Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMt. Carmel Evangelical United Brethren Ch Cemetery
LocationFulks Run area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From the intersection of Route 42 and Route 33 in Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 42 North. Go 13.1 miles (which puts you in the town of Broadway) and turn left onto Route 259 (Brocks Gap Road). Go 7.1 miles and turn left onto Route 612 (Hopkins Gap Road). Go 1.6 miles and turn right onto Route 815 (Third Hill Road). Go about 1.1 mile and church/cemetery are on the left side of the road.
NotesWell kept. In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted, "There are a number of unknown, unmarked graves." NOTE: The E.U.B. and the Methodist Churches merged and are now known as United Methodist Churches.
Survey Date and Recorder05 Oct 2003
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
TurnerJacobNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
H.S. C.No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
HooverSarahAged 22y 7m, w/John C.No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
001ShickleSophia A.18591935d/Henry & Elizabeth
001HooverAmanda4 May 18719 Feb 1903w/Luther; d/Henry & Elizabeth Shickle
001HooverLuther J.5 May 18739 Sep 1901Aged 28y 4m 4d
002ShickleRalph Gladstone13 Mar 19052 May 1905s/Adam & FannieIllegible broken marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
002ShickleAdam R.18651956s/Henry & Elizabeth
002ShickleFannie E.18781961w/Adam R.; d/Jacob Fawley
002TurnerBeatrice S.17 Jan 19031 Apr 1968Mother
002RoadcapAddison21 Feb 1905Aged 49y 3ds/Absolom
002RoadcapSophia C.7 Mar 18623 May 1923Aged 61y 1m 26d; w/Addisond/John Barl
003RoadcapBertieNo dates on marker
003RoadcapWesleyNo dates on marker
003RoadcapLucy EllenNo dates on marker
003RoadcapAmbyNo dates on marker; Father
003FulkBessie18861965w/Timothy L., d/Tim Roadcap
003FulkTimothy L.18821953
003FulkInfant Son1909ch/Timothy L. & Bessie
003FulkInfant Daughter1906ch/Timothy L. & Bessie
004FawleyHenry J.10 Mar 1896Aged 2m 5dThis stone is on south side of church; s/Daniel & Rebecca
004RoadcapLena E.6 Oct 19052 Jun 1994
004RoadcapFrank H.26 Apr 190127 Jun 1973
004RoadcapLetha V.5 May 192214 Sep 1922Aged 4m 9d; d/F. H. & Sadie V.
004RoadcapSadie Viola25 Sep 190220 May 1922Aged 19y 7m 25d; w/Frank H.nee Hottinger
004CusterJoshua W.3 Mar 1906Aged 80y 9m 14d
004CusterSarah C.14 Oct 1905Aged 75y 8m 17dw/Joshua W.
005HooverSarah11 Jan 183720 Feb 1906Aged 69y 1m 9dThis stone is on south side of church; w/Jacob; d/Michael Ritchie
005HooverJacob7 Jan 183920 Sep 1860Aged 21y 8m 13dThis stone is on south side of church
005DonovanIcyNo dates on stone; w/Abner; d/Martha J. Roadcap
005DonovanAbnerNo dates on stone; s/John & Emma
005RoadcapPerryNo dates on stone; s/Martha
005RoadcapMarthaNo dates on stone
005CunninghamVirginia C.18 Mar 18983 Jul 1901d/F. H. & M. E.Partially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
005YankeyJaneNo dates on stone
006FulkMaud V.2 Feb 1905d/Timothy & FanniePartially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
006FulkMichael18 Aug 189917 Jan 1900s/Tim & Fannie
006FulkJohnny30 Mar 190212 May 1908s/Timothy & Fannie
006ReedyDoraNo dates on stone
006ReedyLola Fulk18841908w/Hardy; nee Fulk
006TurnerDavid F.14 Jun 18636 Oct 1910Stone broken & on ground; s/Jacob & Mary
006TurnerMary18 Oct 183718 Aug 1903Aged 65y 10m; w/Jacob
006TurnerElla M.18 Jul 18779 Mar 1901d/Jacob & Mary
007UnknownIllegible stone on & in ground
007G.JohnIllegible stone in ground
007UnknownStone reads unknown
007CusterMargaret Jane6 May 185022 Dec 1930d/Melvina
007HulveyMelvina Custer10 Oct 181210 Mar 19091st m/Custer; 2nd m/Hulvey
007CusterElmer5 Sep 1897Aged 18y 4d; ch/G. W. & E. A.
007CusterMary C.1 Nov 1901Aged 2m 28d; c/G. W. & E. A.Partially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
007UnknownFieldstone-no writing
007CusterGeorge W.31 Oct 18541 Jun 1932Fathers/Dick
007CusterElizabeth A.26 Apr 18602 Nov 1911Motherw/George W.
007HulveyJohn C.27 Mar 18601 Dec 1940s/Melvinas/Melvina Ritchie & John Hulvey
008UnknownFieldstone-illegible intials only
008BareJacob Newton27 Aug 188930 Jan 1890Aged 5m 3d; s/Newton & Susan
008RodecapHarvey6 Jan 183812 Nov 1909Aged 71y 10m 6d
008RodecapSarah J.22 Jun 184427 Sep 1905Aged 61y 3m 5d; His Wifew/Harvey; nee Howdyshell
008HartmanJobeNo dates on marker; Brother; His wife Emma Siever is buried at Criders
008HartmanPhoebeNo dates on marker; Sister
008HartmanChildch/JobeNo dates on marker; Infant
008UnknownMarker reads Unknown
009RoadcapElizabeth14 Oct 1887Aged 69y 9m 16dIllegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
009UnknownStone reads "Names in this plot Unknown"
009StewartWillA Negro; No dates on marker
010CusterMaria E.15 Oct 1904Aged 31y 7m 19d; w/J. D.
010CusterBerryman18331925Married 13 Sep 1855
010CusterMary A.18331906w/Berryman; nee Shoemaker
010CusterChas. E.5 Dec 18754 Aug 1943
010UnknownStone reads Unknown
010UnknownStone reads Unknown