 Apr 1886Aged 64y 2m 17d
008SwitzerSophia25 Dec 182524 Jan 1889Aged 63y 25d; w/Daniel
008SuthardJulian E.18911896s/B. F. & E. F.
008HeatwoleMary S.10 Sep 184824 Mar 1851The original pottery marker made by John D. Heatwole is in the Eastern Mennonite College archies.d/John D. & Elizabeth Coffman Heatwole
008HeatwoleElizabeth22 Oct 1892Aged 62y 2m; w/John D.nee Coffman
008HeatwoleJ. D.16 Jun 1907Aged 80y 9m 27ds/Samuel & Elizabeth Shank Heatwole; married 11 June 1848; occupation: potter
008HeatwoleMyrtle Eva2 Sep 189222 Nov 1892d/R. B. & T.
008UnknownPottery marker-broken & no writing
008S.R.Small stone with initials only
008MurrayFrancis H.15 Jan 183222 Dec 1879
008UnknownIllegible wooden marker-no writing
008SwartzWilliam H.11 Dec 186710 Jan 1868s/G. W. & R. A.
008SwartzRebecca23 Aug 180924 Nov 1864
008SwartzJohn9 May 181124 Feb 1896Aged 84y 9m 15d
008LowmanAmanda J.21 Apr 182725 May 1886Aged 59y 1m 4d
008LowmanJohn21 Oct 1872Aged 85 yrs
008LowmanCatharine25 Sep 1879Aged 78y 3m 28d
008MinnickTireetta P.29 Jun 1888Aged 37y 8m 7d; d/Joseph H. Angeline
008MinnickMary C.2 Feb 1891Aged 47y 2m 23d; w/Sylvester
008MinnickSylvester31 Aug 1880Aged 33y 5m 5d
008MinnickDallis10 May 1864Aged 20y 1m 27d; s/Joseph H. & Angeline; Killed near Spottsyvania C.H., Co H 10th Va. Regt.
008MinnickAngeline10 Aug 1864Aged 48y 5m 27d; Consort/J. H.
008MinnickJoseph H.6 Mar 1864Aged 50y 9m 28dStone broken-on ground
008MinnickJoanna4 Feb 1863Aged 1y 10m 7d; d/J. H. & A.d/Joseph H. & Angeline
008MinnickCalvin1 May 1862Aged 20y 11m 22d; s/J. H. & A.s/Joseph H. & Angeline
009CoakleyAustin V.16 Mar 1919Aged 67y 2m 10d; Father
009CoakleySarah E.27 Jan 1910Aged 60y 9d; Mother; w/A. V.nee Knicely
009CoakleyBertie F.18911894d/Austin & Sarah Knicely Coakley
009CoakleySarah F.18781914d/Austin & Sarah Knicely Coakley
009WebsterNettie Agnes24 Apr 189014 Oct 1918w/R. A.
009UnknownSmall stone with no markings
009CoakleyIcie D.2 Mar 189310 Jan 1963ch/A. V. & S. E.d/Austin V. & Sarah
009WebsterHazel V.13 Apr 19123 Jul 1993
009KniceleyLewis D.28 Jul 184614 Apr 1931s/Ebinezer
009KniceleyMary E. F.8 Oct 184813 Dec 1901Aged 58y 2m 5d; w/L. D.nee Coakley
009WeeseC. J.20 Jun 18702 Jun 1950Father
009WeeseMary F.8 Dec 186024 Mar 1933Motherw/C. J.; d/Philip Linhoss
009LinhosGeorge W.24 Nov 184510 Oct 1918s/Philip
009LinhosBarbara18 Mar 181819 Jan 1904Mother; w/P.w/Philip
009LinhosPhilip13 Jan 181610 Apr 1896
009FunkChristian7 Jan 1896Aged 83y 11m 21d; Our parentss/Christian & Susan Geil Funk
009FunkFrances29 Mar 1900Aged 82y 7m 14d; Our parentsw/Christian; nee Brenneman
009RohrerGlenn E.19 Dec 1924
009RohrerAnnis S.17 Dec 1925
009RohrerAnna25 Jan 1909Aged 82y 9m 22d; w/Israel
009RohrerIsrael8 Mar 1894Aged 73y 5m 26dfrom Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
009RohrerAnnie V.7 Dec 1898Aged 4 dasIllegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967; d/D. H. & Lydia
009HoardThomas J.10 May 18542 Feb 1855s/T. & M.s/Thomas & Mary
009HoardMary15 Jun 178916 Apr 1851Consort/Thomas
009HoardThomas4 Mar 179130 Oct 1867
009HoardPolly Burner18081884
009H.I. V.Small stone with initials only
009L.C.Small stone with initials only
009HughesIda Virginia25 Oct 187818 Jan 1887Illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967; d/B. F. & Fannie
009HughesCharles B.1 Nov 186728 Jan 1887Aged 19y 2m 27d; s/B. F. & Fannies/B. F. & Fannie; stone broken
009HughesB. F.10 Jun 18271 Apr 1897
009SheetsSarah J.Stone reads Records lost;d/John H. & Elizabeth
009SheetsEliza A.Stone reads Records lost;d/John H. & Elizabeth
009SheetsJohn H.Stone reads Records lost
009SheetsElizabethStone reads Records lost; w/John H.
009SheetsJoseph H.Stone reads Records lost; s/John H. & Elizabeth
010L.J.Small stone with initials only
010KiracofeNelson B.4 Jan 1874Aged 35y 1m 24d
010KiracofeCaroline V.25 Dec 184011 Apr 1917w/N. B.
010BlackFrances22 Feb 180820 Aug 1859w/James
011CoakleyLuther H.18741941s/Austin
011CoakleyBettie F.18771952d/Daniel & Frances Heatwole Wenger
011CoakleyMarion L.28 Sep 191524 Nov 1999
011CoakleyEthel S.9 Jan 19186 Aug 1993w/Marion L.
011WeaverDavid H.7 Aug 18365 Mar 1907Our Fathers/Samuel
011WeaverElizabeth D.11 Apr 1900Aged 65y 5m 20d; w/D. H.nee Keiser
011HeatwoleTracy Edna9 Dec 18903 Oct 1909d/Martin & Sarah F.Mother nee Sarah F. Weaver
011HeatwoleFleta Pearl10 Feb 189725 Jul 1909d/Martin & Sarah F.Mother nee Sarah F. Weaver
011HeatwoleSarah F.21 Dec 185615 Sep 1936Aged 79y 9m 24dw/Martin; d/David Weaver
011HeatwoleMartin22 Mar 184618 May 1898Aged 52y 1m 22ds/Shem; married 2 Dec 1875; occupation: farmer, contractor
011BakerEffie R.28 Mar 18883 Jun 1918nee Heatwole
011DeadrickWilliam F.25 Jan 18271 Oct 1903
011WelchWm. M.6 Jan 1935Aged 74 yrs
011K.A.Small stone with initials only
011KephartAnnieAged 58 yrs; w/Jno.
011GuyerSamantha E.4 Apr 18647 Jan 1923w/D. A.d/Henry & Emily Herr Whitmore
011GuyerDavid A.7 Dec 185414 Apr 1906Married 28 Oct 1880; s/Jacob & Mary Ellen Perry Guyer
011GuyerJacob30 Jan 1905Aged 79y 4m 14d; Our Fathers/John & Rebecca
011GuyerMary Ellen25 Aug 1893Aged 65y 4m 29d; w/Jacobd/Pierce & Sally Holsinger Perry
011McGuireFielden16 Sep 180430 Oct 1880
011McGuireSallie23 Feb 181123 May 1892
011McGuireBarbara A.16 Mar 184416 Dec 1868Aged 24y 9m
011WengerBarbara24 Feb 1901Aged 65y 3m 16d; d/Samuel & Eva Wenger
011GeilPriscilla V.14 Sep 1882Aged 20y 10m 5d; d/Henry & Mary
011GeilMary30 Dec 183729 Aug 1864Aged 26y 7m 2d; w/Henry; d/Samuel & Eva Wenger
011WengerMagdalena2 Apr 184030 Nov 1861Aged 21y 7m 28d; d/Samuel & Eva
011WengerChristena20 Mar 18425 Oct 1861Aged 18y 6m 15d; d/Samuel & Eva
011WengerEva2 Dec 18134 Feb 1898w/Samuel
011WengerSamuel16 Jul 181311 Sep 1861Aged 48y 1m 25d; Consort of Eva
012UnknownSmall stone with initials only
012UnknownSmall stone with initials only
012GilmerInfant6 Jul 19156 Jul 1915s/B. S. & Mary E.Partially illegible-stone sunken
012GilmerA. D. S.1 Dec 18501 Mar 1934
012GilmerIsabelle C.9 Jun 18532 Mar 1912w/A. D. S.
012GilmerDainty L.24 Jun 19091 Jul 1910d/B. S. & Mary E.Partially illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
012GilmerInfant3 Dec 1900s/B. S. & Mary E.Partially illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
012GilmerRaymand D.18 Feb 1899Aged 12m 28ds/B. S. & Mary E.
012GilmerJ. F., Rev.11 Oct 1895Aged 69y 4m 25d
012GilmerAnnie25 Oct 18253 Aug 1908Aged 82y 9m 22dw/Rev. James F.
012DentonInfant Son15 Jun 190315 Jun 1903s/D. F. & M. N.
012MouseAdam D.12 Jul 184025 Aug 1899
012SuthardBenjamin F.18531922
012SuthardElizabeth F.18571935His Wifew/B. F.
012SuthardErnest18861906s/B. F. & E. F.
012LoughAlbert R.25 May 1894Aged 1y 3m 26d; s/Noah W. & Mary J.
012H.T. J.Small stone with initials only
012H.T.Small stone with initials only
012GuyerAbraham B.8 Aug 18587 Dec 1863Aged 5y 3m 30ds/Jacob & Mary Ellen Perry Guyer
012GuyerRebecca4 Jun 180814 Apr 1877Aged 68y 10m 10d; Our Dear Mother; Consort of John
012HintonJoseph7 Oct 183920 Aug 1862Aged 22y 10m 13d
012HeltzelInfantch/J. C. & A.
012HeltzelChristena Good2 Sep 182726 Sep 1862Aged 34y 11m 24d; w/Jamesnee Good
012BeerySolomon, Pre.11 Dec 1905Aged 73y 1m 16ds/Joseph & Frances Garber Beery
012BeeryAnna E.26 Sep 1917Aged 73y 1m 22d; w/Solomon2w/Rev. Solomon; nee Wenger
012WhitmoreCynthia A.21 Jul 181226 Apr 1879w/Peter W.nee Deputy
012WhitmorePeter W.6 Feb 180623 Oct 1861
012WhitmoreBenjamin D.13 Jun 184215 Oct 1861
012WhitmoreJohn D.20 Sep 183713 Sep 1861
013CoffmanInfant14 Apr 1936s/R. M. & A. M.No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
013HolmesJeremiah G.Feb 188629 Jul 1895
013HolmesJoanna R.1845Death date unknown
013HolmesJohn W., D.D.S.4 May 18362 Dec 1911Erected by grandchildren of Bessie Black
013BurkholderWayne E.27 Apr 196020 Jun 1977
013HorstSheldon Jay4 Apr 196420 Aug 1973
013BeeryBertha S.18991989
013BeeryFrank H.18951967
013CoffmanH. Amos22 Dec 191127 Jan 1991Husband/Naomi A. Blosser & Martha K. Kauffman; Father
013CoffmanNaomi Blosser23 Oct 191011 Apr 1988w/H. Amos; Mother
013CoffmanRobert Joseph19 Jan 19084 Mar 1993
013CoffmanA. Mary Swartz18 Feb 191017 Apr 2000
013CoffmanInfant Son4 Apr 19364 Apr 1936Stillborn s/Robert & Mary
013Coffman, Jr.Robert J.2 Jan 194223 Jun 1984s/Robert & Mary
013ShankGlenn W.8 Dec 189528 Jun 1985
013ShankVernie Hildebrand3 Jan 189818 Jun 1982
013HeatwoleRalph F., Pre.11 Mar 19044 Mar 1985Father
013HeatwoleVera M.5 Feb 1906Motherw/Pre. Ralph F.
013HeatwoleRoy Winford17 Jul 1933Aged 1y 7m 25d; s/R. F. & V. M.s/R. F. & Vera M. Early Heatwole
013KiracofeMaletus A.6 Jun 187510 Feb 1943
013KiracofeSallie A.31 Jan 18806 Jul 1964w/M. A.
013KiracofeIva M.1 May 190315 Jan 2000
013KiracofePaul15 Nov 191127 Dec 1911s/M. A. & S. A.
013SwartzFlora E.18731958w/Joseph
013SwartzJoseph F.18711939
013SwartzAnna E.3 Dec 19075 Oct 1908d/J. F. & F. E.d/Joseph F. & Flora E.
013SwartzSarah C.14 Oct 18854 Mar 1917d/G. W. & R. A.
013SwartzRebecca A.16 May 1922Aged 74y 10m 14d; Our Mother; w/G. W.
013SwartzGeorge W.13 Jun 1906Aged 63y 3m 6d; Our Father
014HartmanMary E.16 Jan 185912 Oct 1948
014WilfongHerman L.29 Nov 191414 Dec 1967
014WilfongThelma W.5 Apr 190622 Apr 1979
014YoderMelvin C.23 Dec 19217 Nov 1999
014YoderMartha Bauman20 Aug 1934
014ShowalterHoward Heatwole2 Mar 19123 Jan 1999Our Daughter-Nellie Rebecca
014ShowalterWilda M. Hildebrand21 May 1910w/Howard H.
014WilsonMillard George19021988
014WilsonRebecca Swartz19041974
014LambertLaunie Allan3 Jul 190324 Oct 1977
014LambertRuby Suter17 Sep 1914
014HartzlerHerman D.22 Apr 19453 Oct 1965
014CoffmanHomer W.3 Jun 188114 Jul 1979s/Joseph W. & Sarah Heatwole Coffman; occupation: farmer
014CoffmanElla Swope20 Aug 188222 Dec 1961w/H. W.; d/J. R& Elizabeth Shank Swope
014CoffmanJoseph W., Pre.18571933s/Samuel & Frances Weaver Coffman
014CoffmanSarah18591958w/J. W.; d/Joseph & Lydia Rhodes Heatwole
014CoffmanNellie Frances23 Dec 189626 Oct 1986d/Joseph W. & Sarah Heatwole Coffman
014SimmersW. Frank18811966s/Jacob F. & Nancy Rhodes Simmers
014SimmersSusie W.18821958w/W. F.; nee Whissen
014SimmersJacob F.16 Jul 184123 Feb 1922
014SimmersNancy F.13 Oct 18533 Nov 1926His Wifew/J. F.; d/Henry & Elizabeth Heatwole Rhodes
014RhodesGabriel D.27 May 184618 Feb 1936Aged 89y 8m 21d; Fathers/Henry & Elizabeth Heatwole Rhodes
014RhodesRebecca V.15 Sep 185229 Jul 1930Aged 77y 10m 14d; His Wife; Motherw/G. D.; nee Simmers
014SwartzDora F.13 Aug 187725 Feb 1937w/G. B.; d/Gabriel & Rebecca Simmers Rhodes
014SwartzG. Ben10 Mar 187623 Sep 1956
014RhodesJohn A.18731966Fathers/Gabriel & Rebecca
014RhodesHettie D.18801963Motherw/J. A.; d/Solomon D. & Susanna C. Weaver Heatwole
014HeatwoleEli D.19101991
014HeatwoleAnnie C.19081970
014HeatwoleIvan C.28 Jul 193411 Aug 1947Aged 13y 14d; s/Eli & Annie C.s/Eli D. & Anna C. Rhodes Heatwole
014HeatwoleClara Jane6 Nov 193722 Feb 1938Aged 3m 16dd/Eli D. & Anna C. Rhodes Heatwole
014HeatwoleGabriel S.20 Aug 1919Aged 79y 3m 26ds/Samuel & Eliza Shank Heatwole; occuation: farmer, auctioneer
014HeatwoleEliza A.28 Sep 1915Aged 75y 3m 25d; w/G. S.nee Swartz
014HeatwoleF. Jane9 Mar 188125 Sep 1910w/R. H.nee Snyder
014HeatwoleReuben H.11 Mar 187519 Aug 1906s/G. S. & Elizabeth Swartz Heatwole; fell to his death in hot liquor at Bork Extract Stokesville VA
015KnicelyRandall Keith19942002McMullen funeral home marker only
015KnicelyByard Ervin18 Jun 1937Our Children-Marion F., Fred L., Howard S., Blaine E., Keith A., Ramona J., Dawn R., Willard D., Myrna K.
015KnicelyNellie Showalter9 Mar 193820 Jul 1991Motherw/Byard
015KnicelyHoward Showalter12 Jul 196431 Jul 1990
015KnicelyBrenda Sue Derstine8 Nov 1968
015CoffmanJacob B.28 Jul 185023 Feb 1930s/Samuel; occuation: farmer, minister
015CoffmanSarah E.2 Nov 185511 Jan 1955w/J. B.; nee Heatwole
015HeatwoleJean Minerva17 Oct 191814 Jan 1922d/John L. & B. I.
015HeatwoleJ. Thomas18601920s/John D. & Elizabeth Coffman Heatwole; occupation: farmer
015HeatwoleSarah C.18631950His Wifew/J. T.; nee Coffman
015RhodesEmmer F.18811966s/Reuben S. & Magdaline Rhodes Rhodes
015RhodesStella E.18661970w/E. F.; nee Heatwole
015RhodesCharlie Fred12 Aug 190928 Mar 1915s/E. F. & S. E.
015HeatwoleEnos E.28 Sep 188227 Jan 1949s/Joseph F. & Frances F. Rhodes Heatwole
015HeatwoleClara K.7 Dec 188318 Aug 1975w/E. E.; d/John W. & Hanna F. Heatwole Shank
015HeatwoleDella P.9 Mar 1920Aged 12y 6m 3d; d/E. E. & C. K.
015HeatwoleMelvin J.10 Dec 18789 Jul 1963s/Joseph & Frances Rhodes Heatwole; occupation: farmer
015HeatwoleMollie G.3 Oct 188314 Jul 1956w/M. J.; d/G. W. & Sarah Heatwole Coffman
015RhodesLottie Pearl12 Sep 1923ch/O. J. & I. H.d/Oscar J. & Ina Heatwole Rhodes
015RhodesD. Newton10 Mar 191812 Mar 1918ch/O. J. & I. H.s/Oscar J. & Ina Heatwole Rhodes
015RhodesRoy H.29 Feb 19164 Sep 1917ch/O. J. & I. H.s/Oscar J. & Ina Heatwole Rhodes
015HeatwoleJohn C.27 Jun 190924 Jun 1911s/M. J. & M. C.s/M. J. & Mollie Coffman Heatwole
015HeatwoleFannie A.11 Jan 1921Aged 70y 8m; w/J. F.nee Rhodes
015HeatwoleJoseph F., Pre.30 Sep 1908Aged 59y 16ds/Jacob S. & Rebecca Frank Heatwole
016BarnhartDavid H.22 Jun 19248 Sep 1991Our Children-Lois, Anna Lee, Ellen, Ferne, Esther, Roy
016BarnhartCathalene G.9 Apr 1926Married 1 Jan 1947w/David H.
016WeberLeonard D.30 Aug 1911
016WeberIrene M.6 Nov 191113 Jan 1997
016HeatwoleJewel Ferne9 May 19775 Jul 1983d/Elam & Ellen
016HorstLloyd S., Bishop16 Aug 1913
016HorstAlice Heatwole14 Jun 19125 Jan 1997
016KellerWilliam Luther18861953s/Martin & Sara Swisher Keller
016KellerSallie Elizabeth18871983
016KellerOrpha Ruth19271946d/W. L.
016KellerHarry F.31 Jan 191115 Feb 1998Our Children-Louise, Harry Lee, Stanley, Roy
016KellerMargaret V.8 Feb 191330 Aug 1998w/Harry F.
016KellerHarry Lee19 Sep 193930 Mar 1941Aged 1y 6m 11d; s/H. F. & M. V.
016RhodesPaul H.17 Jul 191128 May 1989
016RhodesKatie K.3 Jun 190819 Nov 1976
016RhodesHerbert F.28 Apr 1935s/P. H. & K. P.
016RhodesWillard F.4 Oct 1932Aged 3m 15d, s/P. H. & K. P.
016ShowalterInfant Son4 Jan 19404 Jan 1940s/H. A. & M. E.
016RhodesA. Newton18581954
016RhodesRebecca E.18601943
016RhodesOscar J.18901981
016RhodesIna H.18861963
016TylerElda V.18991932."d/John R. & Fannie R. Hildebrand; Church records shows Infant Son buried with her
016HildebrandJohn R.18731940Parents
016HildebrandFannie R.18751931Parentsw/John R.
016HildebrandWilson7 Jan 1911Aged 7m 15d; s/John R. & Fannie
016HeatwoleGlen Edward6 Nov 19469 Dec 1947s/Joseph D. & Fannie B.
017HeatwoleMiriam M.19412002McMullen funeral home marker only
017HeatwoleJoseph N.25 Feb 1927
017HeatwoleMartha F.25 Jul 192622 Jul 1989
017WengerMark Reiter15 Aug 1921Our Children-Erma, Ray, Ellen, Lois
017WengerEunice Heatwole28 Apr 1922w/Mark R.
017BrunkMenno J.18921978
017BrunkVada F.19051987
017ShowalterHarry A.20 Aug 191614 Nov 1981
017ShowalterEvangeline K.14 May 19182 May 2000
017HeatwoleGlen Edward6 Nov 194619 Dec 1947s/J. D. & Fannie
017HeatwoleJoseph D.9 Jan 19056 Oct 1964s/Melvin J. & Mollie C.
017HeatwoleFannie B.16 Nov 190621 Jan 1976w/J. D.; d/James H. & Lydia F.Lehman Shank
017G.N. S.Small stone with initials only
017ElzaSampson N.15 Feb 187015 Feb 1941Father
017SmithJohn H.21 Jan 1916Aged 8m 9d; s/J. W. & Doras/Rev. Jasper W. & Dora
017SmithDora19 Dec 1915Aged 29y 9m 26d; w/Jasper W.
017WS. .Small stone with initials only
017B.F.Small stone with initials only
017HeatwoleInfant Son14 Oct 1946No visible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967; s/David E. & Eliz. K. Wenger Heatwole
018KovalyukIvan15 Mar 19075 May 1997
018HeatwoleJacob Earl12 Aug 1939Father; Our Children-Monica S., Mervin J., Maynard J., Merlynne D., Myron J., Melodie A., Marileen R., Maretta F.
018HeatwoleSusan A. Roth26 Dec 193931 Aug 1992Motherw/Jacob Earl
018HeatwoleMarileen Rosette23 Apr 196824 Apr 1968Infant d/Jacob & Susan
018RhodesThomas R.24 Apr 191925 Jun 1967Father; Their Children-Phyllis, Eldon, Wanda, Linden
018RhodesDelphia P.1 Jan 191720 Jan 2000Mother; Married 1 Jan 1942w/Thomas R.
018HeatwoleM. Simeon5 Apr 1916
018HeatwoleRuth H.25 Dec 191517 Feb 1994
018HeatwoleSteven Philip16 Sep 195811 Jul 1991Aged 32y 9m 25d; Husband of Susan Johnna Good; Sons-Jefferson Maurice, Michael Vincent, Ashley Philip
018HeatwoleDavid E.9 Nov 19192 Feb 1999
018HeatwoleElizabeth W.12 Apr 1921
018HeatwoleInfant Son16 Oct 1946s/D. E. & E. W.
018FordJohn W.7 Mar 185028 Mar 1925
018FordNancy M.24 Feb 185111 Apr 1921nee Heatwole
018KephartJohn Thomas18861944
018KephartIda Mae Ray18921948
019PoberezhniyVasily M.27 Aug 19233 May 1991Born in USSR, Died USA
019YavnyLiliya20 Nov 19943 Jan 1995
019MikhaylyukVladimer2 Jun 194912 Sep 1997
019UnknownBurial here-no marker
019YavnyAnton K.19162003Mc Mullen funeral home marker only
019WeaverLovina A. Coblentz13 Oct 19369 Aug 1989Mother; w/Wayne M.; Children-David W., Mary E., Mark A., Lois A.
019GoeringJeremy Austin17 Feb 19884 Mar 1988s/James & Bonnie
019ShenkIra A.27 Jul 189012 Feb 1983
019ShenkWilda F.22 Sep 18928 Jun 1974w/Ira A.
019HeatwoleLora F.3 Nov 1903
019HeatwoleMartha A.16 Feb 190716 Oct 1998
019HeatwoleIna G.4 Mar 19149 Jan 1998
019HeatwoleNancy O.23 Mar 1923
019WhetzelIcie Jane Hinkel1 Aug 1919Appears to be burial here
019WhetzelCletus O.8 Apr 194415 Nov 1974
019WhetzelVernon D.7 Mar 195426 Nov 1960
019UnknownSmall stone with no markings
019UnknownSmall stone with no markings
019UnknownSmall stone with no markings
019RameyMary F.20 Feb 1928Aged 58 yrs; w/W. A.
019AreyNealia F.18551933w/Charles S.
019AreyCharles S.18631945
020StadnikKarl R.14 Sep 192619 Jan 1991Born in USSR, Died USA
020StadnikAnna19182002Mc Mullen funeral home marker only
020StadnikLeonid Karl3 May 194930 May 1996
020GuntikFedor I.19751996Son
020GuntikIvan F.19441996Father
020TeleguzVarvara26 Jan 192114 Sep 1997Mother
020AndriyevskiyVyacheslaw Victorovich27 Jan 195824 Feb 2000
020RohrerCatherine Diane Christner9 Oct 195728 Dec 1993w/Linden D.; Married 17 Dec 1977; Loving Mother of Audrey Faye, Jordan Douglas, Charity Lynn
020HertzlerAlice Shenk14 Dec 1918Married 5 Jun 1941w/Vernon N.
020HertzlerVernon N.28 Aug 1917Our Children-Roger Vernon, Wilmer Allen, Isaac Daniel, Tammy Nelson
020GregoryAndrew Joseph19 May 1923
020GregoryAlma Sites11 Dec 1911
020SitesEnoch R.5 Jul 18857 Dec 1959
020SitesWilliam Edgar19141977PFC US Army WWII
020HinkelAnna D.11 Aug 18798 May 1958Motherw/Van B.
020HinkelVan B.4 Sep 18654 Sep 1948Father
020W.M.Small stone with initials only
020R.H. A.Small stone with initials only
020UnknownSmall stone with no markings
020W.C.No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
020W.E.No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
021Carper, Jr.Charles Edward5 Mar 193425 Mar 1987Parents of Dawn Etta, Diane Marie, Dewitt Michael, Charles E. III, Katherine Sue, Anna Lucille, Jacob Frederick, Sarah Mae
021CarperJo Ann Michael9 Mar 1935w/Charles E.
021WengerJames M.11 Jun 191717 Sep 1983s/Monroe & Ada Shiflet; By friends & neighbors
021LongInfant Sons/M. & M. L. J. LongFuneral home marker only
021RexrodeWilliam A.18881956Funeral home marker only
021SimpsonF. A.22 Aug 186612 Oct 1951
021ShoemakerW. H.No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
021ShoemakerMargaret E.17 Mar 184213 Nov 1923w/W. H.d/Philip & Margaret Miller
021S.M. L.Small stone with no markings