Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryRiddle Family Cemetery
LocationBroadway area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 42 north. In Broadway take Route 259 (Brocks Gap Road) west. From the intersection of Route 259 and Route 612 (Runions Creek Road) go 1/10th mile and turn right onto Buckhorn Lane, which is dirt road and goes up hill to the cemetery.
NotesCemetery is maintained and has a fence around it. In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted: "There are unmarked graves." Notes in "Remarks" column were provided by J. Robert Swank and Patricia Turner Ritchie.
Survey Date and Recorder13 Apr 2003
Bennie Getz, Bob & Lois Emswiler

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001TusingDaniel H.13 Apr 187216 Feb 1939
001TusingEmma R.17 May 18699 Jan 1934w/D. H.
001UnknownFieldstone-no markings
001UnknownFieldstone-no markings
001WeanAbraham19 Apr 18382 Apr 1902Aged 63y 11m 13d; Our Fathers/Isaac Wean Jr. & Deborah Custer Wean
001WeanCatherine13 Apr 18458 Dec 1918Aged 73y 7m 15dnee Miller
001MoyersNettie J.22 Aug 185413 Nov 1902Aged 48y 2m 21dw/Michael B. Moyers; d/Jackson & Sarah Neff Riddle
001MoyerDavid A.18861936Sons/Michael & Nettie Riddle Moyer
001RitchieLyzzie28 Jul 186213 Nov 1914Aged 52y 3m 15d; w/Nathan
001RitchieNelda J.19251938d/E. W. & J. E.
001RitchieEdward W.19 Feb 188716 Dec 1960
001RitchieJosephine E.31 Mar 188414 Aug 1965w/Edward W.
001HooverJames Warren2 Feb 194212 Dec 1986PFC US Army; Cremated
001HooverVirginia Faulk23 Dec 191111 Sep 1994
001FaulkJack J.1 Oct 188527 Apr 1977s/Harvey & Amanda Peterson Faulk
001FaulkEmma K.19 Nov 189010 Oct 1974w/Jack; d/Michael & Nettie Riddle Moyer
002UnknownFieldstone-no markings
002UnknownFieldstone-no markings
002RiddlePermelia5 Nov 1860Aged 1y 9m 21d
002RiddleJohn F.1 Oct 1860Aged 3y 11m 25d
002RiddleFanny Lula7 Oct 1891Aged 18y 19d; d/Joseph N. & Sarah Jane
002UnknownFieldstone-no markings
002UnknownFieldstone-no markings
002UnknownFieldstone-no markings
002UnknownFieldstone-no markings
002RiddleGeorge4 Nov 1868
002HooverEsther12 Dec 189617 Dec 1896d/Philip E. & Sydnie B.
002RiddleSarah21 Aug 18113 Nov 1897
002HarperInfant Son11 Dec 1903s/Edgar & Virginia
002HarperInfant Son27 Jun 1906s/Edgar & Virginia
002TurnerMoses2 Dec 183910 Nov 1922
002TurnerClara14 Dec 183829 Jan 1926w/Moses
002TurnerArch A.18701931
002TurnerMollie E.18751951w/Arch A.
002TurnerRobert Glendi11 Jul 18735 Jul 1955
002HarperVirginia D.1 Oct 18757 Feb 1961w/Edgar L.
002HarperEdgar L.7 Nov 18691 Feb 1962
002HarperGeorgiana V.15 Nov 190726 Mar 1962
003UnknownBroken stone leaning against tree-no markings
003RiddleLouise F.28 Dec 18454 Apr 1877Aged 31y 3m 6d
003RiddleDeborah8 Aug 18067 Jun 1886Aged 79y 10m 29d
003RiddleIsaac15 Dec 179116 Oct 1882Aged 90y 10m 1d
003RiddleMary J.12 Jul 183824 Aug 1897Aged 59y 1m 12d
003UnknownFuneral home marker only-no markings
003RiddleCharles W.17 Jun 185213 Jul 1909Aged 57y 26d
003HulveySarah M.8 Aug 183424 Mar 1916Aged 81y 7m 16d
003HulveyDavid16 Sep 18311 Mar 1917Aged 85y 5m 15d
003RiddleJoseph Neuman21 Jun 18327 Apr 1921
003RiddleAshbyNo dates on stone; on same stone with Willie, Mollie & Cora
003RiddleWillieNo dates on stone; on same stone with Ashby, Mollie & Cora
003RiddleMollie E.No dates on stone; on same stone with Willie, Ashby & Cora; in 1967 Swank recorded Mollie E. b. 1867 d. 1952
003RiddleCora EllenNo dates on stone; on same stone with Ashby, Willie, & Mollie; in 1967 Swank recorded Cora Ellen b. 1870 d. 1958