Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryGreenwood Cemetery
LocationBridgewater, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, take Route 42 South to Bridgewater. The cemetery is located behind the Methodist church on the right side of the road. The church is near the intersection of Rt. 42 and Rt. 257 east in the downtown area.
NotesCemetery is well-maintained. At one time a fence separated Greenwood Cemetery and the Ames Negro Methodist Church Cemetery. The fence was removed 10 to 15 years ago and the two cemeteries were combined into one cemetery enclosed by a fence. In 1967 J. Robert Swank recorded them as two cemeteries. In the "Remarks" column, the graves that were in the Ames Negro Methodist Church Cemetery in 1967 are noted as such. There are many unmarked graves and there are many sunken graves and markers. There are also markers not in the right place. In 1967 Mr. Swank noted, "There probably are more unmarked graves than those with named markers."
Survey Date and Recorder21 Aug 2003
Martha Lee & Nettie Lee

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001GrahamJeffrey Lee12 Jan 195424 Nov 1994SP 4 U. S. Army
001HartmanPhilip S.9 Nov 1901Aged 38y 5m 11d
001DeaversMary S.22 Jan 185922 Oct 1888Aged 29y 9m 5d; w/Charles Deavers
001HartmanEffie C.10 May 187625 Feb 1889d/P. S. & M. S.
001HartmanPhilip10 Apr 18173 Jan 1892
001HartmanSarah A.21 Feb 1912Aged 77y 10m 12d; w/Philip
001FurryGuy8 Aug 188428 Jun 1885Aged 10m 20d; s/E. W. & L. S.
001FurryWade11 Dec 188111 Jun 1882Aged 6 mos; s/E. W. & L. S.
001FurryWalter D.23 Jan 1872Aged 11y 5m 5d; s/C. M. & M. A.
001FurryMartha A.22 Mar 184123 Feb 1879Aged 37y 11m 1d; w/C. M.
001FurryCharles M.17 Oct 183325 Jun 1881Aged 17y 8m 8d
001FurryS. Murtis11 Feb 186419 Feb 1884Aged 20y 8d
001ArmentroutNannie W.23 Jul 1891Aged 29y 4m 11dw/J. L.
001GibbsWinona Etoile26 Sep 1889Aged 6y 6m 15d; d/W. H. & D. O. A.
002GrahamHenry Bascom19 Sep 1929
002MinnichDorice18 Jun 1931
002NiswanderMattie A.18571925w/J. S.
002NiswanderJoseph S.18571931
002AreyMargaret16 Dec 181528 Oct 1885
002Furry, Sr.Donald G.19011972
002FurryDorothy H.19041969
002KiblerFrank J.19121987Brother
002KiblerWilliam J.19071986Brother
002LamAllen Ray1954infant; no stone found-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
002ThumaJohn26 Oct 1893Aged 90y 1m 19d
002ThumaElizabeth26 Oct 1889Aged 83y 3m 28d
003GoodridgeCarroll C.23 Aug 1926
003GoodridgeNina M.9 Jul 1923
003SkinnerAnnie Olive15 May 1898Aged 22y 2m 20d; w/I. T.
003SkinnerEdith E.19 Feb 1898Aged 20dd/I. T. & O. A.
003FishbackEdward R.14 Jan 18688 Jul 1882Aged 14y 5m 24d;s/S. T. & H. E.
003FishbackSarah C.23 Nov 1858S. T. & H. E.death date broken off
003SoullElizabeth H.18065 Jan 1872Aged 66yw/Rev. Isaac
003SoullIsaac, Rev.179827 Mar 1874Aged 76y
003SouleWill Lois7 Apr 188523 Mar 1964
003SoullJoshua C.29 Oct 18704 Jun 1944
003DinkelHattie C.19 Oct 185325 Sep 1871
003ShenkMartin Luther1829Feb 1869Aged 41y
003RogersEdith V.17 Apr 18793 Jul 1900
004ReederWilliam W.24 Jul 186528 Jan 1883illegible date - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
004ReederElizabeth J.25 Jul 1894Aged 48y 9m 8d; w/A. J.
004ReederA. J.1 Jan 184024 Nov 1922
004EvansEsther L.4 Oct 1948no stone found - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
004EarehartJames C.5 Dec 18318 Oct 1913
004EarehartElizabeth A.11 Dec 18359 May 1922w/J. C.
004HooksEmma Harris18591887
004HooksDavid P.27 May 185824 May 1940
004HooksMistie B.11 Jul 186113 Feb 1939w/D. P.
004ClatterbuckVirginia M.18701935w/Eugene S.
004ClatterbuckEugene A.18751933
004LintonLucy11 Oct 185417 Apr 1928d/Daniel & Annie M. Nicol
004Unknownbaby stoneBase-no name on stone.
005StrotherRastus H.
005StrotherTessie E.27 Jul 192024 Sep 1995
005BurgessRoscoe E.13 Jul 1929Married 19 Sep 1949
005BurgessJosephine G.15 Nov 19309 Jan 1999w/Roscoe E.
005HailmanHarriett13 Sep 181319 Feb 1888Aged 44y 5m 5d; w/B. F.
005HailmanB. F.25 May 180816 Jan 1894
005DentonVirginia26 Sep 185426 Dec 1899w/J. S.
005HatfieldFlorence S.13 Jan 185628 Nov 1861d/P. McD. & Martha J.
005HatfieldInfant Daughter20 Oct 1873d/P. McD. & Martha J.
005HatfieldP. McD.27 Dec 182820 Sep 1902
005HatfieldMartha J.4 Mar 18332 Dec 1911w/P. McD.
005HatfieldIda V.6 Jun 185912 Sep 1931
005RollerSamuel H.4 Aug. 185022 Dec 1906Aged 56y 6m 18d
005WiseVictoria Virginia28 Feb 1897Aged 38y 11m 26d; w/Edward L.
005RollerVirginia E.12 Aug 1879Aged 40y 3m; w/Josiah S.
005RollerJosiah S.1 Sep 182216 Apr 1869Aged 46y 7m 15d
005RollerMartha Jane1 Aug 1862Aged 39y 9d; w/Josiah
005RollerInfant Daughter9 aug 1862Aged 13d
005RollerWm. Henry Clay14 Jul 1860Aged 4y 10m 28d; s/J. S. & Martha J.
005RollerPeter S.26 Feb 185425 Mar 1856Aged 2y 1m; s/M. J. & J. S.
006BundyClarence RobertSep 1908Jul 1991
006BundyRuth BrownJun 1906Mar 1950
006MellowBernice W.9 Jun 1992
006MillerLessie V.9 Apr 1986
006Van OrgonEric19 Jul 196620 Apr 1993SP. U. S. Army
006StrotherFannie O.2 Jul 19489 Sep 1996
006StrotherErnest C.4 Nov 1942
006WhitingPatricia Ann18 Apr 194423 Feb 1999
006CarterElsie S.19402003
006BradyGeorge W.29 Jan 184113 Mar 1886Aged 45y 11m 11d
006WineLizzie A.21 Aug 1891Aged 25y 5m 26dw/J. H.
006BradyClaude S.19 Aug 187923 Jul 1880s/G. W. & M. V.
006BradyMaude S.19 Aug 187923 Sep 1880d/G. W. & M. V.
006BradyAndrew J.25 Dec 18724 Sep 1873s/G. W. & M. V.
006BradyMary Pearl29 Sep 188114 Jan 1883d/G. W. & M. V.
006BowersCatherine Scott16 Jan 1892Aged 61y 9mw/James
006BowersJames2 May 1863Aged 41y 8m 26d
006UnknownNo visible marker-flowers but no stone-recorded 2003
006KiblerCharles T.19091972
006UnknownBase only-no stone in 2003
006RollerOscar B.B. "Bud"18611920
006BurgessWm. McGill26 Aug 1833Aged 44y 7m 1d
006BurgessMaria1 Nov 1852Aged 51y 1m 3d
006BurgessSamuel W.18 Jan 1847Aged 59y
006BurgessPeter stone found - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
007JohnsonHenry McCory30 Jul 193624 Oct 1991
007JohnsonJohn A.9 Aug 191529 Feb 1968Married 4 Mar 1942
007JohnsonCatherine E.4 Mar 1922w/John A.
007AndersonEdward A.9 Nov 19201 Jun 1969Brother; North Carolina PFC U. S. Marine Co.
007NelsonJacob9 Dec 19339 Apr 1995
007NelsonCleopatra2 Jun 1929
007StrotherForest L.16 May 194518 Sep 1991
007StrotherDonald E. "Jill"4 Jun 193322 Aug 1997
007StrotherDelores A.31 Aug 1957
007McCauleyWilliam Lars1 Oct 196821 Aug 1996
007Strother, Sr.Weldon A.28 Feb 19401 Nov 1995
007StrotherEdna B.19131995Bear Funeral Home Marker
007UnknownRock with no name in 2003
007MarshallAngella Lorine11 Jun 18853 Mar 1905
007MarshallEliphala Johnson18 Aug 187630 Dec 1895
007MarshallJulia A.30 Mar 187217 Sep 1897
007MarshallBenj. Franklin24 Feb 188021 Nov 1882Aged 2y 8m 7d; s/I. & S. C.
007MarshallSarah Catherine30 Jul 184426 Dec 1902w/Isaac
007MarshallIsaac3 Sep 182715 Mar 1907
007DinkelBessie19 Dec 188721 Feb 1985
007DinkleE. Smith18591929First Name buried
007DinkleForest H.18851901
007ShickelRoda C.2 Dec 1855Aged 26y 11m 22d
007GordenMartha15 Nov 1887Aged 42y 8m 14d
007DicksonS. M.31 Oct 181815 Jun 1898Aged 79y 7m 14d
007DicksonMargaret16 Oct 1858Aged 28y 8m 12d; w/S. M.
007Dicksoninfant sonAged 20d; s/S.M. & M. D.
008AndersonJames185719__Ames Cemetery
008AndersonCora Smith18701936w/JamesAmes Cemetery
008StrotherJanie29 Dec 189921 Feb 1974
008AwkardHampton C.11 Mar 19136 Sep 1997
008AwkardFrances10 May 1911
008BurgessAlberta18981983Lindsey Funeral Home Marker
008HillSue W.12 Sep 1852May 1885
008HillSallie E.27 May 1911Aged 63y 4m 13dw/Joseph M.
008HillJoseph M.27 Jun 1911Aged 76y 4m 20d
008HillVela Celo24 May 189617 Oct 1935
008Hill, Jr.Joseph Cecil11 Jun 188325 May 1967
008HillDaisy D.16 Feb 18776 Mar 1952
008AreyGeorge F.18431916
008AreyAmanda18471915w/G. F.
008BerlinEffie A.18701907w/C. H.
008HumphreysDaisy Ellwood22 Jan 1878Aged 11m 22d; d/T. P. & F. E.
008SmaltzElizabeth M. J.12 Aug 1813Aged 1y 8m 17d; d/John B. & S.
008SmallsHarriet C.9 May 1875Aged 24y 4m 14d
008SellersJohn O. T.13 May 185617 Feb 1935
008SellersIda Kate1 Feb 186414 Apr 1933w/J. O. T.
008BausermanSallie V.2 Feb 18623 Mar 1887Aged 25y 1m 1d; w/S. H.
008BrickerEmma R.18801881
008BrickerJessie C.18851885
008BrickerArlie M.18941895
008BrickerCora F.18961898
008BrickerWilliam D.18101881Father
008BrickerNancy A.18101874w/W. D.
009BrookinsWilliam O.7 Nov 192824 Jul 1993
009BrookinsMary E.29 Jun 193220 Oct 1992
009BrookinsCameron19051927Ames Cemetery
009HowardLarry Wayne17 Jan 194914 Jan 1999U. S. Air Force, Vietnam
009WebsterCatherine Walker17 Nov 191019 May 1989
009KilpatrickHannah M.18 Oct 18743 Jan 1924w/W. R.Ames Cemetery
009SheetsElsie Belle29 Jul 188325 Feb 1884Aged 6m 25d; d/A. T. & Kate S.
009HollerFrank McClintic14 Oct 19075 Jul 1908s/Dr. Geo. F. & M. M.
009DinkleEmma10 Apr 1926
009DinkelJoseph22 Jan 1925Aged 98y; Father
010BealeKern W.19 Jan 19235 Oct 1998
010BealeShirley M.25 Mar 192715 Oct 1986
010FisherMary G.16 Dec 190815 Jul 1994Mother
010WashingtonHelen W.3 Jul 1929Daughter
010CoffmanInfant1 Feb 1906d/C. R. & J. M.
010CoffmanInfant8 Feb 1903d/C. R. & J. M.
010HangerInfant7 Jan 1883c/G. M. & Martha
010HangerInfant15 Oct 1883c/G. M. & Martha
010HangerAnnie N.7 Nov 1892Aged 5y 1m 8d; d/G. M. & Martha
010HangerElsie D.30 Jan 1894Aged 4y 21d; d/G. M. & Martha
010HangerSudie C.8 Sep 18924 May 1894d/G. M. & Martha; 1y 7m 27d
010HangerG. M.15 Apr 18621 Apr 1930
010HangerMartha V.1856w/G. M.w/G. M.
010LongDaniel Saylor20 May 185723 Oct 1916
010LongAlice Carpenter1 Jul 186918 Nov 1951
010LongClarence Carpenter2 Aug 189016 Dec 1951
010LongGeorge R.5 Feb 185218 May 1854
010NiswanderElizabeth14 Jun 18147 Apr 1875w/Isaac
010NiswanderIsaac6 Feb 18063 May 1876
010SpeckFred K.2 Sep 180822 Oct 1896Aged 88y 1m 20d
010SpeckAnnie27 Jul 1887Aged 71y 5m 2d; w/Fred
010SpeckLizzie N.19 Dec 184212 May 1901Aged 58y ?m 23d
010DicksonElizabeth30 May 1899Aged 68y 1m 4d; w/ J. B.
010DicksonJ. B.14 Jul 1893Aged 73y 1m
010DicksonSusan A.5 Sep 1866Aged 49y; w/J. B.
011CrawfordDola L.22 Jul 18957 Nov 1961Virginia Pvt. Med Det 804 pioneer Inf.WWIAmes Cemetery
011CrawfordMary Burns13 Jun 190123 Sep 1980Mother
011CrawfordGriffin Burns2 Oct 19269 Mar 1944Virginia STM1 U. S. Navy WWIIAmes Cemetery
011HallFannie5 May 1913Aged 80yAmes Cemetery
011BrookinsLillie10 Jul 18714 Mar 1938MotherAmes Cemetery
011BundyWarren L.12 May 1917Ames Cemetery
011BundyF. D.1 Sep 1901Ames Cemetery
011McWilliamsKate24 Mar 1888Aged 26y 6m 19d; d/Wm. & Cath.
011LindseyAnnie M.24 Apr 1882Aged 23y 11m 11d; w/Stuart
011LindseySarah3 Nov 179726 Oct 1861w/Philip
011LindseyS. R.18631865Sister
011LindseyW. B.18581888Brother
011LindseyJ. H.18321912Father
011LindseyM. J.18361913Mother
011KyleBarbara15 Sep 1903Aged 90th yr
011KyleSt. Clair1 Apr 181313 Sep 1879Aged 66y 5m 12d
011Liggett, Sr.Jacob25 Feb 1857Aged 89y 7mDeath date illegible- recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
012BlackwellMaria15 Dec 1881Ames Cemetery
012WilliamsMaria J.11 Nov 1892Aged 71y 3m 4d;w/A. S.
012WilliamsAbraham S.6 Jan 189277th yr
012NeffSallie Williams28 Sep 18519 Feb 1983
012BeallLemuel Thomas18431923
012SmalsGeorge31 Aug 1856Aged 75y 3m 20d
012FultonJames4 Apr 1855Aged 65y 1m
013StrotherClemAged 80 yrsAmes Cemetery
013HendersonDorcas Ann8 Mar 1901Aged 102 yrsAmes Cemetery
013HendersonLora10 Jun 1890Illegible first name - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.; Ames Cemetery
013BeallLarge surname stone
013BeallSweeting J.16 Oct 187917 Apr 1893Aged 13y 6m; s/L. T. & Filie
013CushenBettie M. Jackson23 Jan 1893Aged 56y 9mw/R. D.
013GilhamEliza3 Mar 180625 Jul 1882w/Peter
013JacksonThomas A.24 Feb 181023 Jan 1902
013JacksonMaria3 Mar 181011 May 1881Aged 71y 2m 8d; w/T. A.
013KiserMargaret Jane18 May 1854w/John
013CarrollMary J. R.25 Dec 185210 Apr 1876w/Robert
013CarrollMary J.10 Jul 1876Aged 3m 1d; d/R. E. & M. J.
013KiserMyrta V.29 Sep 1876Aged 4y 2m 2d; d/John M. & E.
013CollyerCharles T., Rev.23 Feb 186825 Jun 194435 years in missionary service
013CollyerArren A. Carroll25 Sep 187025 Aug 1974w/Rev. Charles T.
013KiserElizabeth2 Feb 1887Aged 55y 11m; w/John M.
013KiserJohn M.2 Mar 182524 Oct 1891Aged 66y 7m 22d
013RogersAndrew B.5 Sep 18013 Feb 1872Aged 70y 4m 28d
013RogersJ. W.8 Aug 1862Aged 24y; killed in battle; s/A. B. & E.
013RogersEliza16 Nov 180416 Aug 1857Aged 58y 9m; w/A. B.
013DinkelJacob11 Jul 178020 Oct 1853Aged 73y 3m 9d
013DinkelElizabeth10 Apr 178219 Dec 1853Aged 71y 8m 9d; w/Jacob
014JohnsonMary29 Apr 1924Aged 70yAmes Cemetery
014MurphyThomas H.18331897
014BrownCharlotta Elizabeth20 Oct 188420 Nov 1885d/Dr. T. H. & L. E.
014BrownElizabeth Ellen16 Nov 18411 Nov 1903w/Dr. H. T.; nee Carpenter
014BrownH. T.B., Dr.25 Sep 183512 Aug 1900
014BrownC. Bernard18761933
014PerryRichard Fuller8 May 185019 Jan 1904
014FurryLeahnora21 Jun 18686 Sep 1869d/R. Z. & E. B.
014FurryDavidie Toccoa20 Jan 1873d/R. Z. & E. B.
014FurryIda E.31 Jul 1875Aged 9m 15d; d/R. Z. & E. B.
015UnknownMetal marker-no name or dates in 2003
015PryorVirgil Alexander8 Jan 190320 May 1971Pvt. U. S. Army WWII
015SmithHelen V.13 Sep 192124 Oct 1935
015RaumElizabeth Barnes18401888
015RaumMuriel A.18961995
015RaumMargaret B.18771953
015RaumJoseph A.18401917
015LongSusan C.18211894
015WhitmoreHarry C.18801881
015WhitmoreAmanda C.18481914
015WhitmoreBenjamin F.18831908
015WhitmoreDavid G.18381900
015WhitmoreElizabeth W.18041889
015WhitmoreElizabeth L.18771888
015WhitmoreNelliv V.18811960
015SmalsOrella W.8 Jul 1854Aged 2y 5m; d/Henry & May
015GroveSamuel H.24 Oct 1864Aged 2y 2m 3d; s/Wm. & I. J.
015GroveA. Clifford12 Sep 1871Aged 10m 5d; s/Wm. H. & I. J.
015S.H. C.Stone with initials only in 2003
015BrownBernard S.14 Apr 183925 Aug 1868
015BrownBettie A.12 Feb 1927w/B. S.
015BrownSarah Elizabeth3 Nov 1846Aged 5y 10 m 15d; d/Allen W. & M. B.
015BrownAllen W.21 Nov 18093 Oct 1861
015BrownMary B.9 Apr 18181 Nov 1901w/AllenW.
015WoodwardSamuel M.15 Oct 184112 May 1918
015WoodwardMary B.4 Apr 18499 Feb 1931
016BrownGeorge Allen9 Jan 185310 Oct 1857s/John G. & M.
016BrownJohn George16 Aug 18075 Sep 1857s/John & Elizabeth
016BrownMary Rice14 Apr 18159 Aug 1883w/John George
016RiceMilly Gaines20 Feb 178518 Mar 1869w/Wm.
017WhitelowFaith H.10 Jul 19061 Oct 1952Ames Cemetery
017WhitelowMuriel C.
017WhitelowAlfred T.19342001
017BurnsAmos22 Feb 185111 Jul 1885Aged 34y 4m 19d; s/R. & S.Ames Cemetery
017ToliverWilliam2 Dec 1905Aged 60yAmes Cemetery
017ToliverAmanda24 Mar 1914Aged 73yAmes Cemetery
017ToliverArchie18781954Funeral Home Marker- dates missing - recorded by Swank in the 1960s; Ames Cemetery
017ToliverWilliam Perry18801961Ames Cemetery
017WiseJenning W.9 Aug 190631 Mar 1963Va. PFC 130 Port Co. T. C. WWIIAmes Cemetery
017WiseMae Brookins5 Dec 190118 Feb 1964Ames Cemetery
017WeaseMary E.`23 Jan 185826 Jan 1941
017MilstedJoseph10 Oct 1906About 80 yrs
017MilstedElizabeth24 June 1909Aged 76y 7m 6d;w/Joseph F.
017MilstedWilliam M.29 Jan 187411 Oct 1885Aged 10y 8m 12d;s/Joseph& Elizabeth
017MilstedGeorge E.28 Oct 18532 Aug 1884Aged 30y 9m 1ds/J. & E. J.
017SimpsonRay Linwood Rosser19 Nov 188610 Aug 1887Aged 18m 22d; s/E. B. & S. F.
017SimpsonHazel Miram16 May 188928 Jan 1890Aged 8m 12d; d/E. B. & S. F.
017SimpsonMary E.23 Aug 183921 Dec 1882Aged 43y 3m 28d; w/E. B.
017WrightMary V.3 Sep 1854Aged 1y 11m; d/W. & M. V.
017WrightJohn W.30 Mar 1856Aged 1y 9m; s/W. & M. V.
017WrightIsaac W.7 Jul 1857Aged 10m; s/W. & M. V.
017WrightMary V.19 Jun 1881Aged 48y 11m; w/W.
017WrightWm.6 Apr 1875Aged 56y 28d
017PoolJosie13 Sep 187411 Sep 1875s/D. L. & Maggie J.
017FisherMary7 Dec 1896Aged 75y 5m 4d; motherw/John
017FisherJohn16 Jun 1895Aged 78y 2m 13d; father
017DinkleAlbinia J.21 Aug 184718 Mar 1875Aged 27y 6m 27d; d/S. & E.
017DinkleJames E.2 May 185528 Aug 1876Aged 21y 3m 26d; s/S. & E.
017DinkleJennettie F.11 Oct 185314 Dec 1877Aged 24y 2m 3d; d/S. & E.
017DinkleMary E.31 Mar 185021 Feb 1872Aged 21y 10m 20d; d/S. & E.
017DinkleGiles S.8 Oct 18605 Jul 1885Aged 24y 8m 22d; s/S. & E.
017DinkleElizabeth E.8 May 181614 Mar 1895Aged 78y 10m 8d; w/Samuel
017DinkleSamuel11 Apr 181113 Oct 1884Aged 73y 6m 2d
018WalkerEllen18911955w/B. stone found - recorded by Swank in the 1960s; Ames Cemetery
018WalkerBenjamin F.18901966no stone found - recorded by Swank in the 1960s; Ames Cemetery
018StrothersJames H.18751935Ames Cemetery
018StrothersNunie K.18931954Ames Cemetery
018LowmanElizabeth C.16 Nov 1901Aged 60y 1m 15d; w/B. P.w/B. P.
018LowmanR. P.18341918
018LowmanMattie Speck18671954
018LowmanJonathan Speck18601938
018RyanEmma R.9 Jan 1895Aged 50y
018RyanIsaac W.11 Jul 1873Aged 33y
018HopewellCatherine5 Jun 182019 Sep 1883w/T. A.
018LinkEmma C.22 Feb 186623 Mar 1932d/David & C. M
018LinkVirginia H.2 Nov 18562 Mar 1918d/David & C. M
018LinkMary Alice6 Jan 18592 Nov 1885d/D. & C. M
018LinkCaroline M.29 Jun 18238 Oct 1906w/David
018LinkDavid20 Sep 181116 Sep 1880
018LinkWilliam T.12 Jul 186328 Jul 1886s/D. S. & C. M.
018LinkJames A.9 Aug 18609 Sep 1961s/D. S. & C. M.
018LinkEvaline Cornelia21 Jun 185429 Dec 1854d/David & CarolineIllegible-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
019JohnsonElreada Ann5 Aug 19532 Sep 1953Daughter
019JohnsonNorma Jean1 Oct 19549 Oct 1954Daughter
019JohnsonGertrude15 Oct 191426 Feb 1976Mother
019JohnsonWoodrow W.26 Mar 19165 Apr 1985
019StuartGeorge A.23 Dec 1899Aged 69y 4m 13dAmes Cemetery
019StuartMary E.1888Aged 49y; w/GeorgeAmes Cemetery
019D.M. E.Stone with inititals only in 2003, Ames Cemetery
019UnknownMotherStone with Mother only in 2003, Ames Cemetery
019FauverSarah31 Oct 181419 Apr 1900Illegible- recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
019CarpenterBettie Fauver30 Jul 1925
019FauverT. Hunter, Dr.6 Jun 1887
019RaumMargaret B.18751958stone not found-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
019LowmanVerde L.10 Dec 1884
019LowmanHester A.31 Dec 1895Aged 65y; w/J. F.
019LowmanJ. F.21 Jan 1918Aged 81y 4m 15d
019DinkelAnn C.29 Aug 1898Aged 65y 8m 11d
019ChildressMarshall B.1 Jul 18335 Jan 1919Aged 85y 6m 4d
019ChildressSarah Jane12 Dec 183510 Nov 1905Aged 69y 11m 28d
019ChildressOmar Brown17 Dec 187526 Jan 1895Aged about 19y
019ChildressCorinne Tullulah30 Jul 186026 Oct 1878Aged 18y 2m 23d
019ChildressElmodam S.13 Oct 185828 Feb 1873
019RogersJacob21 Sep 1856Aged 26y; s/A. B. & E.
019RaderAdam8 May 17917 Apr 1881Aged 89y 10m 29d
019RaderMaria3 Apr 17912 May 1875w/Adam
019HinerHarriet S.16 May 17892 Aug 1862w/Herbert S.Death date broken off- recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
019HooverElizabeth14 Jun 1885Aged 83yw/Christian
019DinkelBettie H.18601903
019FreezeAmanda18 Oct 183827 May 1900
019DinkelA. Maria28 Sep 1897Aged 74y 5m 3dw/Geo. F.
019FraleyAnna M.7 Sep 1882Aged 81yw/Wm.
019FraleyWilliam7 Sep 180015 Sep 1880Aged 80y 8d
020PryorJames Cecil19011954Ames Cemetery
020PryorIda Bell19091965Ames Cemetery
020PryorInfantAmes Cemetery
020StuartJohn W.No dates, Ames Cemetery
020StuartS. Erten11 Apr 186611 Apr 1899w/John W.Ames Cemetery
020DotsonJ. Harvey9 Apr 18374 Oct 1907Ames Cemetery
020DotsonMartha A.8 Apr 183730 Sep 1919w/J. H.Ames Cemetery
020StuartMilleandree H.GrandchildAmes Cemetery
020StuartDulcie A.Ames Cemetery
020StuartJ. RaleighAmes Cemetery
020StuartAngresAmes Cemetery
020StuartJ. McGruderAmes Cemetery
020UnknownLittle Sugar LumStone shows Little Sugar Lum only in 2003
020TerrellGabil A.15 Dec 1905
020BarbeeMollie E.12 Jul 1898
020BarbeeMary B.22 Feb 1898broken on Fauver lot now
020BarbeeGabriel Thomas24 Sep 1908
020BarbeeGeorge Britton11 Feb 1888
020SnyderMary A.28 Feb 1898Aged 20y; w/P. H.
020SnyderMargaret23 Sep 18205 Jan 1862Aged 41y 3m 13d; w/P. H.
020SnyderPeter H.14 Jan 1892Aged 71y 5m 18d
020SnyderNorrissa M.5 Feb 1892Aged 48y
020SnyderJosephine A.25 Dec 1895Aged 44y
020JacobsS. A.18331918Mother
020JacobsJ. W.18261908FatherNewspaper obit shows John W. Jacobs, died 11 Dec 1908, born March 12, 1826, age 62.
020JacobsC. Melvin17 May 18569 Nov 1882s/J. W. & S. A.
020JacobsCietta Jane3 Jul 184924 Sep 1875d/J. W. & S. A.
021BealMeredith19182000Lindsey Funeral Home Marker
021DotsonTheodore Carr11 Jan 190231 May 1902Aged 4m 20d; s/Henry & MaggieAmes Cemetery
021LindsayA. L.19 Dec 181930 Nov 1884
021LindsayMargaret C.3 Mar 18324 Jun 1904w/A. L.
021BucherRalph L.2 Mar 1887Aged 7m 20ds/D. A. & A. M.
021BucherAnnie M.7 Jan 185822 Aug 1902w/D. A.
021BucherDavid A.12 Jun 1915Aged 67y
022UnknownMotherFlowers but no stonein 2003; Ames Cemetery
022UnknownFatherFlowers but no stone in 2003; Ames Cemetery
022BealMary Alice15 Sep 18946 Nov 1958MotherAmes Cemetery
022LeeWalker18851929FatherAmes Cemetery
022LeeIda M.18741945Ames Cemetery
022StrotherSusie, Mrs21 Jun 1953no stone found - recorded by Swank in the 1960s; Ames Cemetery
022RankinsJames H.25 Jul 18865 Jul 1887Ames Cemetery
022MorrisonJanet Frances S.11 May 191911 Jul 2002Johnson Funeral Home Marker
022SpitlerEthel V.19091995
022SpitlerEdna O.19051936
022SpitlerRessie S.18821965
022SpitlerLewis C.18791935
022JonesWilliam C.17 Feb 182120 Jan 1886
022JonesMary A.31 Jan 183121 Mar 1912w/Wm. C.
022JonesCora L.16 Jul 1870Aged 4y 3m 10d; d/ W. C. & M. A.
022RingerWilliam28 May 19009 Nov 1900Aged 5m 11d; s/Rev. J. J. & Josie
022RingerM. Josie18631946w/J. J.
022RingerJ. Judson18731946
022SwartzSamuel11 Aug 181323 Apr 1879wood slab (replaced by Town of Bwater) broken and behind Margaret Snyder's grave.
022FlemmingMary E.10 Dec 1894Aged 57y 1m 14d
022JenkinsAnnie M.4 Mar 1914Aged 76yw/M. T.
022JenkinsMark T.14 Jul 1911Aged 75y
022KellerBarbara A.10 Jul 1906Aged 73yw/Samuel J.
022KellerSamuel J.12 Jan 1891Aged 57y 1m 11d
022GrimsleySarah E.1 Mar 180825 Feb 1864Aged 55y 11m 24d;w/John W.
022DinkelS. G.7 Mar 1917Aged 65y
022DinkelGertie8 Nov 186229 Apr 1943
022HuffmanSarah3 Dec 183710 Jun 1857Aged 19y 6m 7dw/C. C.
023TaylorNancy Jane15 Aug 185525 Nov 1887w/Joseph; Aged 32y 3m 10dAmes Cemetery
023GilmoreJane20 Dec 1904Aged 86yAmes Cemetery
023TaylorMcDuffie9 Jan 1901d/J. H. & M. E.Ames Cemetery
023TaylorJoseph8 Jan 1916Aged 70yAmes Cemetery
023GalviusPreston6 Mar 1894Ames Cemetery
023HerringAnna Davis25 Feb 1877Infant d/Wm. & Ellen
023BrownIsiah26 Dec 1889Aged 61y 3m 29d; father
023BrownBelinda25 Aug 1901Aged 70y 6m 5d, motherw/Isiah
023BrownWade W.16 May 1881Aged 10y 1d; s/I. & B.
023BrownMyron M.5 Jan 1898Aged 31y 8m 8d
023DinkelAllen Brown23 Jan 19009 Jul 1956
023HowardEdna Dinkel12 Nov 191213 Jun 1990
023DinkelRay Brown18 Jan 19345 Feb 1985
023HallBettilyn Dinkel3 Mar 19385 Sep 1996
023FurryEliza H.8 Jun 18103 Nov 1864Aged 54y 4m 26d
023FurryWilliam4 Jul 180014 Nov 1880Aged 80y 4m 26d
023KiblerLawrence E.18671953Only Kilber stone no other name-recorded by Swank in the 1960's.
023KiblerMary Etta18771929Only Kilber stone no other name-recorded by Swank in the 1960's.
024WhitelowWilliamJan 1889Ames cemetery
024WhitelowDinah29 May 185214 Jun 1926Ames cemetery
024Herring, Sr.John A.18101886
024DaviesRebecca31 Mar 181817 Apr 1883
024HerringOur Florence1866
024HerringElla1872My Ella
024RichcreekArchie L.23 Mar 188623 Sep 1899s/W. A. & Edith
024RichcreekEdith Herring18541931w/W. A.
024GradyJohn H.2 Nov 1859Aged 19y 9m
024GradyAmbres13 Apr 1860Aged 87y 8m
024GradyMary16 Jun 1857Aged 75y; w/Ambres
025HealmanM. C.29 Dec 1885Aged 65y 5m 2d
025HerringJohn A., Capt.21 Aug 183719 Sep 1914Co I 1st VA Cav CSA
025HerringKate Griffin18371922w/Capt. John A.
025EichelbergerNannie G. Herring30 Jan 18668 Feb 1932w/H. L.
025HerringCharles Griffin8 Apr 18681 Jan 1950
025HerringGeorge Griffin, Capt.22 Feb 18716 Jan 1935Co D 39th Inf AEF WWI; b/Rockingham Co, Va. & d/Columbia, S. C.
025HerringMary Bruse Heneberger20 Nov 18702 Oct 1942w/Capt. Geo.
025Herring, Jr.George Griffin13 Dec 18989 Sep 1985b/Harrisonburg, Va.& d/Rockingham Co.; Capt. U. S. Navy
025HerringFerieda Margaret Ball25 Oct 189731 Dec 1882b/Astorm, Oregon & d/Harrisonburg, Va.; w/G. G. H. Jr.
025HerringJosephine8 Apr 186317 Sep 1882
025SpeckGordon Carl21 Dec 190827 Dec 1987Tec 4 U. S. Army WWII
025SpeckWilliam R.1 May 181110 Dec 1854Aged 43y 7m 9d
025SpeckWilliam R., Mrs.No dates, This is probably Parthena Paul Speck
025SpeckElizabeth R.29 Sep 1897
025SpeckNancy Buntin Smiley3 May 191518 Nov 1989
025SpeckNadia Pinky Brobner21 Apr 191323 Apr 1999
025DinkleAnnie E.19 Sep 18869 Nov 1953
025DinkleJ. W. M.18541929
025BlakemoreJames R.12 Jun 185422 Jul 1936
025BlakemoreLaura J.23 Oct 185221 Mar 1930w/J. R.
026BrownJohn H.19031955
026BrownViola E.18961975
026BrownLacy Mae18991984
026BrownFrances D.19121998
026BostonLacy Mae, Mrs.18981984
026DowneyMollie C.10 Oct 1935Ames Cemetery
026BealsJohn18901926Ames Cemetery
026BealeWilliam A.3 Mar 187017 Jul 1891Aged 21y 4m 14dAmes Cemetery
026BealsLaura S.30 Jul 1885Aged 17y 2m 23d; d/W. & M.Ames Cemetery
026AllenKisiah21 Nov 1853Aged 67y 5m 2d
026YeakelElizabeth7 Jul 18451 Oct 1886Aged 41y 2m 24d; mother
026ArmstrongGeorge, Dr.17 Sep 183812 Sep 1871Aged 37y 11m 26d
026ArmstrongE. J.1 Aug 1877Aged 69y 5mBirth date patched & illegible-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
026ArmstrongJohn B. F.21 May 185614 Sep 1880
026KerlingInfant27 Jan 1874Aged 3m 26d; s/J. L. & M. E.
026LantzLydia1 Jul 181525 May 1882Aged 66y 10m 25d; w/Christian
026LantzChristian22 Apr 18111 May 1876Aged 65y 9d
026LantzPeter R.2 Apr 1870Aged 10y 4m 13d; s/L. & C.
026LantzCatherine5 Nov 1860Aged 22y 6m 6d; d/L & C.
026LantzLizzie E.28 Apr 1857d/L. & C.Death date and aged buried - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
026LantzMary A.10 Jun 1851Aged 10y 11m 8d; d/L. & C.
027LaustonNancy1814Aug 14 18__Rest of date is broken off
027DinkelMary V.19051991
027DinkelHallie D.18921945
027KiblerCharles Thomas18701962
027RogersLucy V.23 Jul 18538 Jan 1922Mother
027DinkelDewitt D.18 Jul 1860Aged 5m 3d; s/J. & H. S.
028WilliamsonJohn1 May 180522 Jul 1884
028WilliamsonSallie19 Sep 180720 Mar 1888w/John
028ChandlerMartha J.20 Jun 1889Aged 61y
028HiteT. S.6 Mar 184622 Mar 1879
028HiteThomas Clifton31 Oct 187730 Dec 1922
028HiteOllie G.25 Jun 1874Aged 11m 14d; d/T. S. & A. V.
028SilbertJohn22 Jan 18047 May 1868
028SilbertMary15 Apr 1858Aged 62y 1m 22d; w/John
029KemperDrusilla14 Jul 1894Aged 68y 9mAmes Cemetery
029MasonMaggie25 Oct 1905Aged 51y 21d; w/ThomasAmes Cemetery
029RiceB. M.31 Mar 18304 Nov 1909
029RiceMary K.3 Jun 1892Aged 61y 3m 23d; w/B. M.
029RivercombJohn C.4 Jan 181924 Oct 1906
029DiceP. Henry18 Jan 184125 Nov 1917
029DiceAddie Rivercomb4 May 184815 Jun 1913w/P. H.
029RuffRessie Dice28 Oct 187212 Dec 1892
029RuffAnnis O. Ella12 Mar 1892Aged 41y 11m 17d; w/McDaniel
029RuffMcDaniel14 Nov 184531 May 1913
029MillerHenry Dice19 Feb 190722 Jul 1907s/Will & Rebecca
029RuffJessie C.18831929
029KeranJ. H.20 Mar 1877Aged 22y
029KeranC. I.18 Feb 1879Aged 28y
029ShumateG. W.12 Aug 1893Aged 43y
029ShumateMariam A. McKee18461940
029ShumateWm. M.10 Aug 188264y
029KeranAnna R.31 Oct 188965y
029JohnsonWildon27 Aug 187229 Oct 1872s/J. J. & A. C.
029JohnsonAreannia C.7 Jan 184827 Aug 1875w/J.J.; sister
029J.A. C.Stone with initials only in 2003
030UnknownNETNothing else on stone in 2003; Ames Cemetery
030MurraySarah I.5 Jan 1916Aged 82yAmes Cemetery
030HarrisAnn Eliza7 Sep 1900
030CarpenterDaisy A.17 Sep 1977Aged 90y
030CarpenterW. Holbert4 Feb 1941Aged 66y
030CarpenterMary E.6 Sep 1893Aged 46y 1m ; w/John W.
030CarpenterJohn Wesley18481919
030HiteThomas M.2 Jan 1892Aged 85y 11m 2d
030HiteEvaline A.3 Feb 1894Aged 79y 8mw/T. M.
030AllenIsiah21 Nov 1853Aged 67y 3m 2dno stone found - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
030PoolMary D.20 Oct 1918
030PoolA. Virginia Hite1928Sister
030HiteJames G.18541918
030HiteBerta M.18571927w/J. G.
030HiteBernice (infant)10 Jul 1896Aged 2m: d/J. G. & B. M.
030HiteGeorgia Moore19 May 18869 Feb 1967
031StewartWilliam B.20 Mar 185125 Jan 1904Aged 53y 1m 17dAmes Cemetery
031StewartEdward George3 Oct 18963 Aug 1962PFC Co. L. 63 Pioneer Inf. WWI, West VirginiaAmes Cemetery
031StewartHarriet R.27 Jun 19098 Mar 1973
031StewartRobert C.28 Nov 187815 Apr 1894s/Burel & LizzieAmes Cemetery
031WhiteElizabeth18331921w/Geo. W.
031WhiteGeorge W.18301894
031RichereekOscar Wellington18921894s/C. E. & A. L.
031RichereekAnnie Ryan18711942w/C. E.
031RichereekCharles Edgar18641940
031RichereekWilliam A.18601927
032TaylorJaushawau Latham8 Oct 18923 Aug 1970Pvt. U. S. Army WWI, Virginia
032TempleCharity H.19061966
032TempleHarry H.19081978
032FurryEdmund G.17 Jul 18714 Feb 1944
032FurryAnnie Poole19 Aug 186718 May 1953
032PoolDavid L.12 Mar 18346 Aug 1894father
032PoolMargaret J.25 Nov 183928 Jul 1922motherw/D. L.
032MyersLewie Poole16 Jul 18696 Jan 1946
032FurryLewis Richard7 Oct 18973 Nov 1897s/Edmund G. & Annie P.
032MillerCharles15 Jan 187228 Mar 1873s/S. & Annie
032MillerSamuel S.24 Jul 184212 May 1902
032LindseyAmanda Melvina30 Sep 182829 Nov 1892Aged 64y 1m 29d; d/Phillip & Sallie
032DannerDavid25 Jun 18146 Feb 1887Aged 72y 7m 11d
032DannerSarah17 Apr 182316 Jan 1881Aged 57y 8m 29d; w/David
033ShafferDelmar15 Oct 1900Aged 5m 13d; s/N. O. & Hattie
033HartmanCharles Thomas18 Jan 18913 Jan 1895s/C. C. & R. F.; Aged 1y 11m 15d
033SmithCharles B.18651940
033SmithDora M.18611942
033SmithHunter Thomas19131968
033SmithLacy G.18961952
033SmithMary C.18911922
033Ponton, Sr.Ollie C.19041967
033PontonM. Catherine19041986
033ByerlyD. W.7 Feb 18333 Sep 1908
033ByerlyMary V.12 May 184015 Feb 1904w/D. W.
033StricklerFannie V.13 Nov 1917Aged 72yw/Moses
033StricklerMoses4 Dec 1903Aged 78y
033StricklerSarah H.17 May 18288 Sep 1876w/Moses
033PoolJohn B.11 Jun 184623 Sep 1863
033PoolG. H.12 Feb 184110 Feb 1866
033HiteMary M.23 May 179717 Nov 1863w/Gabriel I.
033HiteGabriel I.8 Dec 179915 Dec 1866Aged 67y 7d
033PoolJosie M.28 Jul 183628 Aug 1863w/R. N.
033HiteWm. H. H.28 Jul 184015 Nov 1862Aged 22y 3m 18d; s/G. L. & M. M.
033MaphisMaryDied in 70th year
033PoolRebecca D.31 Jan 180825 Sep 1860Aged 52y 7m 25d
034AllenMelvin E.31 Jan 19061995Lindsey Funeral Home Marker
034AllenGoldie V.22 Mar 190820 Aug 1986
034AllenHattie B.1 Jun 18922 Dec 1958w/C. R.Ames Cemetery
034AllenCharles R.3 Mar 18826 Sep 1961Ames Cemetery
034FurryVallie Virginia29 Oct 190316 Dec 1994
034FurryA. Edwina5 Feb 189611 Jul 1987
034HaleNora Belle9 Oct 1896Aged 2y 11m; d/H. C. & Mollie
034HuffmanBrisco B.13 Dec 1853Aged 2y 7m 10d; s/S. F. & A. M.
034HuffmanBurnie G.17 Jan 1856Rest of stone is illegible - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
034CeaseCharles B.22 Dec 187419 Nov 1906
034CeaseDaisy E.20 Oct 18793 Jun 1896
034CeaseMaud B.29 Jul 18777 Jul 1908
034CeaseSallie A.14 Jul 18447 May 1902Mother
034SellersJennie E.18591936
035SmithViola C.11 Jul 18979 Nov 1973
035SmithMcChesney24 Aug 189528 Feb 1976
035SmithRoy Lee19171990McMullen Funeral Home Marker
035FurryOttie H.1869Infant
035FurryOtho C.1879Infant
035FurryM. VanBuren18381900
035FurryElizabeth Hill18371918w/M. V. B.
035FurryLula B.18671922
035FurryPerlie E.18731940
035FurryBertie L.18761955
035HammerMay30 Oct 1896Aged 4y 11m 26d; d/Lee & Cena
035BerrySibyl Hammer18971972
035CarrierRichard M.22 Jun 184612 Jan 1908Aged 61y 6m 21d; father
035CarrierSidney E.18 Oct 185130 Jun 1906Mother; w/R. M.
035AllenThomas25 Oct 1855Aged 70y 11m 24d
035LambRobert I.17 Jun 1856Aged 2y 7m 10dstone is leaning againist another stone not in the correct place.
035LambThomas Allen1 Apr 18213 May 1863Aged 43y, Vol. Co C 10th VA Reg; fell in defense of his country in the Battle of Chancellorsville.
035AllenWm.24 Sep 181718 Jan 1904
035ByrdJoseph10 Jun 182325 Feb 1895
035ByrdSarah J.20 Oct 183515 Dec 1916
035ByrdMary E. A.31 Dec 186620 May 1938
035ByrdSamuel H.30 Jun 186229 Sep 1938
035ByrdCarrie S. D.2 May 18743 Feb 1939
035ByrdJoseph E.3 Apr 187113 Jan 1951
035ByrdWilliam C.16 Feb 186014 Nov 1864
036BurgessRoxie Etta15 Oct 18692 May 1969
036SmithMary J.25 Dec 18442 Jan 1900Aged 65yAmes Cemetery
036HerronAmanda Dillon11 Apr 1894Aged 76y
036RaileyInfant14 May 1855Aged 1d; s/J. M. & E. M.Illegible last name - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
036SpitlerRobert Seldon21 Jul 1863Aged 10m 24d; s/J. W. & M. J.
036SpitlerJacob T. H.29 Jul 1861Aged 7m 24d; s/J. W. & M. J.
037CraigEllen28 Dec 1895Aged 52yAmes Cemetery
037CraigMary E. V.15 Aug 1894Aged 17y 9mAmes Cemetery
037FurryJohn W.3 Jan 187227 Aug 1947
037AndesArline May27 May 187823 Jul 1906w/E. E.; d/R. Z. & E. B. Furry
037FurryEllen B.4 Nov 184514 Apr 1913Motherw/R. Z.
037FurryRobert Z.12 May 18412 Oct 1916Father
037CookMary E.18701897
037CookAnnie M.18861899
037CookMary Susan18461919w/Sam H.
037CookSamuel Henry18381921
037CookJoseph W.18681930
037CookJohn E.18841941
037HallJohn Brenneman6 Mar 18531st year of life; s/ M. A. & S. C.
038WinstonEugene H.14 May 191317 Sep 1991
038JohnsonMary E.16 Oct 190524 Jan 1989
038WinstonMary Jane22 Nov 187631 May 1969
038WinstonMaggie G.24 May 1909Aged 4y 1d; d/F. L. & A.Ames Cemetery
038FlaggLavana19041936Ames Cemetery
038WebsterMary E.18741939MotherAmes Cemetery
038WebsterJean19081942Ames Cemetery
038WinstonRosanna11 Aug 1907Aged 75yAmes Cemetery
038CoffmanHerbert Earl23 Jul 189823 Nov 1940
038RexrodeInfant2 Dec 19082 Dec 1908s/J. F. & Emma
038EwanJames R.26 Apr 180625 Nov 1852Aged 46y 6m 29dIllegible name - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
038EwanElizabeth A.3 Dec 181215 Mar 1855Aged 42y 3m 12d
039TimberlakeMillie14 Nov 184819 Nov 1916w/AlbertAmes Cemetery
039TimberlakeAlbert25 Dec 183723 Apr 1916Ames Cemetery
039PuffenbargerInfant boyNov 1959No stone found - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
039Hill, Jr.Joseph C.21 Dec 191915 May 1955
039MaidenJoseph T.29 May 1911Aged 38y 11m 9d
039MaidenAvis J.19 May 189417 Oct 1958
039MaidenLillie H.24 Dec 189621 Sep 1972w/Avis J.
039RoyerDavid31 May 18516 Aug 1852Aged 1y 2m 6d
040StrotherAda B.18 Aug 18983 Jun 1984
040StrotherAmos N.2 Feb 189916 Feb 1976