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CemeteryBibler Family Cemetery
LocationHarrisonburg, Rockingham County, Virginia. From downtown Harrisonburg, take Route 42 South (South High Street). Cross over South Street, go a short distance and on the right side of the road is the Discount Furniture, which was Virginia Craftsman Factory in 1967. Cemetery was located on hill west of there.
NotesNo attempt was made to find this cemetery in 2003. In 1967 J. Robert Swank wrote, "It is known that there were a few graves on this location but names not available. In September 1967 a stone was found buried at the Richard Garrison yard, 297 West Avenue, Harrisonburg, which is on the old Bibler place. The marker was inscribed L. W. Bibler who died 1798. Two other stones were found, one inscribed Barbara Bre, died November 11, 1799, and the other had no markings. The stone house west of South High Street was built 1793 and owned by Lewis Bibler and wife Barbara. It was later owned by Bowmans and presently by Mr. Lowell V. Sharpes. Rockingham marriage record shows - Elizabeth Bibler widow married January 19, 1846, George Miller." On August 20, 1937, Mr. W. A. Byerly, working for the WPA, wrote the following: "The house is a substantial stone building, in splendid condition, erected by Lewis and Barbara Bibler in June 1797, which is evidenced by a block of stone in the north end gable of the house, with the names and dates carved on same. The Biblers lived here until 1848, when Lewis Bibler died; he and other members of the family are buried on the farm near the house. The graves are marked with plain blocks of limestone with no inscriptions. After the passing of the Biblers, the property was owned by a Bowman family." W. A. Byerly also noted the following story: "In the early eighties it seems that some of the Bowman family came in contact with and fell under the influence of a fanatic by the name of Thurman, who went about the country preaching the coming of the Lord on certain dates. Many people joined this faith and the Bowman home was headquarters for the meetings. Many days were spent in prayer, singing, fasting and waiting. During one of these meetings, one of the member’s mother died, and when he received word of her death, he sent back the message: ‘Let the dead bury the dead’. It seems they expected the Lord to descend down the stairway from an upper room. On one occasion, after waiting a number of days for the coming of the Lord, the crowd went home. On this occasion, Geo. Holler started across the field to his home two miles away. Being tired and exhausted, he crawled in an old straw stack and soon fell asleep. Some boys, who knew Holler was in the straw stack, decided to set the stack on fire. When the straw began crackling, Hollar awoke and jumped out, exclaiming: ‘My God, just as I expected, dead and in H--l’"
Survey Date and Recorder20 Aug 1937; 1967
W. A. Byerly; J. Robert Swank

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