Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMt. Horeb Cemetery
LocationHinton, Rockingham County, Virginia. From the Courthouse, downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 33 West. Go 6.2 miles and turn left onto Route 752 (Hinton Road). Go 4/10ths mile and church/cemetery are on the right side of the road.
NotesCemetery is well-maintained. In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted, "There are many missing markers." Rows are recorded starting behind the church and going up the hill. Facing the headstones, they are recorded from left to right. The notes in the "Remarks" column were provided by Mr. Swank.
Survey Date and RecorderSep 2003
Martha Lee & Nettie Lee

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

Surnames are sorted by section / plot / row / grave - only sections and rows are shown

SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001JonesRichard S.2 Aug 1897Aged 79y 5m
001YoungFannie C.19 Aug 1899Aged 39y 7m 10d
001HoweGeorge W., Rev.14 Sep 183110 Mar 1889Aged 57y 5m 26d
001DeadrickGeta Neff21 Jul 18942 Apr 1895Aged 8m 12d; d/J. J. & S. B.
001KiracofeSarah Lizzie30 Jan 187715 Jan 1890Aged 13y 4m 15d; d/James A. & Martha A.
001JonesSarah J.28 Aug 1896Aged 72y 2m 23d; w/M. G.
001JonesMiletus G.21 Mar 1890Aged 66y 1m 24d
001JonesLessie A.30 Sep 1888Aged 10m 19d; d/J. W. & S. A.
001LearyInfants Lurty, Augusta & Roscoe
001LearyMary E.11 Oct 1903Aged 56y
001LearyMargaret11 May 182127 Nov 1890Aged 69y 6m 6d
001LearySilas5 Aug 182013 Feb 1890Aged 69y 6m 8d
001AdamsWinnie M.20 Mar 1901Aged 1m 1d; d/G. W. & S. B.
002BassfordOlga Leary28 Oct 189528 Jan 1972Sister
002LearyArthur Rush16 Oct 188826 Feb 1963Brother
002LearyClinton H.4 Apr 18615 Jul 1926
002LearyVirginia L.16 May 186421 May 1943w/C. H.
002LearyJacob A.18521907
002LearyLain Alice18571924w/J. A.
002MinnickIsrael16 Feb 1897Aged 85y 11m 2d
002CoakleyElizabeth F.4 Nov 184319 May 1918
002CoakleyCharles H.18531916Teacher in public school for 43 years
002CoakleySusan18071886w/J. C.
002HessJno. A.27 Nov 1903Aged 84y 2m 14d
002HessDiana A.2 May 1899Aged 80y 1m 16d; w/J. A.
002RhodesA. N.9 Aug 18512 Jan 1910Aged 58y 4m 23d
002RhodesE. Virginia25 Dec 185519 Jan 1880Aged 24y 24d; w/A. N.
003CoakleyMinnie T.18891966
003CoakleyWilliam Edward27 Mar 191026 Dec 1955Tec4 Co B 252 Eng Combat BN WWII
003G.R. C.May be footstone for Robert Grady.
003GradyRobert G.21 Apr 1910Aged 22y
003CoakleyRobert G.12 Feb 183328 Jul 1903Aged 70y 5m 16d
003CoakleyMary E.27 Apr 184119 Jan 1901Aged 59y 8m 22dw/R. G.
003KnicelyWillie23 Apr 1884Aged 8y 10m 26d; s/A. W. & M. C.
003KnicelyEbenezer29 Apr 181328 Sep 1883Aged 70y 4m 29d
003KnicelyMary A.8 Apr 182228 Mar 1893Aged 70y 11m 20d
003GradyMary Elizabeth18 Apr 186324 Aug 1891Aged 28y 4m 6d; w/Charles A.
003CoakleyVerda Alice9 Aug 1884Aged 2y 22d; d/R. G. & Mary
003HessBettie Belle13 Apr 1885Aged 22y 1m 25d; w/Geo. W.
003HessLessie Gietta16 Apr 1885Aged 13d
003VentAmanda L.18 Sep 1881Aged 7y 20d; d/J. M. & M. M.
003WoodMary E.7 Apr 1919Aged 75y 10m 10d; w/W. N.
003WoodWilliam N.22 Oct 1895Aged 77y 1m
004CoakleyJulia Ann6 Apr 1881Aged 39y 7m 10d; w/F. H.
004CoakleyFielding H.22 Feb 1891Aged 51y 1m 11d
004CoakleySallie Ann21 Jan 186610 Nov 1888Aged 22y 9m 20d; d/F. H. & J. A.
004TrayerAnnie14 Apr 181822 Jan 1879
004TrayerDaniel K.18541890
004TrayerMary J.18531940w/D. K.
004TrayerDallas C.18791945
004TrayerAnnie E.18911962w/D. C. E.
004ShowalterBessie2 Oct 187826 Oct 1878Aged 24d; d/L. A. & S. J.
005G.R. G.Initials only on stone
005K.W. U.Initials only on stone
005RobinsonSarah5 Mar 1896Aged 72y 6m 3d; w/John
005RobinsonJohn G.21 Sep 182325 Aug 1890h/Sarah
005CarrierDelila21 May 17982 May 1882w/Henry; Aged 83y 11m 12d
005StoverLizzie B.23 Aug 18624 Jun 1880d/B. F. & H. J.
005StoverHannah J.21 Jul 184023 Apr 1877Aged 36y 8m 2d; w/B. F.
005MillerMaggie A.10 Apr 1877Aged 2y 29d; d/S. C. & M. M.Illegible - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
006CoakleyWalter D.18731956
006CoakleyMinnie E.18781962w/W. H.
006CoakleyWalter T.18421923Father
006CoakleyCaroline I.18461926Motherw/W. T.
006CoakleyWard Early14 Jun 1891Aged 10m 24d; s/W. T. & C. I.
006AndesAbraham18 Dec 186726 Oct 1891Aged 28y 10m 23d; s/Abraham & Sarah
006AndesJosie V.18561919Sister
006AndesLola A.18601926Sister
006WhitmoreL. E.7 Oct 184527 Jan 1910given name-Lewis; s/Jacob Jr. & Mary Swank Whitmore
006WhitmoreAlice A.4 Apr 185130 Oct 1907w/L. E.nee Hurl
006HarrellVirginia F.18631927
006VintJessie E.18701950
006VintCora B.18741938w/J. E.; d/L. E. & Alice Hurl Whitmore
006VintInfants, 22ch/J. E. & C. B.
006CoffmanFrank Robert17 Apr 18909 Jun 1970Father
006CoffmanMaude Whitmore4 Feb 18919 Feb 1975Mother
006SengerHerbert D.18951978
006SengerEdna K.18981974
006RhodesInfant Dau.13 Oct 1960d/W. Kenneth & Phyllis
006RhodesWarren J.12 May 1916
006RhodesMattie J.23 Sep 1918
007CooperJack W.3 Sep 192012 Apr 1992
007CooperEdna B.7 Apr 19193 Apr 1971
007WhitmoreJoseph H.30 Jan 186427 Oct 1945Aged 81y 8m 27d; Fther
007WhitmoreVirginia F.11 Feb 186927 Mar 1937Aged 68y 1m 16d; Motherw/J. H.
007MillerElizabeth2 Feb 1900Aged 51y 1m 15d; w/I. J.1st w/I. J.
007AndesAbraham23 Mar 182118 Mar 1903Father
007AndesSarah J.3 Mar 182727 Oct 1899Motherw/Abraham
007DriverWm. Perry18561926
007DriverMattie S.18681929w/W. P.
007DriverA. Arlene18951986
007DriverJ. Oscar18881975
007DriverLillie F.18901943w/J. O.
007WhitmoreIra J.17 Mar 190124 Oct 1982
007WhitmoreRuth H.24 Jan 1909w/I. J.; nee Hess
007CoakleyRoy D.1 Sep 190218 Aug 1982
007CoakleyLucy T.23 Mar 19057 May 2000
007FrankMarietta Sue19462003Daughter
007FrankJ. Carl19051972
007FrankLaura B.19101990
007SmithQuentin E.12 Apr 19352 Jun 1998Daddy
007SmithClaude J.18991971
007SmithLillian M.18981969
008DetamoreMary C.15 Dec 182425 Dec 1897
008RobinsonCharles C.18 May 18617 May 1922Husband
008RobinsonIsadora F. Detamore28 Jan 186721 Mar 1923w/C. C.
008RobinsonMoffett L.2 Oct 188916 Jan 1965
008RobinsonCleta R.23 Sep 189527 Jan 1977w/M. L.
008SengerGeorge Frank18581940s/Samuel & Mary Jane Smith S.; born 8 Oct. according to Swank
008SengerSallie L.18631935w/B. F.nee Andes
008SengerLola26 Mar 19006 Dec 1918d/G. F. & Sallie L.
008SengerTreva C.18 Jul 188729 May 1962
008SengerIreda V.9 Nov 189625 May 1968
008ShrumRoland E.31 Oct 190016 Aug 1902s/C. B. & F. B.
008MoubrayMary M.18731951Motherw/L. O.
008MoubrayLuther O.18731940Father
008MoubrayEthel N.191019__Daughter; d/L. O. & M. M.
008WhitmoreAmos M.18 Mar 189622 Nov 1956Father
008WhitmoreMinnie V.2 Dec 190522 Sep 1990Mother
008DiehlHelen W.3 Jul 1931Daughter
008SengerDewey C.21 Sep 18983 Jun1957s/Geo. F. & Sallie Andes S.; h/Maude Trobaugh
008AndesOwen W.27 Feb 189124 May 1968Married 30 Aug 1922
008AndesCarrie S.29 Mar 18913 Mar 1970w/Owen W.
008SmithEarlene Andes20 Aug 1925w/Lawrence M.
008SmithLawrence Marshall4 Jun 192322 Apr 1983Married 3 Jul 1954
009WarnickHenry L.19021948Funeral Home Marker
009WarnickRessie18951937w/N. L.; Funeral Home Marker
009HessFrederick30 Mar 18141 Oct 1893Aged 79y 6m 2d
009HessSarah E.11 Dec 183522 Dec 1883Aged 48y 11d; w/Frederick
009CrossFrances11 Jun 1900Aged 92y
009VintJ. M.18351909
009VintMaggie M.15 Jul 1898Aged 62y 4m; w/J. M.
009FultzMary J.26 Nov 18265 Jun 1904w/A.; Mother
009RobinsonW. T.19 Mar 185327 Mar 1919
009RobinsonMary E.17 Jul 18537 May 1916w/W. T.
009RobinsonVernie M.18901947w/E. L.
009RobinsonErnest L.18881958
009UnknownWilliamStone with given name only
009UnknownMinnieStone with given name only
009SengerMeredith23 Nov 1896Aged 4y 17d; d/W. O. & Minnie E.
009SengerMinnie E.28 Apr 186415 Mar 1906w/W. O.nee Cline
009SengerW. O.22 Oct 186029 Apr 1922s/Samuel & Susan Norman S.
009HeatwoleWeldon W.18941995
009HeatwoleLuna C.18941966
009CoakleyWilliam N.17 Aug 189820 Apr 1965Father
009CoakleyGrace H.11 Sep 18989 Sep 1968Mother
009GumFleta Fern Coakley25 Jun 189521 Nov 1989
009CusterHannah V.18871960
009FravelJo Ellen12 Aug 195812 Aug 1958d/R. T. & Betty
009WhitmoreJ. Howard13 Nov 193020 Nov 2000
009WhitmoreJanice T.10 Nov 1933
009HessTurner E.19031996Father
009HessPauline B.19061980Mother
009SmithAnna Lee23 Sep 193818 Nov 1986
009SmithWilliam D.16 Apr 1937
009HarperCharles R. "Jack"7 Oct 19346 Aug 1996
009HarperPeggy Hollar21 Jul 1934
010RhodesHarley Edward2 Dec 190729 Jun 2000Married 24 Feb 1934
010RhodesAlta S. Wenger25 Oct 190616 May 2001w/Harley E.
010RhodesVada M.19021983
010RhodesWm. E.18731913
010RhodesVesta V.18761932w/W. E.
010CroushornWilliam K.18841966
010CroushornMary E.18861960w/W. K.; nee Deputy
010WhitmerJohn D.11 Dec 186128 Dec 1943
010WhitmerAlice F.16 Sep 186220 May 1912w/J. D.
010WhitmerLola E. M.21 Jun 18991 Oct 1899d/J. D. & A. F.
010WhitmerMira E.1 Jun 19001 Jun 1900d/J. D. & A. F.
010WhitmerMary Celia7 Jun 190410 Mar 1905d/J. D. & A. F.
010WhitmerSarah Virginia13 Jan 190612 Mar 1907d/J. D. & A. F.
010WhitmerF. Primrose21 Nov 190125 Dec 1985
010CoakleyNewton R.18691939
010CoakleyMary V.18721959w/N. R.
010CoakleyHarry Rufus22 Dec 192613 Jul 1963
010CykietaRuby Coakley30 Mar 190627 Aug 1978
010CusterThomas C.19011953
010CusterKitty Sipe19031959
010MonumentLords Prayer - donated by Mr. & Mrs. Herbert D. Senger in 1961
011SpitzerClara C.12 Apr 187413 Apr 1905d/A. H. & H. C.
011SpitzerAbraham H.30 Nov 18457 May 1900
011SpitzerHannah C.5 Mar 185024 Mar 1913w/A. H.
011DeputyJ. Ward18911952s/P. G. & N. A.
011DeputyPeter G.18611941
011DeputyNancy A.18541938w/P. G.; nee Burner
011LearyJosephus6 Mar 1911Aged 66y
011LearyElizabeth8 Dec 1917Aged 75y; w/J.
011HessInfants sons8 Dec 18938 Dec 1893sons of C. S. & S. A.
011HessCharles S.30 Aug 185925 Nov 1919
011HessSallie A.28 Jan 186216 Feb 1943w/C. S.
011RhodesJohn W.8 Oct 182518 Jan 1902Aged 76y 3m 10d
011RhodesSarah E.2 Jun 182810 Jan 1905Aged 76y 7m 8d; w/John W.
011RhodesChas. E.29 Oct 184724 Feb 1922Father
011RhodesMaggie E.31 Mar 183925 Aug 1929Mother
011CusterHarry L.17 Nov 190922 Feb 1981
011CusterElizabeth W.27 Mar 1913
011ShorbSterling L.9 Feb 19252 Jan 1989MOMM U. S. Navy WWII & Korea
011AtkinsBetty S.5 Jan 193013 Jul 1997
011Atkins, Jr.Clarence E.13 Aug 19261 Apr 1996
012MenefeeRobert Tilden18771951
012MenefeeBessie Margaret18791966w/R. T.
012MenefeeMaynard Edward19011902
012RubushJames Addison18521892
012RubushSallie Esther Whitmore18521942
012WhitmoreElizabeth Dorcas22 Dec 185317 Oct 1929
012WhitmorePeter W.31 Oct 185719 Mar 1940
012HeatwoleSamuel S.18761955s/G. H. & Lydia Frank H.; b. 9 Nov & d. 21 Jul according to Swank in the 1960s.
012HeatwoleMargaret A.18801960w/S. P.; d/W. A. & Caroline Miller Coakley
012RitchieCarl G.19122001
012RitchieLouise H.1913
012WhitmoreHenton M.15 Sep 18977 Oct 1982
012WhitmoreIda H.30 Sep 189827 Oct 1978
012MillerLynwood J.1913
012MillerPearle B.19141998
012GainesRobert L.25 Jan 1925
012GainesEva Dorothy15 Aug 192620 Mar 1984
013KnicelyMary Frank1 May 18737 Jan 1942w/A. C.1w/A. C.
013KnicelyA. C.22 Oct 18523 Nov 1926
013KnicelyPriscilla A.22 Aug 18606 Apr 1915w/A. C.2w/A. C.
013ShowalterMyrtie A.22 Feb 1904Aged 13y 11m 10d; d/L. A. & S. J.
013ShowalterM. Effie F.22 Jun 1902Aged 22y 5m 11d; d/L. A. & S. J.
013ShowalterLewis A., Rev.9 Apr 185012 Feb 1893Aged 42y 10m 3d
013ShowalterSallie J.8 Sep 1902Aged 51y 3m 6d; w/Rev. L. A.
013SmithJohn H.14 Jan 184724 Jan 1933Aged 86y 10d; Fathers/George & Eliz. Sanger Smith
013SmithMary E.20 Aug 185012 Feb 1910Aged 59y 5m 22d; Mother; w/J. H.nee Whitmore
013SmithOlive Pearl18791958b. 18 Nov. according to Swank in the 1960s.
013DeputyElizabeth8 Jan 1895Aged 73y
013RhodesLynn Myers30 Jun 189028 Jul 1953U.S.N.
013MyersJ. Rush24 May 183426 Jun 1906Father
013MyersSallie J.22 Mar 183124 Apr 1913Motherw/J. R.
013KaricofeMeredith W.16 Sep 188026 Sep 1955
013KaricofeBessie V.17 Mar 188216 Nov 1962w/M. W.
013NeffHoward Sidney26 Oct 190810 Apr 1995Sgt U. S. Army WWII
013NeffLorene C.24 Nov 191818 Apr 1998
013ShowalterOwen Bryan20 Sep 1918
013ShowalterMadyln Robinson1 Dec 1922
013LofquistJohn T.25 Sep 1948
013LofquistDiana Lynn Showalter19 May 19541 Nov 2001
013CuppClyde W.22 Dec 191215 Jan 1968
013CuppMildred G.11 Apr 191231 Mar 1970
013NewmanLoyd B.6 Mar 1933
013NewmanShirley S.3 Feb 1936
014McDormanPaige Miller25 Sep 1930
014McDormanRaymond Lee2 Jul 191829 Dec 1993Sgt U. S. Army Air Corps WWII
014McDermanJasper E.18791949
014McDermanMae E.18941975w/J. E.
014ShowalterEmmer A.18 Jun 1917Aged 40y 9m; s/S. F. & M. E.
014ShowalterSallie B.5 Aug 1910Aged 22y 7m 20d; d/S. F. & M. E.
014ShowalterLola F.4 Aug 1910Aged 18y 9m 16d; d/S. F. & M. E.
014ShowalterRolston H.22 Dec 1906Aged 16y 9m 14d, s/S. F. & M. E.
014ShowalterHugh M.22 Mar 1897Aged 23y 3m 24d, s/ S. F. & M. E.
014CoffmanIsidor1 May 1899Aged 22y 7m; w/D. M.
014AireyLewis A.18801947
014AireyPolly A.18791961
014AireyJohn M.21 Jul 191115 Nov 1911s/L. A. & P. A.
014AireyArleta16 Dec 19086 Mar 1909d/L. A. & P. A.
014ShullElizabeth D.25 Jul 185113 Jan 1931Aunt Lizzie"
014BowmanAddison K.1 Apr 18626 Mar 1927
014BowmanMollie R.22 May 186416 Feb 1922w/A. K.
014BowmanLizzie S.28 Apr 189225 Aug 1898Aged 6y 3m 27d; d/A. K. & Mollie
014BowmanJohn R.20 Feb 18962 Apr 1897Aged 1y 2m 1d; s/A. K. & Mollie
014PayneRalph O.12 Jul 19058 Oct 1984
014PayneNellie S.23 Sep 190617 Jan 1972
014PayneJohn W.13 May 187126 May 1956Father
014ManningCharena C.1911
014PetersEarman L.23 Jun 189621 Dec 1962
014PetersBerta E.10 Jul 189119 Mar 1970
014ClarkFloyd S.18 Nov 19007 Jun 1945
014RitchieBlanche K. Hess Clark12 Sep 190515 Jul 1983
014RitchieHoward M.5 May 19025 Mar 1986
014HedrickDennis Ray4 May 1952Son
015McDormanAlbert Otho28 Nov 188518 Jan 1962
015BlosserJonas E.18981985
015BlosserMyra L.18961966w/Jonas; nee McDorman
015McDormanJ. William12 Oct 185325 Oct 1904
015McDormanVirginia F.2 Oct 186230 Mar 1946w/J. W.
015ShowalterGrove O.18801957s/S. F. & M. E.
015ShowalterFlorence V.18841970w/E. O.; d/A. C. & Priscilla Frank Knicely
015ShowalterElsie A.7 May 1919Aged 36y 2m 17d; d/S. F. & M. E.
015ShowalterSamuel F.26 Feb 1918Aged 76y 3m 5d; Fathers/Christian & Sarah Bowman Showalter
015ShowalterMargaret E.12 Sep 1914Aged 57y 3m 29d; w/S. F.d/Albert C. & Sarah Heatwole Fishback
015AireyJohn W.11 Aug 185017 Jul 1916Father
015AireyCatherine1 Nov 184931 May 1897Motherw/J. W.
015AireyCatherine15 Mar 1905Aged 75y 4m 28d; w/G. W.
015BowmanFlossie L.5 Feb 189830 Jan 1972
015BowmanFannie L.22 Nov 188910 Apr 1973
015EyeJacob M.18931979
015EyeRita R.18931978
015EyeRalph Wilson19172003McMullen Funeral Home Marker only
015EyeEthel Rhodes19152003McMullen Funeral Home Marker only
015WheelerGeorge J.3 Jan 18961 Mar 1963
015WheelerLela J.4 Mar 190026 Nov 1968
015Hohnke, Sr.Carl C.29 Sep 1926Father
015HohnkeNellie F.9 Sep 193217 Sep 1989Mother
015ShifflettBlanche M.18991993Lindsey Funeral Home Marker only
015UnknownBroken Funeral Home Marker only
016ShowalterRussel W.12 Sep 1906Aged 2y 1m 26d; s/L. W. & W. C.
016FisherInfant dau.4 Dec 1949d/B. W. & M. Y.
016RhodesG. A.18511937Aged 86y; Fathers/Henry & Eliz. Heatwole Rhodes
016RhodesFrances B.18521927Aged 74y; Mother, w/G. A.nee Simmers
016RhodesWm C.18821973s/G. A. & F. B.
016RhodesArtie Jane18841960w/W. C.; nee Rumsy
016WellerPhilip11 Mar 184123 Jan 1928Aged 86y 10m 12d; Fathers/Abraham & Mary Eliz. Miller Weller
016WellerMargaret A.14 Apr 184530 Oct 1910Aged 65y 6m 16d; Mother; w/Philip Weller2w/Reuben S. Rhodes; d/Simeon & Rhoda E. Berry Heatwole
016StoverMary D.11 Mar 186914 Oct 1934d/B. F. & Hannah
016ReidArthur M.18841957
016ShifletNorman Lee20 Sep 194218 Nov 1964Son
016ShifletWarren C.26 Aug 192219 Apr 1999Married 19 Apr 1941
016ShifletGeneva K.27 Jul 1923w/Warren C.
016HallWilliam T.10 Apr 192023 Mar 1976
016HardyElva G.2 Jul 1920
016HallAshley Rebecca18 Apr 198630 Apr 1986d/Dale Lynn & Debbie Minnick Hall
016ShowalterErnest B.6 Oct 18969 May 1974
016ShowalterBeulah C.2 Dec 189820 Sep 1975
016ShowalterMarvin D.15 Apr 192212 Feb 1994Son
016SmithThomas C.1 Jan 192224 Nov 1999U. S. Army WWII
016SmithLouise17 Sep 1925
016WhitmoreKrystal Dawn23 Jan 199610 Feb 1996d/Marvin W. & Dawn M.
017CusterInfantsLots 72 & 73; c/T. A. & Hannah
017ShankWilliam Jacob18841965
017ShankSadie O.18861980
017BarnhartCharles W.10 Nov 18835 Oct 1905s/Philip & S. C.
017BarnhartSallie C.10 Nov 184926 Jun 1926w/P.
017BarnhartPhilip19 Apr 18319 Jan 1911s/Philip Sr.
017HeatwoleClara E.11 May 187323 Jun 1947Aged 74y 1m 12d; Mother; w/Peter R.nee Simmers
017SimmersSamuel G.5 Feb 184711 Dec 1911Aged 64y 10m 6d
017SimmersCatherine A.5 Jan 184718 Nov 1915Aged 68y 10m 13d; w/S. G.
017SwartzJacob S.18791947s/Geo. W. & Rebecca Snell Swartz
017SwartzFannie C.187819391w/J. S.; d/Samuel F. & M. E. Fishback Showalter
017LandisAnna E.19031960w/D. Raymond; d/J. S. & F. C. Swartz
017LandisD. Raymond19041983
017SwartzAddie F.188119592w/Jacob S.
017StoverB. F.18 May 183622 Jan 1909Aged 72y 8m 4d
017StoverAmanda L.1 Mar 184426 Jul 1916Aged 52y 4m 26d; w/B. F.
017ShowalterFrank H.16 Sep 18802 Oct 1968s/Thos. H. & Lavina Swank Showalter
017ShowalterEmma K.10 Sep 188228 Feb 1964w/F. H.; d/Frank & Amanda Carrier Stover
017ShowalterHoward F.30 Oct 191012 Dec 1910s/F. H. & Emma
017McInturffFrankie E. Kyger19 Nov 18883 Oct 1967
017McInturffJacob Arthur14 May 18875 Jun 1959A servant of God for 54 years
017HilbertWilliam Thomas9 Oct 189121 Aug 1971
017HilbertPrimrose Myers22 Dec 189622 Sep 1972
017WhitmoreStanley H.23 Feb 1923Children-Elwood, Warren, Donna & Marvin
017WhitmoreMary W.28 Oct 1926w/Stanley H.
017EarlyWalter J.19121981
017EarlyLaura C.1912
018McNettAtlee Franklin18961954
018McNettFrances Myers18971980
018HeatwoleOllie R.189519752w/H. M.; nee Ritchie
018HeatwoleHoward M.18951971s/Peter R. & Clara E. Simmons Heatwole
018HeatwoleMollie F.189319391w/H. M.; nee Smith
018ZirkleSarah E.25 Jan 184930 Dec 1909Motherw/J. Frank
018ZirkleJ. Frank5 Apr 184522 Oct 1911Father
018ZirkleLucy M.29 May 18773 Mar 1903d/J. F. & S. E.
018CoakleyLelia M.18 Jun 1957Aged 86y 4m 1dnee Zirkle; 1w/Peachie R. Coakley
018Cline, Sr.Lester R.18871974
018ClineReather H.18951959w/L. R.
018SmithGolden B.7 May 189229 Sep 1973
018SmithAgnes M.21 Jan 190015 Jan 1992
018SmithJohn R.3 Jan 192012 Apr 1983
018BrooksWilliam P.5 Apr 19066 Oct 1981Cpl U. S. Army WWII
018BrooksHazel C.19092000
018FlemingNannie B.24 Nov 188428 May 1965
018FlemingMarvin A.26 Oct 190314 Mar 1976
018FlemingWillia G.4 Apr 1912
018CoakleyLloyd Reuben16 Dec 190624 Mar 1990Father; Pvt U. S. Army WWII
018CoakleyGladys L.14 Nov 191821 Feb 1999Lloyd & Gladys Married 1937-1990; Motherw/Lloyd
018CoakleyElburn W.26 Jan 1938Pretty Boy
019R.C. E.Initials only on stone
019B.C. W.Initials only on stone
019AdamsSallie B.9 Apr 1909Aged 34y 5m 19d; w/G. W.
019CoakleyP. R.26 Aug 184715 Mar 1924
019LineberryRuby Adams10 May 190210 Nov 1994
019DevineBess Adams9 Aug 190611 May 1996
019JonesJ. William18621938
019JonesSarah Alice18611942w/J. W.
019JonesStella E.19 Apr 188920 Nov 1904Aged 15y 7m 1d; d/J. W. & S. A.
019RhodesJohn Rush18681947
019RhodesMagdalene Z.18751965w/J. R.; nee Zirkle
019ZirkleArthur R.17 Oct 18794 Oct 1941Brother
019GoodRuth M.26 Feb 189324 Jan 1920
019GoodLester A.29 Jan 18905 Nov 1968
019GoodLouise29 May 18947 Jan 1988
019ClatterbuckWilliam A.16 Jul 191310 Aug 2000Daughters-Ann & Jane
019ClatterbuckMartha S.24 Nov 191314 Jan 1999w/William A.
019ClatterbuckEddie A.18921961
019ClatterbuckAnnie B.18921972
019CooperEldon F.1 Oct 192215 Mar 2003
019CooperMabel L.21 Jul 1924
019CooperCarlin L.27 Mar 1947
020HessInfant Twins22 Aug 1947sons/Dwight & Beulah H.
020HessM. Dwight19021964h/Beulah Webb
020HessBeulah W.19042000
020WhitmerWarren Harmon13 Jan 187029 Nov 1956Father
020UnknownSmall stone-no markings
020SuterDavid I.24 Mar 187025 Apr 1930s/Emanuel & E. F. Swope A.
020SuterElizabeth M.13 Jul 188313 Jun 1965w/D. I.d/S. J. & A. B. Cleveland Dundore
020SuterMary Frances21 Mar 192420 Feb 1991d/D. I. & E. M.
020SuterCharles Winston2 Oct 19107 Jun 1935s/D. I. & E. M.
020MyersCharles A.21 Apr 18706 Feb 1956
020MyersSallie M.6 Jul 187221 Jan 1946w/C. A.
020MyersInfant20 Feb 1908Aged 5d; s/C. A. & S. M.
020LillyAndrew J.23 Sep 188213 Nov 1962Father
020LillyMary N.6 Nov 188826 Aug 1968Motherw/A. J.
020Lilly, Sr.Leroy31 Aug 193311 Apr 1934s/Leroy & Virginia
020A.J. M.Initials only on stone
020B.?. S.Initials only on stone-can't read first letter
020MoubrayGilbert A.14 Nov 190517 Nov 1963
020WanekMarie Moubray7 Feb 191015 Oct 1999
020TrobaughEdward17 Jul 190823 May 1991
020TrobaughDoris L.12 Feb 1916
020KiserCurtis Woodrow10 May 19329 Oct 1988SP3 U. S. Army Korea
020KiserMargaret R..10 Aug 1941
020RitchieErnest14 Nov 19066 Oct 1985
020RitchieNellie M.15 Dec 19104 Oct 1978
021HolsingerRessie O.18871937Mother1w/M. L.; 2w/Clara D. May
021HolsingerMarion L.18851962Father
021DundoreBenjamin Grattan4 Apr 188820 Jul 1938s/Samuel J. & Alice B.
021SuterBernard C.7 Jan 1907Aged 3m 23d; s/D. I. & E. M.
021DundoreWillie C.18 Jan 1901Aged 19y 3m
021DundoreAlice B.8 Mar 1904Aged 51y 3m 8d; w/S. J.
021DundoreSamuel J.20 Sep 18383 Mar 1918s/Elijah & Nancy Grove Dundore
021EarlySamuel H.27 Aug 1914Aged 70y 10m 12d
021EarlyFannie26 Dec 1904Aged 65y 10m; w/S. H.
021EarlyBettie F.11 Jul 186821 Jun 1926
021McNettKathleen26 Jan 19262 Aug 1927d/Atlee F. & Frances Myers McNett
021GillRobert W.13 Oct 1983
021BurgoyneWilliam P.19651965
021MillerErnest J.30 Sep 189917 Jun 1993
021MillerBeatrice V.14 Apr 190324 Jun 2000
021EyeHenry P.5 Aug 1917
021EyeLois R.29 May 1920
022AreyKatie14 Jun 186910 Jan 1946w/L. K.
022AreyLuther K.12 Jul 18668 Jul 1936
022LillyMaud18 Oct 189019 Nov 1912s/S. M.
022MessickNora, Miss18771963No stone found - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
022MessickEdward C.7 Nov 185230 Jul 1935
022MessickCelia V.17 Jan 185418 May 1910Aged 56y 3m 1d; w/E. G.
022LillyC. Ruth11 Aug 18977 Aug 1947
022EstesWillie B.8 Jan 190313 Dec 1968
022EstesBeulah V.27 Mar 190321 Apr 1960
022EstesHarry Lee31 Jul 192920 Mar 1973
022EstesEugene T.15 Mar 193313 May 1933s/W. B. & B. V.
022EstesWildon B.28 Nov 192624 Jul 1927s/W. B. & B. V.
022RitchieKenneth Cline22 Sep 19504 Jun 1960
022EstesNorman Wm.4 Apr 19289 Apr 1997
022EstesMarjorie V.15 Jun 1938
022RogersPatricia "Sis"11 Mar 194421 May 2000
022MuterspaughMark S.5 Dec 192931 Jul 1995U. S. Army Korea; Married 22 Dec 1956
022MuterspaughTwila M.6 Oct 1933w/Mark S.
022KettermanRandall1 Oct 193210 Nov 1997Cpl U. S. Army Korea; Married 20 Aug 1955
022KettermanRuth A.28 May 1934Children-Allen R., Richard D. & Karen L.w/Randall
023AreyRoy J.17 Nov 189410 Aug 1990Pvt U. S. Army WWII
023AreyMargie V.30 Mar 18993 Oct 1979
023AreyRoy Victor3 May 192511 Mar 1951
023NicholsonElmer C.18871940
023NicholsonBertha M.18931978w/E. C.
023NicholsonHarold Wilson4 Apr 192513 Jul 1982
023HeatonWilliam O.21 May 185131 May 1921Aged 70y 10d; Father
023HeatonMary M.25 Sep 18588 May 1943Aged 84y 7m 13d; Mothernee Ritchie
023HeatonJames R.18 Oct 187827 Apr 1910Aged 31y 6m 9d
023MyersMelvin C.18 Oct 187211 May 1953Aged 80y 6m 23d; Father
023MyersLydia F.9 Oct 187319 Apr 1935Aged 62y 6m 10d; Motherw/M. C.
023MyersJoseph F.24 Aug 190115 Jul 1974Father
023MyersMattie M.23 Jun 19055 May 2000Mother
023ClineDewitt T.28 Dec 189211 May 1940
023ClineNora S.15 Apr 189528 Nov 1988w/D. T.; d/Samuel Showalter
023ClineGalen D. "Bill"16 Jul 1928
023ClineFern H.3 Feb 1931
023GeimanHarry C.14 Apr 1917
023GeimanWanda G.26 Jun 1922
023Weaver, Sr.Roy C.17 Oct 1916WWII 3 Jul 1942-28 Sep 1945; Married 8 Jun 1942
023WeaverEthel W.27 Sep 1924Children-R. C. Jr., Roland , Jim R. & Diane E.w/Roy C.
023PropstHurl G.6 Mar 191723 Dec 1990Tec 4 U. S. Army WWII; Maried 5 Feb 1956
023PropstPauline K.26 Oct 1922w/Hurl G.
024LillyChristopher C.18581933Father
024LillyVirginia B.18601938Motherw/C. C.; d/Archie Berry
024LillyPrince E.18911914s/C. C. & V. B.Killed in hunting accident
024LillyArchie Berry18981969Son
024HeatwoleNora Daugherty9 Feb 190317 Jan 1995
024HeatwoleCora Malinda16 Mar 1907According to Daily News Record died 29 Aug 2003
024HeatwoleAbram25 Oct 18768 Oct 1959s/Frederick & Melinda Simmers Heatwole
024HeatwoleMatilda C.28 Mar 187418 Oct 1957w/Abe; nee Daugherty
024HeatwoleFrederick28 Dec 1920Aged 69y 9m 4d; Fathers/John S. & Rebecca Frank Heatwole
024HeatwoleRachael Melinda19 Jan 1911Aged 60y 8m 27d; w/F.nee Simmers
024CoakleyAlgeron P.18731945
024CoakleyNellie J.18691927
024UnknownBlank stone-no writing
024GainesWillard H.25 Dec 19139 Mar 1957Nephew
024GainesBettie C.9 Aug 188520 May 1968Sister
024GainesMabel L.18 Nov 188828 Jan 1969Sister
024KillenFranklin B.28 Nov 19065 Dec 1983
024KillenKathryn G.22 Jul 1914
024FrazeeGerald Clifford24 Mar 19331 Nov 1995SFC U. S. Army; Dad
024FrazeeBetty J.10 Jan 193419 Nov 2000Mom
024ShowalterA. Max15 Jan 1921
024ShowalterSharlene F.9 Oct 1924
024WhetzelLoy O.22 Jan 19135 Jun 1999
024WhetzelOttie R.1 Mar 190911 Jan 1995
024WhetzelArley Olen25 Aug 194414 Dec 1944s/Loy & Ottie
024WhetzelGregory Alan22 Nov 196418 Sep 1992Father of-Bethany Dawn Whetzel
025LillyP. Jack21 Aug 18939 Jan 1944
025LillyIda Wheelbarger25 Apr 189323 Jan 1975w/P. J.
025MessickSamuel R.18821949
025MessickTracy N.18861966w/S. R.; nee Lilly
025KnicelyMaynard16 Apr 191020 Apr 1911s/H. E. & S. A.
025GainesKathleen B.5 Dec 191028 Aug 1912d/E. W. & A. R.
025GainesEdward W.18831960
025GainesAgnes R.18851969w/E. W.; nee Zirkle
025Gaines, Jr.Edward W.6 Nov 19238 Jan 1983
025GainesNorma T.31 Dec 1921
025NovakEli Gaines20 Jan 19969 Nov 1996
025NovakGrace Anna9 Aug 198818 May 1989
025FravelJack Aubrey6 Nov 1920Married 1 Aug 1948; daughter-Patricia
025FravelCelestine "Sally"16 Oct 1924w/Jack A.
026CurryEvelyn Wine19 Sep 191316 Nov 1986
026WineNed F.7 Nov 188416 Aug 1959
026WineWilda M.6 Mar 18923 Mar 1963w/N. F.; d/J. Ward Myers
026KaricofeSamuel H.30 Oct 187117 May 1953
026KaricofeCora Berta29 May 187523 Oct 1913Aged 38y 4m 24d; w/S. H.
026LandisGladys K.20 Jun 190829 Dec 1998
026RoudabushJacob A.14 Jun 18477 Jun 1914
026RoudabushFannie C.17 Apr 184426 Jan 1925w/J. A.
026KiserElvert Edwin1 Apr 18981 Oct 1977
026KiserGladys Evelyn26 Nov 18951 Apr 1970
026KiserPaul C. "Jack"19 Mar 1923
026KiserJoan B.17 Jul 192617 Dec 1998
026RitchieWayne Lee13 Jan 195115 Sep 1997
027HooverIsaac20 Jan 185411 Apr 1930
027HooverMargaret H.28 Jun 184426 Apr 1918w/Isaac
027MyersJ. Ward18641939
027MyersSophia I.18681943
027SnellW. E.18681939
027SnellClara B.18711933w/W. E.
027KaricofeMartha Alice31 Jan 18489 May 1919w/J. A.
027CoakleyGeorge C.18781928
027CoakleyTracy M.18881964w/G. C.; nee Eaton
027CoakleyCharlotte Thelma22 Aug 191218 Dec 1914d/G. C. & Tracy M.
027WangerAnnis Koontz16 Dec 19193 Nov 1950Virginia PFC 872 Fld. Arty. B. N. WWII
027MyersLloyd Lee8 Mar 1922
027MyersFannie Jane7 Jan 19245 Nov 1979
027PriceDaniel Justin8 Feb 1997s/Daniel & Sara Price
027Robinson, IIRobert H. "Robby"21 Apr 195825 Jan 1982
027RobinsonRobert H.21 Jul 192818 May 1991SI U. S. Navy WWII
028LongJamie Earl25 Jul 198425 Jul 1984
028BrownMarcellus L.18771953
028BrownClara A.18861960w/M. L.; d/S. F. & M. E. Fishback Showalter
028BrownRobert L.15 Jan 190723 Jul 1936
028BrownLillian S.20 Aug 190614 Jan 1991
028ShifflettFlorence Whitmer30 May 188016 May 1970
028KeithlyKenneth A.18831962
028KeithlyMargaret W.19061998
028WhitmerLuther C.18731951
028WhitmerAnna B. M.18791951
028SprinkelJames E.11 May 191322 Nov 1971
028SprinkelLouise V.31 Dec 191715 Jul 1981
028SherfyInfant Childrench/G. W. & Lula V.
028SherfyCharles C.25 Oct 191323 May 1998
028SherfyEdna V.27 Oct 192330 Nov 1998
028ShullCarolyn Sherfy24 Aug 19489 Feb 1998w/Dennis Lee
028ShullDennis Lee26 Aug 1944Married 29 Apr 1967
028MasonSidney L.19192003McMullen Funeral Home Marker only
029Myers, Sr.Luther Eugene3 Mar 190613 Sep 1963Father
029MyersWilliam Edgar2 Dec 18959 Feb 1978Father
029MyersMary V. Ritchie5 Apr 1911Mother
029MyersWilliam Ernest "Mutt"17 Feb 192910 Sep 1973
029Brown, Jr.Marcellus L.19 Feb 192121 Feb 1988
029WhitmerSamuel W.21 Mar 18702 Feb 1944Brother
029WhitmerMary F.27 Dec 186613 Jun 1938Sister
029WhitmerSallie J.19 Jun 187619 Jan 1928
029WhitmerWilliam C.18371927
029WhitmerSarah J.18421922w/W. C.
029SherfeyAljaurnan G.18441925
029SherfeySarah F.18481928w/A. G.
029SherfeyGeorge W.20 Mar 189031 Dec 1966
029SherfeyLura Jones3 Jul 188824 Dec 1960
029SherfeyMildred F. "Kitty"12 Jun 1925
029ShowalterEarl A.18911973s/Thos H. & L. Va. Swank Showalter
029ShowalterErthyl J.18941962w/E. A.; d/J. W. & Sarah Simmers Jones
029ShowalterJames E.19282000
029MahlerJ. Frank18991992
029MahlerNettie M.19011994
029MillerClyde R.19141977
029MillerHelen S.1915
030BrunkPoland B.30 Sep 1927
030BrunkJeanne W.7 Sep 192724 Jan 1992
030WhitmerJohn W.13 Oct 191028 Dec 1983
030WhitmerRuth G.5 Apr 19109 Oct 1989
030LillyMargaret R.16 Jan 194224 Mar 1994
030LillyDavid Norwood4 Nov 192530 Dec 1999PFC U. S. Army WWII
030LillyGoldie L.4 Dec 189419 Jan 1955Pvt U. S. Army WWI
030LillyLillie L.9 Apr 19002 Dec 1983w/G. L.
030SwartzAnnes Rumsey18921978
030Blosser, Jr.Freddick P.7 Feb 192021 Jul 1976
030BodkinCleta V.18 Oct 190127 Sep 1982
030MoyersJohn P.20 Aug 191815 Aug 1993
030MoyersEthel S.3 Mar 192025 Nov 1980
030KnicelyReuben W.6 Feb 19157 Jan 1999
030KnicelyBessie M.14 Mar 191820 May 1996
030LillyLeroy R.4 Jan 191118 Jan 1995Father
030LillyVirginia M.19 Nov 1915Mother
031BrunkGabriel H.5 Jul 186318 Jan 1921s/Hugh A. & Nancy Heatwole B.
031BrunkM. Emma22 May 186823 Jul 1962w/G. H.; d/John & Lydia Wright Young
031BrunkFloyd P.7 May 18926 Nov 1975
031BrunkOllie G.29 Aug 189323 Nov 1979
031BrunkDwight W.6 May 19194 Jun 1964T Sgt US Air Force WWII & Korean A. F. C. M.
031HeatwoleClaude E.1 Dec 189011 Jun 1919
031OursH. Seldon10 Jun 191926 Mar 1977Tec 4 U. S. Army WWII
031SpitzerM. Harvey18421917
031SpitzerRebecca A.18391918w/M. H.
031WoodSamuel A.18481925
031WoodLeannah C.18461929w/S. A.
031WoodMinnie F.18711937d/S. A. & L. C.
031BaileyGeorge H.18 Apr 18668 Dec 1956
031BaileyMary Susan27 Feb 186921 Nov 1953w/Geo. H.
031KaricofeWarren Newton10 Nov 191927 Jun 1992Cpl U. S. Army WWII
031KaricofeBetty M.24 Dec 1924
031ForrenElmer L.29 Oct 1925
031ForrenFreddie J.26 Sep 19298 Dec 1994
032DeaverJohn30 Jul 18512 Apr 1927
032CoffmanDold M.25 Jan 187529 Sep 1964
032CoffmanLillian D.24 Jan 187923 Aug 1960
032HatchVola C.29 Sep 19114 May 1974
032SmithBela P.18641944
032SmithMaggie C.18701940w/B. P.
032SmithDavid Corran18921952No visible stone-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
032SmithDavid23 Jan 190018 Mar 1992
032SmithSelena M.16 Sep 1927
032SmithVerna C.8 Mar 190019 Oct 1937
032RitchieElizabeth Baldwin18571927
032KesnerWalter S.18981951
032KesnerMary E.19011981
032RobinsonYevell27 Sep 19014 May 1959
032RobinsonRuby D.20 Sep 190425 Mar 1983
032RobinsonHelen B.9 Jul6 Nov 1998
032Unknown17 Aug 19259 May ?Funeral Home Marker only-rest is missing
032YanceyDorothy S.17 Jan 19236 Oct 1989
032AhlesWilliam H. "Billy A."13 Mar 195311 May 1986
032WarnerJohn19 Jan 191118 May 1998
032WarnerGracie M.3 Jan 191415 Oct 1993
033Coffman, Jr.Dold M.21 Nov 191415 Oct 1987
033SmithEugene Y.19201920
033SmithBenjamin Yost18901958Pvt QM Corps WWI, WVab/8 Sep & d/16 Oct According to Swank in the 1960s.
033SmithMaude S.18931973w/B. Y.
033FrankWilliam H.18711924
033FrankLenna J.18821961
033FrankRoy L.19101989
033FrankVelma F.19111995
033SuterGrattan E.19081979
033SuterMargaret C.19101994
033PayneOtho M.17 Oct 19287 Jun 1987
033PayneAnn M.1 Feb 1928
033PayneHoward R.24 Aug 1933
033PayneDorothy3 Apr 1938
033BradburnEwell Wilson18 Nov 191410 Oct 2002MOMMI U. S. Navy WWII
033BradburnTreva C.13 Aug 1915
034KellerWilliam R.3 Nov 1935Married 26 Jun 1954; Children-Diane E. & Wm. Richard Jr.; parents-Warren & Dorothy Keller
034KellerEvelyn M.11 Jul 1936Married 26 Jun 1954; Children-Diane E. & Wm. Richard Jr.; parents-Clarence B. & Edna Frank
034JonesJohn D.21 Nov 187928 Feb 1949s/Frank & Annie Heatwole Jones
034JonesMaud M.3 Mar 188326 Feb 1954w/J. D.; d/Rev. Arthur & Hannah Hahn
034HollarHarry W.8 Jun 191022 Sep 1996
034HollarEthel M.30 Nov 191320 May 2001
034HiteEthel N.15 Jul 19108 Sep 1968
034KesnerMinnie K.22 Feb 1924
034MoonClyde6 Jul 190311 Aug 1982
034MoonVirginia R.14 Mar 191022 Jan 1997
034ShifletCharles C.2 Nov 1924
034ShifletFleta B.20 Dec 192321 May 2001
034GreenAllen M.8 Aug 19162 Sep 1972Sgt Army Air Forces WWII
034GreenVirginia C.12 Feb 1912
034FravelJohn Samuel31 Dec 19243 Sep 1971
034HicksMadeline V.19131976Mother
034SmithGuy19251978Pvt U. S. Army WWII
035Bridges, Jr.Charles H.19211974
035Bridges, Sr.Charles H.7 Feb 188911 Oct 1966
035BridgesMyrtle B.18 Jun 190421 May 1968
035BecklerJacquelyn Michael13 Jul 198913 Jul 1989d/Mr. & Mrs. Michael Beckler
035KnicelyJames M.21 Dec 18937 Jun 1976
035KnicelyIva W.28 Jun 1911
035KnicelyJohn T.22 Mar 18548 Feb 1923
035KnicelyDelia F.10 Oct 185530 Jan 1936w/John T.
035CusterL. B.4 Feb 185620 Mar 1926
035CusterNannie A.10 Aug 186828 May 1959
035CusterZona V. Dare31 Jan 190315 Feb 1946Mother
035CusterDewey W.11 AprFather
035FrankClarence B.19021971
035FrankEdna B.1908
035SeayJohn William16 Nov 193923 Jul 2001SP5 U. S. Army Vietnam
035SeayBetty L.14 Sep 1940
035LeeberFury7 Jul 191927 May 1998
035LeeberDorothy V.8 Jul 1922
035CrochBrittany L.1996Kyger & Trobaugh Funeral Home Marker only
036CoffmanGlen M.28 Apr 192617 Mar 1990
036CoffmanInfant son28 Apr 192628 Apr 1926s/M. D. & Pinkie E.
036SimmonsJohn K.18811967
036SimmonsMaud D.18881970
036SimmonsOwen E.16 Aug 192416 Jan 1981
036SimmonsJudy Ann19 Oct 1949
037CoffmanMarion D.19 Sep 189410 Mar 1980
037CoffmanPinkie E.1 Apr 189819 Dec 1969
037LillySolomon V.18561943
037LillyJosie V.18561926w/S. V.
037HeatwoleAbraham Milton5 Sep 191313 Sep 1987Tec 5 U. S. Army WWII
037SimmonsPatricia Ann (Patsy)27 Jul 19443 Jul 1952
037CoakleyLonnie W.15 Aug 188512 Jun 1949
037CoakleyHattie F.18 Sep 188311 Oct 1974
038RobinsonLetcher S.19021956
038RobinsonRuth A.18981994w/L. W.
038RobinsonLowell L. "Bill"21 Aug 1941Married 6 Feb 1965; Children-Wade & Lori
038RobinsonPatricia L. "Pat"27 Jun 1944w/Lowell L.
039BradburnVirginia L.18 Jan 1934Aged 7m 20d; d/T. C. & O. V.
039BradburnThurston G.16 Feb 192511 Jul 1937s/T. C. & Omega V.
039BradburnThomas C.6 Nov 188226 Sep 1946
039BradburnOmega V.18 Feb 189227 Jun 1959w/T. C.; nee Hinegardner
039BradburnNina Theresa25 Jun 1926
039RobinsonJames S.18711926
039RobinsonBessie E.18811966
039RobinsonMattie M.8 Mar 19196 Nov 1999
040PayneNellie Funk7 Feb 187923 Jan 1947
040KeisterMartha Mae16 Nov 187224 Apr 1937d/John Lilly
040KeisterGeorge Clifford12 Nov 18811 Jul 1957s/Martin V. Keisterh/Martha Lilly
040MinnickMargaret Ellen2 Sep 185029 Jan 1921w/Wm.
040MinnickWilliam15 Oct 1835
040LillyMary14 Feb 184621 Dec 1923w/J. H.
040LillyJohn H.8 Mar 184610 Aug 1918
040LillyArthur G.14 Sep 188424 Jun 1918s/J. H. & Mary
040MasonJohn Y.11 Sep 182318 May 1906Aged 82y 8m 7d
040MasonMary C.14 Nov 1915Aged 76y 9m; w/J. Y.