Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMt. Sinai United Methodist Church Cemetery
LocationHarrisonburg, Rockingham County, Virginia. From the corner of Main Street (Route 11) south and Port Republic Road (Road 659), travel east 2.1 miles on Port Republic Road. Church and cemetery are on the left side of the road. Name changed to "Vision of Hope United Methodist Church.
NotesCemetery is well maintained. Cemetery is recorded by starting at the first row behind the church to the back, and headstones are recorded from left to right (east to west).
Survey Date and Recorder28 Jul 2003
Bob and Lois Emswiler

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001MessickGeorge Carl9 Feb 19085 Oct 1919s/James & Mary E.
001MessickNina9 Mar 18879 Mar 1887d/James & Mary E.Partially illegible marker
001StinespringTurner A.12 Jun 1901Aged 21y 10m 28d
001StinespringIsla B.13 Aug 1892Aged 23y 8m 23d
001StinespringHomer E.7 Jul 1892Aged 16y 2m 25d
001SteinspringW. A.13 Nov 1873Aged 9 mosIllegible marker-off base-recorded by DAR in 1960s
001StinespringMartha F.30 Apr 1880Aged 28y 11m 20d; w/F. P.
001MillerWade N.11 Jun 1890Aged 1m 8d; Inf. s/Cal. & M. E.
001MillerMable2 Aug 1895Aged 4m 5d
001MillerHatghens/H. B. & Georgiania
001MillerCalvin19 Aug 184022 Apr 1907Aged 66y 8m 3d; Our father
001MillerMary E.20 Jan 185528 Mar 1934
001GarionArthur Glen7 Feb 190926 Mar 1909s/A. W. & Susie
001ShoemakerErnest B.25 Sep 19039 Sep 1951Father
001ShoemakerEthel V.4 Aug 19042 Jun 1984Mother
001ShoemakerMichael Lloyd24 Jan 195717 Jun 1979Son
001ShoemakerBeverly B.4 Jun 193726 Jun 1995Father
001ShoemakerConnie E.17 Aug 1939Mother
001TateHarold N.22 Apr 192931 Aug 1929
001TateMary Criswell15 Jun 18963 Feb 1969Mother
001TateHenry Ward31 Oct 189430 Apr 1958Father; Virginia Cook Co. M 318th Inf 80th Division WWI
002WayBernard P.7 Dec 19081 May 1981Father
002WayFrances L.3 Jun 19101 Aug 1975Mother
002WayHattie Phillips4 Oct 188115 Aug 1967
002WayLouisa Stinespring27 Sep 186621 Nov 1898
002WayHarry F.29 Jan 185230 Aug 1925
002WayBobbie W.1 Apr 19139 Aug 1917Infant/Harry F. & Hattie P.
002WayGeo. Robert18 Oct 19104 Dec 1910Infant/Harry F. & Hattie P.
002WineCora Way31 Aug 1893Aged 39y 6m 27d; w/Adam
002WayRebecca H.11 Jun 1891In 81st yr of her life; Mother
002WayFerdinand G.13 Jun 1890In 80th yr of his life; Father
002ClatterbuckMary Jane1891Aged 3m 8d; d/J. & A.Illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002ClatterbuckInfant Son21 Mar 189221 Mar 1892s/John & Annie
002ClatterbuckWilliam15 Nov 183830 Nov 1913
002ClatterbuckLucy J.12 Sep 18377 Aug 1914His wifew/William
002ClatterbuckJ. R.24 Oct 186615 Dec 1919
002ClatterbuckAnnie M.1 Jul 187024 Sep 1953His wife
002LandesM. Irene7 Oct 189817 Nov 1955Mother
002ClatterbuckInfant Son11 May 1917s/G. L. & E. N.
002ClatterbuckGeorge R.11 May19171 Apr 1999
002ClatterbuckRuth K.22 Nov 1915nee Kern
002ClatterbuckCharles L.5 Mar 187217 Jun 1938Father
002ClatterbuckEffie N.22 Feb 18842 May 1974Motherw/Charles L.
002TateRichard A.10 Jun 196310 Jun 1963
002Tate, Jr.Henry Ward13 Apr 19247 Nov 1995PFC US Army WWII
002TateMary Louise3 Sep 1925
003MillerGeorge S.19021903s/L. S. & S. M.
003MillerSamuel G.20 Nov 1901Aged 71y 9m 21d
003MillerMary M.23 Jun 183017 Jan 1916w/S. G.
003BranumJonathan A.18691935
003BranumElizabeth C.18711969
003LandesCharles M.6 May 1898Aged 22y 7m 16d
003KiblerMattie J.24 Jan 184516 Sep 1912
003KiblerB. F.30 Nov 18344 Oct 1891
003CurryJames W.28 Dec 1901Aged 15y 9m 16d; s/J. W. & A. J.
003CurryJames W.25 Jul 184510 Mar 1918
003CurryAmanda J.1 Oct 184927 Apr 1926His wifew/James W.
003HarmonWilliam F.19 Jul 185826 Mar 1941
003HarmonLuerenna15 May 18656 Dec 1919
004LongEthel N.20 May 1897Aged 5m 17d; d/C. A. & T. P.Partially illegible marker
004BowmanOwen Kennedy18961978Father
004BowmanEdna Mable18981937Mother
004LandesSallie1861w/J. W.
004LandesJ. W.18481917
004LandesWillieNo dates-leaning on Lucy Landes stone
004LandesLucy23 Dec 1891Aged 48y 4m 17d; w/James W.
004DeirickH. A.25 Jun 184226 Apr 1900
004DeirickElizabeth A.17 Feb 18436 Jan 1921w/H. A.
004DeirickZora C. S.25 Oct 189011 Jan 1910
004DuffLucy, Mrs.18201901Illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 19602
004BakerCharles H.16 Aug 185628 Jul 1925Father
004BakerMary V.27 Nov 185626 Aug 1946His wife; motherw/Charles H.
004RittenourB. Leasure26 Apr 18999 Sep 1948Father
004RittenourRuby Dunn25 Oct 190530 Mar 2002Mother
005LongMelvin A.2 Dec 1896Aged 1m 9d; s/W. W. & E.Partially illegible marker
005LongElizabeth J.2 May 1902Aged 24 yrs; w/Walter W.Illegible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
005ShifflettJennie M.28 Apr 187617 Sep 1948His wife; Mother
005ShifflettWilliam H.11 Mar 187230 Jul 1933Father
005CoffmanC. Clayton18891940
005CriswellMary S.18591933
005CriswellGeorge W.18571929
005CriswellClarence E.18871907
005CriswellDessie P.18941901
005DunnJohn28 Feb 18613 May 1928
005DunnMaggie M.14 Aug 186022 Sep 1927Wife
005BarkleyForrest Aurbon28 Mar 188713 Jun 1942
005BarkleyLeona29 Feb 18916 Oct 1978
006RitchieJohnNo dates
006RitchieMargaretNo dates-on stone with John
006BellJance E.10 Aug 1895Aged 46y 8m
006SweckerWalter D.15 Jun 189212 Oct 1918
006SweckerNina R.11 Feb 189421 Nov 1980
006RandolphLysta Julia15 Jun 190724 Feb 1996
006BranumMary C.26 May 183929 Jul 1905Aged 60y 2m 3d; w/Thomas
006BranumThomas181831 Mar 1908Aged 90 yrs
006DovelIsaac N.19 Feb 187815 Feb 1958
006DovelEdith A.1 Apr 18843 May 1945
007ShifflettRichard H.2 Feb 194320 Apr 1946
007VoorheesJohn E.19051985
007RandolphCharles A.6 Aug 190117 Jun 1921s/J. R. & M. A.
007RandolphJacob R.24 Apr 18705 Nov 1941Father
007RandolphMary A.10 Aug 187220 Jun 1955Motherw/Jacob R.
007RandolphNuma Lynn13 Feb 191310 Jan 1973
007BranumGeorge W.22 Sep 185917 Dec 1944Father
007BranumDaisy H.21 Nov 18773 Jan 1963Mother
007TaylorReba Branum15 Jan 191610 Jul 1962Daughter
007SmithG. Garland30 Jul 19023 Jun 1983
007SmithGladys G.10 Nov 190020 Mar 1980
007SmithWarren L.18 Dec 192717 Jan 1950
007SmithEmory G.6 Dec 191826 Nov 1964Virginia Pvt. 125 Base Unit AAF WWII
008SpitzerHoward F.28 Oct 19086 Aug 1979
008SpitzerGlenora B.24 Apr 1909
008PuffenbargerCharles B.5 Jun 19003 Feb 1990Married 8 Apr 1925
008PuffenbargerIvy V.14 May 190522 Apr 1994w/Charles B.
008KrouseJoseph M.1 Jul 19056 Sep 1978
008KrouseGladys C.21 Aug 191325 Nov 1991
008TateCassell A.7 Jun 19175 Feb 1974
008TateOla Josephine31 Dec 191329 Mar 1988
008BranumWard W.26 Feb 190624 Jun 1964
008GarionArthur W.6 Apr 188014 May 1948Father
008GarionSusie H.18 Feb 18868 May 1964Mother
008PenceGolden W.19 Feb 19193 Jun 1977Father
008PenceMary M.8 Apr 19215 Dec 1977Mother
009Whitesel, Sr.Joseph B.192319921st Sgt US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Joseph Bidler Whitesel, Sr. b. 16 Aug 1923, d. 15 Oct 1992
009WhiteselHelen S.19261999
009Whitesel, Jr.Joseph B.19501989
009StrobleCharles H.7 Oct 19021 Sep 1979Father
009StrobleEdna B.25 Jun 191112 Aug 1991Mother
009Smith, Sr.George Loyd12 Apr 19117 Aug 1975
009EiseleEvelyn Corson Smith10 May 191521 Sep 1990
009WinegardOtis Luther16 Apr 193014 May 1980
010MedickeJohn A.29 Jul 192610 Feb 1982MM3 US Navy WWIIEmblem marker WW 1941-1945
010BraggDenise D.22 Mar 19543 Feb 1998w/William J.
010BraggWilliam J. "Joe"7 Nov 1945Married 24 Dec 1981
010HepnerStanley O.14 Dec 1924Married 31 Dec 1967
010HepnerHazel W.28 Nov 1924w/Stanley O.
010BraggLarry K.26 Jan 194724 Jan 1991s/Stanley O. & Hazel W. Hepner