Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMt. Olivet Brethren Church Cemetery 2
LocationCootes Store area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Court Square, Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 42 north (Harpine Hwy) 12.1 miles to Broadway. Turn left onto Route 259 (Brocks Gap Road) and go 3.3 to Route 613 (North Mountain Road) and turn right. Go 4.1 miles and cemetery is on the right side of road. There is no church building.
NotesCemetery is well maintained. In 1967 J. Robert Swank wrote "Indications of many unmarked graves." Cemetery rows are recorded from the backside to the front (east to west) and headstones from left to right (south to north). Also known as Andes.
Survey Date and Recorder17 Jul 2003
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001HawthorneLydia S.10 Jun 194022 Nov 1978
001Dellinger, Sr.Floyd E.19 Apr 19301 Apr 2000Our children: Eddie, Janice, Larry, John, Calvin, Mike, Peggy, Mary Lou
001DellingerBetty A.24 Dec 1931w/Floyd E. Sr.
001WhetzelGarnet D.18 Apr 19212 May 2000
001TurnerGeorge F.12 Jul 190623 Aug 1983
001TurnerVirginia W.25 Jun 1912
001SagerOrval Franklin25 Dec 193316 Mar 1985U.S. Air Force Korea
001GolladayAmelda Ardelia25 Jul 192718 Oct 1995Mother; Children: Ben, Jim, Janie, Bonnie, Mary Lou
001ClarkLinda Sue25 Sep 196411 Feb 1965
001SagerPrice N.21 Oct 18926 Dec 1964
001SagerMary B.15 Jun 1908w/P. N.
001CoxRichard G.18811962Father
002HodgeRichard L.10 Jul 194520 May 1997Father; Married 22 Aug 1965
002HodgeImojene L.30 Mar 19477 May 1995Motherw/Richard L.
002HodgeTimothy W.6 Apr 2003Grandle funeral home marker only
002WilliamsLew H.23 Nov 19125 Oct 1987Father; Married 19 Dec 1936
002WilliamsDelsie V.8 Dec 19186 Dec 1984Motherw/Lew H.
002WhetzelJesse W.27 Oct 188729 Jun 1977Father
002WhetzelAlice M.25 Aug 189619 Dec 1981Motherw/Jesse W.
002TurnerAdam E.12 Jul 190613 Apr 1990Father
002TurnerAlda E.21 Aug 191530 Nov 1995Motherw/Adam E.
002McKenzieAllen A.2 Jan 191019 Mar 1998
002McKenzieLeah G.17 Feb 191711 Jul 1995
002SeeInfant Son21 Feb 197321 Feb 1973s/Layton O. & Phyllis J.
003CowneA. Mae19291995Kyger Trobaugh funeral home marker only
003CowneLeroy H.19222002McMullen funeral home marker only
003WineEllen See30 Jan 18843 Feb 1972Mother
003AndesFrancis Burkley9 Feb 19159 Apr 2000Tec 4 U.S. Army WWII; wife-Martha F. Westermoreland
003AndesB. Harper13 Apr 18923 Jul 1970
003AndesMinnie E.18 Jul 18885 Aug 1988
003HaltermanLucie Andes26 Aug 19059 Apr 1977Motherw/H. Hays
003HaltermanH. Hayes23 Mar 190320 Dec 1986Father
003MathiasJay Robert19551967
003MathiasErvin L.22 Jun 191330 May 2000
003MathiasHelen V.28 Feb 1922
003NesselrodtAndrew R.28 Jan 190521 Jan 1981
003NesselrodtPauline O.15 Aug 1913
003AndesPaul W.22 Apr 190018 May 1980
003AndesEdna L.30 Nov 190431 May 1999
003HarperClarence A.20 Sep 19176 May 2001
003HarperMildred L.10 Feb 1924
004AndesIvan Vaughn14 May 19241 Nov 1971Father; Virginia PFC AT Co 273 Infantry WWII
004KennedyIra J.19201980PFC U.S. Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Ira James Kennedy b. 12 Sep 1920 d. 28 Feb 1980
004KennedyMildred L.1933
005GordonJacob W.15 Feb 190415 Feb 1904s/John H. & Mary A.
005HuffmanCatharine14 Dec 180111 Feb 1874
005CampbellAbraham C.5 Mar 18659 Jul 1884s/S. Wm. & Rebecca A.Partially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
005JohnsonElenora20 Apr 186430 Apr 1889
005WhitmerGeorge W.8 Feb 185122 Dec 1926
005WhitmerBarbara Ann9 Jan 18546 Sep 1897w/George W.
005CampbellWilliam3 Jan 183026 Dec 1897Aged 67y 11m 23d
005CampbellRebecca Ann8 Feb 183117 Nov 1905Aged 74y 9m 9d; w/William
005SeeMary C.26 Sep 185226 Apr 1916Aged 63y 7m; w/P. J. See
005CampbellJacob J.22 Mar 189618 Dec 1916Aged 20y 8m 26d; Our Father
005BrannerMary V.17 Jun 1874Aged 3m 8d; d/Madison & CatherinePartially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
005HottingerGeorge F.4 Aug 190420 Aug 1907Aged 3y 16d; s/Benj. F. & Martha E.
005SeeMalinda S.15 Dec 18632 Feb 1917
005CampbellGeorge W.18561944
005CampbellAsenith V.18561941w/Geo. W.
005AndesRuth N.12 Jul 190126 Sep 1976Mother; Married 9 Apr 1924w/Emert G.
005AndesEmert G.6 Nov 19032 May 1990Their children: Doris N., David L., Beverly L., Allen G., Joan F.
005DoveDoris N.18 Apr 1925w/John W.
005DoveJohn W.19 Dec 19223 May 1993Wed 22 Jun 1947; U.S. Marine CorpsMilitary marker shows John William Dove
005RallsLucy K.6 May 187025 May 1950
005AndesJerry Wayne26 May 195115 May 1952Son
005RallsJacqueline29 Nov 195229 Nov 1952Daughter
005AndesEmanuel D.9 May 189014 Jun 1960Father
005AndesBernice M.23 Dec 189010 Aug 1960Motherw/Emanuel D.
005AndesCarson W.29 Dec 19129 Nov 1962Brother
005GeorgeLinda Faye20 Mar 195621 Mar 1956d/S. B. & E. A.
005GeorgeEvelyn A.8 May 192727 Aug 1986Motherw/Shirley B.
005GeorgeShirley B.2 Nov 1929Married 8 Aug 1953
005KnuppRicky Lynn26 Sep 196229 Jun 1992Husband
006MauckCatharine1 Jan 182215 Dec 1910Aged 88y 11m 15d
006MauckJoseph W.11 Sep 182627 Oct 1906Aged 80y 1m 16d
006UnknownFieldstone-illegible writing 2003
006HuffmanSophia16 Oct 182720 Jan 1899Aged 71y 3m 4d
006UnknownFieldstones-no writing 2003
006UnknownFieldstones-no writing 2003
006HuffmanMichael13 Oct 17828 Nov 1854
006HuffmanSusan8 Aug 17861 Apr 1853
006HottingerBenjamin F.20 Apr 187721 Apr 1973
006HottingerMartha E. Sager14 Nov 18791 Jan 1933w/B. F.
006BakerSarah28 Feb 183824 Jun 1916w/Adam R.
006BakerAdam R.13 Oct 183829 Jun 1913
006BakerSarah Elizabeth4 Jun 187612 Apr 1961
006SagerHannah Agnes2 Nov 187920 Sep 1966Mother
006DoughertyEdna G.12 Jun 189221 Nov 1983
006SagerDelphia Ellen20 Oct 19048 Nov 1989
006AndesHerman Jacob27 May 19315 Oct 1983PFC U.S. Army Korea
006CrewsElsie Mae20 Oct 19283 Jul 2003Johnson funeral home marker only
007CampbellIda Alice4 Jul 187411 Feb 1903Illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
007AndesHenryDec 17891 Mar 1830Aged 41y 3m 4d
008AndesNoah16 Apr 18186 Dec 1901Stone broken and on ground 2003
008AndesInfant DaughterNov 1901?StillbornIllegible stone broken and on ground 2003
008AndesSarah12 May 1898Aged 69y 4m 12dIllegible and broken-recorded by Swank in 1967; w/Noah; d/Jacob & Catherine Driver
008AndesCarson M.19 Jun 1890Aged 2m 18d; s/J. W. & M. J.Partially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
008AndesWilliam21 Oct 178721 Jan 1866
008AndesElizabeth5 Jan 179013 Apr 1873w/Wm.
008AndesAndrew10 Feb 174921 May 1821Illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
008AndesBarbary Bear6 Jan 175327 Aug 1828w/Andrew; Partially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
008SourwineMary176927 Jul 1808Aged 39 years
008SourwinePeter1 May 175615 Feb 1836Aged 79y 9m 13d
008RunionMoward R.18901961
008RunionLydia I.18861938w/M. R.
008RunionLawrence M.21 Feb 191416 Oct 1986Wed 5 Dec 1938
008RunionHelen V.18 Aug 1921w/Lawrence M.
008RunionDela L.19181997Grandle funeral home marker only
009AndesJosephine D. Kline5 May 187114 Jan 1948w/Jacob W.
009AndesJacob W.13 Aug 18617 Aug 1848
009AndesMartha Alice31 Jul 186824 Jan 1907Aged 38y 3m 23d; w/J. W.; d/Mathias & Martha Miller
009AndesMary D.2 Mar 189529 Jun 1905d/J. W. & M. A.Stone broken and on ground-recorded by Swank in 1967
009AndesMary C.26 Aug 183916 Jan 1845Partially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
009AndesSamuel12 Apr 184412 Jan 1845Partially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
009AndesWilliam7 Apr 184112 Jan 1845Partially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
009AndesHannah27 Jul 184211 Jan 1845
009UnknownFieldstone-illegible writing 2003
009AndesJohn16 Nov 18358 Aug 1845
009TusingCatherine18511948Funeral home marker only
009EvansRobert L.29 Apr 18875 Dec 1972
009EvansLillie E.12 Apr 189231 Oct 1968
009YankeyLucy E.31 Jul 191518 Jul 1983Our mother
009EvansMary C.19 Dec 19126 Sep 1998Sister
009EvansCharles W.4 Sep 19107 Jul 1998Brother
010AndesJohn10 Apr 17833 Jul 1833
010AndesMary C.18 Jan 178516 Nov 1831
010SilviusJoseph4 Feb 191216 Mar 1912s/J. E. & M. E.
011AndesMargaret I.10 Jan 192016 Mar 1922d/J. H. & M. R.
011AndesSarah J.26 Jun 191326 Aug 1947
011SagerHenry H. Cleveland18901918
011LohrWelty J.8 Nov 19075 Mar 1982Wed 8 Jan 1928
011LohrMabel L.8 Sep 190914 Jan 1999w/Welty J.
012GordonJohn H.18661941
012GordonMary Ann18841968w/J. H.
012GordonGeorge W.2 Jun 190825 Jul 1910s/John H. & Mary A.
012SagerJacob M.18521909Father
012SagerAnnie18521922Motherw/Jacob M.l
012SagerJohn M.21 Jul 187225 Mar 1959
012McKenzieVirginia A.6 May 18877 Nov 1962
012McKenzieJohn H.12 Jan 188411 Sep 1969
012McKenzieJacob O.10 May 191326 Dec 1971
012EvansHelen M.8 Jan 1970
012EvansBernice M.20 May 1933
012EvansEdward I.8 Feb 19291 Oct 1978
013GordonErnest R.4 May 19233 Mar 1990
013GordonEvolean C.21 Oct 19271 Oct 1983
013GordonJames Franklin12 Sep 195110 Sep 1999Married 8 Jan 1994
013GordonLorraine Dale28 Nov 1955w/James F.
013ShermanDylan Kyle8 Oct 200110 Aug 2002
013SagerVirgil Grant19342002Grandle funeral home marker only
014YankeyLarry Homer18 May 19493 Dec 1988
014KileHerbert A. "Cleam"29 Dec 192825 Jun 1997
014SmithRuth A.11 Feb 193313 May 1998
014DellingerBobby A.9 Apr 193822 Aug 1987
014MartinTonia Sue19752002Grandle funeral home marker only
015SmithCody Ray7 Jun 198311 Jun 2000
015PuckettJonathan C.19802002Lindsey funeral home only
016CoffmanShirley J.9 Jun 192328 Aug 1999MM2 U.S. Navy WWIIMilitary marker shows Shirley James Coffman
016CoffmanEva C.21 Apr 1924
017WineJoseph Benjamin27 Jun 19145 Jul 2002PFC U.S. Army WWII
017WineLinda See2 Dec 1945