Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryTurley Cemetery
LocationTurleytown, Rockingham County, Virginia. On Turleytown Road (Route 613) between Singers Glen and Cootes Store. In the Neff Sawmill itself, there is a little white building (old Turleytown Baptist Church) on the West side of Turleytown Road. Turn up the dirt road where you see mail boxes right next to the white building. Go up the lane to the Y and stay left. Straight ahead is a mobile home and to the left you will see a gate that you go through and up the hill to the cemetery.
NotesFrom the gate entrance, cemetery rows are from front to back and left to right. In 1967, J. Robert Swank recorded this cemetery and made a notation on his paper that "there are many unmarked graves". Some of the headstones are not legible.
Survey Date and RecorderOct 2001
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
HaasChristianAbout 1852No visible marker; In 1967 Swank noted he was buried here and age 100 + yrs
HulveyChildNo visible marker; In 1967 Swank noted child of Sol Hulvey buried here 19 Jan 1877 per Lizzie Funk diary.
HeatwoleChristian7 Jun 179531 Aug 1853No visible marker; In 1967 Swank noted possibly buried here; died in Hampshire Co. WV and wife Barbara (Emswiller) buried at Ebenezer Cem near Romney WV per Heatwole History book.
HeatwoleJacobTwin of Polly; No visible marker; In 1967 Swank noted possibly buried here; buried near Turleytown per Heatwole History book. s/Christian & Barbara Emswiller Heatwole
HeatwolePollyTwin of Jacob; No visible marker; In 1967 Swank noted possibly buried here; buried near Turleytown per Heatwole History book; d/Christian & Barbara Emswiller Heatwole
001NeffWalter C.25 Jul 189612 Sep 1982
001NeffRebecca M.3 Aug 188219 Oct 1957w/W. C.; nee See
001NeffGlenn C.28 Aug 191312 Nov 1994
001NeffCurtis E.10 May 188524 Dec 1966
001NeffRebecca F.17 Oct 186516 Jan 1963
001NeffNewton19 May 186724 Nov 1941
001DoveZada N.19081977w/B. Clarence
001DoveAllen1940Infant Son
001DoveLarry1942Infant Son
001DoveB. Clarence19131994Married 22 Dec 1934
001CriderAlice D.10 Sep 193624 May 1999
001CriderLarry A.5 Dec 19694 Feb 1999
001CriderAlvin B.2 Jun 193429 May 1983
002HallIsaac T.27 Mar 185010 Aug 1912age 62 years
002EmswilerElmer C.19 Feb 189217 Aug 1904s/C. S. & Margaret R.
002EmswilerGlenn Wood20 Aug 190416 Oct 1921aged 17y 1m 26ds/C. S. & Margaret R.
002EmswilerCharles S.19 Nov 186426 May 1938Father
002EmswilerMargaret R.28 May 186724 Dec 1950Motherw/C. S.
003SteppElizabeth18 Apr 185722 Feb 1933Mother; His Wifew/Isaac N.
003SteppIsaac N.12 Feb 186117 Nov 1925Father; aged 64y 9m 5ds/Samuel & Ellen
003SteppBessie17 Feb 189917 Sep 1915aged 16y 7m
003NeffSallie27 May 185316 Dec 1910My Mother; Wife of P. A. Miller
003NeffLaura16 Nov 1900aged 25y 8m 25d
003NeffJohn F.7 Jul 1891aged 59y 9m 26d
003NeffHettie E.23 May 1899aged 67y 1m 26d
003NeffJulia P.19 Dec 187617 Mar 1911w/Luther C.
003NeffLuther C.21 Mar 187231 Aug 1950
003Kline, Jr.Neff I.8 Nov 19258 Nov 1925Son of N. I. & Naomi Kline
003MooreMargaret C.8 Feb 18194 Jul 1870Wife of Doct R. Moore; aged 51y 4m 26d
004NeffRandolph18991900Son of N. A. & Annie Neff
004NeffLynn19011902Son of N. A. & Annie Neff
004NeffMary J.18531930
004NeffGeorge A.11 Nov 185125 Oct 1923
004NeffAnn M.15 Jun 185710 May 1893
004NeffSusan E.5 Feb 1906aged 85y 11m 3dw/Jacob; nee Wyatt
004NeffJacob8 Jun 180222 Feb 1888Our Father; aged 85y 8m 14d
004NeffEmily F.16 May 184130 Mar 1923
004CootesMargaret E.19 Sep 1861Dau of J. G. & Louisa C.; aged 5m 19d
005NeffN. A.2 May 18633 Apr 1955
005NeffAnnie S.24 Aug 18737 Nov 1960w/N. A.; nee Pennypacker
005FunkElizabeth A.16 Oct 18466 Jan 1926d/Wm & Nancy Wyatt Funk
005FunkSallie C.6 Jun 1922aged 81y 3m 27d
005FunkNancy S.11 Sep 1892aged 70y 8m 13dw/Wm Funk; nee Wyatt
005FunkWilliam3 Jul 1884aged 70y 7ms/Samuel & Sarah Carrier Funk
005BrittonNancy10 Jul 1883aged 85 yearsd/John & Mary Rader Funk
005BrittonNathaniel11 Feb 1881aged 88y 4mh/Nancy
005FunkS. M.18531932?s/Wm & Nancy S. W.
005BlackmoreEdna Lee14 Apr 1887Dau of David R. & Hattie E.; aged 9m 16d
005MooreBoyd G.21 Nov 1860Son of R. & M. C.; aged 3y 11m 1d
005MooreSamuel M.30 Mar 1859Infant Son of R. & M. C.; aged 1m 6d
005CootesIda Jane25 Feb 1856Dau of John G. & Louisa C.; 1y 22d
005CootesAntoinette NewmanDau of John G. & Louisa C; 5y 8m 27dNo dates on headstone
006EmswillerSidney C.21 Sep 1889aged 4y 8m 11ds/John C. & Mary A.
006EmswillerMary A.19 Apr 18535 Sep 1895w/John C.
006EmswilerSarah C.3 Nov 18301 Nov 1914aged 83y 11m 28dw/Henry
006EmswilerHenry14 Dec 18297 Apr 1899aged 69y 3m 23d
006EmswilerTurner A.28 Apr 18613 Oct 1865aged 4y 5m 5ds/Henry & Sarah C.
006EmswillerFrances J.15 Aug 18565 Nov 1860aged 4y 2m 20dd/Henry & Sarah C.
006EmswillerWilliam R.24 Nov 185823 Oct 1860age 1y 10m 29ds/Henry & Sarah C.
006KennonMary E.24 Mar 182330 Jan 1901Wife of Philip P.; aged 77y 10m 6d
006KennonPhilip P.22 Nov 182420 Feb 1882aged 57y 2m 28dCo. B 7th Va Cav
006KennonSarah C.30 Dec 1856Dau of P. & M. E.; aged 2y 7m 23d
006BrittonPolly19 Aug 1872aged 85 years
006WyattThomas E.24 May 1824aged 33y 5m 11d
006FunkMagdalene2 Jan 181038 years of her age
006FunkGeorge W.17 May 18348 Feb 1856aged 21y 8m 21d; born in Shenandoah Co.; died Rockingham Co; Son of Joseph & Sarah Rader Funk
006FunkJacob13 Jun 181622nd year of his age
007EmswilerMinnie L.6 Jun 186917 Apr 1925Our Sister
007EmswilerSophia25 Jun 18378 Apr 1918aged 80y 9m 13dw/Samuel
007EmswilerSamuel30 Jan 18228 Aug 1902aged 80y 6m 8d
007CorrellMalinda18 Sep 183210 Jan 1895aged 62y 3m 22d
007CorrellElizabeth10 Apr 184026 Mar 1907aged 66y 11m 16d
007CorrellDavid30 Jun 18056 Apr 1884aged 78y 9m 6d
007CorrellJulia A.24 Jan 180312 Sep 1874aged 71y 7m 18dw/David
007FanslerPermelia13 Apr 18283 Nov 1864My Mother; aged 36y 6m 20d
007FanslerBarbara Ann1 May 1864Dau of Henry & Permelia; aged 3y 7m 11d
007NeffPaulina A.3 Apr 1862Dau of Jacob & Susannah E.; aged 6y 8m 9dWooden headstone
008MooreGeorge3 Jun 18151 Nov 1860aged 45y 4m 28ds/Amos & Eliz Moore
008MooreMary5 May 1855Wife of George Moore; Dau of Joseph & Anna Rhodes Showalter; aged 42y 4m 12d
008Zirkle?29 Jun 1827aged 28 yrs
009ZirkleJohn B.10 Aug 18078 Feb 1873Son of Lewis & Nancy; aged 65y 6m 28dIron headstone
009Zirkle?1 Oct 18003 Dec 1800?no headstone as of Jan 1997
009EmswillerJohn25 Jun 178227 July 1864aged 79y 1m 2d
009EmswillerFrances30 Aug 179610 Jan 1865aged 68y 4m 10dw/John
009EmswilerFrances9 Jan 182811 Feb 1860aged 32y 1m 2dw/Samuel
009EmswilerSon10 Feb 1860In Memory of Still Born Son of S. & F. Emswiler
009EmshwilerMary Catherine23 May 1847aged 26y 7m 6d; consort of Samuel; dau of A. & E. Moore
010FunkLydia21 Mar 18296 Sep 1871Wife of James; aged 42y 5m 16d
010FunkJohn F.14 Jun 185021 Jan 1852Son of James & Lydia; aged 1y 7m 7d
010FunkCharles W.29 May 18616 Dec 1882Son of James & Lydia; aged 21y 7d
010MooreJ. W.8 Jan 183118 Jan 1913aged 82y 9d
010MooreBarbara C.5 Aug 18451 Aug 1918aged 72y 11m 4d2w/J. W.; nee Neff