Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryCooks Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery
LocationEast of Mt. Clinton, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, at corner of Route 42 (High Street) and Route 33 (West market Street), take Route 33 West 3.2 miles and turn right onto Route 701 (Cooks Creek Road). Go 1.5 miles to Route 726 (Mount Clinton Pike). Church and cemetery are located on the northwest corner of the junction 701 and 726.
NotesThe cemetery is well maintained. Section 1 is the old section located in front of the church and starts near the road and is recorded from left to right. Section 2 is located on the right side facing the church and is recorded starting near the road and from left to right towards the back of the church. In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted "There were many stones illegible (Note: referring to Section 1 and 2). Also many unmarked graves." Section 3 is the new area and is located across the road. The rows are recorded by starting in the far right corner from the church (southeast) to the west. Headstones are recorded from right to left (south to north). Section 4 is a list of burials recorded by the church but were not found in Section 1 or 2 by Mr. Swank in 1967 and not in 2002. Section 5 - Mr. Swank writes "The first meeting house of the Cooks Creek Congregation was located on 16 acres of land on Cooks Creek by a spring 1750 to 1780. A grave yard was located by the spring and church. This was later flooded by the construction of the dam to form Silver Lake at Dayton, Virginia. There were many buried here. There were probably a number of slaves buried here who were members of the congregation." Burials known to be in the Dayton grave yard are listed in this section. Family/relationship notes in "Remarks" column were furnished by Mr. Swank.
Survey Date and RecorderOct 2002
Martha Lee

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
21BowmanSamuel18 Nov 1861Aged 82y 2m 3dMoved from the Bowman - Whitmer Family Cemetery, Mt. Clinton area, Va.
001001EffingerDella Rice25 Sep 1844Aged 2m 25dno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960's, c/G. W. & C. M. Effinger
001001EffingerCaroline Maryno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960's, d/G. W. & C. M. Effinger
001001SmithMartha8 Feb 1855Aged 41y 16d
001001SmithMatilda28 Mar 1855Aged 15y 6m 14d
001001TuckerJohn T.15 Oct 181010 Aug 1870of Madison City, Va., died at Rawley Springs-per church records
001001MillerGeorge M.24 Sep 183830 Sep 1839
001002CampbellJohn H.2 Jun 1850Aged 71y 10m 1d
001002CampbellDorcas17 Sep 1865Aged 80y 7m, w/J. H.illegible age-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001002EffingerCaroline M.w/G. W., d/J. H. & Dorcas Campbell
001002SmithMargaret23 Mar 1857Aged 77y, w/Jasper
001002SmithMartha C.30 May 184814 Jul 1863Aged 15y 1m 14d
001002SmithJeremiah17 Jan 1865Aged 19y 1m 3d
001002MessickMary O.5 Apr 185230 Nov 1883w/Edward C.
001003EwingMary E.18241916
001003BrownElizabeth A. Ewing8 Apr 182914 Mar 1902w/J. T.
001003PenceMary E.2 Jun 186217 Jul 1870Aged 1y 1m 15d, d/H. B. & S. C.
001003MessickMargaret A.5 Apr 1910Aged 91y 19d, w/Gassner
001003MessickGasner8 Aug 1870Aged 56y 8m 22d
001004EwingPhoebe A.10 May 1893Aged 74 y
001004EwingNancy B.21 Apr 1889Aged 79y
001004EwingRebecca D.26 Jan 1889Aged 66y
001004ShafferEliza L.16 Jul 1875Aged 23y 8m 21dw/E. M.
001004ShafferMamie L.30 Aug 1873Aged 3m 9dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001004BowersWilliam H.25 Feb 1843Death date below ground
001004BowersChristian9 Apr 18036 Jan 1875
001004BowersSarah10 Dec 180723 Oct 1890Aged 82y 10m 13d, w/Christian Swank says it is Sarah Boner Bowers & Church records say Sarah Bowers Bowers
001004MillerJohn Wallace17911843
001005PainterLydia C.8 Jul 185229 Mar 1907w/ Dr. R.w/Dr. R.
001005PainterR., Dr.4 Jan 185014 Nov 1914
001005DeaversEmma M.19 Dec 1867Aged 5y 1m 22dillegible stone except for name-recorded by Swank in 1960's, d/L. & A.
001005DeaversAmanda27 Dec 18332 Aug 1875Aged 41y 7m 14d, w/Isaac
001005UnknownMonument to the Unknown
001006PainterRoscoe Long1 Mar 18889 Aug 1888s/Dr. R. & L. C.
001006PainterBertie V.21 Mar 18807 Nov 1886Aged 6y 8m 16d, d/Dr. R. & L. C.
001006PainterOscar B.8 Mar 18819 Jul 1881s/Dr. R. & L. C.
001006LineweaverMargaret M.18 Apr 182116 May 1893w/John, nee Beard
001006LineweaverJohn27 Mar 18206 Sep 1886Aged 66y 5m 10d
001006LineweaverSarah Hester4 Oct 1864Aged 3y 4dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, d/John & M. M.
001006LineweaverVirginia Catherine22 Oct 1862Aged 2y 11m 23dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, d/John & M. M.
001006LineweaverDavid Henry1 Sep 1853Age 8y 11m 12d
001006RitchieJacob Henry25 Sep 185122 Nov 1859no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960's, s/Peter & Sarah
001006LineweaverMatilda Frances23 Apr 1853Aged 1y 3m 12d, d/J. & M.d/J. & M.
001006EwinJesse16 Jun 1807
001007LineweaverJames M.23 Feb 184929 Oct 1887
001007LineweaverSallie C.28 Aug 184331 Oct 1922w/J. M.
001007LineweaverJoseph28 Feb 18576 Feb 1892s/David & Sarah
001007LineweaverDavid12 Jul 18063 Nov 1874illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001007LineweaverSarah1 Jun 181627 Nov 1889illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, w/David; nee Messick?
001007LineweaverLucy A.21 May 184611 Jul 1882Aged 36y 1m 20d
001007LineweaverFranklin B.20 Mar 186030 Oct 1862illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, s/Geo. M. & Lydia Ralston Lineweaver
001008ClineDaniel H.1 Sep 185417 Feb 1910Aged 55y 5m 16d, father
001008ClineDora F.22 Apr 185914 Sep 1904Aged 45y 4m 23d, motherw/D. H.
001008DeputySarah C.18 May 1897Age 69y, w/Abraham
001008DeputyAbraham2 Apr 1860Age 46y
001008DeaversThornton25 Dec 182431 Oct 1898Aged 73y 10m 6d, father
001008DeaversMary22 Mar 182916 May 1903Aged 74y 1m ?d, motherw/Thornton
001008DeaversDavid S.22 Oct 185331 Oct 1862Age 9y 9d
001008BerryDavid12 May 17961 Mar 1871
001009AndersonJames11 Aug 177711 Oct 1827
001009AndersonJames William15 May 183630 Oct 1838s/E. & J.
001009BerryMary Catherine25 Dec 1856Aged 60y 1m
001009BerryKindley26 Aug 1842Aged 55y 7m 26dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001009BerryGeorge7 Nov 1851Aged 61y 3m 25dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001010ShowalterElizabeth Ann3 Feb 1850Aged 9y 9m 6d
001010MalloryWilliamJul 1831Aged 9y
001010KilpatrickAbner Morton12 Sep 182517 Mar 1831
001010KilpatrickElizabeth Margaret8 Nov 18176 Apr 1834Aged 17y 1m 29d
001011SwartzMaria29 Dec 182713 Mar 1917
001011SwartzWilliam1801Apr 1864
001011SwartzElizabeth31 Jul 17969 Jul 1880Aged 83y 11m 9dillegible name-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001011ShowalterJohn Thompson22 Mar 1852Aged 1y 6m 3dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001011ShowalterAnn E.2 Aug 1844Aged 9m 5d
001011MyersJohn D.13 Apr 17974 Nov 1836illegible dates-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001011EwinJohn5 May 1822Aged 82nd year
001011EwingBenjamin19 Oct 1863Aged 46y; Soldier C.S.A. died Richmond, Virginia
001011MalloryAdilla15 Jan 1827Aged 25th year
001011EwingElizabeth5 May 1830Aged 40th year
001011EwingGeorge W.3 Oct 1846Aged 34y 8m 27d
001011EwingWilliam15 Aug 178014 Jan 1857
001011CampbellRachael20 Nov 1847Aged 57y 4m 12d, w/George
001012RhodesKatherine Lois13 Mar 191216 May 2000
001012RhodesL. Lewis18761962
001012RhodesSadie S.18841959w/L. L.
001012BrannerMary FrancesJun 18315511illegible name-recorded by Swank in 1960's, w/John F.
001012BrannerJohn F.Dec 1826Jul 1873illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001012BrannerMadison D.24 Apr 18611 Apr 1879Illegible date-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001012BrannerMary E.30 May 185920 Aug 1863Age 4y 2m 20dillegible dates-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001012LineweaverRuth C.7 Feb 18515 Nov 1864d/D. F. & E. M.
001012HeckEliza4 Mar 1920Age about 75 yrs
001012ShowalterSarah F.10 Aug 181721 Dec 1845w/Adamw/Adam
001012BeardRuth2 Oct 1847Aged 54y 4m 20d,w/David B. C. W., d/Dvid & Sarah Henton Ralstonw/David B.C.W.; d/David & Sarah Henton Ralston
001012BeardDavid B. C. W.25 Nov 1852Aged 65y 10m 28d, s/Charles & Elizabeth Moffet Beards/Charles & Eliz. Moffet Beard
001012BeardJacob28 Oct 195318 Feb 1885s/Silas & Maria, Aged 31y 3m 20d-recorded in Church records in 1961
001012BeardMaria C.12 Jan 183022 Jun 1909Mother
001012BeardSilas20 Oct 182411 Dec 1888Aged 64y 1m 21d
001013LineweaverPerry L.18621923
001013LineweaverM. Frances18741938
001013LineweaverSusanna S.18561906
001013HeatwoleMollie E. Lineweaver14 Jul 187030 Jun 1906w/C. J., d/George W. & Lydia
001013LineweaverLydia J.12 May 183829 Aug 1918w/George W.nee Ralston
001013LineweaverGeorge W.4 Mar 183024 Sep 1896Aged 66y 6m 20d
001013LineweaverSalome G.9 Apr 186521 Jul 1886d/G. W. & L. J.d/G. W. & L. J.
001013LineweaverJacob Sr.5 Aug 1873Aged 80yillegible name-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001013LineweaverCatherine L.9 Jul 1874Age about 75 yrsnee Falls?
001013ClineElizabeth F.24 Jun 1865Aged 2y 2m 20d, d/ J. P. & M. J.d/J. P. & M. J.
001013FrymyerDaniel10 Jul 1838Aged 64y
001013FrymyerMargaret26 Jan 1852Aged 73y, w/Daniel
001013KooglerJacob28 Jul 177627 Feb 1854Aged 77y 7m ?d
001013KooglerMary8 May 17805 Dec 1839Aged 59y 6m 27d
001014LineweaverMichael H.18581943
001014LineweaverJames A.22 Aug 18322 Aug 1911Aged 78y 11m 11d
001014LineweaverRebecca9 Dec 18309 Mar 1924Aged 93y 3m, w/J. A.
001014LineweaverDorcas S.30 Nov 18667 Nov 1881d/J. A. & Rebecca
001014LineweaverEsther M.17 Dec 18182 Mar 1901nee (heater) Beard
001014LineweaverDavid F.25 Aug 18235 May 1899illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001014SuterErnest S.16 Sep 188110 Oct 1882s/R. D. & M. S.
001014GeilSolomon9 Nov 185416 Jun 1864s/John & Catherine
001014GeilLydia Ann19 Sep 185430 Jun 1864illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, d/John & Cath., church records from 1961 state born 18 Sep 1859 died 30 Jun 1864.
001014RhodesJohn20 Oct 182113 Jun 1902
001014RhodesAnnie E.25 Mar 183920 Feb 1910
001014GowlSallie C.12 Oct 186923 Jul 1871Age 1y 10millegible name-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001014GowlF. D. B.27 Nov 1862Aged 1y 5m 20dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, c/G. & C.
001014GowlLaura G. V.29 Jul 188215 Jun 1883no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960's, d/Adam J. & Mattie A.
001014FrymyersMargaret26 Jan 1852Aged 73no visible marker-written in church records in 1961, w/Daniel
001014FrymyersMary180211 Apr 1879Aged 77y
001014FrymyersDaniel10 Jul 1838Aged 64yno visible marker-written in church recorded in 1961
001014LiskeyElizabeth S.9 Jun 1870Aged 77th year
001014LiskeyRobert9 Jan 1861Aged 77th year
001014MillerSarah J.16 Jun 1853Aged 22y 9m 14d, w/James, d/R. & E.
001014RitcheyJohn Harvey25 Sep 185122 Nov 1859illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, s/Peter & Sarah A.
001015RhodesVirdie C.18791938
001015RhodesLaura A.18701937
001015CroushornEtta E.18671930w/H. V.
001015GowlCatherine24 Aug 1908Aged 86y 1m 12dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, w/George
001015GowlGeorge6 Mar 18136 Mar 1884
001015BowmanDaniel11 Mar 1883Aged 78yno visible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001015LandesAmanda24 Dec 18465 Sep 1873hidden in bushes, dates broken off, recorded by Swank in 1960's
001015DundoreMary C.5 Jan 184718 Oct 1877Aged 30y 9m 13d, w/S. bushes
001015DundoreMary C.14 Feb 1886Aged 63y
001015DundoreJacob24 Apr 180024 Sep 1880Aged 80y 5m
001015DundoreSarah A.4 May 181710 Mar 1860Aged 42y 10m 6d, w/Jacob
001015LiskeyPerry J.22 Aug 1885Aged 20y 4m 26d
001015LiskeyGeorge A.4 Aug 1899Aged 71y 3m 27d
001015MillerElizabeth2 Dec 1874In 92nd year, w/John W.stone here can't read name-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001015LiskeyEveline C.15 May 1875Aged 42y 8m 5d, w/ George
001015LiskeyGeorge15 Aug 1875Aged 3m 7dIllegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001015RitcheyMary Eliza13 Oct 186026 Jul 1863no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960's, d/Peter & Sarah
001015RitcheyJames N.2 Sep 1878Aged 29y 4m 2dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
001015DeputyElizabeth F.8 Nov 184717 Dec 1880w/R. G.
001015RitchieSarah A.28 Aug 1888Aged 61y 5m 13d, w/Peternee Miller
001015RitchiePeter21 Apr 1901Aged 83y 9m 2d
001015DriverGeorgia Curry7 Jan 18783 Dec 1951s/Abraham & Fannie Curry Driver
001015DriverInfants2 ch/A. B. & Fannie Curry
001015DriverElizabeth7 Jun 182824 May 1879Aged 50y 11m 12d, motherw/Lewis; d/Abraham & Magdalene Miller Berry
001015DriverLewis6 Mar 18272 Jul 1892Husbands/Daniel & Cath. Funk Driver
001015CurryLelia Mabel14 Jul 188325 Jul 1886d/J. S. & M. H.
001015DriverA. B.18511931s/Lewis & Elizabeth Berry Driver
001015DriverFannie Curry18531939w/A. B.; d/J. S. & M. H. Curry
002001MessickCharles D.18871956s/Gassner
002001MessickLaura S.18921950w/C. D.; nee Caricofe
002001HeatwoleNelson P.19361964s/E. D. & A. B.
002001HeatwoleElmer D.18851964s/Daniel
002001HeatwoleAda B.19021946w/E. D.; nee Lineweaver
002001Long, Jr.William E.17 Jan 189610 May 1940PVT 41 Reg CA S VA
002001LongDavid Rubush31 Aug 1929s/W. E. Jr. & M. E.
002001LongMary Elizabethw/W. E. Jr.
002002FrankCharles William19041983
002002FrankAnne R.19171983
002002FrankNancy Neal1946
002002WoodM. E. Ruebush13 Sep 190410 Feb 1986
002002MillerNelson L.25 Dec 1936
002002MillerPhyllis L.25 Oct 1939
002002FrankCharles Michael9 Feb 18661959s/Jacob J. & Sallie Berry Frank
002002FrankEmma Chrisman9 Sep 18761959w/C. M.; nee Chrisman
002002FrankRobert L.19091972
002002FrankM. Duane1916
002002Long, Jr.Samuel Claude29 May 192510 Mar 1988
002003MessickGasner18581925Cpl. U. S. Army, WWII
002003MessickAnnie R.18641947w/Gasner; nee Beard
002003MessickGlenn20 Dec 189415 Nov 1982
002003ShowalterE. Floyd18 Nov 18865 Dec 1967
002003ShowalterHattie M. Messick8 Dec 188925 Jan 19211w/E. Floyd; d/G. & A. R. Messick
002003HeatwoleDaniel F.18 Dec 18541922s/David A. & Caroline Driver Heatwole
002003HeatwoleSallie M.18571938w/D. F.; d/David L. & Ester Beard Liniweaver, Swank says Sallie was born in 22 Sep 1857, died 28 Jan 1938
002003JacobsonElla C. Heatwole9 Jul 188321 Aug 1918Aged 35y 1m 12dw/A. N.; d/D. F. & S. L. Heatwole
002003DonaldDavid Huston5 May 191614 Feb 1918s/W. E. & L. V.
002003LindW. H. H.14 Apr 1893Aged 75y 3m 15d
002003LindRobert M.18 Sep 1884Age 9m 18d
002004DeaversElbert Myers4 Sep 190031 Oct 1900illegible stone recorded by Swank in 1960's, s/T. L. & B. B.
002005BryantArthur R. (Bud)19071971
002005BryantVirginia R.7 Nov 190724 Jan 1989
002005BleighRosannah Ann29 Jan 18263 May 1887
002006UnknownIllegible stone in ground; cannot read; Swank note-probably M. (Michael) Waren, Sr., born in Queens Co. on Long Island May 25? in the year of our Lord...1795
002006WarenCatherineAged 78y
002006WarenElizabeth1800Aged 31yillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002006WarenThomas1804Aged 31yillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002007RalstonCambyces Levi22 Dec 1880Aged 4y 8m 27d,illegible stone recorded by Swank in 1960's, s/Ben E. & Eliz A. Ryman Rolston
002007RolstonRebecca Susan27 Mar 184512 Jun 1862no visible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, aged 17y 1m 15d-according to Church Records 1961,
002007RolstonBenjamin H.15 Oct 18122 Aug 1859Aged 46y 9m 17d
002007RolstonWilliam H.24 Apr 18361 Oct 1843
002007RolstonDavid5 Jun 1849Aged 88y 7m 15dh/Sarah Henton; s/David & Ann Copeland Rolston
002007CusterLevi17 Jul 1807Aged 67y 5m 7dchurch records list first name as Leni
002007ChrismanGeorge K.18 May 1835Aged 2y 1m 18d, s/George J. & June
002007RitchieIsaac Franklin16 Jun 19097 Jul 1911
002007RitchieDavid Edward30 Jun 186928 Dec 1954
002007RitchieBarbara B.22 Aug 188028 Apr 1969
002007SuterRaleigh E.18 Jul 187930 May 1952church records listed birth as 18 Jul 1878, Va. Sgt. 109 infantry 28 Div. WWI, P.H.
002008ChrismanJacob Christian27 Aug 1818Aged 49y 8m 12dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002008ChrismanElizabeth4 Jan 1824Aged 20y 4m, w/Joseph, d/Jacob & Dorcas Lincoln
002008ChrismanCharles28 Jul 1812Aged 37y 1m 18dillegible age-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002008ChrismanCatherine10 Jan 1815Aged 19y 8m 9dillegible dates-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002008HerrCaroline6 Nov 1902Aged 74y
002008DeaversMary E.17 Mar 186222 Jul 1888Aged 26y 4m 9d
002008DeaversFranklin O.23 Mar 186019 Aug 1901
002008MessickAsher8 Aug 180826 Aug 1886
002008RolstonAmanda Belle25 Jul 1892Aged 27y 9m 29dd/Abram & Hannah J.
002008RolstonHannah J.12 Jun 182612 Apr 1905w/Abram, d/B. F. & Cath. Berry Ralston
002009BurkholderElla Moore18471897
002009BurkholderN. M.18441900
002009BurkholderMarshall O., Dr.5 May 186622 Nov 1917
002009BurkholderMattie J.18721954
002009BurkholderAmelia Gaines18071863
002009BurkholderN. G.18181908Newspaper obit in 7 Dec 1908 has Nancy Gaines Burkholder, d 6 Dec 1908, age 90 yrs & 18 days.
002009CootesMalvern M. B.18731940
002009CootesParke L.18661920
002009ChrismanGeorge29 Aug 1816Aged 71ys/Jacob; A native of Swabia, Germany who migrated to VA ca 1740
002009ChrismanHannah24 Jan 1817Aged 70yillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, w/George
002009CusterElizabeth25 Apr 177416 Dec 1835d/George & Hannah Chrisman; w/Conrad Custer
002009KringHannah15 Apr 1841Aged 57y 2m 13d
002009ChrismanAnn27 Jan 177725 Mar 1839Aged 62y 1m 28d, w/John, d/Reuben & Lydia Harrison & mother of Joseph, Geroge & Margaret
002009ChrismanJohn17 Aug 177311 May 1815s/George
002009RolstonBenjamin F.10 May 180215 Jun 1886Aged 84y 1m 5ds/David & Sarah Hinton Ralston
002009RolstonBarbara Ann17 Aug 181024 Feb 1896Aged 85y 6m 7d2w/B. F.; nee Burkholder
002009RolstonMary C.24 Oct 18353 Sep 1896d/B. F. & B. A.
002009BlosserElsie Virginia2 Nov 1895Aged 22y 5m 7d, w/R. P., d/B. F. & Eliza Rolston
002009RolstonWilliam5 Feb 18205 May 1887s/Jesse & Jane Hinton Ralston
002009RolstonElizabeth16 Sep 182311 Jul 1890illegible dates-recorded by Swank in 1960's, w/Wm.; d/B. F. & Catherine Beery Rolston
002009RolstonFannie, Miss27 Aug 1895Aged about 66 yrillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002009RolstonMargaret3 Jul 181811 Apr 1891Aged 72y 9m 3d
002009Rolston, Jr.B. F.15 Mar 184921 Feb 1908s/B. F. & Barbara A. Burkholder Ralston
002009RolstonEliza R.29 Sep 18445 Mar 1918w/B. F. Jr.d/Levi & Ann Ryman
002010FrankVirginia A.21 Aug 186212 Aug 1917d/John J. & Sallie Berry Frank
002010SteelLaura Bell12 Jan 18647 Sep 1884illegible stone recorded by Swank in 1960's, d/James & Susan
002010SteeleJames15 Mar 1895Aged 70y 2m 14d
002010SteeleSusan24 Feb 1902Aged 71y 3dw/James
002010WrightJ. Lee11 Jul 186230 Nov 1895Aged 33y 4m 19ds/L. & N. B.
002010WrightNancy B.13 Oct 182616 Feb 1908w/Lawson
002010WrightAlice10 Dec 18648 Feb 1941Age 76yd/L. & N. B.
002010BeeryMoffett P.19011957no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002010BeerySallie W.24 Dec 18591916w/B. F.; nee Poag, Swank says Sallie was born 24 Dec 1859
002010BeeryBenjamin F.17 Jan 18541927s/Jacob T. & Isabel A. Atchison Beery, Swank says that Benjamin F. was born 17 Jan 1854.
002010BerryAnnie E.187019--
002010BerryTurner A.2 Jan 18971932s/B. F. & Sallie W., Swank says Turner was born 2 Jan 1897
002010BurkholderMillie V.11 May 188820 Dec 1928Sister
002010BurkholderHannah J.13 Apr 18847 May 1952Sister
002011ChrismanGeorge2 Jun 183223 Nov 1915Major C. S. A.
002011ChrismanMattie Grattan27 Jul 187311 Aug 1874d/G. & L. Grattan
002011ChrismanLucy G.9 Aug 18358 Mar 1923d/G. & L. Grattan
002011SteeleMarshall J.14 Aug 1899Aged 8m 6d, s/W. W. & Laura B.illegible stone recorded by Swank in 1960's
002011SteeleSusie P.23 Nov 190219 Apr 1907d/W. W. & Laura B.
002011SteelePayton5 Nov 190427 Dec 1906s/C. J. & Annie R.
002011SteeleCharlotte26 Oct 190015 Dec 1902d/C. J. & Annie R.
002011SteeleEva May17 May 189521 Nov 1902c/C. J. & Annie R.
002011Steele, Sr.William18 Jun 1902Aged 25y 8m 19d
002012HopkinsMary Lizzie14 Aug 18555 Oct 1857Age 2y 1m 12d, d/William R. & E. L.this information is on a stone and then the same information is on the back of William R.'s stone
002012HopkinsLucie M.8 Aug 1856d/William R. & E. L.age is buried, on back of William R.'s stone it is stated that Lucy Miller was born 7 Mar 1854, death date is same as on her grave.
002012HopkinsAdelaide16 Aug 1852Aged 2y 1m 22d, d/William R. & E. L.Illegible stone recorded by Swank in 1960's, Church records state Adelaide died 16 Aug 1851. Back of William R.'s stone it says that she died 14 Aug 1851.
002012HopkinsWilliam R.3 Jan 182212 Dec 1902
002012HopkinsElizabeth L.3 Dec 182623 Oct 1891w/W. R.
002012HopkinsDavid20 Dec 178716 May 1857
002012HopkinsJames30 Apr 1852Aged 58y 1m 21d
002012HopkinsAnn13 May 1812Aged 25y 5m 16d, w/William
002012MyersMalinda23 Dec 18022 Dec 1875w/C. R.nee Gaines
002012MyersChristian R.14 May 181018 Mar 1872illegible dates recorded by Swank in 1960's.
002012BurkholderElizabeth L.20 Feb 1877Aged 76y 2m 1d, w/Anthonyillegible stone recorded by Swank in 1960's
002012BurkholderAnthony18 Jan 180611 Oct 1894
002013CromerLucretia15 Feb 182216 Dec 1880w/Johnd/Jesse & Jane Hinton Ralston, stone is broken
002013RolstonAbraham27 Oct 18279 Aug 1864Aged 36y 9m 12dh/Hannah, s/B. F.& Cath. Beery Rolston, Soldier C. S. A.
002013HopkinsArchibald16 Nov 1868Aged 30y 1m 26ds/Thos. Gordon & Sarah Ralston Hopkins
002013HopkinsSallie A. (Sarah)16 Aug 18387 Oct 1908w/Archd/Feldon Ralston
002013BearMary19 Jul 184512 Feb 1917
002013RolstonJames P.20 Mar 183326 Sep 1885s/J. H. & Mary Hopkins Ralston
002013HopkinsMalinda J.5 May 18251 Nov 1884Our Mothernee Rolston
002013BearElizabeth S.5 Oct 182223 Apr 1883w/Christian
002013BearJohn Hopkins7 May 1866Aged 17y 8m 16dillegible death date-recorded by Swank in 1960's, s/C. M. & R. S.
002013RalstonJohn H.16 Jul 179418 Jun 187479y 11m 2ds/David & Sarah Henton R., Swank states that his middle name was Henton.
002013RalstonMary F.8 Mar 1852Aged 53y 4m 22dillegible stone recorded by Swank in 1960's, w/John; d/John Hopkins, Jr.
002013RalstonAgnes J.4 Jan 181922 May 18541w/John H.; nee Hopkins
002013RalstonJ. Hopkins28 Mar 181821 Sep 1885s/J. Hinton & Mary Hopkins R., Swank states that his first name was John
002013RalstonMary F.11 Oct 183120 Sep 19152w/John H.; nee Bear, Swank states that her middle name was Frances
002013HopkinsEsther30 Sep 178522 Jan 1863w/WilliamSwank states that her middle initial is P.
002013HopkinsWilliam18 Nov 1843Aged 66y 10m 1d
002013RalstonElizabeth4 Aug 1844Aged 58y 11m 18d, w/Archibaldd/Ebineezer Henton, Swank states she is the first wife of Archibald
002013RalstonArchibald3 May 1857Aged 71y 1m 3dSwank states that Archibald's middle initial was V.
002013RalstonMaria15 Sep 18085 Mar 1887w/Archibald, our Auntnee Howell, Swank states that she was Archibald's second wife.
002013GainesJohn Hopkins4 Aug 184216 Mar 1880
002013GainesMartha T.27 Feb 184524 Mar 1920w/J. H.
002013GainesGeorge Henry14 Jan 188028 Sep 1898s/John H. & Martha T.illegible dates-recorded by Swank in 1960's.
002013AtchisonLewis F.16 May 187922 Jul 1881Illegible dates recorded by Swank in 1960's, s/T. J. & S. G. Cromer Atchison
002013RalstonEugene29 Aug 1903Aged 1y 3m 26dillegible stone recorded by Swank in 1960's, ch/Frank & Lula Firebaugh Ralston, Church records state that Eugene was age 1y 3m 25d.
002013RolstonSamuel Hopkins15 Oct 19125 Jun 1982
002013RalstonFrank3 Jan 18626 Jan 1913s/J. H. & Mary Frances Bare Ralston
002013RalstonLula F.5 Aug 187413 May 1962w/Franknee Firebaugh
002013BearRichard D.18961896
002013BearVelmont E.18911896
002013BearAlma A.18931896
002013BearEugene A.18481927
002013BearLaura H.18601933w/E. A.
002013DeaversIsaac9 May 18338 May 1910Aged 77y 11m 29d
002013DeaversRebecca L.20 Sep 18452 Apr 1924Aged 78y 6m 12d, Mother, w/Isaac
002013DeaversElla V.18791955
002013AtchisonThomas J.26 Jan 184318 Jan 1907Aged 63y 11m 23d
002013AtchisonSarah J.7 Apr 18484 Jan 1924Aged 75y 8m 27d, w/T. J.w/T. J.; d/John & Lucretia Cromer Ralston
002013FaerneyhoughJohn H.28 Dec 18528 Sep 1927
002013FaerneyhoughHannah M.Aug 18521 May 1914Aged 61y 11mw/J. H.
002013WolfreyNancy M.18971921d/R. D. & M. J.
002013WolfreyOscar Brown22 Feb 188726 Feb 1968Va. Private U. S. Army WWI
002013WolfreyGeorgia A.18851914d/R. D. & M. J.
002013WolfreyRichard D.18541916Father
002013WolfreyMartha J.18591935Mother, w/R. D.
002013WolfreyHarry Lee20 Jun 1926c/H.C. Sr. & Clemmie
002013WolfreyHelen Linn20 Jun 1926c/H. C. Sr. & Clemmie
002014RalstonDavid N.16 Feb 184918 Jun 1879Aged 30y 4m 2d
002014RalstonSalome24 Oct 18092 Jun 1891w/Benj. H.nee Neff, church records state that she was age 81y 7m 8d.
002014DeaversSarah E.3 Nov 184516 Mar 1881Aged 35y 5m 13d, w/John N.
002014BowersJacob T.25 Sep 184023 Oct 1876
002014BowersSallie M. Wolfe3 Dec 184230 Dec 1926w/Jacob T.
002014BowersEdwin Hope17 Jul 187614 Nov 1877s/J. T. & S. M.
002014WolfeJudith F. M.21 Jul 181123 Apr 1890w/Henry M.
002014LineweaverGeorge W.4 Mar 183024 Sep 1897no visible marker-recorded by Swank and in church records from 1960's, husband/Lydia Ralston, church records show George was b. 4 Mar 1836 & d. 24 Sep 1898, aged 66y 6m 20d
002014LineweaverLydia J.12 May 183829 Aug 1918Aged 80y 2m 17dno visible stone-recorded in church records in 1961.
002015ChrismanDr. Burke5 Sep 18275 Jul 1895
002015ChrismanGeorge Warder3 Jul 185824 Aug 1879Aged 21y 1m 21d, only child of Burke & Henrietta
002015ChrismanHenrietta Warder8 Dec 1890w/Dr. Burke, d/John H. & Abigail Hoskins Warder of Phil. Pa.
002015ChrismanWilliam J.11 Jun 183424 May 1912
002015ChrismanJane G.15 Sep 184215 Dec 1873Aged 31y 3m, w/W. J.illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002015ChrismanHenrietta5 Feb 18718 Aug 1872illegible name, dates correct-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002015ChrismanMattie B.31 Dec 184018 Apr 1872
002015ChrismanGeorge H.23 Sep 179915 Sep 1870
002015ChrismanMartha N.2 Apr 179919 Jan 1866
002015ChrismanLula O.8 Dec 1871Aged 2y or 1m 8dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002015ChrismanMartha H.20 Apr 186729 Apr 1931d/Wm. & J. G.
002015W.W. R.only information is initials
002015ChrismanFrances Caroline
002015BearMary Anderson26 Aug 1854Aged 43y, w/David
002015BearDavid4 Nov 180419 Jul 1880Aged 76y 8m 15d, our father
002015BearHannah M.10 Apr 1852Aged 1y 11m 4dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002015BearJames Adison8 Sep 1838Aged 4y 11m 4dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, Church records state aged 4y 9m 4d
002015BearJoseph20 Oct 1833Aged 13d
002015BearNancy14 Oct 1833Aged 21y 2m 9d, w/ Samuelillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002015BearSamuel7 May 1860Aged 55y 6m 3d
002015BearAndrew H.11 Jul 1854Aged 1y 11m 13d
002015BearAnna L.28 Jun 1863Aged 19y 2m 20d, d/D. & M.death is underground-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002015BearDavid R.24 Jun 1863Aged 8y 10m, s/D. & M.
002015CruikshanksInfant27 Aug 190227 Aug 1902s/C. R. & A. R.
002015BaerJohnnie9 Oct 1865Aged 2y 22d, s/ A. J. & E. S.
002015BaerEliza A.25 Apr 1907Aged 68y, w/A. J.
002015BaerAndrew J.11 Feb 183830 May 1929SGT 10 Va. Inf. C. S. A.
002015LongWilliam P.18551926
002015LongSarah Alice18671959w/W. P.nee Showalter
002015LongTracy Edith18891934d/W. E. & S. A.
002015LongCharles Edward7 Aug 188716 Nov 1961s/W. E. & S. A.
002015RitchieCharles M.10 Aug 18764 Aug 1960
002015Powell, Jr.Lewis G.3 Jul 186310 Jul 1926Aged 63y 7d, Father
002015RhodesWilliam E.8 Oct 188127 May 1927Father
002016BowersAddie C.9 Jan 186920 Jul 1945
002016BurkholderJoseph H.24 Nov 18014 Jul 1879Aged 77y 7m 10d
002016BurkholderSophia3 Dec 1867Aged 65y, w/Joseph
002016BurkholderElizabeth W.18 Sep 1863Aged 38y, d/J. & S.
002016WilliamsGeorge P.21 Jun 185413 Sep 1884b. Bridgewater, Va., d. New York
002016UnknownLittle Mit7 Aug 1880Aged 5m 22d
002016GordonJohn Newton8 Mar 182527 Jul 1882
002016GordonElizabeth H. Warren7 Apr 183229 Oct 1867Aged 35y 6m 22d, w/Dr. J. N.
002016GordonNewton6 Sep 1867Aged 4m 7d, s/Dr. J. N. & E. H.
002016GordonAmelia18 Sep 1864Aged 11m, d/Dr. J. N. & E. H.
002016GordonMary E.5 May 185512 Jan 1863Age 1y 8m 7d, d/Dr. J. N. & E. H.
002016GordonVirginia M.20 Jun 185913 Dec 1862Age 3y 5m 24d, d/Dr. J. N. & E. H.
002016GordonHarriet R.26 Dec 185631 Mar 1860Age 3y 3m 5d, d/Dr. J. N. & E. H.
002016WarrenAmelia11 Jul 1855Aged 19y, d/John & Harriet Rice Warren
002016WarrenSallie12 May 1852Aged 19y, d/John & Harriet Rice Warren
002016WarrenJehu18 Apr 1851Aged 51y
002016WarrenHarriet Rice4 Nov 18073 Jun 1880w/Jehunee Rice
002016WarrenWm. Rice11 Dec 18261 May 1884s/John & Harriet Rice Warrens/J. & H. R.
002016GordonJohn18 Dec 179213 Nov 1849Aged 56y 10m 25dstone newly engraved on other side= h/Nancy, s/Thomas & Catherine Davis Gordon
002016CoffmanCatherine5 Aug 1848Aged 58y 9m 12d
002016CoffmanChristian16 Jul 1848Aged 61y 4m 19d
002016LincolnPreston16 May 1848Aged 36y 4m 28d
002016MillerAmanda E.31 Dec 1852Aged 24y 5m 16dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002017LongEmily18 Jun 183512 Dec 1896Aged 61y 5m 24d, w/Samuel
002017LongSamuel1 Feb 182128 Dec 1892Aged 71y 10m 28d, h/Emily
002017LongSamuel Edward30 May 186519 Oct 1876s/S. & E.
002017BearPeter H.26 Jan 182420 Nov 1853s/Andrew & Lydia Bear
002017BearNancy30 Jul 1852Aged 21y, d/Andrew & Lydia Warren Bear
002017BearJohn K.26 Feb 1852Aged 33y, s/Andrew & Lydia Warren Bears/Andrew & Lydia Warren Beare
002017ThompsonNancy C.26 Feb 1820Nov 1893w/Charles S.
002017BearAndrew24 Jan 1868Aged 80th year
002017BearLydia16 Feb 1851Aged 57th yearillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002017KratzerJohn7 Sep 1850Aged 83y 10m 19dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002017Unknownbig heavy stone with no visible writing
002017Unknownbase only no stone
002017Unknownbase only no stone
002018MauckCaroline A.26 Oct 18424 Feb 1926
002018MauckFannie E.18 Oct 184111 Sep 1879
002018MauckJ. W.18 Feb 18352 May 1912
002018MauckAnna Cora4 Oct 186819 Jul 1939
002018HopkinsWilliam Campbell3 Aug 18417 Dec 1881s/D. R. & L. R.
002018HopkinsDavid R.24 Oct 180724 Nov 1882Aged 75y 1millegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002018HopkinsLedinea R.19 Jul 1849Aged 39y 4millegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, w/D. R., church records state that he was a godson of David R., first name spelt Ledinea in church records
002018HopkinsJohn Hamilton29 Jan 1847Aged 5m 4d, s/D. R. & L. R.
002018HopkinsFrances A.4 Aug 1839Aged 2y 3m 9dillegible date-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002018HopkinsInfant Daughter1838d/D. R. & L. R.illegible date-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002018HopkinsAbner K.8 Feb 1852Aged 18y 6m, s/Archibald & Sarah A.
002018HopkinsInfant10 Oct 18682 Nov 1868s/L. C. & Cornelia D.illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, Church records state the birth was 20 Oct 1868
002018HopkinsSarah A.20 Oct 1874Aged 61yw/Archibald
002018HopkinsArchibaldillegible stone
002018HopkinsHettie Lane19 Feb 183514 Aug 1895d/Archibald & Sarah records state the name is Hattie Love
002018HopkinsLewis C.4 Sep 184331 Oct 1908Aged 65y 1m 27d
002018HopkinsCornelia D.14 Jul 18418 Sep 1924Aged 83y 1m 24d, w/L. C.
002018BurkholderLucy10 Jul 1906Aged 60y 5m 8d, w/Noah
002018SuterLester R.2 May 189510 Feb 1897twins of Reuben D. & Mary Shrum Suter, no dates are given on the stone or church records-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002018SuterLessie2 May 189510 Feb 1897twins of Reuben D. & Mary Shrum Suter, no dates are given on the stone or church records-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002018LongOwen Woodward19 Mar 19042 Jun 1955
002018LongS. Claude18981925
002018LongMary Ethel19021991w/S. C.
002018RitchieWilliam8 May 181715 Aug 1896
002018RitchieIsaac F.21 Nov 184013 Dec 1921
002018RitchieJosephine28 Oct 184425 Nov 1924w/Isaacnee Cromer
002018LeeWilliam F.18781947
002018LeeEmma R.18751964w/W. F.
002018HeatwoleEdward W.20 Aug 18589 Jan 1947s/Henry A. & Eliz. Coffman H.
002018HeatwoleAdelaide23 May 187028 Jan 1951w/E. W.nee Hopkins
002018HeatwoleHenry A.16 Aug 183517 Sep 1914
002018HeatwoleElizabeth3 Dec 183414 Aug 1915w/H. A.nee Coffman
002018HeatwoleWilliam26 Jul 1904s/H. A. & Eliz. according to Swank, church records state s/E. W. & A. H.
002018HeatwoleGlenn D.23 Apr 1904s/H. A. & Eliz. according to Swank, church records state s/E. W. & A. H.
002018PowellInfant5 Feb 18885 Feb 1888s/E. H. & Rebecca according to Swank, church records state s/Lewis & Rebecca
002018PowellLewis G.15 Feb 1907Aged 79y 18d
002018PowellMary A.31 Dec 1906Aged 70y 7m 26d, w/L. G.
002018RhodesFrances E.9 Sep 185720 Jun 1908w/F. R.
002018RhodesFranklin R.25 Apr 18587 May 1926
002018RhodesWilliam E.8 Oct 188127 May 1927
002018RhodesEmily Virginia9 Feb 190710 Feb 1907d/W. E. & Emma E.
002018GradyRobert A.17 Feb 186622 Sep 192054y 7m 5ds/J. H. & Margaret
002018GradyBettie S.23 Nov 186015 Jan 1913w/R. A.d/John & Lucretia Ralston Cromer
002018GradyMargaret18451930w/J. H.
002019BeeryFrank1 Apr 19053 Apr 1905s/B. F. & S. W.
002019BeeryMabel27 Nov 1895Infant d/B. F. & S. W.
002019PriceWilliam Randolph13 Nov 1870Aged 4y 23d, S/Rev. Wl T. & A. L.
002019PainterWilliam Venable9 Jul 18823 Apr 1892s/Joseph C. & S. V.
002019PainterSallie Flournoy18 Apr 188018 Nov 1892Aged 12y 7md/J. C. & S. V. Painter
002019LineweaverWilliam17 Sep 182114 Sep 1888Aged 66y 11m 27d
002019LineweaverHannah8 Sep 182315 May 1891Aged 67y 8m 9dw/William
002019LineweaverJohn22 Aug 1869Aged 5m 25dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002019LineweaverJoseph H.22 May 1862Aged 1m 16dIllegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002019LineweaverWilliam J.16 May 1903Aged 45y 8m 4d
002019LineweaverMollie F.15 Oct 1948Aged 83y 8m 14dw/W. J.; nee Showalter
002019LineweaverClarence Arnold22 Mar 189211 Oct 1918s/Wm. J & Mollie F.
002019HopkinsSamuel C.16 Jul 184531 Mar 1864Aged 18y 8m 14d, s/J. H. & E. M.
002019HopkinsVirginia10 Feb 184711 Oct 1863Aged 16y 8m 1d, s/J. H. & E. M.
002019HopkinsMary Frances1 Oct 185015 May 1856s/J. H. & E. M.
002019HopkinsJanet Love17 Nov 18486 Feb 1850Aged 1y 2m 19d, s/J. H. & E. M.
002019HopkinsJohn H.25 May 185921 Jul 1859s/J. H. & E. M.
002019HopkinsTiny30 Aug 186328 Sep 1864d/J. H. & E. M.
002019KeyesLittle Nellie20 Nov 1875Aged 11m 17d, d/J. W. & E. A.
002019KeyesJohnnie28 Mar 1878Aged 5m 6dno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s, s/J. W. & E. A.
002019KeyesEmma Elizabeth18 Oct 1864Aged 7y 3m 29dno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s, s/J. W. & E. A.
002020BowmanMary30 May 186626 Jan 1879d/ Samuel & Sarah Bowman. Moved from the Bowman - Whitmer Family Cemetery, Mt. Clinton area, Va.
002020BowmanSamuel15 May 1893Aged 73y 5m 7dMoved from the Bowman - Whitmer Family Cemetery, Mt. Clinton area, Va.
002020BowmanSarah E.25 Jan 18275 Jan 1904death date is underground. Moved from the Bowman - Whitmer Family Cemetery, Mt. Clinton area, Va.
002020WhitmerSamuel B.24 Jan 18361 Aug 1861Aged 25 y 6m 7dMoved from the Bowman - Whitmer Family Cemetery, Mt. Clinton area, Va.
002020BowmanEphrim3 Jul 1826Aged 2y 2m 3dMoved from the Bowman - Whitmer Family Cemetery, Mt. Clinton area, Va.
002021GoodAnnie M. S.7 Apr 1877Aged 1y 3m 23d, d/J. F. & H. B.
002021GoodHannah B.28 Apr 185431 Oct 1892w/J. F.illegible dates-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002021CoffmanReuben13 Feb 180913 Mar 1874
002021CoffmanNancy21 May 1892Aged 79y 4m 9d, w/Reuben
002021CoffmanJoseph A.20 Mar 184715 Feb 1891Aged 43y 10m 25d
002021HopkinsRuth Gordon11 Sep 184110 Apr 1914
002021HopkinsAnnie R.21 Nov 184314 Nov 1865Aged 21y 11m 23d, d/J. H. & E. M.
002021HopkinsJohn H.24 Mar 180922 Sep 1869Aged 60y 5m 28d
002021HopkinsElizabeth Coffmanw/J. H.
002021KerrElizabeth L.19 Aug 18607 Sep 1885w/John P.
002021KeyesWilliam R.18591924Father
002021KeyesJohn Warren13 Jun 1879Aged 52y 8m 10d
002021BowmanBenjamin D.10 Apr 1901Aged 84y 4m 27d
002021BowmanMary H.11 Apr 1901Aged 75y 11m 22d
002021HillSusan10 Apr 1896Aged 76y 10m 8d
002021FearneyhoughTim D.11 Sep 1894Aged 32y 10m 19d1h/Mary Nellie Fearneyhough
002021SummerlandMary Nellie Fearneyhough3 Jan 186814 Feb 1918Widow of T. D. Fearneyhough, w/S. E. Summerland
002021FearneyhoughElizabeth28 Feb 18318 Mar 1909w/William
002021FearneyhoughWilliam15 Aug 18225 Apr 1893
002021BlairNellie Lee24 Jul 1894Aged 1y 1m 16d, twin d/J. S. & E. C.
002021BlairMyrtle Washington27 Jul 1894Aged 1y 1m 19d, twin d/J. S. & E. C.
002021BlairJames D.16 Mar 185614 Mar 1905
002021BlairElizabeth C.1 Aug 185919 Nov 1923w/J. W.
002021BowmanMarie3 Jun 18379 Mar 1929
002021BowmanSamuel31 May 184621 Sep 1933
002021BowmanCatherine6 Nov 184117 Nov 1933
002021BowmanSimon27 Oct 180917 Nov 1877Moved from the Bowman - Whitmer Family Cemetery, Mt. Clinton area, Va.
002021BowmanElizabeth A.25 Jun 181024 Oct 1889Aged 79y 3m 29d, w/Simon, d/Abraham WhitmerMoved from the Bowman - Whitmer Family Cemetery, Mt. Clinton area, Va.
002021BowmanSusanna29 Mar 1851Aged 68y 4mw/Samuel Moved from the Bowman - Whitmer Family Cemetery, Mt. Clinton area, Va.
002021WhitmoreMichael26 Mar 1893Aged 81y 6m 27d, h/AnnieMoved from the Bowman - Whitmer Family Cemetery, Mt. Clinton area, Va.
002021WhitmoreAnnie B.22 Oct 1889Aged 81y 10m 14d, w/Michaeld/ Samuel & Susan Bowman. Moved from the Bowman - Whitmer Family Cemetery, Mt. Clinton area, Va.
002022ConverseHenry A.8 May 18395 Dec 1880
002022ConverseMargaret Bear15 May 18427 Jul 1919
002022ConverseFannie Flavia17 May 188128 Nov 1967
002022ConverseVirginia Elizabeth11 Jul 187726 Oct 1964
002022CampbellGeorge W.11 Aug 17986 Sep 1879
002023FrankMary Ann29 Dec 183124 Mar 1908w/Joseph F.
002023KnicelyElizabeth S.24 Nov 1880w/ A. G.
002024ClinePauline10 Jul 18897 Sep 1966
002024HeltzelMinnie Showalter18791927w/R. T.1/w Rawley T.; d/Wm. P. & Lydia Swank Showalter
002024GroggLois and Louise13 Aug 1823ch/H. W. & H. M.
002024RalstonCharles H.18601934s/John H. & Mary Frances Bare Ralston
002024RalstonAnnie B. Whitmore18701965w/C. H.d/Wm. C. & Rachael M. Thompson Whitmore
002024LineweaverNellie18891919w/D. L.
002024LineweaverGordon1913s/D. L. & N. B.
002024LineweaverEleanor1915d/D. L. & N. B.
002024SitesJames R.18661929
002024SitesEmily C.188219__w/J. R.
002024HallWilliam2 Sep 1888Aged 7m 8d, s/J. W. & N. E.
002024SitesWilliam Pierce22 Sep 186426 Jan 1888s/John A. & Virginia
002024SitesHoward14 Apr 1873Aged 14d, s/John A. & Virginia
002024SitesJohn A.19 Dec 193121 May 1904Aged 72y 5m 2d, father
002024SitesVirginia21 Sep 183618 Jan 1914Aged 77y 3m 27d, mother, w/John A.
002024McCowanIda24 Jan 185720 Dec 1887w/Rev. J. records state last name is McCown
002024HamrickWilliam H.13 Aug 181821 Mar 1894
002024HamrickMary C.6 Sep 1897Aged 66y, w/W. H.
002024HustonMary30 Nov 1889Aged 66y 4m 28d, w/Nathan
002024FearneyhoughMilton24 May 185919 Sep 1914Aged 55y 3m 26d
002024FearneyhoughMary E.1 Jan 18901 Jan 1890d/J. L. & H. R.illegible stone recorded by Swank in 1960's
002024BeidlerIna Esther Long13 Aug 187828 Nov 1908w/Dr. John M.
002024BeidlerJohn M. Dr.24 Dec 187326 Jan 1946
002024BowmanMary D.10 Oct 1898Aged 50y 2m 22d
002024BowmanA. W.19 Jan 183418 Feb 1913
002024BowmanNancy12 Feb 184014 Dec 1917
002024BearW. Aljournao18461933
002024BearSarah Scott18491936w/W. A.
002024WhitmoreWilliam C.22 Jan 184325 Oct 1929
002024WhitmoreRachael McC.15 Feb 184614 Mar 1919w/William C.nee Thompson, Swank states Rachael's middle name was McCheney
002024ThompsonCharles S.13 Aug 1896Aged 77y 8m 19d
002024RitchieL. F.18661927
002024FrymireSarah Alice185719--w/John
002024DriverL.Robert2 Mar 188630 Jun 1966
002024DriverTherese Johnson22 Dec 189217 Sep 1954
002024EppardMarvin A.13 Jul 18931 Nov 1908s/C. A. & Lena F.s/C. A. & Lena F.
002024EppardEthel Virginia13 Feb 18952 Feb 1912d/C. A. & Lena F.d/C. A. & Lena F.
002024SteeleW. W.19 Feb 18695 Feb 1915
002024SteeleLaura B.21 Oct 187230 Jun 1956w/W. W.nee Steele
002024SteeleTreva A.19 Dec 18948 Dec 1860d/W. W. & L. B.
002024SteeleReba A.9 Mar 190529 Dec 1978
002024SteeleMargie B.22 Aug 1908
002024SteelePauline W.30 Apr 189627 Dec 1986
002024RalstonRussell Everette5 Aug 190410 Aug 1905illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, s/D. H. & Eva, church records state the middle name is Eversale and the death date is 12 Aug 1905
002025FirebaughSamuel A.4 Mar 1896Aged 62y 5m 8d
002025FirebaughElizabeth L.9 Mar 1896Aged 58y 4m 25dw/S. A.
002025FirebaughJames C.27 Nov 1897Aged 21y 11m 27ds/S. A. & E. L.
002025SheetsSusie13 Nov 18608 Feb 1936stone is broken
002025LiskeyJohn W.18441925s/Harvey & Margaret
002025LiskeyRebecca S. Cromer18511915w/John W.d/Joseph & Hannah Cromer
002025HeatwoleHarold19091909s/Frank & Alma
002025CromerHannah16 Jul 1895Aged 87y 5m 16d, w/Joseph
002025BrunkJohn N.21 Jul 18815 Apr 1883illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, s/Charles H. & Mary E. Ralston Brunk, Church records state Aged 1y 8m 14d
002025BrunkNora Belle15 Apr 1892Aged 17y 7ms/Charles H. & Mary E. Ralston Brunk
002025BrunkTolford R.19 Jan 1899Aged 7y 2m 21dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, s/Charles H. & Mary E. Ralston Brunk, Church records state name is Talfourd
002025MillerJohn C.1 Mar 18213 Apr 1895Aged 74y 1m 20d
002025MillerDeborah14 Oct 182131 Dec 1906
002025MillerJohn G.25 Apr 191425 Apr 1914s/Ben F.
002025MillerHampton14 Oct 184610 Feb 1916Aged 69y 3m 2d
002025MillerMary G.6 Jul 184630 Mar 1919Aged 72y 5m 24d, w/Hampton
002025LineweaverJacob W.11 Dec 18692 Apr 1943s/J. R. & A. R.
002025LineweaverEmma R.16 May 188129 Jul 1970w/J. W.; nee Miller
002025LineweaverInfant17 Apr 190717 Apr 1907s/ J. L. & L. V.
002025LineweaverJoseph L.6 May 187116 Oct 1960
002025LineweaverLula V.19 Jun 188019 Nov 1960w/J. L.; d/W. Farneyhough
002025GreenJames R.22 Oct 186318 Jan 1946
002025GreenMartha R.5 Sep 186418 May 1943w/J. R.
002025GreenHoward24 Jan 189810 Jul 1898s/J. R. & M. R.
002025BowmanClaude H.1 Sep 19098 Jun 1923s/C. S. & Bettie E.
002025BowmanJoseph I.18961966no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960's
002026SchoolfieldMason M.19101981CDR U. S. Navy WWII
002026SchoolfieldKatherine Whitmore19111989
002026WhitmoreHoward S.18731956
002026WhitmoreClara D.18751964
002026RalstonCharles H.18 Sep 18976 Oct 1918Lost at sea off Scotland WWI, s/D. H. & Eva
002026RalstonDavid Robert7 May 190216 Feb 1944Lost at sea off the coast of Alaska, s/D. H. & Eva
002026RalstonD. Hinton18741958s/J. H. & M. F.
002026RalstonEva K. Farrer17 Feb 187525 Jul 1910Aged 35y 5m 8d, w/D. Hintonnee Farrer
002026ForrerHenryDec 1845Feb 1937
002026ForrerMariaApr 1846Feb 1927w/Henry
002026ForrerB. Sue11 Feb 188016 Jun 1969
002026ForrerJohn J.18861973
002026ForrerFlorence E.18921982w/John J.
002026LongAndrew H.9 Feb 184319 Mar 1921
002026LongMary Susan19 Jul 184519 Mar 1922
002026LongBerta10 Jul 187013 May 1965
002026LongEffie Lee21 Feb 188121 Mar 1961
002026WhitmoreFannie C.17 Aug 18349 Jan 1917
002026FirebaughAnna Lee30 Dec 1876Aged 1m, d/S. A. & Elizabeth
002026BrunkC. H.18451921
002026BrunkMary E.18501928w/C. H.
002026BrunkGrace M.20 Jan 189528 Oct 1983
002026GowlGracie C. P.2 Feb 189021 Feb 1894illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1960's, d/Adam J. & M., Church records state age as 4y 19d
002026LineweaverJacob J.15 Dec 183614 May 1915
002026LineweaverAnn R.15 Oct 183620 May 1914w/Jacob J.nee Wenger
002026LineweaverMary C.16 May 18647 Feb 1940d/Jacob & Ann R.
002026LineweaverSallie E.8 Apr 186310 Feb 1913d/Jacob & Ann R.
002026KooglerJ. Monroe18621930
002026KooglerJohn B.18601862s/J. R. & S. J.
002026KooglerMary E.18571862d/J. R. & S. J.
002026KooglerJohn R.18131871
002026KooglerSarah J.18281906w/J. R.
002026SuterDavid21 Nov 18292 Apr 1906Aged 76y 4m 11d1st wife Mary C. Grove; s/Daniel & Anna Heatwole Suter
002026SuterAnn E.14 Jan 184030 Aug 1925Aged 85y 7m 16d2nd wife/David; nee Ralston
002026SuterB. Frank15 Dec 187318 Oct 1940s/David & Annie E.
002026SuterRaleigh E.18 Jul 187830 May 1952SGT 109 Inf 28 Div WWI P.H. Va.
002026BowmanRobert Glen17 Nov 19072 Jun 1910s/C. S. & Bettie E.
002026BowmanSadie Pearl7 Jan 18917 Sep 1906d/C. S. & Bettie E.
003001WolfreyAugusta6 Aug 18943 Apr 1943w/J. M.
003001WolfreyJohn N.11 Apr 18893 Mar 1943h/Augusta
003001RolstonMae K.1 Aug 190217 Nov 1996
003001RolstonJames H.Aug 189912 Mar 1979
003001FrierSvend M.1 Jan 190531 Jul 1991Carpenter
003001TaylorBonnie M.21 Jun 1921
003001TaylorJoseph W.26 Jun 191826 Feb 1994
003002HinkelLula M.17 Dec 189425 Jun 1968w/C. L.; d/Robert & Betty Cromer Grady
003002HinkelClarence L.29 Jan 189526 Apr 1952
003002LineweaverMargaret Etter18 Jan 1913
003002LineweaverDold Richard10 Sep 19118 May 1968
003002LineweaverHorace C.7 Apr 191725 Oct 1987
003003WolfreyVada B.9 Feb 1933m/15 1953, children Danny, Steven, Yvonne, Herbert III, Keith
003003Wolfrey, IIHerbert C.25 Jan 1932m/15 1953, children Danny, Steven Yvonne, Herbert III, Keith
003003HarperEthel S.6 Oct 190224 Sep 1972
003003HarperDelmar J.26 Oct 189620 Mar 1977
003003WheelbargerMary20 Feb 1930d/Delmar & Ethel Harper, mother of Carson & Karen, m/1 Jan 1948
003003WheelbargerAndy Roy2 Jun 192116 Apr 1997CPL U. S. Army WWII, m/1 Jan 1948, s/Charles & Rosie W., father of Carson & Karen
003003SpitzerCatherine M.14 Nov 189419 Jul 1965w/B. F.
003003SpitzerBenjamin F.28 Sep 18965 Dec 1963PFC Co. E 318 Inf WWI, Va.
003003MillerBetty Blue Liskey15 Oct 1929
003003MillerRichard Lewis13 May 192613 Jun 1994U. S. Navy WWII
003004WolfreyPerry Edwin19 Oct 193030 Sep 1986
003004WolfreyClemmie T.18931986w/H. C.; nee Lam
003004WolfreyHerbert G.18911948
003004HarperS. Katherine28 Jul 19001 Dec 1971
003004HarperWalter Quinten9 Aug 189122 Mar 1948
003004HarperMary11 Nov 186521 May 1943w/Jacob
003004HarperJacob9 Jul 185923 Aug 1953
003004MayChloe Harper13 Nov 189428 Aug 1974w/H. N.; d/Jacob & Mary
003004MayHenry Newton24 Sep 189230 Oct 1951s/James H. & Sarah F. Bridges May
003004WhislerAnnie M.18891961w/V. G.; nee Maran
003004WhislerVernon G.18851864s/William F. & Susan Frank Whisler
003004SteeleDorothy W.29 Jul 1913
003004SteeleClarence L.7 Oct 191120 Dec 1990
003005MoormanElizabeth B.19091986
003005MoormanFrank R.19071983
003006AtchisonMinnie H.18651949w/C. W.w/C. W.
003006AtchisonCharles W.18721935s/Thomas J. & Sarah J. Cromer Atchison
003006AtchisonHoward W.19071942s/C. W. & M. H.s/C. W. & M. H.
003006SpitzerJohn D.28 Sep 18591 Apr 1930
003006SptizerMary F.2 Jun 185615 Feb 1934w/J. D.
003006CromerBenjamin F.18661930s/John &. & Luceritia Ralston Cromer
003006CromerJulia S.18681932w/B. F.; nee Deavers
003006BaconJulia F.16 Sep 189329 Apr 1973w/H. M.; d/William Steele
003006BaconHenry M.24 May 189223 Jan 1943American Legion Marker
003007FittonWilliam A.6 Apr 190727 Nov 2001
003007FittonFrances Arey16 Oct 191722 Mar 1988
003007DeaversRebecca E.21 Aug 185912 Dec 1939w/E. L.
003007DeaversEdward L.15 Oct 186526 Oct 1950
003007DeaversMinnie V.18961984
003007DeaversIsaac T.18951975
003007PetersMae F.23 Sep 189823 Feb 1976Mother
003007MillerMrs. Laura F.18831956
003007MillerCharles W.18751970
003007WilsonMargaret Ray18871966
003007FryLois B.25 Oct 1925
003007FryRay M.27 Jun 19116 Sep 1988U. S. Navy WWII
003008DeanNellie F.6 May 190510 Mar 1986w/M. J.; nee Deavers
003008DeanMark J.10 Apr 190318 Sep 1953son/Jack
003008DeanInfant24 Aug 1927c/M. J. & N. F.
003008ClineOla A.18941972
003008ClineArthur Boyd18911965h/Ola A. Swope
003008ClineFrankie E.24 Jul 191310 Aug 1913s/A. B. & Ola A. D.s/A. B. & Ola A.
003008AitsJoanne E.30 Jun 19467 Jul 1946d/John & Catherine
003008AreyFrank19 Jun 191514 Nov 1925s/F. P. & A. L.
003008AreyAlice LeeOct 18851 Dec 1979w/F. P.
003008AreyFrank PaulJun 1887Feb 1960
003009DeaversTreva R.19 Apr 189710 May 1985
003009DeaversBenjamin C.24 Oct 189329 Aug 1966
003009SteeleJesse D.18631942no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
003009SteeleReuben19061922s/C. J. & A. S.
003009SteeleAnnie Smoots18701942w/C. J.; nee Smoots
003009SteeleCharles J.18671939
003009SteeleTimothy O.18711945
003009SteeleThomas P.18711933
003009DeaversNettie A.21 Aug 18879 Jan 1968
003009DeaversCharles E.24 Jan 188817 Dec 1971
003010DeaversBettie C.16 Jan 18641 Jun 1950
003010DeaversThomas L.6 Mar 18696 Mar 1950
003010SteeleVelva M.18991982
003010SteeleEdgar J.18921854s/Charles
003010DeaversAlice M.14 Feb 191228 May 1984
003010DeaversEdward J.21 Nov 191012 May 2000
003010DeaverFrank O.15 Feb 191514 Feb 1960
003010RuddleCora Alice8 Mar 18708 May 1942d/William Ruddle
003010MartinIva R.18791963w/R. P.; d/William Ruddle
003010MartinRobert P.18751962
003010RuddleMaud L.18871969w/Scott
003010RuddleEdna Irene5 Jul 1923
003010RuddleOmer Lynn17 Aug 19222 Feb 1978
003010SipleAnnie Catherine20 Jan 187525 Nov 1955d/Silas
003010MorrisBeatrice A.13 Jul 1940
003010MorrisCharlotte M.14 Apr 191718 Sep 1995
003010MorrisMartin E.30 Jan 1915
003011BurkholderJames Arthur3 Mar 188613 Jun 1958
003011BurkholderJohn D.24 Dec 184830 Dec 1922
003011BurkholderElizabeth Frances30 Nov 184814 Feb 1934w/J. D.
003011RuddleJune Steele5 Jun 18971 Dec 1972
003011RuddleOlin H., D. V. M.21 May 189214 Dec 1948
003011JohnsonTeresa J.30 Sep 19609 Oct 1960d/Lucille J. Hensley
003011JohnsonAndrew Miller18 Nov 19303 Jun 1996Cpl. U. S. Army Korea
003011Johnson, Jr.Elmer V.8 Apr 192227 Aug 1980Va. F1 U. S. Navy WWII
003011JohnsonOlin Lynwood27 Feb 192430 Dec 1968
003012RuddleMary J.30 Apr 186930 Apr 1949w/C. B.; d/Peter H. & Elizabeth Nelson Smith
003012RuddleCharles B.26 May 185927 Mar 1954s/James D. & Jane Payne Ruddle
003012HingardnerErnest E.18861964
003012HingardnerLucretia F.18831936w/ E. E.nee Shipp (2w/Eston)
003012HinegardnerIca J.18961990
003012AtchisonDavid F.19211922s/D. H. & L. A.s/D. H.
003012AtchisonLucretia D.18951986Mother
003012AtchisonD. Harman18831932Fathers/Thomas & Sarah J. Cromer Atchison
003012FrankIvie Della31 Oct 18827 May 1984w/B. F.; nee Andes
003012FrankBenjamin F.23 Mar 187416 Nov 1949
003012SimmonsAnna Mary12 Jul 191626 Aug 2001m/31 Aug 1935, children Phyllis Y., Harold J., Shirley A., H. Frederick & Melba J.
003012SimmonsHerman K.26 Aug 19157 Sep 1988m/31 Aug 1935, children Phyllis Y, Harold J, Shirley A., H. Frederick, & Melva J.
003013MessickCharlotte H.17 Aug 192516 Mar 1994
003013MessickRoy Lee28 Apr 192111 Feb 1987RD 3 U. S. Navy WWII
003013MillerSallie Delphia17 Aug 19589 Jul 2001McMullen Funeral Home Marker
003013MillerSarah Lacy12 May 1916
003013MessickArminta18681957Motherw/J. N.
003013MessickJ. N.18651933Fathers/Newton
003013MorrisShelton H.2 Jun 188927 Mar 1962
003013MorrisDora A. Wheelberger18 Apr 18912 Sep 1929w/S. H.w/S. H.
003013MorrisEmma Fauls31 Aug 19229 Apr 1996m/14 Mar 1964
003013MorrisGordon S.7 Apr 1925m/14 Mar 1964
003013LongReba L.1 Nov 1914
003013LongRichard N.9 Jul 191515 Jun 1992
003014MessickLula L.30 Sep 189111 Oct 1984
003014Messick, Sr.William F.28 Dec 189019 Apr 1977
003014Lacy, Jr.Clarence Reed31 Aug 19172 Feb 1944s/C. R. & S. W.; drowned
003014LacySallie Wilson11 Jan 188224 Jan 1965w/Rev. C. R.
003014LacyClarence Read, D. D. Rev.4 Sep 18751 Aug 1936
003014MessickEdgar Harry19 Jan 185617 Dec 1922Aged 28y 11m 2ds/J. N. & A.
003014MessickRobert Ward16 Apr 189217 Dec 1922Aged 30y 8m 1ds/J. N. & A.
003014MorrisRaleigh J.31 Jul 188222 Jul 1926
003014MorrisVirginia C.10 Dec 18522 May 1929w/Frank
003014MorrisFrank11 Jun 18487 Apr 1928
003014StinespringOra M.6 Mar 188022 Nov 1963
003014ThompsonAnna M.16 Sep 188413 Aug 1958
003014SuterPauline C.25 Oct 19066 Jan 1993
003014SuterRobert D.24 May 190428 Feb 1986
003014HillNora Lee18901960w/D. H.; d/T. J. & Sarah J. Cromer Atchinson
003014HillD. Ashby18881970
003014HillEmily Harman1 Mar 1929
003014HillDavid Stanley15 Jan 1923
003014LongEdgar A.17 Nov 190827 Nov 1970s/R. W. & A. P.
003014LongAnna Pearl6 Nov 188811 Jul 1968w/R. W.; d/Newton Messick
003014LongRoy Ward1 Nov 188310 Oct 1958
003014RayEvelyn H.1 Jan 1934
003014RayCarroll L.10 Jul 19342 Sep 1980
003014RayCara Elizabeth22 Nov 1992
003015MillerNora Wenger15 May 191519 Dec 1999
003015DoveMichael Franklin17 Nov 19603 Nov 1980
003015DoveJoan M.7 Jan 1936
003015Dove, Sr.Kenneth W.26 Apr 1931
003016SwankSally1 Jan 190024 Jul 19652w/R. O.; d; A. J. & I. M. Dean
003016DeanIda M.18691945w/A. J.
003016DeanAndrew J.18591933s/Jack
003016Miller, Jr.Benjamin F.25 Aug 191617 Jul 1982
003016MillerFannie M.15 May 192425 Jan 1998
003016WengerJoseph S.19021985
003016WengerEvelyn V.19081968
003016MillerLucy V.18791950w/B. F.; nee Head
003016MillerBenjamin F.18651927
003016RolstonMary E.189019621w/J. H.; d/Aldine J. & Sophia M. Heatwole
003016RolstonJohn H.18931984s/Dr. C. H. & Annie B. Whitmore Rolston
003016Messick, Jr.William Franklin29 Mar 191914 Feb 1989
003016MessickEdith Cline18 May 19172 Oct 1985
003016ConnorRussell E.19171978
003016ConnorEvelyn K.19101982
003017SuterJohn S.19011984
003017SuterRuth G.19041984
003017BurkholderMargaret19082002McMullen Funeral Home
003018BurkholderAddie M.18851987w/W. P.; nee Heatwole
003018BurkholderWilliam P.18751946
003018FrankLester B.15 Jul 1917Father
003018FrankBlanche C.20 Mar 1917Mother
003018FrankDavid E.2 Jul 195417 Apr 1995Son
003018SwopeEdith V.4 Jan 19078 Feb 1957w/F. P; d/Abram D. & Lydia Heatwole Swope
003018SwopeFrank P.18 Apr 190513 Nov 1981s/Reuben J. & Lydia Heatwole Swope
003018HeatwoleSamuel O.6 Apr 190011 May 1978
003018HeatwolePauline L.18 Dec 19008 Jun 1970
003018HeatwoleJames Rush29 Aug 1927
003018SwopeRoy W.13 May 1934
003018SwopeNancy R.14 Jul 1936
003019CookJennie V.12 Jan 1924Aged 80yillegible age-recorded by Swank in 1960's
003019CookPearl21 May 18864 Jan 1941w/William
003019CookWilliam28 Feb 188226 Jan 1942
003019MyersIna M.4 Jun 188115 Aug 1944w/M. H.; d/Josiah Neff
003019MyersM. Homer11 Feb 187929 Jun 1952
003019NeffCrawford J.18741949
003019NeffNancy Sillings18321917Mothermoved from Myers graveyard on Dr. Graves' farm n/w of Edom Va., 2w/Josiah
003019NeffJosiah18141882Fathermoved from Myers graveyard on Dr. Graves' farm n/w of Edom, Va.
003019LongRhoda B.19061987w/F. R.
003019LongFrank R.19011958
003019SengerDella C.10 Nov 187910 Jun 1954w/H. J.; nee Cline
003019SengerHenry J.24 Feb 187024 Sep 1949
003019CanterburyLucie Taffey Smith25 Feb 187112 Jul 1864
003020CunninghamNellie P.26 Oct 189127 Jul 1972w/J. R.
003020CunninghamJack R.25 Sep 188929 Nov 1953
003020SwankElizabeth C.10 Sep 19134 Nov 2001w/J. R.w/J. R., d/H. V. & E. Eliz. Rhodes Croushorn
003020SwankJ. Russell5 Jun 19068 Oct 1954s/John & Lula Frank Swank
003020SuterMildred H.19101991
003020SuterLloyd F.19011969
003020SmithDorothy K.4 Feb 191326 Jan 2002
003020SmithArnold B.4 Oct 190730 May 1975
003021HarperJulie Ann7 Sep 198023 Dec 1980
003022HeatwoleRuby H.11 Jan 1932Our children infant son Andrew, Michael Dale, Jeffrey C.
003022HeatwoleMeredith C.28 May 192913 Aug 1999PFC U. S. Marine Corps Korea, our children Infant son Andrew, Michael Dale, Jeffrey C.
003022HeatwoleInfant Son10 Dec 1953s/Meredith & Ruby Heatwole
003022HarlinRessie C.13 Dec 188630 Oct 1986w/C. D.d/Deal & Eudora F. Deputy Cline
003022HarlinCasper D.4 Oct 18853 Feb 1956s/Jacob & Annie Gard Harlin
003022WengerTracy G.4 Mar 189219 Nov 1979w/D. E.; nee Green
003022WengerDaniel E.9 Jan 189715 Jun 1956
003022KiserFannie H.29 May 188610 Mar 1958w/A. S.nee Harmon
003022KiserAud S.15 Dec 188825 Feb 1977s/William
003022HooverNancy C.19211983
003022HooverTheodore M.1925
003022HeatwoleNora E.29 Jan 189421 Oct 1987
003022HeatwoleLeonard25 Apr 189123 Sep 1969
003022MarrinerRay A.18971969
003023FlickShirley Bird19301997Lindsey Funeral Home Marker
003023BirdFaith Thresa19901990Johnson Funeral Home Marker
003023GreyIda L.4 Jul 18635 Feb 1951
003023WoodyJoseph R.19141999
003023WoodyMaudine W.19201985
003023BollsAllen Richard23 Dec 19232 Apr 2002
003023BollsKate McChesney4 Aug 191711 Aug 1985
003023BollsEula J.24 May 18922 Mar 1988w/E. E.
003023BollsEdward E.18 Sep 188819 Mar 1964parents Rev. Bolls
003023JohnsonReba Messick27 Jul 19172 Jun 1983
003023RochetAimee J.4 Aug 190123 Apr 1983
003023Mowbray-HooverTony Lynn19 Oct 196425 Jul 1986SP4 U. S. Army, Brothers
003023Mowbray-HooverRichard V.28 Feb 196010 Jan 1981Pvt U. S. Army, Brothers, father of Angela Beth
003023GowlNewton F.2 Aug 188020 May 1929
003024ByrdEthel P.18941959w/C. S.
003024ByrdClarence S.18941947
003024DillardJennie C.14 Aug 186127 May 1946
003024HarmanMary Louise27 May 189324 Aug 1973
003024PowellBennett H.18901980
003024PowellJ. Thomas18851957
003024BerryRuth S.27 Oct 19037 Dec 1981
003024BerryClaude E.26 Sep 190729 Sep 1984
003024SteeleVada B.4 Feb 190330 Nov 1986
003024SteeleTalford5 Mar 190012 Oct 1967
003024ScottGoldie S.19211973w/A. E.
003024ScottAlbert E.19191957
003024DeaversPollie S.7 Jan 188520 Jun 1973
003024SwadleyNorma Evick25 Mar 192727 Jun 1965w/W. B.nee Evick
003024SwadleyWilliam Bell1 Feb 19237 Jul 1980
003024McLeroySandra K.8 Dec 195026 Oct 1999
003024MowbrayIsla M.19051992
003024MowbrayJesse L.19061980
003024MoubreyLucy A.17 Sep 18733 Apr 1955Mother
003024GowlEvaline3 Jul 185422 Nov 1921w/I. B.nee Ritchie
003024GowlIsaac B.3 Feb 185321 Feb 1922Father
003024GowlNora V.10 Aug 189222 Jan 1929Mother
003025BowersRuth Garratt6 Apr 191614 Feb 1988
003025BowersQuentin Homer13 Jul 191418 Aug 1991
003025HeatwoleLeona C.11 Apr 1926
003025Heatwole, Jr.Samuel O.3 Oct 1923
003025SkinnerDoris H.21 May 191121 May 2000m/10 Sep 1940
003025SkinnerJoshua H.18 Oct 191213 Mar 1998m/10 Sep 1940
003025HeatwoleBoyd Gordon6 Jun 19022 Nov 1993A Teacher
003025HeatwoleCarl Hopkins29 May 190615 Jul 1994
003025BurkholderLouise S.1913
003025BurkholderAustin B.19161995
003025KasperGeraldine S.11 Feb 1941
003025KasperMartin A.21 Feb 194217 Feb 1994
003026KuykendallMark Douglas (Kurk)23 Jun 195430 Jul 1997
003026SimmonsTimothy W.20 Apr 197216 Sep 1999
004BowersRobert Edward25 Nov 1862s/S. G. & S. E. W.
004FawcettNannie L.21 Sep 1861Aged 28y 10m 1d
004MillerJain27 Feb 1827
004RolstonRobert7 May 190216 Feb 1918s/D. A. & Edna F.
004WarrensenM.15 Jul ?4 Feb 1795Aged 84y 5d
005MillerAlexander Miller, Rev.Pastor 1757-1763
005MillerAlexander, Mrs.Probably buried here, w/Rev. Alexander Miller
005JacksonThomas, Rev.10 May 1773Pastor 1770-1773
005JacksonThomas, Mrs.Probably buried here, w/Rev. Thomas Jackson
005Miller, IIAlexanders/Rev. Alexander
005MillerAlexander, Mrs.w/Alexander Miller, II