Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryBroadway Presbyterian Church Cemetery
LocationBroadway, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 42 North. The church is located in Broadway, at the intersection of Route 42 & Route 259. The cemetery is directly behind the church.
NotesCemetery is well maintained. Rows are recorded starting with Row 001 being the furtherest from the church. Headstones are recorded (facing the church) from left to right. In 1967, J. Robert Swank noted, "There are unmarked graves."
Survey Date and RecorderSep 2003
Martha Lee & Nettie Lee

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001WilliamsJames Marshall18751922Father
001WilliamsJimmie20 Oct 190125 Jan 1905
001WilliamsElizabeth Sites5 Jan 1905Aged 27y 2d
001PennybackerJoseph S.8 Oct 183924 Jan 1894
001BrannerEdgar T.19131990
001BrannerRebecca W.19171967
001FultzTwins14 Jun 1912s/Dr. G. S. & Alma
001FultzGeorge S., Dr.18781944
001FultzAlma McDowell18881979w/Dr. Geo. A.; died about 1978
002WilliamsSamuel C.22 Dec 1890Aged 48y 9m 28d
002WilliamsSallie Frances10 Feb 184431 Aug 1932Aged 88y 6m 21dw/S. C.
002C.M.Stone with initials only
002WilliamsJulia C.7 Mar 18724 Jul 1897
002SmithLucy Lovell4 Nov 187321 Mar 1934Aged 60y 4m 17dw/John W.
002SmithJohn W.23 Mar 186630 Jun 1897
002WilsonAda Orice23 Aug 187111 Jan 1886
002MooreCharles W.9 May 186026 Jan 1899Aged 38y 8m 17d
002MooreMartha C.7 Aug 18579 Oct 1896Aged 39y 2m 2dw/C. W.
002MooreKirby C.22 Oct 189021 Jul 1960No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
002MooreCharles Hubert21 Feb 18909 Apr 1892Aged 2y 1m 8d; s/C. W. & M. C.
002MooreKirby M.22 Oct 189021 Jul 1960
002GardnerLottie A.19 Mar 188120 Jul 1886ch/Wm. H. and Myra
002GardnerEnos A.29 Mar 187922 Feb 1890ch/Wm. H. and Myra
002GardenerFrank R.11 May 188712 Jul 1890ch/Wm. H. and Myra
002BeverEmma Vianna5 Dec 1886Aged 7m 20d; d/Geo. W. and Mary E.
002HornerJohn W.29 Nov 18466 Feb 1923
002HornerMartha J.26 Dec 185010 Aug 1893w/J. W.
002BrannerLawrence B.18891951
002BrannerRessie E.18851966w/L. B.
002McDowellW. H. G.13 Mar 182722 Jan 1896
002McDowellSarah E.28 Dec 182827 Jan 1896w/W. H.
002McDowellIvan Woodrow, Dr.13 Apr 185914 Mar 1903
002McDowellSusan H. Knee25 Nov 186111 Jan 1937w/Dr. I. W.
002McAvoyCharlotte E.25 Apr 186327 May 1900Aged 37y 1m 3d
003MyersRobert A.14 Apr 185610 Jul 1918
003RutherfordJames D.26 Nov 185116 Jan 1927Father of Laura
003RutherfordMary Catherine11 Apr 184812 Nov 926
003RootMaria D.6 May 181511 Apr 1896Born in Marlborough Conn; Mother/E. D.
003RootEllen9 Jan 18429 Apr 1893Born Glastonbury Conn; w/E. D.
003WadeEvelyn Graham3 Apr 18925 Jan 1896d/I. C. & Jennie
003E.A. M. K.Stone with initials only
003ShrenkhiseJoseph S.16 Jun 184920 Jul 1893
003RobertsWillie Florence25 Feb 1875Aged 7m 3d
003RobertsMargaret P.2 Mar 183812 Aug 1885w/R. L.
003RhinehartWade H.18791969
003RhinehartLillie H.18801964
003HevenerW. L.14 Nov 187216 Dec 1926
003R.J. S.Stone with initials only
003R.O. M.Stone with initials only
003HulveyMinnie E.1891ch/J. M. & Ida K.
003HulveyRebecca B.1886ch/J. M. & Ida K.
003HulveyJohn B.1891s/J. M. & Ida K.
003RiceThelma Beery9 Jul 1895d/J. T. & M. V.
003RiceInfant17 Jun ?Aged 6 das; d/J. T. & M. V.
003HintonWilliam T.9 Sep 186831 Dec 1943
003HintonKatie Rice26 Jul 186629 Sep 1939w/Wm. T.
003RiceJ. Elizabeth18411932
003TheisMildred19 Nov 189522 Feb 1896
004MyersIsaac R.20 Oct 1869Aged 22y 10m 7d
004MyersAlbert D.5 Sep 1850Aged 11m 3d
004MyersJohn31 Jul 1894Aged 79y 4m 18d
004MyersMartha J.31 Jul 1882Aged 59y 11m 16d
004PughMinnie A.18761957w/Philip W.
004PughPhilip W.18761931
004PughMildred B.19031946
004PughJohn J.1911Infant/P. W. & M. A.
004PughVirginia1912Infant/P. W. & M. A.
004CaslerMichael12 Jan 1873Aged 61y 9m
004CaslerEvelina M.14 Jul 1881Aged 72y 3m 16d
004UnknownStone with no writing
004R.E. J.Stone with initials only
004G.L. A.Stone with initials only
004CrossCharles H.24 Dec 183829 Jul 1906
004HulveyJ. Marion18561924
004HulveyIda K.18551934w/J. M.
004HulveyLena Lee18921980
004RiceJoseph Stephens23 Dec 183723 Dec 1917
004RiceOctavia M.27 Oct 184324 Jan 1927w/J. S.
004RiceJoseph Calvin14 Sep 187020 Apr 1898
004ClarkNan Wine9 Apr 18915 Mar 1913
005UnknownBase of stone only
005BellKirkwood3 Feb 18551 Apr 1939h/Maggie A. Bell
005BellFrank Burr25 Apr 189120 Jan 1913s/Kirkwood & Maggie A.
005BellMaggie A.3 Apr 18683 Aug 1925w/Kirkwood
005PughGeorge Branner7 Oct 187411 Mar 1876Aged 1y 5m 4d; s/P. W. & Mary E.
005PughRussell12 Feb 188621 Mar 1906s/P. W. & Mary E.; youngest son
005AldhizerHenry H.8 Sep 188010 Aug 1928
005AldhizerSidney McNeill4 Jun 187828 Dec 1959w/H. H.; nee McNeill
005WilliamsThomasJul 1966InfantNo visible marker-Recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
005WilliamsHugh E.28 Jun 189831 Jan 1955
005WilliamsMary E. Bare18881930
005PughSallie E.12 Dec 183019 May 1906
005PeckHannah S.29 Mar 178622 Apr 1876w/Philip W.
005WhitmoreS. Davis14 Apr 186317 Feb 1920
005BrannerMattie Emma2 Oct 188820 Feb 1916Aged 27y 5m 18dW. Philip T.
005BrannerInfant daughter7 Jan 1916s/P. T. & M. E.
005BeeryOttie C.27 Nov 1895Aged 10m 24d; s/ S. P. & C. M.
005BeeryCelia M. Curry18661945w/S. P.
005BeerySimon Perry18641950s/John & Sarah Funk Beery
006ShafferLucy Eldora28 Oct 187122 May 1893w/E. J.w/E. J.
006ShafferJohn Edward1 Feb 186715 Jan 1944
006ShafferSallie21 Sep 18313 May 1894Aged 62y 9m 12d; w/John E.
006EnosAnn Maria Kellogg6 Oct 181625 Mar 1895w/Wm. Humphrey Enos
006PughPhilip William21 Aug 183730 Jun 1908
006PughMary Elizabeth9 Apr 18471 Sep 1923w/P. W.
006PughMinnie C.15 Mar 187319 Jan 1949
006PughSallie W.15 Jan 188028 Apr 1963
006GampbellLouise W.30 Jan 19024 Mar 1952
006W.C. W.Stone with initials only
006WilliamsNeville Dun27 Nov 18912nd s/Philip P. & Frances L.
006WhitmoreEdna A.22 Sept 1887Aged 1y 1m 20d; d/H. A. & M. A.
006WhitmoreMattie A.16 Sep 18477 Feb 1910w/H. A.
006WhitmoreHarvey A.3 Jun 18529 Jul 1941
006UnknownStone with no writing
006GlennLucy J.31 Dec 1888Aged 1y 6m 3d; d/John H. & Mary J.
006C.W.Stone with intials only
006CurryE. R.7 Jan 183129 Dec 1905w/H. W.
006CurryH. W.6 Jan 18333 Sep 1904
006Pence?Russell LeeMar 1930
006Pence?Robert WilmerMar 1923Aug 1923
006PenceRoy R.Apr 1900Mar 1967
006PenceAddie RitchieSep 1900Apr 1998
007UnknownBase of stone only
007WhitlockCarrie Branner28 Jan 18869 Aug 1919w/Aubrey
007ShoupFrank W.9 Jul 18726 Jan 1878s/H. & E.
007MontagueFairy Ethel18821953w/R. T.
007MontagueRandolph Tucker18791948
007MontagueEmma White19151985
007HooverMary Alice1 Dec 1883Aged 3m 14d; d/G. W. & C. C.
007HooverGeorge Bowman18 Jul 19071 Jul 1908s/G. W. & C. C.
007HooverFrank C.18841951
007HooverSallie L.18831961w/F. C.
007BrannerJohn J.16 Jun 184921 Apr 1919
007BrannerEmma V.16 Apr 185113 Jul 1931w/J. J.
007BrannerJ. William18771960
007BrannerEffie Mary18901954w/J. W.
007LandisHarry Lee1911Infant s/C. K. & M. O.
007C.E. A.Stone with initials only
008BrannerChrisman Richard23 Sep 1902Aged 51yrs
008BrannerRichard Thurston13 May 1898Aged 21 yrs; s/Chrisman & Sidney
008BrannerGordon3 Jun 188320 Mar 1885Aged 1y 9m 17d; s/C. R. & Sidney I.
008WinfieldMary Louisa18481929d/Dr. Richard
008ShoupEmily Winfield18421919w/Henry Lincoln Shoup
008ShoupHenry L.26 Oct 18303 Jul 1879Aged 48y 8m 7d
008BarglebaughBeulah Bowman5 Nov 18863 Feb 1888d/C. E. & Emma G.
008BarglebaughJanet Irene29 Oct 1890Age 11y 11m 15d; d/C. E. & E. G.
008BarglebaughEmma Tyre18581933w/C. E.
008BauglebuaghJack Vail1933faithful dog of Mrs. E. G.; 15years
008BarglebaughCharles Edgar18521939
008HooverGeorge W.18521889
008HooverCornelia C.18521932w/Geo. W.
008HooverCharles D.18771931
008HooverFlorance P.18911981w/C. D.
008BrannerSam'l Russell11 Apr 1882Aged 1y 10m 3d; s/John J. & Emma V.
008BrannerLula Chrisman14 Mar 18723 Sept 1891Aged 19y 5m 19d; d/J. J. & Emma V.
008BrannerEffie Graham1 Nov 187312 Apr 1899Aged 25y 5m 11d; d/J. J. & Emma V.
009WinfieldCharles R.10 Jul 185629 Sep 1944
009WinfieldPauline Swift27 Apr 18597 Jan 1950w/C. R.
009WilliamsCharles W.1 Apr 1885Aged 7das; s/S. C. & S. F.
009WinfieldElizabeth P. Salvage8 Jul 18038 Oct 1951w/R. Winfield; d/Benj. & Catherine Salvage
009BrannerEffie K.15 Jan 1885Aged 13das; d/Charles R. & Sallie S.
009BrannerCharles R.2 May 185126 Dec 1909
009BrannerSallie Summers9 Feb 18557 Nov 1917w/Charles R.
009BrannerElla G.18781939d/C. R. & S. S.
009BrannerBessie P.18801958
009BrannerOllie B.18831963
010BasoreL. M. Ortelia25 Jan 18438 Oct 1883Aged 40y 8m 13d
010BasoreTravillo Shearer4 Aug 186911 Jan 1889Aged 19y 5m 7d
010BasoreJohn Wesley25 Nov 18365 Aug 1918Deo Vindice 1861-1865
010BasoreNannie Fletcher18 Aug 18502 Dec 1922w/John Wesley
010BasoreMichael5 Mar 180816 Mar 1881Aged 73y 11d
010FletcherPatterson, Rev.18 Mar 18169 Jan 1892Entered the ministry 1844
010FletcherLucy Muse3 May 182228 Mar 1908Motherw/Rev. P. Fletcher
010FletcherWilliam Walton6 Oct 1895Aged 43y; only s/Rev Patterson & Lucy Muse Fletcher
010WinfieldJ. Q., Dr.29 Jul 1892Aged 70 yrs; CSA
010WinfieldSarah Leonard Neff1 May 183417 Nov 1917w/Dr. John Q.
010WinfieldFrank17 May 18367 Oct 1909Born in Virginia & died in Yokohama, Japan
010WinfieldAlice M.18421931d/Richard & Elizabeth Salvige Winfield
010WinfieldRichard6 Feb 179627 Mar 1858Born in Orange Co., N. Y.