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CemeteryLincoln Family Cemetery
LocationNorth of Edom, Rockingham County, Virginia. From corner of Route 33 West (W. Market Street) and Route 42 in Harrisonburg, travel 8.3 miles north on Route 42 (Harpine Highway). On the right side of the road in a field just north of the Lincoln home. Get permission to visit cemetery.
NotesPlot is surrounded by an iron fence and well maintained. In 1933 John W. Wayland noted, "In and around this graveyard, which now is enclosed by an iron fence formerly by a brick wall, were buried some of the Lincoln Negro slaves." He goes on to note that the Lincoln family graveyard is on the original John Lincoln tract of 1768 on Linville Creek.
Survey Date and Recorder30 Jul 2003
Lois Emswiler & Louise Gilkerson

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001PennybackerCatherine Abigail30 May 186817 Dec 1938d/Col. John Dyer Pennybacker & His Wife Mary Elizabeth LincolnNote by J. W. Wayland-nickname "Kate" and she was the 2nd child of John Dyer & Mary Elizabeth Lincoln Maupin Pennybacker. 1st child was Mary Lee Pennybacker born August 24, 1866. 3rd child was John George Pennybacker born November 18, 1870.
002PennybackerMary Elizabeth11 Nov 182714 May 1905d/Abram & Mary Lincoln; w/John D.Note by J. W. Wayland on June 6, 1942- 1st married Dr. Richard S. Maupin - 2nd married John D. Pennybacker, son of Isaac S. Pennybacker. Isaac was a brother to Joel Pennybacker and others of Pine Forge, Shenandoah Co., Va.
003PennybackerMargaret Muse17 Apr 1919Aged 82y 10m 5dJ. W. Wayland note- This was "Miss Doon" Pennybacker, d/Joel Pennybacker of Pine Forge, Shenandoah Co., Va. She was "cousin Doon" to Miss Kate Pennybacker, d/John D. & Mary E. L. M. Pennybacker. Miss Kate probably erected the tombstone.
004BrockEdna Earl "Lennie"24 Aug 186926 Nov 1917d/J. P. & C. A.d/Joel & Margaret Stribling Pennybacker
005BrockJohn P.17 May 18231 Dec 1892My HusbandJ. W. Wayland shows born May 12, 1823
006BrockCaroline A.9 Oct 18315 May 1899Our Motherw/John P.; d/Abram & Mary Homan Lincoln; J. W. Wayland note-born C. Amanda Lincoln
007LincolnAbraham15 Mar 179913 Jun 1851Aged 52y 2m 29dCol.; 4th son of Capt. Jacob Lincoln (1751-1822)
008LincolnMary24 Oct 18028 Mar 1874w/Abramnee Homan
009LincolnDorcas Sarah24 Mar 18377 Dec 1852Aged 15y 8m 13dJ.W. Wayland note- d/Abr. & Mary Lincoln
010MaupinRichard S., Dr.17 Nov 18167 Dec 18551st husband of Mary E. Lincoln (1827-1905)
011MaupinInfant29 Jul 187329 July 1873ch/A. L. & E. C. MaupinOn same stone
012MaupinInfant1 Aug 18741 Aug 1874ch/A. L. & E. C. MaupinOn same stone
013M.Carrie L.Aged 4y 1m 6dIn 2003-no surname or dates on stones
014MaupinMary D. B.Aged 2y 7m 17dIn 2003-no surname or dates on stones; Note by J. W. Wayland-Mary D. B. (B=Brock) Maupin child of A. L. & E. G. Maupin
015R.Arizona F. V. J.Aged 47y 10m 19dIn 2003-no surname or dates on stones
016BrockInfant Son17 Jun 185217 Jun 1852s/ J. P. & C. A.
017LincolnVirginia John17161788Erected 1963 by Massanutten D.A.R., Rockingham Historical Society
018LincolnRebecca Flowers17201806w/John Lincoln; erected by Lincoln Descendants
019MaupinInfant Daughter31 Mar 1850d/R. S. & M. E.In 2003-stone is broken
020LincolnJohn17 Jul 1818Aged 35y 5m 4d; Sacred to the memory ofSon of Capt. John Lincoln; Note by J. W. Wayland-John was cut with a scythe, while mowing in the meadow by his young brother Abraham (1799-1851) who was then just about 19, and bled to death. This information was given me by Abraham's daughter, Mary Elizabeth Lincoln Maupin Pennybacker (1827-1905) at her home on Linville Creek in or about 1903.
021LincolnDorcas25 Jan 1840Aged 76y 10m 10d; Sacred to the memory ofw/Capt. Jacob Lincoln; nee Robinson
022LincolnJacob18 Nov 175120 Feb 1822In the memory ofCapt.; Emblem S.R.A. 1775
023LincolnInfant19 Oct 182921 Jul 1830d/Abraham & MaryJ. W. Wayland noted-name as Dorcas Lairna Lincoln, d/Abr. & Mary Homan Lincoln
024UnknownUncle Ned & his wife QueenThe last of the Lincoln slaves; Erected by Mary Lee Pennybacker descendants of the Lincolns
025MaupinAbraham Lincoln24 Jun 1845s/Mary Elizabeth L. MaupinNo visible stone in 2003; Recorded by J. W. Wayland in 1933