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CemeterySpears Family Cemetery
LocationNorth of Edom, Rockingham County, Virginia. From corner of Route 33 West (W. Market Street) and Route 42 in Harrisonburg, take Route 42 North. Go 7.3 miles then turn right on to property with house and barn. Take road behind the barn, through gates and field, to cemetery up on the hill, with a white fence around it. Need permission from owner to visit the cemetery.
NotesIn 2003, owner has erected a white fence around the cemetery. The cemetery is not maintained. Upon visiting the cemetery (2003) there were about seven stones visible and only one was partially legible. All previous recordings were combined. Row 001 are headstones found at one time. Row 002 are footstones recorded. Row 003 are stones found outside of fence, about 50 feet away in open pasture field, recorded by John W. Wayland in 1933. In 1998 Dale MacAllister noted, "The iron fence was completely down and the ornate cast iron posts were scattered and down. All stones were down or broken." On September 5, 1933, John W. Wayland wrote, "The graves of the four Spears and J. R. Glasgow are inside an iron fence; the others noted (and many more without stones or legible inscriptions) are in a frail enclosure nearby. Probably the graveyard was once much larger than now appears. A decaying wild cherry tree is in the west corner of the Spears iron fence." He continued, "The notation beginning with Mary Lair were made November 28, 1932, when I made a second visit, this time with Joseph K. Ruebush. We located the course of the old road near the site of the church and graveyard. A Methodist church once stood on the hill where the graveyard is. The Bryans were near here, numerous, and one I think was a Methodist preacher. I imagine they helped to build this church. K. Pennybacker place was formerly the Bryan home." In 1967 J. Robert Swank wrote, "The Spears Family Cemetery is on farm opposite Wengers Mill on Route 42 north of Edom, Virginia, on hill east of the barn along the fence. There may be others buried here. Plot was formerly enclosed by durable iron fence, part of which is down and greatly neglected. Marriage bond shows William A. Glasgow married June 15, 1847 to Elizabeth M. Spears daughter of C. C. Spears. In another plot within fifty feet in open pasture field, the stones are down and mostly limestone or fieldstones. There is evidence, from the space covered, of other graves. The Bryans, Greens, and Chrismans were early land owners in this section. The following early Spears marriages are recorded in Rockingham County Courthouse records: 1783 Margaret to Christian Riffe, 1793 Sally to John Rader, 1793 Hannah to Jonathan Newman, 1793 John to Margaret Chrisman, 1801 David to Barbara Boyer, 1847 Elizabeth A. to William A. Glasgow, 1852 Rebecca B. to William R. Warren." Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) recorded this cemetery and added notes, "David Wenger, son of Isaac, as a boy remembered a Christman grave was moved from here to Cooks Creek cemetery. The skeleton was extremely large. Some thought a very early Linville Creek Presbyterian congregation may have had a church or used a school house near this cemetery. Hersay--Bryan homes were at Pennybacker place and at the Neff home just north of the Wenger home. Christman homes were stone house and mill house. These were later Coffman (stone house later Moffett Newman). A Coffman son bought lamd (probably from Christman) and built a large brick house. The house (and mill) was bought by Isaac Wenger around Civil War beginning. The Spears home was Christine Swank home now (1966) west of Edom, one mile on Singers Glen Road."
Survey Date and Recorder31 July 2003
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001SpearsSelina Ann17 Apr 182818 Feb 1842EMU shows b. 12 Apr 1828; Swank & Wayland 17 Apr 1828
001SpearsCharles C.7 Mar 180210 Nov 1855s/John & M.Wayland & EMU show born 1802; Swank has 1809
001SpearsMargaret M.16 Jan 18024 Nov 1854married 26 Oct 1825; w/Charles C.; d/John & Nancy ChrismanWayland shows b. 16 Jan 1802; Swank has 16 March 1802
001GlasgowJoseph Ried2 Jan 1849Apr 1849s/William A. & Elizabeth M.Wayland & EMU show year 1849; Swank shows year 1848; In 1998 Dale MacAllister noted Wm. A. & Eliz. M. Spears Glasgow were married in1847
001SpearsMatilda Brown26 Jan 18347 Jun 1835d/C. C. & M. M.
002FootstoneM. B. S.Matilda Brown Spears
002FootstoneC. C. S.Charles C. Spears
002FootstoneM. M. S.Margaret M. Spears
002FootstoneJ. R. G.Jos. Ried Glasgow
002FootstoneS. I. S.Unknown or possibly Selina Ann Spears
003BryanT.8 Jan 1798Not sure date birth or death year; EMU shows year as 1783
003WarrenCrecyAged 7 yrsRecorded by Swank & EMU
003BryanD.Recorded by Swank & EMU
003GreenJoseph1782Recorded by Swank & EMU
003HankE.Dec 18_2Recorded by Swank & EMU
003BryanB.Recorded by EMU only
003T.R. (or B.)Recorded by Swank only
003T.M.Recorded by Swank only
003LairMary30 Jan 1797 ?Recorded by Wayland only
003LairHannahJan 1797 ?Aged 12 yearsRecorded by Wayland only; on stone with Mary