Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryFairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery
LocationNear Court Manor, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Court Square, downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 11 North for 14.7 miles and turn right onto Route 795 (Fairview Church Road). Go 5/10th mile and church/cemetery is on the right side of the road.
NotesCemetery is well maintained. Rows were recorded starting with first row behind the church to the back of the cemetery. Facing the headstones, they were recorded from right to left. The majority of the notes in the "Remarks" column were provided by Mary A. Nelson. Ms. Nelson noted in 2003, "In the front middle section of the old part of the cemetery are some unknown graves according to the church records. There was a cemetery in the area prior to the church being built, 111 years ago."
Survey Date and Recorder24 Aug 2003
Mary A. Nelson

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
HolsingerDaughter23 Mar 1891d/P. W. & L. P.No visible marker-recorded by J. S. Roller as being buried in this cemetery
ComerEmanuel22 Nov 1909Aged about 59 yrsNo visible marker-recorded by J. S. Roller as being buried in this cemetery
ComerMyrtle Linda22 May 1910Aged 9m 26d; d/William Comer & wifeNo visible marker-recorded by J. S. Roller as being buried in this cemetery
RollerLewis1 Aug 1854Aged 1y 4m 21d; s/Samuel & Anna RollerNo visible marker-recorded by J. S. Roller as being buried in this cemetery
ShiflettInfantChild/William ShiflettNo visible marker-recorded by J. S. Roller as being buried in this cemetery & unmarked
WiseInfant11 Aug 1894Infant/C. H. & Mary E. WiseNo visible marker-recorded by J. S. Roller as being buried in this cemetery
001RandallElla B.18951967
001ShermanFrank Albert18 Jul 1941Only date on stone-could be death date
001ShermanRobert I.5 Dec 192945 years with Endless CavernsOnly date on stone-could be death date
001ShermanFlorence B.19051984w/Roy
001ShermanRoy L.18951951h/Florence
001ShermanThomas W.31 May 193625 Jul 1976Pvt US Army
001StricklerBraxton Miller8 Apr 1878Aged 5m 4d; s/John W. & Mary E.; The dust on all these persons except B. F. Strickler & Susan Cline Strickler, his wife, rests in the Wise Cemetery about 1 mile south of here on the Wise farm.s/John W. & Mary E. Allen Strickler; Duane Borden states only stone moved from Wise farm
001StricklerElizabeth J.182815 Mar 1892Aged 64y 1m; d/B. & M Stricklerd/B. & M. Strickler; Duane Borden states only stone moved from Wise farm; Middle name-Jane
001StricklerMargaret Zirkle29 Jan 1876Aged 73y 1m 10d; Consort of Benjamin Stricklerw/Benjamin; d/Lewis & Nancy Caldwell Zirkle; married 12 Sep 1822; Duane Borden states only stone moved from Wise farm
001StricklerBenjamin7 Sep 179917 Mar 1856Aged 56y 6m 10dh/Margaret; Duane Borden states only stone moved from Wise farm
001StricklerSusan C.18381893w/Benjamin F.; d/David & Susan Wine Cline
001StricklerBenjamin F.18361887h/Susan; s/Benjamin & Margaret Zirkle Strickler; Middle name-Franklin
001BazzleClaudia D.4 Nov 192025 Oct 1998w/Nelson; nee Cook
001BazzleNelson L.15 Apr 191516 Jan 1985h/Claudia; s/Daniel E. & Annie E. Foltz Bazzle; Middle name-Lee
001BazzleEstelle L.20 May 1921w/Weldon; d/Hugh L. & Hazel L. Phillips Sheets
001BazzleWeldon L.22 Jun 1918h/Estelle; s/Daniel E. & Annie E. Foltz Bazzle; Middle name-Lincoln
001HiggsBenjamin G.Mar 1895Jul 1935h/Mary E. Allen Higgs; s/Noah L. & Alice L. Deavers Higgs
001MimsEthel M.18 Sep 193115 Feb 2002
001MimsFranklin C.5 Feb 193031 May 1986
001HiggsRuth V.27 Mar 190816 Apr 1983w/Hubert; nee Armentrout; Middle name-Virginia
001HiggsHubert H. (Shag)20 Jul 190126 Nov 1974h/Ruth; s/Noah L. & Alice L. Deavers Higgs
001RollerHilda Harrell11 Sep 191829 Jan 1998
001RollerGeorge Snell28 Sep 19144 Oct 1998
001RollerDavid Allen19 Aug 197024 Aug 1992
001HurstBarbara Jean2 Jul 1930w/Wilmer
001HurstWilmer Royer9 Apr 193124 May 1998Our children-Eloise, David, Paul, Brendah/Barbara
001PhillipsJohn16 Jul 181620 Mar 1898Aged 81y 8m 4d; Co. H 12 VA Cav Rosser BrigadeStone embedded in ground & almost covered by grass; Note by J. S. Roller- Civil War Veteran and famous fictitious storyteller
001HolsingerAmarylas H.1916w/Melvin P.nee Homan
001HolsingerMelvin P.19101994h/Amarylas; s/Harper D. & Georgiana Lohr Holsinger
001Johnson, Sr.Melvin M.19031947h/Ruby
001JohnsonRuby L.19041946w/Melvin; d/Amos F. & Marietta Holsinger Good; Middle name Layton
001Johnson, Jr.Melvin M.19231950h/Dorothy Anderson; s/o Melvin M. & Ruby Good Johnson
001FinkBobby Wayne29 Dec 196129 Dec 1961s/C. J. & E. M.
001HartmanNaomi I.21 Dec 192613 Nov 1987w/Raymond
001Hartman, Sr.Raymond H.28 Sep 19239 Aug 1990h/Naomi
001KnappTracy Mae26 May 1920w/Joseph
001Knapp, Jr.Joseph21 Aug 192515 Jul 2002h/Tracy
002BazzleJames Floyd24 Oct 191114 Apr 1927s/D. E. & A. E.s/Daniel E. & Annie E. Foltz Bazzle
002DouglasAndrew Alan7 Aug 19146 Mar 1986Children-Juanita Phillips, Maxine Turner, Alan Doughlash/Kathleen Rose Ella
002DouglasKathleen Rose Ella25 Feb 1922w/Andrew; d/Daniel E. & Annie E. Foltz Bazzle
002BazzleAnnie E.18801971w/Daniel; d/Isaac N. & Sarah J. Higgs Foltz; Middle name-Elizabeth
002BazzleDaniel E.18761963h/Annie; s/Wilson A. & Hannah Pickering Bazzle
002HiggsAlice L.Aug 1856Aug 1917w/Noah; d/Michael H. & Leanna Spitzer Deavers; Middle name-Laura
002HiggsNoah L.Mar 1852May 1923h/Alice; s/Elijah & Elizabeth Kendle Higgs; Middle name-Leonard
002ComerLula V.4 Aug 188115 Jan 1965Motherw/Charles; d/Noah L. & Alice L. Deavers Higgs
002ComerCharles E.27 Jan 18826 Jan 1931Fatherh/Lula; s/Adam & Frances Good Comer; Middle name-Ernest
002RollerJ. Elmer22 Aug 188418 Apr 1970h/Alpha
002RollerAlpha S.20 Jul 188829 Apr 1969w/J. Elmer
002RollerBarbara Jean1 Apr 192220 Dec 1922d/J. E. & Alpha
002RollerMiriam W.5 May 19023 Jan 1979w/Paul
002RollerPaul I.25 Jul 1902h/Miriam
002PlatigAllison Roller12 Dec 19288 Jan 1992
002ShopePauline B.4 Mar 1909w/Clarence; d/Homer G. & Catherine Holsinger Brown; Middle name-Frances
002ShopeClarence M.12 Sep 191616 Jul 1987h/Pauline; Middle name-Melvin
002BazzleJeremy Elwood19 Jul 1983Infant s/Junior & Lena
002HolsingerGeorgia Lohr18861950w/H. D.w/Harper; d/Michael & Areander Neff Lohr
002HolsingerHarper D.18751958h/Georgia; s/Peter A. & Mary Kessler Holsinger; Middle name-Daniel
002HolsingerMiller Michael4 Jan 19122 Dec 1940
002DovePauline Holsinger19 Apr 191322 Dec 2002w/Miller Michael
002GoodLee J.18941961h/ 1st-Ethel and 2nd-Hattie; s/Amos & Marietta Holsinger Good; Middle name-Johnson
002GoodEthel M.190419461st-w/Lee; d/Earl O. & Ella C. Kinney Green; Middle name-Mae
002GoodHattie F.190719902nd-w/Lee; d/Joseph & Susan Delawder Riggleman
002RigglemanEdward A.1948s/D. E. & B. B.
002RigglemanBlanche B.5 Sep 1925
002RigglemanDaniel E.11 May 1928
002RigglemanEthel Rebecca6 Feb 1928w/Simon; d/John L. & Margaret A. Eaton Vincie
002Riggleman, Jr.Simon Peter8 Oct 192628 Sep 1988h/Ethel; s/Simon P. & Martha O. Bazzle Riggleman
003BazzleLouise H.22 Mar 1925w/Allen; d/Layton P. & Neva Alexander Holsinger
003BazzleAllen F.14 Oct 1924h/Louise
003PriceLinda Alice27 Sep 19468 Aug 1953d/C. S. & Heylon
003PriceHeylon A.12 Dec 1924w/Charles; d/William F. & Lydia A. Sellers Phillips; Middle name-Alice
003PriceCharles S.26 Oct 192212 Jul 1985h/Heylon; s/William J. & Mamie C. Hinkle Price; Middle name-Sylvester
003O'RoarkWeldon L.27 Jul 191727 Jul 1917s/Emanuel J. & Nancy Higgs O'Roark; Middle name-Lincoln
003O'RoarkRobert E.29 Apr 186714 Jan 1939h/Nannie; s/George D. & Julia A. Smith O'Roark; Middle name-Emanuel
003O'RoarkNannie E.2 Sep 189224 Sep 1962w/Robert; d/Noah L. & & Alice L. Deavers Higgs; Middle name-Elizabeth
003LandesCatherine M.21 Jan 194310 Mar 1943
003JonesTrice Higgs19241964w/ 1st-John Landes and 2nd-Price Jones; d/Charles L. & Edith P. Hinkle Higgs
003RollerDavid Franklin18821968Same stone as Nora, David Jr. & John F.
003RollerNora Shaffer18821963Same stone as David, David Jr. & John F.
003Roller, Jr.David Franklin19211921Same stone as David, Nora & John F.
003MinnickJohn F.18941918Same stone as David F., Nora & David Jr. 28 Nov 1894 - 8 Oct 1918; death due to fle; had a home a nimber of years with David Franklin Roller.
003CurtisElizabeth C. Kaderys27 Nov 19059 Jan 1995Mother
003ZiglerMattie E.6 Sep 187910 Jan 1968
003ZiglerIsaac N.20 May 187522 Feb 1944
003HolsingerInfant Daughter26 Jun 1894Infant children/P. W. & L. P.
003AndesLessie S.8 Jul 187028 Dec 1870
003RollerAnna21 Mar 1871Aged 46y 5m 5dw/Samuel; d/John & Mary Cline Wampler; Note by J. S. Roller- 1st w/Samuel Roller, mother of all his children
003RollerSamuel4 Jan 1907Aged 85y 4m 9d; Our Fatherh/Anna
003RollerLydia20 Oct 181821 Apr 1900Aged 81y 6m 1d; w/Samuel
003MillsRichard C.6 Oct 1929Aged 66y 3m 2dSame stone as Mary Mills & Mary Ellen Price; Note by J. S. Roller-son of Richard Mills, Sr.
003MillsMary25 Jul 1893Aged 79y 6m; His SisterSame stone as Richard Mills & Mary Ellen Price; Note by J. S. Roller-sister to Richard C. Mills, Sr. & name Mary in error-should be Ann
003PriceMary Ellen10 Dec 190874y 4m 22d; His DaughterSame stone as Mary Mills & Richard Mills; Note by J. S. Roller-error this sister not daughter to Richard C. Mills, Sr.
003DouglasCharles W.19261959Virginia CM 3 USNR WWIIIn 1960s DAR recorded dates as b. 18 Oct 1926 d. 14 Oct 1959
003BazzleLester E.23 Apr 190321 Sep 1995A Craftsman Woodworkerh/Cecelia; s/Daniel E. & Annie E. Foltz Bazzle; Middle name-Edward
003BazzleCecilia E.3 Sep 190126 Feb 1990Flowers Were Her Joyw/Lester; d/Edward W. & Albertie Depoy Cave; Middle name-Elizabeth
003ClineZara V.5 May 19052 Oct 1989w/Paxton; d/Edward W. & Albertie Depoy Cave; Middle name-Virginia
003ClinePaxton J.10 Sep 19036 Oct 1993h/Zara; s/Amanda E. Cline; Middle name-James
003BazzleEdna M.28 Jan 1927Married 5 Apr 1945w/Junior; nee Mongold
003BazzleJunior E.13 Jul 1925Children-Judy A., Stephen W., Kenneth E., Donald E.h/Edna; s/Reuben F. & Viola Stultz Bazzle; Middle name-Elwood
003BazzleJohnnie10 Jan 194711 Jan 1947s/J. E. & Edna
003ClineIcye E.30 Jul 191118 Sep 19471st-w/Jesse; d/Robert G. & Pearl E. Arehart Ritchie
003ClineJesse I.12 Jan 19113 Aug 1977h/1st-Icye & 2nd-Ida Good; s/Ashby & Laura V. Sheets Cline; Middle name-Isaac
003ShifflettWilliam R.30 Mar 1935h/Ashalene; Middle name-Ray
003ShifflettAshalene (Dawn) C.27 Aug 193730 Sep 1985w/William; d/Jesse I. & Icye Ritchie Cline
003ClineVirginia Z. "Snooks"23 Nov 19283 Mar 1995w/Clarence; d/Joseph D. & Grace I. Olinger Zigler
003ClineClarence H. "Shot"5 Apr 193031 Mar 1992Married 22 May 1954h/Virginia; s/Clarence J. & Julia J. Strawderman Cline
004WhiteCarolyn E.8 Oct 19478 Apr 1985d/P. Leonard & Annie E. Martz White; Middle name-Elizabeth
004WhiteAnnie E.30 Nov 19043 May 1976w/P. Leonard; d/William A. & Delphia C. Bazzle Martz; Middle name-Elizabeth
004WhiteP. Leonard2 Sep 190225 May 1976h/Annie; s/Luther F. & Elizabeth S. Long White; First name-Phillip
004HiggsLucille F.10 Oct 190427 Jan 1991w/Ernest; d/Charles E. & Lula V. Higgs Comer; Middle name-Frances
004Higgs, Sr.Ernest L.8 Oct 189819 Jul 1970h/Lucille; s/John F. & Mary E. Sheets Higgs; Middle name-Lee
004ReidInfant Daughter1920d/F. L. & Ollie S. Reid
004StricklerLilly L.6 Jun 18995 Jul 1962w/Marshall
004StricklerMarshall W.11 Jun 188923 Jun 1964h/Lilly; s/John W. & Mary E. Allen Strickler
004StricklerJessie Elwood25 Feb 192226 Dec 1953
004MartzWilliam A.18791958h/Delphia; s/Isaac P. & Amanda V. Strickler Martz; Middle name-Ashby
004MartzDelphia C.18821953w/William; d/Wilson A. & Hannah Pickering Bazzle; Middle name-Catherine
004HiggsEdith P.18871943w/Charles; d/John S. & Julia A. Dinges Hinkle; Middle name-Priscilla
004HiggsCharles L.18871963h/Edith; s/Noah L. & Alice L. Deavers Higgs; Middle name-Lester
004ArmentroutReva10 Oct 191417 Oct 1977MotherMiddle name-Virginia
004SellersBessie D.18931980Motherw/Robert; d/Dorilas J. & Barbara A. Rosenberger Driver; Middle name-Florence
004SellersRobert R.18911967Fatherh/Bessie; s/Charles M. & Sarah E. Armentrout Sellers; Middle name-Reuben
004RollerElizabeth10 Oct 179914 Feb 1877Aged 77y 4m 4d; w/Michaelw/Michael Roller per D.A.R. notes in 1960s
004RollerMichael15 Feb 17957 Mar 1887Aged 92y 20dh/Elizabeth; Per J. S. Roller-Michael was a soldier in War of 1812
004SpitlerElizabeth Roller7 Jun 1908Aged 80y 29d; w/Joseph; d/Michael Roller
004RollerWilliam S.20 Sep 185630 May 1877Aged 20y 8m 10d; s/Samuel & AnnaNote by J. S. Roller-Died from being accidentally shot by gun set in smokehouse for thief, while entering early in morning to take gun down.
004RollerMary E.28 Dec 1895Aged 45y 9m; d/Samuel & Anna
004RalphWillie Yates18931934
004RalphCharles P.US Navy Sp Am WarNo dates
004ZirkVirginia G.22 Feb 19337 Jan 1968
004ZirkPaul E.31 Dec 19317 Jan 1968
004ZirkSharon L.14 Dec 19597 Jan 1968
004JonesMaggie L.28 Apr 190016 May 1963Mother
004HarpineHannah M.3 Sep 191921 May 1978w/Charles
004HarpineC. Lester1 Aug 19203 Aug 1994h/Hannah; s/Joseph L. & Julia O. Higgs Harpine; First name-Charles
004HarpineJulia O.25 Apr 18994 Sep 1984Motherw/Joseph; d/Noah L. & Alice L. Deavers Higgs; Middle name-Ogretta
004HarpineJoseph L.24 Oct 189210 Sep 1969Fatherh/Julia
004HarpineJoanne11 Jun 193512 Jun 1935Infant d/Joseph & Juliad/Joseph & Julia Higgs Harpine
004GoodJohn G.18921936
004BlakemoreMaude S.8 Feb 188518 Dec 1958Motherw/Wilmer; d/Peter & Amanda J. Bennett Smith
004BlakemoreWilmer G.22 Oct 18815 Nov 1964Fatherh/Maude
004WilsonAnnie M.18781975
004WilsonBrewer W.19051988
004LloydLottie V.17 Apr 188919 May 1978w/Boyd; nee Alther; Middle name-Virginia
004LloydBoyd F.20 May 18835 Feb 1967h/Lottie; Middle name-Franklin
004DriverLois L.17 Apr 1928w/Dorilas; nee Long
004DriverDorilas J.21 Oct 19242 Sep 1996h/Lois; s/Julian C. & Francis L. Cline Driver
005WhiteMarjorie P.19172000w/Ralph; d/William F. & Lydia A. Sellers Phillips; Name used-Elaine
005WhiteRalph L.19101999h/Marjorie; s/Luther F. & Elizabeth S. Long White; Middle name-Long
005HolsingerCatherine C.13 Jul 1928w/William; d/Charlotte Comer; Full name-Catherine Elizabeth Comer Holsinger; She went by Elizabeth
005HolsingerWilliam B.16 Mar 1928h/Catherine; s/Layton P. & Neva M. Alexander Holsinger; Middle name-Berkley
005HolsingerJudy Elaine25 Feb 195425 Feb 1954d/William B. & Catherine Comer Holsinger
005YatesInfant30 Mar 1825Infant s/J. A. J. F.
005WoodGeorgia O.2 May 190424 Sep 1975w/John L.; nee Thomas
005WoodJohn Louis5 Apr 190417 Oct 1972h/Georgia
005WoodHomer A.4 Mar 192310 Oct 1944In Memory of our son PFC Homer A. killed while serving his countryh/Mary Lucas Wood; s/John L. & Georgia O. Thomas Wood
005FoleyDewey M.12 May 18987 Jan 1949On back of stone of Georgia & John Wood
005FoleyLucille T.22 Feb 191021 Oct 2001On back of stone of Georgia & John Wood
005DriverLelia A.11 Oct 18644 Jul 1939w/Michael; d/Lemuel & Harriet Pence
005DriverMichael L.12 Sep 18696 Dec 1930h/Lelia A.; s/Emanuel & Ellen C. Derrow Driver
005PriceEthel F.30 Jan 191916 Oct 1990w/Chesley
005PriceChesley W.21 Jun 1917h/Ethel
005ShirkeyUrsula F.4 Dec 190825 Sep 1998w/Dorman; nee Derrow
005ShirkeyDorman W.10 Dec 19086 Sep 1971h/Ursula; s/William D. & Emma C. Lohr Shirkey
005ShirkeyLewis W.17 Jul 193027 Sep 1930
005ShirkeyHilda L.5 Jun 193718 Jul 1939
005DerrowMary R.4 Jan 187015 Mar 1952w/William; d/Samuel J. & Rebecca Beaver Yates; Middle name-Rebecca
005DerrowWilliam O.3 Aug 186814 Jul 1918h/Mary
005WagenscheinMinnie E. Roller28 Mar 19161 Dec 2002Wife; Born Rockingham Co., VA; d/J. S. & Ida Brower Roller
005WagenscheinNorman Oscar18 Jul 1917Husband; Born Dewitt Co., Texas; s/O. E. & Marie Rangewagenschein; Married 10 Jun 1945
005RollerJohn Michael29 Sep 189715 Apr 1996
005RollerMary M. Darlington9 Jul 19039 Feb 1998
005RollerIva May Bowman20 Aug 18933 Jan 1980
005RollerElizabeth Owens26 Jun 190227 May 1991
005RollerMark Samuel12 Jan 189928 Aug 1980
005RollerJack Heltzel11 Aug 1944Inf s/Michael E. & Grace H. Roller
005RollerGrace H.9 May 19143 Oct 1991
005RollerMichael E.9 Jun 191313 Jun 1996
006RyanJanet C.22 Jul 1942w/Donald; d/Eula R. & Alice Derrow Good; Middle name-Caroline
006RyanDonald K.15 Dec 193930 May 2002Our sons-Kenneth Ray & Ross; our granddaughter-Vanessa Raeh/Janet; Middle name-Kenneth
006GoodHugh Medford19091957h/Beatrice Lloyd; s/Amos F. & Marietta Holsinger Good
006HodgeMary T.18951939Daughter
006ThomasIda Y.18671952w/Charles; d/Samuel J. & Rebecca Beaver Yates
006ThomasCharles A.18711933h/Ida
006RimelDorothy V.19141997
006RimelRussell T.19161972
006PriceNewton I.18841959Same stone as Mattie & Wesley; h/Mattie; s/Isaac S. & Mary E. Shomo Price; Middle name-Isaac
006PriceMattie E.18861979Same stone as Newton & Wesley; w/Newton; d/James B. & Julia J. Shifflett Raines
006PriceWesley P.19121913Same stone as Newton & Mattie
006DerrowLidia F.10 Sep 1909Aged 67y 8m 1d; w/John W.Stone on ground
006DerrowJohn W.5 Apr 18472 Apr 1905Illegible-stone broken off & missing-recorded by Duane Borden in 1983; h/Lidia
006RollerIda Brewer18791987
006RollerJohn Samuel18721964
006RollerFannie Zigler18721964
006RollerGalen Brower19151915
006RollerEdgar Joseph19051906
006RollerJesse Franklin19071908
006RollerAnna R.14 Jun 187428 Jul 1973
006RollerBarbara E.31 Aug 184511 Mar 1930Mother
006RollerMichael J.22 Jan 184513 Mar 1899Father
006RollerMichael Edgar22 Aug 188411 Aug 1905s/Michael J. & Barbara; Died suddenly by lightening
006RollerMichael Eugene28 Feb 196418 Aug 1978A very special boy
006ShowalterRebecca Glick10 Sep 185120 May 1930
006HolsingerPerry L.18 Feb 185920 Oct 1932Fatherh/Lottie; s/John & Anna Perry Holsinger
006HolsingerLottie J.3 Nov 18667 Aug 1941Motherw/Perry; d/Daniel & Catherine J. Chapman Shomo; Middle name-Jane
006Gochenour, Jr.John G.6 Feb 193412 Jan 2000SP2 US Army KoreaMilitary marker
006ZirkSteven Paul30 Jan 196110 Apr 1965
007McKeyD. Frankie4 Jun 1894Age 4 mos; ch/J. H. & Rebecca
007McKeyJohnny W.29 Apr 1898Age 12y 6d; ch/J. H. & Rebecca
007McKayJ. H.15 Oct 1858
007McKayRebecca F.25 Dec 18611 Nov 1915His Wife
007ComerCharlotte M.12 Jan 190817 Apr 2003d/Charles E. & Lula V. Higgs Comer; Middle name-Marie
007HiggsRita V.28 Mar 191930 May 1921d/Charles F. & Annie Charlton Higgs
007HiggsCharles F.29 Aug 18759 Mar 1930h/Annie; s/Reuben F. & Margaret A. Huffman Higgs; Middle name-Franklin
007HiggsAnnie C.12 Jan 187810 Apr 1936w/Charles; d/William J. & Lydia A. Spitzer Charlton
007HiggsElizabeth C.22 Feb 191115 Mar 1995w/Miller; d/Jacob F. & Bessie M. Long Combs
007HiggsMiller F.14 Mar 190511 Mar 1997h/Elizabeth; s/Charles F. & Annie C. Charlton Higgs; Middle name-Franklin
007MoyersMary J.18321905With Strickler stone.
007StricklerVirginia Elizabeth18511923
007StricklerJohn William18531923
007ShomoAnnie M.15 Jul 186118 Jan 1921Aged 59y 6m 13d
007ShomoMartha J.4 Nov 18322 Sep 1902w/Thomas; Our MotherD.A.R. in 1960s recorded-she was born at Moore's Mill & died at home near Tenth Legion Age 69y 10m 17d
007ShomoThomas J.27 Jul 183230 Nov 1916Aged 84y 4m 3d; Our Fatherh/Martha; Middle name-Jefferson
007ColbertRobert M.19001986Dellinger funeral home marker only
007CaricofeCaroline W.28 Feb 1903w/Ward; d/William A. & Julia A. Holsinger Welch; Middle name-Wilson
007CaricofeWard L.25 Jun 19002 Dec 1949h/Caroline; Middle name-Lee
007HolsingerWavalyn May9 Sep 192723 Nov 1998Daughter, Sister, Aunt & Friendd/Berlin W. & Gladys M. Knupp Holsinger
007HolsingerIvan K.8 Mar 192318 Apr 1943Sonh/Eleanor; s/Berlin W. & Gladys M. Knupp Holsinger
007HolsingerInfant Sons/B. W. & G. M.No dates
007HolsingerGladys K.16 Jun 18971 Nov 1972Motherw/Berlin; d/George W. & Bertie H. Knopp Knupp
007HolsingerBerlin W.26 Sep 189516 Oct 1966Fatherh/Gladys; s/Perry L. & Charlotte Shomo Holsinger; Middle name-William
007HolsingerCharles W.21 Jun 187218 Jul 1952
007HolsingerEmma D.31 Dec 188813 Nov 1935His Wife
007GochenourLelia S.1 Aug 190822 Jun 1970
007Gochenour, Sr.John G.25 Sep 19078 Apr 1977
007RigglemanRose Virginia20 Jul 1927
007Riggleman, Sr.Leon Gale5 Sep 193125 Nov 1983Married 12 Dec 1953
007StricklerRuby M.18981973
007StricklerErnest M.18831936
007RymanLucille V.18 Nov 191727 Jun 1995w./Wade; d/Martin L. & Amanda L. Sheets Cline
007RymanWade M.2 Jan 191030 Jan 1973h/Lucille; Midde name-Melvin
007BowersIcie D.27 Jun 18809 May 1951w/Melvin; nee Fleming
007BowersMelvin T.30 Jul 187331 May 1949h/Icie D.
007HasseyGregory Dalton Riggleman9 Sep 199022 Dec 1992Infant s/Russell W. Hassy & Annette R. RigglemanPicture on stone
007PerryCharles M.1 Aug 19204 Dec 1995Capt. US Army WWIIIn new section of cemetery
007PerryMildred C.26 Oct 19171 Aug 2000US Army WWII, Nurse CorpsIn new section of cemetery
008GoodMarie D.1920w/E. Ray; d/Raleigh A. & Ida V. Layman Derrow
008GoodE. Ray19081989h/Marie; d/Amos F. & Marietta Holsinger Good; First name-Eula
008LloydDavid F. W.Oct 1912Dec 1912s/J. S. & E. E.
008LloydJoseph H.17 Sep 1910s/J. S. & E. E.
008HiggsMary E.18 Nov 187921 Nov 1968w/John; d/Archibald I. & Nealie F. Deavers Sheets; Middle name-Elizabeth
008HiggsJohn F.5 May 187419 Dec 1963h/Mary; s/Levi & Phebe A. Phillips Higgs
008MyersEffie R.18851964w/Ernest; d/Jacob B. & Lydia M. Swartz Miller; Middle name-Rebecca
008MyersErnest F.18851981h/Effie; s/Erasmus P. & Mary E. Sellers Myers; Middle name-Franklin
008MyersBertha Genevieve4 Jun 1918ch/E. F. & E. R.; Our Baby
008MyersIvan MillerApr 1915Our Babys/Ernest F. & Effie R. Miller Myers
008MyersMollie E.23 Sep 184529 Aug 1904w/E. P.; d/Reuben & Catherine Sellersw/Ernest P.; d/Reuben J. & Catherine Bowman Sellers
008MyersE. P.24 Apr 184431 Aug 1924Confederate War Markerh/Molly; First name-Erasmus
008ShomoWilliam G.18561927h/Mattie; s/Thomas J. & Martha Beaver Shomo
008ShomoMattie E.18601920w/William; nee Woods; Name-Martha Ellen
008PriceAmanda16 Nov 185012 Feb 1925
008PriceMartha7 Jul 1904Aged 28y 1m 27d
008WelchEula Lee18861904s/W. A. & Julias/William A. & Julia A. Holsinger Welch
008WelchJulia A.24 Dec 186428 Jan 1928Motherw/William; d/John & Anna Perry Holsinger; Middle name-Anne
008WelchWilliam A.4 May 185929 Oct 1952Fatherh/Julie; s/Robert A. & Margaret C. Dickey Welch; Middle name-Alexander
008BrownValley V.31 Aug 190618 Oct 1979w/Roy; nee Miller; Middle name-Virginia
008BrownRoy L.21 Dec 19058 Mar 1970h/Valley; s/Sidney L. & Bertha E. Holsinger Brown; Middle name-Lee
008BrownGladys E.18 Jan 191322 Jul 1917d/Sidney L. & Bertha E. Holsinger Brown; Middle name-Estella
008BrownSidney L.23 May 18814 Jan 1940Fatherh/Bertha; s/William G. & Caroline V. Phillips Brown; Middle name-Lee
008BrownBertha E.15 Sep 18882 Jun 19--MotherPer D.A.R. recording in 1960s she died 2 June 1968; w/Sidney; d/Perry L. & Charlotte Shomo Holsinger; Middle name-Estella
008HolsingerElizabeth L.24 Jul 186522 Jul 1931d/John & Anna Perry Holsinger
008LohrGrace Edna10 Apr 188917 May 1933w/Paul; d/Elizabeth Holsinger
008HuffmanMary V.11 Aug 191713 Nov 1918Sisters; Buried in North Dakota
008HuffmanMartha A.5 Dec 1908Sisters
008HuffmanL. Belle7 Apr 18811 Nov 1934w/Mason; nee Hedricks
008HuffmanMason L.2 Oct 187520 Nov 1959h/L. Belle; Eastern Star marker; s/Jacob W. & Susan Zirkle Huffman
008FeasterRay Thomas16 Jul 1949
008FeasterPatricia Virginia4 Nov 19509 Jul 1998
008EmswilerNora F.24 Oct 18943 Nov 1990Motherw/Ott; d/John H. & Sallie B. O'Roark Fogle
008EmswilerOtt R.1 Jun 189529 Jan 1982Fatherh/Nora
008KennedyJoyce Whitmire15 Apr 1935w/Donald; d/Virgil C. & Eva C. Phillips Whitmire; Married 6 May 1954; Middle name-Jeanette
008KennedyDonald Dallas16 Jan 1933Maried 6 May 1954h/Joyce; s/Robert R. & Anna L. Lough Kennedy; Mason Symbol
008AdamsJohn19382002Theis funeral home marker only
009DoveLinda Kay19641965Our Baby
009DoveElsie G.11 Mar 19086 Sep 1992Motherw/Clarence; d/Charles F. & Annie Charlton Higgs
009DoveClarence E.14 May 191320 Jul 1988Fatherh/Elsie
009SmithBessie V.18981972
009SmithJames C.18971987
009MurphyVallie H.28 Jan 18985 Jan 1969w/James; d/Raleigh B. & Mary Spitzer Holsinger
009MurphyJames H.8 Jun 18691 Mar 1952h/Vallie; s/John & Mary Conrad Murphy
009DoveLucy F.19051907d/J. S. & A. C.
009ClineIda L.10 Jun 191931 Jan 1943w/Lawrence; d/Charles E. & Lucy Welch Strawderman; Middle name-Lucille
009ClineLawrence D.7 May 19107 Dec 1998h/Ida; s/Robert J. & Maude K. Deavers Cline
009ClineKendrick Robert "Sam"9 Mar 19381 Apr 1995SP4 US Armys/Clarence J. & Julia J. Strawderman Cline; military marker
009PriceMae E.1909w/John; Same stone as John & John Jr.; nee Douglas; Middle name-Elizabeth
009PriceJohn I.19071970h/Mae; Same stone as John Jr. & Mae; s/William J. & Mamie Henkle Price; Middle name-Isaac
009Price, Jr.John W.19301980Same stone as John & Mae
009HasslerInfant Son24 Oct 1932s/Eugene & Mary
009HasslerMay F.13 May 190430 Sep 1985
009HasslerEugene R.3 Aug 189931 May 1978
009GoodLewis3 Sep 190228 Sep 1905Aged 3y 25d
009GoodInfant19101910Aged 1 day; Infant/A. F. & Marietta
009KinganRichard D.Apr 1922Oct 1922s/Robert & Ollie M. Good Kingan; Middle name-Dorce
009HolsingerInfant19 Feb 1892s/R. B. & E.s/Raleigh B. & Mary "Ellen" Spitzer Holsinger
009HolsingerHallie S.17 Sep 189622 May 1917d/R. B. & E.d/Raleigh B. & Mary "Ellen" Spitzer Holsinger
009HolsingerSusannah18 Oct 18409 Aug 1918Aged 77y 8m 11d; w/J. H.w/John H.; d/Pierce & Sarah Holsinger Perry
009HolsingerJune Geneva23 Jun 19199 Sep 1931d/Mrs. Wilbur Ennis
009LaymanElmer L.2 Dec 1913h/Gladys; s/Adam R. & Lucy F. Higgs Layman; Middle name-Leonard
009LaymanGladys V.29 Apr 191730 Apr 1970w/Elmer; d/Vernon L. & Margaret L. Cline Whitmer; Middle name-Virginia
009HuffmanRobert F.5 Sep 188626 Jan 1920h/Maybelle; s/Jacob W. & Susan Zirkle Huffman
009HuffmanMaybelle R.20 Sep 188826 Oct 1911w/Robertnee Hausenfluck
009HuffmanInfant Sons/R. F. & M. R.; s/Robert F. & Maybelle R. HuffmanNo dates
009PotterHerbert E.8 Aug 194317 Jul 1997
009LaymanVirginia E.23 Jul 185520 May 1909Aged 53y 9m 27d; w/A. R.1st w/Adam; d/George & Elizabeth Huff Wise
009LaymanAdam R. "Bud"25 Dec 185515 Nov 1929Aged 74y 10m 20dh/of 1st Virginia, 2nd Lucy; s/John R. & Martha J. Stepp Layman; Same stone as Virginia; Middle name-Russell
009LaymanLucy F.6 Jan 188930 Dec 1918Aged 29y 11m 24d; w/A. R.2nd w/Adam; d/Noah L. & Alice L. Deavers Higgs; Middle name-Florence
009CombsRamona L.8 Dec 193423 Dec 1934d/R. C. & M. A.d/Robert C. & Margaret A. Layman Combs
009DouglasCarrie B.18861974
009BuhlFannie M.14 May 190316 Apr 1990w/Herman; d/William J. & Mamie C. Hinkle Price; Middle name-May
009BuhlHerman I.1 May 19016 Jun 1984h/Fannie; s/John H. & Nellie L. Martz Buhl; Middle name Isaac
009BlackburnGladys Lorraine21 Aug 1928w/Robert; d/Herman I. & Fannie M. Price Buhl
009Blackburn, Sr.Robert James7 Dec 19079 Mar 1977Married 18 Sep 1965h/Gladys
009StricklerDonnie R.18 Feb 193628 Oct 1936s/Robert L. & Fern E. Good Strickler; Middle name-Rogers
009StricklerLester V.13 Jan 193319 Apr 1985Sgt US Army Koreas/Robert L. & Fern E. Good Strickler; Middle name-Vernon; Military marker
009StricklerFern E.16 Jul 19056 Feb 1998w/Robert L.; d/Amos F. & Marietta Holsinger Good; Middle name-Elizabeth
009HiggsJune E.27 Sep 1926Married 13 Jun 1946w/Ernest; d/J. F. Stanley
009Higgs, Jr.Ernest L.1 Feb 192819 May 1996Pvt US Army WWII; Our children-Judy, Dennish/June; s/Ernest L. & Lucille F. Comer Higgs; Middle name-Lee; Military marker
009LineweaverLydia Myers3 Nov 187927 Sep 1973w/Wade; d/Erasmus P. & Mary E. Sellers Myers
010ColeNettie C.18771933w/Miles; d/William & Mary F. Spitzer Cline
010ClineClarence J.19031948h/Julia; s/Nettie Cline; Middle name-Jefferson
010ClineJulia J.1913w/ 1st-Clarence Cline & 2nd-Rossie Gentry; d/Charles E. & Lucy E. Welch Strawderman; Middle name-Jane
010GentryRossie M.19181986Cpl US Army WWII2nd h/Julia Strawderman; Military marker only
010StrawdermanWilliam E.19101985US Army WWIIh/Carmen; s/Charles E. & Lucy Welch Strawderman; Military marker only
010PriceWilliam J.18741948h/Mamie; s/Isaac S. & Mary E. Shomo Price; Same stone as Mamie & Velma; Middle name-James
010PriceMamie C.18811939w/William; d/John S. & Julia A. Dinges Hinkle; Same stone as Velma & William; Middle name-Celina
010PriceVelma L.19091910d/William J. & Mamie C. Hinkle Price; Same stone as Mamie & William
010PriceIsaac N.18491915h/Mary E.
010PriceMary E.18511940w/Isaac; d/William & Elizabeth F. Louderback Shomo; Middle name-Ellen
010PriceWilmer S.30 Oct 18999 May1967Pvt US Army WWIh/Bessie; s/William J. & Mamie C. Hinkle Price; Middle name-Stephen; Military marker only
010PricePaul S.14 May 191412 May 1971Delaware Sgt US Army WWIIh/Hattie; s/William J. & Mamie C. Hinkle Price; Middle name-Sylvester; Military marker only
010HasslerHenry8 May 18648 Aug 1944h/Barbara
010HasslerBarbarie J.17 Mar 1914Aged 51y 3m 12d; w/Henry
010HasslerAmanda Gay18681932
010HasslerDouglas Zirkle23 Sep 193012 May 1981Cpl US Army Korea
010GoodPearl Arlene6 Apr 191220 Mar 2003Daughterd/Amos F. & Marietta Holsinger Good
010KinganHattie18981989Daughterw/Neal; d/Amos F. & Marietta Holsinger Good
010GoodMarietta Holsinger18701949w/Amos; d/John & Anna Perry Holsinger
010GoodAmos F.18701956Fatherh/Marietta; s/Noah & Julia A. Campbell Good; Middle name-Fridoline
010GoodRoy E.18971968Sonh/Virgie Shirkey; s/Amos F. & Marietta Holsinger Good; Two stones-one says died 1969
010HolsingerNeva M.9 Feb 190715 Dec 1991w/Layton; d/Robert L. & Elsie Hawse Alexander; Middle name-Mae
010HolsingerLayton P.26 Feb 190326 Dec 1938h/Neva; s/Raleigh B. & Mary Sptizer Holsinger; Middle name-Pierce
010HolsingerEllen S.5 Nov 18741 Sep 1953Motherw/Raleigh; d/Mary F. Spitzer; Middle name-Sarah
010HolsingerRaleigh B.17 Dec 187217 Apr 1940Fatherh/Ellen; s/John H. & Susannah Perry Holsginer; Middle name-Burkley
010HuffmanJacob W.17 May 184127 Dec 1922h/Susan; s/John & Nancy Lionberger Huffman; Middle name-William
010HuffmanSusan W.22 Feb 18499 Dec 1923w/Jacob; d/John B. & Catherine Sipe Zirkle
010SmithRachel Virginia14 Jul 1933
010SmithDavid Lee4 Apr 1934
010WiseLuther P.23 Aug 18591 Feb 1915Our Brother
010BuhlCharles Everet30 Jul 190814 Jul 1919s/C. W. & Emma E.s/Charles W. & Emma E. Layman Buhl
010BuhlVirginia Lee31 May 19145 Aug 1916Aged 2y 2m 5d; d/C. W. & Emmad/Charles W. & Emma E. Layman Buhl
010BuhlEmma E.26 Jan 189328 Jul 1907w/Charles; d/Adam & Virginia Wise Layman; Middle name-Elizabeth
010BuhlCharles W.2 Dec 189218 Nov 1963h/Emma; s/John H. & Nellie L. Martz Buhl; Middle name-William
010RigglemanMartha B.16 Jul 190428 Jan 1966w/Simon; d/Reuben F. & Mary E. Holsinger Bazzle; Same stone as John & Simon; Middle name-Ogretta
010Riggleman, Sr.Simon P.28 Apr 18901 Oct 1960D.A.R. records 1960s shows him WWI; h/Martha; s/Philip & Elizabeth Mitchell Riggleman; Same stone as John & Martha; Middle name-Peter
010RigglemanJohn W.13 Oct 193013 Oct 1930s/Simon P. & Martha Bazzle Riggleman; Same stone as Martha & Simon
010BuhlDorothy M.19081986Wifew/Franklin; nee Magill
010BuhlFrank D.30 Apr 19096 Nov 1972Sonh/ 1st-Fleta Harpine & 2nd-Dorothy M. Magill; s/John H. & Nellie L. Martz Buhl; Middle name-David
010BuhlNellie L.18701943w/John; d/Isaac P. & Amanda V. Strickler Martz; Middle name-Lee
010BuhlJohn H.18691934h/Nellie; s/Henry C. & Elizabeth Reed Buhl; Middle name-Henry
010DriverEvelyn B.18 May 1923w/John; nee Bare
010DriverJohn E.29 May 1924h/Evelyn; s/Emanuel & Virginia F. Rhodes Driver
011WhitmireEva C.27 May 19044 Mar 1990w/Virgil; d/William F. & Lydia A. Sellers Phillips; Middle name-Catherine
011WhitmireVirgil C.18 Feb 19001986h/Eva; s/Newton & Emma C. Brown Whitmire; Middle name-Clyde
011HamiltonHelen F.18 Oct 192425 Jul 1998w/Chester; d/Virgil C. & Eva C. Phillips Whitmire; Middle name-Faye; Picture on stone
011HamiltonChester F.19 Jan 1932h/Helen; s/Chester W. & Viola E. Bingham Hamilton
011PorterGenevieve E.19122002
011SuterWillianna W.18971963w/Benjamin; d/William A. & Julia A. Holsinger Welch
011SuterBenjamin F.19011986h/Willanna; s/Isaac & Bettie Swank Suter; Middle name-Franklin
011FinkSterling D.9 Apr 192217 Feb 1971Virginia S1 US Navy WWIIMilitary marker
011ComerMildred Cubbage12 Jan 188814 Oct 1972
011ComerCharles E.24 Nov 187829 May 1944
011FrederickFlorence Price2 Sep 188219 Jun 1973w/Joseph; d/Isaac S. & Mary E. Shomo Price
011BuhlRichard D.28 Mar 194925 Oct 1991s/Mervil L. & Rosella M. Emswiler Buhl; Same stone as Mervil & Rosella
011BuhlRosella M.19 Sep 192731 May 1998w/Mervil; d/William L. & Martha L. Brown Emswiler; Same stone as Mervil & Richard; Middle name-Mae
011BuhlMervil L.27 Nov 192512 Jul 1997Our children-Gerald L., Ricky D., Kevin E., Kim E., Melaine L.h/Rosella; s/Charles W. & Emma E. Layman Buhl; Same stone as Richard & Rosella
011HolsingerJohn L.23 Feb 188517 Sep 1976h/Anna; s/John & Caroline V. Salyard Holsinger; Middle name-Lewis
011HolsingerAnna Mary17 Apr 188713 Sep 1966w/John; d/Thomas E. & Sallie C. Roller Yates
011YatesSallie C.18641938Motherw/Thomas; d/Samuel & Annie Wampler Roller
011YatesThomas E.18641940Fatherh/Sallie; s/Samuel J. & Rebecca Beaver Yates
011KlineElton M.15 Jun 190222 May 1979w/Ervin; d/Robert T. & Elizabeth J. Bennington Welch; Middle name-May
011KlineErvin M.24 Jan 190023 May 1970h/Elton; s/George I. & Amanda R. Layman Kline; Middle name-Martin
011HuffmanMargie Trumbo26 May 191422 Oct 1958
011HuffmanJoseph Mason1 Jun 191623 Oct 1969
011HolsingerSusan9 Jun 185825 Apr 1930d/John & Anna Perry Holsinger
011McNealLula M.3 Jun 187715 Oct 1960w/John; d/Susan Holsinger
011McNealJohn F.19 Apr 18708 Jun 1946h/Lula; s/Henry M. & Catherine E. Coverstone McNeal
011GoodPaul19321932s/Thomas W. & Willie Strickler Good; Same stone as Thomas & Willie
011GoodWillie S.19081989w/Thomas; d/Milton E. & Minnie Baker Strickler; Same stone as Paul & Thomas
011Good, Sr.Thomas W.19001991US Army WWIh/Willie; s/Amos F. & Marietta Holsinger Good; Same stone as Paul & Willie; military marker
012ShermanJames Lee6 Jan 19345 Jan 1983
012FinkMary L.14 Sep 192328 Jun 1981
012FinkEarl L.11 May 1927
012StrawdermanRachael E.1924w/Dewey; d/Ernest L. & Lucille F. Comer Higgs; Middle name-Elizabeth
012StrawdermanDewey L.19221977Married 20 Sep 1946h/Rachael; s/Charles E. & Lucy E. Welch Strawderman; Middle name-Leslie
012WelchA. Ray10 Apr 19213 Feb 1945S/Sgt US Army Air Corps; At Rest in Englands/David H. & Abigail Minnick Welch; no military marker
012MorrowLeonora W.9 Mar 1917w/George; d/David H. & Abigail Minnick Welch
012MorrowGeorge A.23 Dec 191611 Aug 1997h/Leonora
012WelchDavid H.15 Aug 18915 Jul 1955h/Abigail; s/William A. & Julia A. Holsinger Welch
012WelchAbigail M.18 Nov 18941 Mar 1978w/David
012DuncanFrances E.11 Apr 192011 Apr 1921d/C. W. & Nina L.Stone fell over
012ScottWilliam B.10 May 191718 May 1993Father
012FogleAda L.13 Jun 18737 Jun 19352nd w/Harvey; nee Collier; Same stone as Harvey & Laura; Middle name-Lee
012FogleLaura E.16 Jan 187629 Jun 19141st w/Harvey; d/Oliver J. & Virginia Teets See; Same stone as Ada & Harvey
012FogleHarvey M.2 Oct 186919 Apr 1956h/ 1st-Ada & 2nd-Laura & 3rd-Myrtle Evans; s/James & Hannah J. Wise Fogle; Same stone as Ada & Laura; Middle name-McLoyd
012HolsingerJohn Lavon8 Aug 192424 Mar 1970Fatherh/Lela Howdyshell & Deloris Tesh; s/John & Anna M. Yates Holsinger
012EarlsRita Riggleman18 Dec 195910 Jul 1989Daughter; Mother
012WelchHarry Lee15 Dec 188924 Jan 1917Sons/Robert T. & Eliza J. Bennington Welch
012WelchEliza J.22 Jan 186726 Oct 1932Motherw/Robert; Middle name-Jane
012WelchRobert T.5 Feb 186222 May 1913Fatherw/Eliza; Middle name-Telford
012HuffmanAnnie Zigler18 Apr 18791 Jul 1962w/John
012HuffmanJohn D.1 Mar 187730 Dec 1949h/Annie; s/Jacob W. & Susan Zirkle Huffman
012HuffmanJ. Ralph25 Jun 190717 Nov 1963
012MoomawJohn Allen29 Aug 192313 May 1926Aged 2y 8m 13d; s/L. A. & I. E.s/Lonnie A. & Irma E. McNeal Moomaw; Picture on stone
012MoomawIrma E.20 Aug 190212 Apr 1997w/Lonnie; d/John F. & Lula M. Holsinger McNeal; Middle name-Elizabeth
012MoomawLonnie A.8 Nov 189718 Oct 1954h/Irma; Middle name-Andrew
012MillsElmer19051934Brothers/Benjamin F. & Mary C. Martz Mills
012MullenElsie Mae Mills7 Aug 191012 Jun 1986d/Benjamin F. & Mary C. Martz Mills
012GolladayBetty Lee1 Sep 192718 Dec 1983Mother
012MillsMiller18961946Brothers/Benjamin F. & Mary C. Martz Mills
012StultzRita V.19041938w/Elbert; d/William D. & Henrietta Thomas Holsinger; Middle name-Virginia
012StultzElbert L.19031974h/Rita; s/Norman G. & Laura A. Mills Stultz
012MyersElla Lee28 Jul 188526 Feb 1944Motherw/William; d/Reuben M. & Virginia F. Allen Zirkle
012MyersWilliam O.25 Sep 187220 Jun 1954Fatherh/Ella; s/Erasmus P. & Mary E. Sellers Myers; Middle name-Oscar
013VarnerE. Jean9 Sep 192529 Dec 1986w/Garret; d/Charles E. & Lillian V. Getz Koontz; First name-Esther
013WelchM. Pearl C.30 Apr 18999 Oct 1997w/Jack; nee Campbell
013WelchJack B.4 Jul 190213 Feb 1979h/M. Pearl; s/William A. & Julie A. Holsinger Welch
013ClineKatie Lou4 Aug 1945Married 22 Aug 1964; Our daughter-Candyw/Jesse Jr.; d/Howard W. & Laura C. Wilson Fawley
013Cline, Jr.Jesse I.21 Feb 19357 Jan 1998SP4 US Armyh/Katie; s/Jesse I. & Icye I. Ritchie Cline; Middle name-Isaah; military marker
013PerkinsNellie V.19161964w/John; d/Chase & Lucy E. Welch Strawderman
013PerkinsJohn G.19211994h/Nellie V. Strawderman; Middle name-Garrett
013StrawdermanLucy E.18871928Mother; w/E. B.w/Edward; d/William A. & Julie A. Holsinger Welch
013KnuppEmily B.22 Dec 19015 May 1979
013KnuppOwen S.9 Mar 18996 May 1979
013ProphetJanet K.27 Oct 1922
013ProphetWaldo G.28 Oct 192223 May 1997
013WhitmireLewis H.5 Mar 190214 Mar 1982h/Virgie; s/Newton & Emma C. Brown Whitmire; Middle name-Harper
013WhitmireVergie M.28 Sep 190217 Jun 1967w/Lewis; d/George B. & Sarah Holsinger Wood; Middle name-Mae
013WoodSarah E.18741942w/George; d/Andrew J. & Susannah Spitzer Holsinger
013WoodGeorge B.18801960h/Sarah; s/George W. & Margaret Carrier Wood
013BazzleViola S.2 Nov 189417 Nov 1985
013StultzLaura18731951His Wifew/Norman; nee Mills; Middle name-Alice
013StultzNorman G.18631934h/Laura; s/James M. & Caroline M. Smith Stultz
013HumphreyWillie M.21 Nov 189612 Sep 1996w/Homer; d/Norman G. & Laura A. Mills Stultz
013HumphreyHomer E.23 May 18909 Aug 1971h/Willie
013WoodPearl C.16 Oct 190628 Aug 1990w/Harry; d/Ashby & Laura V. Sheets Cline
013WoodHarry R.10 Dec 190618 Sep 1978h/Pearl; s/George B. & Sarah Holsinger Wood; Middle name-Robert
013BazzleGoldie A.6 Mar 19292 Nov 2000Married 16 Dec 1953w/Walstene; In new section of cemetery
013BazzleWalstene A.12 Feb 1927h/Goldie; s/Reuben F. & Viola V. Stultz Bazzle; In new section of cemetery
014KnuppLoma L.18881976
014KnuppWilmer E.18861948
014ZiglerInfant Daughter17 Feb 191617 Feb 1916d/C. H. & Edithd/Charles H. & Edith Driver Zigler
014ZiglerEdith Driver188919161st-w/Charles; d/Dorilas J. & Barbara Rosenberger Driver; Same stone as Charles & Hazel
014ZiglerCharles Hubert18881956h/ 1st-Edith & 2nd-Hazel; s/Jacob M. & Leanna V. Holsinger Zigler; Same stone as Edith & Hazel; Mason Symbol
014ZiglerHazel Haun190019952nd-w/Charles; nee Haun; Same stone as Charles & Edith; Eastern Star Symbol
014DriverLucy M.18751950w/Henry; d/Andrew J. & Elizabeth A. Haga Rosenberger; Middle name-Myrtle
014DriverHenry Lee18651935w/Lucy; s/Emanuel & Ellen C. Derrow Driver
014DriverRessie Wood16 Oct 19006 Feb 1967w/Roller; d/George B. & Sarah Holsinger Wood
014DriverRoller W.20 Jul 189927 Jan 1991h/Ressie; s/Henry L. & Lucy M. Rosenberger Driver
014MasonEarl Lee1918Aged 16 days
014MasonMary Z.18911978
014MasonRussell E.18941962
014HollDavid Laverne19231992Same stone as Dennis & Miriam
014HollMiriam Mason1922Same stone as Dennis & David
014HollDennis Alan19541987SonSame stone as David & Miriam
014SmithCora E.17 Jun 18939 Oct 1965Erected by Fay Nelsond/Peter & Amanda J. Bennett Smith
014SmithGeneva7 Nov 182120 Nov 1936Daughterd/J. Walton & Pearl H. Smith; Same stone as E. Laurence, J. Walton & Pearl
014SmithE. LaurenceAug 1914Aug 1914Aged 1 day; Sons/J. Walton & Pearl H.; Same stone as Geneva, J. Walton, Pearl & Charles; First name-Eula
014SmithPearl H.9 Sep 18907 Sep 1976Motherw/J. Walton; d/William A. & Julia H. Holsinger Welch; Same stone as E. Laurence, Geneva & J. Walton; Middle name-Hope
014SmithJ. Walton4 Aug 189013 Jul 1937Fatherh/Pearl; Same stone as E. Laurence, Geneva & Pearl
014MasonEsther Zigler12 Jul 189616 Apr 1924Married 1920w/Luther; Same stone as Edith, Lillian & Luther
014MasonLuther L.3 Jun 189730 Jan 1986h/ 1st Edith, 2nd Esther; Same stone as Edith, Esther & Lillian
014MasonEdith Snead23 May 190511 May 1976Married 1930w/Luther; Same stone as Esther, Lillian & Luther
014MasonLillian Ruth28 Jul 193511 Jul 1937d/Edith & LutherSame stone as Edith, Esther & Luther
014MasonGwendolyn Peggy Dewese20 Mar 192522 Mar 1995
014MasonJoseph Michael4 Apr 1924
014HolsingerRacheal C.3 Feb 19023 Jan 1978Auntd/William B. & Henrietta V. Thomas Holsinger; Same stone as W. Hunter & Willie
014HolsingerWillie J.1 Nov 190224 May 1969Momw/W. Hunter; d/William A. & Josephine A. Fogle; Same stone as Rachael & W. Hunter; Middle name-Josephine
014HolsingerW. Hunter5 Apr 189810 Apr 1969Dadh/Willie; s/William D. & Henrietta Thomas Holsinger; Same stone as Racheal & Willie; First name-William
014HolsingerWilliam B.18611935h/Henrietta; s/Peter P. & Anna C. Spitzer Holsinger
014HolsingerHenrietta V.18601940w/William; d/J. M. & Rachael Perry Thomas; Middle name-Virginia
014HolsingerF. Leon20 Feb 189517 Nov 1926h/Edna; s/William D. & Henrietta Thomas Holsinger; First name-Franklin
014HolsingerEdna Y.12 Oct 189610 Aug 1985w/F. Leon; d/John C. & Minnie Lightfoot Yates
014HolsingerNannie C.29 Jul 18948 Oct 1979w/I. Shackman; nee Burkett
014HolsingerI. Shackman12 Apr 18964 Apr 1970h/Nannie; s/William D. & Henrietta Thomas Holsinger; First name-Ira
015ClineVietta G.27 May 1933w/Bradley; nee Strawderman
015ClineBradley A.25 Apr 193110 Mar 1988Married nearly 60 years together now for eternityh/Vietta; s/Clarence J. & Julia J. Strawderman; Middle name-Allen
015MyersRuth L.17 Sep 19232 Dec 2002w/Richard; d/Jacob M. & Mary Kerlin Lohr
015MyersRichard Harold8 Feb 19232 Sep 2002h/Ruth
015DriverVirginia R.8 Sep 1906w/Harry; nee Rhodes
015DriverHarry E.24 Apr 190625 Jan 1972h/Virginia; s/Dorilas J. & Barbara A. Rosenberger Driver; Middle name-Edwin
015BradfordJames M.23 Aug 18974 Feb 1972h/Lucille; s/John C. & Hannah I. Pickering Bradford
015BradfordLucille Driver12 Jan 189613 Dec 1983w/James; d/Dorilas J. & Barbara A. Rosenberger Driver
015DriverSamuel2 Feb 183428 Nov 1896Aged 62y 9m 26d; Our Brothers/Jacob & Catherine Huff Driver
015DriverLois E.18991972w/John; nee Lohr; Middle name-Ella
015Driver, Sr.John R.18981958h/Lois; s/Dorilas J. & Barbara A. Rosenberger Driver; Middle name-Rufus
015HuffmanInfant21 Dec 192321 Dec 1923d/S. A. & A. V.
015DriverMartha Lee16 Oct 18918 Apr 1980w/Willie; d/Jacob W. & Columbia C. Rosenberger Pickering
015DriverWillie J. P.16 Aug 189026 Oct 1969h/Martha; s/John & Mary Lohr Driver; Name-Willie John Perry Driver
015DriverMary H.18631942w/John; nee Lohr
015DriverJohn H.18581936h/ Mary; s/Emanuel & Ellen Derrow Driver
015CarrierRena S.1922
015CarrierRichard W.19201998
015SteppAnna M.18991955w/Arthur; d/Oscar L. & Amanda Hupp Holsinger
015SteppArthur M.18761946h/Anna; s/George F. & Angeline Moyer Stepp; Middle name-Marcellus
015MumawInfantNo dates
015MumawLorraine W.23 Apr 19299 Jun 1989w/Arthur; d/Harry R. & Pearl V. Cline Wood
015MumawArthur S.2 Sep 1922h/Lorraine
015DepoyLori Ann24 Mar 19703 Sep 1987Loving DaughterPicture on stone
015DepoyMary Alice29 Mar 1933
015DepoyDavid Lionel10 Jan 193217 Oct 1986
015DepoyInfant Son10 Aug 1935s/William W. & Tracie Depoy
015GoodInfant Son14 Aug 194916 Aug 1949s/William A. & Dorothy
015GoodElla V.18741955w/Sidney; d/Isaac F. & Florence Ritenour Comer; Middle name-Virginia
015GoodSidney A.18611938h/Ella; s/Noah & Julia A. Campbell Good; Middle name-Algernon
015WelchMaggie Cupp18961936w/Warren; nee Cupp
015WelchWarren E. "Sam"18931960h/Maggie; s/William A. & Julia J. Holsinger Welch; Middle name-Eller
015HuffmanAllie V.11 Dec 188529 Nov 1940
015HuffmanSamuel A. J.2 Nov 18846 Dec 1971
015DarrM. Virginia "Sue"Loved & cherishedNo dates
015DarrH. K.Wonderful Father 7 HusbandNo dates
015DepoyMinnie F.27 Oct 1916Motherw/William
015DepoyWilliam Ralph28 Jun 1915Married 22 Apr 1939; Fatherh/Minnie
015AlexanderDebra D.20 Jul 1956Married 31 Jan 1976w/Gary; In new section of cemetery
015AlexanderGary C.11 Feb 1950h/Debra; In new section of cemetery
015ShirkeyAllen F.29 Mar 1919h/Julia; s/William D. & Emma C. Lohr Shirkey; In new section of cemetery
015ShirkeyJulia K.21 May 1926w/Allen; In new section of cemetery
016AdamsEdith20 Jul 191119 May 1985Picture on stone
016AdamsDell9 May 190623 Jan 1995Picture on stone
016MyersBeulah M.19101953w/Leonard
016MyersLeonard Z.19091981h/Beulah
016DriverJohn W.1950Same stone as Eileen, J. Wayne & Julie
016DriverJulie A.1953Same stone as Eileen, J. Wayne & John W.
016DriverEileen E.1927w/J. Wayne; Same stone as J. Wayne, John W. & Julie
016DriverJ. Wayne1926h/Elaine; s/Julian C. & Frances L. Cline Driver; Same stone as Eileen, Julie & John W.; Middle name-Julian
016DriverD. J.2 Oct 185930 Jul 1928h/Barbara; s/John J. & Rebecca Cline Driver; First name-Dorilas
016DriverBarbara A.28 Aug 186219 Jul 1924His Wifew/D. J.; d/Gideon H. & Deliah Sipe Rosenberger
016LassiterNettie7 Feb 185930 Aug 1913w/Rev. L. L. Lassiter; d/Gideon & Delilah Rosenbergerw/ 1st-Alden Zirkle & 2nd-Lucius L. Lassiter
016DriverMabel G.Jan 1905d/Dorilas J. & Barbara Rosenberger Driver
016ZirkleVernie Mae10 Jan 1906Aged 17y 5m 8d; d/Alden E. & Nettie C.d/Alden E. & Nettie G. Rosenberger Zirkle
016DriverErnest Rosenberger21 Jul 1907Aged 13y 11m; s/D. J. & BarbaraD.A.R. record of 1960s shows he died at St. Luke Hospital, Richmond, VA, age 19y 11m 1d
016DriverBryan19001937h/Elizabeth Windle; s/Dorilas J. & Barbara Rosenberger Driver
016DriverEllen C.15 May 183210 Jan 1906w/Emanueld/Peter & Mary Ransbottom Derrow; Middle name-Catherine
016DriverEmanuel12 Aug 182611 Jan 1908h/Ellen; s/Jacob & Catherine Huff Driver
016DriverGeorge E. P.2 Feb 185418 May 1931h/Permelia; s/Emanuel & Ellen C. Derrow Driver; Driver not shown on stone
016DriverPermelia P.17 Sep 186825 Jan 1941w/George; d/John H. & Hannah B. Zirkle Armentrout; Driver not shown on stone
016HolsingerHobart M.8 Sep 18963 Aug 1955h/Nina; s/Oscar L. & Amanda F. Hupp Holsinger
016HolsingerNina E.4 Dec 19034 Nov 1923His Wifew/Hobart; d/Isaac M. & Sarah F. Wampler Harpine
016HarrisonBetty C.18 Aug 1930w/ 1st-George W. Harrison & 2nd-William Butcher; d/Ashby & Laura V. Sheets Cline
016HarrisonGeorge W.25 Mar 19298 Feb 1970Virginia PFC US Army Koreah/Betty Cline; s/Franklin H. & Lennie Zirkle Harrison; Middle name-William; military marker
016FinkAda M.26 Jan 19048 Apr 1995
016FinkSamuel R.17 Oct 188224 Jan 1969
016HarpineIsaac M.18621924Fatherh/Sarah
016HarpineSarah F.18731924Motherw/Isaac; nee Wampler; Middle name-Francis
016WakemanJames13 Aug 192424 Oct 1924s/H. E. & E. L.
016WakemanKathryn E.10 Jan 192215 Nov 1927d/H. E. & E. L.
016RhodesJohn W.10 Jul 1938Father
016RhodesBettie J.23 Jan 1941Mother
016DepoyTracie R.30 Sep 189211 Sep 1974Motherw/William; nee Lama; Middle name-Ruth
016DepoyWilliam W.23 Jan 188829 Dec 1947Fatherh/Tracie; Middle name-Wright
016DepoyJune E.12 Jul 1927w/Richard, Sr.; d/Harry R. & Pearl V. Cline Wood
016Depoy, Sr.Richard L.28 Aug 192327 Dec 1993h/June; s/William W. & Tracie R. Lama Depoy; Middle name-Leon
016GoodEdith S.14 Feb 190513 Nov 1983w/George; d/William J. & Mamie C. Henkle Price; Middle name-Susan
016GoodGeorge W.22 Feb 19038 Sep 1984h/Edith; s/Sidney A. & Ella V. Comer Good; Middle name-Washington
016MyersReuben C.18741938Father
016MyersJessie W.18941995Mother
016MyersFlora B.14 Jun 191920 May 1999
016MyersMiller E.14 Jul 191122 Mar 1991Sgt US Marine Corps WWIImilitary marker
016MyersInfant Daughter6 Jun 1948d/Mr. & Mrs. M. E.
016MyersLinda Darlene20 Oct 1946d/Mr. & Mrs. M. E.
016WineElton O.14 May 191423 Jul 1960w/Paul; d/Charles E. & Lula V. Higgs Comer; Middle name-Ogretta
016WinePaul A.22 Sep 191026 Oct 1997h/Elton; s/Joseph B. & Ellen See Wine; Middle name-Allen
016WineStillborn Girl19411941
016WineBeverly Lindsay5 Aug 193820 Nov 1938
016ComerLillian Virginia13 Apr 194422 Sep 1944d/William & Jeand/William & Jean Burnshire Comer
016ComerJean B.9 Jul 1925w/William Sr.; d/Shelly M. & Eva L. Taylor Burnshire; Name-Jean Burnshire
016Comer, Sr.William E.22 Jul 192227 Nov 1986Married 30 Nov 1942h/Jean; s/Charles E. & Lula V. Higgs Comer; Middle name-Edward
016MorrowCarol A.16 Mar 195131 Jul 2001w/David H.; In new section of cemetery
016MorrowDavid M.11 Jan 1948h/Carol; s/George A. & Lenora A. Welch Morrow; In new section of cemetery; Middle name-Michael
016MorrowG. Patrick19 Apr 19409 Feb 1994s/George A. & Lenora A. Welch Morrow; In new section of cemetery; First name-George