Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryHarrison & Effinger Family Cemetery #
LocationHarrisonburg, Rockingham County, Virginia. It was located on Federal Street in Harrisonburg and the graves moved to Woodbine Cemetery.
NotesSixteen graves/names were listed in Maria G. Carr's book "My Recollections of Rocktown now Known as Harrisonburg" which she wrote in 1892 and was reprinted in 1984. From the book "Landmarks and Personage of Old Harrisonburg" by Tommy Bassford in 1944, he mentions "William C. and Lelia Harrison along with Jacob and Hester Effinger and a number of others. Through a Court Order all were exhumed and reinterred in Woodbine by John Mitchell and Piner Landis." The five persons shown in this cemetery listing were not found in Woodbine Cemetery. The rest of the names were found in Woodbine in 2003 and the 15 listed below are shown in that cemetery: Maria Graham Koontz, John Graham, Elizabeth F. Graham, Mary Fanella Effinger, Margaret Boyd (Graham) Morris, Francis Catherine Effinger, Peter Effinger, Harriet Effinger, Jacob Effinger, Hester Effinger, Samuel Cootes, Emily Cootes, Maria Louisa Cootes, Maria Francis Cootes, and William (Willie) Cootes.
Survey Date and Recorder1892; 1944
Maria G. Carr; Tommy Bassford

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
GrahamJohn, Jr.Didn't find in Woodbine Cemetery
Johnson or Johnston1832nee Boyd; Maria Graham Koontz Carr's Grandmother-didn't find in Woodbine Cemetery
EffingerChild1820ch/Peter & HarrietDidn't find in Woodbine Cemetery
HarrisonWilliam C.1782Didn't find in Woodbine Cemetery
HarrisonLelia1784Didn't find in Woodbine Cemetery