Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeterySt. John's Evangelical Lutheran Chapel Cemetery
LocationCootes Store area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Court Square, Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 42 north (Harpine Hwy) 12.1 miles to Broadway. Turn left onto Route 259 (Brocks Gap Road) and go 3.3 to Route 613 (North Mountain Road) and turn right. Go 3.2 miles and church/cemetery on the left side of road behind the church.
NotesCemetery is well maintained. Enclosed by iron fence. Cemetery rows are recorded from gate entrance to the back (east to west) and headstones from left to right (south to north). In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted "There are probably more unmarked graves then those with named markers."
Survey Date and Recorder17 Jul 2003
Bob & Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001SagerLevi3 Mar 18285 Jun 1915Aged 87y 3m 2d; A Veteran of the Mexican War 1846-1847
001SagerWilliam5 Jun 187123 Jun 1942
001SmithThomas A.11 Jul 185416 Dec 1923
001UnknownIllegible funeral home marker
001HelmickPhyllis AnnNov 1960Rhodes funeral home marker only
001EatonJohn W.18 Oct 189112 Feb 1950
001CalhounAlice Eaton16 Mar 18944 Jul 1973
001MillerCharlie E.11 Sep 191219 Jun 1978
001MillerAnna Lee O.26 Feb 1914w/Charlie E.
001MillerMelvin E.19331995Grandle funeral home marker only
001HelmickWilbur19 Sep 1926
001HelmickEffie Mae22 Jan 19328 Feb 1981
001CampbellWinifred R.19 Feb 191713 Oct 1995Sgt U.S. Army WWII
002Spitzer, Sr.William A.29 Mar 18979 Apr 1964Virginia Cpl Co L 9 Infantry WWI
002SpitzerMary J.7 Jan 19055 Dec 1977w/Wm. A. Sr.
002SpitzerBonnie Fay27 Mar 193327 Mar 1933Infant/W. A. & M. J.
002SpitzerConnie May27 Mar 193327 Mar 1933Infant/W. A. & M. J.
002RigglemanPhillip16 Oct 184223 Aug 1924
002RigglemanElizabeth16 Oct 18548 May 1924w/Phillip
002BurkholderInfant SonMar 1980s/Stephen & Connie
003Wilt, Jr.Franklin L.10 Feb 192720 Mar 1990Our children: Franklin III, Judy Lynn
003WiltHilda B.16 Mar 1933Married 18 Dec 1954w/Franklin L. Jr.
003KlugeEunice5 Apr 19331 Aug 1985
003RhodesRose Wilt19081948
003StrawdermanLaban17 Feb 186419 Mar 1923
003WeanDora Bell18781958Rhodes funeral home marker only
003LambertSusan20 Nov 184230 Mar 1922Aged 79y 4m 11d
003LambertJohn F.10 Feb 186930 Apr 1929Aged 62y 20d
003MaySamuel E.19 Feb 19016 Feb 1983
003MayGeorge William4 Apr 190821 Oct 1953Brother
003MayGeorge H.12 Jan 186410 May 1943Father
003MayNancy G.6 Nov 187027 Nov 1951Motherw/Geo. H.
003MayFrances Jane15 Jul 184518 Feb 1922Aged 76y 6m 3d
003MayCharles R.9 Jun 189423 Jun 1970Virginia Pvt 54 Infantry WWI; Erected by Rhoda Turner May
004WeanFloyd F.13 Oct 19024 Nov 1978
004WeanChristopher3 Aug 191214 Apr 1974Homemade wooden cross with data on it
004WeanClara Viola19161963
004WeanDora Belle18821968Rhodes funeral home marker only
004WeanChristian C.18711952Rhodes funeral home marker only
004WiltFranklin L.19011944
004WiltBertie W.19051969
004WiltDonald E.19381938
004WiltInfant Daughter1941
004ShopeVere20 Jan 190420 Jan 1904s/Geo. & SarahPartially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
004WiltElizabeth C. Gordon18681902
005AndesSallie C.18631958w/Wm.
005SmuckEllen Biller30 Sep 187419 Jan 1953
005SmuckRobert18 Jul 186811 Aug 1946
005SmuckMary A.18 Aug 183320 Jan 1923w/RobertPartially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
005DellingerOphelia8 Sep 186628 Dec 1952Motherw/Ambrose
005DellingerAmbrose22 Sep 186827 Aug 1917Father
005DellingerSarah11 Sep 1886Aged 82 yrs; Mother
005DellingerJohn20 Feb 1882Aged 79 yrs; Father
005BrannerHarrison6 Mar 1879Aged 58y 10m 26d
005LeasyPhilip R.12 Nov 187826 Nov 1878
005SmithPearlie Grace19 Jun 18889 Sep 1891d/Thomas F. & SarahPartially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
005SmithSarah A.17 Sep 185629 Jan 1910Aged 68y 4m 12dw/Thomas F.
005SmithThomas F.31 May 185118 Jul 1915
006ReedyAda M.15 Oct 190321 Nov 1958
006ReedyJohn W.8 Jul 190211 Jan 1980
006ReedyJennie E.18 Dec 191024 Mar 1984
006LeecyGranville F.23 Sep 19229 Nov 1995Cpl U.S. Army WWII
006LeecyInfant Daughter1959
006UnknownIllegible funeral home marker only
006TusingMary Ann18 Jun 183618 Apr 1919w/Nathaniel
006TusingJohn Casper6 Sep 187419 Dec 1887Aged 13y 3m
007OrebaughSaylor J.9 Jan 18999 Aug 1965
007OrebaughJennie I.19 Jun 19113 Dec 1992
007OrebaughJohn F.3 Mar 190810 Nov 1944Brother
007OrebaughEdward J.18631937
007OrebaughFrancie R.18751932w/Edward J.
007UnknownBase only
007LeasyMargaret V.18 May 18771 Mar 1899
007LeasyJohn21 Jul 184015 Apr 1898
007Leasy19 Mar 184310 Mar 1904Aged 60y 11m 21dIllegible given name 2003
007MathiasWilliam F.18991964Funeral home marker only
008RunionMiriam E. Tusing Campbell Leecy3 Jan 18983 Jan 1992
008TusingJoseph F.18691957Father
008TusingJames M. L.19041992U.S. Army WWIIMilitary marker shows James Luther Tusing b. 3 Dec 1904 d. 3 Jul 1992
008WiltWilliam A. D.19221955
008WiltLydia A.18801966
008WiltJacob E.18791954
008WiltJackson Lee2 Feb 186828 Aug 1946Homemade wooden cross with data on it
008WiltAnnie Beeler28 Apr 183813 Aug 1921Homemade wooden cross with data on it
008WiltAbsalom Emmanuel7 Jun 18408 Dec 1905Homemade wooden cross with data on it
008WiltBenjamin Ambrose16 May 188118 Oct 1897Homemade wooden cross with data on it
008WiltWilliam Edward1 Oct 186916 Mar 1895Homemade wooden cross with data on it
008WiltAbsalom Henry5 Mar 1877Homemade wooden cross with data on it; no death date
008WiltEffie17 Oct 18691869Homemade wooden cross with data on it
008WiltSarah Anna21 Aug 1873Homemade wooden cross with data on it; no death date
009RickardPete2 Oct 19193 Sep 1989
009RickardFlorence N.15 Feb 191910 Jul 1985