Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryPort Republic Methodist Church Abandoned Cemetery
LocationPort Republic, Rockingham County, Virginia. In Harrisonburg, from the corner of Main Street (Route 11) and Port Republic Road (Route 659), travel east 11.1 miles on Port Republic Road. Cemetery is located on River Road on the west bank of the South Fork of the Shenandoah River.
NotesThis cemetery is also referred to as Riverside Cemetery. These stones are not in any rows and are just recorded in the groups that they are near. Many are enclosed in their own fence within the big fenced area. There are also some enclosed areas where no gravestones were found. In the cemetery there are several family areas that have iron fencing around them as well as several graves that are not in fenced areas. Scotts and Ogheltree are enclosed in the same fence. (This is the area the D.A.R. recorded as the Amos Scott Lot.) The Leckies, Fitchs, and Young are buried together inside of one fence. Murrays are buried together. The Trouts and Whiteside are buried together inside a fence. Conelly and Batemans are buried together. Roberts and Weasts are buried together. It is clear that there are many unmarked graves which may have had headstones at one time but have been removed by flooding or vandals or never had markers. The Following is written on a sign beside the graveyard. "The Riverside Graveyard was established on land deeded by Molly & John Carthrae Sr. to the Methodist churches trustees in 1793. Soon a log church was built at water’s edge in the upper end of the cemetery. On 26 Feb 1809 Bishop Francis Asbury preached here. Although South River served conveniently for Baptisms, occasionally regular services were cancelled due to high water. Sometimes the congregation found itself marooned when the river rose unexpectedly during a service. This structure was abandoned in 1846 and the congregation temporarily met in a brick church on Main Street built and later vacated by the Presbyterians. In 1853 the congregation built a wooden church on the same site as todays United Methodist Church Building. Most of the remaining cemetery stones date to the mid 1800s. Graves include Harrison Bateman, a boatman on the river for 50 years; Capt. George W. Eutsler a cabinet maker and slave trader; Rev. David Wood, a revered African-American who preached in Port for 24 years. Amos Scott, an early mill owner; Jane Dundore, first wife of John Dundore owner of a early tannery. At least 3 confederate soldiers are buried here: Col. William A. Maupin, a village blacksmith, Col. of the 85th Regiment of Va. Militia when the Civil War began; James G. Layton who was killed in the Battle of Chancellorsville and C. R. Allen of the Nottaway Light Artillery. There is also a memorial stone for Pvt. Joseph M. McCray Co. B. 1st. Va. Infantry who was killed in the Battle of Port Republic but whose gravesite was never discovered. This spot was a favorite swimming hole for decades, and over the years many of the older stones were lost after being used by the town’s young folks as diving platforms. When a new cemetery was organized in 1897 many bodies were re-intered there. The restoration and maintenance of the cemetery is a project of the Society of Port Republic Preservationists. Sheep are purchased each spring to act as lawn mowers."
Survey Date and Recorder11 Nov 2003
Martha Lee & Nettie Lee

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
AllenC. R.6 Dec 183326 Jul 1898
MaupinWm. A., Col.18 Feb 1882Aged 66y 9m 17d
MaupinMary3 Sep 1889Aged 74y 7 m 25d
LaytonF. M.21 Nov 1874Aged 70y 10m 22d; Our Father
LaytonEleanor2 Apr 1886Aged 72y 3m 17d; Our Mother
LaytonJames C.3 May 1863Aged 27y 7m 5d; 10 Va. Infantry - killed at Battle of Chancellorsville
WheelerP. H.23 Mar 181625 Dec 1890Aged 74y 9m 2d
WheelerElizabeth R.27 Aug 182011 Sep 1888Aged 68y 14d; w/P. H.
FosterLucy Ann26 Mar 1852Aged 2yrs
FosterJames Willie12 Nov 1854Aged 2y 10ms/W. R. & M. C. according to DAR in the 1960s.
FosterNicholas Rogers28 Apr 1859s/W. F. & M. C.
LeckieWilliam L.28 May 180624 Sep 1888
LeckieAmanda M.6 Sep 1881Aged 68y 5m 21d; w/Wm. L.
LeckieAugusta S.9 Jun 184422 May 1864d/Wm. L. & A.Partially illegible marker-age is buried-recorded by DAR in the 1960s as 19 yrs
LeckieAnna Elizabeth23 May 1862Aged 3y 3m 24d, d/Wm. L. & A.
FitchCaroline A.9 Jun 182924 Jun 1851
FitchPeter15 Sep 1863Aged 74y 8m
FitchSarah J.8 Sep 179524 Aug 1852Stone by Roger's Richmond
LeckieCornelia A.28 Jul 184624 Sep 1853Age is buried - recorded by DAR in the 1960s as 7y
YoungCornelia19 Feb 1862d/F. H. & F. A.Age is buried-recorded by DAR in the 1960s as 7y 3m 1d; Bill Davis in 1997 as 2y 3m 1d
ScottAnnias D.9 Dec 1835Aged about 2 yrs
ScottMargaret27 Jun 180412 Dec 1846w/Amos; d/Thomas & Magdalene Hannah Mefford
ScottAgnes A.29 May 1862Aged about 50 rsy
ScottAmos12 May 1889Aged 82y 7m 21d
OgheltreeAnnie14 Feb 1864Aged 72y 6m 28d
MurrayVirginia M.22 Apr 1892Aged 51y 10m 22d; w/ Stephen H.
MurrayStephen H.27 Jun 1891Aged 61y 3m 28d
MurrayJohn A.1 Aug 182411 Apr 1885Aged 60y 8m 10dDAR and Bill Davis both list birth as 1824.
MurrayDaniel30 Apr 1865Aged 63 yrs
MurraySusan B.8 Jun 1839Partially illegibe marker-age is buried below ground
UnknownStone-no markings
MaupinWm. J.10 Mar 177017 Aug 1843
CuppJacob14 Dec 176712 Jan 1852Aged 84y 29d; Born in Lancaster, Pa.
TroutJacob Archibald9 Nov 183412 Sep 1879
TroutSarah18 Apr 179315 Aug 1873Born in Staunton
TroutJoseph16 Oct 178726 Mar 1850Born in Newtown, Frederick Co, Va.; Died in Port Republic, Va.
TroutWilliam David5 Sep 182825 Jun 1869
WhitesideNancy22 Sep 176626 Jul 1845
ConellyElizabeth S.13 Dec 1886Aged 67y 3m 5d
BatemanElizabeth1 Apr 1792Partially illegibe marker-death date buried-recorded by DAR in the 1960s as 5 Mar 1879.
BatemanHarrison23 Aug 1889Aged 77y 1m 23d
BatemanW. H.25 Oct 18457 Nov 1882Aged 37y 13d; s/H. & M. A.
BatemanMartha Ann4 May 1863Aged 41y 1m 1d; w/H.
BatemanNancy Elizabeth14 Jun 184713 Jun 1859Aged 11y 11m 29d; d/H. & M. A.
RobertsSarah (Grandmother)Nov 17925 Jun 1890Aged 98y 6m
WeastLucy A.27 Oct 1853Aged 3y; d/H. & M.
WeastHenry15 Sep 1877Aged 52y 3m 8d
WeastMary J.18 Feb 1893Aged 76y 4m
DundoreJane2 Mar 17839 Mar 1837
McCrayJoseph M.18361862Co. B. 31 Va. Infantry CSA
WeastNancy Jane16 Nov 1853Aged 4y 11m; d/H. & M.No visible marker-recorded by the DAR in the 1960s.
ScottJ. Amos18561883No visible marker-recorded by Bill Davis in 1997