Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryOld Bethel United Brethren Church Cemetery
LocationKeezletown area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Court Square in Harrisonburg, take Route 33 east. Go 5.5 miles & turn left onto Road 620 (Indian Trail Road). Go 1.7 miles & Road 620 turns to the right (name changes to Mt. Valley Road). Go 5.4 miles & turn right on Road 722 (Armentrout Path). Cemetery is on the right & church is on the left side of road.
NotesCemetery is well maintained and surrounded by an iron fence. Sections were re-recorded as previously layed out - an area was marked off in fifty foot sections. Starting at the gate entrance, rows were recorded from front to back, and headstones recorded from left to right. There are dozens of unmarked fieldstones and broken stones. These are mainly located in the central section of the cemetery. Many of these stones are in German with one of the showing a death in 1797. Also in the central section of the cemetery is an open area which obviously contains many unmarked graves.
Survey Date and Recorder22 Jun 2003
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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Surname Index

Surnames are sorted by section / plot / row / grave - only sections and rows are shown

SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
HaslerJohn P.3 Feb 1826Aged 30 yrsNo visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
SnowRobert18791947No visible marker-recorded in 1970 by Robert Howell
SnowMary18751963No visible marker-recorded in 1970 by Robert Howell
001001ArmentroutJohn W.18 Jul 18801 Aug 1932
001001ArmentroutVirginia B.18 Jul 185712 Nov 1938On stone with John W. Armentrout
001001HawseElizabeth E.12 Aug 1917Aged 84 yrs; d/Joseph & Ann Hawse
001001ArmentroutDottie E.1 Dec 187324 Jul 1950Mother
001001ArmentroutCharles E.10 Oct 18722 Jun 1954FatherOn stone with Dottie E. Armentrout
001001ArmentroutLuna Pauline4 Aug 19042 Mar 1957
001002ArmentroutJohn H.3 Jul 184212 May1915Forever with the Lord. We will meet again. Asleep in Jesus. Beloved one forever.
001002ArmentroutElmira8 Mar 18434 Feb 1926w/John H.; Gone but not forgotten
001003PittingtonJacob Isaac17 Sep 19268 May 1930s/Isaac & Nancy
001003LongInfant SonInf. son/Mr. & Mrs. Trenton William LongMetal marker-no dates
001003Snow, Sr.Robert19121972No visible marker-previously recorded as a metal marker
001003GrubbAlpha Reiona8 May 191521 May 1915Daughter
001004SeeWilliam Oliver4 Dec 190117 Nov 1985
001004SeeAnna May24 Aug 190813 Sep 1941w/William O.
001004SeeJunette1930No visible marker-previously recorded
001004SeeBaby Girl1927No visible marker-previously recorded
001004DeedsRobert W. P.16 Jul 19057 Jan 1908s/William & Ollie L.; Asleep in JesusNo visible marker-previously recorded
001005SeeEthel V.23 Oct 190423 Oct 1918ch/A. L. & M. See
001005SeeLurty B.5 Jun 19009 Nov 1918ch/A. L. & M. SeeOn stone with Ethel V. See
001005SeeLester E.16 Jan 191025 Oct 1918ch/A. L. & M. SeeOn stone with Ethel V. See
001005SeeArthur A.18741959Father
001005SeeMollie B.18671925Gone but not forgottenOn stone with Arthur
001005MillerGideon30 Aug 184623 Oct 1926Aged 80y 1m 23d
001005MillerAbraham23 May 1950Broken metal marker; died 23 May 1950 recorded by Robert Howell in 1970
001005DeedsLurty2 Jul 1896Aged 3y 8m 6d; d/Lydia J. Deeds; Gone to be an angel.
001005DeedsGeorge26 Apr 1899Aged 80 yrs; He is not dead, but sleepeth.
001005DeedsMargaret A.26 Dec 1901Aged 80y 1m 25d; w/George; She was the sunshine of our home.
001006BakerMary E.1 Aug 183726 Feb 1920Aged 82y 6m 26d; Our hearts are sad and Lonely, Our grief too deep to tell. The time will come we care not when, That with you we may dwell
001006LillyGeorge E.14 Mar 185417 Aug 1923
001006LillyLucinda C.3 Apr 185823 Jul 1933His WifeOn stone with George E. Lilly
001007ArmentroutHazel M.4 Apr 192013 May 1921
001007ArmentroutJohn C.2 Oct 190221 Dec 1940
001007ArmentroutDelaney F.28 Jan 191121 Jul 1945
001007ArmentroutG. Brooks17 Jun 18787 Jun 1968Mother
001007ArmentroutWilliam L.17 Dec 19043 Dec 1975
001007ArmentroutGeorge W. "Mutt"28 Oct 19151 Jan 1997PFC US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows name George Wilson Armentrout
001007MillerSimon30 Mar 18178 Jun 1901Aged 84y 2m 9d
001007MillerMargaret A.11 Sep 182713 May 1900Aged 72y 8m 1d
001008ArmentroutHomer C.9 Sep 18944 Oct 1969Brother
001008ArmentroutEmma V.2 Apr 189726 Oct 1991SisterOn stone with Homer C. Armentrout
001008ArmentroutLorenzo D.11 Nov 187125 Jan 1949When God shall wipe away all tears then we will understand.
001008ArmentroutFlorence C.1 Jul 189626 Jun 1982On stone with Lorenzo D. Armentrout
001008ArmentroutMelvin Leon13 Sep 191223 Mar 1913s/H. O. & Emsa V.
001009HaslerJohn L.6 Sep 18728 Nov 1941
001009HaslerAmanda J.5 Feb 187216 Jul 1961On stone with John L. Hasler
001009ArmentroutRoy H.26 Aug 18922 Apr 1995PVT US Army WWIMilitary marker shows name as Roy Hensel Armentrout
001009ArmentroutMaude S.20 Jun 190415 Jan 1994
001009ArmentroutBlanche19242001Kyger & Trobaugh funeral home marker only
001009ArmentroutLindsey M.16 Jan 187427 Aug 1961
001009ArmentroutMaud V.25 Aug 188531 Oct 1975On stone with Lindsey M. Armentrout
001010HaslerAnna Elizabeth12 Sep 190620 Nov 1981
001010BeamJohn J.3 Sep 185517 Aug 1931Father
001010BeamAlice C.17 Apr 18625 Mar 1926His Wife; MotherOn stone with John J. Beam
001010BeamViola V.16 Mar 189718 Feb 1898Ch/John & Alice Beam
001010BeamEthel M.16 Aug 189817 Dec 1898Ch/John & Alice BeamOn stone with Viola V. Beam
001011PittingtonJames E.23 Feb 190026 May 1942Son
001011PittingtonJohn W.8 Jun 185626 Aug 1949FatherOn stone with James E. Pittington
001011PittingtonEvelyn22 Mar 186729 May 1959On stone with James E. Pittington
001011PittingtonDavid F.6 Jul 190717 Apr 1957PFC Co. A 75 MEDICAL BN WWII
001011PittingtonVirginiaNo visible marker-previously recorded
001011CriglerInfant11 Feb 1945No visible marker-previously recorded
001012LaymanInfant15 Mar 1895Aged 13 days; Infant/L. S. & Sarah J.
001012LaymanSallie Elton30 Nov 18974 Feb 1908Aged 10y 2m 4d; d/L. S. & Sarah
001013PittingtonClyde18921960VA. PFC, 3 Billeting & Sup Det., WWIMilitary marker shows b. 24 Sep 1892 & d. 29 Dec 1960
001013PittingtonWillie R.18971972On stone with Clyde Pittington; Kyger & Trobaugh funeral home marker shows name as Willie Ruth Pittington
001013T.J.No visible marker-footstone previously recorded
001013LaymanGideon6 Jan 1891Aged 76y 10m 15d; Gone, but not forgotten.
001013LaymanSarah Ann19 Jul 1899Aged 70y 5m 23d; w/Gideon; There is rest in Heaven
001014BeaversWilliam Elmer18 Aug 189221 Jun 1963A Friend; Not dead, he only sleeps
001014DeedsHobart O.18 Feb 190029 Sep 1968Gone, but not forgotten.
001014DeedsMinnie L. F.17 Jul 190329 Jul 1938Gone, but not forgotten.
001014DeedsLayton4 Nov 190328 Jul 1991
001014DeedsLurena L.25 Oct 187422 Jun 1971Mother
001014DeedsOrville H.24 Jan 190717 Jul 1961SonOn stone with Lurena L. Deeds
001014DeedsMary E.18491931
001014DeedsWalter C. H.19 Jun 187910 Sep 1906Aged 27y 2m 21d; In memory of our son; While mortal it was thine, The child who dead is yet alive, And lives forever mine.
001014DeedsCyrus E.14 Jul 185118 Jun 1911Aged 59y 11m 4d; A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled.
001015WamplerJennetta S. Deeds18541918
001015DeedsArthur L.14 Mar 188113 Dec 1890
001015DeedsJoseph3 Aug 1895Aged 41y 4m 2dStone broker & leaning against back fence
001016BakerElectra M. M.22 Jun 191020 Jul 1911d/J. R. & Lena M.; Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven
001017HaslerLeon W.28 Mar 19131 Feb 1976Together forever.Lindsey funeral home marker shows name as Leon "Bunky" Hasler
001017HaslerUna B.11 Nov 19143 Feb 1971On stone with Leon W. Hasler
001017BakerJames R.14 Feb 188530 Apr 1957
001017BakerLena Mary17 Aug 188817 Apr 1950On stone with James R. Baker
002001KislingHensel G.21 Jan 192225 Aug 1977In loving memory.
002001KislingCarrie M.12 Sep 192613 Dec 1982On stone with Hensel G. Kisling
002001GrandleBobby F.On stone with Hensel G. Kisling-name appears above Carrie M. Kisling's name in 2003
002001MillerMarion E.26 Sep 186926 Jun 1965Father
002001MillerRebecca B.26 Apr 18854 Nov 1975MotherOn stone with Marion E. Miller
002001MillerMary Angeline3 Jul 187830 Jun 1903d/Peachy & Lydia
002001MillerPeach11 Nov 184315 Jun 1896Aged 52y 7m 4d
002001MillerLydia G.5 Sep 184621 May 1920
002002GrandleMary10 May 1877Aged 65 years; w/Emanuel; Beloved one farewell.
002003GarnerMargaret19 Apr 17953 Mar 1877Aged 82y 10m 16dIllegible stone-hard to read in 2003
002004FawcettGeorge Elite12 Mar 1907Age 2 days; ch/J.M. & M. F.; Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.
002004FawcettJulia Page5 Feb 1913Age 2y 5m 18d; ch/J. M. & M. F.On stone with George Elite Fawcett
002004LaymanCharles L.17 Apr 192918 Oct 1993
002004LaymanD. Owen25 May 192510 Sep 1995
002005FawcettAmanda2 Dec 1867Age 8 days; d/George & Catherine
002005LaymanWilliam D.18881931
002005ShowalterT. N. "Ted"21 Jun 192130 Nov 1989
002005ShowalterRuth L.8 Oct 192620 Dec 1994
002006FawcettGeo.18 Apr 1897Aged 74y 8m 14d; Thy trials ended, thy rest is won.
002006LaymanOra May20 Oct 192316 Dec 1929d/D. E. & E. M.
002006LaymanDavid E.1 Nov 18831 Jun 1965
002006LaymanElla M.28 May 188926 Feb 1956On stone with David E. Layman
002006HatfieldEva E.19191994Kyger & Trobaugh funeral home marker only
002007ArmentroutJohn A.26 May 183925 Feb 1919
002007ArmentroutLucy Jane11 May 182814 Jan 1914His WifeOn stone with John A. Armentrout
002007LaymanElvie Elton2 Sep 189720 Dec 1906d/D. C. & Virginia; Those whom God loves die young.
002007LaymanDavid C.10 Sep 18467 Sep 1901Aged 54y 11m 27d; Our Father; Gone, but not forgotten By his children.
002007LaymanVirginia31 Jul 185520 Jan 1923Aged 67y 6m 19d; Our Mother; Gone, but not forgotten By her chidlren.
002007LaymanJames Oen27 Jan 1887Aged 7y 1m 24d; s/David C. & Annie V.; Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven.
002007UnknownFieldstone - no markings-recorded 2003
002007UnknownSandstone - no markings-recorded 2003
002007UnknownFieldstone - no markings-recorded 2003
002008CrewJosephine16 Aug 1916
002008ReidInfant Daughter5 Oct 19475 Oct 1947d/Clyde & Rosie; Gone where no sorrow ever comes.
002009ShippWm. "Bill" J.13 Sep 19265 Aug 1994
002009ShippErnest R.24 Jan 18908 Dec 1992
002009ShippMary E. "Bessie"8 Sep 189623 Jun 1968Mother; Your kindness and love will guide us forever.
002009McDonaldsonMary V.1 Jul 191519 Mar 1981
002009McDonaldsonHerman A.29 Jul 191427 Jan 1946On stone with Mary V. McDonaldson
002010PatrickMary Katherine11 Aug 1943
002010PatrickStella Lucresha (Shipp)11 Mar 192115 Jul 1997
002010ShultzJacob R.4 Oct 185416 Mar 1937
002010ShultzMary V.21 Jul 185611 Mar 1934w/J. R.
002010ShultzVirgie Catherine18 Apr 189425 Sep 1945d/Jacob & Mary V.
002011ShultzPhillip2 Aug 18452 Jun 1935
002011SchultzJoseph26 Jun 18571 Nov 1925
002011SchultzFlorance H.25 Dec 18567 Feb 1921Aged 64y 1m 12d
002011SchultzE. Charity15 Sep 18418 May 1903Aged 62y 7m 24d
002011FlookDavid H.9 Jun 1838Aged 9m 23d; In memory of Infant s/David & Mary
002011MillerHenry24 Sep 18214 Feb 1823
002012DerrerForrer Monroe26 Dec 190313 Nov 1906Aged 2y 10m 17d; 3rd son of R. M. & L. V.; Safe in the arms of Jesus, Our dear little son and Brother. Absent, but not forgotten.
002012DerrerMargaret F.12 Jun 1898d/R. M. & L. V.
002012SchultzAdam26 Feb 184325 Mar 1893Aged 50y 28d
002012SchultzSusannah10 Mar 181820 Dec 1892Aged 74y 9m 9d
002012SchultzLydia M.27 Apr 185211 Feb 1899Aged 46y 9m 14d
002012UnknownSandstones-no markings
002012UnknownSandstones-no markings
002013BrightCarline11 Mr 1807German
002013ProffitAnn28 Jul God. Amen
002014DerrerJames M.28 Jan 18703 Feb 1955
002014ReidD. Clyde14 Jun 191416 Jul 1977Father; Forever in our hearts.
002014ReidRosie K.24 Mar 191812 Dec 1996MotherOn stone with D. Clyde Reid
002014GrubCrisse Ann6 Sep 184115 Oct 1844Stone broken in three pieces; Not visible in 2003
002014GrubMilton19 Jan 184014 Feb 1840
002014GrubLydia23 Apr 18168 Mar 1833Hard to read in 2003
002014UnknownJacob Krorm9 Jul 1806German; Robert Howell shows as Jo(c)ob Krob Jr.; Illegible in 2003
002015DerrowGeorge M.17 Aug 186314 Sep 1924Thy kingdom come, they will be done.
002015DerrowAugusta J.28 Dec 18594 Jan 1947On stone with George M. Derrow
002015GrubbReuben M.18401913
002015GrubbAmanda C.1 Nov 183818 Oct 1895Aged 56y 11m 17d; d/Peter & Susan
002015GrubbSusan26 Sep 1889Aged 82y 2m 4d; In memory of
002015GrubRobert1 Nov 184325 Apr 1845Hard to read in 2002
002015UnknownSandstone marker-no markings in 2003
002016DerrerElmira J.6 Jun 186813 Feb 1944Gone, but not forgotten.
002016DerrerWilliam15 Mar 183410 Apr 1887Aged 53y 25d; Dearest father, thou hast left us, And our loss we deeply feel. But tis God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal. Yet again we hope to meet Thee, When the days of life is fled, When in heaven in joy to greet thee Where no farewell tear is shed.
002016DerrerHanah M.15 Jul 183428 Feb 1909Aged 74y 7m 13d; We miss thee from our home, dear mother, We miss thee from thy place, A shadow o'er our lives is cast, We miss the sunshine of they face, We miss thy kind and willing hand, Thy fond and earnest care, Our home is dark without thee, We miss thee every where.
002016GrubbHerbet C.8 Sep 189212 Feb 1978
002016GrubbMaude V.9 Mar 189221 Feb 1969Married 8 Aug 1910On stone with Herbert C. Grubb
002016WiseJohn W.24 Dec 185821 Nov 1911It was hard indeed to part with thee But Christ's strong arm supported me.
002017ShippJohn Robert19231999
002017ShippEmily Kandler19251993
002017ButlerAlice Kandler1912
002017ButlerAmbler Hampton18981981
003001HaltermanLucinda T. A.12 Dec 1904Aged 56y 9m 12d; w/N. A.; Rest, Mother, rest in quiet sleep, While friends in sorrow o'er thee weep.Stone broken off base-legible-2003
003001LaymanAda A.10 Mar 187027 Apr 1906Aged 36y 1m 17d; Our Mother; w/C. M.No vislible marker in 2003
003001UnknownNo visible markings-Limestone slab
003001ArmentroutFannie L.18 May 188712 Mar 1905Aged 17y 9m 22d; d/H. M. & Joanna Miller Armentrout
003002ArmentroutDaughter13 Mar 187710 Apr 1877Aged 29 days; d/Virginia B. Armentrout
003002ArmentroutMary F. R. Rogers30 Jan 18504 Sep 1875Aged 25y 7m 26d; w/J. H.
003002RogersElizabeth J.9 Feb 185529 Jan 1892Aged 36y 11m 20d; w/James
003002DerrerLuther V.5 Aug 185721 Jul 1938Gone, but not forgotten.
003002DerrerMary E.7 Apr 1883Aged 28y 3m 5d; w/Luther V.
003003ThompsonJames25 Jan 18109 Apr 1886Aged 76y 2m 15d
003003HaltermanFlorina L. C.13 Jun 188214 Nov 1884d/Noah A. & Tamson; Rest in peace.No visible marker only footstone F.L.C.H. in 2003
003003MillerMinnieNo dates
003003MillerMadison25 Nov 185515 Nov 1879Aged 23y 11m 20d
003003MillerAngeline3 Mar 182410 Oct 1879Aged 55y 6m 7d
003003RogersLydia C. D.27 Apr 185319 Apr 1879Aged 25y 11m 19d
003003RogersGeorge A. W.28 Feb 185626 Sep 1878Aged 22y 6m 28d
003003RogersJacob J.4 Jan 18529 Jun 1880Aged 28y 5m 5dPartially illegible-sinking into earth 2003
003004ThomsonDelila23 Sep 182319 Apr 1881Aged 58y 7m 5d; w/James
003004ArmentroutIda Virginia7 Jan 187210 Apr 1881Aged 9y 3m 3dStone on ground by Delilia Thomson
003004SchultzMary E.16 Dec 184923 Feb 1870Aged 21y 1m 22d
003005ArmentroutJoseph6 Jul 18049 Oct 1877Aged 73y 3m 3d; My Husband; Dearest father, thou_____, Here thy loss we deeply feel, _____God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrow heal.Illegible-sinking into earth; name & birth date only legible in 2003
003005FaughtHilbert Aquila8 Jul 18808 Aug 1880Aged 1 month; Infant son of Josiah P. & AdalineStone hard to read in 2003
003005FaughtPeter Paul27 Jun 188218 Oct 1882Aged 3m 21d; Infant son of Josiah P. & AdalineStone hard to read in 2003
003005FaughtJosiah P.26 Oct 18322 Jun 1902Remember me as you pass by, As you are now so once was I, As I am now so you must be, Prepare for death and follow me.
003005FoughtAdaline29 Nov 183824 Mar 1903w/J. P.
003006BoltonElias11 Feb 182423 Jan 1837Illegible-can read name & birth date only in 2003
003006AlderBarbara E.29 May 184520 Oct 1848In memory ofStone hard to read in 2003
003007UnknownSandstone-no markings in 2003
003007DeslerBarbara14 Jan 178515 Aug 1845
003007DeslerAbraham8 May 178425 May 1842
003007BoltonJonathan16 Nov 180630 Apr 1809Illegible-can read name & birth date only in 2003
003007MoyersChristena1 Jun 1837Aged 62y 5m 22dIllegible-stone in earth in 2003
003007AlderJohn M.1 Mar 18003 Jun 1846Aged 46y 3m 2d; To commemorate; Remember me as you pass by, As you are now so once was I; As I am now you'll shortly be, Prepare for death and eternity.
003007AlderBarbara Ann24 May 177728 May 1848Aged 71y 4d & a few hours; died at 11 o'clock 40 min. PM.; Dead mother with sorrow I bid you adieu. Thy days are ended across life's trouble sea. Like the mist of the vale from the bright king of day. You are summoned away, farewell dear Mother.
003007SibertLucinda20 Mar 1844Aged 9y 11m 4d; In memory of
003007LaymanSegourney Arebelle16 Aug 186716 Dec 1869
003008UnknownLimestone-no markings
003008UnknownLimestone-no markings
003008UnknownSandstone-no markings
003008LaymanCaroline5 Dec 18314 May 1836Aged 4y 4m 29d; In memory of
003008LaymonDaniel1 Mar 178825 Mar 1864Aged 76y 24d
003008LaymonBarbara10 Jul 179029 Jan 1877Aged 87y 6m 19d; Our Mother; w/Daniel; Where immortal spirits reign; There we shall meet again.
003009UnknownIllegible marker
003009ArmentroutSarah22 Sep 18046 Jun 1818Aged 13y 8m 15d
003009UnknownGerman writing, all that was legible was 1st C. P. Storden, born or died 1805
003010CarrierHannah11 May 178529 May 1823Sacred to the memory of
003010UnknownIllegible field stone
003010MillerJ. Peter24 Oct 1734__ Sep 1810Partially illegible-birth date could be Oct 24 or Oct 27, 1734
003010DepoyCatharina11 Jul 17564 Jun 1808German, illegible name could be Eva Catharine, b. 1756 d. 1808-day & month illegible
003010UnknownIllegible marker
003010UnknownIllegible marker
003010UnknownIllegible large German stone with matching footstone.
003010ArmentroutJoab A.26 Feb 183425 Aug 1913Aged 79y 5m 29d; Gone, but not forgotten.
003010ArmentroutEveline18401916w/Joab A.; Mother; Peace be thine.
003011UnknownIllegible marker
003011HouckHenry25 Aug 1813Aged 72 yrs; Sacred to the memory of
003011UnknownIllegible fieldstone
003011UnknownIllegible sandstone-German
003011UnknownIllegible fieldstone
003011UnknownIllegible fieldstone
003012UnknownIllegible fieldstone
003013UnknownIllegible sandstone-German
003014UnknownIllegible fieldstone
003015UnknownIllegible fieldstone
003015HouckMargaret8 Nov 1831Aged 61 years; Sacred to the memory Margaret Houck or Smith
003015HineckerEve24 Oct 178316 Sep 1839Aged 55y 11m 22dIllegible marker
003015WoolfNancyIn memory of, who died in the 82nd year of her age.Illegible marker
003016ArmentroutHarvey4 Feb 186630 Aug 1951
003016ArmentroutMinnie May20 Apr 185831 Aug 1946On stone with Harvey Armentrout
003016ArmentroutElizabeth Ann18591941Gone, but not forgotten.
003016ShippMary E.30 Nov 18544 Jun 1933Mother; Our kind mother
003016ShippWilliam H.4 Jul 184912 Jun 1930Father; Our kind father
003016ArmentroutDavid C.8 Dec 185010 Jan 1926Father, Asleep in Jesus.
003016ArmentroutManda F.25 Mar 185713 Mar 1902Aged 44y 11m 18d; d/Reuben & Lucretia; Dearest sister, thou hast left us. Here thy loss we deeply feel, But tis God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal.
003016ArmentroutAbigail2 Apr 185331 Jan 1884Mother; Asleep in Jesus.
003016ArmentroutLucretia23 Nov 1893Aged 65y 7m 23d; w/Reuben; It was God's own hand, we know, that took our own sweet mother from this life of pain and woe, and brought her home with him forever.
003016ArmentroutReuben23 Sep 182728 Jan 1908Aged 80y 4m 5d; Having served his generation, by the will of God he fell asleep.
003016FlookOtis A.30 Jan 188813 Feb 1906Aged 18y 13d; My Son; Death has been here and borne away A dear one from our side Just in the morning of his day, In youth and love he died, Happy Loved one, early blest Rest in peaceful slumber, rest. Early rescued from the cares, Which increase with growing years.
003016FlookVirginia M.30 Jul 18483 Feb 1917Aged 68y 6m 3d; In loving remembrance of, our dear mother; A precious one from us has gone. A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled.
003016FlookWilliam Christian9 May 183928 Jul 1904Aged 65y 2m 19d; Father; In living memory of my dear husband; Tis hard to break the tender cord, where love has bound the heart. Tis hard, so hard, to speak the word, We must forever part. Dearest loved one, we must lay thee in the peaceful graves embrace but thy memory will be cherished till we see thy heavenly face.On stone with Virginia M. Flook
003016FlookBettie2 Apr 18276 Apr 1916Aunt; She believed and sleeps in Jesus.
003016FlookPhoebe22 Jul 18069 Nov 1882Aged 76y 3m 17d; Dearest sister thou has left us. Here thy loss we deeply feel but tis God who has bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal.
004001WhitmoreAmanda C.Aged 6m 9d; d/C. E. & Lucy; Darling, we miss you.No visible marker; 1970 Robert Howell recorded died 24 Apr 1905
004001WhitmoreCharles E.24 Mar 1905Aged 36y 11m 15d; Gone, but not forgotten
004001WhitmoreLucy E.6 Sep 187217 Sep 1929Aged 57y 11d; w/Charlie E.
004002ArmentroutArtha Elmer22 Sep 187710 Dec 1878Aged 1y 2m 12d; s/Remiges & M. FrancesIllegible marker
004003FaughtJohn Luther26 Apr 1869Infant son of Josiah P. & Adaline
004003ChapmanStephen28 May 18289 Aug 1907Aged 79y 2m 11d; Blessed is that man that maketh the Lord his trust.
004003ChapmanMaria11 Feb 183130 Apr 1906Aged 75y 2m 19d; w/Stephen; Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.
004004ArmentroutElizabeth27 Mar 1838Aged 21 days; d/David & Polly; In memory
004004PittingtonJames Robert25 Oct 185512 Apr 1932Aged 77 yrs
004004PittingtonJohn19 Dec 18067 Oct 1897Aged 90y 9m 18dIllegible marker
004004PittingtonElizabeth17 May 1899Aged 81y 7m 17d
004004CriglerR. Ann9 Nov 189418 Dec 1951
004005ArmentroutAugustin20 Oct 17912 Oct 1830Aged 38y 11m 13d; Erected to the memory of; Why should we mourn departing friends or shake at deaths alarms. Tis but the voice which Jesus sends to call them to his arms. Why should ye tremble to convey their bodies to the tomb. There the dear flesh of Jesus lay and left a long perfume.; Sculp. by J. N. Ball, Harrisonburg.
004005SibertMalinda23 May 1828Aged 1m 7d; In memory ofIllegible death date-below ground
004005ArmentroutMargaret20 Aug 177113 Aug 1825
004005ArmentroutPeter17 Sep 17519 Jan 1824Marker-S.A.R. 1775
004005UnknownIllegible marker
004005UnknownIllegible marker
004005UnknownIllegible marker
004005ArmentroutDiana11 May 1818Apr 1836
004005ArmentroutNicholas15 Aug 178024 Sep 1828Partially illegible marker
004005DeedsMatilda C.11 Apr 18485 Aug 1890Aged 42y 3m 25d
004005MillerNoah15 Nov 18125 Feb 1890Aged 77y 2m 21d
004005WiseCyrus S.18 Jan 183226 Dec 1896Aged 64y 11m 8d
004005WiseDelilah25 Apr 182525 Apr 1905Aged 80 yrs; w/Cyrus S.; Our Mother; At rest.
004005WiseMadison12 Oct 18382 Jan 1908
004005WiseVirginia4 Jan 185021 Jun 1913His WifeOn stone with Madison Wise
004005MillerG. Luther16 Sep 186814 Apr 1945
004005MillerOllie23 Feb 187818 Aug 1936His wifeOn stone with G. Luther Miller
004006ArmentroutAnanias20 Nov 1850Aged 23y 10m 7d; In memory of
004006ArmentroutJoshua23 Dec 18327 Sep 1849Aged 16y 8m 15d
004006ArmentroutSamuel6 Nov 1834Aged 31y 6m 3d; In memory of
004006ArmentroutMargaret9 Sep 176220 Oct 1831Who's illnes was a cancer.
004006ArmentroutPhilip26 Oct 17471 Jul 1836Partially illegible; marker-S.A.R. 1775
004006HeisermanMarcus14 Jul 178226 Apr 1842Aged 59y 9m 12d; Sacred to the memory of
004006HisermanBarbery2 Oct 177822 Feb 1862Aged 83y 4m 20d; Thy trials ended, they rest is won.
004006HaslerMargaret A.5 Feb 1862Aged 30y 1d; w/Joh P.
004006ArmentroutAmy6 Aug 180320 Oct 1889Aged 86y 2m 14d
004006ArmentroutSarah C.17 May 18589 Feb 1907w/D. L.; A kind wife mourns in thee a husband lost, the poor, a friend who felt what friendship cost.
004006ArmentroutDavid L.21 Mar 18573 Jul 1911Our Father; There is a chart whose tracing show the onward course where tempest blow, tis God's own word, there is found directions for the homeward bound. By his children
004007LaymanJohn13 Mar 176325 Apr 1836Sacred to the memory of
004007LamonElizabeth3 Feb 176221 Jul 1834
004007LamonDiadama22 Jul 180722 Apr 1845
004007LaymanLamanda11 Nov 182919 Jun 1848
004007ArmentroutJohn H.16 Feb 177931 Mar 1848Aged 69y 1m 15d
004007ArmentroutPeter W.18 Feb 18219 Dec 1889Aged 68y 9m 21d
004008UnknownFATLimestone marker with FAT written on it
004008ArmentroutAnna8 Jun 180731 May 1849Aged 41y 11m 13d
004008ArmentroutElizabeth30 Jun 177624 May 1849Aged 72y 10m 24d
004008PittingtonCharles R.10 Jul 1906Aged 1m 26d; s/I. & O. M.; A little time on earth he spent, till God for him his angel sent.Partially illegible marker
004008PittingtonOllie May14 May 1907Aged 19y 9m 9d; w/Isaac; Gone, but not forgotten
004008BrightJohn8 Apr 1757?8 Oct 1826No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s & Robert Howell in 1970
004009UnknownIllegible sandstone
004009LaymanJacob11 Jan 18315 Apr 1852Aged 21y 2m 24d; In memory of
004009ShultzPhebe Catharine26 Sep 18452 Oct 1852
004009ArmentroutGeorge W.28 Aug 183110 May 1852Aged 20y 8m 12d
004010EarmanMary C.8 Jan 1862Aged 30y 11m 19d; w/AbrahamPartially illegible marker
004010ArmentroutSamatha28 Oct 1846In the 32 year of her age; consort/William W.; Erected to the memory of
004010ArmentroutGeorge21 Mar 183022 Nov 1847In memory of
004010GrubPeter29 Apr 180713 Feb 1849Two stones, same date, one loose & broken
004010HowardMary26 Mar 185418 Aug 1862Age shown but illegible
004010ErmanDavid F. W. O.10 Jul 1863Aged 13y 6m 11d; s/Abraham & Mary C.
004010ErmanMary E. V.28 Jul 1863Aged 11y 6m 25d; d/Abraham & Mary C.Death year illegible; Robert Howell in 1970 shows year as 1853
004010ErmanJohn N. G.3 Aug 1863Aged 6y 20d; s/Abraham & Mary C.Illegible marker
004011FlookMary M.30 Dec 178511 May 1853In memory ofIllegible marker
004011MillerJuliann21 Aug 181316 Apr 1843To her memory this stone is decdicated by her afflicted parents. Phillip & M. Salome Miller.Illegible marker
004011ArmentroutLewrenna27 Sep 182820 Jun 1844
004011GrubbPeter11 Sep 17813 Jun 1845
004011GrubbChristena18 Nov 178316 Jul 1845
004012FridleyCariline6 SepAged 2y 11m 9dIllegible marker
004012FlookHenry2 Nov 175926 Sep 184133 Batt. MD Milita Revolution War; Set thine house in order; For thous shalt die, and not live.Two stones; one military marker
004012FluckHenry2 Nov 175926 Sep 1841Aged 82y 10m 24d; Sacred to the memory ofSame person as Henry Flook
004012FlookElizabeth176923 May 1861Aged 92 yrs; w/Henry; In memory of; In my Fathers house are many mansions if it was not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
004012HuddleM. Elizabeth27 Oct 1841Aged 17y 6m 14d; d/H. Fluck; In memory ofAge illegible; Robert Howell in 1970 shows age as 47y 6m 11d
004012AndesElisabeth10 Jun 1847Aged 47y 9m 17d; Consort of Adam; Sacred to the memory ofIllegible marker
004012AndesAdam24 Jul 178421 May 1849Aged 64y 9m 27d; In memory ofIllegible marker
004012McBaughIda Florence16 Mar 18553 Nov 1856Aged 1y 7m 18d; d/S. R. & E.; The rose that was just budding in life was clipped by the icey hand of death.DAR listed as Allebaugh
004012Howard, Sr.Michael16 Feb 1856Aged 80y 11m 16dStone mason-Marquis & Kelly of Harrisonburg, VA
004012FlookMichael H.7 Jun 1862Aged 28y 10m 2d; s/David & Mary; What is man that thou are mindful of him and the son of man that thou visiteth him.Age illegible-could be 28y 10m 2d or 28y 10m 7d
004012SchultzJohn1 Jun 181625 Jul 1865Aged 49y 1m 23d
004012HowardLydia15 Nov 178418 May 1869Aged 84y 6m 2d
004013ArmentroutHenry2 Apr 180024 Apr 1879Aged 79y 22d; In memory of; My buried husband can't forget or must the grave eternal sever. They linger in my memory yet and in my heart they will forever.
004013ArmentroutMaria C.7 May 1888Aged 84y 22d; w/Henry; Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.
004013FlookDavid14 Mar 179815 Jun 1870
004013FlookLudovicus25 Aug 187427 Aug 1874Aged 2 days