Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryDayton Cemetery
LocationDayton, Rockingham County, Virginia. From the corner of Route 33 West and Route 42 South, go 3.2 miles south on Route 42 and turn right on to Route 732 (Eberly Road). Go 2/10th mile to stop sign and turn left. Cross over creek and then turn right following Route 732 (Bowman Road). Go 3/10th mile and cemetery is on the left side of the road.
NotesCemetery is well maintained. Notes in Remarks column were provided by J. Robert Swank. Many of the Rows are irregular and some start in further than other rows. Facing the headstones, the rows are recorded from the bottom to the top of the hill and the stones from left to right. Section 001 is the main body of the cemetery. Section 002 are the remaining old graves and are located in the upper right hand corner of the cemetery along side of Route 732. Mr. Swank referred to it as being the west end of the cemetery. In 1937 John W. Wayland recorded some of the older stones. Mr. Wayland noted "One of the English chapels built in Augusta Parish prior to the Revolutionary War stood in the old part of the Dayton Cemetery. See A History of Rockingham County, Page 255." A sign at the cemetery states it was Established in 1747. A Historical Sign notes as follows, The first church in Rockingham County was built on this site in 1747 on land owned by Captain Daniel Harrison of the Colonial Militia. Serving as a "Chapel of Ease" for Augusta Parish, the first building is believed to have been built of logs. The chapel was replaced by a larger frame building some 20 years later. Following the Revolutionary War, the church was used by a Methodist congregation; it was sold and functioned as a barn until it was torn down about 1900.
Survey Date and Recorder21 Aug 2003
Martha Lee & Nettie Lee

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

Surnames are sorted by section / plot / row / grave - only sections and rows are shown

SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
BowmanMinnieNo visible marker-said to be buried in this cemetery-recorded by Swank in 1960s
DetamoreE.3 Mar 1870aged 41y 1m 27d, w/St. DetamoreNo visible marker-recorded in 1937 by John W. Wayland-on a wooden slab
JohnsonTurnerNo visible marker-said to be buried in this cemetery-recorded by Swank in 1960s
JohnsonTurner, Mrs.No visible marker-said to be buried in this cemetery-recorded by Swank in 1960s
TaylorMartha11 Apr 1860aged 29y 11m 17d, In memory ofNo visible marker-recorded by W.A.Byerly (WPA) 17 Mar 1937, not recorded by Swank or Wayland
001001BakerRalph Thomas9 Nov 190429 Aug 1949
001001BakerGertrude Elizabeth13 Jan 190516 May 1972
001001GaitherJames Moore16 Jul 191725 Jun 1993Tec 3 U. S. Army WWII
001001GaitherAnna Mary29 Apr 1928
001001ShankHarry A.27 Feb 191222 Sep 1983
001001ByerlyGordon West1 May 191327 Feb 1974
001001ByerlyWelby Swartz19 Apr 191523 Feb 1991
001001SimmonsOwen D.8 Aug 190122 Jan 1972
001001SimmonsLodeska K.21 Jul 19028 Mar 1977
001001Simmons, Jr.Owen D. "Billy"30 Sep 192319 Aug 2001S. Sgt. U. S. Army WWII
001001SimmonsMargaret Smith12 Dec 192127 Nov 1982
001001SimmonsDonna Funkhouser6 Dec 1942
001001KniceleyRoy Wilson12 Aug 1926married 17 May 1952
001001KniceleyBerniece Coakley9 May 192013 Oct 1985
001001O'QuinnRuth21 Jul 191320 Oct 1992
001001ZirkleE. Roy18901948
001001ZirkleNellie Flemming18881973
001001ZirkleJohn Franklin6 Jan 191811 Nov 1981Capt. U. S. Army WWII
001001HilbertWarren D.13 Jun 191619 Aug 1979
001001HilbertCatherine E.15 May 19103 Mar 1987
001001Heishman, Sr.Thomas J.31 Jan 190910 Feb 1983
001001HeishmanMargie C.3 Aug 190820 Apr 1988
001001HarbinRobert H.26 Jul 190717 Jan 1977
001001HarbinEdna F.9 Dec 19094 Jul 1979
001001RobertsG. Frank25 May 190210 Nov 1986
001001RobertsCharlotte Kieffer30 Mar 190612 Feb 1987
001001RobertsGeorge Kieffer11 Oct 192921 Jun 1988
001001StreetSurname stone
001001CassimFrank N.3 May 189426 May 1975
001001CassimCourtney O.26 Jun 19105 Sep 2001
001001HeatwoleRaymond William25 Oct 1918married 5 Sep 1942
001001HeatwoleLorraine Halderman12 Apr 191829 Jul 2002w/Raymond
001001KiserArlie E., Maj.14 Apr 18928 Sep 1977
001001GangwerEdwin Elmo7 May 192525 Jan 1993
001001GangwerHelen Emswiler28 Mar 1928
001001GangwerJames H.7 Dec 1929father; children- Valerie 6 Feb 1959, Denise 28 Mar 1963, Kent 14 Nov 1968
001001GangwerN. Sue Hefner16 Aug 19347 Mar 2003mother: married 3 Nov 1956w/James H.
001001MoatsFrank7 May 1915our children- S. Ellis, Patricia A., Jeffrey A.
001001MoatsBessie L.3 Mar 1918married 15 Oct 1938w/Frank
001001KiracofeWilmer D.21 Dec 188828 Jan 1964
001001KiracofeIva M.4 May 189226 Apr 1969w/W. D.
001001ArmentroutJoseph W.31 Dec 192323 Jun 1995
001001ArmentroutVirginia C.8 Oct 193325 Jul 1991
001002BlosserOllie Simmers (Kate)23 Nov 189111 Dec 1964w/Joseph
001002LearyStatton H.12 Jun 189124 Jun 1944Pvt 155 Depot Brig. Va.
001002LearyCarrie McL.2 May 189910 Oct 1991
001002GaitherJames W.1 Jan 18785 Apr 1963
001002GaitherAnnie J.14 Dec 187715 Dec 1969
001002GaitherAmes William18781963No visible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s.
001002GaitherAnna Lee Fry24 Dec 191816 Feb 1957
001002WalkerMable Eye19151996
001002RobinsonClinton E.15 Jul 19045 Jun 1977
001002ShankJoseph G.13 Mar 18858 Jan 1950
001002ShankGrace A.14 Feb 188615 Aug 1979
001002SmithCatherine Virginia4 May 19105 Feb 1974
001002ShifflettMichael E.27 Jan 195611 Aug 1956s/Willis R. & Cynthia B.
001002SwartzTimothy D.15 Aug 188111 Mar 1959
001002SwartzClara M.12 Dec 187718 Feb 1964w/T. D.
001002FadelyJ. Ashby18821963
001002FadelyAnnie E.18851964w/J. A.
001002FadeleyMervil M.19141973
001002RitchieJ. Samuel28 Nov 18722 Jan 1939husband
001002RitchieNora29 Jan 18724 Jan 1947w/J. S.
001002KnicelyEmanuel D.8 Sep 19039 Sep 1962s/Philip H. & Sarah M. Wenger Knicely
001002KnicelyBertha E.19 Jan 190425 Jul 1945w/E. D.; nee Christian
001002AreyWilliam L.18671947
001002AreyElla R.18661955w/W. L.
001002GoodVirginia19 Dec 190116 Nov 1965
001002HilbertCharles H.26 Jul 187528 Aug 1951
001002HilbertSigourney A.20 Jun 18784 Jun 1971w/C. H.
001002HilbertJames C.19121963
001002HilbertVirginia B.w/J. C.
001002FadeleyJohn F.18 Dec 186510 Jan 1946
001002FadeleyMamie G.19 Dec 187726 Jan 1962w/J. F.
001002SimmonsPerle A.28 Jul 19037 Jun 1986
001002SimmonsTreva O.12 Sep 191516 Feb 1985
001002KiefferLineous Lee24 Feb 18724 Mar 1965s/Aldine S. & Eliz. J. Hammon Kieffer
001002KiefferDaisy Mayes8 Mar 187428 Nov 1958w/L. L.; nee Maynes
001002KiefferMorgan A.29 Mar 190817 Feb 1946
001002HangerFrank B.18901950
001002HangerLaura V.18911975F. B., nee Fadely
001002HangerGoldie Catherine15 Mar 193218 May 1994
001002HeatwoleWalter D.15 Jan 188024 Apr 1954s/Perry K. & Susan Showalter Heatwole
001002HeatwoleZella H.3 Dec 188023 Jan 1965w/W. D., nee Heaton
001002Heatwole, Jr.Walter D.30 Mar 191416 Nov 1946s/W. D. & Zeller Heatwole, h/Virginia Knicely
001002KiracofeVirginia Heatwole2 Apr 191720 Nov 1995
001002BakerOlin D.7 Oct 190918 Aug 1954
001002BakerE. Mabel8 Aug 190711 May 2003w/Olin
001002KiserFrank Stone11 Dec 187014 Mar 1959
001002KiserMargaret Rexrode2 Dec 186929 Jan 1963w/F. S.
001002KiserBufin L.3 Aug 190221 May 1991
001002KiserRuth Early3 Nov 190318 Jun 1993
001002RyderNeil Edward3 Apr 19232 Sep 1989children-Sharon Ellen, Keith Edward; Grandchildren Chirs, Tifane, Travis
001002RyderMildred Gangwer13 Mar 1923married 26 Jul 1947w/Neil Edward
001002GangwerRobert L.12 Aug 192130 Oct 1944T/5 3845 THom-TRK Co. 88 QM B. N. Mobile, killed in Burma, WWII
001002CrockFlorence May18961965mother
001002SnoddyWilliam Franklin18841963Mus. 2 Cl. 116 Inf. WWI Va.Swank recorded in 1967 as b. 21 Dec & d. 8 May
001002SnoddyMamie M.19041999w/W. F.Swank recorded in 1967 as b. 1 Jun & d. 9 Oct
001002KnicelyWeldon10 Feb 19052 Feb 1966s/Charles H. & Bertie E. Heatwole Knicely, h/Mary Stark
001002KnicelyCharles H.18781947fathers/Daniel & Martha Coakley Knicely
001002KnicelyBertie E.18781963motherw/C. H.; d/Emanuel & Sarah Fishback Heatwole
001002WebsterJohn W.24 Jan 189521 Apr 1953
001002WebsterTreva Dedrick28 Apr 189911 Jun 1988w/J. W.
001002WebsterHarold L.10 Feb 192019 Nov 1967father
001003Van PattenEvangeline Thomas27 Apr 19156 Apr 1995Beloved mother of Herbie, Dottie & Barbara
001003KerlinPage K.20 Jun 19223 Feb 1982
001003KerlinBessie Cox20 Feb 1924
001003CoxJames B.6 Aug 1927
001003CoxPatricia A.6 Dec 1939
001003CoxEffie L.30 Apr 189611 Oct 1982
001003SnyderAlfred3 Jul 191222 Dec 1962
001003SnyderEdith V.15 Jan 191227 Dec 1996
001003SnyderCharles E.4 Oct 193419 May 1962
001003DofflemyerSilwyn B.2 Jun 193720 Oct 1937s/B. M. & Selma
001003WeaseGeorge Nolane10 Mar 19328 Jun 2001U. S. Air Force
001003WeissDorothy F.19121942
001003MillerLucille G.25 Sep 192217 Nov 2001married 7 Jun 1941
001003MillerEdwin L.1 Jun 191712 Mar 2000S. Sgt U. S. Army WWII
001003BurkholderJacob F.s/J. F. & Rosa E.
001003BurkholderRosa Raish18991983
001003BurkholderGoldie Hall10 Jul 191030 Jan 1996
001003ReillyRuth T.14 Mar 19154 Dec 1992
001003RitchieGuy L. "Curly"15 Jul 191030 Oct 1993
001003RitchieAmelia H. Fisher20 Nov 19109 Jul 2003
001003FlemmingCharles Elmer6 Oct 188818 Jun 1937
001003AlfredRichard H. (Dr.)19 Feb 1918aged 83 yrs
001003WeanerMarie Alfred31 Mar 1955
001003AlfredVictoria10 Dec 18421 Feb 1927w/Dr. R. H.
001003GoodJacob S. H.14 Feb 186917 Apr 1947
001003GoodAnnie V.16 May 187527 Jun 1950
001003GoodRuth13 Jun 19147 Apr 1932
001003GoodDwight31 Dec 189816 Sep 1915
001003DoveMary W. Arey18781932
001003FloryMaud Monger15 Apr 189111 Mar 1917
001003MongerBenjamin C.7 Jun 19032 Sep 1982
001003LandesStuart W.18471924
001003LandesBarbara C.18481932w/S. W.
001003LandesRoydon Wilmer7 Jun 19211 Sep 1951
001003LandesMary Virginia7 May 192417 Jun 1924
001003ThackerGerard D.22 Jul 18163 Nov 1875
001003ThackerJ. C. M.11 Jun 185314 Mar 1873
001003PriceWilliam C.17 Jul 18229 Oct 1901
001003PriceIsabella B. M.24 Feb 182428 Jul 1896
001003KilleEngle S.16 Feb 1884aged 3m 8d, s/T. & M. B.
001003StoneFrances J.10 Feb 18248 Nov 1910aged 86y 8m 28d
001003StoneIsaac S.20 May 1892aged 73 yrs
001003PayneHoward S.22 Oct 18972 Feb 1982
001003PayneElizabeth T.1 Jul 1912
001003KiefferDiannah8 Feb 181314 Jul 1834aged 21y 5m 6d
001003RuebushL. Edgar (Rev.)18621947s/Ephriam & Luella V. Kieffer R.
001003RuebushDora McF.18641948w/L. E.; nee McFarland
001003RuebushEphriam Edger, Dr.18971941s/L. Elgar & D. McFarland Ruebush
001003KerestesySally J.22 May 195015 Mar 1991
001003WolfreyW. Thomas4 Aug 189711 Sep 1952Masonic Emblem
001003WolfreyFrances B.17 Oct 1914
001003SayersJuanita S.26 Sep 1926
001003SayersRobert L.6 Nov 192013 May 1992
001003SayerGeorgia Perry17 Aug 188027 Jul 1964mother
001003NormanMaxine Orbaugh2 Feb 19229 Apr 1986
001004ThomasHomer F.18751952
001004ThomasAnnie M.18811941
001004CoffmanThomas N.18691940
001004CoffmanHarriet A.18761943w/T. N.
001004CoffmanVirginia L.21 Mar 1907
001004Snyderlarge stone
001004LawsonCharles B.17 Jan 186025 Nov 1946father
001004LawsonMyrtie R.20 Dec 187810 Sep 1943motherw/C. B.
001004LawsonCharles B.6 Mar 19169 May 1998father; Our children Sharon Ann & Karen Jane
001004LawsonZelda L.motherw/Charles B.
001004LinhossC. Frank28 Aug 187521 Oct 1943father
001004LinhossEvva Brown29 Nov 188329 Jan 1945w/C. F.
001004LinhossWaldo L.19 Feb 192410 Aug 1955s/C. F. & E. B.
001004DofflemyerSelina L. "Bubba"7 Oct 190917 Jan 1997
001004HelmsBlanche V.29 Jul 18881 Jan 1978
001004TaskerJemina F.18621930motherw/Eli
001004TaskerJames Harry18921963
001004BurkholderJ. Frank18721960
001004BurkholderEmma R.18731930w/J. Frank
001004ThompsonBenjamin H.13 Jul 18881 Jul 1958
001004ThompsonVirginia M.18 Nov 18836 Dec 1974w/B. H.
001004ThompsonMae V.19241937
001004ThompsonOwen B.13 Nov 191718 Jul 1924s/B. H. & V. M.
001004FisherMollie Nash18 Mar 188028 Jun 1978
001004NashWadsworth31 Aug 184122 Nov 1920
001004NashMary F.31 Jul 184827 Sep 1940w/W.
001004LonasSudie Fleming23 Jan 18714 Nov 1952
001004FlemmingJ. H.18411915
001004FlemmingSusan M.18481923
001004BlosserHazel Arlene19221981w/Fred P. Sr.
001004GoodSurname stone
001004AreyC. Preston8 Apr 187223 Feb 1946
001004AreyLucy F.4 Oct 186912 Jun 1915w/C. P.nee Early
001004MongerJohn H.9 Apr 185930 Apr 1913
001004MongerAmanda S.20 Mar 186730 Jan 1948w/ J. H.
001004MongerJ. Hobert8 May 1910aged 1y 3m 12d, s/J. H. & Amanda
001004MongerJohnny25 Dec 190030 Jan 1904aged 3y 3m 5d
001004LandesBenjamin S., Elder18731951
001004LandesViola Grace18841958w/Elder B. S.
001004BowmanJohn M.18591944
001004BowmanMary E.18591927
001004BowmanJoseph S.6 Jul 1912aged 24y 7m 8d
001004KilleMary B.18471932w/Thomas
001004StoneJosephine20 May 185025 Dec 1905
001004PayneWilliam F., Dr.30 May 186118 Mar 1912
001004PayneOlive Byrd12 Jul 18704 Dec 1947w/Dr. W. F.nee Byrd
001004DavisMargaret Payne19101975
001004DeputyPaul W.18831969
001004DeputyRoxie C.18921982
001004RuebushJoseph K.18781963s/Ephrian & Louilla V. Ruffer Ruebush
001004RuebushMary Bryd Rhodes18811952w/J. K.w/J. K.
001004MayRoby T.
001004HoseJames22 Sep 194622 Sep 1946
001004KeisterEdward D.18631900
001004KeisterGeorge H.18191907
001004KeisterEmily S.18281907w/G. H.
001004HessGeorge W.11 Sep 18566 Jun 1911
001004HessGrace June24 Jun 18729 Dec 1945
001004ObaughOwen B.4 May 188410 Jun 1966
001004ObaughEtha E.15 Apr 188930 Mar 1964w/O. B.
001004NelsoNorma Jean15 Sep 194016 Sep 1984daughter
001004RinggoldJean LaVerne9 Feb 1920mother
001004MichaelBenjamin F.3 May 187217 Jan 1946
001004MichaelHettie J.22 Sep 18705 Nov 1942w/B. F.
001004HooverLena V.2 May 188820 Jul 1888Illegible-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001004HooverCloud P.29 May 189218 Nov 1892Illegible-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001004AllebaughSarah27 Aug 1872aged 80y 2m 27dw/John
001004AllebaughJohn10 Aug 178327 Jun 1864
001004LinkElizabeth H.24 Oct 1852aged 31y 9m , w/David L., d/Jno. & Sarah Allebaugh
001004LinkJosephine8 Jun 184612 Apr 1851aged 2y 10m 4d, d/David & Elizabeth
001004AllebaughAnna20 Dec 1808d/John & SarahDeath date is buried, In 1937 John W. Wayland recorded death date as 24 Oct 1842
001004LinkMartha Louise10 Sep 18504 Mar 1851aged 5m 21d, d/David & ElizabethResting behind stone of Josephine Link
001004AllebaughCatherine17561844aged 88 yrs
001004WilliamsJohn W.4 Apr 1855aged 6y 5m 8d
001004WilliamsJames C.4 Nov 181620 Jan 1856Date buried - recorded by Swank in 1960s
001004WilliamsMary P.4 Apr 1889aged 76y, w/James C.
001004MoyerhoefferRobert K.21 Jan 1855aged 1y 11m 21d, s/A. J. & C.Age buried recorded by Swank in 1960s
001004EhrmenSarah25 Dec 1858aged 65y 5m, w/George
001004EhrmenGeorge25 Feb 1868aged 95y 8m 10d
001004HooverChristian21 Nov 179225 Jun 1855aged 62y 7m 4d
001004HooverElizabeth10 Apr 17922 Feb 1852aged 59y 10m 6d; w/Christian
001004HuffmanJames C.20 Jun 185222 Oct 1857aged 5y 4m 2d
001004HuffmanAmelia A. R.25 Jun 18542 Sep 1955d/T. H. & H.
001004KnussDavid10 Mayaged 72 yrsIllegible-broken stone, in 1937 WPA recorded as died 10 May 1859 age 72y 3m
001004HessSusannah2 Nov 1860aged 44y 9d, w/Fred
001004SundfrankJacob27 Jun 180610 Dec 1859
001004SundfrankMary23 Jan 18046 Nov 1875aged 71y 9m 7d
001004HessJosephOct 1863aged 9m 27d, s/FredIllegible recorded-by Swank in 1960s
001004SengerDelila7 Oct 18246 May 1883aged 58y 7m 29d, w/Jacob
001004ShrumWm. H.24 Aug 18591 Dec 1859
001004BlackThomas B.20 Jul 1851No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001005CoxRobert L.26 Sep 192127 Nov 1973
001005CoxSarah L.24 Feb 1929
001005CaricofeJohn Newton7 Oct 189815 Jul 1979children-Carolyn Fay & Charles Newton; Grandchildren Jacquelyn Leigh & Charles Newton Jr.
001005CaricofeLilian Faith Rhodes29 Nov 189911 Nov 1979married 16 May 1922w/John Newton
001005RabunskyMartin15 Jul 1930married 7 Jul 1959
001005RabunskyCarolyn Fay31 Aug 1928w/Martin
001005BakerMary Elizabeth11 Aug 184629 Aug 1938mother
001005CoffmanHarry J.28 Nov 18982 Feb 1985
001005CoffmanSally N.12 Sep 1917
001005LawrenceAudrey Coffman19001971
001005PropstPeggy Jo2 Jan 19342 Jan 1934c/L. E. & R. H.
001005PropstEmily Ann11 Oct 193511 Oct 1935c/L. E. & R. H.
001005PropstLurty Elmer6 May 191220 Dec 1986
001005PropstMary Ruby23 Sep 19085 Mar 1985
001005TaylorStella F.18871962
001005HullMax20 Dec 191121 Jun 1982
001005HullE. France10 Sep 1919
001005ClatterbuckSamuel C.10 Oct 187826 Oct 1959
001005ClatterbuckMallie B.8 May 189029 Nov 1968
001005ClatterbuckAilese C.25 Jul 192123 Mar 1922
001005CaricofeNewton M.18611933
001005CaricofeMary C.18621941
001005CarverRaymond F.18911951fatherh/Ina Shrum; s/J. S. & B.
001005CarverIna18901982McMullen Funeral Home Marker
001005CarverCharles C.12 Aug 18965 Aug 1964
001005CarverOra R.13 Jan 189928 Jun 1920w/C. C.
001005CarverJoseph S.20 Nov 186027 Dec 1935
001005CarverBarbara13 Mar 18592 Oct 1928w/J. S.
001005MillerSamuel G17 Jul 187127 Jun 1954
001005MillerSally C.20 Oct 186827 Apr 1928
001005MillerSamuel R.19071968
001005MillerCora V.19011984
001005RhodesC. L.18771941
001005RhodesLaula Brown18871928w/C. L.
001005SweckerCharlene Rhodes3 Jul 19202 Nov 1979
001005GaitherMartha J.7 Aug 183417 Apr 1911
001005CoffmanEdward L.12 Apr 190612 Mar 1973
001005CoffmanR. Lee4 Oct 18704 Apr 1938father
001005CoffmanRebecca Lee6 Jun 186913 May 1960w/R. L., mother
001005CoffmanJohn Robert19 Jul 189712 Mar 1966s/R. L. & R. L.
001005KageyAbraham P.24 Jul 18335 Mar 1912
001005KageyFrances V.7 May 183515 Mar 1916w/A. P.
001005CoffmanElizabeth E.18841940daughter
001005CoffmanSarah Frances18601928motherw/Alburta
001005CoffmanCarter F.4 Dec 190023 Mar 1980PFC U. S. Army WWII
001005RuebushWilliam H.4 Jun 18736 Oct 1957Va. 116 Infantry WWI, 2nd Lieutenants/Ephriam & Lucilla Kieffer R.
001005RuebushEphriam26 Sep 183318 Nov 1924father
001005RuebushLucilla V. Kieffer23 Jul 184323 Jul 1919w/Ephriam, d/Adline S. & Elizabeth J. Hammon Kiefferw/Ephriam, d/Adline S. & Elizabeth J. Hammon Kieffer
001005RuebushV. Virginia Shoemaker3 Jan 18821 Mar 1944w/W. H.nee Shoemaker
001005KeiterJ. W.18571935
001005KeiterFannie B.18651944
001005PetersonW. H.4 Jul 183820 Jan 1901
001005PetersonMary Amanda7 Sep 185218 Nov 1931
001005PetersonMelvina14 Jul 1899aged 79y 6m 14d
001005PetersonWilliam22 Mar 179219 Feb 1883aged 90y 10m 27d
001005KageyMyrtle K.7 Oct 191426 Dec 1915c/W. O. & L. N.
001005KageyAlma R.29 Aug 190425 Mar 1921c/W. O. & L. N.
001005KageyLucy N. Hedrick2 Aug 188418 Aug 1935motherw/W. O.
001005KageyWilliam Otis30 Jul 187521 Aug 1962father
001005KageyMarietta9 Nov 190625 Mar 1988
001005MichaelSalina1 Jan 1897aged 71yw/Benjamin
001005MichaelBenjamin10 Feb 1899aged 63y 11m 26d
001005LinhossAdam H.16 Sep 185025 Oct 1920
001005LinhossElizabeth8 Dec 184424 Nov 1906w/A. H.
001005LinhossHenry8 Feb 1895aged 84y 5m 18d
001005JacksonTurner J. H., Dr.29 Apr 1829? Feb ?Jackson requested that he be buried standing up and is said to be buried under the brick & marble marker showing his name, according to Swank in 1960s
001005JacksonMary EllenNo visible marker-said to be buried in this area-noted by Swank in 1960s, w/Dr. Jackson, d/Daniel Sr. & Sarah Ellen Coakley, they were parents of Ellen I., Mary E., Mariah C., Dr. Brown H.
001005Coakley, Sr.Daniel JamesNo visible marker-said to be buried in this area-noted by Swank in 1960s
001005CoakleySarah Ellenw/Daniel Sr.No visible marker-said to be buried in this area-noted by Swank in 1960s
001005ComerSusanNo visible marker-said to be buried in this area-noted by Swank in 1960s; d/Daniel S. & Sarah E. Coakley, w/Henry
001005ComerHenryNo visible marker-said to be buried in this area-noted by Swank in 1960s
001005UnknownNo visible marker-there are others of the family buried in this section with no markers-noted by Swank in 1960s
001006CoxStuart H.18841941
001006CoxMattie M.18911964
001006RhodesCharles L.27 Oct 186311 Feb 1940father
001006RhodesOra V.16 Nov 187531 Mar 1955motherw/C. L., nee Smith
001006RhodesRaymond R.19 May 190927 Dec 1980father
001006RhodesAvis H.30 May 19117 Apr 1995mother
001006RhodesJennings C.9 Jun 189713 Oct 1979
001006LaymanMichael A.20 Sep 18805 Apr 1957father
001006LaymanFannie B.26 Mar 188316 Jan 1969motherw/M. A.
001006ShrumLuther J.16 Aug 188829 Sep 1986
001006ShrumZula Coffman28 Sep 18879 May 1979
001006CoffmanKirby S.26 Oct 186318 Oct 1944
001006CoffmanAddie V.14 Apr 186611 Jan 1937w/K. S.
001006HamiltonW. Erve16 Aug 188321 Dec 1935
001006HamiltonEmily E.17 Aug 18844 Apr 1973w/W. E.nee Helms
001006StoverJ. Newton18581931
001006StoverLutie C.18661946w/J. N.
001006GlickBoyd L.24 May 190827 Nov 1987
001006GlickVirginia S.6 Nov 19044 Jul 1992
001006ClatterbuckJoseph16 Aug 184515 Sep 1929
001006ClatterbuckVirginia18 Mar 184824 Jul 1928w/Joseph
001006CaricofeBobby W.18 Oct 193320 Mar 1966
001006CaricofeDee M.7 Jul 189522 Jan 1986
001006CaricofeEva Kiser6 Jun 18945 Apr 1979
001006CaricofeGeneva Arvesta16 Mar 191819 Jul 1923
001006HeatwoleG. Carver19151951s/M. L. & N. A.
001006HeatwoleNora A.18871932w/M. L., nee Carver
001006HeatwoleMinor L.18861958s/D. Grove & Rebecca S. Swartz Heatwole
001006CarverCatherine L.19131920
001006CarverPerry A.18891949s/Joseph & Barbara
001006CarverDessie B.18921966w/P. A.
001006BallCharles Preston8 Apr 189515 Mar 1949
001006BallDoris Tyree26 Jan 191011 Jun 1991Buried in Masonic Cem. Culpepper, Va. as Doris T. Kibler
001006BlosserFred P.19001993
001006BlosserCatherine E.19001946w/F. P.
001006FuquaJames L.18651922
001006FuquaMary L.18851911
001006LamarCharles G.19041979
001006LamarThelma F.19081988
001006BrownRobert H.7 Jan 185114 Sep 1910father
001006BrownEmma S.29 Mar 185618 Aug 1928w/R. H., mother
001006GaitherJohn w.15 Aug 184015 Dec 1919
001006GaitherDelilah Lee8 Sep 183917 Oct 1903w/J. W.
001006NelsonEliza Gaither20 Jun 186915 Feb 1926w/ S. D.
001006GaitherReuben7 Jan 18484 Aug 1932
001006GaitherMary J.30 Apr 18526 Jan 1902motherw/Reuben
001006CarpenterMinnie C. Gaither13 Sep 188016 Jun 1905w/C. Fred
001006FunkhouserAlice F.13 Oct 1937daughter
001006FunkhouserIda F.7 Aug 1930daughter
001006FunkhouserElizabeth J. Paul7 Aug 1892mothermother of Dr. A. Paul Funkhouser
001006FunkhouserSamuel31 Oct 1864fatherfather of Dr. A. Paul Funkhouser
001006ShowalterDaisy B.13 Oct 187713 Nov 1889
001006ShowalterCharles W.16 Jul 184915 May 1912
001006ShowalterIda Kagey8 Feb 186018 Jun 1931
001006LangleyVerdie, Dr.8 Sep 187921 May 1958
001006LangleyArthur Lee, Dr.5 Jul 18859 Apr 1963
001006CoffmanSurname stone
001006RuebushSurname stone
001006MileyMary E.26 May 182710 Oct 1878w/Samuel
001006HoweJulia M.18291879w/Rev. J. W., nee Strickley
001006HoweJ. W. (Rev.)18291903
001006HoweRebecca J.18451908
001006KeiterMadge S.9 Sep 189212 Sep 1981
001006HessInfant24 Mar 1899s/G. W. & G. J.Illegible recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001006PetersonWillie P.28 Apr 188929 Apr 1889
001006PetersonLela L.28 Apr 18788 Apr 1887
001006KageySurname stone
001006LinhossVincent17 May 18903 May 1971
001006LinhossLillie Blake22 Feb 18831 Sep 1971
001006LinhossEsther12 May 188010 Jan 1932
001006LinhossNancy Catherine18 May 1891aged 13y 5m 4d, d/A. H. & E.
001006MillerJoseph3 Aug 1856aged 41y 4m 7d
001006RawleyReuben17802 Feb 1850
001006YountDaniel1 Aug 178529 Jul 1860
001006KlineFrederick23 Dec 1848aged 75y 10m 14d
001006KlineMary23 Mar 1851aged 72y 11m 4d
001006SmithMary C.3 May 18387 Jun 1876aged 38y 1m 4d, w/J. J.
001006ButlerJohn H.1861aged 67y
001006ButlerKesiah16 Mar 1880aged 66y 5m 21d, w/John H.
001006SangerLidia18 Jan 1860aged 3y 8m 8d
001006SangerJacob18 Apr 182421 May 1888
001006SangerNoa13 Jul 184913 Oct 1870no stone-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001006HessSamuel27 Jan 1871aged 12y 6m 20d, s/Fred & SueBroken-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001006SagerSusanna27 Dec 1865aged 41y 9m 2d, w/Abraham
001007ShullElla K.29 Nov 19192 Nov 1946daughter
001007ShullDavid McGillis4 Nov 19259 May 1927
001007RexrodeShawnte Marie2 Jan 19942 Jan 1994Coyte's Twin
001007SimmonsTheresa Anne6 Dec 196318 Sep 1999
001007SwartzThomas Worrell22 Jun 192222 Jun 1922s/W. P. & E. B.
001007ShipmanEllen M.7 Mar 183227 Feb 1913mother
001007SwartzHenry P.21 Aug 187415 May 1952s/Abram & Mary E. Swope Swartz
001007SwartzVirginia Dillon3 Sep 188417 Oct 1960w/H. P.; d/John W. & Jane Jordon Dillon
001007SwartzCornelius Edward17 Sep 19095 May 1910s/Henry & Virginia
001007WilsonHazel Holt19001950Swank recorded as died 5 Feb
001007ConnorRuth Hott18981949
001007HottJ. Winton18561920
001007HottEllen F.18591925w/J. W.
001007BryanHenry C.5 Aug 184516 Jun 1909
001007PetersonHattie N.24 Apr 1896aged 32y 4m 24d, w/D. H.
001007PetersonHarry Burtner12 Oct 1891aged 1m 5d
001007CoffmanMargaret E.18371861sisters, wife of Hiram Coffman
001007CoffmanMary Ann18301854sisters, wife of Hiram Coffman
001007McFarlandG. W., Dr.8 Jun 1894aged 76y 4m 29d
001007McFarlandMary A.10 Sep 1904aged 73y 9m 9d, w/Dr. G. W.
001007EstesMary Virginia18921920w/Herbert Estesd/Edgar & Dora Ruebush
001007ByrdLester Eugene19 May 193426 Mar 1978
001007HuffmanG. Elizabeth18781949
001007HuffmanBernard H. (Doc)18971958
001007HuffmanFleta K.19011991
001007PainterAbram Warren19241924
001007PainterGrant Dinkle19231923
001007StinespringW. Scott18481885
001007EarmanJohn13 Feb 180719 Oct 1889aged 82y 8m 6d
001007SimmersJohn10 Apr 181028 Apr 1880Name illegible-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001007SimmersRachael30 Apr 181521 Aug 1892w/John
001008CaricofeWillard E.6 Feb 19166 Nov 1981
001008CaricofeB. May Smelser26 Aug 192021 May 1978
001008CaracofeWesley L.5 Nov 191722 Oct 1998Y2 U. S. Navy WWII
001008BakerHarold D.19031940
001008DunnIsadora Heatwole18861973
001008DunnNorma E., Dr.19242001
001008LoganHugh A.18911959
001008LoganZula Z.18901971w/H. A.
001008HolsingerElmus W.25 Jul 18821 Mar 1930h/Nora; father
001008HolsingerNora Leary13 Feb 188519 Feb 1967mother
001008SwartzWilliam Perry12 Feb 18659 Nov 1957fathers/Abram & Mary E. Swope Swartz
001008SwartzElva B. Worrell2 Jul 18805 Nov 1942mother2w/W. P
001008Swartz, Jr.William Perry21 Sep 191112 Aug 1996
001008CollisAnna Mauzy7 Jun 189014 Dec 1961w/Rev. J. R.
001008CollisJoseph R., Rev.1 Aug 18874 Dec 1952
001008CollisHazel Harp20 Jul 18943 Oct 1918nee Harp
001008CollisEdward Eugene (infant)28 Mar 191710 Apr 1917c/Hazel Harp Collis
001008HawkinsDorothy Fugh11 May 18904 Apr 1985
001008FughSamuel B.19 May 18453 Mar 1908father
001008HeatwoleAllen B.1 Jan 19491 Mar 1949
001008MyersWilson21 Jun 189711 Apr 1910
001008MyersIsaac B.16 Dec 185427 Apr 1905father
001008MyersLaura J.3 Oct 185830 Mar 1904mother
001008HottGeorge S.18 Jul 186719 Jan 1895c/J. M. & I. S.
001008HottGurtha E.17 May 18783 Jul 1901c/J. M. & I. S.
001008HottWinnifred May25 Oct 190114 Sep 1902d/J. W. & E.
001008BryanJ. Q. A.14 Aug 185429 Apr 1909
001008BryanCornelia J.18561938w/J. Q. A.
001008BryanRosy A.8 Jul 1893aged 1y, d/J. Q. A. & C. J.
001008BurtnerFannie L.9 Oct 185710 Sep 1875d/S. & H. A.
001008BurtnerSolomon22 Jan 182710 Nov 1895
001008BurtnerHarriet Ann17 Mar 18372 Nov 1915w/Solomon
001008GarberHarriet Ann6 Apr 189529 Jul 1947d/John N. & Gertrude
001008BrunkMaude V.7 Oct 1909aged 21y 11m 8d, w/E. R.
001008KellyDorothy M.5 Jan 19059 Dec 1989
001008GarberElizabeth14 Feb 183312 Feb 1910w/Abraham
001008RuebushInfant SonStillborn, c/Edgar & Dora
001008RuebushInfant Son15 May 1890d/Edgar & Dora; Aged 3d
001008TillerGeorge Elwood19321998
001008TillerGreta Byrd19351991
001008AreyMartha C.9 Aug 183229 Nov 1901
001008AreyElizabeth E.9 Aug 18414 Oct 1910
001008LongJohn P.14 Jul 18574 Jan 1917
001008LongMary A.14 Feb 18298 May 1908aged 79y 2m 24d; mother, w/Peter
001008LongBenjamin F.10 Jan 186130 Dec 1932
001008PainterRobert L. "Bud"18811955
001008PainterNaomi Ruth18841945
001008HedrickLaura E. N.30 Mar 18587 Aug 1934w/George W.2nd wife
001008HedrickGeorge W.24 Oct 185417 Jun 1940
001008HedrickGeorge A.19 Sep 189110 Feb 1897
001008HedrickMary E.14 Jul 18552 May 1894w/George W.; aged 38y 9m 18d1st wife
001008HedrickJohn22 Nov 1888aged 78y 1m , Born in Lungudurder Hesson D. Europe
001008HedrickElizabeth4 Jul 18112 May 1871w/John
001008BoyersMargaret11 Mar 182426 Feb 1890aged 65y 11m 15d
001008ThomasWilliam F.1 Sep 187910 Jul 1880s/J. G. & M. C.
001008BowmanSamuel31 Aug 1843aged 2y 7m 22d, s/Daniel & Sally
001008MillerSolomon29 Apr 1852aged 9m 4dIllegible date-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001008HedrickHerbert J.6 Sep 1888aged 1y 4m 25d, S/ G. W. & M. E.
001009CaricofeHarvey I.17 Dec 189518 Aug 1946
001009CaricofeIda H.21 Nov 189526 Apr 1990
001009CaracofeWesley Lynnwood5 Nov 191722 Oct 1998
001009ShannoltzerIra C.18911974
001009ShanholtzerStella18851966h/Lillian Shanholtzer
001009HeatwoleHouck P.18901984s/Simeon H. & Lueilla Showalter Heatwole
001009HeatwoleRoy S.18821961s/Simon & Luella 1h/Naomi Payne, 2h/Mrs. Lena Frank
001009RockliffRuth K.16 Sep 190922 Nov 1998Beloved wife
001009HeatwoleS. H.18511935s/Peter O. & Elizabeth Rhodes Heatwole
001009HeatwoleLaura M.187319572w/Simeon H., nee Zirkle
001009ZirkleC. Luther18661932
001009ZirkleSusie K.18701945w/C. L.
001009ZirkleMark R.18941944
001009ZirkleMadeline L.18941940w/M. R.
001009HolsingerSurname stone
001009ShullLuther J.17 Apr 188313 feb 1952
001009ShullNellie whitmer4 Sep 189230 Aug 1966
001009CuppWilliam P.29 Jan 186310 May 1923
001009CuppAda Chapman27 Mar 187716 Mar 1960w/W. P.nee Gangwer
001009WeissGeorge L.24 Nov 19068 Jan 1973children- Jack, Judith, William and Richard
001009WeissReba C.23 Nov 191126 Feb 2000w/George L.
001009SwartzSurname stone
001009CollisSurname stone
001009TaskerSylvester E.26 Oct 18849 Jun 1913
001009StoverC. Samuel18991964
001009StoverBeulah R.18931939w/C. S.
001009StoverDouglas Leo1 Feb 192910 Feb 1964
001009StoverKenneth L.4 Sep 1926aged 11m 5d, s/C. S. & B. R.
001009SwopeLetitia L.18 Jun 186026 Aug 1909w/P. H.
001009SwopePeter Henry25 Nov 18558 Dec 1923
001009HottGeorge P., Rev.18541914
001009HottCarrie R.18511938
001009RalstonErnest H.18901981
001009RalstonClara H.18891968
001009BryanAlda E.6 Jul 1896aged 5y 24d, c/R. I. & M. F.
001009BryanGoldie J.20 Jun 1887aged 1y 9m, c/R. I. & M. F.
001009BryanRobert D.7 Aug 1879aged 1d, c/R. I. & M. F.
001009BryanRobert A.16 Feb 18195 Nov 1886
001009BryanLaurenna16 Apr 181712 Feb 1906w/R. A.
001009BlackburnPearle Bryan18961918
001009BrackburnPearle, Baby19181918
001009OsmunFannie Bell14 Jul 189519 Jul 1972My dear mother
001009BaldaufFrances Louise1912daughter
001009BaldaufRobert Jacob, Reverend1910
001009HesterSarah Burtner19061976sister
001009RoudabushMary E.15 Sep 185317 May 1896w/J. W.; Aged 42y 8m 2d
001009RoudabushJohn W.29 Jun 185110 Apr 1930aged 78y 9m 11d
001009RoudabushDavis K.4 Apr 189624 Jun 1896c/J. W. & M. E.
001009RoudabushJohn L.23 May 18923 Jul 1892c/J. W. & M. E.Death date buried-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001009DetmoreTheodore F.22 Nov 18506 Apr 1923
001009DetmoreAnnie C.26 Apr 18568 May 1938w/T. F.
001009DetmoreBasilaged 4y 5m, s/Theo & Annie
001009HarperErnest E.18841945
001009HarperSarah L.18871967w/E. E., nee Wheelbarger
001009HarperRaymond Earl19 Jan 19161 Nov 1998Cpl. U. S. Air Force WWII
001009LambertHarold M.5 May 191714 Jun 1962
001009LambertCharlotte E.20 Dec 1914w/H. M., d/E. E. & S. L. Harperw/H. M., d/E. E. & S. L. Harper
001009SandyLuella Garber18 Aug 1895aged 16y 1m 12d
001009McGaughlinWilliam J.6 Jun 19179 Mar 1991CWO U. S. Army WWII & Korea
001009CowgerSurname stone
001009CowgerHarry Kerr20 Sep 18993 May 1901s/Lee & Vernie
001009ThompsonSallie E.31 Mar 1886aged 17y 6m 4d, d/J. L. & C.
001009HarrisJane H.18 Dec 180031 Jan 1850w/Michael H.
001009SmithDiana19 Sep 177622 Jan 1847w/William
001009SmithWilliam20 Aug 17756 Oct 1806
001009SmithJames7 Jul 180218 Oct 1827
001009HarrisM. H.3 Jul 1840aged 1 day4th son/M. & J.; no stone found recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001009ShowalterMary P.10 Dec 1886aged 66y, our parentsw//Samuel
001009ShowalterSamuel29 Jun 1895aged 76y, our parents
001009CromerEmanuel H.13 Sep 1888aged 50y 7m 2d
001009RayJohn B.10 Jan 18481 Mar 1892aged 44y 1m 20d
001009RayWalter P.24 Nov 188118 Sep 1888aged 6y 9m 25d
001009NicewanderGertrude Ray3 Apr 18591 Nov 1932
001009HarrisonBenjamin17411819Col. U. S. Army Rev. WarSAR 1775 Marker
001009HarrisonMary30 Mar 1793aged 26yIllegible death date-recorded by Swank in the 1960's.
001009RodgersMartha J.May 1870w/G. M., d/John Allebaugh
001009SagerAbraham (Dr.)6 Feb 181222 May 1883aged 71y 3m 16d
001009SagerSamuel28 Jun 1883aged 67y
001009SagerEliza Jane29 Jan 1877aged 49y 1m 29d, w/Abraham
001010BoytsElmer R.4 Aug 192310 Jan 1991
001010BoytsHelen M.10 Sep 19084 Nov 1989
001010RevercombPaul Leonard13 Oct 192315 Feb 2003
001010RevercombEthel Catherine
001010ConnorClarence Howard19171961
001010ConnorInfant Daughterd/C. H. & Anne
001010BrandMary Jane28 Mar 19009 Jan 1994grandmother
001010LewallenHubert Lenden10 Mar 188926 Apr 1985
001010LewallenLula Heatwole21 Jul 18948 Feb 1989
001010HeatwoleJonathan B.18581953s/Peter O. & Lydia A. Rhodes Heatwole
001010HeatwoleLydia Ann18561933w/J. B. Rhodes
001010HeatwoleKirkly R.18961945s/J. B. & L. A., h/Elizabeth McCormick
001010WineNancy Swope2 Nov 18669 Apr 1946
001010FoxPerry A.18671929
001010FoxZorphie E.18751939
001010FlickSilas12 Apr 184625 Mar 1934
001010FlickHettie E.17 May 185119 Sep 1932w/Silasd/Archie Berry
001010FaughtA. Moffett18951983
001010FaughtLillie W.18931985
001010MillerJames R.18751912
001010MillerVirginia B.18761966w/J. R.
001010RichardHarvey Luther18691932
001010RichardRebecca Leedy18601940w/H. L.
001010RichardEsther R.7 May 18987 Aug 1924d/H. L. & R. L.
001010RichardBarbara A.7 Nov 183930 Apr 1910w/Weldon R.
001010BakerCharles A.6 Aug 187827 Dec 1947
001010BakerCora C.15 Jun 188124 Jan 1961w/C. A., nee Linhoss
001010BakerEva E.1 Sep 190512 Sep 1907
001010BerryRebecca C.14 May 18459 Aug 1910w/Wm.
001010DetamoreNewton B.20 Jul 1901aged 45y 1m 24d
001010BryanRobert S.18501919
001010BryanMary F.18541935w/R. S.
001010BurtnerJohnson A.14 May 186026 Nov 1940father
001010BurtnerMary E.18 apr 18632 Mar 1941motherw/J. A., nee Deputy
001010BurtnerHobart D.23 Aug 18968 Oct 1956s/J. A. & M. E.
001010BurtnerFrank14 Sep 190111 Apr 1965husband & fathers/J. A. & M. E.
001010BurtnerCatherine Margaret Haley13 Jan 190120 Oct 1986wife & mother
001010RoudabushGertrude23 May 189219 Nov 1950aged 58y 5m 27d
001010RoudabushMary E.9 Mar 18339 Dec 1917w/J. H., mother
001010RoudabushJ. H.15 Oct 18272 Mar 1904father
001010RoudabushSimeon B.2 Dec 186112 Apr 1938
001010RoudabushEmma L.31 Oct 186622 Apr 1932w/S. B.
001010RoudabushLuther D.22 Dec 188428 Jan 1901aged 16y 1m 6d, s/S. B. & E. L.
001010AreyCharles P.24 Apr 1890aged 42y 5m 29d
001010ByrdL. S.7 Aug 183131 Dec 1908
001010ByrdMargaret C.9 Aug 18326 Feb 1904w/L. S.
001010HeltzelRawley T.28 Sep 18732 Jul 1957s/James & Anna French Heltzel
001010HeltzelSadie B.13 Apr 18795 Dec 19531w/Minnie E. Showalter, nee Hopkins
001010McGlaughlinGeorge Edward24 Mar 188725 Dec 1970
001010McGlaughlinSallie Gibbs26 Jul 18877 Nov 1978
001010CarpenterWilliam H.21 Feb 1892aged 52 yrs
001010CowgerJosephine R. Dice25 Nov 183911 Sep 1910
001010CowgerWilliam Job19 Nov 183926 Nov 1919
001010CowgerAnnie Frances4 Nov 18641 Aug 1950
001010ThompsonCharles Lee18781914
001010ThompsonSusie M.31 May 1896aged 19y 11m 21d, d/J. T. & C.
001010ThompsonJohn T.15 Feb 184028 Mar 1905
001010ThompsonCatherine18421924w/J. T.
001010ThompsonSallie F.31 Mar 1886aged 17y 9m 4d, d/J. L. & C.
001010Taylorstone to mother, father, & Brothers of James E. Taylor (No Dates)
001010Swope, Sr.Peter29 Jun 1866aged 83 yrs
001010SwopeSusan17898 Oct 1882aged 93 yrs, w/Peter
001011SwainJames Alfred, D.D.7 Nov 190719 Dec 1968
001011SwainEdna Boyts14 Apr 190716 Jun 1982
001011BoytsElmer M.18791941father
001011BoytsFlorence M.18821950motherw/E. M.
001011PropstOscar1 Sep 18859 Jul 1938
001011PropstAlice12 Jul 188129 Aug 1962w/Oscar
001011PropstLuther Carl1 May 19167 Feb 1998PFC U. S. Army WWII
001011FishbackJohn H.18611946s/Albert E. & Sarah Heatwole Fishback
001011FishbackAnnie E.18721954w/J. H., d/Philip & Margaret Berry Weller
001011FishbackTrammel W.26 Nov 189627 Jan 1978
001011FishbackJuanita Shrum18 Jul 190230 Jul 1984
001011RuebushJames Hott19 Oct 18654 Apr 1948s/Ephrian & Luella V. Keiffer Ruebush
001011RuebushElla Funkhouser5 Feb 186618 Aug 1948w/J. H., nee Funkhouser
001011ShirleyGarland Latimer6 Apr 18825 Jan 1935h/Jennie Lynn Ruebush
001011ShirleyJenny Lind Ruebush4 Jun 189020 Nov 1986
001011ArgenbrightJ. Letcher19 Nov 185818 Jul 1944
001011ArgenbrightLaura V.23 Feb 186725 May 1938w/J. L.
001011Van SickleRoy G.6 Jun 188328 Feb 1975
001011Van SickleStella A.12 Dec 189626 Jul 1975
001011HeatwoleSurname stone
001011HildebrandWilliam S.4 Aug 18901 Mar 1926father
001011HildebrandWillie M.17 Feb 18926 May 1978w/W. S.
001011HildebrandWilliam E.14 Feb 191924 Nov 1968Va. Cpl. 334 Airdrome SQ. AAF WWII
001011FreefryerGeorge W.19 Dec 185314 Oct 1922
001011FreefryerMary A.9 Nov 18556 Jan 1923wifew/G. W.
001011CaricofeInfant Sons/S. F.
001011FlickWilliam A. (Dr.)18831960s/Silas
001011FlickEmma B.18961920w/Dr. W. A.
001011FaughtJohn F.18621939
001011FaughtEliza J.18661935
001011FaughtIsaac W.11 Jun 1916aged 26y 11m 24d, J. F. & E. J.
001011StinespringJoseph M.22 Aug 18731 Feb 1962father
001011StinespringEmma R.16 Jan 18738 Jul 1944w/J.M., mother
001011DeputySue F.18571925
001011ThompsonJesse O.12 Sep 188510 Jan 1917
001011ThompsonJessie M.8 Sep 18853 Mar 1971
001011ByrdAnnie J.18731901d/Ben F. & Susan Swank Kirkpatrick, w/William P. Byrd
001011VinupMary Elizabeth18691928d/Ben F. & Susan Swank Kirkpatrick, w/Frederick Vinup
001011StickleyM. Allen28 Feb 187220 Oct 1950killed in auto accident
001011StickleyNettie C.6 Aug 187120 Oct 1950w/M. A., nee Long
001011MinnickLelia L.18481940
001011LyneHenrietta Young9 Jan 183824 Jan 1922
001011LyneRichard Baylor11 Apr 18085 Mar 1893
001011SchoeldlerAnna Margaret1 Dec 185920 Apr 1947
001011HuffmanFrank Burtner2 Dec 1961
001011HuffmanFrances Lamar2 Jul 1973w/F. B.
001011MongerGeorge F.6 Mar 18697 Dec 1919
001011MongerMartha L.3 Dec 1865w/G. F.
001011MongerJulia A.20 Jan 1904aged 31y 7m, w/G. F.
001011MongerMary H.1 Jul 189819 Sep 1902d/G. F. & J. A.
001011MongerWilliam H.18321903
001011MongerMargaret18331899w/W. H.
001011MongerRussie P.12 Jul 19033 Oct 1960
001011MongerNannie C.19 Jun 189129 Nov 1940
001011MongerNorene L.16 Dec 18929 Mar 1940
001011KernsR. R.23 Dec 187229 Sep 1961
001011KernsSophia Ritchie13 Nov 186917 Jul 1953
001011SwadleyFrank Lowman8 Jun 190428 Jan 1986
001011RichardFannie J.8 Oct 18599 Feb 1931w/J. B.
001011SwartzBenjamin F.22 Jun 185628 Nov 1905Aged 49y 5m 6d
001011SwartzSarah C.6 Dec 1832aged 37y 2d, 1/w B. F.2w/Fannie J. Brunk
001011BournshireMartha E.24 Jun 183013 Oct 1894nee Ulrich, w/John J.
001011BournshireJohn J.29 Jul 182311 Jun 1892
001011BournshireMary E.16 Jul 1889aged 23y 9m 10d
001011FewCatherine25 Nov 182410 Sep 1887w/Stephen J.
001011FewStephen J.27 Mar 18188 Aug 1882
001011RiceWilliam27 Jul 17792 Aug 1838
001011RiceJames24 Oct 18163 Jun 1837aged 20y 7m 9d, s/William & Milley
001011ParrWilliam28 Feb 1872
001011LeedyJohn M.3 Feb 1879aged 22y 7m 4d
001011AkersFrances27 Jun 1895aged 79y 11m 20d, w/John
001011FiferElizabeth17 May 181215 Oct 1895aged 83y 4m 28d, w/Jeremiah
001011FiferJeremiah15 Oct 18096 May 1873aged 63y 6m 21d
001011BlakeBessie M.25 Sep 18811 Jul 1885d/W. B. & A. M.
001011ShrumJohn14 Sep 186029 Jun 1862
001011RhodesOtho Lucas31 Oct 1884aged 3y 11m 7d, s/Joseph W. & Civilla S.
001011RhodesEdna20 Sep 1884aged 1y 13d, d/Joseph & Ella
001012JenkinsEldridge L.5 Jan 192220 Jul 1973
001012JenkinsJuanita F.14 Jun 1925
001012JenkinsJune Lee30 Jan 19498 Oct 1949
001012ShirkeyBenjamin L.17 Jul 19103 Dec 1972
001012ShirkeyHarold D.13 Aug 191525 Dec 1938
001012ShirkeyPaul J.4 Aug 190824 Feb 1988
001012SitesIsaac Dice18861961
001012SitesCarrie Ritchie18881985
001012McNealAndrew J.16 Nov 186212 Feb 1943
001012McNealJoanna G.31 Oct 186411 Aug 1941w/A. J.
001012McNealHenry E.27 Feb 18934 May 1961brother
001012McNealWilliam E.18 Oct 19168 Mar 1961son
001012FunkhouserEdith Suter18921983
001012SuterMary S.18601941w/R. D., nee Shrum
001012SuterReuben D.18581931s/Emanuel & Eliz. F. Swope Suter
001012SuterEdwin S.18831948s/R. D. & M. S.
001012AndesJ. Luther18521944
001012AndesSallie Long18481939w/J. Luthernee Long
001012DingledineGrover18871966s/John & Lydia, h/Gertie Humes
001012DingledineGertrude J.18941978
001012GingrichJosephine K.10 Jan 189627 May 1990
001012KinkeadDorothy M.19 Jul 1910
001012KinkeadVirginia14 Apr 191510 Feb 2003
001012SpitzerIda C.10 Sep 1941w/H. L., nee Deputy
001012SpitzerHarry L.22 Jun 1942
001012ShrumA. L.18661931
001012ShrumAnnie L.18591929w/A. L.
001012ThompsonHerbert Davis21 May 190831 Mar 1972
001012ThompsonBench to sit on
001012StinespringC. W. (Rev.)27 Jan 185222 Feb 1919He preached the gospel for nearly a half century.
001012SnyderInfant22 Jan 192722 Jan 1927s/Rev. & Mrs. William Snyder
001012SecristWalter C.29 Nov 1898aged 1y 14d, s/A. J. & C. L.
001012CootesSamuel L.26 Sep 184819 Jan 1922
001012CootesElizabeth Baylor1 Aug 184213 Dec 1901w/S. L.
001012CootesBessie Baylor14 Jun 187320 Jan 1943
001012DetamoreHarry, Little19281932s/R. H.
001012DetamoreDorothy May19 Nov 193621 Dec 1936
001012FlickLuther T.18731960s/Silas
001012FlickStella M.18761958w/L. T., d/Solomon Burtner
001012KeifferW. H. Z.2 Mar 18686 Oct 1905s/A. S. & M. F.
001012KeifferNora C.w/W. H. Z., nee Mayes; No dates
001012KeifferE. Josephine7 Oct 184428 Oct 1937w/Aldine S., nee Hammon
001012KeifferLuther Aldine21 Jan 187830 Mar 1898s/A. S. & E. J.
001012KeifferAldine S.1 Aug 184030 Nov 1904s/John & Mary Funk Keiffer, C.S.A.
001012HammondMahala Ann4 Jun 184313 Jun 1932
001012MongerWillie K.20 Apr 186327 Dec 1914wife
001012MongerJ. Timothy5 Jan 185813 Dec 1928
001012MongerNaomi B. K.6 Apr 189515 Jan 1914daughter
001012MongerNeva M.12 Apr 18978 Dec 1898daughter
001012LaymanElma F.18841952
001012LaymanClaude L.188919Died 1966 according to Swank but not on stone.
001012LaymanErastus H.18611950father
001012LaymanSallie C.18551921motherw/E. H.
001012SwadleyMary G.25 Oct 187210 Dec 1942
001012LowmanJohn E.18741919brother
001012LowmanNora F.18771932sister
001012LowmanEzra P.25 Aug 184023 Feb 1916
001012LowmanLydia M.24 Oct 184118 Nov 1895w/E. P.
001013FurrRussell J.18931960
001013FurrAnnie B.18971978w/R. J.
001013WalterGrace Shirkey28 Jan 192322 Nov 1986
001013ShirkeyOttie S.22 Apr 187919 Jun 1962
001013ShirkeyCharles R.14 Nov 187721 Apr 1944
001013RitchieCharles W.25 Aug 1898aged 39y 2m 8d
001013RitchieMollie18 Jul 186520 Feb 1936w/C. W.
001013DetamoreJohn S.18951962No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001013DetamoreMiranda F.18951932No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001013SimmersHoward L.19121960Lindsey Funeral Home Marker only
001013SuterLarge Stone
001013RalstonLena3 Sep 18892 Dec 1972
001013RalstonEmanuel C.19 May 185625 Jun 1937father of Ernest
001013RalstonE. Virginia18 Jul 185729 Dec 1928w/E. C.
001013SheetsJohn W.5 Mar 184819 Aug 1924
001013SheetsVirginia Long18501941
001013SheetsHarry K.15 Oct 188211 Feb 1938
001013CootesAlice Long16 Nov 18635 Nov 1962nee Long
001013KinkeadJohn J.18661928
001013KinkeadCarrie F.18721960w/J. J.
001013KinkeadWm. Marshall25 Aug 18984 Jun 1985Served in U. S. Army
001013HooverDavid E.21 Oct 186028 Nov 1916
001013HooverLelia27 Apr 186523 Jan 1937w/D. E.
001013HartmanIsaac M.27 Jun 18415 Jul 1921
001013LohrGeorge O.27 Apr 1901aged 64y 6m 23d
001013LohrMaggie30 Jul 1930aged 80y 5m 21d, w/G. O.
001013GarrisonBoyd S.18851953
001013GarrisonRoxie O.18851957w/B. S.
001013BlosserMary F.18751922w/E. Blosser
001013LoganDonald Hugh10 Jun 193123 Apr 1998
001013LoganC. Worth30 Jun 191225 Mar 1975
001013LoganEllen H.31 Jul 1910
001013MillerElsie A.6 Nov 1902aged 6y 7m 9d, d/B. F. & D. V.
001013GrabielElizabeth F.25 Jun 18307 Aug 1898w/J. H.No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001013GrabielMary E.27 Jun 185718 Apr 1923
001013ThackerSara J.8 Jan 182723 Apr 1904
001013WhitmerAbram22 May 183226 Mar 1912
001013RhodesJames W.18641942
001013RhodesRose E.18661926w/J. W.
001013RhodesGeorge Roy30 Nov 1951
001013McLeodClara Ella13 Oct 18928 Mar 1896d/J. S. & M. E.
001013McLeodNorman16 Jul 189115 Dec 1891s/J. S. & M. E.
001013HarrisonRaymond Gesmot14 Dec 19009 Apr 1901c/E. R. & Clara
001013HarrisonElizabeth3 May 18983 May 1898c/E. R. & Clara
001013HarrisonE. R.11 Jun 1945
001013HarrisonClara McLeod28 Sep 1921
001013KellerMary E.15 Jul 183812 Dec 1910d/Samuel J. & Fannie B.
001013SipeGeo. E.6 Mar 1898aged 29y 10m 2d
001013SmithHannah E.21 Jul 1890aged 68y 3m 26d, w/H. F.
001013SmithHarvey F.16 May 1900aged 76y 2m 16d
001013ShreveEdgar McK.4 Mar 190130 May 1980
001013ShreveMinnie T.21 Mar 1911
001013SmithLewis W.10 May 184321 Oct 1866aged 23y 5m 11d
001013BarnhartCatherine2 Oct 1877w/Philip, born in Germany, aged 47, mother of J. H. Barnhart
001014DowellGeorge C.23 Jan 186511 Jul 1938
001014DowellSarah V.18701942
001014DowellS. E. Marie19051944
001014LiskeyAlgernon Q.29 Dec 185214 Apr 1921
001014LiskeyRebecca V.14 Jul 185930 Dec 1903w/A. Q.
001014LiskeyMinnie I.16 Dec 188410 Dec 1904d/A. Q. & R. V.
001014HallGeorge G.26 Feb 182712 Jun 1913
001014HallElizabeth27 Nov 183223 Feb 1903w/G. G.
001014HallLucy M.18641941
001014HallJ. I. (Rev.)18581929
001014HallMary C.18641929w/Rev. J. I.
001014LoganLee A.18721932
001014LoganChloe M.18771941
001014GibbsNettie E. C.6 Feb 18835 Jul 1893aged 10y 5m, d/J. S. & S. C.
001014GibbsJoseph S.5 Aug 185226 Jul 1909
001014GibbsS. Kathrine25 May 18609 Dec 1947w/J. S.
001014GibbsMary Lee3 Jan 188525 May 1960w/Roy Lee
001014SmithJohn J.12 Jan 18325 Oct 1902aged 70y 8m 23d
001014DetamoreRobert H.21 Mar 18883 Oct 1962married 18 Sep 1912
001014DetamoreElsie C.8 Apr 189317 Jun 1967w/R. H., nee Keaton
001014FriesJefferson10 Sep 183428 May1919aged 84y 8m 18d
001014FriesMartha E.12 May 183810 Feb 1921aged 82y 8m 28d
001014RhodesCarl24 Oct 189826 Feb 1899s/J. W. & R. E.
001014CromerJeannette McLeod18 Dec 19492 Apr 1920w/Emanuel, mother
001014TrumboHenrietta Cromer9 Mar 187928 Nov 1963w/J. Owen
001014TrumboShannon Cromer16 Sep 19111 Aug 1984
001014McLeodJohn S.18551919
001014McLeodMary Elizabeth18551931w/J. S.
001014McLeodJohn H.9 Feb 18139 Apr 1893aged 80y 2m, born near Liverpool, Nova Scota
001014McLeodElizabeth R.21 Aug 181428 Jan 1896aged 81y 5m 7d, w/J. H.
001014KellerElizabeth R.7 Feb 18466 Sep 1913w/G. W.
001014KellerGeorge W.3 Feb 18401 Sep 1880
001014BrewerMargaret McLeod18521920
001014McLeodElla21 Aug 1890aged 46 yrs, w/J. P.
001014ClinedinstMichael S.18511923father
001014ClinedinstLucy V.18541937w/M. S., mother
001014ClinedinstClarence S.16 Feb 187827 Apr 1912s/M. S. & Lucy V.
001014SipeLeone8 Nov 1893aged 4m 13d, d/George E. & Victoria
001014SullivanFannie B.11 Feb 1886aged 7y 3m 6d, d/T. J. & R. S.
001014SullivanThomas J.18521930father
001014SullivanRebecca S.18511934mother, w/T. J.
001015HivickRobert A.4 Feb 1879Jul 1954
001015HivickBessie M. Dickson15 Aug 189013 Nov 1987w/Robert Hivick
001015PriceHarry L.7 Jul 19242 Jun 2000
001015PriceJune H.23 Mar 1922
001015MillerRobert P.12 Sep 19365 Feb 2003
001015WilfongEverett E.1 Aug 190917 Jun 1967
001015WilfongElva M.
001015ByrdGeorge F.27 Nov 190116 Feb 1976
001015ByrdEdna S.2 Jul 190425 Oct 1992
001015ShrumIvan A.18971945s/C. B. & F. B.
001015ShrumSusie Byrd16 Jul 191228 Mar 1956d/J. & A. M.
001015ByrdJohn30 Dec 187414 Dec 1955
001015ByrdAlice M.6 Dec 187227 May 1929w/John
001015DowellSurname stone
001015Sheppard, IIIWilliam T.11 Aug 1939Their children Pamela, Patricia, and William IV
001015SheppardJacquelyn Rinker1 Mar 19395 Feb 2000w/Wm. T. III
001015KinkeadCharles Reid18931975father
001015KinkeadEunice Grim18961985
001015KinkeadJohn D.23 Feb 1931
001015GarberMarcus H.16 Feb 190411 Aug 1972son, U. S. Air Force WWII
001015HawseKathryne G.19 Jul 1907daughter
001015LoganAlexander29 Jan 183223 Feb 1900Confederate Vet.
001015LoganSarah A.19 Mar 182917 Feb 1901
001015LoganIda May31 Jul 18581 Dec 1900
001015LoganAnnalee14 Mar 188627 Mar 1902
001015LoganRosa V.24 Nov 187010 Oct 1904
001015LoganWorth Michael18571915Another stone for this person is on Row 16 -37
001015LoganElizabeth Johnson18641959w/W. M.Another stone for this person is on Row 16 -38
001015PollardElheman W.28 Mar 1893aged 60y 2m 22d
001015EsterlyCharles B.18851959
001015EsterlyM. Buford18881974
001015ChildressWalter L. (Rev.)18671936
001015ChildressAda M.18601934w/Rev. W. L., nee Burtner
001015BurtnerSamuel Coursey10 Mar 185726 Mar 1889s/William H. & Frances P.
001015BurtnerWilliam H. (Rev.)25 May 1894aged 59y 11m 9d
001015BurtnerFannie P.10 Mar 1898aged 61y 20d, w/ Rev. W. H.
001015RisingEvva Hartman7 Dec 189217 Nov 1940w/James L.nee Hartman
001015HartmanWilda Blanche10 Oct 188724 Apr 1976
001015GeerDaniel Francis1926
001015GeerManon Harrison1928
001015MaloneMarguerite Harrison28 Sep 1983mother
001015KellerStella E.7 Apr 1961
001015FerlandAngelo P18911950
001015FerlandMable V.18951967w/A. P.
001015FerlandAngelo P.19131967
001015MungerFletta B.16 Jul 189223 Mar 1893d/J. L. & E. G.
001015MungerJames L.18541928father
001015MungerEmily A.18581930mother
001015FadeleyIda S.23 Jun 190824 Jun 1908
001015FadeleyAda M.23 Jun 19086 Jul 1908
001016LambertRoland Bruce11 Apr 191520 Nov 1997USMC
001016LambertVirgil E.4 Sep 189118 Apr 1960
001016LambertVernie Glick5 Mar 18945 Oct 1983
001016DicksonMillard Britton18531939father
001016DicksonClara Amelia18581938motherw/M. B.
001016DicksonHarvey H.18811951
001016MillerLeonard H.21 Feb 190625 May 1939
001016MillerRoscoe A.7 Sep 189631 Mar 1978
001016MillerElsie H.25 Mar 189920 Dec 1983
001016MillerN. Preston18651932
001016MillerElizabeth C.18671955w/N. P.w/N. P.
001016ShrumCharles B.18641940
001016ShrumFlora B.18651934w/C. B.
001016ShrumGeorge Edgar19 May 187030 Oct 1951
001016ShrumAnnie Rolston20 Oct 187526 Dec 1950w/G. E., nee Ralston
001016BlosserSallie Hopkins25 Sep 18951 Dec 1991
001016SwankLevi W.20 Oct 18649 Oct 1947s/J. Harve & Mary C. May Swank
001016SwankNettie B.18711960w/L. W., nee BowmanNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001016SeamanEdward20 May 187613 Sep 1948
001016NilsonJ. Owen7 Sep 18984 Jan 1919aged 20y 3m 28d, s/Wm. & Lillie M.
001016NeidigE. Kathleen Brown14 Apr 19068 Aug 1998
001016BrownHomer H.18761958
001016BrownBeulah C.18791966w/H. H.
001016BrownLaurence H.12 Jan 190023 Aug 1918s/H. H. & B. I.
001016HoweDixie Miller18 Dec 190711 Oct 1987
001016MillerGeorgie F.15 Oct 190218 Feb 1978
001016GrimDavid H.18611948
001016GrimLucilla V.18641947w/D. H., d/Abe & Sarah E. Ruebush Hoover
001016GrimVirgie B.18891954d/D. H. & L. V.
001016BerryWilliam R. (Rev.)27 Oct 185230 Jul 1906
001016BerryMaggie E.23 Nov 185820 Dec 1926w/Rev. W. R.
001016GarberGeorge W.18751938
001016GarberKittie18781956w/G. W.
001016HallJacob Henry2 Jan 185522 Dec 1941father
001016HallE. Frances30 Dec 186425 Dec 1950w/J. H., mother
001016HallCharles Ernest29 Sep 188830 Nov 1953s/J. H. & E. F.
001016LoganWorth Michael18571915
001016LoganElizabeth Johnson18641959
001016McLaughlinWilliam H.18651952
001016BryanGeorge W.18601935
001016BryanMartha J.18571939w/G. W.
001016BryanGeorge E.18911955
001016BryanFannie E.18891965w/G. E.
001016BurtnerAlbert Weldon21 May 18928 Feb 1900s/Rev. N. W. & Ella A.Partially illegibe marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001016BurtnerElmer L.22 Oct 1878s/Rev. W. H. & FanniePartially illegibe marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001016BurtnerElla9 Feb 1867aged 1m 25d, d/Rev. W. H. & FanniePartially illegibe marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001016BurtnerMargaret24 Nov 179629 Mar 1866w/Rev. Henry, d/Peter Strother, born in Washington Co., Md.
001016BurtnerHenry, Rev.6 May 18005 Jan 1857s/George, b. Cumberland Co., Md.
001016LiskeyErnest C.18821967
001016LiskeyEdna S.18881933w/E. C. d/William H. & Lydia Shank Suterb. 10 May 1888 & d. 3 May 1933 according to Swank 1960s
001016SuterWilliam H.18571918s/David & Mary C. Grove Suter
001016SuterLydia18561898w/W. H., nee Swank
001016HartmanMittie F.18601936mother
001016HartmanWright W.18591928father
001016FishbackMary J.7 Oct 187024 Jun 1954w/William McK.
001016Fishback, Jr.William McK.29 Dec 186410 Sep 1945s/William McK. & S. A.
001016FishbackCordelia S.16 Apr 1893aged 22y 23d, w/William McK.
001016FewDaniel L.11 Aug 18478 Mar 1923father
001016FewSusan H.19 Jan 185316 Apr 1925motherw/D. L.
001016WengerIvy G.7 Apr 189218 Feb 1932mother, w/J. R.
001016MyersCharles F.5 Jun 188324 Oct 1918father
001016MungerSurname stone
001016ThompsonCharles E.26 May 1897aged 21y 3m 11d; s/B. F. & M. E.
001016ThompsonBenjamin F.10 May 18491 Jan 1913
001016ThompsonMartha E.28 Sep 18449 Jan 1919w/B. F.
001016ThompsonIda E.21 Jan 188213 Dec 1950
001017SmithWilliam H., Rev.5 Sep 188610 Feb 1942father
001017SmithM. Elizabeth6 Jul 189214 Sep 1985
001017BeasleyEdward G18881962
001017BeasleyMaude R.18881960
001017ObaughBliss E.18 Sep 188122 Jan 1948s/William A. & Mary B.
001017ObaughElla R.17 Jan 188527 Jun 1952d/C. A. & Annie Hedrick Obaugh
001017BurtnerEdward Carl7 Jul 191224 Dec 1995married 14 Mar 1943
001017CraunWilma Elizabeth21 Feb 1915w/Edward Carl
001017PawleyValley Nethken2 Dec 189827 Apr 1967wife
001017KiserJacob F.18641939
001017KiserLucy M.18871947w/J. F.
001017PaulPeter18121878of OttobineGrave moved from Peter Paul Family Cemetery at Ottobine.
001017PaulMaria Whitmore18151903w/PeterGrave moved from Peter Paul Family Cemetery at Ottobine.
001017PaulKate18371905c/Peter & MariaGrave moved from Peter Paul Family Cemetery at Ottobine.
001017PaulPeter18421906c/Peter & MariaGrave moved from Peter Paul Family Cemetery at Ottobine.
001017PaulVirginia18531879c/Peter & MariaGrave moved from Peter Paul Family Cemetery at Ottobine.
001017JacobsMartha Paul18581886c/Peter & MariaGrave moved from Ottobine family gra
001017PaulFannie P.18491928c/Peter & MariaGrave moved from Peter Paul Family Cemetery at Ottobine.
001017PaulAbram18461937c/Peter & MariaGrave moved from Peter Paul Family Cemetery at Ottobine.
001017JohnsonElizabeth M.18931955
001017JohnsonJeanetta H.18561928
001017JohnsonEdna K.18901981
001017LaymanEarl J.10 Sep 1910
001017LaymanFrances S.18 Feb 19106 Nov 1998
001017LaymanWard G.3 Oct 1921
001017LaymanMaxine K.5 Nov 1919
001017GoodStuart E.2 Oct 188716 Feb 1962s/Silas & Susan Garrison Good
001017GoodOctavia A7 Jun 18931 Jun 1974w/S. E., d/J. H. & Fannie Fishback Wheelbarger
001017WeggandtW. Earl24 Jul 1919
001017WeggandtWilda Mae5 Nov 19184 Oct 19551w/W. E., nee Good
001017HedrickLula Catherine Eye4 Dec 188526 Nov 1974
001017BeeryWade H.18771938s/H. N. & M. E.
001017BeeryHenry Nicholas18431918s/Abraham & Hannah Allebaugh Beery
001017BeeryMary E.18421912w/H. N., nee Fletcher
001017RoadcapMary E.7 Nov 187416 Nov 1944w/James A.
001017RoadcapJames A.2 Jan 187421 Dec 1911
001017BrysonEffie Shifflette19051967
001017DetamoreInfant Daughterd/H. E., Funeral home marker, name is missing - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001017BurtnerOren L.
001017BurtnerAnnie Spitzer
001017BurtnerHelen Esther
001017Burtner, Jr.Oren
001017BurtnerWalter L.17 Jul 1898aged 9m 18d, s/W. H. & M. J.
001017BurtnerEdna P.3 Nov 1901aged 8y 3m 14d, d/W. H. & M. J.
001017ShrumDella V.3 Jul 18823 Jun 1951d/J. N. & E. C.
001017ShrumJoseph N.26 Jul 185728 Oct 1942
001017ShrumElizabeth C.14 Dec 185713 Dec 1925w/J. N.
001017PleckerHomer J.9 May 187522 May 1960
001017PleckerVirginia A.2 Nov 18686 Sep 1953
001017PleckerOnie L.3 May 190011 Mar 1995
001017KinheadJames Howard27 Aug 19531 Sep 1953
001017FrankhamLillian's Mother
001017RingoldDavid Linden2 May 1968son
001018SmithLarge Marker
001018FunkhouserCharles P.11 Feb 19088 Jan 1977
001018FunkhouserCharlotte B.11 Oct 19124 Nov 1984
001018FunkhouserCasper L.18791971s/Casper & Sallie E.
001018FunkhouserPearl M.18821937d/C. M. & Mary E. Bowman
001018ObaughFred H.28 Jan 188328 Nov 1960s/William A. & Mary B.
001018ObaughMyrtie V.2 Dec 189410 Apr 1997d/Joseph E. & Mary E. Armstrongw/Fred H.
001018ObaughWilliam A.24 Dec 185620 May 1936father
001018ObaughMary B.22 Sep 185825 Mar 1931motherw/W. A.
001018BurtnerHomer P.10 Feb 186815 Nov 1934father
001018BurtnerAnna V.3 Mar 187713 Feb 1964motherw/W. P.
001018NethkenStewart B.22 Feb 187531 Dec 1946father
001018NethkenAddie F.7 Oct 18793 Nov 1946w/S. B., mother
001018SumpterBelle30 Jun 18883 Mar 1983
001018KlineBruce F.18 Nov 1924aged 74y
001018WebsterGeorge W.3 Feb 189023 Oct 1918Hqn Co. 116 Inf. Va. WWI, killed Argonne Forest Frances/J. H. & L. S.
001018WebsterJoseph H.18671929father
001018WebsterLizzie S.18601930motherw/J. R.
001018WheelbargerDavid L.11 Oct 1934infant s/C. E. & E. V.
001018WheelbargerJoseph H.4 Sep 186116 Jan 1934fathers/Samuel & Catherine Houff Wheelbarger
001018WheelbargerFannie S.16 Mar 186419 Apr 1930motherw/J. H., d/J. H. & F. S. Wheelbarger
001018BlosserJoseph18791956s/John & Elizabeth Trissle Blosser
001018BlosserEffie B.18851932w/Joseph, d/J. H. & F. S. Wheelbarger
001018EyeBerlin H.19 Feb 188823 Mar 1950
001018EyeBessie M.13 May 189819 Nov 1995w/B. H.
001018EyeGeorge A.30 Mar 185125 Apr 1919
001018EyeAmanda J.13 Feb 185813 Apr 1947w/G. A.
001018SimonsMartha17 Mar 182730 Mar 1909w/Jas.
001018HedrickC. C.5 Aug 188015 Apr 1915
001018BoyerEliza27 Dec 1927aged 94 yrs
001018KemererJoseph W.9 Oct 18883 Feb 1955Sgt. Q. M. Corps WWI Va.
001018MilstedLloyd R.27 Jun 191625 Apr 1918
001018LowryCatherine19 Feb 190816 Sep 1910d/R. W. & M. L.
001018KemererMabel L.9 Apr 187830 Mar 1971
001018MilstedRalph W.18 May 19113 Feb 1978
001018ShiffletteOlivia Hatter188419662w/J. A.
001018ShiffletteJ. A. "Jack"18731953I. O. of No. 120 Va.
001018ShiffletteMary C. Few188019121w/J. A.
001018ShifflettS. Angeline18421907
001018FadeleyMamie G., Mrs.18771962No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001018GarberJohn William27 Jul 186228 Dec 1933
001018GarberVera Olive16 Jul 18886 Apr 1941
001018GarberZelda May3 Jul 189416 Aug 1972
001018GarberElizabeth Shreve30 Aug 186529 Dec 1929
001018GarberOwen Edward23 Jan 189010 Jan 1980
001018SaurweinWillie Garber29 Jul 189712 May 1987
001018CubbageCharles E.24 Apr 187631 Dec 1895s/A. & Emma K.
001018CaldwellMary E.12 Oct 183718 Sep 1889
001018PollardD. W.8 Oct 183726 Jul 1906aged 68y 9m 18d
001018Sutherly, Sr.Lloyd A.2 May 189314 Nov 1970
001018SutherlyLena May11 Mar 192015 Mar 1999
001018SangerJohn5 Apr 182222 Jul 1895aged 73y 3m 17d
001018SangerAnnie15 Dec 181521 Nov 1895aged 79y 11m 6d, w/John
001018NewmanJames W.19 Apr 1898aged 44y 5m 14d
001018NewmanSarah A. Knicely17 May 185420 Apr 1933w/J. W.
001018BurtnerWilliam Henry10 Dec 18645 Sep 1933
001018BurtnerMattie Jane4 Jun 186113 Aug 1920
001018StricklerC. M. (Dr.)18681902
001018StricklerNora B.18701947w/Dr. C. M., nee Burtner
001018ShrumPeachy M.5 Aug 1894aged 22 yrs
001018ShrumAnnie F.13 Nov 1895aged 21 yrs
001018ShrumSamuel19 Oct 1895aged 71 yrs
001018ShrumSara A.13 May 183310 May 1918aged 85 yrs
001018HedrickLucy G.16 Oct 1910aged 41 yrs
001018HedrickMary J.17 Dec 1892aged 48 yrs
001018HedrickJohn H.2 Mar 1892aged 18 yrs
001018KirkpatrickB. F.18471903s/Thomas & Mary1w/Susan Catherine Swank
001018KirkpatrickAnn Amelia Shank18441932w/B. F.
001018LinhosEva10 Sep 18497 Jun 1917w/Adam
001018LinhosAdam30 Nov 184916 May 1931
001018LinhosAda K.18831962
001018LinhosVena V.18901972
001018FranklinW. J.8 Feb 18379 Nov 1908
001018FranklinSarah C.28 Feb 184630 Jan 1918
001018BowmanBenjamin17 Oct 182611 Nov 1895
001018BowmanHannah26 Mar 182621 Apr 1902w/Benjamin
001018BowmanMary20 Jul 189818 Mar 1919
001018BowmanNoah26 Jun 185112 Dec 1938
001018BowmanFannie M.Apr 18573 Jan 1939w/Noah
001019HillLycurgus P.17 Jan 19052 Aug 1956
001019HillMargaret A.22 Apr 190819 Jul 1996
001019HillGlenna Jean26 Aug 19338 Mar 1997Married name was Woodward but it is not on the stone
001019Hill, Jr.Lycurgus Perry "Skip"24 Jun 193118 Dec 1993Born in Elkins, W. Va.
001019HillAnne Hamilton Hughes17 Jan 1930w/L. P. Jr.; born in Bermuda
001019PriceDavid Scott19571993h/Sharon Hill Price, f/Anne, Emma & Ben
001019TaylorRalph H.5 Oct 190725 Jun 1955
001019TaylorBessie H.16 Jun 19129 Jun 1981
001019CallisonJack Byrd11 Jul 1959
001019CallisonRichard D.5 Nov 191413 Nov 2002Tec 5 U. S. Army WWII Bronze Star Metal & Purple Heart
001019CallisonLeola Byrd10 Jul 191914 Aug 1995
001019Callison, IIRichard Donald "Donnie"27 Apr 1945
001019SuterInfant Daughter1954d/C. H. & H. B.
001019ThomasEmory Leap16 Feb 1917
001019ThomasM. Marguerite Gilkeson21 Jul 191511 Nov 1997
001019MemorialIn honor of all Veterans, Dayton American Legion Post & Auxiliary #277, Dayton, Va. 1993
001019ShipeJoseph E.25 Oct 18944 Sep 1985
001019ShipeAnnie F.14 Jan 189228 Feb 1970
001019RegelEdward H.18911969
001019RegelRuth R.18941981
001019CarterJesse Lee21 Dec 191813 Jun 1988Pvt U. S. Army WWII
001019ShoemakerLynn Grayson21 Nov 194021 Dec 2002Johnson Funeral Home Marker only
001019BowmanCletus B.20 Jan 190716 Oct 1995
001019BowmanGeraldine H.3 Aug 1922
001019CressD. W.18671952father
001019CressEmma C.18801976mother
001019CressHadley D.19091995son
001019HarmanEmigh D.14 May 191226 May 1982
001019HarmanMary Jane7 May 191821 May 1993
001019EstepChas. S.Oct 1886Jan 1957s/James & Magdalene Heatwole Estep; born on the 28th & died on the18 according to Swank in the 1960s.
001019EstepVernie E.Sep 1885Nov 1952w/C. S., born on the 16th and died on the 8th according to Swank in the 1960s.
001019EstepDwight L.5 Apr 19134 Sep 1985
001019EstepEthel S.25 Jun 191723 Feb 1995
001019WengerG. Willie18861952
001019WengerVena V.18911984w/G. W.
001019EberlyWilliam R.20 Apr 195110 Jan 2001
001019EberlyRebecca S.26 Dec 1951
001019RhodesJesse R.7 Sep 19039 Oct 1990
001019RhodesArbelia H.16 Aug 190321 Jan 2003
001019RhodesKenneth Dean "K. D."21 Apr 19519 Nov 1984
001019RhodesWm. Tyree26 Jun 192426 Jun 1947
001019RhodesBerniece C.9 May 192013 Oct 1985w/W. T.
001020LiskeyMoleene Shull19221971w/Marvin, mother
001020LiskeyMelvin L.19191951
001020Hoover, Jr.Baylor T.19181954
001020ThompsonCharles William29 Aug 193226 Apr 1984U. S. Air Force-Korea
001020ThompsonPaul E.13 Jul 190516 Nov 1968
001020ThompsonImogen C.25 Sep 190616 Oct 1987
001020NethkenHarry L.19 May 190219 Jan 1968
001020NethkenEleanor W.13 Mar 19075 Feb 1967
001020HeringHamilton Slater29 Dec 190529 Sep 1975Maj. U. S. Air Force WWII, Korea
001020HeringBess Nethken6 Mar 190815 Jan 1988
001020NethkenJoseph E.1 May 190028 Nov 1976
001020NethkenGertrude28 May 19066 May 1996
001020HinkleJohn Ray, Rev.18 Nov 190414 Nov 1992
001020HinkleNellie Mauzy4 Jul 190526 Jul 2000
001020SutphinSankey Moody28 Oct 189310 Jul 1964married 3 Dec 1913
001020SutphinFinettie Marshall16 Apr 189310 Jan 1993w/S. M.
001020Wheelbarger, Sr.Claude E.2 Sep 19043 Jul 1963children-Doris, Carole, Audrey, Norma, Claude Jr., Wanda & Samuels/J. H. & F. J. Fishback Wheelbarger
001020WheelbargerEthel V.8 Feb 1910married 5 Feb 1929w/C. E.; d/Samuel & Grace Phillips Summers
001020WheelbargerClaude Emory "Sonny"28 Mar 193323 Apr 2003
001020HinkleArgie L.14 Jan 190627 Sep 1959son
001020HinkleFlorence19 Oct 187114 Feb 1965mother
001020MayseGeorge A.4 May 190613 Feb 1971
001020MayseBuelah H.21 Mar 190919 Jan 1976
001020HeckmanMabel C.27 Feb 188225 Oct 1966
001020CallisonEmma C.12 Feb 189111 May 1982
001020SharpesJacob W.15 Aug 190518 Jan 1997
001020SharpesHelen S.7 Dec 191012 Oct 1996
001020SuterCharles H.7 Dec 191224 Nov 1983
001020SuterHazel B.29 Dec 191711 Oct 1996
001020GilkersonGeorge S.12 Dec 188715 Jul 1952
001020GilkersonEdna F.30 Jul 188620 Sep 1952w/G. S.
001020GibbsMyrtle Gilkerson11 Nov 191317 Oct 1965
001020JudyJoseph W.15 Oct 18985 Jul 1949
001020JudyElizabeth12 Feb 1906
001020GuyClarence W.18961950h/Vada Dean Guy
001020GuyVada Dean7 Jun 19019 Apr 1957
001020Stanley, Jr.Benjamin F.17 Feb 193522 Jan 2001U. S. Army, children-Rebecca Jane & Robert D.Military marker shows born Feb. 18
001020StanleyMary Ellen G.1 Jun 1933married 31 Aug 1957w/Benj. F. Jr.
001020RulemanJacob Dewitt6 Feb 189618 Nov 1953Pvt 34 Co. 153 Depot Brig. WWI Va.
001020LoganMark Alexander27 Jul 191622 Dec 1969
001020ShoemakerAmos C.10 Nov 18826 Jun 1970
001020ShoemakerHettie V.20 Jun 18883 Nov 1950
001020ShoemakerMary Belle25 Apr 19188 Jun 1996
001020RiddleJ. Harvey18751951
001020RiddleNellie W.18811952w/J. H.
001020HaldermanDaisy R.4 Oct 19014 Mar 1985
001020HaldermanWilliam C.24 Jan 189731 Jan 1959
001020StricklerRobert B.18991962father
001020StricklerGladys H.18981956w/R. B., nee Hopkins
001020StricklerCharles Oren16 Mar 193917 Nov 1999
001020Vance, Sr.Claude W.18941961
001020VanceGrace A.18961952w/C. W., nee Rhodes
001020HarmanJames A.7 Jan 18822 Oct 1968
001020HarmanDella M.25 Dec 188229 Oct 1956
001020HarmanPricilla P.3 Sep 191328 Jul 1981
001020EstepPaul H.23 Nov 191911 Dec 1999children-Linda & James
001020EstepGladys B.9 Oct 1923w/Paul H.
001020WeaverRoland Jacob24 Aug 19203 Jun 2003
001020WeaverMyron Lee14 Nov 195716 Aug 1964s/Roland J. & Rosalie B.
001020RhodesMarion Israel17 May 19157 Jun 1987children- Leila E., Ava K., Frederick E., Robert N., William R. & Marion R.
001020RhodesReba R.30 May 191628 May 1974married 24 Nov 1938w/Marion Israel
001020RhodesRaleigh D.7 Mar 18808 Jan 1964aged 83y 10m 1d, children- Jessie, Sallie, Reba, Raleigh D. Jr.s/R. S. & Maggie Rhodes Rhodes
001020RhodesLilia V. Keller17 Aug 18826 May 1951aged 68y 8m 19dw/R. D., d/M. & S. Swisher Keller
001021AdamsonHertha19291959w/Jimmie, mother
001021AdamsonClyde E.27 Jun 19197 Sep 1992U. S. Army WWII
001021LambertHurl W.19 Jun 19112 Dec 1980
001021LambertRuth S.3 Feb 191510 Dec 1984
001021TrobaughClinton Ray26 Feb 19701 Jan 1988
001021WellerMildred Estelle25 Feb 191126 Jan 1996
001021LaymanWilliam R.23 Nov ____
001021LaymanEllen G.18 Oct ____
001021FoxVirgil Haskwell5 Dec 189419 Mar 1972Pvt Co. C 331 Inf. WWI
001021FoxHollis Wade24 Mar 190923 Jun 1993
001021KinkeadGlen14 Jul 190826 Jun 1991
001021KinkeadDorothy22 Jul 19199 Jul 2002
001021LongJames Grove12 Jun 1941
001021LongWilda Switzer22 Nov 1943
001021LandisLera Wimer30 Sep 193631 Dec 1956
001021NicholsDavid A.19121955brother
001021GarrisonErnest Clyde22 Aug 187210 Oct 1963
001021SnyderFlorance Garrison3 Feb 19159 Nov 1979
001021UnknownHeadstone base only
001021KiserWilliam L.19011963
001021KiserVista L.18731953
001021CoxStanley H.19171954
001021CoxEmma F.1921w/S. H.
001021HolsingerEdgar M.18881977
001021HolsingerEmma R.18881970
001021WamplerNina Garber18831964
001021KiracofeAlbert L.5 Feb 190123 Jan 1974
001021KiracofeMamie V.1 Oct 18994 Nov 1965w/A. L., nee Kenney
001021LoughLuther J.30 May 190226 May 1965
001021LoughOliff D.9 Jul 19056 Feb 1994w/L. J., nee Dean
001021StumpFannie Dean26 Sep 189726 Mar 1983mother
001021AllmanJames A.18941967
001021AllmanSusie C.19031982
001021LoganJames F.1 Jun 19207 Oct 1984children-James F., Donna & Dan L. II
001021McLaughlinA. Norwood10 Jun 1917
001021McLaughlinKathleen Y.4 Jun 192321 Feb 2002
001021ClaytonJacob W.5 Jan 189713 Feb 1980father
001021ClaytonEdna F.21 Nov 18914 Oct 1972
001021CarverDoris J.6 Oct 1930
001021CarverFillmore L.16 Jul 191718 Apr 1998Tec 5 U. S. Army WWII
001021BurtnerWilliam Olin13 Mar 189623 Dec 1986
001021BurtnerMarceline G.4 Sep 1908w/W. O.
001021ShiffletRoy N.30 May 192110 Aug 1982
001021ShiffletDora S.11 Dec 191610 Aug 1976
001021CrouseAlbert E.29 Jun 18863 Aug 1963
001021CrouseAlice D.29 Oct 18949 Jan 1993
001021MettsJames O.1 Jun 191225 Dec 1980married 20 Oct 1946
001021MettsIrene K.15 Jul 19082 Oct 1995w/James O.
001021RhodesDee I.17 Oct 190413 Aug 1991
001021RhodesCatherine V.23 May 1912
001021HuffmanOren Newton13 Apr 189426 Oct 1960
001021HuffmanMary Edna13 Sep 18957 Apr 1987w/O. N.
001021Rhodes, Sr.Nelson L.6 Sep 192711 May 1998children-Kathy M., Sandra L., Susanne C. & Nelson Jr.
001021RhodesZelda Marie14 Feb 1931married 14 Oct 1949w/Nelson L. Sr.
001021Boggs, Jr.Cecil L.23 Mar 1926
001021BoggsEva Rhodes22 May 1925
001022AdamsonSamuel R.19491969son
001022AdamsonThelma E.19261958mother
001022AdamsonOpal E.19001959motherw/Bruce
001022SpencerJohn Welby8 Mar 19176 Sep 1959
001022TrobaughRay C.2 Apr 19051 Dec 1967
001022TrobaughMartha P.14 Jun 191424 Jan 2003
001022WellerWilliam Harvey25 Jun 187930 Mar 1974
001022WellerMyrtie Olive6 Mar 18795 Nov 1955w/William H. & Lucille Showalter
001022AdamsJohn D., Dr.5 Aug 191729 May 1985
001022AdamsLois Weller13 May 191618 Jan 2002
001022KnicelyCharles E.26 Jun 189214 Sep 1956PFC Co B. 318 Inf. WWI P.H., Va.
001022LaymanKenneth B.15 Nov 192831 Mar 1998Cpl U. S. Army Air Forces, WWII
001022KeiterHollis H.16 Jun 188918 Jan 1958
001022KeiterBessie E.17 Mar 189428 Jun 1992
001022LongHarry C.25 May 191216 Sep 1981
001022LongBessie G.25 Aug 1916
001022WamplerClinton I.13 Jan 189513 May 1994
001022WamplerLillian E.16 Aug 189812 Dec 1963w/C. I.
001022LandisMichael C.4 Mar 190021 Feb 1958
001022LandisMary S.26 Jun 190516 Apr 1996
001022WheelbargerVirgil L.17 Dec 189729 Dec 1972married 24 Sep 1918s/J. H. & T. Fishback Wheelbarger
001022WheelbargerNina B.24 Sep 189924 Dec 1961w/Virgil L., d/C. D. & Lucy Long Whitmer
001022WheelbargerChristine H.18 Jul 19193 Apr 1967mother
001022SimmersIra F.25 Feb 19149 Aug 1968
001022SimmersEthelyn C.18 Aug 1921
001022Early, Jr.Herbert Franklin4 Jan 191927 Dec 2002T Sgt U. S. Air Force, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Purple Heart
001022ShullPaul M.10 Sep 191221 Sep 1986
001022ShullEvelyn H.5 Dec 19148 Nov 1983
001022HillWillard H.17 Aug 19161 Jul 1960
001022HillMarie L.1 Feb 191616 Sep 1998w/W. H.
001022HillDennis Wayne26 Jul 1944children - Tina & Shannon
001022HillJane Spitler19 Aug 194520 Apr 1997married 27 Jun 1964w/Dennis Wayne
001022DickensonJ. Eugene19302002Lindsey Funeral Home Marker only
001022BrownMarvin B.18891969father
001022BrownSadie Houff18911986mother
001022WengerBivian A.20 Aug 1922
001022WengerRamona M.5 Jul 1949
001022WengerMary E.21 Jun 1948
001022LoganDan L.22 Aug 189812 Nov 19641h/Bessie Trobridge
001022LoganBessie T.31 Jul 1914w/D. L., nee Trobridge, cremated, not buried here
001022McLaughlinHunter A.7 Apr 18942 May 1978
001022McLaughlinMarjorie M.2 May 18987 Sep 1990
001022McLaughlinWilliam Winston "Wink"23 Sep 19197 Jul 198312 Mar 1948
001022McLaughlinJoan Lowerree10 Feb 192211 Oct 1982w/William W.
001022McDonaldsonJohn B.23 Mar 1928married 9 Aug 1976
001022McDonaldsonRuth E.12 Apr 192020 Sep 1995w/John B.
001022WilfongBruce C.17 Feb 19414 Sep 1967IC2 U. S. Navy, Va.
001022EstesHubert B.18 Sep 1919children- Hubert B. Jr., Steven Wayne, Gary Lewis
001022EstesMattie Lee2 Sep 192230 Aug 1987w/Hubert B.
001022EstesSteven Wayne11 Apr 19472 Dec 1987
001022HeatwoleFrank D.14 Feb 19058 Sep 1973
001022HeatwoleRessie R.28 Feb 190216 Feb 1990
001022HeatwoleShirley A.14 Oct 193222 Feb 1985
001022MountzInfant DaughterNov 1961McMullen Funeral Home Marker only
001022Thompson, Sr.Joseph Luther4 Jun 188011 Nov 1957
001022Boggs, Sr.Cecil L.20 Apr 189616 Jul 1980
001022BoggsDesire Osterhout22 Oct 189527 Nov 1955
001022BoggsGeorge F.30 Apr 19239 Apr 1957
001023AtkinsGeorge Curtis27 Mar 191914 Aug 1960Virginia, PFC U. S. Army WWII
001023AtkinsCathy G.22 Oct 195025 Sep 1962
001023EmersonViolet M.11 Jan 192515 Apr 1999
001023Adamson, Jr.Clyde E.1 Apr 19462 Nov 1996Sgt Maj U. S. Army Vietnam
001023WimerCam22 Sep 189531 Dec 1971
001023WimerLillian M.9 Apr 190314 Mar 1984
001023KiserJ. Lloyd29 Oct 190628 Feb 2000
001023KiserMary R.17 Aug 189127 Feb 1975
001023HaroldVirgil M.16 Dec 192222 May 1984Tec 5 U. S. Army WWII
001023HaroldReta H.5 Apr 1924
001023HooverInfant DaughterAug 1979
001023CoffmanBasil C.7 Jun 189810 Nov 1966Cpl HQ Co. 116 Infantry WWI
001023CoffmanCleda A.13 May 189520 Jun 1979
001023BaxterDoris Coffman5 Mar 192420 Jun 1979
001023KiracofeBernard L.30 Jan 189523 Jun 1965
001023KiracofeLillian L.6 Aug 18981 Mar 1985
001023EllisJohn Thomas19041998
001023EllisJanet Funkhouser19031984
001023ByrdJane Alane25 Aug 19601 Jul 1973d/Edward A. & Flora
001023ErbaughDorothy Byrd16 Jul 195227 Apr 1987
001023ClickBrian Michael29 Nov 1987s/Michael & Jean
001023BrownAshby Jacob15 Jan 191213 Jan 1985Sgt U. S. Army Air Force WWII
001023BrownLouise H.30 Oct 1917
001023BodkinsJeffrey Paul21 Mar 196422 Mar 1964s/Roy & Norine
001023HuffmanJacob S., M. D.27 Dec 19112 Apr 1990
001023HuffmanOlive F.1 Oct 191228 May 1996
001023MillerRobert H.12 Sep 190215 Dec 1974
001023MillerOra I.8 Mar 190223 Apr 2001
001023PhafaAngela J.25 Nov 192512 Feb 1977
001023MavrogiorgosDimitrios G.1 Jul 18965 Jan 1989
001023DavisClaude Franklin9 Oct 191619 Feb 1978Pvt U. S. Army WWII
001023DavisAnna Pearl3 Jun 1920
001023WagnerKenneth L.7 Jan 19201 Jun 1980Children- Judy, Debbie, Betty & Linda
001023WagnerJuanita C.2 Feb 1924w/Kenneth L.
001023Pappas, Jr.George A.12 Mar 192019 Sep 1983Brig Gen U. S. Air Force Korea & Vietnam
001023PappasMargaret H.28 Dec 1917
001023HuckMargaret F.18931984mother
001023McLaughlinClyde W.5 May 190821 Jun 1989
001023McLaughlinGrace J.29 Sep 190926 May 1990
001023MillerLeon D.23 Mar 192513 Sep 1996Children-David Lee, Gary Leon, Robert Charles
001023MillerIsabel D.9 Nov 192620 May 2001w/Leon D.
001023KeiterHollis H.16 Jun 188918 Jan 1958s/W. H.No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001023KeiterBessie E.18 Mar 1894No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001024BennettOran L.6 Oct 19125 Oct 1999
001024BennettGae A.20 Apr 191730 Mar 2002
001024RuebushJames L.23 Oct 18994 Sep 1988Children- Grace Ann Foust, Virginia Britton Bartley, Barbara Jean Killam
001024RuebushValley D.1 Oct 189615 Feb 1986w/James L.
001024CoffmanCarr P.12 Jan 192325 Apr 2002Sgt U. S. Marine Corps, WWII
001024CoffmanKathleen K.29 Jan 1926
001024ShullEarl A.19231966
001024ShullMildred W.1925
001024ShullMervin A.19 Oct 189910 May 1990
001024ShullPriscilla R.23 Jan 190328 Oct 1981
001024MeyerhoefferJoseph Stuart25 May 18808 May 1961D.V.M.
001024MeyerhoefferArta Fern Huff20 Jun 189225 Dec 1983w/D. J. S., nee Huff
001024MeyerhoefferJoe8 Mar 192116 Jun 1990children-Judith Paige, Joseph H., William H.; Pvt. U. S. Army WWII
001024MeyerhoefferBetty Jo Heltzel29 Dec 1923w/Joe
001024ShullHarry L.6 Dec 1925
001024ShullCharlotte L.5 Mar 192410 Dec 1997
001024KageyJoseph G.6 Aug 19093 Feb 2002
001024KageyVirginia Joseph23 Jun 191410 Nov 1998
001024BarnhartJames H.26 Jan 1930children-Jane, Dale, Dennis & Jean
001024BarnhartAudrey W.26 Dec 1930w/James H.
001024SheetsRudolph C.20 Nov 19216 Sep 1971children- George E., Catherine A. & Karen M.
001024SheetsRosaline G.6 Sep 1915w/Rudolph C.
001024DetamoreFloyd W.11 Mar 191514 Jan 1973
001024ShickelAubrey D.15 Dec 189625 Mar 1968
001024ShickelMary S.5 Mar 190216 Sep 1972
001024ShickelWelden Stover26 Mar 192212 Jul 1980T/Sgt U. S. Army WWII 14 Armored Division
001024ShickelEdna Coffman1927
001024ClemmerG. Lewis27 Nov 1918married 11 Jul 1942
001024ClemmerMarguerite L.31 Oct 191720 Mar 2002w/G. Lewis
001024HorneRobert John7 May 195215 Aug 1975s/Donald & Gloria
001024HorneVerna L.9 Jun 191028 Apr 1983w/Walter, m/Donald
001024HorneWalter M.23 Sep 190418 Nov 1983h/Verna, f/Donald
001024GlickFrank J.31 May 190429 Dec 1996husband, married 17 Sep 1931
001024GlickFreda W.10 Aug 1911wifew/Frank J.
001024SmithEliza J. Waggy25 Jun 189019 Feb 1976
001024PenceWilbur S.14 Mar 19064 Feb 1986
001024PenceDorothy H.15 Jul 1915
001024BeallH. Pat12 Jan 190718 Oct 1985father
001024BeallJessie B.25 Mar 19182 Nov 1978mother
001024ShockeyElbert T.9 Oct 19087 Mar 1988father
001024ShockeyMary Jane19 Jun 191330 Apr 2002mother
001024GoldenPaul1 Jul 194013 Dec 1978
001024GoldenLinda27 Apr 1943
001024SwankFlorence Ardella2 Jan 192522 Feb 1982
001024Swank, Jr.Wilmer R.27 Jul 19316 May 1986
001024KerlinDan9 May 192428 Mar 1996Dan Kerlin s/Mildred Kieffer & Warren D. Kerlin. Barbara Grace Elwood d/Elmira Holbrook & Ernest J. Elwood; m/6 Jun 1959; daughters and spouses- Judy L. & Neil L. Seek, Marjorie L. & Christopher J.Harney, Dana L. & Francis J. Collins III; grandchildren Jason Daniel Seek, Kaitlyn Patricica Harney, Kelsey Michele Harney
001024KerlinBarbara7 Sep 1933married 6 Jun 1959w/Dan
001024CristThelma Anne19302000Kyger & Trobaugh Funeral Home Marker only
001024CusterJohn B.13 Jul 1954
001024CusterJane B.23 Oct 195318 Dec 1983
001024BryanGeorge English23 Apr 19223 Jun 2003
001024RaishRichard Jennings11 Mar 192721 Dec 1999married 6 Feb 1948
001024RaishDorotha Bowman22 Aug 1928w/Richard J.
001025YoungForest M.12 Jun 192120 Oct 1998
001025YoungLora Lee22 Oct 1921
001025LawsonPaul M.19 Nov 192617 Mar 1994
001025LawsonLorine W.9 Dec 192718 Oct 1985
001025Baugher, Jr.Perry Henderson19 Feb 1929
001025BaugherJeanette Chandler24 Oct 19343 Dec 1995
001025PattisonCraig W.28 Apr 1955children-Joel Wesley & Laura Jo
001025PattisonJanet G.16 Mar 195822 Nov 1992w/Craig W.
001025DerrowEthel Isabel25 Nov 191123 Jan 1994
001025NipeGeorge M., Dr.1 Dec 191924 Dec 2001married 28 Jun 1941
001025NipeLouise B.17 Jun 1919w/Dr. George M.
001025MillerJanet Lee6 Jun 192613 Jan 1998mother
001025UnknownHeadstone base only
001025UnknownHeadstone base only
001025PriceLee Roy30 Dec 1935children-Belinda, Gregory & David
001025PriceWanda Lee24 Sep 193822 Apr 1986nursew/Lee Roy
001025CoakleyWeldon Koontz11 Dec 191317 May 1985married 18 May 1937; PFC U. S. Army Air Corps WWII
001025CoakleyGeorgia M.23 May 1911w/Weldon K.
001025ByrdClaude W.23 Feb 190721 Mar 1985children - Harry R., Edward A., Richard W., L. Thomas, & Martha Jane
001025ByrdBernice G.30 Aug 190917 Feb 1994w/Claude W.
001025KimbleGene Harold18 Oct 193023 Sep 1997
001025KimbleShirley Lambert14 Jul 1937
001025BarnhartDennis W.1961married 27 Nov 1983, father, son-Aaron
001025BarnhartSharon R.19601992motherw/Dennis W.
001025RandolphWalter P.18 Jun 1928
001025RandolphHilda S.17 Feb 193115 Jun 1989
001025JohnsonRosemary Heatwole20 Jul 196121 Feb 2001
001025JohnsonHarry Lee29 Mar 191930 Jun 1991married 15 Jun 1942, Sgt U. S. Army WWII
001025JohnsonFlorence Gordon31 May 1920w/Harry Lee
001025SumpterJames Frank6 Jan 191813 Apr 1993M/Sgt U. S. Army WWII, Korea
001025FunkhouserD. Eugene11 Sep 191712 Dec 1992father; children - Mildred Jean & Donna Faye
001025FunkhouserElizabeth Brown28 Dec 1917maried 22 Jun 1940w/D. Eugene
001025RostasMiklos7 Oct 191114 May 1989
001025RostasAna26 Aug 1919
001025EppardLloyd M.27 Jul 19381 Sep 1988
001025EppardMargaret M.23 Feb 1938
001025DeanMelvin Franklin14 Dec 192826 Mar 1985married 12 Nov 1919
001025DeanDorothy Coakley9 Feb 19305 Nov 1987w/Melvin Franklin
001025OrndoffMarianne B.3 Nov 19468 Feb 1999w/James W.
001025OrndoffJames W.29 Apr 1945married 28 Jan 1967
001026SheriffHugh Michael31 Dec 19602 Apr 2001
001026Haddaway, Jr.Arthur Merle13 Apr 194528 May 1999married 27 Feb 1970; Sea U. S. Navy
001026HaddawayChristine Ellis5 May 1945w/Arthur Merle Jr.
001026KingJohn Jacob15 Jul 190731 Aug 1980children- Janice Shanholtger, Wilda Harding Schultz, granddaughter Jennifer Harding
001026KingMyrtle Metzler15 Sep 191318 Oct 1990w/John Jacob
001026ArbogastDonald Keith7 Sep 1930married 27 Jun 1953; children- Paula & Michael
001026ArbogastMary Burg30 Dec 1932w/Donald Keith
001026ThomasH. Frank19 Jan 1926
001026ThomasFrances B.18 Oct 19284 Feb 1988
001026SuterHarold D.15 Jul 1915
001026SuterZettie L.26 Oct 191829 Sep 1992
001026SuterWinston Donald1 Aug 193718 Jan 1988
001026ShowalterJohn William "Jake"9 Jul 192330 Dec 1995married 18 Dec 1948; SC 3 U. S. Navy WWII
001026ShowalterNaomi S.29 May 1923w/John Wm.
001026AlgerAldine R.20 Sep 1925married 7 Sep 1997
001026BarnesMary E.29 Jul 1940w/Aldine R.
001026BarnesHeidi Lynn28 Jul 1987
001026PhibbsDonald E.13 Oct 193012 Apr 1993
001026PhibbsCarle S.28 Dec 1931
001026HineyJoseph Patrick12 May 19682 Jun 2000
001026SagerShawn Tyler3 Sep 19971 Sep 2001
001026PurdyFrank A.8 Sep 19074 Oct 1986
001026PurdyMargaret R.12 Dec 19079 Nov 1989
001026WaggyRoy E.28 Dec 1936
001026WaggyMary M.1 Apr 1936
001026BryanWilliam Esterly12 May 191831 May 2000Lt. Col. U. S. Army WWII, Silver Star
001026BryanMary C. Johnson17 Apr 192019 Feb 2003
001026Hess, Sr.Dennis Dale26 Oct 19459 Nov 1992
001026Hess, Jr.Dennis "Dale"7 Aug 19711 Aug 1986
001026Gilmer, Jr.Vincent B.24 Mar 197228 Jan 2002
001027CarrErnest Grattan1 Aug 192020 May 2002S/Sgt U. S. Army WWII
001027CarrGeneva Perry16 Jan 1928married 1 Apr 1946; children-Barbara Jean & Judith Gailw/Ernest Grattan
001027HuestonRobert Lee30 Sep 1923married 17 Apr 1976
001027HuestonTess Earle S.28 Dec 1931w/Robert Lee
001027PlaugherLeroy W.27 May 1924married 17 Oct 1924
001027PlaugherNora P.21 Apr 1923w/Leroy W.
002001RiceThomas James26 Jun 184230 Nov 1842aged 5m 4d, s/William & M. S.
002001RiceJane Amelia29 Jul 183926 Jan 1841aged 1y 5m 27d, d/Augustus & Mary J.
002001RiceMargaret Setlington29 Nov 18199 May 1844w/William
002001RiceMary Jane18 Jan 181712 Jul 1847w/Augustus
002001RiceJohn22 Feb 180911 Jun 1848s/William & Milley
002001RiceElla16 Jun 185011 Aug 1851d/McWilliam & E. L.
002001NolandA. H. P.15 Jun 1851aged 2y 8m 7d
002001PoolsRichard N.18 Sep 178025 Dec 1851Illegible-in 1937 John W. Wayland showed Richard N. Pool, Sr.
002001CookeThomas10 Oct 1861aged 45y, a Native of Brocking Essex, England., died at Dayton, Rockingham Co. Va.
002001ThackerWilliam10 Mar 18038 Aug 1880aged 77y 4m 28d
002001ThackerEleanor T.26 Dec 18051 Apr 1885aged 79y 3m 5d
002001MillerLeanah20 Jan 1890aged 66y 3m 23d, Rev. W. J. & L.; niece
002001MillerMillie J.2 Aug 1888aged 26y 3m 10d
002001DetamoreEmma V.Aged 4y 8m, c/Theo & Annie
002001DetamoreForrestAged 7m, c/Theo & Annie
002001DetamoreD. L.18 Mar 188823 Mar 1888s/N. B. & S. G.; 5d
002001SengerHannah F.2 Oct 1869aged 1y 7m 22d, d/S. & M. J.
002002RiceWilliams/William & Milly Rice
002002PayneGabriel18 Oct 17755 Jul 1858aged 82y 8m 17d
002002PayneMary25 Dec 179521 Mar 1874aged 78y 2m 24d
002002McLeodLydia Ann22 Aug 184322 Sep 1861aged 18y 1m, d/J. H. & E. R.
002002McFarlandLillie F.15 Nov 18631 May 1870No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
002002McFarlandDorcas J.2 Mar 185710 Aug 1865Marker is down and now located behind Mary Ashley McFarland's
002002McFarlandJohn R.1 Jun 186910 Aug 1869
002002McFarlandGeorge E.17 Jul 187320 Oct 1879Marker is down and now located behind Mary Ashley McFarland's marker
002002McFarlandDaniel P.5 Sep 18752 Sep 1876Marker is down and now located behind Mary Ashley McFarland's marker
002002McFarlandMary Ashby17 Jul 1881aged 19y 4m 18d
002002PollardMary26 Nov 1875aged 66y, w/C. W.
002003TaylorDavid F.18711874
002003HottLaura E.30 Jul 1884aged 5m 27d, d/Rev. George P. & Carrie R.
002003FriesErnest N.2 Sep 1881aged 2m 25d, s/ Rev. J. N. & Maggie Fries
002004PaulPeter18 Feb 1844aged about 84 yrsS. A. R. 1775 marker
002004PaulCatherine8 Jul 1837aged 60 yrs
002004PaulDaniel27 Jan 1837aged 22 yrsMarker is down and is now located behind Nicolas Paul
002004PaulAbraham14 Jul 180625 Jun 1885aged 78y 11m 11d
002005PaulNicholas1817aged 88 yrsS. A. R. 1775 marker
002005PaulCatherine11 Jun 1836aged 99 yrs
002005PaulJohn25 Dec 1833aged 34 yrs
002005PaulSamuel25 Jun 18042 Apr 1857
002005PaulElizabeth A.6 Feb 1885aged 74y 4m 1d, w/Samuel
002006FishbackWilliam McK.18 Jan 1873aged 29y 6m 10dIllegible name - recorded by Swank in the 1960s
002006FishbackSarah A.16 Jan 1862aged 26y 3m 16d, w/William McKIllegible name - recorded by Swank in the 1960s
002006KageyMary Alice23 Oct 18563 Feb 1862d/Abe & Fannie V.
002006BowmanOlive V.6 Aug 1888aged 8 hours, c/Noah & Mary F., twinIllegible name - recorded by Swank in the 1960s
002006BowmanLuther B.18 Aug 1888aged 14d, c/Noah & Mary F., twin
002006ByrdHannah23 Nov 18047 Dec 1895aged 91y 14d, w/William
002006ByrdWm.26 Oct 17989 Sep 1879aged 80y 10m 13d
002006MauckAnn R.22 Dec 180913 Dec 1878mother
002006LongPeter16 Sep 182119 Aug 1887aged 65y 11m 3d
002006LongHenry A. W.23 Apr 18558 Aug 1873s/P. & M. A.