Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryWampler Family Cemetery
LocationBroadway area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 11 North and turn left onto Route 259 (Mayland Road). Continue on Route 259 and turn a right onto Route 809 (Wampler Road). Go a few miles and you will see cemetery along the road on the left side.
NotesCemetery is fenced and well maintained. In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted "There are indications of more unmarked graves than those with markers."
Survey Date and Recorder17 Apr 2003
Bennie Getz, Bob & Lois Emswiler

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
KageyMagdalene4 Jan 181229 Sep 1892Aged 80y 8m 25d
KageyAnna21 Nov 18004 Apr 1885Aged 84y 4m 7d
KageyBarbara13 Sep 18048 Jun 1875Aged 70 8m 25d
KageyDavid9 Jul 179910 Feb 1873Aged 73y 7m 1d
ComerIsaac13 Jun 185017 Dec 1922
ComerFlorence M.w/IsaacPartially legible-dates are below ground level
ComerSada V.4 Aug 1897Aged 2y 7m 4d; d/I. & F.
MinnickNoah22 Dec 182824 Jun 1893Partially broken stone
MinnickCatherine19 Jun 182615 Oct 1895w/NoahIllegible broken stone
MinnickMary13 Sep 18053 Feb 1887
PerryAbraham16 Sep 1849Aged 1y 10m 23d
PerryMary19 Mar 1850Aged 25y 3m 1dPartially illegible stone
WamplerElizabeth9 Feb 1908Aged 61y 7m 15d
WamplerMary C.22 Feb 183530 Apr 1896Aged 61y 2m 8d
WamplerMartin11 Aug 18057 Mar 1885
WamplerCatharine27 Sep 181116 Apr 1882Aged 70y 6m 19d; w/Martin
DriverJohn6 Nov 1845Aged 2y 7m 18d; ch/David & Catharine
DriverElizabeth18 Jan 1842Aged 3m 20d; ch/David & Catharine
DriverAnna25 Mar 1850Aged 6y 2d; ch/David & Catharine
DriverCatherine17 Aug 182117 Oct 1899Aged 78y 2mw/David
DriverDavid25 Apr 181830 Nov 1897Aged 79y 7m 5d
DriverRebecca V.2 Aug 1950
WamplerSamuel1 Dec 17912 Oct 1883Aged 91y 10m 1d
WamplerMagdalene5 Oct 17976 Oct 1864w/SamuelIllegible broken stone
AndesInfant Son16 Jul 1869s/A. & M.
AndesSusannah25 Aug 1857Aged 5y 10m 10d, d/A. & M.
AndesJohn20 Jul 1856Aged 1y 1m 5d, s/A. & M.
WamplerLewis Herman30 Dec 1882Aged 3y 5m 7d; s/David & Susannah
ClineJohn W. "Apple John"17961878Erected by great-grandson Carson F. HolsingerThis is a new stone; old stone recorded by Swank in 1967 shows John was b. 9 Jan 1796 d. 11 Jul 1878
ClineCatherine Kipps18031841On same new stone as John W.; old stone recorded by DAR in 1960s shows d. 20 Sep 1841 aged 37y 10m 25d
ClineRebecca18401862DaughterOn same new stone as John W.
CristRebekah20 Jul 1862Aged 22y 5m (?)dNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967; appears this might be the same person as Rebecca Cline
DriverElizabeth29 Jul 1860Aged 37y 5m 29dw/Lewis
DriverLewis20 Jan 182021 May 1897Aged 77y 4m 1d
DriverJohn21 Nov 186476y 7m 2d
DriverMary9 Apr 186276y 2m 24d, w/John
WamplerJohn10 Mar 179523 Mar 1869Erected 1970 by his great-grandson Earl C. HolsingerThis is a new stone
WamplerMary Cline13 May 1802Death date unknownOn same new stone as John; old stone recorded by Swank in 1967 shows died 14 Jul 1841 aged 39yrs 4mo 1da
SmithJohn16 Nov 1853Erected 1971 by Earl C. Holsinger great-grandsonThis is a new stone; John's old stone standing next to the new one states he was in the 63rd yr of his life when he died.
SmithBarbara DriverOn same new stone as John and no dates are shown for Barbara
MoyerSamuel10 Aug 1852Aged 1y 6m 1d
FloryDavid Franklin12 Sep 1875Aged 2m 23d, s/Daniel & Susannah
MinnickSarah5 Jan 1875Aged 33y 8m 7d; w/Edmond
ComerCora R.Feb 1877Aged 8m, d/I. & F.
DaughertyWilliam H.10 Aug 1862Aged 26y 8m 26d